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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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video today. we take your point, fair. lastly brian asks for update on benjamin hall, great news. today is his birthday. is he doing great. recovering, you see suzanne scott, jay wallace, ben is doing great after that attack in ukraine. we wish him the best. happy birthday. that's it for us. fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. great news about ben. >> jesse: yeah, happy birthday, ben. ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. an incredible display of bravery today as 17 democratic members of the house were arrested outside of the united states supreme court during a roe v. wade protest. including members of the squad as aoc ilhan omar, cori bush and ayanna pressley were all removed from the scene by capitol police. historians will look back on this day as one of the most significant social justice battles of the 21st sen trip.
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the squad demonstrating bravery. we haven't seen since john lewis was beaten and gassed in selma. this was also reminiscent of joe biden who was arrested on his way to meeting with nelson mandela. >> this day, 30 years ago, nelson mandela walked out of prison and entered into discussions about apartheid. i had the great honor of meeting him. i had the great honor of being arrested with our u.n. ambassador on the streets trying to get to see him on robin's island. >> jesse: actually, joe biden made that up. but, that's besides the point. history will remember this day as america's own tiananmen square moment when a single protester stared down the barrel of a militaristic regime. but in some ways, aoc's fight for justice was even more unique because the officers arresting her also wanted to date her. we know this because there were no handcuffs. nobody got roughed up. in fact, the cops were total
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gentlemen. they will handed out bottled water and overripe bananas. apartment oc bravely ate that banana handed to her by the ultra maga police because she needed the energy for what could come next. and then once all the cameras were rolling, aoc obviously one of the theater kids in high school put her hands into a pair of invisible handcuffs ready for her close up. only briefly breaking out like harry houdini to throw a fist to the crowd. how did she do that? isn't this the same aoc who was complaining about the capitol police officer not arresting her heckler last week? >> when i was walking up. he said hey, right in front of the capitol police officer, said hey, -- look at that big ass, look at that big juicy booty, this latina, whatever. i think the thing that was so crazy about that incident is not
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even that it happened, but that it happened on the capitol steps right in front of a capitol police officer. he was engaged in very clearly sexually threatening, aggressive behavior. right in front -- on the capitol steps in front of an officer and he wasn't even asked to take a step back. >> jesse: now all of a sudden she stages an arrest with the same capitol hill police. didn't look that intense. same capitol hill police she accused of being accomplices to the january 6th riot. >> there were actual officers working with this and we never got to the bottom of that and we never got any answers about that. and to this day we are just supposed to pretend that that never happened. i have no idea what happened to the people in the inside who were very clearly sympathetic with what was going on and opening the doors wide open for that and i'm supposed to sit here and pretend like none of that ever happened and then right afterwards, you have a massive, you know, you just have
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to say throwing money at that problem, it's going to make it go away. >> we could burn some buildings. >> jesse: now aoc is throwing herself to the mercy of these capitol police officers. aoc, what was it like when you were arrested? >> you are somebody [bleep] oh, and you, you, my friend, would be the bell of the ball. don't drop the soap. don't drop the soap. >> jesse: but prison is not for everybody, and aoc seems to always be right in the middle of the action or at least she says she is. >> i hear boom, boom, boom, boom. i jump into my bathroom that whoever was trying to get inside got into my office. i just start to hear these yells of where is she? where is she? and i thought i was going to die. i come out and this man is a capitol police officer. he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger.
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and hostility. adding up. like there was no partner there. i didn't know if he was there to help us or hurt us. >> >> jesse: for the record aoc wasn't even inside the capitol on the 6th. those capitol hill police officers do sound pretty scary. i wouldn't have taken a banana from them. the congresswoman constantly finds herself on the front lines where the cameras on the border or normed i did. aoc's arrest in this afternoon may go down in the anales of greatest performances i mean spectacles of all time. ted kennedy showing up into court neck brace after chappaquiddick. nancy pelosi in tribal robes and hillary at the black baptist church. >> i don't feel in no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from.
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nobody told me that the road would be easy. >> jesse: i just wish there was something more aoc could do besides getting fake arrested for abortion rights. if only she had a job where she could write legislation, could change the law and it's called congresswoman, i think the job is congresswoman. i think they do that. florida congressman matt gaetz is a member of the house judiciary committee he joins me now. have you ever seen such bravery in the face of these vicious capitol hill police officers, matt? >> awe inspiring, jesse. but, i honestly can't believe we live in a country where apartment oc gets fake handcuffs put on her before hillary clinton gets real handcuffs put on her. but, really, washington is a town built on fake things it's not just aoc's handcuffs. joe biden has his fake oval office that they send him to. i don't think he knows that it's fake. and we even have the fake
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january 6th committee. but aoc has become a master in this performance art. whether it's the phoney weeping at the border or the imagined trauma on january 6th, or this event now where she is trying to be this martyred social justice warrior. at least she wasn't alone. even ilhan omar pretended that she had been fake handcuffed. i guess i'm less wondering on a day when aoc and ilhan omar are getting the white glove treatment from the police with only these invisible imaginary handcuffs you got steve bannon on trial. peter navarro got leg shackled. where is all this white privilege i have been hearing about. >> jesse: she must be going hollywood. the other day she complained she was only making $147,000 as a member of congress. this must be audition for hollywood because her husband or her fiance is obviously not making enough money. she was complaining about having to pay for two apartments, one in d.c. and one in her district. matt, i think they confused aoc
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with nancy pelosi. isn't the capitol police supposed to be arresting nancy for insider trading, not aoc? >> increasingly, our fellow americans are worried about the double standard that we see on display and most affordable care actually people were comparing some of the aoc arrest, such as it was, to the way people were treated following january 6th, many of whom were as aoc admitted in the clip you just played responding to oftentimes open doors and open gates and they were really booby-trapped in a lot of circumstances. that double standard we see with nancy pelosi and her husband's miraculous stock deals that just always seem to turn out well for the pelosi family and here certainly a bizarre performance on the steps of the supreme court. >> jesse: all right. we will see if we can get the aoc mugshot and see if it's as hard to get as paul pelosi's. all right, congressman matt gaetz, thank you so much. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: we are going to say
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>> jesse: there has been a hot of talk about biden's age recently. democrats, the media. some republicans are saying biden isn't up for the job because he is tooled. well, we kind of agree with you that's not the real issue. we don't believe biden has lost it. we don't think biden ever had it. joe's age has been used as an excuse for his real problem. he is dumb. we don't like saying that about the president, but it has to be said. he has never been a smart person. joe biden has no business doing anything so he spent his whole career hiding in government. there is an old saying those who can do. those who can't teach.
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and those who can't teach run for office. joe's lack of intelligence came to light in the 180s when he first ran for president. he was busted completely plagiarizing a speech by british labor partier leader kneel kinnick. joe figured the u.k. was far enough away that nobody would really notice. >> why is it that my wife is sitting out there in the audience? is the first in her family to ever go to cleaning. >> what first woman in her family, in a thousand generations to be able to get to university. >> they didn't have a platform upon which to stand. >> there was no platform upon which they could stand. >> jesse: after biden got caught he told voters to get over it. no big deal. >> frankly, i think there is -- you will all be the judge and the people will be the judge. i think it's much a do about nothing. the notion that every thought or notion or idea you would have to go back and find and attribute to someone i think is quite
4:16 pm
frankly ludicrous. >> jesse: turns out americans don't like liars and phoneys and biden was forced to join out of the race weeks later. back then the media did their job even when it came to democrats. i know it's surprising. and they started digging and uncovered biden was a serial plagiarizer. they found that earlier in the year joe was ring off the kennedys. >> cannot measure the health of our children, the quality of our education, the joy of their play. >> gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. >> our generation of americans will pay any price, bear any burden, accept any challenge and meet any hardship. >> we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship. >> jesse: it goes even deeper than that joe plagiarized his way through law school.
4:17 pm
as a student at syracuse biden copied five entire pages for a paper. think about that. how stupid do you have to be in to do that in law school. not fifth grade, law school. biden was very defensive about his academic credentials back then. >> i have a much higherric than higher iq.i went to law school l academic scholarship only one to have a full academic scholarship first year in law school i decidedsed i didn't want to be in law school. decided i want to stay and went back and ended up in the top half of my class. i was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year. i graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and i would be delighted to sit down and compare my iq to yours if you would like frankly. >> jesse: none of that was true and the media caught him. >> biden now concedes he did not graduate in the top half of his law school class. that he does not have three degrees from college and he was not named outstanding political
4:18 pm
science student in college. >> biden actually went to school on a half scholarship, ended up near the bottom of his class and one degree not three. >> joe biden ranked 76 in the class of 85 at the university of syracuse law school. this guy comes off as holy -- >> jesse: joe was never a good student. he had to repeat the 3rd grade and got mostly c's and d's in first three semesters of college. biden has always been insecure about his brain. it's his big secret. anybody who questions him on it needs to be ready for a fight. he still to this day gets defensive about it. >> i want to check my shape let's could push-ups together. let's run, let's do whatever you want to do. let's take an iq test. >> let's take an iq test? have you ever challenged a voter to an iq test? most politicians are able to display their intelligence through speech and policy not joe. he has had an unremarkable career in public service.
4:19 pm
he voted against the gulf war but for the iraq war. voted for a border fence but then changed his mind as now he is for open borders. he led the war on drugs but his son is a crack addict. he was against the bin laden raid and then he left billions in equipment for the taliban. he spent trillions on covid freebies and then was like oh, why is there inflation? he wants the u.s. economy to run on solar panels and windmills. biden is not a leader, he has just been pulled around by the different factions inside the democratic party. his entire career. he doesn't have any real thoughts on his own. that's why he has been flip-flopping and plagiarizing for decades. think about it. how dumb is the guy who thinks hunter biden is the smartest man in america? >> he is a grown man. he is the smartest man i know. i mean, pure intellectual
4:20 pm
capacity. >> jesse: the biden family doesn't have a lot of brain power. hunter and jimmy the chin only making a living because there is a biden in washington. they wouldn't get a dime from foreign countries if they didn't abuse their last name but they are obsessed with people thinking they are smart. nobody wants people to think he is smart more than joe. he must love when people blame his gaffes on his age. >> putin's atoc -- yeah. >> i'm a democratic candidate for the united states senate. >> all men and women created by, go, you know -- you know the thing. >> donald chair -- donald trump. >> love this place, look, what's not like to like about vermont in terms the beauty of it. >> poor kids just as bright and talented as white kids. >> his mom lived in long island for 10 years ago or so, god rest her soul although -- wait, your mom is still -- your mom is still alive. it was your dad that passed. >> jesse: truth is, it has very little to do with age. we know plenty of people in
4:21 pm
their 70s and 80's who are as sharp as ever. biden has always been a dud in 2008 he asked his old child chuck grand to stand up forgetting he was in a wheelchair. >> chuck graham the state senator is here. stand up, chuck, let them see you. oh, god love you. what am i talking about. i tell you what, you are making everybody else stand up though, pal. >> jesse: probably thinking to yourself how did this guy ever make it to the white house? well, after his second failed presidential run, obama plucked him up and picked him as vp. not sure why he needed a stooge to throw under the bus any time something went wrong. after working with joe for eight years, iraq was horrified to hear biden was running for president. quote: don't underestimate joe's ability to f. things up he told people behind the scenes. but after a year of covid and riots and media cover-ups, joe was swept into the oval office. and hasn't stopped things up
4:22 pm
since. it's time we stop treating biden like a day terring grandpa and start treating him for what he is. a low iq politician who got lucky and wound up in the white house. charlie herd is an opinion editor at the "washington times" and a fox news contributor. i mean, charlie, come on. i mean, that's the truth. he is not a smart guy. why are we beating around the bush? >> no, you got that exactly right. every bit of that and that montage the trip down memory lane is one thing. but then when you get to the parts where you start to see the actual damage that he is doing, it's a lot less funny. but, no, you are exactly right. the problem with this guy is he is a follower. he is not a leader. he has always been a follower. to answer your question, the reason that barack obama picked him to be vice president is because he was a white haired coot from washington.
4:23 pm
they knew he said things that weren't true. they didn't care. perfect person to put in the white house especially for a guy like barack obama who viewed himself very much as sort of revolutionary. and he was a very different candidate to be sure. and he used biden as this person to sort of balance out this -- the newness of barack obama. and, of course, as you point out, he never dreamed that joe biden would ever -- in fact, made sure that when president obama left office he made sure that biden wasn't running for the nomination after him. never dreamed that he would get into the white house. >> jesse: do you think the media knows how dumb joe biden is? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, i remember covering congress for years and covering the senate judiciary committee of which he was a chairman. and the great thing about joe biden was he u. you could get him to say anything. going back to the point is he like mikey. he will do anything. he will eat anything. he will do anything. and you could get him to say
4:24 pm
anything. so, if you are a reporter and you have got to get your story together. and you need somebody to say something. you find joe biden in the hallway and you can just sort of set him up. he would literally say anything and then you would have your story done it wouldn't matter if it was true or not or hurt him or helped him. of course people would read it in the next day in the paper. nobody took him seriously anyway. so, you know, it was no harm no, foul. >> jesse: i think he is the dumbest president we have ever had. i have ever seen. he has no new ideas. he has no instincts. he can't make a decision and we are stuck for another two and a half years. >> he hides behind the ridiculous gaffes and things like that. but you are exactly right. behind it is a very dangerous not smart person. >> jesse: all right. charlie hurt, thanks for coming on "primetime." >> great to see you. >> jesse: a smoking gun confession. dr. burks, remember her, the scarf lady? said she lied to trump and the american people about covid-19.
4:25 pm
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with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. >> jesse: remember the spring of 2020, the heart of the pandemic. we were told to mask up. social distance or stay home or we were all going to die. for a while we listened. but then we realized something was off. it almost seemed like our health experts were just making things up as they went along. and it turns out we were right. debra burks trump's white house coronavirus response coordinator the one with the fancy scarf collection admitted to making things up in her new tell-all books. burks reveals she and dr. fauci were lying to the president and to the american people about their covid protocols. she admits to making things up all during covid reports and misinforming us in the name of public safety. starting with their old slogan
4:31 pm
15 days to slow the spread remember that one. >> we really worked on messaging people about these 15 days to stop the spread. i know it's a lot to ask because you have done it for 15 days. it's what we have been talking about in the 15 and 30 days to prevent the spread. >> jesse: that whole thing about 15 days was bull. birx knew very well that 15 days wasn't the magic number. there was no magic number. in her book she writes this: no sooner had we convinced the trump administration to implement our version of two week shut down then i was trying to figure out how to extend it. so that 15 days to slow the spread was just a sneaky way to get their hooks into us so they could lock us down for longer. and if you dared to leave your house, birx told us the only way to stay safe was to social distance. >> if everybody social distancing by six feet when they're outside and that is
4:32 pm
probably absolutely the key more than anything else is if you are never more than -- if you are never within six feet of any single individual, then you control the virus. >> jesse: stay six feet apart. she just made that up. and limit your gatherings to 10 people. they told us it would save lives. well, surprise, surprise. those numbers were made up, too. birx says i had settled on 10, knowing that even that was too many. but i figured that 10 would at least be palatable for most americans high enough to allow for most gatherings of immediate family but not enough for large dinner parties and critically large weddings, birthday parties and other mass social events. so she basically wanted to keep people from getting married and celebrating the holidays. and if you thought that was shady, listen to this. birx didn't just make up rules, she was also altering covid data
4:33 pm
and weekly reports. so states would have a reason to escalate their covid protocols. and then when it comes to the origins of the vice, it seems deborah birx knew about the lab leak thing all along. she told the daily mail that covid came out of the box ready to infect. she also claimed that the virus was being worked on by scientists in wuhan. which is interesting because in the spring of 2020 she said this. >> i don't have an evidence that it was a laboratory accident. events come from animals into humans and so figuring that out will be really critical as well as figures out could it have happened in the lab. right now the general consensus is animals to human. >> jesse: this book sounds more like a confession than a tell-all. the doctor certainly has a guilty conscience. dr. marty makary is a fox news medical contributor and johns hopkins professor. all right, doctor, what do you make about this confession?
4:34 pm
>> well, it's really disappointing, because it turns out the advice that the president and many of the policymakers got was a small minority opinion. many of us were looking on saying what is this 15 days talk and the biggest crime was not recognizing that the risk was 10,000 fold risk difference between someone older and someone young and healthy, they had these indiscriminate policies. now we are learning thats would basically hiding data. she said it directly in her book. she also said that she thought the vaccine would not end the pandemic, would have been nice for her to say that publicly. and they prout with them natural biases. these are all hiv researchers who work in the government. fauci and deborah birx and natural immunity does not work with hib because it's an infection of your immune system. so it brought those by cease and the public didn't know and policymakers didn't know these were minority opinions. >> jesse: you are are saying she
4:35 pm
also admitted in the book that she knew that the virus wasn't going to be stopped by the vaccine? because i remember hearing that it was going to stop the virus in its tracks if you got vaxxed. >> well, turns out she was saying that but she didn't believe it. and that has come out and it's also come out from other people who work in the government who have said the same thing. there was almost this attempt and this happens in the government with bureaucrats. they present data as they are presented as expert opinion to get something done, an agenda to get what they want accomplished. and it turns out that even with the death numbers, she says that the intention and she said this very clearly publicly at the time, the intention was to actually count cases with covid as covid deaths. so we know the numbers were being inflated. look, people died interest tragically but you don't inflate numbers artificially to get an agenda passed. >> jesse: so when people would die in a car accident, and then
4:36 pm
the mortician figured out that they had been covid positive when their head went through the head shield, that was calculated as a covid death? >> it was and not only was it tragic that the numbers were being inflated like that. she said it openly we are counting those. 95% of covid deaths had four or more co-morbidities, so many times the co-morbidity was not listed as the death even though it was the true cause of death. but we are still doing it we are still doing the cdc is still not distinguishing it. >> jesse: we are still counting it like that it's not fair. great. great. >> we still have the bad data. >> jesse: can i overdose on heroin but if i test positive after death on covid i didn't die from heroin i died from covid. got it thank you, dr. birx, thank you. >> that's how it works. >> jesse: all right, doctor. >> thanks. >> jesse: rumor has it that
4:37 pm
kamala and gavin newsom were calling big money donors while joe biden was in saudi arabia. ♪
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>> jesse: joe biden is breaking a lot of records. a new cnn poll has his approval rating at a personal low of 3 #%. so now cnn has to cover it on the air. >> 38% approve, 62% disapprove. this is a numeric low mark for the president in cnn polling. but he has been in this low range, which is a big warning sign, of course for his party. but i would also note republicans and independents have stayed pretty consistent. one of the reasons his numbers have gone down a bit, jake, is because he is losing support among his fellow democrats. you have to go back to 2009 to find a time when the american electorate was this dissatisfied with the way things were going. >> jesse: the president has responded to this bad polling by going into hiding holding zero public events since he returned from the middle east. >> the president's schedule the last two days there have been no public events. is he resting after this large
4:43 pm
national trip. >> the president has been busy. i will let karin speak to the president's schedule but the president has been quite busy just because you don't see something necessarily on the public schedule doesn't mean that there is not a lot of work going on. >> jesse: something different about the french lady. i'm sure joe has been really busy. but here's the thing. kamala harris and gavin newsom are seizing the moment. and they are circling him like sharks. kellyanne conway told us so last night. >> actually have to put kamala up there with newsom because apparent live she is reaching out to donors as well. gavin newsom and kamala harris reaching out to donors. tricky. >> jesse: wow that is big news. that is some real serious back stabbing. that's right. kamala is reportedly in touch with massively wealthy donors like have a nessie geddy. the geddy fortune and lauren powell jobs. you remember her as the wife of the late steve jobs. a lot of cabbage.
4:44 pm
well, what do you think they are talking about, the weather? no, kamala is suring up commitments and good nightly preparing her own private little war chest. and we're also hearing a wall street executive who used to fund raise for biden is now in cahoots with both newsom and harris. this is stunning. what kind of boss would tolerate this kind of dissent in the ranks? this is like johnny going behind my back trying to steal my show, calling my agent, measuring my office for belisario style remodel. i won't stand for that so, johnny, if you are listening, know, this if you pull any funny business, i promise i will banish you to the gutfeld show. but maybe joe doesn't care. maybe he looks at kamala and gavin and sees a couple light weights. after all, what accomplishments do they have to show for themselves? newsom almost got recalled and kamala, well, kind of speaks for herself. >> you need to get to go and need to be able to get where you need to go. >> we will work together and
4:45 pm
continue to work together and to work together as we continue to work to work together on. the passage of time, right? the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time. >> jesse: joining me now karl rove former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. so, karl, this is pretty shady for these two. >> hold on one minute, johnny, johnny, i will call you back in just a minute. [laughter] >> jesse: don't -- he better not dare, karl. >> he said he would earlier in the hour when he was in charge and not at 7:40 but at 6:10. >> jesse: i know you have an early bed night, karl. do you see this as probably one of the most traitorous, vp and
4:46 pm
governor campaigning while president is overseas. >> this has probably been going on for while. what are the odds that joe biden is going to be the nominee in 2024? i think this. i think zero chance. and, as a result, i think that for a long while people have been sort of jockeying around. we have seen pritzker going here and poulos, governor of california talking about the governor of illinois talking about it newsom running television ads in florida. kamala harris going back to los angeles and to northern california a lot. i mean, she and mrs. geddy and and mrs. jobs are very close long-time friends and associates of hers. i expect a lot of this has been going on for a while. look, it has been clear to me that joe biden since almost the moment he walked in there is a transitional figure as president. he is not going to be the nominee of the democratic party. and so they are going to be out there. they can claim they are out there talking to people about the midterm elections and suring
4:47 pm
up support for the party. people have been maneuvering quietly behind the scenes for months i suspect. >> jesse: i suspect the next lunch between the president and kamala is going to be a little awkward. karl, you know this better than anybody, do the donors decide what's going to happen? are the donors going to be the ones to say hey, joe, sorry, it's not going to be you next run? >> well, i think the donors are going to play a role in it, and party big wigs who are, you know, professional pauls are going to be a part of it. at the end of the day it's going to be the biden family look at the numbers and say you know what? we don't want joe to go out badly defeated and we are hearing from all parts of the party that leadership in congress, the leadership in the states, the leadership in the unions, that he just doesn't have it take a look at it. only 26%. i saw a poll, i think it was 26% of democrat want him to run again. you know, this is not like five people sitting around, you know, at mortons in washington cutting a steak and drinking cocktails
4:48 pm
and telling each other he shouldn't run, this is the vast majority of democrats and the vast majority of americans who look at him and say he just is not up to it now and why do we think he is going to get better if we renominate him at 82? >> jesse: you are saying the biden family brain trust is going to be making a decision. hunter, jim and the woman who called hispanics tacos. we'll be waiting with baited breath. >> they are going to have to wake up to reality at some point. i guess they will. >> jesse: all right. got to get that pardon first. all right. karl rove. johnny, talk to him later. would you send your kids to an anarchist summer camp?
4:49 pm
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there is nothing better than summer camp. schools out, weathers hot and you are off to the lake with all your friends. >> go, baby! [cheering] >> i can't let go! [shouting] >> jesse: sometimes camp isn't all it's cracked up to be. you could have an insane counselor. >> attention campers, lunch has been canceled today due to lack of hustle. >> jesse: or you could end up at a summer camp for the little anarchist in all of us because antifa is now accepting campers at budding roses in portland, a self-described social justice summer camp for kids. like any good camp, budding roses is full of fun activities. forget flashlights, lanyards and bug spray. your kids will be handed a protest handbook, indigenous land map and a blm coloring
4:55 pm
book. campers can read about the ins and outs of teargas in a fun little comic, an important lesson for any middle schooler. and of riots 101 isn't your thing, the camp has some really lovely walking tours where kids can explore the amazing racial history of portland, dropping by occupy i.c.e. with the black panther health clinic, all while stepping over homeless people and drug users. don't worry, the camp might not have capture the flag but kids will have plenty of time to reflect on their privilege and white supremacy because your kid needs to apologize for colonizing the playground. so welcome to camp antifa, where kids learn to check their privilege, hate cops, and lecture you on climate change. who doesn't want to send their kid there? adam corolla is author of "everything reminds me of something" which is out today and host of "adam corolla show." this is actually a real story. >> yeah, i think what we ought
4:56 pm
to do is any parents who drop their kids off at that camp should immediately be arrested. because it could just be a sting operation to get horrible parents. and i had this idea a long time ago, i wanted to put a big sign in front of the l.a. coliseum and say, free cockfights for raiders fans and anyone who showed up, we would just arrest them and get all the deadbeat dads off the street. this is the way to get the hippie moms off the street. >> jesse: do you see any of these counselors actually showing up on time, doing any actual work? because these don't strike me as the type of people that are well organized and ready to start their day at the crack of dawn. >> also they are people who don't believe in the monetary system and the payment. who's going to pay? why would you pay anarchists? >> jesse: is it a barter system? do you give them a molotov
4:57 pm
cocktail in exchange for jimmy going there for two weeks? >> virtually, you give me your amber beads. by the way, that is the name of my daughter, amber beads and we will enroll her. >> jesse: we have to send a camera crew and verify that this is actually happening because if this is happening this is child abuse on behalf of the counselors and the parents. >> and putting the babylon be out of business and "the onion." all these headlines would've been onion or babylon be 18 months ago, not 25 months ago. it is no longer like going, when my dad was a kid. it was two years ago this stuff would have sounded insane. >> jesse: but this is actually insane. speaking of insane you have double booked yourself and you are now on gutfeld exclamation
4:58 pm
point. you are saying that show is not life? >> nobodies taller than people think. >> jesse: he is? no, he's not coming he's not. >> i'm trying to curry favor. >> jesse: you don't have to. he will take anybody on that show. that's right, gutfeld. he is not a counselor at the antifa camp. i just want to put that out there. i just sent a text message and i don't want to read this but i have to because i have integrity. stop laughing, corolla. jessie, come on, man, you should know how to pronounce palatable. i believe i pronounced it "palatable." that is the irish pronunciation, so it is like tomato/tomato. some actually not wrong. just some text messages. mary from idaho, how did aoc afford bail? she says she's not able to get
4:59 pm
by on $174,000. probably don't have bail laws there in d.c. lori from orlando, florida. i will bet a bag of florida oranges that polity had handcuffs like that. houdini, it's amazing. sheila from kansas, dr. burks, you don't have to admit you like, we also all right through you. i don't know if you saw this, we reported that fauci or someone did that he was going to retire after biden's first term and now he says no, he is not retiring. patty from illinois, did you just say jimmy? word on the street is jim biden goes by jimmy the chin? i did make that up that is just what is called. i'm wondering what products you use in your hair. i honestly don't have enough time, only 30 seconds left but i
5:00 pm
use two products and i'm not going to tell you what they are because there's going to be a run on those products. i'm spinning more on hair products actually than a gallon of gas. don't forget to dvr the show and forget that corolla is on exclamation point. don't forget, i am watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." looking back, the immigration and nationality act of 1955 turned out to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation ever passed by the u.s. congress. now the people who wrote it knew that it would be so naturally they spent a lot of time try to convince everybody else that effect it was no big deal. this is not a revolutionary bill, assured lyndon johnson when he signed it. the first tip that it was in


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