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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 19, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> as we know from the dobb's decision, one of the things that we saw from judge thompson is that they are looking to go further. >> laura: it's justice thompson. that's it for us tonight. ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy tuesday. let's talk about the royal family. [laughter] not dumb, i keep forgetting that this fox news. i mean the british royal family, specifically to former royal
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members. i should avoid saying that around presents andrew. anyway, one of the mutant offspring set up with the u.n. and on it. but i guess if you're going to take one, then there is no place better than [bleep]. i wonder if climate change is wreaking havoc on a planet with the most vulnerable suffering most of all. >> climate change as we can have make on a planet with the most vulnerable suffering most of all. lies and disinformation at the expense of the money, and the horrific war in ukraine to the rolling back of constitutional right here in the united states, we are witnessing a global assault on democracy and freedom. even though this first ball because the rolling back of constitutional rights in the u.s. as global attack on democracy.
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it's like standing in front of an auditorium of high school students think marijuana should be legal everywhere no more homework. seriously, is a speaker job interview. you want to ingratiate yourself to the world's diamonds to draft your own country, fine. you picked the right country. america will actually put up with your desperate need for attention and that is. and compare them to the kardashians but that would be an insult to people who take pictures of the butts. should we care about him or them? not really, but what else you want to talk about? what kim jong un's bench pressing for the price of bubblegum cigars? how about vultures. denoting a dangerous decline of vulture populations, which could lead to the spread of deadly diseases like the plague and rabies. which is good because i'm tired of everything being made in china. vultures are vital by eating corpses, which helps keep ecosystems and pathogens in check, not to mention a great
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way to hide evidence, right, kat? so in terms of the planet, vultures do way more good than prince harry. eric and fly around the globe, lecturing us on climate is the hub that, but a flock of vultures can pick up dead path are clean before he can even get his bib on. so is that a fair comparison, the prince and a vulture? why not? one feeds from the dead, the other feeds of the brain dead. to remind you that america truly is the land of opportunity for opportunist, especially for the people who game the system through book dramatics. you want to make a buck, just take up the old operation theater and let it rip, like after chipotle. anyone can do it, including adobe prints with hair that looks like a brillo pad used to get rust off in armchair. i should invite him over to scrub my parts. i kid, i don't scrub parts.
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i let the little lady do that. >> sexist. stephen terrible stuff. the media loves to brutally elevate like a ossian michael avenatti except in this case, he gets favored status because he is a prince. that's it periods prince harry bemoaning privileges like amber heard complaining there's in her bed. is the face of entitlement. and now easier [bleep] on as. if it's so bad, why the hill did he move your? this great badmouth us to a bunch of clowns while his wife mindlessly not like an audience member at a taping of "the view he somehow believes this cartoonish woke-ism cannabis is royal stain. he is replacing his crown with a [bleep]. we can live that in there. it's one word, it's an actual thing. look it up.
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i was speaking to the producer. if you believe being royalty was cutting in line, then why come in here and got in line again? if he hates status, he would have stayed in his country, start with the teeth. become a dentist. instead of rejecting the entitlement of royalty, you exchange it for the american version, celebrity royalty with your sneezing wife. you do the u.n. deserve each other. your trouble, which combines throw up an couple. fact is, harry marrying an american doesn't make you american. neither does criticizing america with your undergrad notions of global affairs in total ignorance of our country. just make you embarrassing in two countries, not just one. just like james gordon. i don't know.
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was not worth it? fact is royal is a better. george brett, brad saberhagen. dad, the duke of windsor and barry. talk about real royals, and they never married their cousins. that we know of. at least it didn't say that on the back of my baseball card. maybe it's not harry's card for being stupid. it's the first thing we did after we kicked their butts in the american revolution. embrace the second amendment, not your second cousin. asked him to take the wheel. most of the adam corolla show and author of the great new book "everything reminds me of something." adam corolla. she is so sharp i can go running
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with. former state department spokeswoman and founder of polaris national security, morgan ortagus. and black cats consider being her a sign of bad luck, fox news contributor kat timpf. and finally the softer sleeping bag, tyrus. adam, thank you for your marvelous book. it's like your other book it's a fast and fun read. >> thank you. >> greg: a breezy ride to a sunny day. i don't know why i said that. >> you just slip into a dos commercial. >> greg: i did. >> you have that north of fresh feeling? read my book. >> greg: how did you know i didn't read it?
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you said something before the show, but i like to state. you have a guttural response to prince harry, don't you? >> i am bothered by him, by a lot. where more than i should be bothered by him because i hate ingratitude and ingrates and people who come to this country and beat it up, and it drives me insane. ilhan omar drives me nuts for the same reason. you came here, we saved you, we put our hand out and you are in it. there is more and more of that in that country and a drive me insane, especially for a super ultra-privileged people who don't do jack squat and have never owned anything in the light. by the way, he's got to get the wall trim around, go full kitchen stays at this point. >> greg: it bugs me. that bothers me. >> maybe that's why he hates climate change summit,'s growing
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his hair up. >> greg: got to do it his brother did. he's got the ball thing. morgan, you have a weird relationship with the royal couple, don't you? because i've never met prince harry. i do think it's particularly strange to have a speech about nelson mandela, to have a white guy, white prince remembers mandela. maybe you could have picked someone else, maybe someone else. i am evading the question. >> greg: you are good friends with -- >> i wouldn't say i was good friends. we went to a wedding together when she lived in new york. she is the person that -- i will say that the person that she is in front of the world today does not surprise me. >> greg: so you're saying she is a -- right? you can say. she doesn't watch the show. >> you never know. you're the highest rating show in late night tonight.
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>> that's how you do it. >> greg: that i get out of tough questioning, america. you flatter the host. >> i should be able to get out of that. >> greg: that was pretty good. completely lost my train of thought. the problem -- is the problem that he came here saying that he rejected the entitlements of royalty and now he's kind of expecting more of royalty or more entitlement from america? >> why are we even talking about this guy? he won because it's fun! >> this dude is the most unfamous royal family -- he is the ringo starr of royalty. he was booed the last time i was home. you haven't seen that in the english women where they were booing the royalty. they don't want him there.
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we don't want him here either, but this is america, so everybody gets to stay. he saw in relevant and the u.n. is hurting so bad for guests they literally brought him on and the one thing he is doing, and i think if i was british, i would be absurd for a long time, britain has this -- british people have this one of everyone with an excess accent is intelligent. therein all the movies, all the professors of his english. is single-handedly going to take it away from them. >> greg: that right. the only thing they have! >> yeah, that's a great point. >> greg: that's why we did it. >> he's not even on a list. you can get any princess, you can get royalty, there's that one guy who keeps calling, bring him on. >> greg: kat, are we being too hard on this couple are not hard enough? >> no. >> greg: no on what? >> all of it, i don't know. is like the one used prince
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ever. your prince. it's crazy to be born into such insane levels of privilege and also, just like wine all the time. is also not very good at talking. at all. is being offered triple digit millions from netflix. you know, i think that's because you are a prince, so maybe you could at least acknowledge that, like, the fact that i was born a prince, that was good. say something positive every now and then. that coming from me. >> greg: it's hard. they want to be like the president and first lady of progressivism, they felt like that would be the way in, even in hollywood, it seems like there are already tired of them, but i don't know. i don't really care. >> think of what hollywood does. take people who pretend to do something and turn them into deities. we are masters at worshiping
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people who actually do nothing. play a physicist in a movie, you play an action hero, but you really do nothing and take no about, but we act as if you do and that's why hollywood loves these idiots. >> greg: on that note, up next, crime victims who fight back and show the courage wokesters lakh. flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at (heartbeats) introducing icy hot pro. ice works fast... to freeze your pain and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with 2 max-strength pain relievers.
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is even more compact. should leftist groups be a shame when fed to get money but victims get blame. go find me, the website why
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pretend to raise money for orphans. being called out for a hosting a fund-raising page for gunmen after deleting one for a new york body clock of what often killed in attack. andy samberg got fired shots at the apartment of a woman and two kids was killed by cops after a six-hour stand-off last week. a few weeks later, the mother confronted blm processors in front of her home to decry the cops. >> breonna taylor was not armed! none of you guys stop to see if she was okay! there was teasing in the hallway! >> greg: there you go. [applause] at-bat. arabella fox yarbrough, a woman of color, was shocked to learn
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that not wanting to be murdered along with her children makes a white supremacist. while that was happening, the gulf and be paid for the guy who shot at her raised over 20 grand. compare that to the page for the body is a worker jose alba who killed an ex-con in self-defense and got charged with murder. apparently, the only murder suspect activists aren't defending periods fund-raiser was young shortly after it was posted because the companies as they prohibit fund-raising for the legal defense of a violent crime. in other words, there's different rules for the defending himself in a guy who nearly killed a mom and two young children. but sanity prevailed. on tuesday, manhattan d.a. albert bryan stop the murder charges against before after investigations found they couldn't prove it wasn't justified in his use of deadly physical force. but don't pat bragg on the back, he might charge of attempted murder. tyrus, what you make of the mother shouting at the blm
8:20 pm
protesters? >> luckily, this was actually caught on film. because there's a lot of this from the community because they're not interested in any actual black person's plight at all. the difference was the only reason why they were there was because the words "cop" was involved, that's the best way to get money. once again, what cops killed an innocent bother trying to do their thing and that's an active and most people would check that, they they want to do, they'll cut checks. its disparaging and its questioning to see the exploitation of my own people by our own people, which seems to be more dangerous than any other group. they don't care if we kill each other. they went by a school computer for chicago, they want to a thing unless somehow it works its way where they can get a mention or they can get a plain.
8:21 pm
it's all about making money off the blood of our own people, and it is disgusting. her fight, they didn't care. this part was in the video. we saw her, there's a reason why she is screaming. she was being surrounded, and you look the video and the approaches don't touch me, don't get on my face. here in front of a house, children were in that car. you did not care because the work don't listen to reason and facts. that narrative was another white cop did something, they didn't care what the facts were. they are anticipating inspecting that most -- not us, because we know what's up. they expect more white american to hear that and get the guilty thing going and not say anything and cut checks and apologize for white privilege when they are exploiting all that. pulley, that might not have been the intention of i think what you wanted to do with your children inside, who has been through. those kids will never be the same again. inadvertently, this might be the
8:22 pm
thing that makes america wake up. stop writing checks to black lives matter, stop donating. you want to do something? buy a laptop or a school, become a big brother, become a foster parent. if you really care, you want to do something for your community, the people in your community, stop giving money to this because you are supporting hate and division. that's all that they are about. [applause] >> greg: tried to be a big brother, but they won't let me. >> height restrictions, not your fault. >> greg: adam, what you make of this? >> i think i found my next nanny. i like the cut of this woman's gib. i would hire her to do anything. she is what i call a cracker jack. by the way, she imports better than any actress i've seen in the last 40 years on the silver
8:23 pm
screen. she's got it. i hope somebody sees her and throws the best job at. >> greg: i was thinking the same thing. i think i saw the clip on a phone and i didn't really get it all, then i'm looking at her, i'm like she's got something. >> she's got it! >> greg: yeah, she's got it. is because i don't know, i thought this black lives matter thing was not have done when they bought the $6 million house and paid the brother $850,000. it's always a grip, it never helps. it's insane that they can keep it. al sharpton or whomever, this grape, they can go for 50 years on the script. nothing changes. the mayors of a lot of big cities go right along with the right on the group. markets killed every year. even merrick garland. it's insane that it's a country, were able to go a long on the script, i think it's a large group of scared people in the middle who just don't want any
8:24 pm
problems. when the whole black box twitter thing came on, i was told on my podcast, my producer said you got to do it and i said i'm not doing it. he said no, you have two or we will get into trouble. i said do you agree with that? he said it doesn't matter. that's why we are at. scared people getting in line, going along, not pushing back. >> greg: kat, you're an expert on fund-raising. explain to me have go find me can do this. i don't know, i just came up with a question. >> great job. i guess they can do sort of whatever they want, but watching that video, i don't know how you could not be affected by it because of course, look, i figured body can put it, maybe the cops could have done something more other than shoot the guy. who knows? it doesn't change the fact that
8:25 pm
this guy was shooting into an apartment with a woman and her kids and it earlier than that, and it's deeply wrong wrong and clearly and obviously wrong to post outside why are were and celebrate the guy was shooting at them regardless of anything of that happen. i do think that this is what happens when you decide the narrative first before anyone knows anything. i think that if you really care about these issues, you want to make sure that you're really showing your support behind ones that are worthy of support and not celebrating this could have been murdered in front of a woman and her kids. >> greg: morgan, what say you? and can be about mechanical if you like. >> i'm sure megan michael would like that. what's really interesting to me is that you have devoted a worker, how did joe biden call it, bodiga worker?
8:26 pm
yet to post hundred $50,000 in jail for defending himself. when you look at major cities around the back, your small business owners watching the businesses since 2021 to the ground, whether having criminals come in and steal things, there's not a day that you don't your twitter. i saw yesterday in l.a. where they were selling watches, purses, so i feel for small business owners, especially in the retail space around america. this guy was going to get killed. self defense. thank god it got dropped. >> greg: everything will drop and that was because of our went back it was because of the public outcry. it was like, that's what people have to do now. the country and i have the politicians, you got to do it yourself, get out there, you'll. except for me, i'm lazy. i won't go anywhere. up next, more camera staffers are scattered because working for teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. her
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♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. new astepro allergy. with any steak entrée. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. >> greg: more writers flee the
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staff after beef with the weirdo love. is another breakthrough from the shackles of the creepy people who tackles. kamala harris is reportedly losing two more top aides. unrelated story, joe biden lost four of his top hearing aids. this is funny. according to "politico," a director of speech writing, she has overcome it hard to believe, mcginn group is reportedly resigning after only four months on the job. my goldfish lasted longer and i don't even feed him. so cute. anyway, she was hired in april after the first speechwriter left in february. either as i wrote things, harris said on the top of the resumes, they should be unemployed for a long, long time. also just lost her longest serving eight, when you can snuggle. she served as a domestic policy advisor for six years, beating of the second longest staffer by
8:32 pm
six years. the two departures are just the latest in a mass exodus of people from the biden-harris administration. mass exodus is also what biden calls his morning diem. i didn't write it. >> okay. >> yap. >> greg: but what better way to commemorate the head speechwriter's departure than with kam's greatest hits, complete with bongos periods >> vice president harris: you are extraordinarily successful as a group. together, we are expanding access to transportation. seems like maybe at a small issue, the big issue. you need to get to go and need to be able to get what you need to go, do the work and get home. the passage of time. the passage of time. when we think about it, there is
8:33 pm
great significance of the passage of time. [laughter] [applause] >> greg: she's a beat poet, she doesn't know it. morgan, you are in the white house. there is always done over. what you think there's so much in a question mark >> it is interesting. normally, there is turnovers on the midterm. people start thinking a want to capitalize on the administration, maybe for the next two years. what's odd about people leaving her office is that a lot of people think that biden would run again, you may not make it, so you would want to stay with the person that you think is going to be the next president of the united states. the rate at which she has turnover is very high and it to me that people are saying i want to stay with the woman that is going to be presented next. it's not a sign of confidence. >> greg: that's the key. than not patting her on, they're saying they thought she had a short, they know. you have a word for somebody
8:34 pm
like kamala? somebody heartless? somebody who doesn't value your input your feelings? >> i can't imagine what that would be like. her speechwriter, she has to be really neat because that is like a pretty easy gig. all you need to know is you give for a five words and toss them into the air and see where the land. a few times, you're done, because that clearly the message she prefers. she has several speechwriters and all some like that, it could be that difficult. everyone remembers that you are involved in that. >> greg: you need to witness that can be -- similar age. late night had a field day with dan quayle. here don't see a peep about kamala harris anywhere but on the show. what you think that is? because she's on the team? >> it's like a hate crime.
8:35 pm
[laughter] it's an affirmative action hire. a huge mistake. it also come at where that she has speechwriters saying $0.50 throwing coach. you got to look it up. she talks like -- you ever go out and there is a surprise party and somebody call the person you're eating within goes, "were not ready setting up yet, by a couple of more minutes!" and hangs up. he talks like it's a surprise party for everyone in the auditorium, but they're setting up in the lobby and the not ready yet and they just told her just install it out, says the same ward nine times, whatever. >> greg: that's true. she doesn't have the time down for her words, it's like she has to keep rotating the same sentence over and over again. either that or she thinks she is being -- >> she does it so confidently. >> greg: that's the thing. you're the one that saw in her the true value of kamala which
8:36 pm
is as a beat poet, and you said greg, put the bongos. >> bongos, man. >> greg: endlessly. >> i think i got to -- i think i understand. just imagine the speechwriter properly had a dream of writing speeches in high school and then went to college and then went to -- probably got the masters, then hang out in places like cambridge and harvard. workpieces and whatnot, and here they are at the white house, and they write their first speech. they read it back to her. this is money, this is going to change the world. they hand it to her and she goes i got it. i'll take it from your. kamala reading some of the great speeches, she's like four, four, for score, wait a minute, 12
8:37 pm
score? just because i said 43 times. seven and seven and seven years -- oh wait, 21. now everyone can feel them that she come back after that, look at the speechwriter and goes nailed it. how many times do you want your name attached to that? she's the titanic, they say the iceberg, and they're like you know what? it can't be that goal. >> greg: famous last words. coming up, the media hates the new law while ratings saw. ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now.
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only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> greg: distrust in the news has the media singing the blues. self-reflection for the people who swayed an election. 50% of americans say they have a great deal and confident the newspaper's. just 11% saying the same for tv news. even those who shot gun to eight.
8:42 pm
those numbers are down 5% on last year, but it maybe just a coincidence that the drop coincides with brian kilmeade getting an extra hour of tv time each week. that was a long way for. commented on the pole in an interview promoting her upcoming book. >> people don't trust us, they don't believe us, and it makes me wonder if this job, as i'm currently doing it, is effective, but if it's doing more harm than good. >> greg: harmful and effective. is she talking about the media or memories of beating keith olbermann. it's true. but it's true, the media lies a lot. summariser bad like border patrol's rains were whipped, but some lies a good like telling the views cast that their big boned. it's unclear --
8:43 pm
[applause] terrible, terrible! stop it. you're very cool, you're all very cruel. i have nothing to do that. it's unclear whether she actually plans to change anything about the way she does her job. if she thinks her work is hurting people, why not just quit? msnbc, not the mob. maybe pretending to care about the public is just an awful publicity stunt, which is what you have to do when keith davidson is already seeing someone. kat. keep doing the story over and over again, but the numbers keep getting lower and lower. that mean? >> we do keep doing this over and over again, and has always somebody who says this is concerning, but they don't trust us, but then they don't behave any differently than they were behaving in the ways that make people not trust them in the first place. it's really easy to acknowledge this, but obviously, less easy
8:44 pm
to change it because she never said i'm going to do a better job. >> greg: you know what's funny, when people build is little room promotion call them whatever they think, and it's not like television, it's not going to get out until you tell the truth. she dated keith overman for a while. don't you find that fascinating? >> i do, but maybe she was infected by him in some way. maybe she was a right-thinking, sound minded, patriotic american and then keith sort of planted a demon's seed in her kind of thing. >> i've heard that can happen. >> i feel like if you brush up against him, you'll go crazy. >> greg: is like a covid contagion with these bad typhoid mary with these crazy ideas
8:45 pm
being planted in america. tyrus, you comment on anything. >> no. i think she is clearly trying to sell a book. oh, she's going to tell us that go already bought it, sorry. people are looking for truth. they really want truth and they want news and they want facts. you're not going to get it in those places. kat, is the place where someone can go for an evening? speak of the top of my head, i would say the new jersey football center at 7:00 p.m. >> there will be drinks, there will be fun, there will be no poop jokes. other than that, were lost. >> it's not like i said you can get tickets at
8:46 pm . that would be really sassy. >> greg: indian team plan at all. >> no, not at all. >> tyrus' podcast. >> greg: don't you think distrust in media is a good thing because you shouldn't trust the media tour, we are disgusting people. >> yeah. >> investigative reporting. >> greg: i'm a hard-bitten journalist. i correspond here, but i will report on the worst. >> i think it would be fun. >> greg: no you wouldn't. i would be the biggest pain in n the butt. if they have bidets. >> there's a reason i never invited you on the secretary plane. i thought it was interesting
8:47 pm
that she is at the quiet part of cloud. they don't trust us and maybe i'm doing more harm than good. i thought that was interesting, but i've trusted so many reporters, especially under the trump administration and trying to bring to them why have a market interest them and they really -- don't you remember one morning joe cheerlead for drop in the primaries and had him on every single day and then turn on him the minute he was -- want to give the example and i don't think, most of them didn't get it, i think 18 other wire reporters, old school guys that were not trying to get a cable news contract or pay twitter famous, they were good, but the rest of them, they want clicks. the one you can difference anymore. >> i'll talk. [laughter] say when we were both looking at each other.
8:48 pm
>> that same look and we go out to lunch in the czech lands. [laughter] i'm going to use the bathroom, to be back in 45. >> greg: exactly. all right, that's enough. getting the wrong end of the stick tonight. up next, which one of the cuomo brose wanted to play with a fire hose ould only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish] discover is accepted at 99% of places in the u.s. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> a story in five words. ♪ ♪ >> greg: you're the story in five words, cuomo tries the fire department. tyrus, this is the best story of the year. he reported a flight to a volunteer firefighter with the ease dancing fire department, but later withdrew his application because it took too much time. >> this guy is one of the worst human beings. he had to go to meetings, training, chop and there was a fire. >> greg: yes! >> you mean i don't get a hat and a batch? shaquille o'neal became a deputy, he did the thing. one look. no became the deputy, they did the part, they are the batch. this is what he is. he just wants to show up and wear the hat and come out of the basement naked.
8:53 pm
and everyone will want to come say we don't care about like, week about putting out fires. >> greg: is a great way to put d the show. we started out with the body was entitled in wanting somebody was entitled. he thought by the nature of his name, you could just walk into the east hampton fire department. >> first off, how much action do they really see? >> greg: a lot of projects that were built in the 20s with shoddy wiring and questionable contractors cutting corners. what happens? barbecue getting a little -- someone put the pig in the granted it gets a little at a fan? not -- it's like saying a to volunteer to be a cop in beverly hills or malibu. how much action are we actually seen? i agree, you want to be a fireman, you got to earn it like elvis and that black belt. [laughter] >> greg: yeah. >> watch the movie -- i didn't see the movie.
8:54 pm
>> greg: morgan, i have the feeling you have a quiz, story. in the hamptons? >> i don't even like the hampton's. >> greg: wow, that's different. >> i don't even understand what why it is at the time. doesn't have a job, right? >> greg: he wanted instagram on that big things were going to happen. maybe this was the big thing, that is not going to become a fireman. is working out and not. >> that's my favorite part. >> greg: i love these kind of leak stories. he is the the riskiest bet on the planet, would you agree? everything he does is due -- flexing and looking -- >> why does he even work out? yes your luck that ego around everywhere he goes just like a sandbag going up a hill. >> he did want to be a firefighter, i wanted to be able to tell people he was a
8:55 pm
firefighter, he wanted to be able to put that he was a firefighter and instagram without his clothes on. >> greg: exactly. he thought that maybe they did a fireman calendar, he would be on the cover shirtless. but with suspenders. i haven't thought about this, but -- [laughter] steel had. >> what would the lighting be? >> what you see for the month of october? >> greg: exactly, kind of a default. >> i think it would be holding a giant q-tip yoko would you be the dalmatian or would you be driving? >> greg: i would love to do the steering wheel in the back. it like the flat steering wheel, in time thing? >> years getting up there with your legs dangling.
8:56 pm
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the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. >> greg: we are at a time. thank you, adam carolla. thank you, morgan, a studio audience. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. making tonight as i can continue to struggle with high gas prices and democratic senator joe manchin derails his party's climate change agenda. there are reports president biden could declare a climate emergency or consider that had take matters into his own's. plus, we are monitoring the primary elections in maryland


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