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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: members of the squad turning a pro-abortion protest into a spectacle as 17 congressional democrats are arrested by capitol police. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. take a look, latest fox news
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poll show ramping crime higher on americans with priorities. brooke singman has details and what we're calling invisible handcuff, her name is aoc. take it away, brooke. >> brooke: protesting in front of the supreme court is not illegal, but blocking the way is. the arrest for obstruction began. 17 democratic lawmakers were arrested including members like congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. capitol police did not put her in handcuff. the congresswoman pretended to be cuffed for show. >> we have aoc there, she never misses a chance for a performance when there are cameras rolling. >> brooke: white house press
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secretary karine jean-pierre revealing everything is on the table for the biden administration response to the high court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. the white house is weighing directive to protect nationwide access to abortion pills. republicans are labeling it an attempt to distract from issues ahead of the midterms. listen to this. >> it doesn't matter what part of the country you're in, it costs more at the gas station and how it costs more money at the grocery store and they feed their families. the fact the border is in chaos and crime is high on the street. kids lost two years because unions wouldn't let them go back to school. people don't have the luxury of politics. >> todd: the way aoc broke out
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of the invisible handcuff, like a female david blaine. i had a lot to say about that, so did jesse watters. listen. >> jesse: may go down as greatest performances, i mean spectacles of all time. ted kennedy showing up to court in a neck brace. nancy pelosi kneeling in african tribal robes. it might outdo hillary at the black baptist church. i just wish there was more aoc could do, if only she had a job where she could write legislation to change the law. congresswoman, i think the job is congresswoman, i think they do that. >> todd: stick around, mike huckabee will join us with his reaction to the squad's supreme
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court spectacle later this hour. >> carley: voters in maryland selecting picks for the midterm. kelly schultz falling to dan cox who credits victory to former president trump. >> president trump didn't have to come alongside an outsider, a newcomer, so to speak, somebody that believed in his vision of america first, but he did and knew the odds. >> carley: he'll be up against author wes moore who is leading tom bragg. over to district one, incumbent andy harris breezing by uncontested, will be up against heather who dominated in the party primary. district six, parrot defeats
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foldy for the republican nod and will face david troll. no result for state attorney mosby is trailing, the prosecutor faced a tough campaign,a midrise in violent crime and she is facing charges for perjury and making false statement on loan application. votes can roll in until july 29th. they won't start counting them until tomorrow. officials say we might be waiting until august 8 for the final certification. >> todd: to baseball, american league wins mlb all-star game for ninth consecutive year thanks to back-to-back jacks from giancarlo stanton and byron
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buxton. >> goodbye, two-run shot. tie game. he turns on a ball and hits it a mile and buxton puts them in front. two home runs, stanton and now buxton. >> todd: stanton brought home the al m.v.p. award thanks to homer in the fourth. buxton's homer not far behind. they won 21 out of the last 25 mid-summer classics. did you hear this? kids summer camp forran aists, unbelievable, we have it for you. >> carley: and throwing away money on trash cans, we'll have that. ♪
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that time period, a dealer reached out via text about 11 times and tyler continued to say he was working on recovery and he didn't want to use and relapsed that final time. >> todd: i'm sorry. state rep baker, what happened to your son? >> we lost a great son, dan, he was in treatment, just got out and was going to go back in and overdosed accidentally a couple days before he was going to go back in. when you get that call, it takes you to your knees. i was not a lawmaker, but it put
2:12 am
me on the path to help people like michelle and jerry and the loss of so many around our country. we have to do more. >> todd: i cannot imagine that call. fentanyl overdose 1200, 22% increase from the year prior. nationally 12 months leading up to february 2022, 69,000 fentanyl overdose deaths. why aren't laws cracking down on fentanyl in place in both minnesota and nationwide? >> it is one of the most frustrating things i'm dealing with, in minnesota, four people per day are dieing and that is one of the better states out there. talk about getting fentanyl at same level as heroin. we tried last year in the house in minnesota and had a great
2:13 am
amendment on the floor. the dfl said it is not what they should be doing at this time. it is beyond reasonable. drug killing 90% of opioid overdoses, is fentanyl. i can't get the laws changed. they are blocked because of other reasons and it is the most maddening thing. we have to stop the flow from the southern border, if we don't, we will never get ahead of this game. >> todd: jerry, what needs to be done? what do you want to see done so more families do not experience your pain? >> like them to see some common sense. i don't understand what is hard about passing something that saves lives. lawmakers job is to keep americans safe. it is obvious this drug is
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beyond anything that has hit our country before. it is a 747 crashing everyday in the united states and our government does nothing about it, if it was a plane, they would do something about it, it is user. i need help to understand and like to see the other solution, if they block it, let's find a solution and help the people. >> todd: we need to help the people, it makes no sense. jerry, michelle, dave baker, thank you for your time. so sorry for your loss, we are thankful for what you are doing so others do not experience the same thing. carley. >> carley: the white house is talking about the border crisis after bus loads of illegal immigrants were sent to blue cities. >> we believe it is shameful
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some governors are using migrants as a political tool, political play. >> todd: joe concha is there in the screen, he'll talk about the messaging next.
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hi, i'm denise. i've lost over 22 pounds with golo ahhhhhhh in six months and i've kept it off for over a year. i was skeptical about golo in the beginning because i've tried so many different types of diet products before. i've tried detox, i've tried teas,
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i've tried all different types of pills, so i was skeptical about anything working because it never did. but look what golo has done. look what it has done. i'm in a size 4 pair of pants. go golo. (soft music) >> todd: influx of migrants. >> carley: marianne rafferty has the latest. good morning. >> marianne: city shelters being overrun by migrants. a warning, if we do not get urgently needed resources, we may struggle to provide the proper level of support while facing challenges as we face a rapidly growing shelter
2:20 am
population. bussed from texas and arizona, governor doug doocy says the nation's security depends on it. providing transportation only to washington, d.c., not new york. dc mayor muriel bowser says some migrants don't understand where they're headed. >> we are working hand in hand with the federal government who released a million dollar grant to community organizations who are helping people coming to the district to go other places. we know they are getting on buses, sometimes under false pretenses, traveling across the country to go to other places. >> marianne: joe borelli joined us with what repercussions could
2:21 am
mean for blue cities and their leaders. >> joe: not just texas and arizona, but cities like mine that have opted in and become sanct your cities. >> marianne: texas sent 65 bus loads to dc since april and arizona has sent another 14. >> carley: interesting developments. listen to what the white house has to say about the migrant buses, watch this. >> we are in contact with governors across the country. i don't have anything specific that -- specifics on migrantss being shipped to other states. we believe it is shameful some governors are using migrant as a political tool, as a political play. >> todd: joe concha joins us
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now. i thought the white house wanted to spread the migrants throughout the country. why are they objecting when governor greg abbott of texas helps them do that. >> joe: should be a bear hug and a thank you. the press secretary's response loses it when outrage is coming from prewritten notes and she reads it verbatim with almost zero conviction. we are on pace to see four million migrants illegally cross into this country in the first two years of this administration and the president refuses to address the situation or visit the border to talk to officials on the ground to see how bad this crisis has become. vice president kamala harris, no better, she never speaks about the border in a meaningful way, never did get to finding out what the root causes thing is regarding migration that she was
2:23 am
tasked with solving. texas or arizona gets flooded with migrants, sorry, that's your problem, don't count on the feds, use your resources, instead. when the problem comes to washington, it is considered shameful. it's a joke, it is beyond shameful. >> carley: what muriel bowser said in dc proves what abbott is doing in texas is working. if you're abbott, keep doing this, give them a taste of what i'm experiencing and see what happens. >> joe: and muriel bowser and dana perino made a great point yesterday. she goes on a sunday morning talk show and the whole topic the whole time is how muriel bowser and washington, d.c. are now victims because of what was called political ploy and sending migrants there and not one question about rampant crime
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in washington, d.c. going out of control. the interview was about what the mayor wanted it to be about instead of open session of questions around problems facing our nation's capitol. kudos to dana. >> todd: cnn gushing over gas prices sliding down after hitting an all-time high. listen. >> pressure at t pump is easing for millions as gas prices have fallen for the 35th straight day. now at $4.50, that will make my dad very happy. >> todd: perfect example of how out of touch the main hudson valley stream media is with the average american who is not viewing that $.50 decrease as we win now, look at $2 increase since joe biden took office and wow, we have to make a choice over food or gas. >> joe: i'm certain, todd, and
2:25 am
my dad is probably watching, it is 5:20. dad, get back to bed, he gets up to watch me. he is driving far later, he will not be saying i'm happy i'm paying $4.50 per gallon, that is nearly double what the cost was when this administration came into office. it is good gas prices are going down, if you talk to any analyst, they will tell you by october it may go above $5 and more because there are certain -- what am i looking for here? there is a word. help me guys. >> todd: just say hot dog, it will segue beautifully.
2:26 am
>> joe: hot dog -- >> carley: we will tell you why we wanted you to say hot dog. >> joe: sanctions, it came to me on russian oil in europe that will probably drive gas prices up again, i don't know why i couldn't think of that simple word. >> carley: it's happened to me. >> todd: joe, get going to wherever you got to get going. >> carley: appreciate. >> todd: hi, joe's dad. janice dean has the forecast. give us the numbers. >> janice: i know what joe concha is talking about and hi to joe concha's dad. temperatures and hot dog. it is hot outside. we're talking about temperatures over 100 degrees for many cities, big cities 100 million people are under a heat
2:27 am
advisory, including the northeast. a lot of northeastern people will be complaining because it will feel well over 100 for big cities. of course dangerous part is humanitarian is going to cause heat related illnesses, take care of pets, kids and the elderly. saturday, not much relief. folks in texas are saying, you don't know what you are talking about, our temperatures are 107 in oklahoma, dallas over 100 for several days and weeks now, that is ongoing. that is our biggest weather situation. it is national hot dog day. speaking of hot, i am an ambassador of hot dogs. and mustard, what? >> carley: it looks pretty that
2:28 am
way. you are ambassador of hot dog n hot dog eating contest. are these nathan's? >> janice: they are. i am not paid by them, i was an official judge. that was me, with joey chestnut. one of the greatest moments, i might not do it again. hot dogs are good, even in the morning. >> carley: there are some nathan's having discount on hot dogs and oscar meyer. >> todd: we will read this tease and chow do on the hot dogs. just sit here and hang. >> carley: from covid closures to parents fighting back, new poll shows which party battle
2:29 am
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>> todd: u.s. capitol police
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frustrated. u.s. capitol police chief taking a swipe at dc u.s. attorney in a letter to two republican congressmen he writes it is unfortunate that despite the evidence presented, including the group has been told they could not be in the building without an escort. the letter says the colbert staffers falsely admitted they had proper credentials to enter the building. murder charges for jose alba finally dropped. jose alba killed an ex-convict after being,a tacked in his own store. joe borelli joined us to weigh in. >> joe: bragg is no hero, things will not change until voters hold bad politicians
2:34 am
accountable. >> todd: charges dropped after weeks of protest rallying in support of jose alba and l.a. county district attorney george gascon george gascon hiring one of the nation's most expensive attorneys to represent him in a lawsuit filed by his own deputies and taxpayers of los angeles will foot the bill. former acting solicitor general, and was with al gore, argued cases before the supreme court numerous times, he has charged 2400 dollars an hour for services, why did i leave the law? one legal analyst saying despite his resume george gascon's chance of prevailing is low, his own deputy is suing him because they want permission to charge to the fullest extent of the law. >> carley: a summer camp in portland is teaching kids to
2:35 am
become anarchists to overthrow society. here with me to discuss this is arihofman? >> i'm surprised i didn't see a recipe for molotov cocktail. we saw in seattle, alliance between antifa and blm that are used in seattle public schools and used in schools and other schools across the country on martin luther king day where they yanked martin luther king out to replace it with marxist theory, and more. your child, if they go to this antifacamp, they will be taught
2:36 am
to be an anarchist. >> carley: the other curriculum include this seems fake, i do wonder if this can be real. educating kids how to handle being sprayed with teargas, that stuns me, learning from black lives matter coloring books, indigenous maps and being taught from a white sepremacy reflection series. i don't know how many kids go to this, this has to say something about the future of our country. >> portland is controlled by antifa, you have riots and protests on a regular basis and the people think they have won. they are not ashamed, they celebrate when we cover it online or fox news, they love
2:37 am
the attention, they are not ashamed. they spent time attacking federal court houses, they think nobody will do anything about it. thanks to their efforts to defund the police, you now have crime spiking through the roof, homicides all-time high, crime at an all-time high and quality of life has gone downhill. >> sandra: it is seattle and san francisco, as well. >> yeah, san francisco has an app that tells you where the poop is on the streets. you have homeless and crime everywhere. many cities keep it away from the touristy spot, not san francisco. they recalled chesa boudin.
2:38 am
they are giving people light sentences, they have a populous that keep electing these politicians, they have less cops than they did beforehand. >> carley: these are issues san francisco issis faing, the city is spending $500,000 on pilot trash can program with some prototypes costing more than $10,000 a piece. over half a million dollars being spent to test which trash can is best for the city, is that the best use of taxpayer money? >> i'm definitely in the wrong business, disney has a garbage can effort 50 feet, follow the disney model. spending $10,000 on prototypes, things are so bad in san francisco, people are leaving their car doors wide open and
2:39 am
windows down and saying police don't break in. if you don't prosecute any crimes whatsoever, you will have problems and garbage will be the least of their problems. >> carley: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> pleasure, have a good one >> carley: the white house is addressing food insecurity in northern africa, what about supply issues and sky-high grocery cost at home. >> todd: jon jon voight junior will tell us about this, don't go anywhere. jon voight junior will tell us about this, don't go anywhere. voight junior will tell us about this, don't go anywhere. pwill tell us about this, don't go anywhere. prwill tell us about tt go anywhere. ewill tell us about don't go anywhere. sidwill tell don't go anywhere. enwill tell u, don't go anywhere. twill tell us this, don't go anywhere. will t this, don't go anywhere. ofwill this, don't go anywhere. will t this, don't go anywhere. nawill about this, don't go anywhere. t
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s. >> carley: welcome back. president biden will travel to a coal-fires company today. >> todd: his party struggles -- griff jenkins, what is going on? >> griff: the president ran to
2:44 am
combat climate change. he will stop short of declaring a national emergency. >> i would not plan an announcement this week on national climate emergency. everything is on the table, it will not be this week on that decision. >> griff: note /* negotiations tanked for members of his own party. >> joe manchin is lucy, he is lose manchin, i don't think peanuts characters had last names. charlie brown, his democratic team comes to kick the ball, he picks it up and laughs. >> griff: the push on capitol hill continues, transportation secretary buttigieg defending abrupt transition to electric vehicles to a house committee.
2:45 am
>> the more pain we experience from high price of gas, the more benefit for those who can access electric vehicles. >> griff: that was met with fierce opposition by republicans questioning the cost to american households. >> if average household plugged in electric cars do you know how many more electricity they would use in comparison to air conditioners? four times as much electricity to charge average household cars on average household uses on air conditioning. >> griff: from the president this afternoon, press secretary karine jean-pierre didn't give many details but says it will be set of new executive actions including one to boost domestic off-shore wind industry >> todd: they love the executive pen in the white house.
2:46 am
biden administration vow to send $1.2 billion to fight famine. we have concerns of a food crisis at home. jon voight, president of national black farmers association joins me now. wouldn't farmers use that $1.2 billion? >> i'm sure those african countries need the support, but take care of home. giving to ukraine and other parts of the world but haven't taken care of american farmers. black farmers have a measure we've been waiting for $5 billion, we have to do better of taking care of american farmers and american people first.
2:47 am
it is the whole issue here. biden administration is not moving to address the farm crisis. we have issues with climate change and a farm crisis that we are not putting first and taking care of. you have high cost of fuel and fertilizer and lime and all these up front costs for american farmers and we haven't done anything in place to fix that. these things continue to roll out, we'll lose more and more farmers by not acting. we're heading for a food shortage, different regions of the world like ukraine are not producing enough commodities such as corn, wheat and soy beans, this will affect us at home and we'll see empty food shelves in the coming months.
2:48 am
>> todd: you mentioned cost of fertilizer, you know the numbers, i don't know if viewers knowlet numbers. fertilizers have gone up 200% and some tripled in price. do you feel forgotten by the biden administration? >> well, you know issue the president committed to having a meeting with me last year to discuss concerns we are raising right now. fertilizer has tripled. last year i was paying $400 per ton and this year i am paying $1100. last year paying $2.60 for gallon of diesel fuel and this year paying almost $6 a gallon for diesel fuel. the costs have tripled and the farmer has to pay them up front, people, not behind and not when we sell our crop.
2:49 am
costs are up front and we don't know what we will sell our commodity for at harvest time. the administration has things in place to help us, they are saying crop insurance, for a farmer like myself, crop insurance comes last, i buy seed and other implements like fertilizer and lyme and crop insurance comes last. put things in place to help farmers now and put american farmers first. the administration is not talking about the plight of the american farmer, we are losing farmers every year we don't take action and that will hurt us here at home. high cost of food will affect every american that walks into the supermarket and my question today, have you been to the supermarket lately and looked at food prices? we have to find a way to invest
2:50 am
in infrastructure for farmers and put farmers first and put small-scale farmers back into business. >> todd: does the washington ivory tower elite know what you are going to? do they know what it is like to farm or walk into a supermarket to pay $10 for a loaf of bread? do they know that? >> i tell you right now, farming is the hardest occupation known to man, it never stops, seven days a week and only occupation that is not republican or democrat, that dirt on the ground, that soil doesn't ask me what color i am, what i look leak, it just asks can i farm and raise that commodity. the administration has to look at agriculture and farming in that aspect and fix the problem for the american farmer. i think a lot of people will show up to the poll and make
2:51 am
those decisions, the mid-term election is coming, the administration needs to act. i'm asking for a meeting with the president, he committed to that, the wa i i was joined by my daddy, a humble farmer, when you give the man your word, you need to honor your word. i hope the administration will meet with me and address the long-standing problems we haver hoo. >> todd: you need air, water and food, they should help people like you who make the food. thank you issue best of luck. call in the squad car, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar arrested in a protest on capitol hill. >> carley: mike huckabee will share his thoughts on the political charade coming up next.
2:52 am
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>> todd: voters backing republicans. poll of federation of teachers is showing voters in seven battleground states trust the g.o.p. more than democrats in the classroom. governor mike huckabee joins us now. it's 38, 39 neck and neck. this survey found the number one issue, regarding education in public schools, governor, is that they are becoming too political. >> y. they really are, carley. if you look at what happened in virginia that race was essentially swung because of parents who decided if they were going to be called domestic terrorists for actually caring what their kids were getting in school, something had to change. and they changed it. this is a big swing. historically democrats always win this issue. they are not winning it anymore, and it's also significant. this poll is coming from the aft. they are hardly a conservative organization.
2:57 am
i think it's maybe their way of saying to their organization, hey, maybe we goofed this up somewhere. and i would say to that you think? yes, you have. >> todd: let me read the tweet from aft president randi weingarten while extreme politicians are trying to drive a wedge banning books, censuring curriculum. and politicizing public ed. we're focused on invetting in public schools and the essential knowledge and skills students need: aoc and ilhan omar pretend to wear handcuffs when they are arrested at pro-abortion protest on capitol hill. we are showing the video on the screen. i bet, governor, you were up all night trying to craft a senator john kennedyesque report to this spectacle, have the floor, governor. >> well, todd, the reason it's
2:58 am
so hard is because i'm in these handcuffs and i'm having a very hard time getting them off. oh, finally i can break free and now i can type and i can write. this was such a ridiculous spectacle, first of all, why in the world is she in a heavy coat on 100-degree day in d.c.? >> todd: great point. >> that just puzzles. what is under that coat? we need to know. do you know who did have handcuffs? peter navarro, he got them at the airport reagan national getting on the plane. they marched him in front of a federal lawn even though he lives 50 yards from the fbi. they could have said peter, come on we need to talk to you. they put him in leg irons and strip searched him. i think that people are getting beyond sick of this double standard of justice where if you are on the far left you can do anything you darn well want to. just like the colbert staffers
2:59 am
got off the hook. nothing. if you are a conservative, god help you. they will throw the book at you. and this ridiculous escapade here, my thought was she probably thought she was acting so brilliantly that she should get a golden globe. instead all she gets is a raspberry. >> carley: she was arrested at abortion protest on the other side of the argument is the university of michigan head football coach jim harbaugh. he made it crystal clear that he supports the right to life. he said i believe in having the courage to let the unborn be born. the rest of the statement is really beautiful. i want to give the rest of the time to you. this statement from him does take courage to make. >> i love the fact that he took the stand because a lot of people will just sort of fade into the woodwork and they don't want to be heard from. but he has got convictions and he made it very clear that the two things that drove his conviction about sanctity of life, the value of every human being were his faith and his
3:00 am
science. and i thought that that was significance. those two are not exclusive of each other. they actually both match the need to respect that a human life is developing and we need to give value and accept that that human life has intrinsic worth. >> todd: governor huckabee, thank you as always we appreciate your up sight. "fox & friends" begins now. >> biden is traveling to massachusetts to push the climate's agenda. >> everything is on the table. >> more pain for the high price of gas the more benefit there is for electric vehicle. >> carley: as pete buttigieg pushes john kerry private jet put to good use. >> i lament the hypocrisy. >> al alexandria ocasio-cortez arrested protesting in front of the supreme court. the congresswoman pretended to be cuffed for show before pumping her fist to cheering supporters. >> fantastic night for freedom. >> battle it out i


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