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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 20, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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million. >> dana: bill hemmer. you do know money very well. would you bid? >> bill: probably not. >> dana: no? buzz aldrin. amazing. all the astronauts we love you and we loved being with all of you today as well. see you tomorrow. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: the president is having to bend to the will of one democrat yet again. senator joe manchin is blocking democrats' money grab for their climate agenda and today president biden is set to take executive action. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". team biden is trying to work through their climate conundrum. at this hour is commander-in-chief will go to massachusetts to talk clean energy at what used to be a coal plant. the senator has told party
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leaders he doesn't support a spending plan that includes billions of dollars for the climate, at least not right now. while the president is preparing to use his pen to deliver some green energy dreams to the far left, he is putting something on hold. reportedly to try to make manchin happy. for now, biden will not declare a national emergency at the climate. biden has been quiet on manchin in general. other dems didn't get that message. >> it is not fair to string people along for a year and not come to a conclusion. we're here to serve our constituents. if we can do something productive. >> i would prefer that he really supports the president's agenda to a bigger degree. >> harris: while the white house has been victory lapping after a new week of lower gas
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prices, facts matter in all this. gas at the pump is still $2 higher than when president biden took office 18 months ago. in "focus" republican senator john barrasso, ranking member of the energy committee. we'll begin with white house correspondent jacqui heinrich. >> we still don't know why the white house decided not to use the president's trip to this shut down massachusetts coal plant that produces wind turbines to announce the national emergency on climate. speculation is that perhaps gas prices and recession worries may have factored into all the thinking. the white house says it is coming soon. >> the president isn't waiting. he is not going to sit back idly. that's not his style. it never has been. he was one of the first congressmen to ever speak to the issue of climate and push for action on that. >> the white house is under pressure to reach as far as
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they can with all of the legal avenues they have at their finger trips after democrat senator joe manchin killed their massive spending plan that would have worked to combat the climate crisis. manchin has cited inflation as the reason for that. $300 billion in spengd he nixed would have offered tax credits for clean energy and he also he said would push costs for americans. congressional democrats are mad they're able to do nothing about it. >> it's unfortunate that one man can kill legislation that will save our planet and save our world, save our people. we can't lead the world when we have one person on our side who is killing all of that legislation. >> some have called to strip him from the energy committee.
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manchin says he has been straight forward all along. >> criticism i'm getting from the people who are saying joe manchin -- i'm not string you along. don't you believe inflation is the number one thing in america right now? i've never strung anybody along. >> the president doesn't plan to give attention to manchin in his remarks today but paint the climate crisis as an existential emergency. >> harris: you know what happens if you blow oxygen something's way? you give it life. thank you. in "focus" now senator john barrasso of the great state of wyoming ranking member of the senate energy and natural resources committee and chairman of the senate republican conference. great to see you in "focus" today. let's start with the report that jacqui heinrich just gave that there is a call among some democrats to strip joe manchin of his committeeships. what's going on there?
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>> what's going on, harris, is that the president and the great majority of democrats are completely out of touch with the american people. they are claiming there is a climate crisis. there are a lot of crises in the country right now. there is an inflation crisis, energy crisis, border crisis, crime crisis. the white house and democrats have a crisis, too. a crisis of competence and credibility. they've loss it. the president is now heading to massachusetts today because he is beholding to the climate extremists. 2/3 of americans are facing a summer of black-outs and 2/3 of americans say the president and democrats are focusing on the wrong things. things they don't care about. we need all of the energy, the american get it. the american people get there is a gap between reliable energy and renewable energy. people want available and affordable energy.
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>> harris: for a long time joe manchin's state, west virginia, has been in the crosshairs of democrats. you remember what obama, what hillary clinton when she was run being, what they would talk about. they would get rid of coal and now you are right, we need all of the energy. we had all the energy 18 months ago before biden was in office. i want to get to this. the "wall street journal" editorial board with this out. european leaders boast about supporting net zero emissions targets in 2050. if they are convinced climate change is an emergency, this failure to do anything to make life more livable today and in the coming years is inexcusable. they just want us to suffer until they can get what they want? >> the administration wants us to suffer. they said this is the price we have to pay for what the liberal world order. that's what they've talked about in this incredible transition and the pain of it
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all. the secretary of transportation yesterday saying you don't like the cost of gasoline? just buy an electric vehicle. a lot of people can't afford those. where do they think the electricity comes from, harris? we all want to make energy as clean as we can as fast as we can and do it in ways that don't raise costs for american families. energy has to be affordable. that is the main concern right now of families all across the country. >> harris: what you said is just so important for people to hear. where do you think the electricity comes from? if you lean on it hard and have grid problems in the heat wave. it is starting. it's a hot one out there. and you have those brown and black-outs, when that happens, the cost of well the energy goes up, even electricity won't be super cheap. the nation's climate czar, we have one, john kerry, called out for being an energy hypocrite. federal data now showing
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kerry's massive carbon footprint because his family's gas guzzling private jet has wracked up 48 trips since president biden was sworn in. john kerry's family ride has put out more than 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide. i looked it up. that's equivalent to driving 747,000 miles in a gas vehicle. one more point of hypocrisy. right now the white house is pushing massive spending to kill fossil fuels making gas scarce. it will drive up the price again. pete buttigieg wants you to drive an electric car right now in an inflation crisis. who has the cash, senator? >> well, people don't have the money for any of those things, which is why we need to eliminate every democrat who is running for office this year. we have to defeat all of them in november to put the republicans in charge in the house and in the senate. you just talked about john kerry. he has been a hypocrite all the
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way through on so many items. he thinks we will power the world or tells the world we need to power ourselves on the sun and wind and wishful thinking. it is not helping american families now living with 40-year high inflation, sky high gas prices, almost $2 a gallon more than what president biden came to office and the democrats are doing nothing to help solve the problem. they want to keep the energy in the ground. we have the energy right here in america. we don't have to go overseas as president biden did last hat in hand to beg saudi arabia for more energy or to go to iran or to go to venezuela. that is a terrible way for a country to be run but that's what we have right now, which is why we need to change things come november. >> harris: senator john barrasso of wyoming. great to have you in "focus" today. thank you for your percentective and your time. we'll get to a bit of breaking news now. this is at the united nations
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and we know -- excuse me capitol hill speaking to congress, forgive me. the first lady of ukraine. she has been here a couple of days, came for a humanitarian award and she has already met with the first lady, jill biden. they met when jill biden went to europe previously. and she is speaking in her native language. so right now we'll talk to general keith kellogg and follow it and give you some highlights. general kellogg, you are with me? >> i am with you. >> harris: talk with me about your thoughts right now. ukraine is a tender spot in america. politics are at play because this president wants to help out ukraine as many americans do. they don't want to be painted with the brush we don't care but we have had such crises at home. how important is it to see the
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first lady of that country, ukraine? >> thanks for having me. look, the americans do care. look at the amount of money that we have given to ukraine in basically taxpayer money, which is over $60 billion. look, i think what she is doing right now with the first lady of ukraine is very smart. she is coming here and talking to the american people about the need that they have to -- for more american aid. i just added it up this morning when you look at the aid. it is important. when you add up all the aid of the other 29 countries in nato, they are only giving 1/3 of what the united states is giving right now. that's important to know. look, i understand the humanitarian needs. >> harris: lieutenant general, we are going to listen in. we have translation now and i will come back to you. let's watch. >> have been destroyed in ukraine. i am waiting for a picture to
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be demonstrated. this is lisa. i met this girl before christmas when we were preparing greetings of christmas, merry christmas for children. i remember her just like she is here, a cheerful, playful little rascal. the other video was made by -- when she took her child to school and she asked her where are we going, sweetie? the daughter calls the names of her favorite teacher. lisa was only 4 years old and she is no longer with us. here is the stroller of lisa's. on july 14th lisa was killed by a russian missile attack on our city in the center of ukraine. 25 people were killed, almost 200 injured. lisa's mother is in serious
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condition and for several days nobody dared to tell her that lisa has died. this is where, where are we going has been ringing in my ears for six days. usually the wives of president are exclusively engaged in peaceful affairs, education, human rights, equality, accessibility and maybe you expected from me to speak on those topics. how can i talk about them when an unprovoked invasive terrorist war is being waged against us. russia is destroying our people. here is another rocket launch and here is another city in the south of ukraine, a residential area was hit by a missile. this is eva, she likes to draw
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pictures. she was only five. another russian missile, eva was killed along with her grandmother. these young faces are the faces of employees and visitors of the shopping mall. they are no more. there is no shopping mall because the russian rocket burned them down and killed them all. this is a journalist. her name is vera. she has worked in the ukraine area for 20 years. the last four years in radio liberty. she died from another missile attack. since the beginning of the war, russia has launched over 3,000 different cruise missiles on ukraine. to destroy somebody's family you don't need a missile. maybe shrapnel will do it.
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this is andre, fortunately he is alive and now in germany. he is 3 years old. a few days ago he celebrated his birthday on the 8th of july. you may ask what is he doing in germany? he is learning there how to use prosthesis. a 3-year-old boy. a russian plane dropped a bomb on the house where the family spent the night and he was there together with his parents and sister. how many children like him are there in ukraine? how many families like this may still be destroyed by the war? those are russia's hunger games hunting for peaceful people in peaceful cities of ukraine. they will never publish it on their news. that's why i'm showing it to you. here is the family of a
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policeman. his father, mother, wife, 6-year-old daughter, as well as 1 1/2-month-old son, all of them were shot by the russian occupiers in a car when they were trying to evacuate from a city. then i met with the policeman. he said -- he told me a terrible story. the adults died right away while children for the next 1 1/2 hours were crying in the car until they died. nobody was allowed to approach them to save them. here is sophia, the girl from bucha, who lost her mother during the occupation and her arm and now she is suffering from phantom pains. the family of ulga was the
8:17 am
village head who saved her fellow villagers from the russian invaders and then was killed by russians along with her son and husband. a family from odessa were three generations of women were killed by one missile. grandmother, mother and 3-month-old daughter and this 63-year-old. can you imagine this person survived four nazi concentration camps, including buchenwald and died from russian shells. so dear ladies and gentlemen, the american people and the american families, the congress and president biden have already done a lot to help us to stand up to the enemy and protect millions of ukrainians. we are really grateful that the
8:18 am
united states stands with us in this fight for our shared values of human life and independence. [applause] you help us and your help is very strong. while russia kills, america saves. and you should know about it. we thank you for that. but unfortunately the war is not over. the terror continues. and i appeal to all of you on behalf of those who were killed, on behalf of those people who lost their arms and legs, on behalf of those who are still alive and well and those who wait for their families to come back from the front. i'm asking for something now i
8:19 am
would never want to ask. i am asking for weapons. weapons that would not be used to wage a war on somebody else's land but to protect one's home and the right to wake up alive in that home. i am asking for air defense systems in order for rockets not to kill children in their strollers. in order for rockets not to be able to kill entire families. i know that you ladies and gentlemen will be leaving for the traditional congressional recess in a week and all of you will be able to return to your offices in the fall and probably all of you have already your calendar and schedule for september. this is normal. it is precisely this normalcy that we ukrainians are deprived of now. will my son be able to return to his school in the fall?
8:20 am
i don't know. like millions of mothers in ukraine. will my daughter be able to go to university at the beginning of the calendar year? and experience normal student life? i cannot answer. what should ukrainians prepare for, to work in classrooms or in bomb shelters? we would have answers if we had air defense systems. in fact, the answer is right here in washington, d.c. america, unfortunately, knows from its own experience what terrorist attacks are and has always sought to defeat terrorists. help us to stop this terror against ukrainians and this will be our joint great victory in the name of life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness of every person, every family. this is what i'm asking for and what my husband is asking for.
8:21 am
not as a presidential couple but as parents, and children of their parents. because we want every father and every mother to be able to tell their child go to sleep peacefully, there will be no more air strikes, no more missile strikes. is this too much to wish for? fact that i am here as the first lady of my country and talk to you about the weapons is the greatest equality. equality among free people. people who know what they are protecting and they know what they live for. i hope you heard me today. and i hope that your decisions will be speedy. thank you for your attention. glory to ukraine. [applause]
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>> harris: and with that, the first lady of ukraine has wrapped her pleas for more help from americans, particularly air defense systems. before we took her live i was speaking ahead of getting the translation simultaneously so we would be able to understand her, lieutenant general keith kellogg. former national security advisor to vice president pence and fox news contributor joins me now. i want to hit that last fact that you were giving me. this was not necessarily an ask for more money but what you said is when it comes to all that has been given, every kind of aid as i understood you to say, 1/3 from europe, who makes up the rest? >> we do. when you look at the numbers, i just added them all up today again this morning. europe is giving about 1/3 of what the united states is giving. the 29 other countries in nato. the united states of america, the people of the united states, have given a lot. she acknowledged that.
8:23 am
the first laid lady said that. everybody else whats to pick up, too. my daughter is currently in kyiv and sent me pictures yesterday at another city. russians target civilians. they do that for emotional regions. it is a horrific way to do war but that's how the russians fight and the reason i would say all along we have to push back on the russians. we have to give ukrainians the right weapons systems en masse to make sure that they can go against the russians especially in the donbas region out there. for anybody to say that americans have not given great support, they have and we should be very proud of that support. economic and humanitarian. >> harris: we know that we have and the president hasn't stopped to make the sell on what more he would want to do
8:24 am
and balance out the livelihoods of people in america. he is welcome to do that. this is what is happening in the back drop, though. the president wanted to blame putin for the gas price hike. we know that's actually conceivably not even true because it started so far ahead but i will tell you what vladimir putin is up to now. traveling to iran to meet with the leaders of the rogue nuclear nation there and his first trip outside the former soviet union since his brutal invasion of ukraine. the visit coming just after biden's controversial middle east trip. iran's supreme court leader threw his support behind russians war calling it justified. you have then cozying up. the white house is dismissing putin's iran trip and shows how isolated russia has become since the invasion. >> putin set up this trip after president biden set up his trip to the middle east. this is putin trying to establish his relevance in the middle east with iran and the
8:25 am
whole region. the region is very afraid of iran. they understand the interests of iran are very expansionist as well. putin goes there and does a couple of things. he gets weapons from iran that he needs. the drone systems. the second thing he does he not only meets with the leaders of iran but also meeting there also with the president of turkey, erdogan to establish some way to get some grain out of ukraine and russia through the straits and to allow the turks to allow it to go through, create some openings in the black sea so he can be a mr. nice guy out there. look what i have done for the undeveloped world out there and he is playing this game. it is a long game. he is fighting in ukraine right now but he is also moving around in the middle east. he has interests in the middle east from libya to syria as well as iran and pushing hard. we should be very aware of that and very concerned about it as well. >> harris: he is doing the opposite of what we're doing. hope is not a strategy.
8:26 am
he is deploying some strategy and while he is killing people as you say, he is trying to make friends on the world stage by releasing some grain. lieutenant general keith kellogg. great to have you in "focus." thank you very much. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: critics ridiculing liberal squad members after their so-called arrest. they were pretending to be handcuffed and when they wanted to cheer they would separate their hands and share and put them behind the backs. >> the democratic governors's association spent millions of dollars to ads to elevate cox. >> one will end up biting them in the nose. >> harris: fears that a scheme will backfire. power panel next.
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>> i'm more concerned about the broader effort to intimidate a separate and equal branch of government, the united states supreme court. >> democrats think it's politically expedient and proves their electability when they are arrested trying to cater to a radical base. >> harris: what a performance or was any of it real? this was. capitol police arrested 17 house democrats yesterday at an abortion rights protest outside the u.s. supreme court. the far left lawmakers accused of participating in illegal demonstration activity and then celtic either to the rest. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and several other members of the progressive squad seemed to be faking it.
8:33 am
critics now taking aim at aoc after this video went viral. notice her wrists together like they are handcuffed. like they're handcuffed. but then somehow like a magician she breaks free and starts waving her wrist and fist to the crowd for support. and then again dutifully crossed her wrists behind her back again to make it look like they were cuffed. she is such an expert of getting attention and brit hume called her the queen of gestures. alexandria ocasio-cortez responded to the criticism in an instagram. >> republicans favorite hobby is to make conspiracy issues out of everything to keep you talking about what is important. the fact they're trying to take away your right to bodily autonomy. if i was faking that why would i intentionally fist pump somebody. so silly. >> bill: power panel, lisa boothe and leslie marshall are
8:34 am
fox news contributors. >> it is too good. too good. the jesse smollett of congress. a word to the wise if you fake being handcuffed don't put your fist in the air and it gives it away. i'm surprise evidence she hasn't put out a statement about police brutality after gently being escorted a few feet away by the police. all the squad are a bunch of posers. someone who says she is a socialist. tax the rich designer dress that is $35,000 to the met gala and parks her $60,000 tesla and you have corey bush who wants to defund the police for everyone else and spends $70,000 on her own private security in three months. they are a punch of poseers and hypocrites. >> harris: leslie, your reaction. >> yesterday trey gowdy and i were in agreement recording a podcast when he said -- when he was in congress it isn't like it is now. what he said is now it's about
8:35 am
how many tiktok followers you have. one of the things that bothers me about my fellow democrats is when you have an issue this pressing. i agree it is. first the first amendment doesn't allow you to block roads when the police are telling you you are blocking and gives you three warnings and they don't need to do this sort of march. they are congressional house members and they can legislate. they have the power to legislate. they also have the power to raise money and put money into races with the mid-terms coming up where things can change in states after the overturning of roe v. wade. so i get tired of the marching. i want more check writing and voting. >> harris: this is marketing as well as you put it so well. you are talking about moving with strategy from experience. maybe she and others just don't have the experience on how to get that done, all the things that you say on your list to get done with regard to this issue. let's move to this.
8:36 am
trump-endorsed dan cox winning the republican party's nomination for maryland governor. he won over his more moderate rival in yesterday's primary race. but in such a heavily democratic state political analysts are predicting an uphill bats for him in november. it comes after democrats spend hundreds of thousands in television ads supporting him. a strategy the party is using in a few states in the hopes far right candidates would be less competitive for them to run against in the mid-terms. one msnbc host warns it could backfire. >> why have they put millions of dollars in ads for the trump choice? they see him as an easier election opponent. it's a strategy that carries significant ricks. >> why on earth would we elevate candidates and try to diminish other candidates who
8:37 am
are the sane ones and elevate the -- >> one will end up winning. the blood is on your hands. >> harris: dan cox questioned about the boost he got from democrats. he says the party didn't want him to win. watch. >> that's not the case. we were running far ahead from before. democrats are afraid, i think, the progressive democrats see us as change. the only one willing to stand up and articulate the values. >> harris: leslie. >> well, there is a whole lot of game playing going on with phone calls and check writing to my last point. look, you have people in my party who are really trying to put forth a very fringe and very politically dividing candidates because they feel come november their candidates, my candidate on the democratic side, will have an easier time of beating them. >> harris: do you believe it?
8:38 am
>> some would argue we saw it in texas and difficult battles. we also see republicans not backing these people but backing their competition. certainly there are republicans that remember twice in our lifetime and not too long ago where they lost seats and the entire house because they had people who were too politically polarizing and voters don't like that. >> harris: it makes me think of joe biden every time he says ultra-maga and goes after the other party. now not only are you putting your words and giving them oxygen now you will put your cash there. >> i personally think ultra-maga sounds very cool and it should be a beer or something. it's awesome. i'm not a big fan of nicole wallace. she sold out for the left and to cash in. she is right here. the danger for democrats. i was at the -- we're picking up races we weren't targeting.
8:39 am
that's the environment we're in politically now. you have a president with record low approval rating, vast majority of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. americans want republicans in control of congress so we're in an environment where a lot of candidates will end up winning. what democrats will be stuck with is the maga candidates and candidates that are further to the right that will be governing states, that will be in congress, that they will have to deal with. as someone who supports that, i'm okay with it. but yeah, democrats are going to live to regret this, mark my words. >> harris: i can't imagine republicans being too upset they are getting a huge fundraising haul from the other side, right? they are throwing their cash in. we'll watch what happens. leslie and lisa, always great to have you. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> harris: arrests in chicago have hit their lowest rate in more than two decades. arrests are down but the crime is surging and the morale among
8:40 am
the city's officers is hitting rock bottom. what's happening there? there are new concerns of suicides among those police officers. plus this. >> it is the mindset of the entire democratic party that's causing it. it starts with bail reform and goes into sentencing leniency. people around the city are rightly justified in feeling fear. >> harris: a tv crew member was shot and killed in new york city yesterday. mayor eric adams is saying some words now that are fueling the surge. he isn't but he knows what might be. fraternal order of police national vice president joe gamaldi in "focus" next. folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today.
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>> harris: more than 100 million people in america are under severe heat warnings or advisories. triple digit temperatures across several states. a similar heat wave is making global news bringing record heat and massive wildfires to the u.k. and other european countries. and this fact. at least 1700 people have already died in this heat wave there.
8:46 am
fox weather multimedia journalist robert rae is in austin, texas. robert. >> good morning. you know, 100 million people are under this excessive heat warning and 60 million in this part of the country, the southern plains, texas and the lower mississippi valley. it is unbelievable. very little precipitation in the past month and temperatures that are scorching the region in triple digits for weeks with no respite coming forward. look at that 10-day forecast for the city of austin, the capital of texas where i'm at now. triple digits, 100s, at night in the 70s. it gives a little relief. then we look at the drought monitor for the state of texas. my goodness. here is what jumped out to me, harris, a year ago about 5% of the state was in drought. well, now today almost 94% in drought. historic situation going on here as literally the area is
8:47 am
baking. farmers and ranchers trying to deal with this as best they can. they are concerned, as are the people in the metro areas, dallas scorching yesterday. oklahoma city breaking a record at 110 and houston and san antonio with the humidity. people need to be careful out there. we talked to a medical professional and here is her guidance. >> you are going to have, if you are weak or dizzy or nauseous, that's something to look for and go inside immediately. if your symptoms don't go away quickly and not cooling down seek medical attention. for heat stroke if you are losing consciousness, not sweating anymore that can be a symptom. >> serious stuff. people working the jobs need to be careful. you don't know when heat stroke will come over and collapse. big-time dangerous. folks here are going to grapple
8:48 am
with this for at least the next 10 days. no rain in sight whatsoever. not to mention what has happened over the past few days in london across the atlantic. 104 degrees yesterday. 40 degrees cells celsius. outbreaks of firefighters across london and the metro area battling those in homes and other structures. just 1 to 3% of people have a.c. over there. thankfully they are looking at much lower temples. >> harris: what percentage of people have air conditioning did you say? >> 1% to 3% of the people in the u.k. have a.c. they are just not used to that. the temperatures, the climate is much different. >> harris: i wondered why the death toll was so high. robert ray, thank you very much.
8:49 am
appreciate it. austin, texas reporting live for us. a gunman in new york city shot and killed a crew member for a television franchise law and order. the victim was reserving parking spaces ahead of filming early yesterday morning. also in new york a 14-year-old shot in the head, a 15-year-old shot in the leg, both yesterday afternoon. the younger teenager is struggling to stay alive. some wild video of a police officer on horse back chasing down a suspect who just committed a robbery in times square. just a few example of rising crime in new york city. he does an amazing job, this cop, by the way. major crime up 37% over last year at this time which includes robberies, burglaries, felony assaults and transit crime. mayor eric adams is going after
8:50 am
the criminal justice system. >> we have created an atmosphere in this city if not the country that people who commit these crimes are not being held accountable. it is taking too long to sentence them. while they're on our streets they continue to commit crimes and we have this catch, release, repeat mindset. we have to get that under control. >> harris: he has put on his 20/20 clear glasses to see the truth. joe gamaldi, refreshing words, i would say for some to hear out of the mayor's mouth. let's see what he can do. >> well, certainly refreshing to hear him say that. new york city is at the epicenter of the disaster that's the revolving door criminal justice system. robberies up 39%. rapes are up 11% and every single one of those statistics is a victim traumatized for life. you have woke politicians in
8:51 am
new york and across this nation who basically submitted citizens to a failed social experiment and it has been a complete disaster. they had no statistical data or studies to back it up. they just did it. they played with people's lives, harris, and they lost. and the perverse thing is they aren't reversing course and stopping these things. they also know that violent crime is disproportionately impacting our minority communities to the tune of 12 times the homicide rate with black americans compared to everyone else and they won't stop. i lay the pain and suffering and trauma of these victims and families directly at their feet and you will be damn sure the fop will make sure people won't forget who did this to them and we have to work together collectively to make sure it's never done to our communities again. >> harris: it would be great to get help from leadership. if the mayor from new york with the statistics that we put up
8:52 am
on the big wall as you were talking, if those persist, what actions will he take? just because he can see the plain facts that you can't miss on the screen doesn't mean he will change and go meet with those prosecutors and try to have some sort of word with them. yesterday prosecutors did drop murder charges against the bodega worker jose alba after he was attacked inside his store and stabbed and then stabbed the man to death who was there in self-defense. and while many activists are praising this decision by the d.a., the chairman of the latino advocates' group said this. >> it does open a pandora's box for our membership. we feel this is not florida. the laws don't protect our members and it showed us if we didn't come together, all the different latino leadership group and the republican city council caucus, we would have had a member in jail for 30
8:53 am
years. that didn't deserve to be in jail. >> harris: is he right? >> he is absolutely right. you know what i have to say? what the hell took so long. he never should have been charged in the first place. alvin bragg should have dropped the charges the next day if he was aware of it. what i want to receive from the mayor right now. i appreciate the fact he is saying all these things. how about calling for bragg's resignation. haven't we seen enough already? if he had a shred of integrity at all he would resign in disgrace for what he did to this man. he put he and his family through hell just because he defended himself in his own store. the girlfriend of the attacker actually stabbed mr. alba. has she been charged yet? no. if she was she would get a p.r. bond and be back out. it is disgusting what is going on in the criminal justice system where we elevate suspects over real victims. >> harris: what you say is right. it takes the mayor to make the move here.
8:54 am
they don't have a recall action here like california. according to the sun, arrests are at a record low. 12% of crimes saw arrests last year. that's the lowest since 2001. now that could be connected to the fact that anti-police rhetoric is crushing officer morale. chicago police reports three officer suicides in june alone. so you have more crime but fewer arrests. what is happening? >> you know a recent study from the national library of medicine said that police officers were 54% more likely to kill themselves than other professions. we've had 93 suicide this years. you know what the number one stressor was for police? staffing crisis. retirements are up 45% nationwide. resignations are up 20%. recruitment is in the tank. things are only getting worse
8:55 am
and take chicago. their applications are down 83%. you know what the solution was for chicago? let's work the officers to the bone. they won't give them a day off. so instead you have people that can't take a day off to spend time with their family. they don't have an opportunity to decompress and it created a horrible situation where morale is in the tank. officers are being constantly vilified and why arrest numbers are going down. >> harris: you get the last word here. thank you. "outnumbered" is next. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick? i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. (sighs) here, i'll take that. ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar. enter powered by protein challenge for a chance
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