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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 21, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm just -- i would say caution is what i should do and he should only do what he really feels like doing. remember, it is important to get plenty of fluids and have proper knew -- nutrition. i would be cautious. >> bill: thank you for your expertise. thank you for coming on. one last thing here the symptoms started yesterday so that was wednesday. did not anticipate that breaking news. great to be with you. harris will continue our coverage now. here is the "the faulkner focus". >> harris: thank you, bill and sandra. breaking news on the president of the united states. our continuing coverage. president biden has tested positive for covid. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". the white house said he is experiencing what they call mild symptoms. he is now in isolation. the president has referenced his health during his recent
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visit to jerusalem. let's watch. >> president biden: i was making a speech and i had a terrible headache. excuse me, a terrible headache, and -- sorry. i had a terrible headache. this was years ago. i did a very stupid thing. >> harris: so again, the president struggling a bit there. the white house doctors announced they do not believe his symptoms from covid began before yesterday. that was last friday what we showed you. just for perspective. and yesterday he traveled to massachusetts where he
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announced executive action on climate change. jacqui heinrich is live at the white house. jacqui, all of that recent travel and exposure and also questions about who got exposed to him now that the white house hopefully can answer questions when they talk with the nation live from the white house press briefing room coming up later. >> that's right. we'll hear from the press secretary and also the white house doctor this afternoon. we weren't slated to have a briefing today. the president was slated to go to pennsylvania to talk about crime and guns. of course it's not happening now and we'll hear more later on. we don't know where the president picked it up. it could have been anywhere. he just got back from a trip to saudi arabia and israel on sunday. he went to massachusetts yesterday. he was talking about climate and plans today going to pennsylvania are scrapped and he was going to spend the weekend at his home in delaware and travel to florida on monday
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to talk to the black law enforcement officers group and then also a dnc rally. all of those plans are scrapped. we do know, though, that the president went to bed last night after his travel to massachusetts feeling just fine. but he didn't sleep well and woke up this morning with mild symptoms. he was tired, had a runny nose and dry cough and tested positive this morning. he is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice and isolating at the white house carrying out his duties fully by phone and by zoom within the residence and plans to stay in isolation until he tests negative which is significant. this can take a while. even after symptoms subside as we've seen with this virus over the course over the last couple of years, when you test negative is a question mark. the plan now is he will stay in isolation until he gets a negative test. he is taking paxlovid which
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often helps people text negative sooner. the white house says we will be getting daily updates. for the longest time, harris, we would often ask the press secretary when was the last time the president was tested. when jen psaki we would get an answer right away or if she didn't have it immediately in front of you we'll get it later on or maybe the next day. that changed a couple of weeks ago in june with little explanation. i want to play some sound from that briefing. >> in the past you guys have told us the data, the most recent test. >> right now he has a regular cadence. i don't have a date to share with you. >> as soon as you find out. >> he does have a weekly cadence. i don't have the date he was last tested. >> you will share it with us? >> i'm saying he has a weekly
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cadence. >> the first lady said she spoke with the president this morning. she said that he is doing fine. she tested negative today. she is in detroit and plans to keep her full schedule of events. the president's travel is, as i mentioned before, scrapped now. not going to pennsylvania longer to talk about guns or wilmington tomorrow and through the weekend to spend the weekend at his home there and tampa and orlando are off the books also. we don't know where it picked it up. we hope, as you would with anyone dealing with the virus that he gets better soon and continue to update you when we learn more about his condition. >> harris: thank you very much. we'll continue to look into this. i've asked if we could speak again later in the program with dr. siegel and here is why. just a few days ago dr. fauci who we know recently was fighting off covid as well had been talking with people. he gave several interviews and he went into detail about what
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he calls paxlovid rebound and talking with pfizer to find out how often that has happened. it can occur after taking the antiviral medication to recover from covid. the symptoms he had after completing that treatment then came back. he said i finished five days of paxlovid and reverted to negative and tested three days in a row. on the fourth day i tested myself again and reverted back to positive. we know that is one of the medications the president is given. there is no doctor that we know any better in this country in terms of how often we see them than dr. fauci. what is this paxlovid rebound and what are they giving the president of the united states? we'll get into it with dr. marc siegel. a lot of news going on. i want to move on to this now. americans are feeling the crime crisis from coast to coast like never before. president biden looks to be trying to rebrand and repackage
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his initiatives on the issue. we just learned from jacqui heinrich will be work in isolation via zoom and digital. maybe it will be one of the things he is working on. he was supposed to travel to pennsylvania today to announce his $37 billion safer america plan. this, of course, before that positive covid test. and in that plan the white house is using noticeably new language. listen. it calls for more funds for police, a crackdown on drug dealers, and a police hiring push. a stark contrast to progressive democratic calls to defund the police. some very frightening police video outside of salt lake city to look at now. >> open your arms. open them up. >> get out of the car.
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>> harris: a toddler opening fire at police officers outside a mcdonalds drive through. his dad charged with child abuse after police say he told the 4-year-old little boy to shoot at the officers who were arresting him. and then this in oakland, california. two gunmen went after an uber driver in an attempted carjacking. the uber driver is dead. he was a young man, an immigrant from hong kong. his girlfriend says he was working two jobs to live the american dream. republican senator john thune of the great state of south dakota who currently serves as minority whip is in "focus" now. senator, when you look at those
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videos they are a heart punch to all of us. as a lawmaker and leader, you must see it through the eyes of what do we need to do to fix this? >> for sure. as you noted earlier, we wish the president well and i think we all hope for a quick and full recovery for him. and in the meantime there are a lot of issues that we need to deal with in this country, one of which is the violence and crime we see in a lot of our cities. you know, the democrats defund the police rhetoric is reaping bad results out there. a lot of things are happening in our cities today. the president is trying to focus on that. that would be the focus of his visit today. but the fact of the matter is that the way that we restore, i think, respect for law enforcement in this country is having our elected leaders not
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talking about defunding them or badmouthing them and not denigrating the work they do. that is something that has to change. if you continue to see the attacks that are made on law enforcement officials in this country, it is going to encourage more of that and discourage law enforcement officials from staying in their jobs and obviously when you are allowing crime to run wild and essentially preventing law enforcement officers from doing the job that we want them to do, these are the kind of results you are going to get. >> harris: senator, what do you make of the new language in the safer america plan that biden was supposed to roll out today in pennsylvania? it speaks of funding police. it speaks of hiring police. it is very late in the game as many of them have a higher rate of suicide and they are just details some like what you just mentioned for their leaving. >> i think this is a major problem and a clear shift. i think the administration has
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recognized that damage that some of the rhetoric on the left is doing. when you have elected officials and political leaders in this country badmouthing law enforcement officers and the job that they do, this is what you reap. so it seems to me this is trying to head off what i think the left has done in a lot of our communities, created the conditions that are leading to a lot of the violence and crime against law enforcement and other citizens. >> harris: let's pray it is not too late. everything comes back to politics on the hill 111 days away from mid-term elections. we'll have to see what it does to people and their thoughts about democrats and where we are right now with crime. all right. let's move to this. president biden yesterday issued a stark warning on climate change basically it's code red for insanity. but he stopped short of the
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formal energy declaration some of his party wanted announcing executive actions on the so-called code red. >> president biden: it is a clear and present danger. the health of our citizens and communities literally at stake. leading international climate scientists call the new report a code red for humanity. let me say it again. code red for humanity. >> harris: critics are calling out the president saying inflation is actually where we should be sounding the alarm. we'll watch this. >> the emergency is american families who are struggling already paying way too much at the pump, when they go to the grocery store for all of the high prices that are caused by what joe biden has already done all under the name of global warning and climate change and green new deal. >> harris: today a new poll
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puts the president's approval rating at an all-time low. 31%. senator thune, your top line thoughts. >> first off, what he should be declaring is an energy emergency because nas what we have in the country. the president and his policies have crushed energy development in this country. we need to get our energy produces back into the game producing american energy and making america energy independent and the president's policies have led us to where now we're asking other countries to ship the liquid fuels to power our economy. the reason his poll numbers are where they are is the american people get this. they understand clearly notwithstanding the president's attempts to blame putin or somebody else, this really is the result -- direct result of policies decisions he and his administration have made. they need to change course if they want to change his numbers. ultimately you talked about the election coming up in november.
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that is what will be on the hearts and minds of the american people. not the things that they're trying climate and other issues that people aren't talking about. what they are talking about is inflation, and the $9,000 per year more it is costing the average family in this country too keep up with their daily needs and requirements. that's -- those are the pocketbook issues the election november will be about and i think that the president obviously is on defense a lot these days and shifting trying to find something that will stick, trying to change the subject. as far as the american people are concerned, that's the subject. >> harris: $9,000 extra that people have to come up with this just live the life they had last year. that's amazing. senator thune, thank you very much for the details in that and your perspective and time. >> thanks. >> harris: nearly a month after the roe v. wade reversal, protestors are still outside
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the homes of u.s. supreme court justices and now they are going after the neighbors and their kids and then there is this. >> it's performance over policy. the democratic party did nothing and now it comes down to stunt like this. >> harris: democrats getting called out on handcuff gate it is being called as we learn more about who is pulling the strings behind the scenes for all the performances that we're seeing. brian kilmeade will join me next. dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty?
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>> harris: brian kilmeade about to go in "focus" to weigh in on this. the fake handcuff saga
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continues. far left democrats arrested outside the u.s. supreme court some now defending their actions. congresswoman carolyn maloney is fundraising and boasting about it. >> there is no democracy unless we can make decisions over our own bodies including healthcare and reproductive healthcare. 33 million american women are about to lose those rights or already have lost those rights. the least that we can do is put our own bodies on the line to protest what is happening. >> harris: well, the incident sparked a twitter battle between lawmakers. republican nancy mays called out theatrics. ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman from new york says no faking here. now we're learning who set up the whole drama. a "washington examiner" headline read this way. aoc and ilhan omar coordinated
8:22 am
supreme court arrest stunt with soros dark money group. brian kilmeade. your reaction. >> my reaction is this. sometimes people overuse soros, he is behind so much of what is going on with our broken border and criminal justice system, with the d.a.s who are woke and willing to get tossed out of their jobs and humiliated and chesa boudin is talking about a comeback in order to give somebody else's agenda. what happens is what he has been doing is funding situations that really have no competition. not many people are pouring money into the d.a. situation or trying to foster the breaking of our border. it's not like you go to the presidency where everyone puts millions of dollars. i'll add this. it doesn't surprise me he is
8:23 am
behind it but i don't think it's wise. america was ready for the overturn of roe v. wade months ago. it will be an issue. it has been m place since 1973. out of nowhere he sends squad members famous only in their own world because of the things they say and gets them arrested. guess what the story is in we aren't talking about roe v. wade. we're talking about them pretending to be arrested. to me it's not well executed, mr. soros. use different actors and actresss. >> harris: it's bring your own cuffs. part of the performance that people are talking about when they arrested these women and the ratio that flew on twitter against them. aoc is faking she has handcuffs.
8:24 am
she waved her fists. she is not really being carted off in cuffs. none of them were. you can see them faking this. she says nothing fake here. all of it was fake. now that we know it was paid for, it was fake, it was expensive, and as you just pointed out probably pretty ineffective. not for them or for their twitter feeds. it furthered their cause. you talked about chesa boudin and some of the d.a.s who live in states where they can be recalled. the audacity of them after the recall. boudin recalled and trying to run again. here in new york you can't do anything about alvin bragg. there are places in this country where people are stuck with the liberal d.a.s. really, how much money are we talking from soros? how long will it go on? >> until the american people and the democratic party and independents know they won't
8:25 am
tolerate it anymore and a lot to do with the mid-term elections. the big picture is what you pride your career on, it is not just about the d.a.s or roe v. wade, not just about the 1619 project or just about the border. it is about all those things. what do they have in common along with the new green deal agenda? they're anti-american and make us weaker. you put 4 million people who know nothing about the country more than likely and you put them into the system already overtaxed it hurts. when you look at our foundation and you want to unearth us from the roots and tell everyone we're built on clay and that's what they try to do with the 1619 project. when you talk about ripping apart our society. it is law and order. it seems to be an organized orchestrated plan to take america out from within because nobody has a shot from taking us out from the outside.
8:26 am
we believed that even before we were the economic and military super power. this is decades in the making and coming to head now unless we realize it is a five-alarm fire. >> harris: what is the opposite of where we are now? the pendulum will come back we don't know what it will look like after mid-term elections. not a poll out there that shows the democrats won't lose some seats. it happens with every presidency at mid-term. but what will it look like after and what are republicans really prepared to do right now? >> i haven't seen any scenario where they don't win the house. match-ups make fights in sportsz and senate races. you can't say this is where the public is. it is senator kelly, who will he go up against and can herschel walker step up to the
8:27 am
moment and can you pull off a win in nevada? when it comes to the state they'll see who is better. how hard do the candidates want to go to school to learn the issues and how good are they to sell their cause on the stump? the democrats are making it easier by the day an pure performance. it is not so much right or left, it is right and wrong. >> harris: thank you so much. we got to simulcast your show and mine. fun. great to have you in "focus." i got to be on the brian kilmeade show for a few minutes. >> you didn't have to change outfits. >> harris: thank you. the federal investigation into hunter biden has reached a critical stage now. will he face charges over those shady business dealings? plus president biden's testing positive for covid-19 and the white house says his symptoms
8:28 am
are mild and taking a drug called paxlovid that they're giving people now. there will be a 2:00 p.m. eastern news conference on this. i'll get into it with that and more on dr. marc siegel. there is news next.
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(vo) red lobster's seafood summerfest is fire! to win big. turn up for the grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon trio ...and our hottest summer duo, steak and lobster! it's lit! don't miss red lobster's seafood summerfest. >> the border is secure, the border we are working to make the border more secure. that has been a historic challenge. safe and secure are two different words. there are smugglers that operate on the mexican side of the border and placing one's life in their hands is not safe. >> harris: so safe and secure are two different words. why can't we as the greatest country on the planet have both? that's the administration's take on the border despite the
8:34 am
historic surge of illegal crossings. border patrol encounters more than 200,000 illegal immigrants for the fourth month in a row. multiple border agents also pushing back on the secretary's claims calling them bogus and bold faced lies in their words. matt finn is live for us at southern border in eagle pass, texas. matt. >> over the past week or so our crew has been right here at the u.s./mexico border and we have personally seen 1,000 plus migrants walk right into this country in a short time frame and also done multiple overnight ride alongs with troopers and our crews saw multiple busts. one single car with a gun and drugs. texas ranchers tell us firsthand this town of eagle pass does not feel safe or secure. they are filled with fear and anxiety as migrants, strangers trespass outside their homes at
8:35 am
night sometimes breaking and entering. an alarmed rancher called to police saying he spotted a person if his pond and resulted in a manhunt. a delegation of republican senators visited the borders last week. they talked about rape trees. the texas department of health -- they taunt and intimidate enemies. eagle pass disputes secretary mayorkas's claim that her town and border are secure. she is asking for the president and the biden administration to come to the border in person. >> nobody from washington has come down here to see what is actually going on here. so they are talking about things that they might see on tv but not living it like we are, you know? >> bill: no one has been to eagle pass to see this.
8:36 am
>> and texas dps tells us the large groups most of them are coming for a better life but the hundreds of thousands of gotaways that are avoiding law enforcement. those are the people to be concerned about. harris. >> harris: wow. when you talk about how they are marking territory with women's underwear, we have seen this with gangs and cartels down by the border in arizona where they will take the tennis shoes of the people they brutalized and hang them from street signs on the american side. what you describe is so much pain. all right, matt finn, great reporting, thank you very much. let's get to this. turning the heat up on hunter. we could soon know if president biden's son will face criminal charges. sources telling fox news the investigation has now reached a critical stage. the source revealed the d.o.j.
8:37 am
is considering whether to charge the president's son with various tax crimes and possibly foreign lobbying violations. in "focus" now jason chaffetz, former republican congressman of utah. great to see you. what could penalties look like criminally for hunter biden? >> it is the whole range, the whole mix. if you have tax violations you have problems with the i.r.s. you have potential gun charges, you have federal lobbying charges but harris that pales in comparison to the potential conspiracy ties with the president of the united states. how did hunter biden engage in this and how did he get these contracts? we know for a fact he was flying on air force 2. he was going with his father. the people that are involved in this are in some of the pictures we see with the president. we have the emails and text messages, we now have a voicemail. we have all sorts of evidence. this is why i think there has
8:38 am
to be a special prosecutor. there should have been one put in place a long, long time ago. if they come out with something short of a conspiracy charge, if it's simply hey, there were some tax violations or illegal lobbying, it would be -- with who? the president of the united states. there is a lot of questions and they have got to wrap this up. it has gone on for years and no reason why they can't finish this up. >> harris: oversight you are used to seeing things carried through to the end because it's the american taxpayers' money and so on and so forth. you were chairman of that committee on the hill. what does it look like? will there be attempts to show connective tissue between what was going on with hunter and
8:39 am
how exposed we could be again the connection with him and his dad? >> the national security implications are massive. that's how the laptop came to be. the person who was supposed to be fixing the computer was concerned about all the national security information that was on there, the classified information that was on that computer that should never have been on hunter biden's computer. that was a big issue. but again, you have the president of the united states, i think, my personal opinion, lying to the american people saying he never had a conversation. now, politicians can lie on camera but that's not against the law. but you have to follow the money. that's where you have to follow the money. to suggest that the money was not flowing, it was flowing by the millions of dollars to the biden family. >> harris: jason chaffetz, thank you. appreciate you being in "focus." >> thank you. >> harris: i want to talk a little bit about this number one drug that they are giving
8:40 am
the president of the united states now that he has tested positive today for covid. it is the breaking news that we started the top of the hour with and i want to hear now from dr. siegel. we will all hear from the white house at 2:00 p.m. eastern. they weren't scheduled fo briefing but they will have one now along with the doctor who is treating the president. biden is being given the same antiviral drug that dr. fauci was treated with during his recent bout with covid. that drug is called paxlovid. dr. fauci also says his covid rebounded after taking that medication. dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor, professor of medicine. you have been helping us along with the breaking news. i dug deeper. dr. fauci said in his case his symptoms got worse when they returned after being treated with the first round from paxlovid. on the next day or so i started
8:41 am
to feel really poorly. much worse than in the first go around. why? >> well, this is interesting. we're digging deep, you and me. i think there are a couple of explanations for this, one of which -- fauci gave to me. the reaction of the symptoms is delayed because it doesn't see the virus. another explanation is paxlovid is not perfect and doesn't get all of the virus. how does it work? it prevents the virus from reproducing and spreading further cell to cell. a great drug like the drugs we use for h.i.v. it can wear off. may not get enough and the immune system can take a while to respond. the need in dr. fauci's and many of my patients' cases for
8:42 am
a second round. i think it works. >> harris: quickly, fauci says i went back on paxlovid and now i'm on my fourth day of a five day course of a second course of paxlovid. i'm not completely without symptoms but i don't feel acutely ill. what we saw with the vaccine. not going to keep you from getting covid and you might have to get booster after booster. quickly on where you think we are. we aren't even hearing from the cdc. they aren't telling us what the fall will be like, doctor. we have questions and i would think by now they have to have some answers. >> this is where we are. what we see with the president. mild symptoms. had four shots. now getting paxlovid and still gets sick. has fatigue. he probably shouldn't be working but the chances are he stays out of the hospital. where we are this fall harris, we don't have the second generation vaccines we need.
8:43 am
we don't have the updated vaccines we need for this particular sub variant. >> harris: why? >> it has been too delayed. production has been too delayed. when the drug companies told us we can reengineer it in 3 to 4 weeks? it is more like 5 to 6 months and no excuse. the money trail has dried up to some extent. we'll have next year better vaccines that work against more sub variants. in the meantime, this vaccine still decreases your risk of getting severely ill and it is very important. paxlovid is a big help. >> harris: dr. siegel to break it all down. we wish the leader of our country the very best health. the white house is dumping millions into a school lunch study on equity. critics say it is just more woke politics and a waste of our money. plus it looks like president biden is pushing away voters from his own party.
8:44 am
>> they are not catering to the working class folks of the country. >> the democrats haven't shown an answer to correct or fix anything. >> harris: the key demographic that could propel a red wave in november and just how much they disapprove of president biden. s, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours without worrying if it's too late or where you are unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u learn how abbvie could help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire.
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>> harris: hispanic voters seem to be abandoning president biden. a new poll shows 70% saying they disapprove of the president's job. a dismal 19% approve of the job he is doing. could be just another sign of a red wave in november and hispanic voters have told fox news the democratic party has long woohed them with rhetoric and hand-outs but they say it is not enough. >> people go by the economy. when your pocket is hurting, you wake up from whatever belief you have and it is hurting the democratic party. >> the policies that pushed them more to a socialist agenda have gotten hispanics to change and lean more right.
8:50 am
>> these people have lost their minds. i don't see how anyone can vote for these people to stay in power. >> harris: power panel now david avella and richard fowler fox news contributor. richard, there is a constant drumbeat now. voters are talking directly to dream congratulate leaders. will they listen and what does it look like in the next 110 days or so? >> i think that will be a good question. no question the president's approval rating very low. if you look at the congressional ballot, it is a tied race. this has everything to do with the fact what you heard the voters say. the loudest voices in the democrat party are on the far left. the loudest voices in the republican party are far right. the maryland governor's race a candidate to the right of larry hogan was elected. voters in the middle are looking for which party serve us best and they are saying
8:51 am
neither. it's anybody's guess. >> harris: that's a transparent answer. i thought you might have an idea how to go after the people. if you don't have it as a strategist i'm worried about other democrats. what's the republican take on this? what we're hearing from hispanic voters we talked with, david, is that they don't like that superficial courting. there is an opportunity here. >> we have a full and complete -- [inaudible] what you are hearing from hispanic voters is they have realized if the democrats are willing to lie to them about one thing they'll lie to them about everything. it is why you now see almost a 20-point swing for republicans to our favor amongst hispanic voters, which takes away a huge block of the democratic base. why you see in these republican primaries you see republicans
8:52 am
are up 26% in turnout while democrats are down 4% in their turnout. it all leads to an election where republicans have a great opportunity to cement a generational majority if we share with folks two or three ideas how we will turn away from the disastrous policies of the biden administration. whether it's focusing on a few economic ideas or certainly focusing on a few ideas to help keep americans safe as we see rogue prosecutors not enforcing the law and making us all unsafe. >> harris: what's interesting, too, and we'll move on, when you look at flores in texas and flipping that 100-year old blue seat red. it isn't just what the democrats can do to try to save themselves. also the candidates they will have to go up against. richard, maybe you think they are too far one direction or
8:53 am
not on the other side of the political aisle but that was a really interesting race to watch. new polling now just on the economy, just on that alone, all-time low for president biden. inflation is by far the most important issue for voters at 34%. but the total economy look at this, 28% believe he is doing a decent job. it has eclipsed all other issues. the only other issue to reach double digits is gun violence at 12%. you see a fakeness within your party as aoc had her arms fake behind her back over abortion. that's not what may be driving people on your side of the aisle to vote this fall. are you in trouble, richard fowler? >> i think it goes far beyond partisanship here. when you think about gun violence and issues of abortion
8:54 am
and the recent made by house democrats to pass a bill to codify same-sex marriage and 47 republicans voted for it and likely to pass the united states senate with 10 republicans joining democrats to do that. you see there is shifting sands when it comes to many of the issues that both millennial voerts and generation z voters care about. they also care about other issues besides pocketbook. how does the democratic party thread the needle between the economics as well as abortion is a big issue to democrats, gun violence is big issue to democrats and overturned roe v. wade. >> ultimately want to talk about the issue at hand, the economics and ultimately what democrats will do is double down on bad now they are talking about can they get joe manchin to a compromise of a smaller version of the terrible build back better which will
8:55 am
only make it harder. yet they will stay blame vladimir putin for the bad economic times that we have. it's a terrible message for the democratic party so they'll talk about anything else. >> harris: great to see you. richard is not done yet but the show is over. i'll bring you back. thank you both. thanks for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next. for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years.
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