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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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what is hillary clinton trying to tell us? the world's angriest chipmunk, what is she telling us? we think we know. she's running again! and if she does, she has our full support. hillary clinton, 2024, bring it on, baby! we will be back tomorrow night, have the best met with the ones you love. sean hannity right now. >> sean: wait a minute, you said the other night you wanted kamala to run and you were supporting her candidacy. >> sean: together ! >> tucker: are not sexist, i'll take them both. >> sean: you got them both. maybe one is vice president. perfect ticket. thank you, and welcome tonight to "hannity." one year ago tonight president biden assured this country, every american, that if they get vaccinated and they get their booster, they are not going to get covid, you won't get it. now the double vaxxed, double boosted president biden has just tested positive for covid-19. i guess so much for joe biden and dr. fauci's science. now, of course, we do very
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sincerely wish 79-year-old commander in chief a very quick recovery. this is not a good disease. i've seen the worst of it, we wish him the best. coming up, dr. jackson, dr. safire, they will join us with analysis. the great one mark levin is here tonight. but first we begin with a january 6th committee. their big dramatic prime time grand finale playing out on capitol hill. soon the latest obsessive partisan anti-trump smear will come to a prophetic end, at least for now. they will probably try a few more hearings before it's all said and done. unsurprisingly, they did not establish a criminal case or reveal new damning evidence against president trump as they have promised that they would. a perfect example of people overpromising, not delivering. kind of like the trump/russia collusion hoax. remember adam schiff said with got all the evidence and we are proving there was real collusion. the only one that was caught on tape polluting where the russian prankster was adam schiff, what is the nature of the
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confirmation materials. compromising material, pictures of naked trump. did blood and receive them? of course -- remember that one? that was adam schiff. here's what the committee perfectly -- purse we won't do a total rehash tonight. they didn't attempt to interview speaker pelosi. she's the person in charge of security of the capital. chuck schumer, the d.c. mayor, mayor bowser, who preemptively said she didn't want the guard, and the capitol police chief who himself at first didn't want the guard, but then after a new assessment came in terms of security, reports he was begging for the national guard for days. we should have been listening to him. why? to make sure this never happens again. it's really that simple. they only interviewed the house sergeant of arms behind closed doors, they will not release the full transcript everyone. i think they should be transparent and release all the
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transcripts. remember, these were the very key people who were ultimately in charge of security in and around the capital. they were all off limits according to the chairman bennie thompson. instead the committee brought in in some cases hearsay witnesses, but only evidence that fit what we said from the beginning was their predetermined outcome in order is always to bash, smear, slander, besmirch donald trump yet again. of course the committee didn't attempt to corroborate some of these hearsay allegations with first-hand accounts or hard evidence. i wish they would buried the country does have a right to know. for example, hearsay testimony was given that donald trump tried to commandeer the beast, as they call it, the limousine the president is in, as a hearsay witness claimed or not. is it true or not? secret service, according to the press reports disputes the testimony. why not call them and? why not get signed affidavits under oath? for example, did cassidy hutchinson right in her own handwriting as she testified to
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a note to mark meadows, or to the president's attorney write it? they both claimed to have written the same note. pretty simple to ascertain, bring in a handwriting expert, see which person's handwriting it is. instead, the committee, you know, they ended up playing a lot of slice and dice videos. i think they should release them all, edited together to make donald trump look as bad as possible. they never played the part of the president's speech when he told supporters, many of you know will peacefully and patriotically marched in the capital so your voices will be heard. they didn't play that part of the speech. they never made one mention of president trump's meetings in the days leading up to january 6, which we have discussed in detail before. they will need to rehash it all. but there are questions about why mayor bowser wasn't called, nancy pelosi wasn't called, chuck schumer, we had testimony from some people that were saying his office had been given a serious threat assessment in the days leading up to the
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sixth. and again, what responsibility do they have to secure the capital? take a look at your screen. a few days before the rally, mayor bowser even sent a preemptive letter rejecting national guard assistance at the capital. was there any threat assessment to back that up? why did she do that? why didn't they listen to the capitol police chief after a new assessment came out a couple of days leading up to the sixth? he was pleading for the national guard, or is this just blame donald trump? nobody else has any blame, any responsibility in this. so the kangaroo court going on right now, never tried to get answers to really important questions. why are they important? they are important because we need to protect our institutions. they are important because we need to protect our elected officials. committees like this to be bipartisan for a reason, so this way we can learn from mistakes in the past and protect people in the future. but if your goal is political,
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if your goal is to smear one particular party or one particular person, in this case donald trump, one more time, you're not going to get the answers that will solve the problems that led up to this. if that's why republicans were not allowed to have a say on who could join the committee. in fact, every single member of the committee was a devout trump-hater who already voted to impeach donald trump. how credible is that? you're supposed to accept that this is some kind of nonpartisan, very important, very historic hearing that deserves to be televised in full night after night, day after day after day when it's really just a cheap selective political ad. release the transcripts, release the videotapes, and let me be clear, because i said this on january 6 on real time on my radio show. i said it that night on this tv program. we must secure the capital. with got to protect our institutions. we've got to protect every
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elected official, anybody that works in government, and frankly, we should be protecting every town and every city in this country. we need law and order, which is why we should also have a committee on the 574 riots in the summer of 2020. we will get to that in a second. we need a better perimeter around the capital. you know, these are things that would have come out of a bipartisan committee. i would build fences, i would build walls, i would use cement barricades, you need a perimeter. and by the way, for any big event going on, any marching at the capital, you need national guard support moving forward so that something like january 6th never happens again. elected officials and institutions always be protected. riots are never okay. this rise, the summer of 2020, 574 riots, none of it's okay. it's not okay at the capitol building, it's not okay in kenosha, wisconsin, if not okay burning down police precincts in minneapolis or attacking
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courthouses or places of business in portland. there was no such thing as a summer of love chaz chop autonomous old that was safe. we know people that died in that zone. but democrats seem to want to only pick and choose which rights they approve on based on whether they can politicize it. that's why there's absolutely no committee looking into the summer of 2020 writing. remember, one fake news cnn reporter referred to it -- look at the background. look at what it says there. mostly peaceful protests after police shooting. the city is ablaze behind the reporter. fiery but peaceful. that's one way to put it. mostly peaceful, i don't think so. this was a nation wide wave of arson of looting, mayhem, dozens of americans were dead, hundreds of businesses burned to the ground, billions of property damage. thousands of police officers pelted with rocks and bottles
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and molotov cocktails and worse. thousands injured. in general, where's the investigation into this? not only did kamala harris not condemn these riots, but she selectively then promoted a bail fund to get violent agitators out of jail. in fact, she even praised their efforts, told everyone you be where, take note. they are not going to stop, they shouldn't stop, we are not going to stop. really? now she is vice president? what was she supporting? take a look. >> they are not going to stop. this is a movement among telling you. they're not going to stop. and everyone beware, because they are not going to stop, they're not going to stop before election day in november and they are not going to stop after election day. and that should be -- everyone should take note of that on both levels. they are not going to let up, and they should not. we should not. >> sean: fair question or not, where is committee investigating
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her support, or comments of the riots, the insurrection in the summer of 2020? sadly, kamala is not the only democrat who has called for political violence. take a look for yourself. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> but i like to debate this gentleman. and i said no, i said if we were in high school it would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> you've got to be ready to take up arms and you've got to be ready to throw a punch. >> you get out -- and you tell them they are not welcome! >> i want to tell you, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price! >> get up in the face of some congresspeople. >> it does you any good running away from donald trump, i think you need to go back and punch him in the face. >> she says that when they go
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low, we go high. no. no. when they go low, we kicked them. >> sean: they go low, we kick them. chuck schumer directly for threatening them on the u.s. supreme court steps. you won't know what hit you, you will pay the price. wow. what a reasonable person tell you that his threat was worse than so many other statements encouraging wiccan the case of donald trump to peacefully, patriotically march to the capital so your voices are heard? recently, a man armed with a gun and a knife showed up at justice kavanaugh's front door with plans to assassinate him. there's no congressional hearing into chuck schumer, and think about it. chuck schumer called for justices who are appointed as a coequal branch of government for life to "pay the price." you know, why we have laws on the books, 18 usc, 1507, that
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prevent people from intimidating and harassing justices, court officers, jurists, in their residences or at their place of work and get nothing, nobody talks about stopping the protesting in these neighborhoods with these supreme court justices. there are no crocodile tears for adam kinzinger, no lecture from liz cheney, the congenital liar adam schiff, ultimately the american people see this for what it is, a one-sided political smear that does nothing to improve our lives, even security of the capitol. i would set up the perimeter. keep the capital safe. in the end, they are doing a huge disservice to our country to everyone who genuinely rejects all violence and all rioting. if they are a disservice to the country by not looking into the summer of 2020, preventing that from ever happening again, protecting police officers from being pelted with bricks,
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bottles, rocks, molotov cocktails, protecting businesses from being burned to the ground. police precincts being burned to the ground. these are all things we can do to protect safety and security of every american so they can pursue happiness. here with reaction from a former senior advisor to president trump, stephen miller, along with a republican barred from the committee, congress and jim banks. am i missing anything here? >> not at all. the verdict is income of the january 6 committee is a complete dud. remember this was all about blocking republicans from winning back the house majority in keeping donald trump's name off the ballot when he runs again in 2024. they're going to end up spending over $10 million. they've interviewed over a thousand people, they have 100,000 documents in their possession, most of which that they are not willing to make public, and this is the best that they can do, this hearing tonight, the capstone event, the prime time hearing, this is the best that they can do. they haven't proven anything.
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if they've done anything, they've exonerated president donald trump and republicans who supported him. at the end of the day too, we've got nancy pelosi doing insider stock training, you got hunter biden's legal issues. this film crew for stephen colbert coming to the capital. the biden doj is supposed to be color-blind. instead they view everything through the political prism of ideology, of those on the right and left. it's a two-tier system of justice. >> sean: that's what i fear more than anything else. stephen miller, i mean, looking for example, three years, russia lies, conspiracy theories, a hoax. nobody was really held accountable. you have on top of a fisa application that's is verified and we learn that at least according to andrew mccabe, that there wouldn't have been a warrant granted if it were not for the dirty disinformation dossier from russia that hillary paid for, and yet that was used
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for four separate warrants and even after they knew beyond any doubt that it was unverifiable, they still continued to use it. nobody is held accountable there. no predawn rates, guns drawn, cnn fake news cameras. i really worry about equal justice in this country. i don't think it exists. >> no, equal justice is dead in this country right now. what we have is third world justice. donald trump has been the victim for six years now of unrelenting, phony investigations, persecutions, witch hunts, partisan attacks, from congress, from the doj, from the fbi, from the deep state, from the democrats, from new york state. it never ends. it goes on and on and on while our cities are besieged in crime we have actual murderers, actual gang members killing people in cold blood in broad daylight, but who do they want to go
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after? donald trump. and why? because he's the greatest change agent ever to sit in the oval office. he brought back our jobs, our borders, our safety, our energy, our military, our dignity, our pride. and for that, they can never forgive him. that's when they're going after him. >> sean: westward, congressman. >> stephen said it well. remember, this committee never got to the key questions. the questions that jim jordan would have asked, why the capital wasn't secure on januare national guard was delayed. why the capitol police were half staffed on january 6th, the breakdown of intelligence, how it was gathered and disseminated to capitol police officers. they never got to any of that. all of that was necessary to ensuring that something was january 6th would never happen again. you never heard them talk about that in any of these hearings. there's a big reason why. it's because it distracts from the political narrative. spirit all right, thank you. while democrats continue to obsessively smear donald trump,
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well, biden is steering this country right off a cliff. here now with more of the author of "not my first rodeo," south dakota governor kristi noem. governor, what is so frustrating to me, and i know, for example on my radio show, i have 700 stations, i'm talking to people all over the country, is that we could have prevented the disaster at the border. we shouldn't be aiding and abetting lawbreaking. we have immigration laws. they are not being upheld. as a matter fact, the administration is offering preferential treatment for people entering the country illegally. we get rid of energy independence, something we achieved for the first time in 75 years, shouldn't shock anyone. we have a 41 year inflation high and record high gas prices. all of this to me is preventable. so where do we go from here considering i don't think this party is going to change for this president is going to change. >> your exactly right, sean. and that's what is so challenging for the people in my
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state and across this country. we are facing a situation soon or president biden's approval ratings are going to be even lower than the inflation rate. people are really struggling out there with high energy costs, high food costs. they recognize all these illegal immigrants are coming into the country, that the border is not being enforced, that it's not secure, jeopardizing our national security. they aren't talking about what all the other networks are running today. they are talking but how do get through the next six months until we get a new majority in house that stops a lot of these bad policies. how do we make sure that we're going to be able to meet our budget. how do we make sure we are going to continue to thrive and pursue the american dream. here in south dakota people are doing great. with that record income increases the last three years, in fact the highest in the nation. our record-setting revenues that are coming in, our economy is booming, but that's just not the story across the country, and with biden attacking our very way of life, it's going to be a full-time job for everybody to try to protect our way of life.
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>> sean: i'm looking at every big city, and most cities that have been run by liberal democrats, most states, deep blue, run by liberal democrats for decades, and you see from 2020 to 2021, and now continuing into 2022. record murder, crime, larceny, you name it, and it seems like the chaos is being won over. you know, defunding, dismantling, no bail, it's not worked out well for the cities. where's the person on the democratic side that says you know what, maybe it sounded good on paper, but it's not working out in reality and innocent people are getting hurt and we need to protect the people in our state and our city and our town? >> yeah, they are not having honest conversation, are they? especially when president biden ran on being a unifier. if they've done the exact opposite. it's gotten worse in democrat-run cities and that's why they're moving to our
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states. we have the second-highest inbound migration in the country. i know south dakota is beautiful and our people are fantastic, but that's the first time we've seen that kind of movement of people picking up from california, new york city, detroit, chicago, they are coming to south dakota because they want to live somewhere where the leaders respect the law. where we still of america -- >> sean: don't let them bring about politics with them. if they are going to move to another state to escape the horrific taxes and regulation and high crime, let's hope they change their political affiliation in some cases. but you're making a good point. there is a migration towards tennessee, the carolinas, south dakota and away from big cities, new york, new jersey, illinois, chicago, l.a., san francisco. people are leaving in droves. >> people that are coming, they are registering to vote right away they are registering republican. so they want to be somewhere government respects them. that should be a clear message to joe biden, a clear message to
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these democrats that are trying to distract from what's really happening across this country from joe biden's inflation. >> sean: "not my first rodeo," the new book, governor kristi noem, it's on, bookstores everywhere. governor, great to have you, thank you for being with us. coming up, biden tested positive for covid today despite repeatedly telling you that you can't get covid if you're vaccinated and boosterred. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: earlier today we learned that president biden tested positive for covid-19 with the white house saying that biden is experiencing mild symptoms, he is on paxlovid, and will be working in isolation until he gets a negative test.
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of course every american -- i know i speak for everybody, which is the president a speedy recovery, but during the press briefing today, for some reason, she didn't want to say where biden might have gotten infected. here's what she said. >> where was he infected? i don't think we know. i certainly don't know if he has any -- >> i don't think that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepared for this moment. i think what matters is the doctor just laid out. >> sean: and remember, it was joe biden himself, one year ago tonight he said that you could not, would not get covid if you got the vaccine. here's what he said one year ago this very night. >> president biden: we don't talk enough to you about this, i don't think. one last thing that's really important is we are not in a position where we think that any virus, including the delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of non -- unvaccinated
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people, the various shots the people are getting now covered that. you're okay, you're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> sean: by this time we already knew the delta variant was the first breakthrough variance. in other words, it could easily break through vaccinations, boosters, et cetera. i guess so much for following the science, but that's not all, because in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, you might remember that biden was accusing president trump, he said he was reckless for getting infected. take a look. >> president biden: reckless personal conduct, the destabilizing effect it's having on our government is unconscionable. he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. and the longer donald trump as president, the more reckless he gets. >> sean: here for reaction, texas congressman, former
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white house physician dr. ronnie jackson along with fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier. dr. saphier, the one thing i think we do have, we do know omicron is more contagious, it is far less lethal than, say, the original variant, if you will come of the original coronavirus and say a delta variant, which was pretty lethal. the omicron variants have been more infectious but less lethal, and it seems like the antivirals like paxlovid have shown to be very effective in helping people mitigate symptoms and prevent hospitalization, is that true? >> yes, sean. first of all, i think one of my favorite parts about that video president biden or noncandidate biden was he was outdoors wearing a mask below the nose, so he wasn't even wearing it effectively when he was lambasting president trump at the time. but sean, everything you said is right. but we do have to remember, the virus that causes covid-19, it can affect everyone very
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different ways. it's a tricky virus. how many times have you actually heard me say that? so many times, and it still is a tricky virus. but thankfully, new data out of "new england journal of medicine," british medical journal just the past couple of weeks out of israel, show that within four months of your second booster dose, the risk of a severe outcome is less than 1%-caret while the risk isn't zero that president biden will have severe course of covid-19, it is a very low risk and that is thanks everything just listed, vaccines, boosters, we have a much more milder variance. there variants of omicron are causing much more mild illness and we have more treatment. it's just a very different virus that we are dealing with right now, just a different situation in general. you know, i think people keep wanting to compare it to one president trump at covid versus president biden, but you can't. it's apples to oranges. president biden is in a much better place getting covid-19, and that is despite the fact that he's approaching 80, despite the fact he has medical
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comorbidities, the risk of severe outcome is low. >> sean: dr. jackson, i know that -- to me, the gold standard was always the monoclonal antibody infusion, and i remember in florida it was ron desantis who set up centers all over the state when we have the delta variant. that was the first breakthrough variant and set up the monoclonal antibody centers for regeneron, which was very effective if people in fact got covid. then they created for omicron 1, they found another monoclonal antibody, if i'm not mistaken, and for omicron 2 there was a different monoclonal antibody. while the pharmaceutical companies not keeping up with the monoclonal antibodies specific towards the new variants? >> that's a good question, sean. i think one of the answers is they follow the signs when the science is convenient politically for them. i agree with what dr. saphier said, i also think a big part of the reason that -- you know, the people don't get sick and die
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from this anymore is not because of the vaccine necessarily. i kind of think that the vaccine probably doesn't work very much anymore. it's probably very ineffective at this point. this virus has mutated's only times, i can't imagine the virus is very -- that the vaccine is very effective anymore against the current strain that we have right now. but i think that what's happened is as this virus has become less and less berland, you know, that's the reason that people -- the hospitalizations are down, deaths are down, and i can say that the case because if you look if it was just the vaccine, that's a fair claimant, they are praising biden for getting the vaccine. if it was just a vaccine that he would have high hospitalizations and deaths in the unvaccinated but not in unvaccinated. biden said this was a disease pandemic of the unvaccinated. that's not the case. the hospitalizations and the deaths are down for everybody. so yes, i think that the reason that the drug companies are pushing hard on this is because it's not making a difference right now in my mind. >> sean: yeah. let's talk about what we know.
6:32 pm
the president is older, dr. saphier. one thing that remain the consistent, the elderly are more susceptible to more effects and possible risk of death. he has some other health issues, but even still, the antivirals seem to do very well for everybody with the one exception that there are -- there's this phenomenon of rebound, dr. fauci in particular had one where you take the antivirals for five days, you test negative and in five days later you can test positive again, so that's something that people have to watch out for. with paxlovid, is that correct? >> that's right, sean. one thing -- i hate to disagree with the congressman, but he is saying the drug companies are pushing right now. i wholly disagree with that, because let's talk about why paxlovid, this dual antiviral medication that the president is taking right now -- it was actually -- the research studies were based on unvaccinated individuals and it showed a great ability to keep
6:33 pm
unvaccinated individuals who got covid out of the hospital and decrease the risk of dying. then all of a sudden the fda said you know what, we are going to put this through the eua, vaccinated, unvaccinated, we don't really have data on whether this has benefit in the vaccinated let alone are twice boosted individual but we are going to prove it anyway and then they've actually taken away the fact that you need a prescription for it. they said you just have to go to the pharmacy had asked for and you can get it. something seems a little fishy there, there seems to be some mucky water between the fda of the white house going on in my opinion and pfizer with that because that doesn't make sense to me. but i can tell you the initial trial rebuilds were fantastic. they were keeping high-risk individuals, when given early on, out of the hospital and decreasing the risk of dying. what i consider giving it a high-risk individual right now even if they were vaccinated and boosted? probably, but i would want to way that with some of the risk factors medication. >> sean: all right, and there is apparently -- real quick. we only have a second grade >> i just want to say i totally
6:34 pm
agree with dr. saphier. she's absolutely right on the paxlovid. what i was saying if the monoclonal antibodies and the vaccine, they should be pushing to come up with a new vaccine -- but she's right. they are making a ton of money with the drug they are pushing right now. >> sean: good point. thank you both. we wish the president well. when we come back, the great one mark levin, he weighs in on all things everything. you never know what he's going to say. but that's the point, he's next. as a co
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we have some breaking news out of the state of new york tonight where we are where republican gubernatorial candidate, congressman lee zeldin i'm a reportedly was attacked tonight during a campaign event outside of rochester. the man is believed to have had a knife, we are told lee zeldin
6:39 pm
was not injured, we will continue to follow that story as it unfolds, stay with us. also tonight, another day, another round of january 6 committee political theater. this predetermined outcome, one sided show trial. if joining us now is the host of "life liberty and leaven," i call in the mark levin. you and i both condemned violence, you and i believe in protecting our institutions, protecting our elected officials, we both agree on that. we also agree what happened in the summer of 2020, we have 574 riots, mark. we had thousands of injured cops, dozens of dead americans and billions of property damage. why aren't we also looking into that too? >> well, we know why, because this is a rogue committee that is appointed by nancy pelosi to stop donald trump from running for president. you know, donald trump apparently waited 187 minutes, sean, before he issued his
6:40 pm
video. that would be 11,220 seconds. why did they keep saying 187 minutes like anybody cares? three hours and 7 minutes. and that shows dereliction of duty. let me tell you something. can they show us one sentence in the hundreds of thousands of documents that they have collected, the thousand witnesses they've had, the text messages, the emails, the documents, anything, anywhere, that links donald trump to directing or ordering an attack on the capitol building? where is it? we are adhering number eight, where is it? you'd think they'd lead with it. you think with all the talk about criminality, they would show us. there's nothing! absolutely zero evidence that donald trump was involved in an effort to violently overthrow our elections or our government. literally nothing, and the whole path has been cleared for these people because it's a pelosi stalinist investigation without
6:41 pm
any barriers whatsoever. now, they talk about 187 minutes before he released the video. if you're leading an insurrection, do you release a video while an insurrection quote unquote is going on and say please stand down, or do you release a video that says something a little differently if you're leading an insurrection? like i'm calling on all my arm supporters to go to the capital. i'm calling on the united states military, i'm ordering them to arrest the vice president to arrest members of congress, to encircle the building. this is an insurrection, we are taking over the government! none of that happened, and yet that's an insurrection. not peacefully and patriotically protest, not a video 187 minutes later that says folks, stand down, you're supposed to be peaceful and so forth. this entire hearing, all it is is innuendo, its opinion, it's disgruntled employees, it is a
6:42 pm
joke, it's pathetic. so that's the kind of video that would be released. now, why are they doing this? obvious with air trying to damage trump. they want him to be indicted. even the reporters asked merrick garland, the parent-hating republican legislature-suing, open borders blind cop, asking him are you going to be able to prosecute a former president? the same media pushing it like the russia collusion, the russia collusion. you know, donald trump didn't use the department of justice, the fbi, he didn't use the intelligence agencies and unleash them on biden like they were released -- unleashed against him by the obama-biden administration. he didn't use the blue-chip law firms in washington, d.c., to launder money and come up with these concoctions like the dossier. donald trump didn't do any of that stuff. what else didn't donald trump do? regardless of what people said
6:43 pm
to him, did he call up the military? did they take the machines? no. they take all of the personnel at dhs and take drop boxes? no. did he appoint a special counsel to oversee the investigations? no. did he fire the acting attorney general or deputy attorney general? no. he didn't do anything! well, he spoke to a governor, he spoke to a state legislature. he suggests that they send alternative electors. it you're allowed to do that. that's the politics, that's the process. that's how it works. he suggested that the state legislatures may want to take matters into their own hands. right, under article 2 of the constitution, it says exactly that, and in 2000 when we had a rogue supreme court in florida, that's what the florida legislature was doing. but we have a corrupt, politically crooked attorney general, corrupt, politically crooked u.s. attorney. how do we know? the coburn nine are running
6:44 pm
three mike free, and meanwhile a 69-year-old grandmother getting cancer treatments was just sentenced to 60 days in prison, 60 days. now, what's going on here? they want trump to get indicted. but just in case he doesn't, they are looking at the 14th a moment of the constitution. america, this is very important. this is very important. section three. no person shall be a senator or representative in congress or elector of president and vice president or hold any office civil or military under the united states or under any state who, having previously taken an oath as a member of congress or as an officer of the united states or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state to support the constitution of the united states, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same. why do you think they keep using the word insurrection? this committee, democrats, the
6:45 pm
media keeps saying "insurrection," "dereliction of duty," he led an insurrection, he was thinking about leading an insurrection. he rode about an insurrection. it's constant. why? because they are going to issue a report regardless of what happens with the u.s. attorney, the attorney general. they're going to point to the 14th a memo to the constitution. they're going to point to the insurrection clause and they are going to claim that donald trump cannot run for public office because he had a role in the insurrection or he refused to stop it. that is their game plan. that's what's going on. now i've exposed these people. now it's time for the republicans to push back and reject the narrative. that's it, i'm done. >> sean: will they succeed? yes or no? >> no. >> sean: okay. great one. that said, i'm done. now you're really dumb. don't forget, number one show on
6:46 pm
weekends, sunday nights, 8:00 p.m. right here on fox news. when we come back, cancel culture once again coming for dave chappelle. plus, a massive brawl between two families at disney's magic kingdom. is that what you call a magical time, a magical day? you won't believe the tape. adam corolla reacts great ahead. ♪ ♪ and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we have more updates from breaking news in new york where republican gubernatorial candidate congressman lee zeldin was reportedly attacked tonight during a campaign event outside of rochester. the man is believed to have had a knife. we are told that congressman zeldin and gubernatorial candidate was not injured and the new york governor says she condemns the violence.
6:51 pm
we will continue to follow the story. also tonight, comedian dave chappelle once again feeling the wrath of cancel culture. get this. a minneapolis theater last night canceled his performance only hours before the show was set to start. apparently caving to staff outrage over some of his material. the venue, which is called first avenue, said in a statement, we believe in diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression, but in honoring that, we lost sight of the impact this would have. but if you believe in diverse voices and so on and so forth, why did you cancel the show? and so much for artistic expression. the performance was eventually moved to a nearby theater where he is performing again tonight. meanwhile, look at your screen, new video shows a massive brawl at disney world, can even go to disney after an apparent dispute between two families over their place in line which then boiled over into an all-out fight, one man hospitalized with an injury to his face. authorities say three people were arrested for misdemeanor
6:52 pm
battery. so much for have a magical day. here with reaction to all of this, author of the brand-new book, it's in bookstores everywhere. it's called "everything remind me of something," comedian adam corolla. i like dave chappelle. i think he's funny a hell. i like chris rock. i like larry the cable guy, he's a buddy of mine, jeff foxworthy. i like comedians that are free to say anything. if you don't like what dave chappelle says, he's a comedian, don't go see her show. why is that not good enough for people, adam? >> because they want ultimate control. if you really just kind of think about the concept, we are living in a time where there's a bunch of dudes who are turning into women and comedians aren't supposed to comment on that? we are supposed to just sit back and celebrate them and focus on trump jokes or january 6th jokes? i mean, how could a comedian who
6:53 pm
sits and looks at our society not comment on men becoming women and women becoming men. it's the only thing to comment on if you really just think about how our society is shifting. >> sean: i like chapelle. chris rock, i love chris rock. you know why? he says anything he wants to say. you think back, richard pryor, how great was he? he was one of the funniest comedians of all time. are we at risk now of ending comedy in this country, real comedy, real honest, straightforward, no holds barred comedy? because that's the comedy i tend to like, even if it's against me, to be honest. if it's funny. >> i don't have anything prepared for you but if you give me a heads up -- >> sean: i will give you heads up, next week you come in with a whole pile of -- what's an irish -- a six-pack and the potato -- go ahead. >> first off, what the hell
6:54 pm
happened to minnesota? minnesota used to be the home of paul bunyan and nfl head coach bud grant. what happened to that state, number one. number two, anyone should be able to say whatever they want. this is insane. and how about some performers like neil young and guys like that boycott this theater. where's the support? wears hollywood, where's the other comedians? where the other acts, where the performers? we should boycott these theaters that try to silence these artists and then see if they don't shut up next time. >> sean: they say we believe in diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression. no they don't believe that. if they believed that, he would have performed there last night and tonight. >> but that's the game. you know, the washington football team charges jack del rio $100,000 for his opinions on january 6th and then they put a statement out, we
6:55 pm
welcome all the opinions. it really? because some of them cost 100 grand when you give them into a microphone. >> sean: if you pay the right amount. i'm wondering if this now -- we are at a point where backlashes building. i believe it is. i hope i'm right. what do you think? >> i just got back from doing shows in new york city, and is a bunch of young comedians there that are not down with the cause and they are angry and they are not political, but they're willing to push back against anyone who's pushing them, so there's a lot of hope. >> sean: most late-night comedians don't even touch joe biden. and there's a wealth of material there and you know it's political. adam corolla, congrats on the new book, in bookstores everywhere, and we will take a break, come back. more "hannity" straight ahead. putts
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>> sean: week and report that gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin in the safe after an attack tonight. will follow the story and more details on tomorrow night show and laura will have information that is well. that's all that time we have left and thank you for being with us in making the show possible. set your dvr never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" is next. >> laura: isn't it wonderful? the peace-loving, the freedom they want to embrace, aren't they lovely people on the left? they are the angriest and bitter people out there. it's disgusting. >> sean: supreme court justices in the summer of 2020, lee zeldin, crime in every city and town, it's insanity. people are going to get hurt. the violence needs to end.