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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 22, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thank foreigner. download their music. they're so sweet to come be with us today and joined by chris rock on their world tour. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a great weekend. >> dana: that was amazing. thank you, "fox & friends." we begin with a fox news alert. new york's republican candidate for governor attacked on stage by an armed man. that suspect was arrested but is already back on the street. welcome to new york on that. i'm dana perino. bill has the day off. >> this is really fun. great to spend a friday with you. i'm sandra smith and this is "america's newsroom." that happened at a campaign event last night. a man with a sharp weapon charging governor candidate lee
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zeldin. he was released just hours later. >> there is only one option. [shouting] >> the suspect climbs on the stage, rushes toward is zeldin and tries to hold him off. he was quickly tackled by others on stage. a witness describes the terrifying scene. >> went behind the stage and saw him as he began to approach congressman zeldin and so i stepped up onto the stage, saw the attacker try to get into zeldin's face and swing. i could see what looked like a razor, knife of some sort at the congressman. i tackled the attacker from the back and slammed him to the ground. >> thank goodness for that. team coverage. former assistant attorney andy
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mccarthy is standing by and first to david lee miller live from the new york city newsroom. this could have turned out a lot differently david lee. >> could have been a great deal worse. the man who allegedly attacked lee zeldin has been released without bail. just what zeldin predicted. he is running for governor of new york delivering a speech near rochester criticizing the state's bail reform laws and impact on crime. the man jumped on the stage with a weapon that resembled brass knuckles with two spikes. moment before that zeldin was talking about people relocating to other states. >> this is our last stand for new york. and there is only -- there is only one option. >> the monroe county sheriff's office says it's 43-year-old charged with second degree
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attempted assault and released on his own recognizance. he told one of the men he was an iraq war veteran and nothing about the motive for the alleged attack. zeldin tweeted his words as he tried to stab me a few hours ago was you're done. several attendees including the candidate for lieutenant governor jumped into action and tackled the guy. law enforcement on the scene within minutes. the attacker will likely be instantly released under new york's laws. following the attack zeldin's opponent hochul tweeted saying i condemn that violent behavior in the strongest terms possible. it has no place in new york. the head of new york's republican party says that's not enough and calling on hochul to apologize for her hateful rhetoric. he said hochul fanned the flames of hate by directing her supporters to zeldin's rally schedule.
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as for zeldin his campaign bus tour is expected to continue today in upstate new york. >> thank you. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor andy mccarthy former u.s. assistant attorney. what is wrong with this picture? >> beginning with hochul saying it has no place new york, unfortunately new york is just the place for this kind of thing precisely because of the bail laws and the effort that's been made for the last couple of years to basically release people who should be in custody and there were too many people who should be in custody who aren't. >> dana: he is a congressman. there is that other wrinkle as well. this is not just a local crime matter. >> it is not a local crime matter. he is a united states congressman, which means he is covered under the federal assault on federal officer statute. and that means they can move him into the federal system where there is real bail and real punishment.
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>> dana: they chose not to. >> so far. it is up to the u.s. attorney and the f.b.i. so the local authorities made the arrest, what you would expect, the people on the seen. >> he charged the stage and he went directly at the congressman. >> if they had called it attempted murder i could understand it. it was a completed asooult. this is how crazy the law is in new york. in new york that's not considered a serious crime because it doesn't matter as far as they are concerned what his intent was. his intent could have been to kill zeldin. because we were fortunate there were a lot of innocent bystanders willing to jump in and make sure nothing terrible happened it is not a serious crime in new york. it works for the criminal and against new yorkers because he didn't get seriously injured. as a result, he is in a bucket where even though they call it
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a felony, he is not looking at realtime and they can't even set bail for him because under new york law, a judge can't detain someone pre-trial on the basis of dangerousness to the community. >> dana: you can see it with your own eyes what happened and they decide to release him on his own recognizance. it is obvious the cog any zans is not very good. maybe he is a danger to himself and others. >> a textbook case for dangerousness. this is a guy who assaulted a gubernatorial candidate add u.s. congressman in broad daylight in front of many people. >> dana: the supreme court justice -- she is worried about the court's legitimacy. i want to read what she said about the supreme court and get your reaction. i'm not talking about any particular decision or any
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particular series of decisions but if over time the court loses all connection with the public and the public sentiment that's a dangerous thing for democracy. we have a court that does important things and if that connection is lost that's a dangerous thing for the democratic system as a whole. i have think that's a key word in the sentence. >> court is not a legislature. a legislature's legitimacy is if they have a connection with the public sentiment because the public is the people to whom the legislature is accountable. the court is intentionally insulated from politics because we don't want it to be accountable to the public. we want it to be accountable to the law and to the constitution. so the court's legitimacy doesn't depend on a connection to the public except insofar as the public wants the court to follow the law. if the court makes a decision that's unpopular with the public, what that means is the legislature should change the law, not that there is something wrong with the court.
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>> dana: you know if that decision had gone the other way she wouldn't have said that. >> we would be right with public and kagan sentiment. >> dana: have a good weekend. >> the january 6 committee holding its final prime time hearing of the summer laid out a minute by minute at of former president trump's actions during the capitol hill riot. chad pergram is following every twist and turn of this and live on capitol hill for us this morning. >> good morning, sandra. the committee accused the former president of dereliction of duty after he sent an inflammatory tweet about vice president pence during the riot. >> i remember thinking that this was going to be bad for him to tweet this because it was essentially him giving the green light to these people telling them that what they were doing at the steps of the capitol and entering the capitol was okay, that they were justified in their anger
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and he shouldn't have been doing that. >> there was disturbing radio traffic from the secret service about not being able to protect pence, a nation until security official testified anonymously that there was talk that agents may need to shoot their way out and they called loved ones to tell them they may not make it home. eyes now turn to the d.o.j. >> i think the president certainly has criminal exposure. i am not a prosecutor, not d.o.j. but i certainly think if you look at what we presented tonight and in all these hearings that cannot be acceptable for a president of the united states. >> the committee aimed to show that mr. trump watched the riot and did nothing to quash the violence. trump allies tried to exonerate the former president. >> they have 100,000 documents in their possession, most of which they aren't willing to make public and this is the best they can do, this hearing tonight, the capstone event, the prime time hearing, this is the best they can do?
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they haven't proven anything. if they've done anything they have exonerated president donald trump and republicans who supported him. >> liz cheney says the dam is breaking with new information. a break now. the next hearing comes in september just before the mid-terms. >> we'll be watching for that. >> dana: president biden working remotely following his covid diagnosis. could his brush with virus be a set back? >> intense moments. a packed subway train catches fire on a bridge in boston. passengers scrambling to safety. >> dana: amazing story. the nation's migrant ciels is hits home in the heart of the big apple. new york city's mayor is lashing out at red state governors. >> the home of the free, land of the brave. we do not become cowards and send people away that are
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>> sandra: the white house says president biden is isolating and working remotely today after testing positive for covid yesterday morning. we expect another update from the white house covid response coordinator this afternoon. mark meredith has an update live at the white house. how did the president sleep last night, mark? >> that's a great question. good morning to you. the white house says the president is doing well all things considered. there are still a lot of questions about not only how the president got sick in the first place but also could there be any long-term effects? >> i can report that as of last night he was feeling fine. same symptoms. still quite mild. he worked all day yesterday. worked through the evening. you know, he as of about 10:00 p.m. last night was doing just
6:17 am
well. >> the white house is showing the president is still carrying out his duties. he spoke with several members of congress and members of his own staff yesterday. today he will be meeting virtually with members of his economic and legislative team. infection has caused changes to his schedule. he made some changes. we're finding when he may hit the road again or be back in the west wing. vice president kamala harris is not changing her schedule even though she is considered a close contact. she will speak later today giving remarks at the national urban league convention in washington we expect to get an update from the white house today around camera around 3:00 and told we'll get another memo from the white house physician. one document released yesterday outlined the treatment the president was getting. early use of paxlovid provides additional protection and
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isolate in accordance with cdc recommendations. while the president is there in the west wing we know the first lady will keep her distance spending the weekend in wilmington. we're asking the white house whether we get photos or videos of the president in the virtual meetings. stand by on that. the white house tours are still going on. even the president is still in the residence the tours still happening today. >> sandra: interesting point. keep us posted from the white house, mark meredith, thank you. >> dana: let's bring in the senior political correspondent for axios. president biden could not buy a break with all the money in the world, these things keep coming. sounds like he is doing fine and that could be good news as well, josh. put up here where he had been recently. jerusalem doing tours. meetings with the saudis, fist bump while you're there. returned to d.c. he had first lady of ukraine visiting, he had a climate policy event in massachusetts
6:19 am
and thursday has covid. i don't care where he got it but it puts the white house in a position of having to answer questions like that. >> shows how impossible some of the old regulations on covid contact tracing, trying to figure out where the spread came from is almost impossible in this new phase of covid. i think that may be a good thing politically in that the president and his advisors were projecting a sense of normalcy. they said we have vaccines, we have paxlovid, the president is in good health. they showed a video of him talking about his condition. this is something probably the white house should have done many months ago. do you remember at the beginning of the year they were still cautioning americans to wear masks and the school regulations were still in place at the beginning of the administration. now they're saying we can live with covid. you don't have to take
6:20 am
excessive regulations that takes place. it may be a good thing politically. they need to project a sense of normalcy in the country. >> dana: the other -- this is about the protocols they have for taking videos and photos. >> we did that outside and with the photo he took off his mask so that the american people can see him and see directly, see the work he is doing and sitting at his desk continuing to do his work. >> dana: to your point, josh, it shows it is impossible. everybody is going to get covid eventually and a lot of the rules they have are very difficult to follow at all times. give you last word on that and then move on to the mid-terms. >> they are still dealing with the political backlash from the excessive mandates and regulations. all the rules that were in place earlier in the year. the school closures in
6:21 am
particular. the kids lost a year of education throughout the pandemic and something not to help them politically. they are dealing with angry parents and americans. >> dana: you have been covering this for a long time. talk to me about the current situation as we're 100 days until the mid-terms. polls show republicans have a 46 to 42% lead on that. you see more to those numbers that should give republicans some comfort. what's that? >> this is a poll from both trump's pollster and biden's pollster. these are interesting numbers. republicans in the biggest battleground districts have a four-point advantage. pretty sizeable at this point in time. one of the more striking parts of the poll was that biden's job approval rating only at 37% in these battlegrounds. looking back at trump's
6:22 am
presidency, 50% approved of how trump handled his job at least as president. which is a high number. higher than other polls we've seen. one other thing a big warning sign for the white house hispanic americans, asian-americans, both swinging pretty strongly to the republican side. democrats only hold a small advantage with hispanics and asians over the age of 50. >> dana: could it be decisive in some of the close senate races? >> yeah. this is one of the worst political environments if you talk to democratic strategists they've seen with the economy the way it is. worries about inflation. president's job approval in the 30s as the poll shows. the one hope is that they are hoping they have candidates that are able to maintain some independence from the white house. looking at republican challengers in the senate races might not be as prepared as
6:23 am
they should be but it is a rough political environment. even biden's pollster is finding the same numbers in the survey. >> dana: thanks for being here. watch for your work this weekend. thank you. >> thanks. >> stock purchase or sale based on -- >> absolutely not. >> dana: that was house speaker nancy pelosi yesterday dismissing questions over her husband, paul's, purchase of millions in tech stocks and the timing of those purchases is raising eyebrows. and a breakthrough athlete breaking free from the u.s. why espn viewers are outraged over one espy winner. that story next. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. the groom's parents? they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon.
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confirmed the first case of polio in the united states in a decade. investigators are trying to piece together how the infection occurred and whether others were exposed to it. let's go to lauren green with the latest on this. what are we learning, lauren? >> health officials emphasize the person is no longer contagious and has been released from the hospital. the current concern is hough it got here. investigation is underway. the 24-year-old unvaccinated man traveled to poland and hungary earlier this years and developed paralysis in june. he could have come in contact with a live virus used as part of a vaccine only administered in other parts of the world. >> there is an oral polio vaccine not used in the united states that in rare circumstances can revert to a form that can cause infection. in the places where it's used
6:30 am
the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks and anyone who is vaccinated is protected against this. >> polio was once the most feared disease around the world affecting mostly children and young adults. it causes paralysis and sometimes death. largely wiped out after a vaccine was developed in 1955 and mandatory vaccination. but the late 1970s it was declared ill emanateed. no cases have originated in the u.s. since then. >> the virus spread through contaminated water. there are other ways to get it as well. it can spread to person to person via contact. >> rockland county had an outbreak of the measles in 2019 in a largely unvaccinated community. department of health has scheduled two polio vaccination clinics for today and monday encouraging the unvaccinated to
6:31 am
get shots. >> sandra: wow. we'll follow all of that. we'll have much more on the next hour with former white house coronavirus task force member admiral giroir joining us and the latest on the president and his covid diagnosis. >> we're not texas, we're new york. our country is home of the free, land of the brave. we do not become cowards and send people away that are looking for help. >> dana: that was democratic new york city mayor eric adams blaming texas governor and arizona governor with the illegal migrants coming to new york. i think it takes a lot of ignorance, first of all. the governors of texas and arizona are not sending migrants to new york, guy.
6:32 am
>> a little -- we saw a similar complaint from mayor bowser here in washington, d.c. where migrants are being bused directly from texas. i can imagine governor doocy in arizona and governor abbott in texas looking at the mayor and break out the world's smallest violin with whining about having a drop in the bucket of what our states and communities at the border are experiencing every single day month after month after month as a lot of big city blue city mayors cheer on the problem. declare themselves sanctuary cities and that sort of thing. when they get just a taste of what it's like they come out complaining and attacking the border states and saying they are strange our resources. welcome to our world say the border states and those leaders. >> dana: governor abbott said this. adams should check with
6:33 am
president biden. yes, the anger is misguided. i think what's also interesting is you've heard rumors, i'm sure, that mayor adams might have aspirations for higher office one day. there is a curious thing in politics of late where if you just fight or if you call someone a name or if you just want to be angry like the left wants biden to be much more angry all the time and to be angry and screaming and yelling which doesn't accomplish anything, imagine, guy, if eric adams said i will visit the del rio mayor and go see what it is like at a border town in texas. and have some appeal. maybe be the first democrat to go down to visit the border towns and actually see what's going on. there is never any creative thinking in order to advance the ball here, guy. >> well, if he did that he might learn something. we can't have that, right? you're right. it's a lot of tribal fighting. that's the name of the game. we see governor newsom in california presiding over so
6:34 am
many failures punching it up with ron desantis in florida and other red state governors. that's his approach to gaining national prominence. whether it's bowser, adams, newsom or anyone else, biden or harris could go down to the border and try to ingest information by talking to people who work down there, people on the front lines, men and women trying to protect the country and trying to enforce the law with one hand tied behind their back because of these policies of the administration. we've had four consecutive months in the united states, dana, with 200,000 or more apprehensions at the border. and people say that means that the border is not open. people are getting caught. it is not completely open but it is certainly not closed and it is certainly not secure. in each and every one of those months at bill melugin talks about all the time there have been tens of thousands, sometimes north of 50,000 known gotaways. people who escape into the country we didn't have the
6:35 am
resources or personnel to catch. under this president we're approaching getting closer and closer to a million known gotaways, much larger than the entire population of delaware. the president's home state. it is a massive problem. the crisis is raging. to see this type of political sniping out of ignorance does nothing to solve the problem. >> dana: also pick up the phone or put out a press release. just use the phone. president obama had a pen and phone. i want to ask you about this olympian who ditched america to compete to china, you might remember her eileen gu. that's her decision. a new decision is coming forward and that is she just won a big award, an espy award. what do you make of that? >> espn decided to bestow upon her a break-out athlete of the
6:36 am
year award. do they mean break out of her american citizenship status? she renounced this country. she grew up here and trained here and all the privileges of rights of being an american. went to stanford living a dream. she wanted to go to communist china hosting the genocide games while they are prosecuting an active genocide and go compete under their flag. she gave up her citizenship here, saw dollar signs over there and it worked out well for her economically. a lot of americans say okay, that's a choice you made. morally a questionable one but do we need to celebrate that choice in the united states of america as espn did at the espy? i don't think so. that's what they chose to do. >> dana: thank you for being here. have a great weekend. see you next week. >> thanks, dana. >> sandra: another senseless attack caught on camera.
6:37 am
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>> dana: searching for a suspect who threw a woman to the ground. video shows the suspect waits for the victim to pass before throwing her down. this random attack happened on thursday. last thursday. the suspect is seen here wearing a jacket with a hood pulled up and anyone with information is urged, please,
6:43 am
to contact police. >> sandra: several house democrats in battleground districts calling for a vote on police funding bill before the august recess as the party tries to distance itself from past pushes to defund the police. this as crime is on the rise as we well know in several american cities ahead of the mid-term elections. let's bring in ted williams former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor. you would be happy with any effort to shore up all the problems that we've seen with our police departments across this country and the record low morale. what do you think about now democrats going this direction? obviously seeing they are getting hit in the polls for the spike in crime that's happening all over the country. >> you know, sandra, they have to try something. but the question is, is it a little too late for the democrats to try to have some kind of a reformation after
6:44 am
this so-called defund movement? as we know, the president biden has never been for defunding, but it's these local jurisdictions where crime is off the chart sort of like chicago. there was a defunding movement there. there was a defunding movement out in california, in los angeles, and san francisco. these are democratic-led cities and i think that unfortunately they are in some deep trouble when it comes to the mid-terms here. >> sandra: we're seeing republicans take advantage of that targeting some of the vulnerable house democrats over crime and defunding the police because flashback to democrats in 2020 calling for just that. listen. >> not only do we need to defund, but we need to dismantle and start anew. >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding the budget. >> i support the defund
6:45 am
movement. this is about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested. >> i am for defunding the poils. >> defund the police does not mean abolish the police, it means a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities. >> sandra: they tried to walk back some of those defund the police comments made by some prominent democrats. do you believe they can effectively change the narrative considering that video, that sound, those words will live forever? >> no, i don't. you know, sandra, the one thing about law-abiding citizens, they want to feel safe in their communities. that's the first tenet. and these law-abiding citizens do not feel safe in any of these cities right now. so the sad part about it is you
6:46 am
have law enforcement officers leaving and you need to have more, not less law enforcement officers in these communities and also the communities are crying for that. so i think the democrats, unfortunately, have ceded this defunding movement and i think that it will hurt them in the mid-terms. i think that they have one thing that they may be able to do, meaning the democrats, to offset this. they may try to use january 6th and say that the republicans are clearly not on the side of law enforcement. but i don't think that's going to work because all politics are local. and the local politicians are the ones who are driving this defunding movement. i think it will clearly hurt them. >> sandra: if you were to see the glass half full and look at this as perhaps a wake-up moment for democrats and this white house, by the way i want to put this in a "new york
6:47 am
post" editorial skeptical of the direction the white house and democrats are moving. biden's pathetic anti-crime package saying oats the white house staff going through the motions because they know democrats stand to get slammed on election day and want to look like they're doing something about it. if we were to be optimistic and say they want to change things and want to improve our cities seeing the spike in crime rates what could the white house do and signal? >> you know, at this late stage it's debatable what they may very well be able to do. but i think what they need to do is to try at least to get out front and they need to do things to show that they are supporting law enforcement. and what they also need to do, i think, and the president should do, is appoint a law enforcement czar to try to go around the country to work with the local jurisdictions to bring about a change.
6:48 am
but i think it's a little late in the ballgame for that to happen at this stage with the mid-terms looming. >> sandra: sadly lost so many from our police force over just the past couple of years alone. we talked a lot about that. great to see you. thank you very much. >> same here. >> dana: twitter announcing the company lost money in the second quarter and blames the drop in revenue in part on elon musk's takeover offer. kelly o'grady is live in los angeles. hi. >> hi. yeah, these results were not great. 270 million in losses coming at a high stakes moment for twitter and with that pending trial the social media company not only needs to convince advertisers and shareholders they are poised to win but that the business is built to succeed no matter what. the results did not reflect that. one bright spot came in users, the platform reported 237.8 million up 17% from last year. this number is shrouded in
6:49 am
doubt with elon musk claiming the percent of fake accounts on the platform is far more than 5%, a figure twitter stuck to today. it's a big question for advertisers and it showed in revenues. twitter missed big on revenue expectations reporting 1.18 billion down 1% from last year and 2% from last quarter. in addition to questions over the merger that revenue number affects inflation and recession fears advertising makes up a lot of its revenue and that industry is hurting across the boards. the stock is trading neutral. twitter did address the merger in its press release arguing twitter believes that mr. musk reported termination is invalid and wrongful and merger agreement remains in effect. while musk hasn't commented on the earnings result it doesn't inspire confidence in the platform's value. transaction lawyer tells me twitter will argue it is due to
6:50 am
damage musk has caused the company. all eyes on elon musk twitter and october. there is an expedited trial that month and we won't have to wait long to hear what the billionaire thinks. >> dana: have a good weekend. we appreciate it. >> i don't think we know. i certainly don't know if you have any -- >> look, i don't think that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepared for this moment. >> dana: white house brushing off concerns how and where president biden contracted covid. doctors say he is doing fine despite going off heart medication while he is on paxlovid. dr. brett giroir with a closer look ahead. look out and check this out. a rare 400-pound spotted eagle ray jumps on board a couple's boat giving them the shock of their lives. they will join us next.
6:51 am
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>> dana: after weeks of a raging wildfire yosemite southern entrance will reopen saturday. firefighters are still working to bring the washburn fire under control. it destroyed 5,000 acres of land but spared many of the park's famous sequoia trees. the fire is 58% contained so people can get back to the park now. >> sandra: okay. this is a story we've been waiting for. a relaxing fishing trip that turned into a memory that will last a lifetime. an alabama family was out on a boat when a rare 400-pound spotted eagle ray hopped onto their boat and gave birth to four babies. two members of that family, april and jeremy jones join us now. welcome. wow, what a moment this was for you both. you were in this fishing competition out on the water and what happened, april?
6:57 am
>> so we were driving and all of a sudden the ray spotted eagle ray jumped into our boat and hit me and flopped around and ended up in the back of the boat and everybody started freaking out. >> sandra: then there was a huge effort to make sure that this beautiful creature survived. i know he were dumping water on it but trying to get it back into the water. and what happened? >> so we were cruising in the front of the boat and it hit her and hit my grandpa, got to the back of the boat and thrashing around breaking everything. we tried -- my grandpa and i both tried to pick up the ray and weren't able to do so and tried to use a boat paddle for leverage. made a few phone calls with no success for help. we took off to the sea lab.
6:58 am
when we got to the sea lab april took off in to get help but luckily two other boats had pulled up behind us and between me and my grandpa and the two other gentleman that helped we were able to rearrange the back of the boat and pull it over the side and release it back. >> sandra: you were taking in water. 400 pounds. a huge sea creature. give a little perspective. sometimes the pictures don't tell the whole story. a wing span of six feet. it is huge. then you realized there was a reason this mama wanted to get on that boat, april. because she was giving birth. >> yeah. we don't know if -- we don't know if she jumped for that or under stressful situations rays will give birth to their young. either prematurely or whenever they get stressed.
6:59 am
so yeah, we just didn't know that you can see she is taking up the whole back part of the boat so we couldn't see the babies. and, you know, there was, you know, nothing we could really do until we were able to get her out of the boat. >> sandra: sadly the babies were born prematurely and they didn't make it sadly. but i know that they got the help -- you helped them the best you possibly could. mama then had to get off that boat and swim back to the sea, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> sandra: i imagine your family will remember this fishing trip for a long time to come. >> definitely. our little boy, who was on the boat with us, he says he doesn't want to go out on the boat anymore. >> i'm headed out to go fishing today. >> sandra: you just never know what is going to happen. i know you tried to help
7:00 am
everybody as much as you could and it is remarkable story. thank you for sharing it. >> thank you. >> sandra: our best to you and your fishing ventures today. >> dana: get back up on your horse. >> thanks. [shouting] >> dana: dramatic scene along the border. fox news cameras catching all the action as texas safety officers track down illegal migrants running away through dangerous terrain. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. bill hemmer is off today. sandra is my partner. >> sandra: thanks for having me. i'm sandra smith. chaos along the border. trouble spreading to cities across american. more than 200,000 migrants crossing the border illegally just last month alone before heading off to cities and states far and wide putting
7:01 am
pressure on local communities and straining neighborhood programs all bearing the brunt of president biden's open borders agenda. >> seeing this administration continue to pander to people that cross our borders illegally. they'll continue to come. cartels will continue to make billions of dollars and u.s. citizens will continue to be harmed. >> dana: bringing it back to where it starts matt finn is on the border in eagle pass, texas. good morning, matt. >> good morning. happening right now not far from where we're standing here in eagle pass there is a large group of migrants. hundreds that our cameras are capturing that just crossed into the united states. they are being processed. they will be placed on buses and then to processing centers. this is a scene that we've seen basically every other day here over the past week in eagle pass. something really we've seen for well over a year now. so we'll keep you updated on that large group of migrants. also our crew did another overnight ride along with texas
7:02 am
dps troopers and we saw more large groups of runaways. what is important here is that texas dps tells us the large groups of migrants they're seeing throughout the day happening right now, most of those people are seeking a better life in the united states. there are bad actors within the groups but dps troopers tell us it is the gotaways and people purposely evading law enforcement are the troublesome people. they don't want to be seen. just one overnight shift we did a group of 15 runaways were arrested and border patrol says migrants are often hidden by trans national crime rings in unsanitary and unsafe stash homes where they are exploited. border patrol announced in the el paso sector alone in one day three stash houses were busted with 103 migrants inside. border patrol says it located more than 175 stash houses with nearly 2,000 migrants inside
7:03 am
during this year. we're standing in the town of eagle pass. border patrol announced the seizure of black heroin hidden in a car. republican senators said they saw many of the same issues we're reporting on saying president biden won't visit the border because cameras will follow him and his dereliction of duty will be exposed. the senators are calling on the president to visit the southern border. >> time for the president of the united states to go to the southern border and see the chaos that he has created and explain to the american people why he has done it and what he is going to do about it. >> and this week homeland security secretary mayorkas said the border is secure and growing more secure. the mayor of the town we're standing in disputes that saying her town and this border is not secure and she is inviting the president to come visit.
7:04 am
dana and sandra. >> dana: thank you. maybe he will take them up on it when he is better from covid. >> we feel confident the president is doing well. has very mild symptoms. he is really getting the state-of-the-art treatment that's available to every american. and he is doing very well in the residence under close monitoring from his physician. >> dana: that's the white house medical coordinator after the president tested positive for covid yesterday. expecting an update this afternoon. let's bring in dr. brett giroir and former hhs assistant secretary for health and good to have you here. the white house -- i feel like they have done a pretty good job of keeping president biden from getting covid. what does it tell you about the protocols. we'll get your take on the other side. >> i told you what our protocols were and as we have been committed since last july, we disclose when the president
7:05 am
or one of the four principles is a close contact of a staff who tested positive as defined by the cdc. this is defined again by the cdc when he tests positive as we're doing today and being very transparent. >> dana: do you think the protocols were fine or should they change going forward? >> thanks for having me on now. i don't know what the protocols are. i do support the president being out, right? we have tremendous problems. rampant inflation, ukrainian war, he has to be out. he can't be in the basement. he needs to do the things he has been doing. the one thing i would be concerned about, though, is this variant that we have right now. the antigen tests are not positive as early as they are -- or were with other variants. it seems like they are doing antigen tests at the white house. we have molecular tests done in 15 minutes that are much more
7:06 am
sensitive to eliminate the problem of someone being infectious but testing negative if we use a different test. the white house needs to consider that moving forward. >> dana: all the places the president had been leading up to the covid diagnosis and he was out and about like a return to normalcy, not as many masks as we have seen in the past and a treatment of paxlovid. tell us about that and why the president would need to go off heart medication while he takes it. >> well, we have two outstanding ant viral medications, paxlovid and another one. the president's physicians chose to put him on paxlovid. a drug if you are at high risk for severe complications you should be placed on one or the other drug. he is at high risk primarily because of his age but also because of the underlying conditions including a-fib and previous strokes. the one thing about paxlovid, is that it does interact with
7:07 am
other drugs. so it can create dangerous levels of other drugs if you are on both at the same time. the type of blood thinner that the president is on to prevent strokes does have that kind of interaction with paxlovid. so the recommendations are to reduce the dose by at least half. the doctor said he was taken off the medicine completely. i doubt if that's true. we haven't heard from the president's physicians because we do need to keep his blood thin so he doesn't have a stroke. these are the tradeoffs the white house doctors are dealing with. in five days once the course is over he can get back on his normal drugs. >> dana: a quick thought from you about the first polio case in nearly 10 years showing up here in america. >> polio can be very frightening because it causes paralysis and can lead to death and we have all these horrible images of children in iron lungs. the good thing and i want to emphasize is that the vaccine is available in the united states since the year 2000. you cannot get polio from it.
7:08 am
there is still oral polio vaccine in many parts of the world that gives you an inactivated strain. not a very potent strain but it can transmit around to a number of people if they are unvaccinated and turn into a paralytic polio and that's what happened here. this person was not vaccinated and got a mutated vaccine strain from abroad. bottom line, if you get the polio vaccine here, you cannot get polio from the vaccine and you are protected from the kind of polio that this young gentleman has. >> dana: doctor, thank you for your expertise and have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> sandra: the minneapolis neighborhood turning to crowd funding to pay for extra police patrols following a big spike in crime. all of this after violent protests in 2020 following the death of george floyd and calls for drastic cuts. the city council eventually caving to those demands axeing a million dollars from the
7:09 am
police. mike tobin is live from chicago with the latest. >> this is an example of how the defund movement is tougher on poor neighborhoods. people in the rich neighborhoods have options. riots flared in 2020 following the murder of george floyd and with that minneapolis city council spearheaded the defund movement. they took a million dollars out of the police budget. although police budget rebounded the staffing levels did not. the lack of support for police coincided with an exodus of the police force in minneapolis. now even though the city charter mandates 731 officers to be on staff minneapolis has 564 according to numbers from the daily mail. the result is that crime is spiking up nearly 20%. so one of the rich neighborhoods lowery hill did something about it. it is called crowdsourcing. residents pooled their money to pay for additional police patrols through a prom called buy back they can pay a police
7:10 am
officer $107 an hour to work overtime and keep an eye on lowery hill. city council members expressed concerns of burn out of the officers and people in the rough parts of town for the greater need for police don't have this option. >> i also do want to state my concerns that richer neighborhoods can have access to police department resources when a lot of our neighborhoods are struggling with safety. so it is an equity issue for me. >> language for the buy back program has been on the books for two decades. lowery hill took it to city council in january and asking residents to pay $200 per month and thus far they've raised over $200,000. it's a temporary measure while crime is spiking in minneapolis. sandra. >> sandra: and so many places. thank you. dana. >> dana: a few questions surrounding a democratic power couple. house speaker nancy pelosi under the microscope following her husband's controversial
7:11 am
purchase of computer chip stock ahead of a congressional vote. >> sandra: los angeles district attorney gascon facing a new round of criticism after a convicted murderer serving hard time is released early and the federal investigation of hunter biden reaches a critical stage. are politics playing a role as we get closer to the mid-terms? >> pelosis doing insider stock trading. hunter biden's legal issues. the biden d.o.j. is supposed to be color blind instead they view everything through the political prism of ideology of those on the right and left. it is a two-tier system of justice. limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks] [doug sighs]
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>> dana: critics calling out george gascon for another sentencing failure. a gang member and convicted murderer was freed after serving five years of a 50 year sentence. he is back behind bars. whoever would have predicted that might happen? we're live in los angeles with more. >> convicted killer was on the streets of l.a. this week carrying a gun and drugs despite the fact that he was
7:18 am
previously convicted of murder in the 2015 killing of a 41-year-old man, whom he shot dead when the man tried to stop him and others from stealing haste bicycle outside a restaurant. he was sentenced 50 years to life in prison. that same year california voters passed proposition 57 that gave convicted felons who was like this man who was under 18 the chance to seek shorter sentences as juveniles. he asked for a new sentence last year and could have been left to a judge to decide but d.a. gascon used his legal power to transfer the case to juvenile court and as a result, the man was released as he reached the age of 25. gascon has long argued that those who commit crimes, even violent ones as juveniles should not be tried as adults but given help to rehabilitate themselves. he released a statement in the
7:19 am
wake of the rearrest of the man saying we're disappointed to learn that this defendant has not availed himself of the support he so clearly needs. grateful that no physical harm came to anyone and are committed to holding him accountable as an adult in this case. but gascon's critics, among them a deputy d.a. who was on the man's hearing say the d.a. was simply wrong in his handling of this case. >> i can pretty well tell you 100% this transfer hearing would have been successful and the man would have been sent back to adult court and would have served out his 50 to life sentence. >> the d.a. gascon is facing a recall effort with the registrar verifying campaign signatures to see if there are enough to get the recall vote on a ballot later this year, dana. >> dana: all the signatures have to be checked and double-checked and they try to get more than they need. thanks, jonathan.
7:20 am
>> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi's paul making headlines for a recent purchase of stock in a chip maker happening ahead of a congressional vote that could approve $52 billion to help the chip industry expand in the united states. nancy pelosi saying her husband never bought any stock based on information she provided him. let's bring in fox news contributor and former utah congressman jason chaffetz. jason, there seems to be a string of this, these stock purchases that end up to look like -- no smoking gun here yet. that end up look like he was getting some sort of information from his speaker of the house wife. >> june 16th the senate passes a semi conductor bill. june 16th paul pelosi exercises 20,000 options to purchase this stock at a strike price of $100
7:21 am
per share. that same stock less than five weeks later is now trading at $180 per share, quite a return in less than five weeks. and it is up to nancy pelosi as to whether or not that same bill comes to a vote on the floor of the house of representatives. so you have decide. i think the question for the pelosis is what are you going to do about it? you are caught red-handed here. >> sandra: to be clear, she is completely denying this. this is when she was asked about this yesterday. listen. >> over the course of your career has your husband ever made a stock purchase or sale based on information that he received from you? >> no, absolutely not. to smirk to shug it off is interesting. it is reasonable to look and see the timing of these purchases and what happened after to ask her about it, right? we can put it up on the screen
7:22 am
here. paul pelosi purchase of tesla stoke on december 2020 ahead of the president's order on e.v.'s date january 27th, a month later. you had his purchase of microsoft between 10 and 10 million of march 19th, 2021 days ahead of a $22 billion military contract greatly affected by the company itself announced just days later march 31. the timing should be called into question and now you have the most recent purchase of nvidia between a million and 5 million on june 17th and as we know and just reported congress is poised to pass the chips bill. why isn't it reasonable, jason, to at least ask about it? >> well look, it is pretty rich to be a pelosi and the timing of this is stunning.
7:23 am
this allegation has been out there for some time. you will never solve this problem until you prohibit all members of congress, members of the senior cabinet there in the administration, they should be prohibited from purchasing and selling stocks. they do have insider information. they do know whether or not a bill is going to come up. that's to me insider trading and they should be prohibited from doing that. and if you are going to be ethical, nancy pelosi, then maybe you should step away and say we are just not going to do this anymore. but they can't pass up the millions of dollars it is going to make on a monthly basis doing this stuff. >> sandra: the speaker doesn't own any stocks via her spokesman. as you can see from the required disclosures with which the speaker fully cooperates these transactions are marked sp for spouse. so you would have to believe that they never had any discussions about upcoming bills and passage of them to assume that he is not getting
7:24 am
any information that is not available to the public because by definition insider trading would be, jason, if he is getting information from his wife that is not available to the public. quick final. >> it is pretty hard to convict or prove somebody's pillow talk but the proximity is just -- it stinks to high heaven. if you are going to be ethical and lead, then you shouldn't do it. but they continue to do it and it smells rotten and because it is rotten. >> sandra: jason, glad to have you here. good to see you. >> thanks. >> dana: the cost of living keeps going up as inflation eats away at your buying power. a small business owner in texas is amazing and has a battle to keep his restaurant open. america's military not able to fill the ranks with another troops to protect the nation. joey jones straight ahead.
7:25 am
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>> sandra: a los angeles county sheriff's dep see was rushed to the hospital last night from suspected fentanyl exposure in the line of duty. christina coleman is live in los angeles. christina, what is his condition and how is he doing? >> hi, sandra. this deputy survived after he was rushed to the hospital and into the emergency room. for naturally he is alert after coming in contact with a potent, deadly drug. the sheriff's department says he was exposed to fentanyl. this dangerous incident allegedly happened just hours ago around 9:00 p.m. last night. we're waiting on more information as to what led deputies to initially stop this vehicle. but when they did they allegedly found other drugs, a total of four people were detained including one who
7:31 am
appeared to have suffered from an overdose. again this deputy survived after the suspected fentanyl exposure but so many others have not across this country. look at the disturbing numbers. according to the cdc, fentanyl fatalities were -- last year that number jumped to 66.2% with more than 71,400 deaths reported. each one of those lives lost a person with a story and many times leaving behind grieving loved ones like this man who lost his son to fentanyl in april of 2020. he said the 16-year-old died after taking a counterfeit pill laced with a drug he bought off snapchat. >> it sickens me. i feel we're not doing enough to curb or abate these dution across the nation. we need our federal authorities to step up their game because we are being massacreed out
7:32 am
here. it is a national security crisis like no other. >> also out of the more 108,000 overdose deaths last year the vast majority, more than 80,000, were related to fentanyl according to the white house office of national drug control policy. >> sandra: it is a crisis. thank you. dana. >> dana: inflation is cutting into your picnic menus and backyard barbecues. for the owner of a popular barbecue joint in hill country inflation is a fight for survival for his business and forcing him to make tough choices. he is the owner of our barbecue. we are trying to tell your stories. tell people what it has been like as inflation has gone up over the last 18 months or so. >> well, it's really been difficult. a lot of these times i end up having to eat the price of
7:33 am
inflation. i do not pass my -- my increase over to my customers because we live in a small community and they will notice on the fly whenever i change the price of a tacos or sandwich. it has been very difficult in trying to manage the cost of inflation. >> dana: your dad helped the business started and you continued to run it. you have people who come in every single day but because of inflation it has led you to have to make some tough decisions. one you tried to cut back on the portion size. that didn't fly with the customers. no, we aren't going to do that. so you decided to close on a day or two. what has it done for the workers that you employ? >> it's been difficult for them as well. i find it hard to try to keep them happy with the salaries
7:34 am
and giving them plenty of days. so it -- that has been a challenge to try to keep them happy and again due to that happening, i did lose one employee and so that's been a challenge. >> dana: there is a description of a story of an employee in this article that she wrote about somebody who had to be driven 20 miles to the restaurant by his brother and you think that it was the fuel prices that might have led him to have to resign from the job. >> yes, i believe that was true because again, his brother had to come in in the morning and drop him off and then whenever we closed for the day, he would sit out there, sit in his vehicle waiting for him to get -- for us to finish cleaning up so he could leave. it was a 40-mile commute on a daily basis, you know, five, six days a week. so i can only imagine what his fuel costs was. i didn't pay him that well.
7:35 am
>> dana: one of the quotes at the end of the article is you said i put so much work in here and worked so hard to have people to come into and now i have to shut the doors on some of these days. important to make sure everyone knows people like you are going through as you try to keep businesses going. i will send karl rove to get r barbecue. >> we'll be waiting for him. >> dana: thank you so much. >> sandra: people are getting creative. let's bring in our friday money team. austan goolsbee was under president obama and steve moore under president trump. welcome to you both. austan, how do we fix it? steve, to you first on what is happening today and now new reporting that more americans than ever have having to hold two full-time jobs just to cover the cost of inflation as more americans are struggling.
7:36 am
it amounts to 70 hours of work a week. this is a real impact that americans are feeling every single day. can it get much worse? what happens next with all this? >> god bless those people working 60 and 70 hours a week to feed their families and pay the bills. it is very simple, sandra. when you have inflation running at 9 to 10% as it has been running for the last year and you have wages up by 5 to 6% people fall behind month after month and it is causing a real hardship and one of the reasons people have to take on a second job. let's also remember the business end of this that was such a fascinating story about our barbecue. the small businesses are really getting hammered. if they try to raise their prices a lot of people can't afford it so you'll see a lot of small businesses really struggling. that's what the latest survey shows. small businesses are really nervous about whether they can stay in business because of this high inflation.
7:37 am
>> sandra: austan. big questions over how to fix it. it will take a heavy lift on the part of the federal reserve to raise the interest rates and tame inflation without sending this country into a full on deep recession. i don't know what your thoughts are and whether or not we're heading in that direction but you have guys like kristin murphy out of rockford, illinois about more americans working two full-time jobs saying that she is doing this on the weekends to earn extra money to pay the bills. the extra work helps cover the cost of high electricity bills and surging gas prices. this is the reality for more and more americans. what do we do about this? >> well, the two things you mentioned, sandra, are kind of on opposite sides. so in the job market you are seeing extremely low unemployment. the people who are working and now you have some people working two jobs, but anybody that wants to work it's very easy to find a job and then you
7:38 am
have the fed saying they are going to raise interest rates as fast as they've raised rates really in our memory. and it might lead to recession. if we lead to recession, we're not going to be having the same discussions about the job market. i think this is a precarious moment for the economy and you are right to highlight that. >> sandra: it is important to access a job right, steve, but important the job you are working covers your bills. right now that is the strulg. put up on the screen what we've been talking about for months now and that is the spiking inflation rate and great that wages are going up but not keeping pace with inflation. that's the struggle. that's why some folks need more work than ever. >> so let's put those numbers in a perspective in dollars. for the average family with say income of maybe $70,000, they've lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 of their
7:39 am
purchasing power. that means it's a real strain. what really frustrates me about that inflation story it is the cruelest tax. the people really hammered by the higher prices you pay at the grocery store and gas pump and travel costs are the people at the lower end of the income scales and the whole purpose of the biden agenda has been to try to reduce income inequality but what we're doing is making things a lot worse for people at the bottom. people at the top of the scale are not really that burdened by the higher prices. >> i think the numbers don't really back that up. i think steve got a little confused if you look at wages in the bottom third of the distribution that's where they are up the most. up more than prices and the rescue plan gave us $3500 tax cut to all americans. so for last year that did not apply. >> look at the soup lines and look at the people, you know,
7:40 am
going to the food banks and so on. those numbers are increasing in almost every city now. >> sandra: we'll have you back and see you here friday on the money panel. >> dana: unprecedented crisis, the u.s. military struggling to meet its enlistment goals. why is this happening and what can be done about it? home. with home values at record highs, now's the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. up to $60,000 or more. the newday 100 loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value: 25% more cash than you get at a bank. give them a call. about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active.
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7:45 am
>> in is your captain speaking. today's exercise is fighting. >> dana: the air force is hoping for a boost in recruitment from the movie. the u.s. military experiences its worst recruitment crisis in decades. let's bring in joey jones. a story that we've been following for a while but reaching a fever pitch. the numbers are really bad. >> it's unprecedented but not unpredicted. i did a proud american podcast with amber smith former helicopter pilot. she worked with trump and this is all she wanted to talk about two years ago. she said listen, this is coming and it will be a big deal. two years later and it is a big deal. there are so many reasons this is a problem. i think it starts and i credit
7:46 am
amber with this, it makes a lot of sense. it starts with veterans and legacy families. the two biggest recruitment tools. prior service veterans and families that are generational in the military. we've lost them both. if you are a veteran and served in afghanistan you have a lot more questions than answers and more frustration than happy iness. it is not the military that it used to be. at the end of the day we join the military not so the military comes to us but because they set a bar that is unmovable. it is our job to achieve that bar. it is our job to achieve that standard, whatever it may be. it is unmovable, unshakable and been there for generations and our job to become that. not to become -- not to have an entire organization or establishment or institution come to us and tell us how we
7:47 am
identify is okay or the color hair we want to have today is okay. all the different little things that are little in a vacuum, you know, relaxing grooming standards and relaxing the standard that makes everyone look the same because you are not special anymore. you are just a cog in a machine. that's for a purpose. not to diminish you but allow you to understand there are things more important than you. there are words more important than i. service and sacrifice go hand in hand and you can't sacrifice while serving if everything that involves your serving is being bent toward you to accommodate you and make you feel better and to make it easier. that is a word used, easier, more fair for you. the one thing we know about life in general is it's not fair. as an american and especially someone who works the military you can work twice and hard and get it to same place and you
7:48 am
are in front. >> sandra: how do we fix it >> we don't pander to people and say we know what we are as the marine corps, navy, army. do you have what it takes to meet that? follow it through with action and policy. if a recruiting says that you can open up twitter and it is a lie. they'll bend their standards because they're desperate. >> dana: one about the physical fitness requirement and perhaps not not needing a high school diploma. >> if you drop out of high school the recruiter should have the tools available to get a g.e.d. physical standards, i can't teach you to care but i can run the weight off of you. i'm not as worried about that. you should meet a physical standard by the time you get out of boot camp. i don't want someone next to me that can't take care of me when
7:49 am
i'm injured because it happens. >> sandra: we love having you here. >> dana: great to see you. >> sandra: looking ought for our four-legged friends who served with honor. we'll talk to one nonprofit paws honor how it provides free veterinary care for retired military and police dogs. ♪♪♪ ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right.
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>> harris: the republican candidate for new york governor escapes a man coming for him with a blade. congressman lee zeldin predicted the suspect would be back on the streets immediately and he was right. plus president biden's covid diagnosis not just a health issue. politics in play as it could raise even more questions about 2024 for him. and a wild, woke week, schools, companies, sports, entertainment all caving into the hard left agenda.
7:55 am
founder of the federalist, dr. marc siegel, steve hilton. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> sandra: a boston subway train filled with passengers catching fire on yesterday's morning commute. amazing pictures, terrifying. it happened on a bridge over the mystic river. officials say 200 passengers evacuated that train. some even choosing to jump out of the windows. no injuries or deaths were reported thankfully. one woman even jumped off the bridge into the river saying she refused to get into a rescue boat but given a life jacket and swam to shore. wow. >> dana: i saw those pictures, very scary. i don't know if i would be able to jump in the river but thankfully they were able to be rescued. dangerous time of year, of course, when it is this hot. >> sandra: when you see the flames coming alt you. >> dana: of course you would do it and glad she was safe. thank you for that. we have this here.
7:56 am
well deserved care and pampering. nonprofit paws for honor are dedicated to providing free vet care for law enforcement and military canines across the country. the president and founder and the medical direct for for rehabilitation canine and christie and her handler. bob, thank you for what you do. how do you find the dogs and get them to the care that they need? >> that's the easy part. we run a veterinary clinic right outside d.c. and taking care of federal agents, local canines, for 30, 40 years. so we've been taking care of these dogs as they are working. so we had the relationship with them and once they age out or decommission or retire, that's when paws of honor started to take care of some of the
7:57 am
expenses related with retirement of the canines. it is easy here, but we realized very quickly there was a need across the country for this care for these canines once they retire so we have expanded and we are in 30 states at this point. we have 25 veterinary affiliate clinics throughout the country and have done all this since 2015. >> dana: put up on the screen for everybody you have helped more than 370 retired dogs, spent 1.8 million in veterinary care, partner with 25 veterinary hospitals that you just mentioned and represented in 30 dates. bob was saying that finding the dogs is the easy part. what's the hard part? >> the hard part is making sure they have a good quality of life in their retirement, right? these dogs don't get a pension or health insurance coverage once retired. paws of honor brings awareness and provides the funds to make
7:58 am
their care and retirement quality. once we can do that, then we can add in things. so have -- we get to inject things like nuclear medicine with one-year benefits or more for arthritis with these dogs. using stuff like dealing with dogs that have lumbosacral disease and we can inject things into the dog's backs to make sure they're comfortable and enjoying their lives. >> dana: they gave us so much. we're getting pictures of the dogs you have there. are they able to reaction? they have been trained to work and defend us do all the hard things. in their retirement do you let them -- do you see they can have some fun? >> absolutely. so this is canine christie worked for five years as an explosive detection canine. our dogs know the difference between work and play time.
7:59 am
throughout their career we have down time for them. they get to play in the yard with the other dogs but as soon as they get the command to work they know it's go time. >> dana: i love that. bob quickly if you could tell us if people viewing want to donate where they can do that and also are the dogs available for adoption? >> no, you have to understand these canines are different than normal dogs. these are the handlers' partners, teammate. they use these dogs save their lives and in bad places in the middle east and use them in pillows to sleep on. it is a bond that is totally different so they are never adopted. the handlers always take them. >> dana: that's good to know. great to know they stay together. go to paws of and donate and spread the word. i don't think a lot of people
8:00 am
understand or recognize that once the canines are retired, all their benefits stop and i think if everybody realized that they would be more willing to give. >> dana: we have to pick up where that leaves off and we will. thank you so much everybody there at paws of honor. we appreciate it so much. sandra, thank you for being here with me. >> sandra: our ladies -- >> harris: breaking news now. we have just learned republican candidate for new york governor lee zeldin will speak about the attack on him during a campaign event yesterday later this hour. a man with a blade attacked him at that event yesterday. the criminals are winning. the state's soft on crime policies playing out just like zeldin had predicted. the suspect walked free, no bail. i'm hair use faulkner and you are in "the er


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