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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 22, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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once the canines are retired, all their benefits stop and i think if everybody realized that they would be more willing to give. >> dana: we have to pick up where that leaves off and we will. thank you so much everybody there at paws of honor. we appreciate it so much. sandra, thank you for being here with me. >> sandra: our ladies -- >> harris: breaking news now. we have just learned republican candidate for new york governor lee zeldin will speak about the attack on him during a campaign event yesterday later this hour. a man with a blade attacked him at that event yesterday. the criminals are winning. the state's soft on crime policies playing out just like zeldin had predicted. the suspect walked free, no bail. i'm hair use faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus".
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the attack happened at the campaign rally in upstate new york. the suspect climbed onto the stage where the congressman was speaking to supporters about bail reform. he was holding a sharp object and told zeldin you're done. the whole thing caught on camera. you can watch the man approach zeldin in the video. see the thing in his hand. it has two points, actually. it holds on through finger holes so it is hard to get away from that man as he continues to go at zeldin. zeldin managed to grab his wrist. stopped him for a few moments energy others as you saw had to tackle the man to the ground. a state assembly candidate and witness described the scene. >> i stepped onto the stage, saw the attacker try to get into zeldin's face and swing. i could see what looked like a razor, knife of some sort at the congressman. i tackled the attacker from the back and slammed him to the
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ground where several of us were able to restrain him and get the weapon away from him and eventually turn him over to police when they arrived. >> harris: the d.a.'s office charged the defendant with a felony and released him within hours of his arrest and no bail was requested. that's exactly what congressman zeldin said would happen. david lee miller with more. >> that's the headline this hour. the man who attacked lee zeldin with a spiked weapon. a 43-year-old has been released without bail. he is charged with second degree attempted assault. this attack took place near rochester, new york at a vfw post and he was calling for changes fornew york bail laws talking about the number of people who were relocating to other states because of escalating crime when he was suddenly interrupted. >> this is our last stand for new york. and there is only -- there is
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only one option. >> zeldin was not injured. soon after the incident he tweeted out what happened. his words he tried to stab me saying you're done. several attendees jumped into action and tackled the guy. law enforcement there in minutes. the attacker will likely be instantly released under new york's laws. now zeldin predicted that would take place and he was correct. as for the alleged attackers he is an iraq war veteran but said nothing about a motive. a short time ago a zeldin spokesperson released a statement that said quote, it is terrible public policy that in the state of new york you can try to stab a synth member of congress or anyone else and be back on the street not even six hours later. zeldin's opponent kathy hochul tweeted a statement said i condemn this violent behavior in the strongest terms possible. it has no place in new york.
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and meanwhile we are also hearing this morning from the head of new york's republican party. he is slated to hold a news conference in the next couple of hours. it is expected that at that time he is going to blast kathy hochul as well as other state democrats for laws in the state that allow zeldin's alleged attacker to be released on his own recognizance. andy mccarthy this morning said it was more than a case of attempted assault. >> if they had called it attempted murder i could understand that. it was not an attempted assault, it walls a completed assault. >> there is the possibility of federal charges because he is a congressman. we have not heard back about that. zeldin's campaign bus tour scheduled to continue today. >> harris: he is speaking right now and when those remarks wrap up we've been told he is going to take two questions from reporters in the crowd and
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that's when we can show everybody the news conference that he is giving up in syracuse. great reporting. thank you. founder of the federalist now and now editor at large for the spectator, a fox news contributor is in "focus" and we're glad to have him. let's talk about how different this would be if this had been a situation where maybe the governor would see things differently. there was no gun involved here. usually we hear all about guns and blah blah blah and all the stuff she is going to do. this is her opponent. your take on all of it. >> my take, harris, is unfortunately we live in a moment in which the democratic party and the coalition of the left sees it in their interest to encourage the threat of violence, actual acts of violence as in this case, and the threat of assault to impose a type of fear on their political opponents that i view
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as thoroughly unacceptable and unamerican. this is not the way that we conduct our politics in america. it should not be the way we conduct our politics in america. and yet going back to five years ago with the shooting of steve scalise, the attempt to murder republican congressmen practicing for a baseball game, the more recent incident involving the targeting of supreme court justices where you have a host of media figures going out there and saying this is totally fine and just the natural consequences of the decisions they make and the way they serve, and the general attitude on the part of the left that says that mob violence, that acts of arson, acts of spraying graffiti and threats are acceptable. it is opposite of the way we need to conduct ourss at american citizens. when i see an incident like
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this i can't help imagine if the letter after lee zeldin's name was different, the response from the media would be different. the response from other politicians would be different and it is simply the fact he is a republican and a conservative running for office in a state like new york that allows something like this to happen and for the violent attacker to walk free. >> harris: there is so much to get to there and i pray that we don't have to watch any more of this. i'm not convinced of it because it comes all the way from the top. when it was a democrat, a woman in a bathroom. when men followed her in there all caught on camera the president didn't agree with krysten sinema on his build back better and what did the president say? it is all politics. when it comes from the top, it is hard to imagine it won't continue. >> it absolutely is a situation where the top is being either silent on this or condoning it or in their response to it just
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sort of saying well, this is just the way things are now. and the thing that i think you just said there that's so important for people to understand is that this is likely to get worse. as you see a democratic coalition, a left coalition headed for a very difficult mid-term likely to see them swept out of office in so many different areas, you will only see more desperation. you will see more threats of violence or acts along these lines. and we need to be prepared for it and campaigns should be prepared for it. when people ask the question why don't better people go into politics, why don't families and small business owners and the like run for office, this is what you now have to put up with. you have to put up with this because if you run for anything and hold any beliefs of the right you will be branded as a far right extremist and someone who is an opponent of our republic and it's something that i think is completely unacceptable and it encourages acts along these lines and we cannot afford to give people
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slaps on the wrist when it comes to stangd up on a stage ready too stab a member of congress. how far will we allow this to go? >> harris: i don't want to know. i'm grateful the assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh's life also did not -- was not brought to fruition. we're getting fortunate here but luck runs out. i would just say this one thing quickly and we'll move on. with regard to this case, normally we would say something like this as journalists, let's wait until it all plays out and they'll find out from the man because of politics. they let him go so quickly without bail we won't get the kind of answers. i don't want to call it convenient but it only benefits one side. >> you are absolutely right. i think we should see that in a clear-eyed way for what it is. we need to have a better approach to this and we need to guard the people who serve us in these important roles and if we don't, there is going to be
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consequences in terms of a lot of things and as you said, harris, we can only be so lucky for so long. >> harris: let's get to this. for four years now federal prosecutors are looking into hunter biden's shady business deals. a source is telling fox news the investigation is at a critical stage. president biden's son could face criminal charges for tax and foreign lobbying violations and lying to law enforcement. a former u.s. attorney says there is something off about this investigation. >> none of this adds up. none of it makes sense. indictments should have been brought when you first started calling witnesses and close there to. that's standard. it is certainly not what i would have done and it is not what the majority of my colleagues who served as u.s. attorneys would have done in this case. >> harris: the "new york post" editorial board is asking what's taking so long with this headline? is the hunter biden probe
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delayed to protect democrats in the mid-term elections? ben. >> i think one of the things we need to understand about the way that our law enforcement entities are working these days is that no one can really have a ton of faith in them. we've seen so much the degradation of the authorities of the steetion when it comes to the u.s. attorney probes and the like i think unfortunately we can't have faith in the process playing out in a way that isn't being skewed politically. we saw it during president trump's tenure, the way his investigations into the activity of those seetd with him was approached and until we have that confidence restored i think unfortunately we have to have an attitude of skepticism towards these things. are there political motivation going on here? there is so much that we know at this point about the truth about the hunter biden story but a lot more we need to know and the likelihood that this is being spun in a way that is meant to benefit democrats and
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the powers that be that are currently in charge is too realistic for us to tolerate. >> harris: if there was any problem with the shady business deals that would put american citizens in harm's way and make a president capitulate, who is looking out for us? that's the question i ask. i hope you'll come back soon to be in "focus." the white house stirring up some controversy over the president's covid diagnosis. questions about transparency and the political fallout. plus a deadly crisis in america is actually getting worse. >> one pill that kills, then that's a super red flag that we're likely dealing with counterfeit medications. this is probably the most dangerous time to be a teenager in the history of america. >> harris: families around the
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>> harris: consciousman lee zell kin expected to take two questions on yesterday's attack during a campaign event near rochester, new york. a man lunged at the congressman. the man keeps coming. others jumped in to save zeldin. the suspect was taken into suspect. prosecutors released him without bail after charging him with a felony they let him go.
8:19 am
is he is expected to speak shortly. president biden is isolating at the white house again today after his covid diagnosis yesterday morning. the press secretary repeatedly dismissed questions from reporters about where he may have contracted the virus. >> i don't think that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepared for this moment. what i'm trying to say the moment we're in right now is what matters as we are talking about the president and his treatment and how he is feeling and how he is continuing to work on behalf of the american public. the president is -- has mild symptoms. he is able to do the business of the american people from the residence and that's what matters right now. >> harris: really? will we get what matters about the president's health from her? they had a doctor for a bit. no surprise. the political fallout coming in full force. jacqui heinrich live at the white house. one of the biggest questions is how he contracted it.
8:20 am
were they contact tracing? is it too late in the game? let's face it. everybody running the country was near him including the vice president. >> we would love to hear from the president's doctor, a big bone of contention yesterday during the briefing. we got a letter from the white house physician dr. o'connor. the president's symptoms has improved. his fever was 99.4° and responded to tylenol. now a loose cough and voice slightly deeper this morning. pulse, and respiratory rate and normal. symptoms improving. as of this morning we just moments ago got the letter from dr. o'connor. the white house covid coordinator was offered up to various networks to give an account and update on the president's illness and talked a lot about how transparent the
8:21 am
administration is but no new information. he talked to the president at 10:00 the night before. >> as of 10:00 p.m. last night he was doing great. i will check in with them and him this morning and happy to report back. >> the house tweeted a picture of the president signing the formula act wearing a mask, taken yesterday. we haven't gotten a fresh view of the president today. we'll hear from biden's physician we won't be able to question him ourselves. administration is putting the white house press secretary up to the task. they gave conflicting information. he said the symptoms began wednesday night with a runny knows, dry cough and fatigue. the doctor said something else. >> i think his symptoms you could say began late last night or efrl this morning.
8:22 am
the symptoms developed this morning is my understanding and he had a test as part of his regular testing cadence. within minutes of when late in the evening he felt some amount of fatigue. after a long day of travel, i don't know. >> a very nice person. not the person we want to talk about the president's condition now the feeling among the broader press corps. timeline matters, whether the president should have isolated immediately at the onset of those symptoms until waiting until the next morning when he tested positive on a routine test. >> harris: we don't need snark from the medical expert. within minutes. no, we want to know who got exposed to the president when he was symptoms -- having symptoms and contagious. they run the country, come on. >> following cdc guidance. >> harris: the rest of us have to follow it. rules for them. none, rules for us, a ton.
8:23 am
thank you, jacqui. "wall street journal" columnist jason riley with this hot take and a very important point, actually. >> the real elephant is the room is not just the president has covid but that the president who is pushing 80 years old. most people get covid these days, you know, have symptoms similar to a cold, maybe a bad cold and they are just fine after a few days except if you happen to be pushing 80. in which case you need to take it very seriously. >> harris: he is pushing 80 over coming in november. dr. marc siegel is in "focus" now. he helped us navigate the breaking news yesterday. i bring you back. in day two we get statements, a news conference from the white house coming up. what should we be looking for? knowing who was around the president and if they are okay is important. >> you framed this beautifully as usual. i want to know exactly when he started having symptoms.
8:24 am
we know about his travel plan that he came from saudi arabia to the u.k. to rhode island, massachusetts, when did he start having symptoms? who was exposed. are they aware and have they been tested? that's where i would start. second point that jacqui made is right. the doctor is a great public health expert. one of the best in the world but he is not an infectious disease specialist or personally taking care of the president. he is seeing dr. o'connor and walter reed experts are advising him. how come they chose paxlovid that i prescribe a lot but stopped the blood thinner with a slight risk. there is another drug. how was the decision made not to use the monoclonal antibody or both of those together. those need to be addressed. the fact he has a slight fever
8:25 am
doesn't concern me but another point the symptoms can wax and wane of this. we need to be better informed. >> harris: no one knows better than dr. fauci. he had to take paxlovid twice and you are doing that with some of your patients. thinks get better and then rebound. watching a nearly 80-year-old man it is critical. last year biden praised the effectiveness of the vaccine but recently dr. anthony fauci had a different take. watch. >> the various shots that people are getting now cover that. you are okay. you won't get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> one of the things that clear from the data, that even though vaccines, because of the high degree of trance miss built don't protect against infect but protect quite well against
8:26 am
severe disease leading to hospitalization and death. >> harris: the "wall street journal" says president biden's infection shows that everyone will get the virus eventually. dr. siegel. >> that's not actually right. not everyone will get the virus because some people have a genetic resistance to the virus currently being studied by a lab in the u.k. when you have covid in your household there is a 1/3 or 1 half chance you'll get it. not 100%. a group won't get it. a large majority of people are going to get it. the doctor was right about another thing. the combination of the vaccines plus the paxlovid decreases the chances even in a 79-year-old with heart disease of ending up in the hospital. that's true, harris. where are the updated vaccines? where are the vaccines toward the new sub variants we're seeing? there is a stall going on in terms of the great biotechnology we've seen so far.
8:27 am
it is stalled. >> harris: the leadership changed and there is no operation warp spee.d i am breaking it down with facts. a louisiana community lost two young people to a fentanyl overdose in a single night last week. the local coroner called it the most dangerous time to be a teenager in american history. parents are pleading with the biden administration to take action. more action is needed. here is one father who lost his son to fentanyl. >> every time i hear these stories it sickens me because i feel like we're not doing enough to curb or abate these drug deaths across the nation. we need our federal authorities to step up their game. we're being massacreed out here. >> harris: in los angeles a
8:28 am
sheriffs deputy lost consciousness last night because he was near fentanyl. what will some of the things that pop to you and what should we expect from the biden administration at this point? >> i think the focus has to be on teens, harris, like you just said. a shocking statistic last year was 77% of deaths from overdose with teens involved fentanyl. the national institute of drug abuse says they don't know they are getting fentanyl. they are trying to buy something like other drugs. they aren't going to physicians, they are going online to social media think they are getting one thing. some chemist tied in with a drug cartel working in china or india tied in with the drug cartel from mexico is busy lacing these pills with deadly fentanyl and the teen stops
8:29 am
breathing before they know what happens. >> harris: there is no other reason to do that than to kill us. it is not like they're trying to solve a medical condition. it is a great deception. the media are praising president biden's video explaining his covid diagnosis, a big 180 after trump's diagnosis in 2020. speaker nancy pelosi denies giving her husband any inside information for his controversial stock purchase of those computer chips. you know, right before they decided they were going to spend a lot of money on computer chips in congress. >> what we're seeing here is the same thing i saw when i was in congress is this blatant corruption being exposed in broad daylight. the system is fixed.
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>> harris: lee zeldin of new york live via stream talking about the attack against him yesterday. >> district attorney alvin bragg's office and while we were there focusing on the alba case, what also just happened was that two mexican cartel drug smugglers had just been released on cashless bail after they were caught with 1.2 million dollars worth of crystal meth. now the argument in favor of cashless bail is that you don't want somebody to stay locked up behind bars only because they can't afford a very small
8:34 am
amount of bail. that's the argument that made by activists and advocates. i would offer that if you are a mexican cartel drug smuggler with 1.2 million dollars worth of crystal meth and you don't set aside enough money, that's on you. you are a bad businessman, a bad drug dealer, a bad criminal. those people should not be released on cashless bail. 93-year-old woman was murdered by somebody released on cashless bail. these stories are all across new york. historic crime rate increases are not just coming out of new york city. we are seeing numbers coming out of syracuse and rochester. people want to feel safe on their streets. they have want life in new york to be more affordable and filled with more opportunities. they want freedom. they want a government where they feel like they are in
8:35 am
charge of their government. they want public servants who believe that public service is about serving the public, not being served by the public. [applause] kathy hochul had a really bad week. there was a story that someone had given her, a family gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions. >> harris: we're watching congressman lee zeldin at his news conference. first event he is holding since the attack on stage. he held the attacker off, then a group of people jumped in also to save him as the attacker kept going for him. he is about to take questions about that. when he does we'll go back to that event in syracuse, new york today. i want to bring in the power panel. the executive director of america rising pack and the ceo
8:36 am
and founder and a democrat campaign consultant. cassie, i will come to you for your top line thoughts. good to hear from the congressman there simply as it always is when someone has been harmed to see them come back and be resilient. it was a close call yesterday. >> yes. that was my thought exactly. glad he is back out there and showing voters and americans we will not stand for this kind of behavior. but also let's take a moment to say tone it down to everyone. i know you were talking earlier in the program about justice kavanaugh. thank god these attacks have not come to their intended fruition is fair to say. we're running out of that good luck. people need to take down the temperature and rhetoric. i need to hear more from democrats to call it out when it happens. but both sides. they are silent when these things happen. >> harris: laura, i want to
8:37 am
talk with you about that. this brush paints all the way to the white house and when kavanaugh or justice u.s. justice, america's justices under threat particularly during a time when we're seeing this type of behavior and the president doesn't once comment on it, it does send a chill through the system. >> well, i think a couple things. one we also know that the january 6 hearings last night were talking about this at a massive scale that interrupted our democracy in a way we haven't ever seen. i agreed with cassie we need to condemn violence, condemn attacks, condemn the discourse that is uncivil. i think that's right. i think you also have to have protests. that's the complication. the protestor should be isolated, shouldn't be on stage or getting physically violent. >> harris: we don't know if he was protestor. >> that's what we have in our democracy and true now to
8:38 am
doomsday. you can't ignore the january 6 hearings in the context of this conversation. it is very important. >> harris: i think we can stay focus on the fact we're waiting for the congressman to come up and i brought in the president of the united states. he has been there for 18 months and if the tone were to address something that he thought was violent in the discourse he is not doing it and he has perfect opportunities now. unfortunate ones but perfect opportunities to speak up about that. let's focus on that, too. let's move. president biden appearing in a twitter video maskless on a balcony after news broke of his covid diagnosis. >> president biden: folks, i guess you heard this morning i tested positive for covid but been double vaccinated and double boosted. symptoms are mild and i really appreciate your concerns. i'm doing well. getting a lot of work done and will continue to get it done and in the meantime thanks for
8:39 am
your concerns and keep the faith. i'll be okay. >> liberal media are praising his transparency. they said the white house is working hard to make sure people know biden is up and active. critics point out the stark difference in the response to then president trump's covid white house video in 2020 when he stood maskless on the balcony as well. the media called the video deranged, a stunt, even accused the former president of sending a dangerous message. lara trump puts it this way. >> you are not suggesting that the media is somehow playing favorites with joe biden over donald trump, are you? of course that is exactly what's going on here. it is almost 180 degree change in coverage when you look at the way the media has handled this. >> harris: cassie. >> first i want to say from the very top on this very network yesterday you heard everybody start coverage saying we wish
8:40 am
the president well. we hope for a speedy recovery. president trump was not granted that same favor in the coverage before they just went right in to say he is responsible for all these deaths. he deserves this. they stopped short of saying they wish him ill. and that right at the very top going back to the taking down the tone in our country right now. this intent on being divisive is getting tiring and there is this media bias we all know about. the push more so to further divide us is very upsetting, i think, to all voerts and all americans. of course we want our leader to be well. we need that for the sake of our country and the world and it was really hard to watch yesterday even as some still wedged president trump into their coverage how people are so intent on making this a divisive issue when it doesn't have to be that way. >> harris: laura. >> i this i the critique came from the right. the divisiveness started there.
8:41 am
media coverage it would be hard not to cover they're being easy on biden because the critique of biden is day in and day out. it is difficult to argue that somehow the media are going easy on him and you have to look at the context. it was a much more deadly disease with no vaccines and the trump white house was putting out conflicting information throughout. when did he get diagnosed. what was his condition and treatments he was receiving after he went to walter reed. >> harris: you don't think that's happening now? >> conflicting statements and generates mistrust. >> harris: it happened yesterday. there should be contact tracing around the president of the united states. maybe they don't have the resources to do it for millions of people who keep contracting this virus. but you have to do it around the man at the top and so to be kind of shoved off by the doctor at the podium yesterday with what do you want within minutes?
8:42 am
it's ridiculous. >> did you talk about this with trump? i don't think you did. contract tracing i don't remember -- >> harris: they told us what those answers were. they told us who was being tested at the time, don't you remember? like all >> i don't remember seeing that. what i say is this. it is interesting that the concern is now and not then. to me i think if you are going to criticize you have to criticize both sides. >> harris: agreed. let's do that. i'll give cassie the last word. >> i think there was plenty of information being given. it was a different time with president trump and thank god for operation warp speed and now that president biden contracted it like millions of americans the overall sentiment is we think he will be okay because he got the they are poout ickx i cans. thank you to president trump and operation warp speed again. to say there has been fair
8:43 am
representation on this is just not being honest about that and every day of the week the media has been pushed to push back on president biden and his horrible policies and the impact they are having on americans. not something they wanted to do. if they wanted to do that they would have started with his campaign in the basement in 2020. they finally have to do a little pushback on president biden because it is obvious how poorly things are going. we wish the president well, of course, and want him to be healthy so our country can be run by a healthy commander-in-chief. >> let me say this. >> harris: have to move on. critics are not buying house speaker nancy pelosi's latest claims about the timing of her husband's massive stock buy into a microchip company. that came just ahead of a key congressional vote that would award a massive subsidy to chip makers. here is the speaker on all of it. >> over the course of your career has your husband ever made a stock purchase or sale based on information he
8:44 am
received from you. >> no. absolutely not. okay. >> harris: some in the liberal media are ignoring the disappearance of a possible huge conflict of interest. a fox news digital search of prime time network news transcripts found no mention of the story since it broke a week ago. laura, do you see a conflict of interest here? >> here is what i see. the reason we're even reporting on this is because nancy pelosi led the way on the stock act that requires spouses and members of congress to disclose. that's why we are talking about it. i will say this. the other thing i would say is what we should do if you care about passing the legislation that right now is pending democrat-led in congress, if you care about regulating stocks and banning members of congress from trading stocks go on the record. i think we have to start with all the members of congress across the aisle. i would start with the richest member rick scott who is also the most prolific trader of stocks in the entire congress
8:45 am
in 2022. start there and start putting congress members on the record talking about the issue. otherwise you are playing politics. >> harris: you mentioned that spouse act. i'm confused by that. most americans look at this and look at what they think is privilege when he got the dui a few weeks ago and oh gosh, let's pretend like that didn't happen. that's the hypocrisy we are talking about here. i don't know if anybody has a innooum ration of the stock acts. >> the rules for thee but not for me. i agree across the board that there should be something called out when we sight. i don't think there is an issue with members of congress having a stock but issue with members of congress or spouses having a stock that will be brought up
8:46 am
for a involvement maybe nancy pelosi didn't talk to her husband about this over a pint of ice cream but maybe the brief was laying on the kitchen table what's coming up on the legislative calendar. these things seem too coincidental and happen too often and that's what drives us nuts and she was so dismissive. instead of saying we'll see how it looks, i will donate the money to charity or be the leader for how to be better. instead she slooufs it off and are annoyed for people asking for her to be held accountable. >> harris: maybe an opportunity for a quick sell of her spousal stock act. i don't know. >> maybe an opportunity for republicans to announce their support of legislation to prevent stock trading. silence on the action front. all talk, all politics. >> harris: new york city mayor eric adams is calling out the republican governors of texas and arizona for busing migrants
8:47 am
to washington, d.c. they say they are fed up with the president's immigration policies but the mayor is suggesting they lied about not also sending migrants to new york city. he doesn't like it. >> the people sending people away tell you they did something differently and automatically you believe me. i wish you would treat me that way. do you believe them? they sent them away. they sent them out of their state. our country's home of the free, land of the brave. we do not become cowards and send people away that are looking for help. >> harris: a spokesperson for texas governor greg abbott says blame the biden administration. meanwhile, more migrants arriving today in washington, d.c. one volunteer told fox news three buses have arrived in the nation's capital so far today. this is getting people's attention, that's for sure, cassie. >> maybe the mayor should tune into fox news. you covered these fly by night
8:48 am
flights to cities all over the country that biden's administration has been authorizing very under the radar. but also if i'm governor abbott or ducey saying welcome to our team, mayor. we are dealing with this for months and months and the lawlessness policies of the biden administration are what's driving it. >> harris: i will dip in here. lee zeldin is taking questions about the attack during a campaign event. >> when he see something wearing a hat when they're a veteran. at the same time i noticed he had a weapon in his hand and it had two holes and two fingers through the holes and had two sharp dagger-like edges on it and he was telling me you are done and obviously in that
8:49 am
point regardless of whatever is on your hat, this was not a normal situation and there needed to be action taken. when he lifted up his hand and he was lunging for my throat area the first thought was to grab onto his wrist and just to hold it, because there were so many people around that i would expect there to be help quickly. that happened. and alison was right in the middle of that fray and a bunch of other people came and tackled this attacker right away and within minutes law enforcement was there. and i just am very grateful for the amount of people around who knew what to do. by the way, i have a feeling if this those people didn't instantly jump on him the way they did, there was probably
8:50 am
the next group of 7 to 10 who would have done it. there were a lot of people who reacted very smartly and i'm very proud of that response and what was a really difficult moment. >> are you going to change your security protocol or logistics to deal with it? >> all security for all events for the remainder of the campaign will be ramped up. it is something that started this morning. this is our second rally of the day. we just came from seneca where the increased law enforcement presence. that will be sustained through november. >> how do you respond to those that look at what happened and the fact that they were released shortly after this incident and might somewhat cynically look at that and think -- [people shouting]
8:51 am
>> somebody have water? behind you. >> harris: we were watching the congressman lee zeldin to give us details we had not known. he described this assailant with that two-pronged blade coming for his throat, which makes a lot of sense because the way it is made. and during those comments and taking reporters' questions from the heat. it is very hot and humid on the east coast well into the 90s and feels like over 100 we have
8:52 am
had someone succumb to the heat. it has been a tough 48 hour period on the campaign trail. all over the state we're -- we have infrastructure. i'm giving you the back drop so you understand this is what people are dealing with in general and then you have the campaign going on and you have the great evolution of watching someone who was attacked yesterday bounce back and give it his best to take questions and to tell us what's going on. we're glad the congressman is in good health and we're sorry for the person dealing with the heat right now. steve hilton host. next revolution is in "focus" now. we can talk a lot about politics and discourse and rhetoric and all of that. sooner or later we do have to address the issue that we will need security around some people. crime in this country what is
8:53 am
driving it or where it is is real. >> we need to have security for all people. we need to have security for high-profile people like lee zeldin. i was struck there he made the point and reacted as he did but very confident there would be more people around him who would take down this attacker and that's exactly what happened. i'm thinking about all the people who aren't at a press conference with lots of supporters around every single day on the streets of new york especially new york city but around the state, who are suffering these kinds of attacks all the time. sometimes we see it on cctv. other times we just read about it because there is so much of it you can't even keep up with it. i was struck by what kathy hochul said in response to this. she put out a sympathetic message, very nice of her. she said this kind of attack has no place in new york. she is wrong. it has pride of place in new york now because of the
8:54 am
policies that have removed the security that every citizen should have the right to respect. the defunding and demoralizing of the police. security is important for everyone. high-profile politicians and members of the public, too. >> harris: what you say is such a great example of where we are right now. we expect the people with the high profile to be taken care of. if even they are not. where does that leave everybody else. >> that's exactly right. >> harris: i want to focus on something that is really hitting americans at a raw point. transportation secretary pete buttigieg. let's pause for a second. supply chain crisis, his watch. and then he wanted to say some things about the baby formula crisis. he handled that poorly. too. transportation, gas prices. he is now patting himself on the back over the recent dip in the gas prices, taking credit
8:55 am
now. yesterday he tweeted good morning, gas prices are going down. well, gas prices have dropped 60 cents since peaking at the nation's highest ever more than $5 in june. prices remain $2 higher than what they were when biden took office in january of last year. so not putin's war is causing this. buttigieg likes the dip now. weeks ago the painful prices seemed to have a silver lining. >> the more pain we're all experiencing from the high price of gas the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vefjts what we're saying is we could have no pain at all by making ez cheaper for everybody. >> harris: will he sign the checks to help americans buy the $60,000 to $70,000 electric cars? is that coming from his
8:56 am
territory there? axios warns it is too early to conclude we've seen the peak in gas prices. former obama treasury secretary larry summer says the administration isn't focused. >> i wish my friends in the administration would turn their attention to what they can do to reduce inflation rather than clinging to the idea that this has been something that has been done to them by the fates. >> harris: what is your response when you hear that? >> it's so comical. their energy policy amongst many candidates in terms of their policy agenda is easily the most incoherent and self-sabotaging and destructive amongst money. to take one small part of this. they talk about electric
8:57 am
vehicles. the way these people talk about electric vehicles is if once you buy it, it's all free after that. do they realize they run on electricity and why they are called electric vehicles. you have to plug it in. the electricity going into the vehicle is from fossil fuels because we can't rely on sunshine and windmills. electricity isn't exactly free. you have to pay for it. the whole thing is so chaotic and makes no sense. a perfect example how their agenda these days on everything is driven by ideology and virtue signaling rather than practical solutions to the problems people face every day. >> harris: you will be invited to zero democratic holiday parties this year. what you just said was so true. electricity right now because we don't have the infrastructure to pull it from
8:58 am
other areas, windmills and so on and so forth is coming from fossil fuel production and not -- where you are in california, i don't know if that is still happening but you guys were forecast to have black-outs this summer because of all the heat. your grid is under extreme pressure right now. you need electricity to run those cars. >> harris, i could talk all day. i know we don't have too much time. a couple of small points. when you criticize california, when i do that here and call for the changes we need to improve the state, i get a lot of people saying it can't be that bad. we're the fifth largest economy in the world if you take california. do you expect the fifth largest economy in the world to tell its citizens as they are in los angeles and giant billboards don't use your appliances between 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. we don't have enough energy. solar power, they brag about that because you can't store it. you have too much in the day,
8:59 am
can't use it at nie. you no he what is happening in california? we are paying neighboring states to take the energy from the solar panels closing down fossil fuel industries that we have reserves of that could be powering the state. it is complete madness. >> harris: i giggled there and i'm not laughing at the fact that people are being told that they can't use their toasters and microwaves i'm lacking at the fact they have to make a choice there. you are asking them from an administration to buy a car that will suck more energy and they already can't even cook. >> exactly, right. just think about that. we can't run the current set of appliances, turn off your air conditioning but now they want us to plug in an electric car on top of that. it is such a mess. what will that do? you can laugh but it is very serious. energy is the driving force of a successful economy. they're totally sabotaging it in the far left climate
9:00 am
zealotry. >> harris: senator thune said the president needs to declare an energy emergency and you've given him examples of why. thank you for being in "focus." thank you for watching. have a blessed weekend. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: an act of political violence in upstate new york fortunately turned out okay. for the republican candidates, congressman lee zeldin.


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