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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  July 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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fox and friends hosting 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 10 a.m. sorry back here saturday night until then find me on social media lawrence b. jones 3 set your dvr so you never miss another show. and all of your stories to cross country at good night america. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you america. [♪♪♪] brian: welcome to saturday night, i'm brian kilmeade and this is "one nation." adam corolla will talk about governor newsom, and why everything is so politically correct today and how he's fighting back. doug masterano. the president of the united
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states, 79 years old. tested positive with covid-19. but the indications are he will be fine. but is the presidency going to be fine. indications are it's not. it's not just me saying it. it's most of the country and the media saying it. how did this happen? president biden was supposed to be the steady be force to moderate a country in a nation increasingly polarized. >> america is awakening to the fact that president biden is not moderate. >> there is nothing moderate about any of this and nothing unifying with trillions in spending to turn far left fantasies into reality. brian: why is he acting this
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way, not like a moderate. if you look closely at joe biden's career. he has never been a thought leader or great thinker. case in point, the top issues of today and yesterday. abortion. >> the ban on partial birth abortions or late term abortions. you supported that ban. >> i did. >> do you believe life begins at conception? i am prepared to accept my church's view. it's clear to me when there is viability, to survive outside the womb, i don't have any doubts. then and now. >> it doesn't matter if they are victims of society. are they going to hit my mother on the head with a lead pipe,
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shoot my sister, take on my son. what made them do this? they must be taken off the streets. brian: where is that guy. on foreign fol policy, remember his take on take out osama bin laden. >> my suggestion is don't go. we have to do two more times to make sure he's there. >> have you ever had a point in your life where the federal government did too much for you? it never happened to me. >> i want to make sure if we are crafting legislation that we are doing it where it's fiscally responsible. >> the people are saying joe manchin, don't you believe
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inflation is the worst thing in america right now? brian: is it any surprise? as much as people want to say joe, he's too old, joe is too slow. they they should be saying joe is being joe. joining us, the "wall street journal" i'd tore at large, gerri baker. you wrote about this. this is not joe biden being old, it's joe biden being joe biden. >> the answer they give, joe biden is as sharp as he's ever been. my answer is, that's the problem. throughout his career on all of the big issues, he's changed his mind almost. he repudiated the most memorable positions throughout his
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political career. he was for the crime bill, he was for welfare reform, he was for the iraq war. brian: basically pro-life. >> he followed bill clinton and the new democrats in the 1990s and the early 2000s. this is nothing to do with joe biden's age. if he served another term he would be 86. i accept that's a concern. the mistakes he's making in his presidency is not the product of a mind that's seen better days. his mind has not seen better days. brian: he had the joe manchins of the world, and krysten sinema.
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but he seems to be in love with the left wing of his party. he's determined to pivot to the left wing. >> he followed the party. he didn't lead, joe biden. obama took a stand on the iraq war or obamacare. joe biden through his entire career simply followed wherever the party wants to go, he has gone along with it. that was true in the 1980s and the tough stand ronald reagan took. now the dominant voices in the party as we have seen in congress and elsewhere, the
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dominant voices are the bernie sanderss and the aocs. >> now that 31% approval rating people have tuned out. we saw the way he embarrassed this nation and basically our allies by the way we pulled out and who we left behind. >> no question that was a tipping point. that wasn't the reason, that was the point where people's views became crystallized. it happens with every presidency. and people see who you really are at that moment. and they have been seeing everything through the light of what they see at that point. what they saw was incompetence, arrogance, determination to press ahead with the policy when there was evidence it wasn't working. it made them realized this is
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the man he has been all his life. brian: some interesting stories, if we look to see what's going to happen in 2022, the amount of new immigrants, 96,000 new citizens in georgia, 64,000 in arizona and nevada. i'm shocked to see the republicans have a program to win over our first-type citizens. >> this used to be the great advantage. there was concern because people thought democrats were inviting immigrants was they would help the democratic party. we are seeing a significant shift. many, many, many more immigrants turning to the republicans. democrats expected people with a particular skin color to vote
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for them. brian: condescending. >> if you are brown or black you have to vote democratic. immigrants who fought to get into this country, there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who want to live here. there are people in the rest of the world who would swap places with the people who say what a horrible country it is. brian: i am glad you choose to come here. >> i'm enormously grateful and my family are. brian: for people who aren't happy here, travel, if you find a better place, stay. a maga long-shot has a shot at winning the pennsylvania governor's race. how has that happened?
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why are democrats to blame in one of america's funniest people, adam corolla is here with his book.
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brian: welcome back. pennsylvania is the quintessential purple state. dems clearly are nervous the gop will flip the governor's seat, reining in those election laws. they formulated a plan for the democrats. limits not just support our nominee. let's support the most extreme republican candidate who claims president trump won in 2020. they pumped money into mastery mastriano's campaign big time. >> he wants to end vote by mail.
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brian: the dem candidate outspent mastriano himself. the state senator, retired army colonel who has a ph.d in history won. now the problem, the race is not a blowout. with four months to go, shapiro and republicans are neck-and-neck. thanks so much for being here. what do the democrats not know about you? >> first off, i want to thank fem them for doing this. the polling says never interrupt your enemy when she's making mistakes. what they don't know about me is there is nothing extreme about me. in the 30 years in the army. promoted from 2nd lieutenant to colonel. con being vetted. constantly investigated.
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if there was anything extreme about me, our nation would not allow me to have access to our most sensitive secrets. i served in the army my entire adult life and could not stands aside as i was retiring to see our country going down the tube. the democrats have nothing to run on besides calling people names. brian: you told me there is a poll out of pittsburgh that puts you in the lead. when it comes to abortion, i'm going to go out at 15 weeks. you say abortion for you is a zero sum game, abortion should not allowed in pennsylvania and it should be a second amendment stink wary. do you still hold to both those things? >> here is the reality.
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having read the supreme court decision. the issue of abortion not up to governor mastriano. the issue is hand back to the people and the people's representatives. the people of pennsylvania get to decide. they are the ones that will have the say. if it's a heartbeat bill, a fetal pain bill, that's what will come to my desk. brian: they were impressed with what they heard. >> doug mastriano made a great appearance at the governor association meeting in aspen. he gained a lot of supporters out there. pennsylvania will be a place where we'll fight hard for the governorship and we'll fight hard for governor oz to win the
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senate seat. brian: they were impressed with what they heard. do you think you will have their support. >> i believe the republican governor's association will back us because it's a neck-and-neck race. what i raid out to the rga in aspen. we had a tough primary, i was outspent 16-1. but i am fighting for the people with voter integrity. my opponent should be double digits ahead. the last republican i ran against, governor wolf, he was never in single digits. i come out of a heated primary, just a couple points to behind my opponent. they call me names, he's extreme, which is false. we are going to talk about the issues. we'll talk about inflation,
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pennsylvania's energy perspective. brian: we'll see if you can add governor your resume, it's already pretty long. thank you very much. brian: president biden is losing support from everyone, including comedians. next up howie kurtz b.a..5
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variant. >> he kind of whispers, then he yells. we know how to get natural gas. then he yells, we can get it. he put a lot of thought into how he would greet mbs. he gets out of the car and approached mr. bone saw, and then -- then the epic. ask him about the looming recession. no i will ask about the fist bump. he turned to biden, is there anything you would like to
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announce? brian: "late night" was funny. up to this point it has been a sanctuary for president biden. let me talk to you with what happened this week. do you think it's significant that these monologues are treating him the way carson and leno used to. >> the late night comedians are taking shots now that he's down in the polls. i remember when biden took over "saturday night live." and the guy never got on. it shows you biden's unpopularity is forcing these liberal comics to at least take a few jabs at him. brian: this week covid-19 struck
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the president of the united states. the difference in how donald trump was treated as opposed to president biden. they are saluting him for the way he's handling it. not so much with president biden. >> going into crowds unmasked was a brazen up have i takes for something like this to -- brazen invitation for something like this to happen. he chose to handle this situation this way. >> if the president can't be on the campaign trail, he will rely on his surrogates. unfortunately one of his surrogates is vladimir putin. >> i think it would be a good idea for him to say, look, i have been wrong. brian: do you remember that? no one is even feeling for the guy. they just use it to bash him.
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>> i was detecting a lack of sympathy. when donald trump got covid there were no vaccines available. and he had to go to the hospital with a serious case. biden is fully vaccinated. two years later. he has mild i am tools. to make it an equivalent is a cheap shot. brian: dave chappelle is arguably the top comedian in the country. they don't think he was sensitive about trans rights and gay rights. he was struck back in indianapolis. a legendary neath theater canceled him after he was sold out. >> the first avenue theater knew
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all about the controversy and booked him anyway. it was only when the woke staffer called in not only did they cancel chappelle, they issued an apology, we are so sorry, what were we thinking, we hear you, we have to make this a safe space. saying we have the make it safe because we have a comedian who might offend people. it was a complete cave-in. hitting the cancel button. brian: people came up to me and said i have to watch the closer to see what is so bad about this. howie, i will watch you tomorrow, i can't wait. "mediabuzz." we have one of the funniest thinkers in america. adam corolla with his new book.
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this summer on august 27 i will be in newark, new jersey. then albany new york, and brandon and tulsa, oklahoma. a red, white and blue night to remind you of what a great country we have. see you then.
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>> i'm adam corolla. this is my partner. eddie, and the love line phone. what your question. >> we are building a dam to whole back the tidal wave of feminism flooding this country. we call this dam the man show.
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what are you working on? let me give you a safety tip. if you are going to use this strip await installation from the handle, make sure the breakers are on and stand in a and of water. let me talk to you for a second. you got a blowout in our help void cushion? brian were adam corolla has been making us laugh on various shows for years. he's the host of the adam corolla podcast, and the book "everything reminds me of something." are you happy on lawn of day or nervous? launch week, i should say. >> i don't that's modes or
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range. it's just a day to get up and go to work. i am very sort of task oriented. when i used to be a carpenter, i said we have to grape that garage by lunch. then when we framed it they said are you happy, i said no, we have to build the roof and it's always the next thing. brian: you said people come up to you and say different things. you said i never in my wildest dreams or darkest fantasies ever thought anything i said or wrote on a page would be important. but defines and potentially patriotism, people are coming up to you for the first time and saying thank you. >> i noticed the difference about three years ago. there was a shift.
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i was at the racetrack and do a vintage race. people would couple and say funny guy. now they come up and say what you are doing is really important. they give you a weird secret handshake. i say imjust talking. they go, no, you have to keep talking which is a bad sign for where the country is going that comedians speaking their minds spoke the truth against power. brian: fundamentally you agree with them. their thanking you is sincere. >> they mean it and it struck a chord. it's sad someone speak their minds struck a shored. now speak your mind is an act of
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defines. brian: you were an east coast guy, now you are a west coast guy. one guy being a national figure, i think he's running for president is gavin newsom. you talked about gavin newsom doing stand up. >> gavin newsom picks bizarre things that don't make a difference to anyone living in his state and focuses on them like we now conqueredder problem. you go well, well, my son speaks mandarin, but he doesn't speak cantonese? is your son a junky. yeah, he's shooting up right now in the hall closet. brian: that's sadly the way he does his job, right? >> i have my theory.
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that was an impromptu thing on the stage. my theory is california picks small things as if we are out of problems. the analogy is if you said how is it going, and they say i just got stainless steel cabinetry in my garage. then you went to the person's house and they are cooking meth in the kitchen. if we are focused on this, then it couldn't be that. we have a power grid talling apart. schools are falling apart. he truck is going to be electric by 2035. you think that must be utopia. we are going to give
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reassignment surgery to everybody under 19. you wouldn't think it's a dump. brian: in your book, you take random questions in your life and give perspective. because of the wild things and crazy things you have done. you are a handyman as well as a deep thinker. why don't you pick your topic. i will give you me topics. jennifer gets hitched. elon shirtless on vacation. transgender person nominated for athlete of the year. out of those three topics what would you choose to expound on. >> they are all scintillating
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but i will go to elon. elon musk came to california with a dream and started many businesses, spacex, tesla, huge businesses, and now he left. what i would like to say to the legislation and gavin newsom and the mayor of los angeles, the smartest guy in the world thought it was a good idea to come where you are, now the smartest guy in the world has left. what does that say about your state when the smartest man in the world who didn't want to leave went, i am forced to leave, i have to leave. >> i think it was a good choice. "everything reminds me of something. adam, congratulations on all yourself-made success. >> it's always a joy. brian: some day i hope you say that and mean it.
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but for now i will accept that. it's hard to stop him once he questions started and i was glad to tape it. parents say it's time for real alternatives in public schools. alternatives in public schools. we have the founder of a new
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brian: if there is one thing the pandemic taught all of us, it's that the state of public education is a mess. bee we have a gallup poll that shows americans' opinions of u.s. public schools is 28% with confidence in the institution. in new york city, public enrollment is down. 30,000 pupils from last year. the city's charter schools are growing with enrollment up 7%. my next guest is a long-time crusader in the charter school. he's excited about a school that
11:46 pm
the teachers union has targeted with a lawsuit. ian rowe is here. he's the author of a new book called agency, go get it. the four-points plan for children to overcome victimhood and discover their path to power. why are charter schools necessary? >> choice. middle and upper income families across the country, when they are making the big decisions about where to send their kids to school, they can move to a nice neighborhood, they can send their kids to private school. if you are a lower income communities where the percentage of kids graduating from high school maybe 25% and you don't have a choice, we are literally sentencing the most vulnerable kids in our society the first
11:47 pm
rung of what could offer them a chance for a successful life. longer school days, higher expectations. in our case, district 12 in thes bronx. only 7% of kids that start 9th grade graduate ready for college. brian: one quote i think tells your focus in this book and also in life about what your message to young people is. put this quote up. tell young people the system is rigged against them, pound it into them they are victims of racism and they have no shot, that there is nothing they can do to make a difference. and don't be surprised when they
11:48 pm
act or don't act accordingly. tell them life is not fair but get over it and deal with it. >> the reason i run schools is i want students to know they can do hard things. there are pathways to success even if the face of life's hard barriers. there is a dominant narrative that in my view is impeding people from believing they can overcome these barriers. the high school in the bronx will demonstrate we can have them succeed at the highest level. brian: you don't tell kids all things are going to be equal. you say whatever the situation is, overkoiment, deal with it, build the resources and education necessary to be successful. >> build your story. i have two children. same parents, same environment.
11:49 pm
they are not going to be equal in terms of outcomes. why would we expect whole groups of people to be equal in terms of outcome. allow them to flourish to decide for themselves. brian: why do the democrats fight charter schools so much if they are the party of the immigrants. >> when it came to school choice, that's something we can agree upon. maybe it's because of the larger fracture in essence of where we are in the country, opposition to school choice and charter schools is wrong. if you are really interested in the ultimate success of all of our kids. brian: competition always breeds excellence. teach teachers unions supply and
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support the democratic party and you are their worst nightmare because you make them accountable. meanwhile, the reality star takes a super short private jet flight now climate activists are up in arms. topics you don't want to talk about. but we'll make you examine them.
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brian: it's time for news duel *. janice dean, are you ready? >> i'm nervous. i'm not going to lie. brian: i start. sylvester stallone is after his
11:55 pm
producers. rocky says give me some of the rights to my movie. >> how did he not have the rights? brian: i have no idea. he's relentless on beating up on this guy saying give me some of the rights. and i don't think he's cut in on the revenue. he has no control of the product. how crazy is it that he's 76 years old. >> if you listen to the janice dean broadcast, kilie jenner, i don't know which jenner. is she a climate criminal. she was slammed for a 17-minute flight. i guess she likes the climate but not for her. she wants to make sure she can
11:56 pm
fly in a private jet with her husband or ex-boyfriend. there is d there is a celeb jet twitter account that tracks celebrities in their jets. brian: i have not seen her come out against oil and gas and jet fuel. next, one of the great guys in sports that continues to show us, j.j. watt. i want you to take a look at this shot. these are jj watt sneakers and they will sell them to pay for the grandfather's funeral. jj watt said don't sell your shoes, we'll help you with the funeral. >> he also helped with hurricane
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harvey. brian: next. >> heat wave, when will it end? where are we talking about? across the country? in europe. we had incredible heat. people say it's summertime, of course it's hot outside. but i guess we are a sounds bite from leonardo dicaprio. >> are we not being clear? we are trying to tell you the entire planet is about to be destroyed. >> you just keep the bad news light. >> it helps the medicine go down. >> in the northeast there is cooler weather on the way. but the central u.s. we still have summertime.
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brian: seth curry said you know tom brady? he retired for four months, after spending quality time with his family. we are not on speaking terms. listen to what steph curry said as host. he's the only guy on earth who would rather get hit by donalds than hang out with his girlfriend. brian: he made the decision to go back to football to be with sweaty men. we have the best news yet. a brand-new janice dean podcast. it's the janice dean podcast. who came up with that name. brian: can i relive a moment from when i was on. >> this is my official podcast,
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you are my first guest. brian: i became number one when steve doocy turned you down. >> i have no response to that really. you were my first guest because i love you the most. brian: i love you back. i have been urging you to do this for a long time. you have been telling me i should be doing this for 20 years. brian: this is the time i have to say good-bye. >> are they taking us out. brian: that it for us. don't forget to dvr. but do it as a series. you have to do it every week. catch the podcast if you can't telecast radio show live. on "fox and friends," i'll be talking to piers morgan and
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