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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  July 24, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it was an old number, but they tracked the sender on facebook who says he was about 10 years old when he threw that bottle in the ocean around 1995. it says if you find this message, call this number. they did. but they found him on facebook because that's the way they do it these days. >> eric: they framed it, gave it to him. so cool. hello. i'm sea duffy. welcome to the big sunday show. >> the growing buzz surrounding who the democrats will pick as their nominee for president in 2024. and the commerce secretary is responding to that speculation. >> david? >> there's a new warning for people who use those dna companies to learn about their backgrounds. a congressman on the intel committee says that dna could be used to make biological weapons.
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there really is no i in team. former star quarterback ben roethlisberger is calling out what's happening in football today. former vice president al gore has what seems to be an inconvenient truth. >> climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door, while the children were being massacred. they heard the screams. they heard the gunshots, and nobody stepped forward. confronted with this global emergency, what we're doing with our inaction and failing to walk through the door and stop the killing is not typical of what we are capable of as human
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beings. >> what is sick in comparing climate change skeptics to the uvalde police officers? tommy, your thoughts? >> -- tammy, your thoughts? >> it is ghoulish. it is shocking. most of the headlines are saying stunning or surprising. it is this ultimate you never want to let a good crisis go to waste. there is what disgusts the american people. al gore touted when he was vice president how he was an every man and worth under 2 million dollars. he's now worth hundreds of millions of dollars, via his work on the issue of climate change or sustainability. his mansion in fact uses via the research from a number of entities more energy each year than the average american family uses in 21 years. so yes, there's hypocrisy, but my goodness, this is shocking in that you're dealing with still families in a country that remains wounded, remains still trying to assess what happened
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there, and finds that to be a convenient massacre to make his point as he then also just started up a new sustainability investment fund that's attached to his major global fund worth billions of dollars. it is ghoulish, hypocritical and disgusting. >> we see so many of these elites who want to tell us what to do with their lives but they themselves don't do the same thing. we have a full screen for you that kind of calls out some of our elites. we have bill gates has four private jets, sea planes, helicopters. he's rented a massive luxury yacht. john kerry, 48 trips lasting 60 plus hours, about 325 metric tons of carbon emissions. al gore, in 2017, his house used 19,000 kilowatt hours per month. 21 times the household average. they are saying we have a climate crisis? listen, you are going to change the way you behave if you believe the world is going to end because of climate, but
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these guys don't seem to change the way they live. they want to change the way you live. >> they want to rule from above and told of tell everybody what to do. john kerry another great example of that. not just climate change but the pandemic and everything we have seen with respect to hypocrisy. i want to make the point that it was a very very poor and really horrible comparison. i can't say it better than tammy did. i will leave that there with respect to gore and his comments on the uvalde shooting, but what he's missing here is first of all, he's making a couple of assumptions number one that his perspective on climate change is actually correct. i'm not going to debate that here. a lot of people would. there are two sides to every story. having said that, we can do everything we can. say we use our magic wand and we went green overnight like this administration wants to. what about china? what about india? the two biggest polluters, you know, across the globe, we can do our part, but the other people aren't contributing as well, the only thing that happens is the american people get punished, for example, with high prices at the pump, and nobody else is doing anything.
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>> i think that's a really good point. we have all these climate rules. we ship our jobs, our industry, over to china where they have no rules. we live on the same planet. it doesn't make a lot of sense. i think about the parents of the victims of the uvalde shooting, and to hear al gore -- they might be right on the same page as al gore on climate, but to use their suffering to make a point on climate is heartless, isn't it? >> you think about the parents. i think we think about the parents, but al gore has no soul. >> yeah. >> if you look at the fear porn which is what it's been over climate change that he's been a part of. in the u.k., they removed i believe 24 minutes from an inconvenient truth. that was a court ordered removal. we had global -- [inaudible]. ice age into the late 70s into the 80s. then we had global warming. then they market it as climate change. al gore builds a fund on the chicago mercantile i believe it was initially which took 600 million dollars and lost it while he made money and built, what, a 20,000 square foot
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house. these are people who have no soul. they have an agenda. he's making money off of this. that is all he's doing because he's actually done nothing. by the way, for everyone out there, common sense, if an air mass over africa then works its way into the atlantic and becomes a storm, to jackie's point, this is our entire planet involved. if you are burning fibrous materials like wood and others in africa, your air quality's worse. what has made things better? what has made things better, fossil fuels, energy that's redistributable, that people can use to better their lives and build a better economy. >> natural gas; right? >> -- of actually solving and then technology comes into play. we went from dirty coal coming out of smokestacks to recapture. we have coal that burns hotter. we have advanced because of technology and knowledge. these are the regressive flat earthers who want to use the american people or the globe to make money.
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>> you're going through facts and what policy could affect and what we all care about, of course we love the planet. it reveals everything. for gore to use something as raw and as horrific as the mass murder of children tells you that they don't want to discuss details. they want you to move on emotions, and they want to use the emotions that we have regarding something legitimate that actually happened. the worst thing that can happen in humanity, the nature of humanity and to compare people to that -- compare those who disagree on the facts of the matter with individuals who we still have to have the full accounting regarding what happened with that police department, we don't have that. we have a general sense of how horrible it was, but my goodness, this reveals the fact that they have no handle on the reality of what's happening with climate change because they don't want -- he can't move you on the facts.
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he can only move you and his instinct was to go and to use dead children to make his point as maybe he's wondering about how is it going to be that he's going to get more billions for his climate sustainability investment fund, how dare he? >> he didn't just use the uvalde children as you mentioned tammy he also talked about the problem with democracy. take a listen. >> democracy is broken, and in order to solve the climate crisis, we're going to have to pay attention to the democracy crisis. >> okay. our democracy is broken because al gore can't get his policies through the congress? democracy is broken? do what i want or -- >> or it's broken. it is the same thing when it comes to the supreme court and some of the recent decisions in abortion as well. that's another conversation. it is so interesting. i want to pick up son only of this. -- i want to pick up on some of this. we don't really have a situation where democracy is governing what we would like to be doing or what most people would like
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to see happening in the energy industry here. we would like to see our producers pumping, our supply going up to match the demand, the robust demand that's been out there. what does this president do? he goes over to opec and says one of the dirty producers. can you give us some more oil? we are not going to let our producers pump. he asks can you give us some of the dirty oil? our industry that's evolved over the last 20, 25 years, we have some of the cleanest fossil fuel across the globe, and yet our hands are tied in not being able to produce it. i would say to a certain extent, although i'm not agreeing with al gore, yeah, then the democracy's broken. >> but that's american jobs -- [inaudible]. but then the big question is why are they doing this? i think it is really about control. if you can control food, if you can control energy, if you can control transportation, they control you. >> let me simplify it for everyone watching. look at the nations around the world. look at those that have better energy delivery, better systems,
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better economies. they're cleaner nations in general. look at the poor nations, it is not venezuelan crude, it is communist crude coming out of venezuela, where babies are being born to malnourished mothers. this is what they support. these are amoral elitists who don't care. al gore has no soul. i will say it. >> consolidate power with the' leads, that's what this is about -- consolidate power with the elites, take away the democracy and give it to the elites. >> let me solve climate change for everyone because we're a happy show and we need a moment. in 10 billion years, our sun becomes a red giant. that's the consensus, from a scientific perspective, then our climate will change and we will have no control. >> all right. straight ahead, the white house doubled down on its defense of president biden's position.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the big sunday show. president biden is isolating at the white house this weekend while he recovers from covid. the latest written statement from biden's doctor reads in part, quote, his symptoms continue to improve significantly. his predominant symptom is now sore throat. the white house is doubling down on the physician to the president to many want to ask questions. >> the personal physician of the president has put out detailed reports on how the president is doing today. i speak to the personal physician and the presidents every day. -- the president every day. dr. fauci as well. there's a team of us in constant communication. we're getting that information out to the american people >> a lot of people are questioning whether we're really getting that information in a
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timely fashion. david, i want to start with you on this one. they were telling us first he had omicron, we're hearing ba 5, a sub variant of omicron. that tells you about his potential condition, maybe where he got it. we will discuss that in a moment. your thoughts on what we're getting, how soon we're getting it. >> never let a crisis to go to waste and to borrow from tammy keep it going propaganda. they used omicron to spread more fear. certain states started reacting. this was also a coordinated effort. it is a sub variant ba 5 which according to my sources they knew about it yesterday and were going to come out with it on monday. i'm surprised they came out with it today. it is all about pushing their agenda. everything they do, look broader, you know, climb higher as they say in the air force and take a look at it, you will see an agenda in play. that's what biden has been doing his entire political career. this is not new.
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biden's not that -- [inaudible] that suddenly he doesn't know what he's doing all the time. he knows how to play whatever audience. the democrat, the establishment, the song tell me sweet little lies, i don't know if she knows the difference, she can't answer a common sense question, she's supposed to represent the president of the united states. i've known past press secretaries, secretaies on both sides of the aisle who have done their job. she is incompetent. this white house is incompetent. that's a problem. >> tammy, the latest predominant symptom for him is the sore throat. that's not what they were saying last week. he's 79 years old, on blood thinners, giving him medication for this as well. the american public has the right to get answers to some of these questions to know how the president is in fact doing. >> indeed. they say it doesn't water where
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he got it. -- they say it doesn't matter where he got it. it does matter. we have been told for two years that it is the science, data, tracing, we need to know where this is going. suddenly they don't care about that now. that's a worry. if we really are wondering about when it comes to the variant, well, it would matter, about what was it in the planning, what was it that he did or didn't do, if their planning matters, if it works, that then should inform everything else. i think that's a worry. one story says in the washington post that he's using an albuterol inhaler. i have situational asthma. i just use the albuterol, that inhaler, if there's a major issue. that's a steroid that has to go into your lungs. that's a major thing to know that the president has to take on occasion in order to breathe properly or to at least contain some part of this omicron, which the difference is, is it that lives in the larynx. you lose your voice, some people do. maybe that's another reason why
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you're not hearing from biden. maybe the voice is affected. that wouldn't be unusual. but every step, it is as though you can smell the [inaudible] of what it is they are telling you, the fear, the lack of reality in every single thing, including when he says things like after a poll that says democrats don't want him to run, he says they want me to run or that the border is closed. their statements have regularly, if not usually, contradicted reality, and i think that's why we're concerned. >> you both bring up kjp. let's listen to her response when she was asked about this on friday. >> look, i don't think that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepared for this moment. >> and then of course the doctor who comes up to clean up on aisle 7. >> i think the question that the press secretary was answering is can we look back and figure out who infected the president? very difficult to do that. it happened several days
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obviously before he developed a positive test. and you know, the president's been out. he's been meeting with people. he's been meeting with americans. it is going to be very difficult to trace back and figure out who dpaif it to him. -- who gave it to him. >> on contact tracing and for everyone, go to the new york post and look up the story, i believe it is titled the five faults of fauci or something. contact tracing is one of the biggest frauds in covid. difference between tracking hiv or even say a monkeypox versus contact tracing on this? it's proven wrong. they are using shifts in narratives that don't even follow scientific methods. >> they admit that. they had all of us doing tracing back to find out where we got it, who we had contact with it. >> an app on your phone was going to follow you around. >> i had an app from the hospital that i was looking at that i was going they are tracking where i'm going. i had to disable it. this white house has been lying to us for a year and a half. if they are not going to let us hear directly from the
2:21 pm
physician, my antennas go up. are they lying to how sick he is? i hope he's doing well and recover quickly. i disagree with his politics, but i want him to be healthy. they are not being honest and levelling with the american people which is why you see them dancing all over the place. language matters. we're talking about a vaccine. this is not a vaccine. everyone i know who has been boosted and vaxed, they are all getting covid. to people who haven't been vaxed aren't getting covid. >> it's a therapeutic, but if they called it a therapeutic, everyone wouldn't have gotten it, and they knew it. why did they need everyone to get it if it was just a therapeutic? >> but tammy, if it's a therapeutic, what studies have we done to show that it's a therapeutic that works? i see no data. we're vaccinating everybody. college students are getting forced to be vaxed. the military is being forced to be vaxed. i go why? when there's no data, no science behind it, it doesn't make sense? what are the risks of getting vaxed? we should have all that
2:22 pm
information. >> speaking over each other] -- [speaking over each other] >> we need to leave it there. do you use the dna testing kits? >> you can take somebody's dna, medical profile and target a biological weapon that will kill that person. >> a warning for members of congress who sit on intelligence committees. that's coming next. ♪ ♪ frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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sunday show. now, a new warning tonight about dna companies and your personal information. your dna information can be sold and weaponized against you. the alarm being sounded. listen to this. >> can actually take someone's dna, you know, their medical profile, and you can target a biological weapon that will kill that person. people will very rapidly spit into a cup and send it into 23 and me and get interesting data about their background, and guess what? their dna is owned by a private company and can be sold off. we have to have an open and public discussion about what does the protection of healthcare information, dna information, and your data look like because that data is actually going to be procured and collected by our adversaries for the development of these systems. >> before anybody goes crazy on this out there, that's a democrat congressman jason crow, so not a right wing talking point.
2:28 pm
i've been warning people about this for years, since 23 and me and all those spit in the vial, send it in. we're giving our information away. health information is valuable information about you. also where the data is stored. you brought up a point during the break, tammy. who has the data matters here. >> you know, i don't really know anything about my father. this dna stuff was fascinating and important to me. i have learned so much about who i am that i never could have guessed, and that is because of dna. it's not the data or dna that's the problem. it is the companies or the countries that control the data. china of course over a decade ago, like they do everything, moved into this. we're allowing china in relationships with hospitals, buying up companies regarding medical data, involved in when it comes to paternity and maternity, finding out about your fetus and the health of your baby as the baby's
2:29 pm
developing. it goes to china. the control and the knowledge, the data they have to say nothing of hackings of hospitals, hackings of our health insurance companies, right? the office of personnel management, obama care, really, we're looking at china and russia etc. so in deals that the american government could control, we have less control over data. we're allowing foreign countries, enemies to gather this data, and yes, to potentially use it. the fact that that discussion was at the aspen gathering with american leadership, not in a cave somewhere on like, you know, hand radio with conspiracy theorists. they have known this for at least a decade, and our government has done nothing to change it. my message is, it's not the data or learning about who you are that's the problem anymore than a firearm is the problem. it is whose hand is the data in. that's what we are aware of when it comes to firearms, when it comes to the nature of this.
2:30 pm
it's like suddenly they are saying don't use the data. don't use the, you know, don't find this out. we need to be able to, but they are correct. right now, our enemies have access to that information. >> so tammy brought up government, and there's a process that we have and various processes and a responsibility for congress to deal with these companies that come into our country, invest chinese communist party controlled countries. a process and others which covers anything of national security interest, so to the former congressman here -- >> the problem with that is the fact that you have the board members who are not just serving government and the people, they are looking for their next life outside of government, so they will make decisions that are not in tammy's best interest, that the chinese government is not going to get her dna information. they look at themselves and where they will work once they are out of government. the problem is if i spit in a cup that's one thing, but if my cousins, parents, siblings spit in a cup, they get my dna regardless. when i was in congress, we were
2:31 pm
dealing with social media privacy. your information on the internet on social media should be yours, and people are our age, i'm excluding jackie, our age, we actually care about privacy. everyone jackie's age, they couldn't give a darn. >> they haven't known privacy. >> we have, and we've lost it. they have never known it so they don't know what they are missing. >> let's add another aspect to this. senator joni ernst weighed in on this. let me add, how many of you have added your animal dna out there to find out who your animals are from? here's what senator ernst has to say. >> if we look at food security and what can our adversaries do with biological weapons that are directed at our animal agriculture, at our agricultural sector, hoof and mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, african swine fever,
2:32 pm
if targeted by an adversary, we know that it brings about food insecurity. >> she's 100% right. look, when it comes to data, the point that you made about social media and the fact that our data's been cannibalized for years now, already, it should be no surprise to anybody that the 23 and me, for example, could turn into this, the weaponizing of it is something that we're all thinking about after covid-19. if you subscribe to the theory, even if it was an accident, that covid originated in a lab, you can see the catastrophic consequences of what could happen there, and so people really need to think about what they subscribe to. the power that we have right now is not with congress. it is actually with the individuals. i tell people all the time, don't put alexa in your house if you don't want people listening to you. don't buy 23 and me if you are against what they are doing with the data. all we can do is stand up for ourselves and protect ourselves and not sort of follow the herd, follow the crowd. [speaking over each other] >> this was a wake-up call in
2:33 pm
that i've got the alexa. i was like sitting around and the alexa chimed in and said by the way, would you like us to tell you to take a -- to drink some water if we hear you coughing? it's like no. >> what? >> first of all, does that mean -- that means you would need to be listening -- it's like that is the under the ground permission -- >> active listening. it's active listening. >> -- permission to listen constantly. >> we've got to go, i know. i need to talk about cows and dna. there's american dna and american cows. >> well, there is. >> we have different virologies, different systems. this is valuable information. >> different lines. >> back to tammy on this again, who has the data, who uses it? >> yes. >> we got to go here, guys. i know we could dig into this even more. i have a lot to say myself, but will the commerce secretary run for president, if biden doesn't? wow. the democratic buzz around 24. i got to say that with a straight face.
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♪ ♪ >> add to that on to the national anthem. welcome back to the big sunday show. before we move on, we just wanted to mention that 23 and me, which i used for my dna stuff, denies selling any of its data of its private customers to anybody. i think that's an important reminder as it goes back to my point, which is the contrarian point on this panel. now, to this -- [laughter] >> i'm just saying. president biden's commerce
2:39 pm
secretary, you may be wondering who is that? she's one of the democrats the media believes will run for president in 2024 because they know everything. today she addressed those rumors. >> there is a lot of speculation about your own political future. do you think when you hear -- you must hear it. is that counterproductive for democrats to be openly talking about anyone other than biden running in 2024? >> yes, i think it is. the president is a great president. he's doing a great job. he's going to run. he's the man for the job. i think it is unproductive. >> a recent poll from the liberal "new york times" showing biden is not the favorite in 2024. 64% say no, a different candidate. her response to that that he's a great president alone of course makes it clear that she should not be anywhere near the white house. this really brings up something
2:40 pm
i think important, sean, that when it comes to the quandary the democrats have, it's clear there's nothing to say, that joe biden is not needed really for anything apparently. i have described him before as mascot. they seem to be unsure about to proceed. their back bench seems to be very very thin at this point. what do you anticipate? >> quandary, yes, a nice word. raimondo, i don't hear anyone talking about her as president they are in a predicament. you have to support biden, and to support him, you have to support and defend the policies which is bad for democrats electorally. if you throw joe biden off the bus or off the ship, then he's a lame duck president and there's two years left in the presidency. there's this quandary. joe biden doesn't speak very well and shuffles around the white house. it is not joe biden. it is his polpolicies. you are not going to get
2:41 pm
different policies with a different presidential candidate. joe biden could save his presidency if he would change course. this socialism -- >> he's not driving the car. >> my point is, he could if he wanted to, tammy >> that's correct. >> he won't change course. everyone who comes after joe biden will be just as bad because they have the same policies. >> jackie, isn't that it? it is about the team of people that running joe biden that have control of things that he really is a front piece that someone else might move in there. >> on the climate stuff, you know the extreme left is driving the bus, if you will. when it comes to the economy, gina raimondo essentially has said inflation has peaked. you can't say that just yet because things have gone out of control here. you have the fed traying to rein it in but we have a lot of issues to solve before we call this a peak. you have the rest of the administration saying inflation was transitory.
2:42 pm
they were saying that when we were living with it for well over a year. these are the kinds of things that people have to think about when they look at the administration, look at this cabinet, look at this president and they start to make some decisions, not only in the midterms but 2024 as well. i don't think she has any other choice than to sit there and say he's a good president and tow the line and what else would you do? >> david, isn't that kind to have point, though, that she was on television, and she's asked that question openly, that this is now the conversation is like who is getting in the line? are you in the line? isn't that part of the problem for joe biden? aren't they doing it anyway beyond him? >> it is a problem for democrats across the board. but let's think about this for a moment. we went from wilbur ross, an actual real businessman with global capabilities and a resume to gina raimondo. it is not transitory. it's been over a year. when you add this to it, if you look at the resumes in the white
2:43 pm
house, unqualified people who wrote a college paper, versus -- >> i want everybody to hear a trump hint at a rally recently. listen to this. >> one person they don't want to run against is me. if i stayed home, if i announced that i was not going to run for office, the persecution of donald trump would immediately stop. we know that. everybody knows that. but that's what they want me to do, and you know what? there's no chance i do that. >> trump hired a team of rivals, wilbur ross, lighthizer, business people and experts, larry kudlow, people in their elements who knew what to do, whether they agreed with each other or not. i have known a lot of these people a long time. i worked with them on tax policy, that trump went on to
2:44 pm
take and build on with pro-growth policies. they went from jen to the current press secretary. >> i think they've got a thin bench. i don't think they've got -- it is not going to take long to think about this at all. there's no i in team. a former star quarterback calls out the trend happening in the nfl. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ better luck next time. but i haven't even thrown yet. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the big sunday show. i love our intro music. it is so awesome. football and team sports are changing. former nfl quarterback ben roethlisberger says football is losing its meaning. in an interview he said quote i feel like the game has changed. i feel like the people have
2:49 pm
changed in a sense because it's because i got spoiled when i came in. the team was so important. it was all about the team. now, it's about me and this and that and the other. it's turned from a team first to a me type attitude. i think that's a really good point. so tammy, is this really about these athletes who are making 5, 10, 20 million dollars a year and they are superstars on tv and in their communities and they think they are more important than the team? >> well, we've always seen superstars in sports. that's nothing new; right? the money has gotten a bit bigger but you were always making more money than anyone else and always a god on the field, etc. i don't know where this guy's been, if he's been asleep far long time. over the last couple of years, it's turned into a lot of knee bending, a lot of politics, a lot of people getting angry and people kind of sucking the air out of the room about politics and about the flag and the country. it was about the team. but it was also about your city.
2:50 pm
it was about your state, and then it became about the super bowl. it was about the country and that you were representing all of us, and then, you know, the world would watch these big fights. it was fob louse -- it was fabulous. all the rest of the world wanted something similar, and all they had was soccer. we had football. that's even better. when you look at that, it comes down to being about patriotism and about the nature of your community and about personal success and the larger message which is why women in sports is so important is that you will always have somebody who is maybe a star in the community, but that quarterback can't do his job without everyone else >> somebody has changed. >> of course it has. >> you and i played sports. if i behaved poorly on my team, all about me, not my team, my parents and coaches would have kicked my butt. i wonder if something has changed in parenting but i also think social media has a part to play. i'm a superstar of my own life
2:51 pm
on social media. is that playing into this? >> absolutely has. it's not only that. also the overvaluation of your opinion. you're all entitled to our opinions in america. that's how it works. but go back to ben roethlisberger for a second. great players in pittsburgh. think about joe green, lynn swann. i went to a game with lynn swann. he knew the guys that worked in security. he was part of the team, part of the community. these players have overvalued themselves. they have a right to their opinions, but play the game, win the game. when the team wins, you have a celebration, and you go in together and come out together. >> did anybody not watch "miracle on ice"? it is not about the individual. it is about the team. you have a whole bunch of single players on the team and you lose, players for the team win. it is hard. these young guys are treated so
2:52 pm
special, coddled at a young age because college coaches need them to win too. that's not how you win. teaching them how to play for a team is what's important. >> they are doing the opposite. the social media is a part of these players up and coming. there's always a dark side to technology. you can talk about it in so many different facets. when it comes to sports, it is putting the person, the individual first. the dark side to technology i think has polarized society and made us all kind of feel like we're working for ourselves. this relates to proposalics as well. -- this relates to politics as well. >> good point. >> you see how people are operating. it is not a team atmosphere because our values have changed. when you break down how the values have changed, then we can talk about so many other things, the mass shootings in our country, and the problems in communities, like you brought up tammy. this is a layered conversation. >> jackie for president. >> there's a dark side of this
2:53 pm
for the nfl that doesn't get a lot of mention. the amount of abuse that goes on in the nfl. the jokes over the years, baltimore ravens more felonies than wins. it comes down to the person, the player, the individual. >> you pass the ball or puck, because someone else can do a better job with that puck or ball than you can. it is not about you. it is about the team in winning. we'll be right back. the big four is up next. ♪ ♪ to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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>> welcome back to "the bigsundr epics but the biggest stories that everyone will be talking about this week. i'm going to start a shark biden increase on the east coast and elderly woman bit by a hundred pound sailfish that left from the water off the florida coast trying to fish this fish on the vote she was standing up is doctor, she is injured she is not dead but take a look at that, look at that nose that finn is sharp as a knife. >> i think he was saying no. >> get it out of the ocean. >> a robot dog maybe mankind's
2:58 pm
greatest nightmare or best friend. this is from russia we should get people going. >> a dark side of technology. >> it'll drive and trigger the liberals crazy. >> or when it's two on six we can use that but it freaks me out. this does not freak me out this is exciting for all of us the mega millions jackpot i love the lottery you won't win unless you play $790 million before the next drawing on tuesday i'm going to get tickets for everyone, from the island next time, i guess we'll just do the show from there. get your tickets you can't win unless you play 790 million. >> my turn number one on itunes with a patriotic anti-woke song called progress ♪
2:59 pm
♪ >> this goes to show you half the country still loves america still angry at the world policies. >> more than half. >> if you play a little bit to them they send you to number one. >> those lyrics are amazing. that is awesome. >> it's granny rich approved. god bless her she is in heaven but he did great again. >> great lyrics and great production, great voice and great singer and shocking he simply saying what the majority of americans care about and what they think another sign that were heading towards -- >> it be great if biden is listening to the woke leaders
3:00 pm
and maybe the same maybe america is not with us maybe climate change is only 1%. >> i think they know but they don't care. >> would have to leave it there. that is going to do it for us we are going to see you next week and. the "fox report" with john stott starts now. ♪ ♪. jon: president biden's position since his covid symptoms are continuing to improve significantly. good evening i am jon scott. and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: it could be a troubling week ahead for the president treat his economic advisors keying in on upcoming report that could show whether the economy is in a recession read jacqui heinrich's live at the white house with the


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