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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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is not with us maybe climate change is only 1%. >> i think they know but they don't care. >> would have to leave it there. that is going to do it for us we are going to see you next week and. the "fox report" with john stott starts now. ♪ ♪. jon: president biden's position since his covid symptoms are continuing to improve significantly. good evening i am jon scott. and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: it could be a troubling week ahead for the president treat his economic advisors keying in on upcoming report that could show whether the economy is in a recession read jacqui heinrich's live at the white house with the latest.
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>> good evening to you, president biden continuing as he continues through covid. his main symptom his position says is a sore throat and others have diminished. his doctor because that encouraging that assigned his body is clearing the virus his voice remains bit deep but his lungs are normal and clear he has completed the third day of the anti-viral paxlovid as planned he has an inhaler and he will continue the treatment not seen the president at all this weekend and it concerns about the 79-year-old's diagnosis who white house has not made biden's position available for questions official speaking on his behalf say the president is fully vaccinated, twice boosted in experiencing a mild case. he will continue out his duty of isolation that remains through tuesday ahead of the gdp report, the white house and bracing for a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, commonly referred to as a recession but don't expect anyone in the biden
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administration to start using the r word. >> what a recession really means is a broad-based contraction in the economy and that number is negative and we are not at a recession now the academic advisor is redefining what it recession is riding on their blog, what is a recession some maintain that to consecutive quarters of falling gdp constitute a recession that is not the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the business cycle. they do want to say in official determination with the data of the labor market, consumer spending, production, incomes and based on the data it is unlikely that the decline in gdp in the first quarter year even if followed by another gdp decline in the second quarter. they are relying on the era of economic research to make that determination. but they recall they waited
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until december that year to announce a recession that is a full year prior. jon: jacqui heinrich at the lighthouse entered white house. thank you. jon: big east coast cities are getting a case of what u.s. border towns have been dealing with. texas governor greg abbott ordered many migrant buses to head to cities like d.c. to unload their passengers. officials in places like d.c. are asking for federal help with the sudden migrant surge as shelters are starting to hit capacity. steve harrigan is at the border with the latest. >> we have been watching small groups 12 - 15 crossing throughout the day and even over night. even children with parents and sometimes they are unaccompanied. a lot of infants and children. other small children as well. officials say it is the biden
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administration policies reading more misery for the migrant trying to cross into the u.s. >> we are encouraging these immigrants whether it be by river were smuggled we are having to make this long dangerous journey monstrous terrain. >> spring texas began vesting migrants into the u.s. into northern cities that have generated quite a bit of outrage from several mayors in major cities including washington, d.c. and new york city or governor abbott of texas has responded saying the problem is not here in texas but with the biden administration policies they have created chaos along the border. the numbers are startling 200,000 encounters along the border between ages and migrants in just the month of june alone. the danger of the trip was a few hours ago when the boats get called out that usually means a body is in the river.
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a few hours ago that's what we saw the boats were called out instructors were taken out one migrant drowned trying to cross the river that body removed taking in a pickup truck kirsten moved away that is the scene on the daily basis on the rio grande. back to you. jon: steve here again, thank you. officials say at least 17 people have died after about with several haitian migrants on board capsized into the bahamas. at least 21 others were rescued. about 10 miles off the coast of the island of new providence, the incident comes as a growing number of patients are trying to migrate by sea to the u.s. to escape the poverty and gang violence in their homeland. today is the first day of turning point usa student action summit. much of the we enter we can focus on the rivalry between former president trump and
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former vice president mike pence, they had backed up opposing candidates and multiple primaries. phil keating live in tampa florida with an update. >> good evening john this year's turning point usa student action summit ended a few hours ago the convention center is being broken down pretty rapidly. this summit was full of conservative action and elected politicians and also included several potential 2024 presidential hopefuls including last night's headliner. >> likewise getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far and now we may just have to do it again. >> you heard it tromped teasing the crowd that maybe he will run again and maybe he won't. the former president came on the stage with a bang inside of the
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convention center a crowd of mostly young people as that's what turning point usa is all about getting high school and college kids mind principles and policies. >> we see a turning point usa a lot to be changed we know that to be true and how many future governors and centers and congresspeople are to be walking through the doors right here. >> one of the u.s. senators who possibly could end up running for president it's been talked about is florida's rick scott he told me he is focused on the midterms. >> i think a big thing is that when in 22 i am the head of the senate committee. we have a majority in the house and the senate and a lot of work to do. >> back to the trump pence separation and distancing of late as mike pence tries to
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define his his own man and a year end a half is gone by since we work together as a team. they will both be in washington this week giving very key speeches to two different policy think tanks. this is all about the future of the republican party and for trumpets going to be his first time back in washington since the day in january 2021 when he left on air force one for the final time and flew here to florida. jon: where he is now an official resident. phil keating live in tampa florida. jon: a sitting u.s. congressman attacked on the campaign trail is speaking out for the first time to fox news about the federal charges the suspect faces. new york of editorial candidate and congressman joined fox news live earlier this afternoon for the first interview addressing the suspects arrested by federal
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by being released without bail and state charges for that attack on thursday. fox news live coanchor conducted the interview he joins us live from the newsroom. >> as you said near congressman and republican candidate lee zeldin is blaming progressive criminal policies for the way is accused attack or was sprung from behind bars. zelda was campaigning in upstate new york when the suspect 42-year-old david mounted the stage as you can see in approached is alden with a sharp edged weapon saying you are done. zelda and was able to grab him and he was tackled, arrested and charged with second-degree assault and two hours later he was out on the street. in the cashless bill policies. that is a democratic reform that grants bail with no cash, federal authorities charged and arrested themselves under the federal statutes because building is a federal official
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u.s. congressman. >> is a shame that new york's cashless bail law means that this person can attempt to stab anyone let alone a member of congress at a campaign event or running for governor and released within hours. it required the feds to step up into charge this person. this federal charge he is facing is because i am a member of congress and if i was a member of congress he would've been instantly released and still be on the streets right now. >> congressman selden is calling a state legislator just to toughen up state law and in cashless bail and other progressive reforms. he said the moment he saw jakubonis operative on the stage, he remembered his karate lessons as a kid that his mother gave him. >> i think my mother for paying for the karate lessons when i was a kid if somebody comes with you at a knife some people think they should go after the knife, i would offer if you can gain control of the wrist, then you can control the knife in a way that is safer. jon: a good lesson the
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congressman is in iraq he war veteran. a new kathy hochul condemns what happened is alden but selden told me democratic officials are really serious about crime they would drop the progressive policies that he says are only encouraging terminal behavior. under the federal case jakubonis could face up to ten years in prison if convicted. he's due back for hearing this coming wednesday. >> we will see what happens, coanchor eric shawn. thank you. >> this is not an economy in recession but were in a period of transition in which growth is slowing and that is necessary and appropriate. jon: that the treasury secretary janet yellen with her assessment of the economy. the congress the private sector released the second quarter gdp estimate on thursday. that report could show whether the economy is in a recession.
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tennessee republican senator harsha blackburn joins us now. senator you might've heard the treasury department and others in the administration are saying an executive quarter of a shrinking gdp isn't really a recession, that it is something else, are they moving the goalpost or do you buy that? >> what they are trying to do is tell the people in this country not to believe what they are experiencing. you know when their neighbor loses a job as a recession. if you lose your job it's a depression. in the american people what they're experiencing in their personal economy. the price at the pump, the grocery store, what they're paying for closing, when the farmers can't get fertilizer and pesticide in chemicals to get crops in the ground, people know what this means, people are smart and they know that prices
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are high, they are paying more for the goods and services that they generally by and they're not believing what janet yellen is saying because she thinks you look economic indicators and credit and you look at industrial output, things are good, don't believe anything about high inflation and a recession. jon: one of the solutions suggested by larry summers who is a top economic official in the obama administration. larry summers says what you have to do is raise taxes, listen to this. >> it's the right thing to do to raise taxes right now to take some of the demand out of the economy. we can raise substantial revenue by cutting corporate tax loopholes, we can generate significant revenues simply by enforcing the tax law.
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jon: he wants to take demand out of the economy, that's the way you fix this, what do you say that? >> larry summers is basically saying he wants hard-working taxpayers to have less money in their checks every month. in government have more of the money but people know you cannot tax away out of inflation. you could not tax your way to prosperity. and they also know the best way to see an economic recession to lower the taxes to india litigation in lesson regulation and get this economy working again. an energy in order to get inflation down. corporate tax loopholes, taxing the wealthy, people know eventually that is going to hit them. jon: you mentioned energy
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bringing down energy prices, one of the key drivers of this inflation is the energy prices are up so much. our entire economy with consumer goods that we purchase get delivered by trucks and diesel fuel through the roof right now. we have a chart that shows gas prices which come down slightly about 55 cents. the average is $4.36. we could go $4.92. a year ago $3.15. everybody is feeling the sting and prices are going down but it's still an inflationary spiral. >> people understand this is going to be a debt and then it's going to go back up. they know they're having to drive less and they know they're pulling down that this administration is pulling down 1 million barrels per day of our petroleum reserve and they're also selling nonpetroleum and
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the oil to adversaries and people know if you lose your reserves sooner or later that reserve runs out and there is no plan from this administration to replenish that and there is no plan to freeze drilling or refining on u.s. soil. jon: we will see what the consumer price index comes out to be on thursday. it'll be interesting if it's down. gdp it'll be interesting to see whether the administration wants to call it a recession, probably not. senator marsha blackburn republican of tennessee. thank you. >> good to join you. >> in california homes and lives in danger the oak fire forcing thousands of active weight. how firefighters are preparing against the flames.
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jon: gavin newsom declaring a state of emergency for america into the county is a more than a
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thousand people. the oak fire is one of the largest wildfires issue. hours after broke on friday officials say it's burned more than 22 square mile and dry conditions heating the flames. jon: california governor gavin newsom also putting in a new law that grants citizens ability to manufacture and sellers of ghost guns in band high-powered weapons. that moves the stage for a potential fight at the supreme court. christina coleman live in los angeles with reaction. >> this is not going over well with some second rights groups in executive director with the gun owners of america. an organization around 3 million members nationally tells me this will likely be at the supreme court level in gavin newsom and the state of california will
3:22 pm
lose. >> we are very confident that gavin newsom and his ilk will be defeated and he shown arrest america where he stands on the constitution and the rule of law. they are flipping the middle finger to the united states supreme court. >> democrats offer california's new gun law is based off the same legal framework as the texas law which allows private citizens to sue abortion providers under california's gun law private citizens consume anyone manufacture to sell or distribute illegal guns in the state trade gun rights advocates say the california law is based off of flawed logic. >> that's like saying you were in an accident and a drunk driver hit us but the fact that the drunk driver was driving a ford, this is a way admitted by the governor and his cronies in
3:23 pm
the legislature to try to bankrupt this industry by taking them to court. >> with criticism gavin newsom says he hopes other democratic governors would lead to prevent gun violence despite challenges. >> we are going to use texas and greg abbott in the republican leadership. if you're getting use this framework to put women's lives at risk we are going to use it to save people's lives here in the state of california. i hope other democratic governors across america take notice. hope they take this and move forward as well we need to get these guns off the street. >> under california's new gun law a court can order $10000 in damages for each weapon used in an alleged violation. as of now the law is set to go in effect january.
3:24 pm
jon: we will see what happens. christina coleman live in los angeles. thank you. >> atlanta falcons players and real housewives stars are among the victims in a series of recent home invasions in the atlanta area. police have arrested four suspects but several others remain at large. charles watson live with that. >> good evening the arrest are part of a year-long investigation of a criminal organization that is brazenly and violently targeted the homes of celebrities and other high-profile figures. >> crawled towards my voice, crawled towards my voice. >> you looking at body cam released by the sandy springs police department, use the officers with their weapons drawn as they arrested four of alleged gang members they were attempting to break it up a home
3:25 pm
of a woman who shares a child with a wrap superstar future. >> was a target home they are approaching the home, they are armed most of the time at night and they simply kick open the front door and they go when whether your home are not they came to us and we were waiting on them. >> police say they are still looking for the alleged ringleader this man jeremy caldwell he and the four were arrested suspected and 15 invasions including a july 4 break-in that left the resident shot, they use did social media to track their victims and their valuables, atlanta falcons and atlanta united players are among those who were targeted in real housewives of atlanta star told fox station in atlanta she had a run-in with the suspect earlier this month.
3:26 pm
she had this message. [inaudible] i want to see a protection, firearms, i want to make sure your home is secure. >> police say their investigation is ongoing, they do expect more arrests in connection in the home invasions. the meantime they're asking for the public's help in locating the alleged ringleader offering the $12000 reward with crimestoppers with any credible information leading to an arrest. jon: that could shake the bush. charles watson live in atlanta. the u.s. is not the only place getting a serious blast of summer heat. much of europe spotted an out and for some the dangerous heat is even deadly. details on that when we return. ♪
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jon: i am jon scott and this is the "fox report" at the bottom of the hour if you are just joining us here's a look at the top stories. police shot and killed a robbery suspect that shot someone in the face yesterday during a car chase that turned into a pursuit on foot. 29-year-old crystal cipolla a three year veteran from missouri force is expected to make a full recovery. spacex launching 53 satellites into space today on the falcon 9 rocket from kennedy space center importer. the fifth spacex starting this month in the 33rd this year. the mega millions jackpot rose again the $790 million, third
3:32 pm
largest in the games 20 year history the next drawing will be tuesday. for more on these and other stories you could double the fox news at scan the qr code on your screen or go to an iconic new york city beach reopened today after another park siding, they closed rockaway beach as a precaution at the very westin of long island which has seen a rash of sightings and bindings along the south shore in the last couple weeks alexis mcadams is in queens with the latest. >> that's right a busy day out here in queens a lot of people are heading home but a lot of shark action in long island, just this summer this is the third this month that the speech has closed down due to shark sightings we talked to one local woman who was there yesterday and said she saw two sharks went
3:33 pm
by before everyone was evacuated. >> i look at i saw the sharks and it was going away there was two sharks and then we saw the fin strolling and strolling. >> today rockaway beach was very crowded back open after the parks department temporarily closed it down yes or no swimmers were allowed into the water after several shark sightings. people were back out trying to cool during the heat wave crossed the nation. we spotted several new york state helicopters flying back and forth along the shore. we reached out and haven't been able to confirm if there part of shark control the governor did direct state police to increase shark surveillance. 20 blocks from your woman cop, a large shark jumping out of the ocean. the sharks splashed into the atlantic even with all the shark sightings in the wild video
3:34 pm
local say it's too hot to not get in the water. >> i told my wife if i see them i will not go when, yet if i don't see them it's super hot out and i won't go in. >> and cape cod there were two two dozen confirm sightings over the weekend. this shark seen frenzy on camera you can see the sharks swimming around eating seals, only 100 yards from shore. a viral video in california taken by a shark tagger in catalina island the shark swam up and bit down hard on the fish line the man struggled and that he bounced the shark on the no's as he dipped in and out of the water back out here live a lot of wild videos because there's so many shark sightings around the east coast so for the summer the parks department tweeted that they understand some swimmers might be nervous because of all the sightings and want people to know attacks are
3:35 pm
very rare. jon: alexis mcadams. thank you. much of the u.s. in the midst of a brutal heat wave but europe and asia are as well. the record high temperatures sparking high temperatures and scorching crops and deadly consequences in the mid east bureau. >> good evening the heat wave across the world has killed thousands of people as records are set in multiple areas. the high temperatures are moving further east affect countries and italy and greece, greek officials say four major wildfires are burning across the country forcing evacuation from homes and hotels hundreds of firefighters are working around the clock to control the flame the devastation comes after western europe so he spiked earlier in the week with england recording temperatures over 104 degrees fahrenheit authorities have issued a level four heat warning meaning fit
3:36 pm
and healthy individuals are at risk of death england and scotland called for faster action against climate change during protests over the weekend the demonstrators called for taxes against big polluters and eliminating a gas and oil copies. suffering under the new heatwave countries across asia are bracing this week and china the situation is so dire due to melting glaciers. the increased water flow and flooding could affect cotton crops in the country as well. the heatwave is a worldwide problem and unfortunately the death toll from this weather event is expected to rise in the coming days. jon: trey yingst reporting. experts say their killing more young americans than car crashes these days, were talking about that no disguised as other drugs with ongoing pandemic and what authorities are doing to try to stop it ahead. ♪ heartburn... claire could only imagine
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jon: a new american epidemic, fentanyl overdoses are killing young americans at an alarming rate, the deadly opioid is often sold online disguised as or mixed with other dangerous powerful prescription medications fox news multimedia reporter rebecca castor has the story. >> this is the most dangerous time being a teenager in the history of america. >> doctor charles preston is the coroner in louisiana, he says teenagers are buying pills without any idea what is in them. >> when i see this phenomenon that one pill that kills, that is a super red flag that we are
3:42 pm
likely dealing with counterfeit medication. early on we were releasing fentanyl mixed in with heroin and now we are seeing fentanyl preston to pills that appear to be adderall, xanax, percocet. >> the public-health group partnership with safe medicine tracks pills nationwide, executive director says more dealers are selling the supply on social media. >> the drug traffickers have found social media as an ominous advertising their wares and easy way to interact -- >> they have linked to social media and at least 22 states, he says more parents need to make sure they can't trust anyone who is selling online. >> they don't understand just
3:43 pm
because they look at a real pill, typically these pills don't have any original active is just powder and fentanyl. >> if that medicine was not dispensed by a pharmacist from a pharmacy you should assume it is a counterfeit drug in an illegal dose of fentanyl. in 2020 when the dea seized over 21 fake pills, the agency said any of these drugs are coming from criminal drug labs. rebecca castor fox news. >> president biden continues to recover from covid as he faces a tough week ahead report due out that could show the u.s. is officially in recession and showing the approval rating at an all-time low. it could be dangerous for his political fortunes as a new poll that shows only 19% of hispanics approve of the president jobs
3:44 pm
performance. still political pull 72% of democrats and democratic leaning independents would back the president if he ran for reelection in 2024. let's begin david, she political correspondent at daily mail tv, the last statistics don't seem to make sense, explained that, 72% of democrats say they back joe biden if he wants to run again? >> all of the political posturing goes out the window by binary choice by ballot. biden does better if the ballot is against him. a lot of them are good to take the day off work to vote against donald trump. if it's somebody else i don't figure to do the same thing to vote against him scott. at that point he's gotta perceive his own merits. this is the difference between a primary and a general election. i don't think it's unsurprising that only 19% of hispanic voters
3:45 pm
back the president. put it this way the democratic party, the white house in particular has made its fortune on the idea that hispanic voters are black voters want specific things advantage them specifically. in the case of hispanic voters like minimum wage, immigration laws, single-parent healthcare, it turns out that voters are just like white voters like everybody else they want what's best for their families, secure economic features and nobody's getting that now. they're in the same vote that everybody else's, prices are going up, inflation has run away. jon: if looser immigration laws were the key from hispanic voters, joe biden would be up in the '90s right now wouldn't he. >> that's absolutely right it goes to show we are always told the democrats of the party that
3:46 pm
don't separate people by race, republicans are the ones that were going to treat you differently because of the color of your skin. everybody simply sees voters in the economy and those that treat everybody the same minute how to beat that is better for everybody. i think voters want this asian voters want this and lgbt voters want that, were all americans we all want the same stuff. >> would voters go to the ballot box they are voting economic issues absent some issue like a war or something like that. you think the social issues to make headlines in recent month could dominate the economy come november. >> the white house i don't think is good to go very hard ongoing control is a real strategy two years from now. were talking about election imagine if your democrat in new york or california it's hard to get people spun up on the abortion issue were nothing is going to change the laws have not lived one iota. unfortunately americans time and
3:47 pm
time again we have a very short memory when it comes to gun violence the mass murders are not going to move unless they're in your backyard, and then you care very passionately. democrats who want to run away from the economy are not going to do as well as democrats who try to claim that things are getting incrementally better, you can't just run away from the economy and for their opponents to hammer and hammer and hammer. republicans are gettable wind up with a five or 60 senate majority and 25 house majority, could be a lot worse at the put their head in the sand and say of the election is about done and abortion did not about the economy. >> that the disaster. jon: what about the president's son is not moving the needle at all. >> looks what happens whenever something happens in washington, hunter biden gets indicted tomorrow for failing to register as a foreign aid just pretend that's going to happen. americans will hoist her in their own social media feeds
3:48 pm
rather with people who believe the same things they do the be subject to confirmation. nobody is going to change their mind about an half the country things is an unrepented creep, half of the country thinks is an unfairly targeted son of the president. nothing's going to change what you will see is when republicans take over congress next january that is a certainty at this point, you going to see the type that we see now with a genuine six committee, if we are honest with ourselves the genuine six committee main purpose is to poison the water make sure donald trump is a has an easy shot at a political second coming. republicans do the same thing to biden's with a takeover, of course hunter biden is good to be exhibit a because it looks more and more the more we find out he may have known more what his son was doing in terms of the foreign business dealings. hunter, not joe by not registering as a foreign agent and you will see subpoenas and
3:49 pm
jim jordan in tank and latimer cruz and rand paul and all the republicans it may be the put marjorie taylor green out of the committee, that'll be interesting to watch. jon: this department may not make moves before the election when it comes to the hunter biden case. that is going to be interesting. david she political correspondent. jon: we will be back with more fox reporting in just a moment she's feeling the power of listerine. he's feeling it. yep, them too. it's an invigorating rush... ...zapping millions of germs in seconds. for that one-of-a-kind whoa... ...which leaves you feeling... ahhhhhhh listerine. feel the whoa!
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of no payments for eighteen months. jon: headlines from around the globe in the philippines three people are dead after gunmen opened fire on a college campus before graduation ceremony in the capital of manila. amir and her aide and a university guard say the suspect is a doctor who had a long-standing feud with the former mayor. police killed two palestinians barricaded in the house and the west bank i raid led to a standoff in the city. in canada pope francis arrives for a pill pilgrimages he is set to spend this week apologizing to indigenous people for abuses by missionaries at catholic residential schools. in china people say president xi's impeding and other top politicians have been given
3:54 pm
domestic used covid vaccine. in japan on the western island erected last night, no reports of any damage or injuries the actions were ordered as a precaution. in australia margo robbie, kylie and other stories return for the finale of the hit soap opera in the 37 year tv down under. that's a look at stories from around the globe. a supersized extravaganza and san diego is wrapping up, before everyone goes up, up and away we take you to this year's comic-con convention a scene of a thousand disguised. stay with us. welcome to allstate, where you can bundle and save. isn't that right phil? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance.
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jon: a team from moscow zoo helping a wild polar bear after a can got stuck on her tongue, the zoo workers found the bear in a remote area. a veteran said the bear was thin and dehydrated but to take a full recovery. i saying that goes beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy, those appearing the international beer festival appear to be happy, the, vent, china's oktoberfest is
3:59 pm
among long celebration of suds, features beer brands from all over the world. >> today marks last day of san diego comic-con, the conventions in-person return. fans from all over the nation got a chance to dress up. one of the fans dressed at marvel comics villain kang the. >> i am happy to be here with fellow nerds. jon: major studios debuted trailers and announced upcoming projects. getting fans excited for what is to come including black panther 2. next comic-con in new york city in october. >> that is how fox reports, sunday july 24, 2022, i am
4:00 pm
jon scott, thanks for watching, see you here next week, god good night. -- good night. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," congratulate the media, they managed to do manage that seemed impossible, a pandemic could not do it, natural disasters or war. but the media has done it. in a country rife with decision. the media has brought about a glimmer of unity, united the nation in believing that the media is


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