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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  July 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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jon scott, thanks for watching, see you here next week, god good night. -- good night. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," congratulate the media, they managed to do manage that seemed impossible, a pandemic could not do it, natural disasters or war. but the media has done it. in a country rife with decision. the media has brought about a glimmer of unity, united the nation in believing that the media is untrustworthy,
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unfair and biased. 85% of us, democrats, republicans and independents do not trust the print and television media. note -- it is not just republicans, but everyone, 85% of us. the either 15% either work in media or live under a rock or both. having no confidence in the fairness of media may be single most unifying thing we have going for us, when everyone thinks you are wrong, that should be calls for self reflection. but not for the media, they don't blame themselves, they blame you and the internet and lack of diversity, except a lack of political diversity. the questions are two-fold, why have we lost trust in the media? why does it matter.
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the first question is easy, public does not trust media and believe that media is area because it is not fair. it tries to influence who is in power. our country is split 50/50, but the poll is 85/15. most still value and recognize fairness. a country and a culture cannot survive without fairness. we need a referee, a detached judge, there should never be a day we don't respect the judge or referee,
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americans know fairness is a virtue. we know that the difference between a reporter or television personalty we may not like versus one that we do not trust or respect. why does this matter? because unfairness brides unfairness, it creates a response went us, when mead is is always singles your side out for criticism it makes you take up for your side even when the facts are not there, it charges how you view yourself, if you have ever been treated unfairly. you know what this feels like. being treats disparitily changes how you view
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fairness as a virtue, that is destructive. america can survive with a media we don't like or agree with, america may not survive with a bias press we do not respect. right now the media is neither liked nor respected by an overwhelming majority of americans, because we do not view them as trustworthy or fair. the group that claims to speak truth to power, might want to have a little chat with itself. because you managed to unite a fractured country, and -- in not trusting you, you have no one to blame but yourself. joining us now, author of new book, suppression, deception, snobbery and bias, ari fliescher, you have been a round for a while, something had to happen to get you to research and write this
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book, it took you some time, what was it. >> i tell you, i call balls and strikes, when i watch the press pile on to president trump never give him a chance to govern the country. with three years of bitterness and unfairness and piling on, i was moved to writer a book, i thought it was wrong destructive for or country. the press has to do its job right, they didn't, they went after donald trump to reverse results of 2016 election, note -- that is not the media's job, that is the people's job. your monologue is the best i heard on this topic, what you said un fairness brides or unfairness this is right. >> thank you for saying that. let me ask you a question that have vexed my. i hear that 85/15, who is
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lowest that actually thinks that media is doing the job they were designed to do? who is that 15%. >> it is terrible for the press, not only 85/15, most americans say that press does not tell the news, fully, fairly or accurately, which is their job. i found a pew study from 2019 shows one group of americans who say that the press understands them, that is college educated democrats, the issue so far beyond liberal conservative, but cultural. if you are a democrat with a high school degree, the press does not understand you, an independent voter with high school or college degree, the press does not know your life, certainly for republicans, if you pray every day, the press does not understand you. if you were
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raised by a grand father to hunt, the press does not understand you. if you believe that life starts at inception, the press does not understand you. trey: you had what i considerd one of the hardest jobs of the world. what did you find? >> i hired opposition research firm to pull the public records of the voter registration for 49 reporters who sit in the briefing room, 12 to 1, democrats to republican, that is the house briefing room. why want it one to one? why not split down the middle. the way that america circumstance you can imagine how different the news would be if it were 12 to 1 republican to democrat in the briefing room, this is the original sin of
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journalism, the people are largely cut from the same cloth, they vote alike and tweet alike. this is the media for you. this is why the american people think that media is wrong, biased, unfair. and i'm proud to have written a book that is the reckoning that press will not do for themselves. trey: all right, my favorite, well a vivid example how justice ginsberg passing was treated versus justice scalia, what is the best example in the book do you think it most persuasive. >> my favorite example of the saturday after the election, call for joe biden and church bell ranges in paris, and fireworks in london, they reported they
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were because the world was celebrating donald trump's defeat. the church bell ring in paris every saturday night it is the call to mass, the fireworks went off that night it was a celebration of a 500-year-old holiday, guy fox day, nothing to do with america's elections, the reason those 3 networks put it on air and made that up, was because they and everyone they know thought the same way, thank god donald trump is gone, except the happy american people did not look at it this way, the press is so out of the touch out to lunch, they put things on the air that are wrong. trey: you call it balls and strikes. the fact that you that -- reached and written this book means you are passionate, thank you for shares part of your
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sunday night with us. >> thank you. trey: coming up fbi and doj took a congressman's job, retirement and representation, tried to take his freedom, he has not stopped fighting next on "sunday night in america." among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. this isn't just freight. there's no question it's something these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," congressman jeff thoart en barry was a being and a friend, jeff represented nebraska in house for two decades, he was not a household name.
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he worked hard, took care of his district and devoted to his family, he focused on an issue that does not get a lot of attention on religious liberty, defending christians being persecuted in the world, fbi and u.s. attorney office in california decided to target jeff for reasons only explain, they have an informant place a telephone call to jeff without his notice, then they sent fbi to quiz him on that 10-month-old call, they knew what he said. they placed it it, they recorded it. they gave jeff a pop quiz, a memory test, twice. jeff voluntarily meet with the fbi and every single question agents and prosecutors asked, they
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already knew the saner, it was never about finding out what was said during a phone call, it was about prosecuting a congressman. moral of story is, fbi can lie to you, but you cannot lie to them. federal prosecutor can make misrepresentations to you, but cannot to them. violent crime is soaring, some california prosecutors condition find any crime worthy of prosecution but we know what gets attention of federal agencies and prosecutors in los angeles. nebraska congressman, who can't recall details of tep-month-old phone calls. i'm sure that mays all of us feel so much safer. jeff is appealing his conviction, we're joined by his attorney. this has been a disappointing case to watch
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unfolded. >> you know, it is worse than that. i have been a lawyer for over 28 years this case has shattered by confidence in the doj, fbi and judicial system, congressman fortenbery does not lie does not swear, he is a man of faith and conviction, he cooperated pulled with fbi agents which came, they lied to him, deceived him throughout process, they lied about who they were, why they were there, they came unannounced. came nearly 9 p.m. along they decided to prosecute him to indict him and try to charge him with false statements, this
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is a case of manufactured crime from start to finish it was created out of whole cloth by the fbi and doj, i am glad you are bringing attention to this case, it shows they used how to use false statement statute, to take down anyone they want with inimmunity, even a sitting u.s. congressman. trey: glen, i am glad you brought this up. the fbi can lie to you, they can use strategy and deception, but you cannot to them, is that right? >> right. federal false claim statute is so broad that it purports to make it a federal offense to make any materially false statement to the branches, agents come in ask you a question, not under oath or
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penalty of perjury, if they conclude they don't like your answers, they think you were lying, they can change you with a federal offense. you know, several supreme supreme court justice have commented on the way in which agents can weaponize the statute and use it to charge anyone they want. they used all of the tricks in the book. at first set of interviews they ambushed him, lied about the investigation, they caught him when he was the tired, he was suspicious of them, he caught them in a number of lies, then in dc, they set up a classic impeachment. you were a trial lawyer, we have a technique we use, impeachment when people have testified in the past, if you let enough time go by, you ask them the very system questions, they invariably will answer
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questions in different ways, it is natural, human minds are not perfect, we forget things. what they did here, they knew everything that was said on that one call they had orchestrated. the congressman when he took that call was on a cell phone cooking breakfast. high went to dc interview with transcript in hand we believe and asked about one detail, one detail, congressman got it wrong. the congressman spent two hours answering all of their questions, about the fundraiser at issue. the phone call at issue. he had -- and they had no problems with any of his answers, he was completely forthright, open with them. told them all they wanted to know, he got essentially one question wrong, day which -- they got him, it was a gotcha set up and executed like trial lawyers do in
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court, but it didn't just make him look bad in court. but this was used to obtain a conviction of him for false statements, i think that judge fell bad for the congressman and realized it was a very curious case, he ended up giving the congressman zero jail time. i think we can see from, that people who had a chance to look at this case, knew that something was family wrong. trey: glen is lucky to have you, his representation, family and faith mean more to him than anything else. i'm glad he has you helping him on the appeal, i appreciate you coming in sharing with us on a sunday night. >> thank you, trey, good to be here. >> coming up, we have scoured the globe looking for anyone to thinks that southern border is security.
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we found someone. but you will never guess who it is. texas congressman tony gonzalez helping us solve the mystery next.
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>> the border is secure. the border we're working on make the border more secure. that has been a historic challenge. >> welcome back to "sunday night in america." i like dictionaries we need some comic understanding of what words mean, the word secure is not an obscure
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word it is common, most of us can define it but to be on the safe side, i looked it up, free from danger. safe, trustworthy. free from risk. so according to our secretary of dhs, the southern border is safe, trust worthy and free from ranger. and risk. is there anyone in the world who really lives that? to be fair to he said border was secure while he was in aspen, colorado, which is 8 thousand feet above sea level, about 650 thousand miles from southern border, those closer to border do not feel safe there, have been more border encounters this year than before. biden administration set a record, drugs are flowing including fentanyl. smugglers bringing people
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whom themselves are being victimized. you can say a lot of things about state of our southern border, no one think its safe or secure except the guy in charge of making it so. joining us texas congressman tony gonzalez. >> the furthest thing from secure, i represent 42% of the southern border, today in san antonio it was 102, a month ago it was same we found 53 migrants tooked to death in the back of a trailer nothing has changed. 3 weeks ago secretary may o. >> came to my was, he talked about flights where folks that do not qualify asylum, about 95 percent of migrants
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they get put on a plane, instead of sent to another i.c.e. detention they get sent back to their country of origin. we cannot wait on administration to fix our problems. we have to roll up our sleeves. it is my job to bring light to what is happening, we need new leadership in the house, kevin mccarthy made two trips to my district, he knows the border well, i look forward to him being next speaker of the house. trey: you mentioned drew ferguson and kevin mccarthy, they are both republicans, ill play clips for you. of two folks who are not republicans. >> this is a real burden on new yorkers.
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there is a whole host of things that this will produce, we need help. >> we're dealing with federal issue. that the district of columbia won't be able to bear. it requires the federal response. trey: all right congressman that is the mayor of new york and mayor of dc. unless something happens as we went on air tonight, they are democrats that are complaining about the state of immigration in the country. what is the democrat house plan? what have they didn't since they had all of the gears of government beginning in 2020? >> we would see these democrat mayors, and other folks, complain about it, it is is chaos, you are see democrats control the house, and senate and white house, they created this problem. i am of the mind set, how do you go over, under or 3 them in congress it is divided,
4:33 pm
if you roll up your sleeves and find partners, you can find people that want to go to work, two days ago i hosted darren soto, a democrat from florida, he came to my district, we went to del rio, and saw border met with ranchers we talked about immigration reform, and stopped at by uvalde, spoke with folks this is the type, a one-off you will never see nancy pelosi here or aoc and others, that is what it takes to say how do we put our politics aside, roll up our sleeves for betterment of everyone, unhow difficult it is to work in that lane. trey: i gave up. that is how difficult it is, you are there the midterms of coming. and republicans may very well retake the house. let's assume we have the house, maybe not the senate, not the white house. what is the house g.o.p. plan if you could have a
4:34 pm
plan to solve immigration, border security, what would it look like? >> i think it starts with us earning trustee of americans. we saw a taste of that. hispanic-americans are coming over in droves to republican party, we have an opportunity to change the scope of the party and politics, not for just this year but decades to come, i served 20 years in military, 5 years in iraq and afghanistan, i love to fight, live to watch boxing. we saw flores win the special election, we'll see the main event in november and see candidates pick up seats, and laurie chavez in oregon pick up seats and monica delacruz in south texas, when we the republicans have the majority in house, we have to deliver, about governing, a big part is the commitment to america you will see
4:35 pm
kevin mccarthy roll out here soon, and we will get behind it. a good start we have to deliver for all americans. >> congressman thank you for joining us on sunday night, and thank you for your service in uniform to the nation, we would love to have you back on another sunday night. >> yes, sir, thank you, trey. trey: up next, vladimir putin visits the middle east on hills of president biden trip, coming up. ♪ ♪ it's electric... made extraordinary. ingenuity... in motion. it listens, learns, adapts and anticipates your every need. with intelligence...
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>> the fact that president putin would need to run into the arms of one of the most heavily sanctioned one of the most isolated countries in the world, i think speaks to the dire straits moscow finds itself in. iran all this time attempted to maintain a veil of neutrality. said it was opposed to the war, but now clear that was
4:41 pm
hollow. trey: welcome back to sunday "sunday night in america," first president biden. europe is learning same lesson that american learned, we lying on unreliable countries does not turn out now, turkey opposed finland and sweden joining nato, so did 18 republican members of the house. the war of ukraine may not be to front page of our newspapers as it once was you about still front of mind of europeans and ukrainians, joining us now, kay bailey hutchinson, russia continues to prosecute its wear in ukraine, continues to
4:42 pm
partner with iran now threatening europe with fuel shortages, anything nato can or should do. >> thank you, trey. i think nato is doing everything possible. i think there is more. i think they are going to do more. we have a total commitment from the alliance. we have partners that are helping us with the armor we're sending, we're sending more and more. the real needs that the ukranians have. i think that nato has brought it together. u.s. is leading on that. yes, we can do more, we must do more. ukraine fighting for its own freedom needs support of the western civilization. to show both president putin and president xi we will
4:43 pm
stick with people whose sovereign borders have been invaded. trey: looks more like actual, that sweden and finland will join leadership. what is the message to countries that are maybe considering joining alliance with us. 18 house republicans voted no for reasons i don't understand. >> it was a disappointment to me one member of the house republican or democrat would ever keep two real contributors, these two allies coming in finland and sweden, they have armies, navies, air forces and well equipped, they have
4:44 pm
done our missions in afghanistan with us. they will be a great value added. our members who are looking at this need to really think hard about sends the right message. which is that we're behind all of the nato allies, that are spending up that we're behind ukraine we're for finland and sweden 100%. the people who have been looking at this know nato, who know the capabilities of finland and sweden that will be a value added to our own national second i hope will change their mind in the end, i think that senate will be a very hot mark. a very strong vote. trey: all right senator, you mentioned the on going war in ukraine. i want to play a clip from you from john kirby. >> you told reporters that pentagon studying
4:45 pm
possibility of providing fighter jets to ukraine, does that mean administration is less worried about provoking russia. >> they are doing explore torrey thinking now, this is not long-term we could not do near-term. these kinds of aircraft require a lot of chain training. trey: that would be significant. i think. you know more than i do. that would be significant for u.s. to send fighter planes would it not? >> i think it would be significant and i think we should do it we should give ukranian people everything they need too push back, the russians made inroads. down in the south trey, where the main port of odessa, i hope we'll be able to open up to great grain to people of the world that depend on this.
4:46 pm
that odessa port, for russia to try to take that over in their game plan, i think it is very problematic, we need to keep it in ukraine. we need to give the ukrainians everything they need to repel the russian affront to be able to take back not only the donbas and odessa, but also crimea, the russians invaded in 2014, it is just something that it is wrong, i think it is so important that our western west alliances stand up, which includes our asia pacific allies and middle eastern allies stepping up with us, saying we need to help them win this war, this is vital for u.s. security
4:47 pm
interests. trey: kay bailey hutchison from the great state of texas. >> thank you, trey. trey: ahead, january 6 committee held another hearing this one focused on president trump's state of mind, actions and inactions while the capitol attack was on going, more hearings are planned for the fall. are minds being persuaded. >> you have ask the questions, next on "sunday night in america." >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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trey: fox news alerted out of san pedro, california, 4 people hurt after a shooting near a car show, los angeles fire department twitter signaled a tactical alert at peck park. information is limited no word on shooter or condition of the victims, head to fox for latest updates. >> on capitol hill, january 6 committee, had a public hearing this week, with more planned for fall, that means closer to midterms. what new evidence has been uncovered. what is the purpose of these
4:53 pm
hearings? elizabeth beavers is joining us now, 18 months ago house democrat had a choice, they those to impeach president trump on issue of incitement, now the focus is dereliction of duty during the attack. what did you learn during the most recent hearing. >> if you step back it was a confirmation of a point they made in long haul they added visuals. new evidence that suggested that president trump was watching january riot happen and did nothing. there were even videos the day after, he wouldn't say it was a peaceful they used
4:54 pm
the word orderly. he said yesterday is a hard word for me, we learned about him being -- watching told vision, while the fight was unfolding. it was more so what was long suspected that trump knew about the riot and had a delayed and are you reluctant response to tell his followers to stand down. trey: this is there weakening uamong his congressional supporters. >> we have most house republicans, they are admitting it privately, is a sign he is still pretty
4:55 pm
powerful within the party, they don't want the base coming av him, his supporters are still loyal, i asked house republicans if they plan to endorse him in primary if he ran in the next presidential, three were already ready to say yes out of the 10 they asked. it does show he has power, two two years away from a presidential run. trey: olivia, you know how much i hate to be cynical away back when i was in the house i would be asked time to time from reporters from about investigation, it is political or designed to hurt the other party, when will it end? the three like main questions not by you but others, are they fair questions to ask the democrats? if they are, do we know the answer? >> well, they are asked of republicans they are fair on skiff democrats, i was one of those reporters, i think
4:56 pm
didn't answer my question. trey: i was in a hurry. >> i try to chase. you know, this is capitol hill, there is always an element of politics. the information that they will be rolling out from august recess will likely be you know, highly publicized, then you have midterms, they are coming close in timeline, congressional investigation almost says it all. trey: if i walk past you and did not answer you question, let me take this opportunity to apologize, i don't believe that -- i don't recall, that real quick. i saw kevin mccarthy's name, i did not realize he was part of january 6 attack, i did see his image, this would impact the midterms? >> you know, i think that there are other -- other issues that are more
4:57 pm
important for voters going in, are certain people pay attention yes, will it impact the vote does not look like it. trey: all right olivia thank you for joins us. >> thank you, trey. trey: each week we enjoy hearing from you vi e-mail and social media. tonight we start with a question from eli from ohio. >> hey, who is your favorite supreme court justice and why. trey: that is a great question. i don't know that i could site just one so i will site qualities i'm looking for, humility, the ability to communicate, and persuade with written word, fiddle fidelity to the constitution.
4:58 pm
constitution. >> next question from sabrina in france. >> i. to know what is your favorite country in europe? trey: i would be crazy not to pick france, since that is where you are from. i did visit france, england and germany a couple years ago, i would love to visit scotland and maybe fin lap finland and sweden, i am going with france for tonight. trey: this question gabi from spain. >> our favorite flavor of ice cream. trey: i like a lot. i don't go to the pool or beach any more. anything that has chocolate, peanut butter,
4:59 pm
nuts or coconut. >> if you have a question send it to us on social media or e-mail us. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead, president biden has a speedy recovery, until next week you can find us on trey gowdy pod cost, not night from new mexico, "life, live -- north carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next.
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♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." thank you for joining us. we have two great guests. ben dom niche and colonel richard kemp. before we get to our guests, what is the authority granted by the constitution to congress? why does that


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