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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 25, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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an american that's going out working every day and having your pocketbook impacted while inflation is shooting through the roof with rising food prices and everything else. of course americans are going to have go out and vote for the future of their kids and so, yes. people will come out in droves and you will see a red wave this november. >> ashley: okay, jack. we have got to go. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> todd: after sounding the recession alarm after a key report showing a second straight quarter of g.d.p. growth. >> prices at the pump, grocery store, what they're playing for clothing. people know what this means. >> the president's approval rating is kind of a reflection of how people feel what's going on in the country. >> white house is continuing to brush off bad polls as support for president biden continues to slide. >> a "the washington post" op-ed calling on the president face the midterms with a one term president. >> federal prosecutors weighing charges for hunter biden. >> apparently hunter has been doing business overseas but he
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never registered as a foreign agent. >> there is a huge conflict of interest here. the attorney general is appointed by president biden. this is president biden's son. we need a special counsel. >> the man who attacked lee zeldin is now back in custody facing federal charges. >> that suspect arrested first under new york's cashless bail law and released. >> if you wanted to create an ad that would show the lack of seriousness on crime in, no, it's this. ♪ i'm still sanding ♪ i'm still standing ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> steve: yep, you are looking live at neptune beach in new jersey. neptune township. and right now we have got 80 degrees. going to be another hot one. they are heading to 90 thanks to the bright thing in the middle of the screen right there. right now you are listening to up the road from neptune you go
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up 95 in the new york city area right there next to the highway is metlife stadium. and on "saturday night live" from metlife, peter doocy went with me to see elton john's next-to-last concert ever in the new york city area. and it was just amazing that he was still standing at 75. and there we are. my wife bought us front row seats which i have never been in the front row and it was absolutely fantastic. ♪ i'm still sanctioning ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. >> steve: and the cool thing was the house was packed. and everybody looked kind of my age. people who watched elton john from the 70s, 80's and 90's. and then there were a lot of youngs people peter's age. >> brian: at the garden. >> steve: metlife. it's been very hot. close to 100 here that night front row helps a lot. there is a little room in front of you.
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>> ainsley: i'm sure they were not chief. that was very nice of her to do it. >> steve: i have never spent that amount of money in my life it was worth it. because it was big birthday. >> ainsley: one life. >> steve: metlife. >> brian: who was the cameraman? >> steve: that would be me. that was a selfie. >> steve: very accurate. >> ainsley: what did you think of his i saw him on the tour as well. screen up behind him singing. >> steve: we were singing along to every song. i think i scared peter that i knew all the words all of the songs salute to elton still standing at 75. >> steve: only time i have ever seen elton john you and i went to a party at the super bowl and we saw him in a small room. >> ainsley: i think he actually did it for free because they are really good friends and they had this concert. >> steve: we saw elton with the piano in this hall. this was the whole band and it was great. everybody who saw him, i got a lot of text messages over the
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weekend. it was a great show. >> ainsley: your friend bruce springsteen is in the news nor charging so much for tickets. >> brian: ticketmaster? >> ainsley: no. they are saying his tickets are now comparable to what you would say on ticketmaster one of those sites thousands of dollars. >> steve: dawn, who is trying to buy tickets, not your dawn i apparently there is surge pricing. she didn't think she could get them in new york. she said i will fly to florida, i will fly georgia. she got them in georgia. >> ainsley: i think it was your dawn trying to buy you front row tickets. >> brian: not to bruce springsteen his political views have kind of turned a lot of people off but we will see. the last time we heard about bruce springsteen, didn't he get arrested for. >> steve: a while back. >> ainsley: drunk driving. >> steve: motorcycle. >> brian: cycling or something middle of the day. four minutes now after the top. hour. going to be a big economic week for the president and this country because this week is
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going to be a number of numbers coming out that might not look so promising for the president as he gets set to hopefully hold on to one of the chambers of commerce in the midterm election. number one, it's going to be tuesday is going to be consumer confidence. how confident dismiewfl wednesday the federal reserve meeting the rates are going to go up .75 or full basis point. the g.d.p. will be out. will this be second consecutive negative month and does that mean we are in a recession? not according to some of his experts and on friday, the personal consumption, which index which could be good because one thing about america we are still buying stuff. >> ainsley: here's the thing low unemployment and strong go job creation. but limited supplies of all our goods. >> steve: that's bad. >> ainsley: high gas prices and high prices across the board. business confidence. that first quarter of the g.d.p. was down 1.6%. they are expecting it could be 1% to 2% down. if you look at a definition of a
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recession it's two quarters back to back with bad numbers. >> steve: right, exactly. that is how they have defined it forever. >> brian: not anymore. >> steve: there is some prespinning definition going on. blizzard of bad numbers. particularly, you know, and, just don't believe your own lying eyes. when you see prices like that, does that seem like prices are going right? no. so, instead, the administration is adopting, you know what? usually you don't know you're in a recession until way after the recession. that's kind of what they are going for is usually it's not announced in live time although i'm old enough to remember when it was. when you had two back-to-back consecutive quarters of negative growth that was a recession. on thursday we are going to get a number. we are probably going to be in a recession. down a point or so in gross domestic product; however, the fresh riff secretary, whose job it is to make us all feel like it's not that bad tried over the
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weekend. watch. >> many economists expect second quarter g.d.p. to be negative. first quarter g.d.p. was negative. so, we could see that happen and that will be closely watched. i do want to emphasize what a recession really means is a broad based contraction in the economy. and even if that number is negative, we are not that recession now. we have a very strong labor market. when you are creating almost 400,000 jobs a month that is not a recession. >> brian: so interesting, she is fed chairman. usually she is a numbers person and yes or no? and then you let others spit out what it means. >> ainsley: she got inflation wrong. >> brian: flying in the face what we knew was recession. "wall street journal" writes today. core inflation could come down from 6.5 to 5.9 and how that's
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indicated they strip out food and energy out of it there are some positive signs there also are some signs too we are in a recession. a guy like larry summers comes out and says he does believe we are going to be headed to a recession. they have to get their own party straight but, for the most part, i'm not that worried about how what they term it it's how it feels. are people still going to be hiring. are interesting rates still going to get up? is that first-time home buyer going to have a shot? are your wages going to be keeping up with what you are earning? i think there is a few things where the american people will decide overall if we are in a recession. >> ainsley: seen gas prices go down a little bit recently. >> brian: 40 cents? >> ainsley: you always say because of supply and demand. more people might be driving which means prices might go up again. >> steve: absolutely. >> ainsley: senator marsha blackburn says it's bad right now she thinks it's going to get worse. listen. >> people are smart and they know that prices are high.
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they are paying more for the goods and services that they generally biff and they are not believing what janet yellen is saying because she thinks, well, you look at economic indicators and credit and, you look at industrial output, so those things are good so don't believe anything about high inflation and a recession. >> steve: so there you are trying to prespin. trying to make you feel close to 6 bucks you are paying for gas is not a bad thing with these radioactive numbers. jim garety at the national review, he has got a great column over the weekend. and he talks about the problem for joe is how this administration has blamed vladimir putin for everything. particularly all of these bad numbers. you are going to hear putin a lot over the next week or. so and he writes: if everything from your household budget to international trade to the planet's climate are now in a
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weaker, more endangered shape as a result of putin, americans may start to wonder why didn't joe biden do more to stop putin? remember, we got here because joe biden said at one point during that awkward interview, a limited incursion of ukraine, that would be okay. which kind of gave him the green light to do it. and since then, he has had to blame putin or trump or covid for everything. >> ainsley: "the washington post" is saying quit, joe, quit. biden could save the midterms with a one-term pledge. they say just announce it don't listen to the party. just announce it. >> now the problem if he announces it he will be a lame duck president and he has two more years. will. >> brian: get out of the way and let work for the betterment of the country. joe biden is less popular than the democratic party. the democratic party is more popular than joe biden right now. that's the one thing republicans should be weary of.
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just because joe biden's approval is at 31%. doesn't mean the democrats' approval is like that. >> steve: the quiet campaign to get joe biden not to run is getting a little louder. we are going to talk about that coming up on this monday telecast. >> ainsley: 10 minutes after the stomp the hour. wildfire warning. latest from yomed as fast moving claims engulf our national park and they're forcing thousands of people to leave. >> brian: and, remember this? >> the border is secure. the border, um, we are working to make the border more secure. >> brian: should be a laugh track with that statement. today, republicans are heading to the border that the white house keeps ignoring. we are going to preview that trip next. ♪
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>> brian: all right. here we go. it's a fox news alert. california declaring a state of emergency as the a.o.c. fire continues to burn an area of about 12 square miles. take a look at a tote taken in front of a fire station as raging flames explode near spokey and warning of extreme fire danger thousands have been asked do leave their houses, hotel owners providing emergency shelter joining us this morning on "fox & friends first." >> mariposa is accustomed to wildfires unfortunately. the county -- taking in
3:17 am
sheltering animals and spca different hotels lowering prices for the evacuees. doing whatever we can to assist them. >> ainsley: check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast, janice? hard to see those images in a national park. >> california is prone to wildfires, we know that we don't have a lot of relief in the forecast and the cause is unknown, zero percent containment, that's not good news for the next few days and we are talking about the central portion of california right around here. not getting in on that good moisture from the monsoon season that typically brings the rain that they need across the southwest where we have extreme drought conditions. not getting that rain in the forecast. where that's where we have a pair of fires in central california. and heavier rain for parts of the wildfires in the southwest. the temperatures very warm. we don't have the gusty winds that we sometimes see in california. but the relative humidity is
3:18 am
going to remain low and the temperatures are going to be well over 90 degrees in some of these areas. the southwest cooler temperatures because of the monsoon season but, again, the area we are focusing in on around the yosemite area temperatures, you know, getting close to 100 degrees and no rain in the forecast. we will continue to monitor that. of course, and the key to the other big story, fox for latest details. all right, over to you, steve, ainsley, and brian. >> steve: janice, just a quick question for you it seems like last week at yosemite, the giant red woods dodged a bullet. they are still in peril, aren't they? >> janice: of course. we don't have a any containment of this wildfire. the weather conditions are not going to be very good for the firefighters going ahead. >> brian: thanks, janice, appreciate it 18 hours after the hour. other big story and it's everyday. it's maddening and tedious to keep reporting this it matters so much for our national security. the border is broken. everyone knows it's smashed. everyone knows the wall is rust
3:19 am
not guilty middle of the dessert. everyone knows that only 30% of our border patrol is actually working the border. the rest are processing people. everyone knows 4 million roughly have come in under the biden administration, not counting the 800,000 got-aways, but aspen institute hosted hhs secretary mayorkas, he had no problem saying this. but, notice he looks on the ground when essaying the words. >> the border is secure. the border -- we are working to make the border more secure. that has been an historic challenge. >> steve: that just flies in the face of what we know for a fact. the united states has shattered the record for most known stocks on the border, we are about 1.7 million so far. that's the most recorded since 18960. and here's the thing. there are three more months left in the first call year. so that number is going to go up much higher. >> brian: when it's not as hot.
3:20 am
it's slow right now. >> steve: exactly right. here's the thing, tony gonzales is a congressman from the great state of texas. and he apparently represents what is described as 42 percent of our southern border. and he says it's not secure. and he is hosting a delegation of nine members of congress all republicans, who are going to head down to the southern border today, to take a look. he spoke to trey gowdy last night about what secretary mayorkas told him in his office a couple of weeks ago. and what he said the other day. walch this. >> it's the furthest thing from secure. you know, i represent 42% of the southern border. there is certainly nobody in my district that thinks it's secure. today in san anton know about 132 degrees about. a month ago the same temperature. we found 53 migrants cooked to death in the back of a trailer. nothing has changed. in about three weeks ago, secretary mayorkas came to my
3:21 am
office in d.c. and we sat and spoke about a few things. i asked him for one thing in particular, to help with this crisis. that's repatriation flights out of del rio, texas, those are essentially flights where folks who do not qualify for asylum which are about 95% of the migrants coming over. they get put on a plane and instead of getting sent to another ice tee deposition in de united states they get sent back to country trim of origin only way this goes away. >> ainsley: or cities across the country. most of them come in through arizona and texas. the governors saying we can't handle all of this. governor of texas is putting them on these buses and shipping them throughout various places throughout the united states. voluntarily get on these buses and go to cities where their loved ones are living. many of them are going to d.c. and new york. you have got the democratic leaders that are complaining, but you have representative tony gonzales how just heard from. he is the republican. and he says democrats have no one to blame but themselves. they are in control of the house, they are in control of
3:22 am
the senate and presidency. they created this problem. he said the hispanic americans are coming over to the republican party in droves. this is an opportunity to change the scheme of politics and the party. and he really wants to work with the democrats. there are a few is he working with. one in particular from florida that came over to seat border. listen to this. >> as you know in congress, it's very divided right now. but, if you roll up your sleeves and if you find partners, you can find people that want to go to work. i was excited two days ago i hosted darren soto, he is a democrat from florida. and we came -- he came to my district. we went to del rio. we saw the border. we met with reanches. retalked about immigration reform. stopped by uvalde and mental health facility and spoke with different folks. this is a one-off. you will never see nancy pelosi here. you will never see a.o.c. and some of these others. i think that's what it takes. >> ainsley: i wonder if darren soto the democrat who went down there will go back to nancy pelosi and aoc and democrats and
3:23 am
say you all really need to go down there or mr. vice president who is the border czar you should go check it out. >> brian: one thing is pretty clear. one thing, ainsley, i think that was erroneous. i don't think that arizona or texas is sending anybody to new york. our mayor is just trying to deflect the blame. trying to fool everybody. they are not sending anybody. they are saying washington, yeah, i know disandz set if you keep this up and send them to delaware they seemed to have stopped in jacksonville. here is more hope. common sense caucus in new york city. i didn't know we had one. five republicans and two democrats. one of the democrats' names is robert hole den and joe borelly here all the time. sent a remember the to mayorkas. stop with mid flights, dropping off illegals in our state. we can't afford them. you are overburdening our social service system. including sherltsd, knock it off. that's what you need democratic leaders to do what's best for the people who put them in
3:24 am
office, not with their party. >> steve: here's the thing if the democrats change their opinion and their approach toward the border, that would admit that there's a problem and as we have heard from the guy at the top the border is secure. and, brian, to your point about a common sense caucus, here we are. in new york they said there is no common sense caucus in new york. common sense caucus on a couch right here. >> brian: right. absolutely. would you include ashley in that. >> steve: she is not on the couch. >> ainsley: come on, arably, come sit on the couch. >> ashley: i'm at the rail stand. we are going to start with two people are dead shooting happened during a karl show. l.a. councilman says the police have arrested a suspect but the lapd has not confirmed this witnesses say children were also at the park during that shooting. police say there have been multiple -- there could have been multiple shooters.
3:25 am
and former vice president al gore taking heat for comparing climate change to the police response to the uvalde school shooting. >> climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being mastered. >> ashley: unbelievable. one commentator saying quote absolutely disgusting rhetoric. comparing the climate to the little kids being massacreside absolutely appalling. and a lot of unexpected twist and turns in a wild nascar cup series race at pocono raceway. >> here comes the 11. they lean on each other a little bit. >> whoa, hard into the wall, he goes around. he will hit the inside wall as well. caution has come out.
3:26 am
>> ashley: if you thought that was crazy ross chastain wrecking his car in lead car with hamlin for the lead. hamlin would go on to win coming in second but both disqualified after the race when inspections of their cars showed rules violations. as a result chase elliott was awarded the cup series win. and get this john rich beating out top stars like liz zoe and billie eilish chart with patriotic new song progress ♪ where the sun don't shine ♪ keep your big mouth away from me and mine ♪ if you leave us alone ♪ well, we would all be just fine ♪ >> ashley: john rich will be with us to react to the new song's success this morning. if that isn't taking aim jab at woke. >> brian: he will perform that song? >> steve: he will acoustically.
3:27 am
cash. >> ainsley: number one. >> steve: john rich has had a greatee two number ones, progress and santa has a dirty job with mike rowe. the two are unrelated, i think. >> brian: meanwhile, unrelated to john rich, someone he probably is sending a message to through that song is one of the most controversial faces in hollywood. now fox nation taking a deeper look at the scandals and career of alec baldwin. >> trouble and alec baldwin are never too far apart in 2014 bibling the wrong way down fifth avenue in new york city and cops pull him aside and say hey, you are going the wrong way. and that snowballed into this f bomb filled rant at female police officers. >> and then he blames them again that they are trying to get resources for new york city not that poor. alec baldwin plane named the blame king. >> brian: look at al beck
3:28 am
baldwin's career i host this on fox nation. if you clicked yesterday it wouldn't have worked today is when it drops. >> ainsley: does he know you are doing this? has he stood outside of your house? >> brian: from massapequa, i was the right person to do it. absolutely. >> steve: you were because his father was your coach. >> brian: what happened is his father was social studies teacher my wife's teacher. >> ainsley: alec baldwin's dad? >> brian: football coach too. great guy. he did some recreation. so every summer we did some recreation at our grammy school. so for five summers he ran it flir months. he was the greatest guy. alex is the only one i didn't know billy, danny and steven. you have an older brother and then one day dawn tells me the story that in social studies he wheels in a television. he said my son is an actor and he is on the doctors. >> ainsley: so cool. >> steve: do you interview your several to talk about what the
3:29 am
father was like when you were your coach. >> brian: like you do in the selfie of elton john. i hold up the camera and a interview myself with very bad lighting. >> steve: if you did a selfie interview in the 70s, i want to see that. >> ainsley: it wouldn't be brian it would be dawn. >> brian: yes it would be dawn. i could not get her rights. killing could not get her rights. >> ainsley: dawn does not like to be on television. >> brian: maybe if i did her in silhouette. >> ainsley: she opened a clothing story. >> brian: wild willow going extremely well. she someone drive in from texas coming back from the hamptons just because we talked about it on the show. >> ainsley: that's nice. >> steve: check it out it's called. >> brian: wild willows on broadway in massapequa. >> steve: fantastic. >> ainsley: play wild willows on broadway. >> brian: right. very similar to prodway. >> steve: coming up straight ahead as we do "fox & friends" live from the avenue he is, a day at the beach turns to chaos as out-of-control driver speeds onto the beach. what prompted this crazy car
3:30 am
crash coming up. >> ainsley: and to charge or not to charge. that's the question for prosecutors investigating hunter biden. miranda devine reveals hunter's dozens of possible failures to register as a foreign agent. that's next my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®.
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from prom dresses to workouts whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. green brian federal prosecutors still weighing charges for hunter biden as the investigation into the president's son picks up steam.
3:34 am
legal experts point out failure to register as a foreign agent that was one thing. >> jonathan turley pointing out this the recent exposure of additional foreign contacts strengthened what was already a strong case. indeed the last few weeks compelling basis for agent's registry acts charge unassailable and denial. you would think. fox news contributedder miranda devine author of laptop from hell. i think everyone agrees something is coming. what makes you think that fara violation is in some of these charges. >> two reasons. one is at least two dozen potential fara violations that are evident from the laptop from the influence peddling that both hunter biden and his uncle jim biden were doing whether they were using joe biden's name when he was vice president to extracts millions of dollars
3:35 am
from various, you know, oligarchs and chinese state-owned enterprises. and then there's the fact that we know from late from certainly previously from this grand jury in delaware that's been operating since 2018 that they were looking at fara violations. the only flip side of that is that fara violations really have been not very well used at all, even though the law has been in place since 1938, to prevent americans lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. but it's really, in recent times, only been applied against republicans and particularly trump world people. so, and we note that although people in trump world republicans have had search warrants executed on their homes, that has not happened to hunter biden. >> brian: right. because he basically turned it over to a laptop repair person
3:36 am
and made -- you don't have to come to his house for anything, he left is everywhere. including keith ablow's office. couple things looking at yugo sviatoslav leader wanting to get financing rebuild palace. colombia, china, obviously, the company that's there. you have got russia oligarchs who he is dealing with this is almost comical how guilty he is. he is walking around without a care in the world. thursday in malibu. what do you think the reason is that we haven't heard anything after four years, a four-year investigation? >> look, that might be a good thing, brian it could show that the u.s. attorney in delaware runs very tight ship, unlike a lot of the other investigations we have seen into republicans. and, you know, maybe they are just trying to avoid political interference. that would be the polyanna view. the other view, the more cynical view would be that they are
3:37 am
slow-walking this until after the midterms. there is so much evidence on the laptop of both tax evasion as well as fara violations. and, you know, it's obvious that hunter biden lied on his gun background check and there is some suggestion that the grand jury is looking into that. >> steve: yeah. but we -- i guess we can only wait. but it has to be politically sensitive at the moment with the midterms coming. >> steve: right. and the tie to his dad is logical. it doesn't look like the other channels are even looking there the big guy might have ducked this one again. we will see. miranda, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> ainsley: if you want to know what's going on read her column every day. lee zeldin getting extra security on campaign trail after getting attacked at a rally.
3:38 am
congressman plus, a new blood test being called a game changer. this is great news. how this simple test is better at finding simple signs of breast cancer than mammograms. that story coming your way. ♪
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ains apes simple blood test hailed for women's health. cancer cells circulating in the blood correctly identifying 92% of breast cancer. that's around five percentage points higher than a mammogram. here with more is fox news medical contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. will we see this? will this replace a mammogram? >> that's a great question. i think right now it would be a great adjunct to the mammogram but not necessarily to replace it right this moment. this is truly ainsley, incredible technology because it
3:43 am
will really save lives. we have over 42,000 women who die every single year in this country from breast cancer. the beauty of this test called true check simple blood test and it can pick up early cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream and sometimes ainsley a program gram which an extra of the breast it can't pick up the tiny, tiny early stage cancer. so this blood test can. and what does that mean? when you have early detection of a cancer, that means early interconvention and usually a better prognosis and outcomes. if we can catch it early that means 90% of women with breast cancer will have a good survival rate down the road. >> ainsley: do we need to ask for this when we go for annual exam and also what else do we need to ask for? i'm hearing that obviously the mammogram is important. i heard a sonogram is important. and sometimes i'm hearing now we should ask for an mri and i don't even know if insurance covers that. >> that's great question. this is why it is so important
3:44 am
to see your doctor routinely for routine yearly physicals. your doctor should know for example primary care doctor should know what you need. for example, you will need a mammogram. you will need a pap smear a colonoscopy. thyroid check, diabetes check. this is what your doctor will provide for you. your job is just to go and see your doctor routinely and make sure you are compliant. we have different mow dttles for breast testing, ultrasound. you are right. sometimes female has dense breast tissue she will have mammogram and ultrasound. sometimes a breast mri is also necessary. that's what you and your doctor will discuss when you see them at the visit. the beauty of it is we have multiple tests that can help detect breast cancer, it's a matter of getting to your doctor and getting preventative tests because so many people are not doing that again, early detection is the key. >> ainsley: i don't think it's painful. i encourage all women to go out and do it. better than the alternative. you want to find out if you have
3:45 am
any cancer cells. talk about joe biden because his checkup was released over the weekend. his doctor says is he doing much better just has a little bit of a sore throat. what's your take? >> is he improving. today is the fifth day since he has been diagnosed with covid. tomorrow technically his isolation should end. we do know right now he is suffering from a sore throat. still has a little bit of the body aches. he is taking tylenol. he is using his inhaler as needed only for a cough also used for shortness of breath and wheezing. tech nij nickelly tomorrow is his fifth day of isolation he should be released. continue to monitor and check his oxygen level and temperature and making sure is he hydrated and doing well overall and hopefully he continues to do well. >> ainsley: make sure he does test negative before they release him. thank you so much dr. nesheiwat. great to see you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. okay, ashley strohmier is here she has headlines for us. >> ashley: we are going to show
3:46 am
this the video targeting physical home invasions. one of those homes belonging to real housewives star marlow hampton. >> i look at the phone and [inaudible] kick in the door and i scream. >> searching for jeremy are -- accused of being involved in some of those break-ins. a day out at daytona beach turned into complete chaos after out-of-control driver speeds onto the sand and hurts several people, including a child. now, this footage shows a crowd surrounding the vehicle that officials say smashed into a toll booth bore careening through a crowd of panicked people. the current condition of those injured has not been confirmed. officials say the driver may have experienced a medical episode before losing control. and immortalized in the national baseball hall of fame. david ortiz is the first career designated hitter to be inducted
3:47 am
as the first ballot hall of famer. and the former red sox star giving a moving speech at the ceremony. listen. >> without you guys, this would never happen. you guys were the engine that started this every day for me to get it going and keep on going. i love you guys from the bottom of my heart. >> or tease is also the fourth dominican born player be inducted into the hall of fame. and those are your headlines. back to you. >> good deal. thank you so much, ashley. 47 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up climate activists taking extreme measures their agendas. first, today is national hire a veteran day. we will introduce you to the nonprofit on a mission to take our troops from the battlefield to the bedroom and beyond. ♪ a little bit harder ♪ make me that much wiser ♪ thanks for making me
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> ashley: houston texans announcing he has leukemia. former university of lamb wide receiver says he will not play this season if is he treated for the illness. he was drafted in the second round of this year's draft. meshy was supposed to be ready for training camp despite tearing his acl kyle schroder
3:52 am
is the latest to stand out nfl team. is he being picked up by the jacksonville jaguars as they get ready to start training camp this week. he threw for more 1700 yards and nine touchdowns usfl season. all with the breakers. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much, ashley. did you know that today is national hire a veteran day. but according to a 201 pugh 201w research poll only one in have a job after they serve. after america's warrior partnership is helping to bring more troops from the battlefield to the boormd board room and
3:53 am
beyond: colonel, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: that is a shocking statistic. i know when people are in the service they think their next step is this and they have things lies up in heir head but it doesn't work out all the time. >> it doesn't. it's important for the transitioning troops to be well-educated and informed about opportunities that they have but also for the companies to understand the opportunities they have to get great talent that are reliable, focused, initiated and they have the initiative and commitment and more importantly they have the adaptability to fit into pretty much any role. >> steve: absolutely. you detailed why vets make good employees but ultimately, you know, as the unemployment has been low and companies have been looking for people. people who have been in the u.s. military follow orders. they follow instructions. they know how to lead. these guys would make a great addition to any business. >> they would, steve. and, you know, the other piece that you left out there was that
3:54 am
they work well as a team. and that's what they have i-we have all been trained to work as a team to -- in the absence of orders to lead and to move forward. so i think that there is a lot of opportunity but i think there is opportunities for companies, too, to retain more vets. we as partnership feel that the best recruiter for veterans are the veterans working within the company. so as americas warrior partnership we seek to bridge the gap between veterans' needs and the company and the services within the community. we work with great organizations like ets sponsor and uso to help those transitioning out make a soft landing back into the community where they are going to live. >> steve: that's right. when they get out, they need something to do. something useful. because unfortunately and you know better than anybody, and this is one of the tenets of your organization, is that people don't have a job and don't have something to do. a lot of them spiral into
3:55 am
depression and often that leads to suicide. >> it does, steve. you know, one of the things that we believe is that we are not going to counsel or way out of veteran suicide. the way we lower that rate double that of nonveterans is that we improve their quality of life. we help them get good jobs. access to healthcare, access to good education, access to all the service that was they have and that they fit in the community and we feel by improving their quality of life and improving their level of hope that they will then not take their lives at such a huge rate. >> steve: absolutely. >> yeah. >> steve: since today is national hire a vet day, jim, are you looking for vets who need jobs or are you looking today to hear from companies who need to hire people? >> we're looking for both. we are looking for companies that are looking to hire people. and, you know, there is 11.3 million open positions right now. veterans are the perfect people
3:56 am
to -- group to fill it both those that are transitioning out and those that have already transitioned. those that are getting ready to transition, contact us, understand what services are available. there's a lot of programs. hire heroes u.s.a., hire our heroes. lots of organizations. sometimes it can be confusing because so many choices. the easiest thing is contact america's partnership, contact us. and we will connect to you the resources and. >> shepard: herd you through that process. to your other pound, in veterans. >> americans warrior >> thank you for your service and helping so many people. >> great. it's great to meet you in person. >> steve: thank you so much. kind of in person. stepping aside. back in a couple.
3:57 am
dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it.
3:58 am
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4:01 am
>> apparently hunter has been doing business overseas but he never registered as a foreign eating. >> there is a huge conflict of interest here. the attorney general appointed by president biden, this is president biden's son. we need a special counsel. >> pick your progress where the sun don't line. >> john rich beating out rizzo and billie eilish number one spot new patriotic song progress ♪ where the sun don't shine ♪ streetlights ♪ streetlights ♪ darkest night ♪ where the sun don't shine. >> ainsley: i got a sun set. -- why do i always say sun set. sunrise. new york. sixth avenue. >> steve: can we go back to miami? >> ainsley: 89 degrees. going to be 89.
4:02 am
nice down in miami. >> brian: for a change. those people have been through so much. wait a second. >> steve: it's hotter here than in florida over the last week. >> ainsley: in the 80's today, tomorrow and wednesday. going to get a little rain tomorrow in miami. brian brian like at mayor schwarz in miami. if governor desantis does for president is he going to be the next republican super star. >> ainsley: i agree. >> brian: regardless he is. >> ainsley: that's a big soccer stadium down there. >> brian: very active. making miami the new silicon valley. successful getting tech firms to move to miami and getting young people into the area. >> ainsley: no tax there. no state tax. so a lot of people are doing that. >> steve: here's the thing. when we have got two feet of snow here, it looks like that there. the weather the number one reason to live in florida. >> brian: i had no idea. >> steve: i read it somewhere maybe encyclo media britannica my mom bought it from a
4:03 am
traveling salesman. >> ainsley: people can't afford to live in new york high tax states with liberal democratic mayors. >> brian: end up spending a lot of money on sunscreen. keep in mind, too. it kind of balances out. >> steve: go you go outside. >> ainsley: one bottle per summer that's it. the white house is spinning the president's low approval rating as he remains in isolation with covid. >> steve: even "the washington post" is calling for the president not to run for re-election in 2024. so, somebody, please, don't show the president who is in isolation, the paper today. tomorrow okay. just not today. >> brian: that goes for you, gillian turner live at the white house with more. >> gillian: if i have any personal sightings of the president. >> steve: don't hand him the paper. >> gillian: i will not. he is still in isolation. we did not see him this weekend. it's unlikely we will see him at least in person until websz. that is slated to be his first day out of this isolation. this did not stop his top officials for going to bat for him on the sunday shows this weekend. take a listen what chief of
4:04 am
staff ron klain said about the president's major lag in the polls. >> i think the president's approval rating is kind of a reflection of how people feel about what's going on in the country. and some things in our country aren't going well. not because of what the president did, but, in fact, because of what the president is fighting against. >> gillian: you guys also mentioned "the washington post" op-ed. they had this piece out that argues the president should announce now that he is not going to run in 2024 for the good of his party in the midterms. they write, quote: unless biden announces he is not running for reelection, this quiet campaign against him will intensify whether it comes from people who intend to challenge biden in the primaries in 2024 or just to flex their muscles to discourage him from running again. here at the white house, seeking to down play concerns about the 79-year-old's covid diagnosis. the white house hasn't made biden's physician available for comment or for questioning at least yet. officials -- plenty of officials speaking on his behalf keep insisting the president is fully vaccinated and twice boosted.
4:05 am
take a look at this. some details out of the latest letter from physician kevin o'connor. the president continues to tolerate treatment well. continue paxlovid as planned. oral hydration, asit minute fin and al buoy teller inhaler he as needed for occasional cough. he is experiencing no shortness of breath at all. low dose aspirin as alternative type of blood thinner. all things tolled right now, it continues to be a mild case, based on this reporting of the president which is good news for him. this afternoon, we just learning now that the white house covid coordinator, that's dr. jha is going to join the briefing so we will press him for more details on how the president is doing. guys, back to you. >> steve: gillian, before you go, i think today would be five days so that would end his quarantine, supposedly, if he starts circulating,-t. looks like you were going to correct me. if he was able to leave his isolation, will he be wearing a
4:06 am
mask? >> gillian: that's interesting. i don't actually know the answer to that question. i have to circle back with you, steve. >> steve: i have heard that before from there. >> i would never dare correct you on. that was depends on how you start counting the isolation either tomorrow or wednesday. press for more details on exact timing. 59 that briefing i will ask about the mask. >> steve: thank you very much. very thorough. >> ainsley: she mentioned "the washington post" saying he should announce now or soon that he is not going to run for re-election so that they can get their ducks in a row for 2024, the democratic party at least. so there was a turning point u.s.a. summit. and they took a straw poll of the people that were there in attendance. and they wanted to know if trump did run in 2024, and he ran against these people, who would you vote for? and look, the majority said trump. almost 79 percent said trump. and only 19 percent said ron desantis. >> steve: yeah. you know, that's interesting. keep in mind, turning point, a group of young republican
4:07 am
conservative activists from all across the country. so, you have got people from all across the country convening in tampa. i'm thinking about that is a little different than a couple other polls that we have seen over the last couple of weeks two. weeks ago in florida blue print polling did a poll, desantis leads the former president in all age groupings. then there was a university of new hampshire poll in june, desantis actually led trump, 39-37. and that "new york times" siena college poll that we cited quite a few times. less than half of republican voters back donald trump as their preferred choice. so, it's like the young people. who are activists at that event, like the former president. but, looking at these other polls, different answer. >> brian: if you look state by state, ron desantis is showing tremendous strength in new hampshire, michigan and florida. he is leading or tied with the
4:08 am
former president. and tucker point run by charlie kirk, extremely impressive organization and extremely enthusiastic and active. they also asked another interesting straw poll. hey, by the way, who would be the most difficult defeat for a republican president in 2024? gavin newsom, the minnesota delusional democrat. i was shocked by that mitchell obama never indicated she wanted to run. bernie sanders is sill still there. mayor pete buttigieg is on the list and joe biden is way down there. joe biden wants donald trump to run. that's what he says his best case is to get the democrats behind him. >> steve: right. >> brian: everyone else is above him. >> steve: in the polls they have all shown if it was donald trump and joe biden, joe biden has beaten the form everywhere president every time. so, for him to be that far down, that is surprising. >> ainsley: and kamala that far down, in the bottom four. >> steve: kamala is right with aoc for the most part.
4:09 am
>> brian: 34% approval for president biden. 32% for the vice president. couple other things interesting to see the president's power republican party in arizona. carrie lake is obviously the president's pick former tv anchor once against him and now seems to be for him. mike pence along with governor doocy that. >> that i know of. >> mike pence is out for the opponent, which is karen taylor robeson. so, we will see how that goes. see how much power the president has. also, you are going to look to see how dr. oz does and look to see how j.d. vance does to see at the end of 2022 how much power the president has. >> ainsley: herschel walker, too. >> steve: maybe the former president is a king maker then because he has been very successful in endorsing candidates who have gone on to win the primaries. let's see what happens in general. >> ainsley: they love his policy. they love trump's policies. they have been critical about other parts of his personality. but as far as his policies are
4:10 am
concerned, the gas prices were better. our economy was doing better. and we'll have to see. gavin newsom went to the white house, you know, when our president was over in saudi arabia. >> steve: that was weird. >> ainsley: now is he taking out these ads in florida. ains. >> brian: and texas. >> ainsley: he would love to run. >> steve: i wonder if there were a lot of people in california at the turning point event, because the number for the california governor seems so high. >> brian: right. >> ainsley: michelle obama much lower i think she would beat anyone who puts their hat in the ring. >> brian: i will add this, too. governor newsom and patriots scer of illinois thinking about rung. pretty clear. so minutes after the top of the hour. we told you last week about what happened in minnesota when dave chappelle was canceled because about 100 people tweeted out and wrote letters and emails saying they were outraged that dave chappelle was booked at this historic theater because he had some views about trans, had some
4:11 am
jokes about trans and the gay community that they thought was inappropriate. they canceled him and opened him up somewhere else in minneapolis and he sold out immediately. and then there was the surprise this weekend in new york. >> ainsley: he doesn't normally open for other comedian yants but he did at msg here in new york for chris rock and for kevin hart. >> steve: what a show. will. >> ainsley: surprise. >> steve: no kidding. there was at one point owe understand, we don't have any video from the event. it is not available. there was at one point one oblique reference to what happened in minneapolis. remember, he was booked for the first avenue neither and they unbooked him and then he wound up going over to the varsity. and had a couple of sell-out shows. anyway, he said this. at msg on saturday night in new york city. had to snook my way in here despite what you may have read in the news. i'm okay. and i appreciate the support. but, apparently it was just a crazy thing, when you think
4:12 am
about these three big names in comedy, all together. you had kevin hart, you had chris rock. and you have got dave chappelle. kevin hart said this was right up there. right up there so last night by far the best moment moment of my career. i can't explain. i can't find the words u just know that last night was the true definition of an epic night. i love my brothers more than words can explain. we made history last night with three exclamation marks. look at the goat. chappelle hart and rock greatest of all time. >> brian: two of the three have been attacked on stage. >> ainsley: chappelle came out with a cigarette. >> brian: smokes all the time. >> ainsley: came out and talked about cancel culture. ground goes wild. >> brian: hopes the guy who attacked him is in jail and has monk pox itch not die just issue. >> steve: talking about being tackled at the hollywood ball.
4:13 am
guards slow on the uptake because they were wearing gress shoes. they were sliding all over the place like they were at a bowling alley. he was also angry at news outlets who called that attack alleged as is standard journalistic practice. he said why are they doing that? it's on video as we look at the goat with the goats. >> ainsley: according to the article says chris rock and kevin hart they killed it for an hour. they referenced of will smith several times and mocked court says anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face. >> steve: and he would know. that's funny stuff. >> brian: that's fantastic. >> steve: i hope they taped it for some sort of a special. >> brian: if someone had a camera we would like to see some video. >> steve: but we can't play it. >> brian: someone has cell phone camera and sent us the video. steve: it's prohibitive. sign when you walk. in. >> brian: they would be in trouble not us. >> steve: we would get in
4:14 am
trouble. >> ainsley: we can't promote breaking the rules. >> steve: brian you have got to go to a seminar. >> brian: whoever got in trouble or whoever tossed to the soundbite. >> steve: not a problem for the person who took the picture because it would be for private. >> brian: chris says you cannot sell stolen goods. i did not know that. >> ainsley: do you that all the time. >> brian: i buy lemonade for 50 cents and sell it for a dollar. >> ainsley: know you can't resell stolen. you have to steal it so after you steal something. >> brian: if i knew the lemonade was stolen and i resold it. [dragnet theme song] >> steve: the law looks at you were talking about reselling. >> ainsley: the other day i'm driving bile a lemonade stand. selling lemonade rolled down my window how much i gave them a dollar gave them a 20 thinking they would have a major reaction they said okay, thanks, bye.
4:15 am
>> ainsley: i wanted to. here you can have it all and there was no like explosion of wow, that's amazing, thank you so much. >> steve: did you drive down the block and resell it for 100? >> ainsley: yes. drove down the block and sold it to brian. >> steve: that's funny stuff. anyway, that was a very busy weekends here in new york city. not only a big comedy show but ainsley got lemonade. >> ainsley: i thought i would get better reaction to that. >> steve: had you given them a bitcoin. >> brian: that would have been great. kids love bit coins. 15 minutes now after the hour. ashley, do you have anything to add? >> ashley: maybe the reaction would have been better, ainsley if brian stole the lemonade and took off with it. >> brian: and you came back and gave them a 20. >> ashley: thank you for the 20. we are going to switch gears. start with this.
4:16 am
it was a very bloody weekend in chicago where four people were killed. 57 were hurt in shootings all throughout the city. now this comes as $15,000 in rewards is offered for information leading to the arrest of the shooter who killed fox news analyst gianno caldwell's younger brother christian last month. police say the suspect fled in a black sedan after the shooting. and progressive new york state lawmaker ramos is taking aim at alexandria ocasio-cortez for meeting to discuss healthcare reform calling her out of touch. left of center said one-time ally was more interested in doing performative resistance art for the cameras than focusing on healthcare policy. aoc claims she was unaware of that meeting. ramos tweeted maybe if you spent more time in your office and with your team you would know what goes on. it would be nice if you breathed our air. three st. louis cardinal also not be heading to a toronto series against the blue jays
4:17 am
they are not vaccinated. the three will all miss the series and have to forfeit their pay. this after 10 kansas city royals players head to is sit out of their series in toronto over the vaccine mandate. this is crazy. video out of florida shows wildlife officers try to control a massive al garrett in someone's driveway. -- alligator in someone's driveway. >> ashley: the 11-foot alligator chilling roar as authorities try to restrain it. it was discovered in the middle of the night of all times, hiding underneath the homeowner's jeep. police eventually managing to subdue the gator but not before it took out a light pole. i guess the fox and the coyote i saw in my driveway last week that buts it to shame. >> brian: i think so too. it would have eaten.
4:18 am
>> steve: can you imagine looking under the car in the dark and essentially a dinosaur. >> ainsley: when i first saw it i thought it was the homeowner but those were experts. >> ainsley: it said wildlife. i would hate to have that job. >> brian: all they have is to spin? >> ainsley: they spin so fast. steve the main move is the chomp. that he was the one that gets everyone's attention. >> ainsley: heaven forbid, this is awful to think about, when they take a person down they don't die president bite and pin them and drown them and go back later. >> steve: it's terrible. i have heard that the key is if you are ever in a gator fight, flip them over because there is something about their brain and they momentarily go unconscious if they are upside down. i never intend to be in a gator tight again.
4:19 am
>> steve: again, right. congressman lee zeldin is back on the campaign trail after being attacked at that rally. the congressman and nominee for governor joins us as the nypd steps up with extra security for him. >> steve: meantime, climate activists do not mind getting into sticky situations to push an agenda. the ramped up demonstrations that show no signs of slowing down. what did they glue themselves to now >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks.
4:20 am
>> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:24 am
without bail because of new york laws. >> ainsley: 43-year-old suspect who claimed he didn't know who zeldin was, he is now back behind bars. this time indicted by the feds. the fbi had to come in, which could land him 10 years in prison. >> brian: congressman from suffolk county now getting extra security on the trail courtesy of the nypd. congressman zeldin, welcome. i know you have seen this a lot. it's been a crazy four days for you. how do you feel with him behind bars and his explanation that he didn't know who you were or where he was. steve: he was just drunk you said. >> i heard he was under the influence. but the idea that he was coming up at me, speaking at a campaign rally, running for governor of the state of new york maybe when a couple days pass and you start answer questions from the federal investigators you start giving answers oh i had no idea who he was. maybe he was intoxicated. but it's hard to believe that he just had absolutely no idea who i was or where he was.
4:25 am
>> steve: that video we were just showing is the first video. we didn't see it the first day we saw it the second day. it's so chilling because he is coming up with his right hand and he has got that blade shaped like a cat with his -- counseled of like brass knuckles, he is going right for your carotid artery. have you reflexes there that most people don't because as a child your mom had you get karate lessons. >> that's true, i'm a black belt. once won the world championships in sparring back in the day. >> steve: had that guy known that he wouldn't have come after you. >> one of the things and this has unfortunately become a real issue in new york city, we are hearing about a lot of stabbing, some people think self-defense if somebody is coming at you with a knife that you should go after the knife. actually if you can gain control of their wrist, you are gaining control of the knife. >> steve: which is what you did. >> you don't have to worry about getting any closer to the knife than you have to. >> ainsley: what i read kathy hochul's tweet she is the opponent and wishing you the
4:26 am
best. then i read she was releasing where your rallies were going to be held for her supporters to go. and i guess -- i hope she is not trying to incite violence but what was your reaction to that when she released your schedule? >> it became a security issue right away. in one respect, they were spoofing the schedule but then at the same time, we were also gaining emails and whatnot being forwarded to us where the actual dates, times, locations and then with rhetoric added to it to try to stir up the people who would be showing up. that all happens thursday night, of the video that you just played the attack, all day friday, saturday and sunday we had rallies all across the state. they had a box truck with my name face and rhetoric on. that was they had protesters showing up and trackers whole package of following us around the entire state all weekend long. maybe you think keep the box truck in the plan in the driveway for a couple extra weeks.
4:27 am
>> brian: chris christie ran the republican governor's association. he was on with me on friday on the radio and just to summarize what he said. he said this is an opportunity as bad and ugly as it is an opportunity to raise your profile. the whole country is talking but now. now that you have the spotlight on you, what do you want people to know about candidate for governor lee zeldin? >> we have to repeal cashless bail in this state. we need to fire rogue das like alvin bragg. first thing i would do on the first day remove them. we don't have recall elections in this state, crime public safety. economy. attacks on freedom. quality of education. that's why new york leads the whole country in population laws. i was talking before the need unapologetically backing or men and women in blue cashless bail and taking back our streets. i had just released a campaign ad within 24 hours or so of this attack talking about how crime is on the rise. al village bragg needs to be removed and kathy hochul is not doing anything. she was asked about al village
4:28 am
bragg needs to be removed cut him some slack. he just got there. he is doing his job. we need repeal cashless bail she was asked about it. >> brian: democrats outnumber republicans two to one how are you suppose toed win over the democratic. >> as you know there are millions of people they where registered voters not republicans or democrats in new york. right now they are leaning heavily our way. there is a growing number of disenfranchised democrats. democrats care about being safe on our streets. they care about their kids' education and not being age to afford to survive in this state. we have one party rule in albany. super majorities in the senate not for long. people describe as socialist. there is one aoc in washington, d.c. but there is a whole lot of her friends right now in albany who are running the show. >> ainsley: this guy got out because of our no bail reform laws that these democrats have enacted. of the only reason is he behind bars, the f.b.i. got involved is because you are a congressman.
4:29 am
>> right. so if you are not a member of congress,. >> brian: your assailant is out and about. >> that does not apply to you. >> steve: so glad you are okay. >> good to be with you. >> ainsley: good luck on your run for governor. >> brian: we will talk to you again. >> steve: he is not running a necktie because it is shot throughout and campaign events. high temperatures putting heat on farmers suffering from surging operating costs. one is fuel prices kansas wheat farmers responds next coming up here on "fox & friends." helps reduce your background noise. bring that sense of calm, really... so you come through, loud and clear. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you.
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♪ >> janice: let's take a look at the maps. you know it's warm outside. not just for the northeast but across the country. we do have heat alerts though stretching from the delmarva all the way up towards new england and we also have the threat for severe storms later today because we have a cold front that's going to move through but, with that, crashing into those hot, humid temperatures we could have the risk of stronger storms including hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. the rest of the country 80 million impacted with heat advisories for the southern plains across the mississippi river valley and then into the northwest where we are going to set records. look at seattle 88 today. 95 in sacramento. 104 in dallas. 105 in oklahoma city. this has been the deal gort last couple of weeks with
4:34 am
temperatures well over 100 degrees. and with the heat indices, it feels just oppressive and dangerous. the big story across the northwest, some of these areas don't have air conditioning and we are going to be dealing with several days of high heat and humidity. that is, of course, one of the biggest stories across the country. fox for your latest details and i know, steve, you have a story coming up that deals with the hot temperatures as well. >> steve: exactly, thank you very much. perfect segue, janice. the heat wave hitting farmers hard as temperatures threaten crops, animals and lively hoods on top of the stresses from already very high, record high fuel costs. buff one u.s. state department official actually welcomed the higher fuel prices tweeting and then deleting this, quote: i prefer high gas prices, equals less driving, less co 2. here with reaction are kansas farmers vance and louise joining us from the flat alans of kansas
4:35 am
where i grew up. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hey, how are you doing, steve? >> steve: i'm doing okay. so, louise, what's your message to the state department guy who says he wants high gas prices so people drive less? >> well, he is right, actually. i mean, he nailed it. but, the reason is the problem. and, of course, i kind of think he was trying to put a happy face on, you know, his mother probably taught him to put a happy face on bad situations. so i will give him that you are right. it's a disaster. >> anyway, i think the poor guy, missed a golden opportunity to keep his mouth shut. [laughter] >> while there is a little bit of truth of what he is talking about, the reality is, these high fuel prices are killing us farmers out here. and the american consumer is really paying through the nose for these high fuel prices and we need to get them down
4:36 am
desperately and as fast as possible. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about your outfit. you, for the most part, raised wheat. the wheat harvest i would imagine was a number of weeks ago, whatever your yields were, they are already in the barn to to speak. have you already sold that but, it is impacting so many people throughout kansas and the plain states, right? >> oh, yeah. this drought out here, you know, prior to harvest, usda had done a survey every county in kansas. here lane county our, you know, survey yield is supposed to be 27 bushels an acre. and back then we did have substantially higher wheat prices like 11 and $12 a bushel. because these yields were supposed to be so low that well over half of the wheat fields
4:37 am
down here in western kansas were actually lose money. since then, the price of wheat has really gone down. i just looked at the markets here a couple of minutes ago and under $8 a bushel right now. >> steve: wrong direction. louise, between the low output from the crops and then combine that with the high cost of gas, you guys, you know, i hate to bring your finances on to television, but you guys probably won't make any money this year,. >> well, that's -- we have gone through the numbers, that's exactly right, the squeeze here. and with $11 wheat, it was maybe a break-even. wheat now is at 7:20 or 7:30. that's kind of attractive but it's even worse and gas has dropped some but not -- deville hasn't. and it's still a squeeze. that is extremely hard to take.
4:38 am
and, right, profitability looks pretty grim. he mentioned about bill custom cutting. >> prior to wheat harvest we have south dakota customers that bring six big huge combines and we had budgeted $200,000 for them to harvest our 6,000 acres of crops. but as soon as they got they got here they said god almighty, you sure have high deville fuel prices and that's probably going to show up in your bill. ultimately louise you wrote them a check for how much. >> 234,000. >> steve: a quarter of a million dollars. >> yeah. yeah. >> steve: you guys are having a terrible year. why are you so happy? >> ha ha ha. because i'm talking to steve who sent the. and little rain.
4:39 am
we got a shower overnight there is a god we have hope. >> steve: growing up in kansas there are some years good and some years bad. when you are in it for the long haul as the emkes are it averages out. you are a lovely couple and family. thank you for telling us what it is like for the american farmer. thank you louise and van. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: good luck to you. got to love them. still ahead, china warning house speaker nancy pelosi don't go taiwan. newt gingrich became the highest ranking american lawmaker to visit the close ally when he went 25 years ago. his message for the speaker coming up. ♪
4:40 am
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4:44 am
violate one china principle and hurt integrity. will pelosi would be the highest ranking lawmaker to visit taiwan hence newt gingrich went there 25 years ago. newt, i love that the speaker is going. how concerned are you that she is going to back out? >> well, look, she has to make her own decision and i'm sure the state department is panic-stricken and begging her not to do it because the state department normally is in to appeasing our enemies. but i would just say that when we went 25 years ago and i'm the highest ranking american ever to go to taiwan, we actually went to china. and the -- but the chinese communist invited me to give speeches in beijing and shanghai and we told them that's terrific. by the way we are going to go to taiwan. they said you can't do that and gardner owho was my senator adviser i remember listening to him on the phone quelling he a chinese ambassador and saying the chinese communist party does
4:45 am
not dictate the travel of the american speaker. what we did have to do is we left china, went to japan, stopped briefly, then went to taiwan and went back to japan. we couldn't go straight. but when we said to the chinese communist, look, if you don't want me to come to china, that's fine. >> i will just go straight to taiwan and never come to china. they said'ly said no, no. we don't mean that but it will hurt our feelings. and i thought at the time. >> brian: but they are a lot more belligerent now and our defense department is warning her dependence it. i think if we back out, the message to our allies is we are not up to the challenge. >> look, it's exactly the kind of confusion that enabled putin to mislead himself about ukraine. we need to be very, very clear. this is part of why i went. we had a lot of tension in '96, '97. president clinton and i collaborated in trying to send very strong signals, including putting american aircraft carriers in the taiwan straight.
4:46 am
i would say she absolutely has to go now. she cannot allow the chinese communist dictatorship to think that it can bully an american speaker of the house and, frankly, she ought to tell the pentagon and the state department to shut up. they're always timid. they are always risk averse and they don't get it it's very important to show strength so the chinese communist understand we are real and just not as mao called it a paper tiger. >> brian: if you didn't get enough with newt on "fox news sunday" and enough now with me on "fox & friends," good news, watch america first agenda summit. this is going to be big. it's going to be streaming live on fox nation starting today at 11:30. and donald trump, the former president of the united states, delivers the closing address tomorrow. mr. speaker, your book is doing great. i went into a barnes & noble the other day newt gingrich's book is doing fantastic defeating big government socialism on sale now. newt, congratulations on it.
4:47 am
great to see you. >> great to be with you as always. >> brian: look forward to your speech today. we will be watching it on the app. starting next month catch me on the road. i will be on stage in newark, new jersey, august 27th on saturday because i don't date on saturday nights. i think it's important to be on stage with you. then, in albany september 8th, we talk red, white, and blue and bring you update to what is going on in a more intimate setting, also a chance for me to meet and interact with you one-on-one. just go brian meanwhile straight ahead on this show. activists taking extreme measures in hopes to make the climate message stick. rachel campos-duffy reacts to the ramped up allegations including al gore's participation. before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you,
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>> ashley: back can a couple of quick headlines raufly 500 boeing workers three facilities st. louis expected to go on strike next month. workers denied the company's most recent contract offer which included generous raises and competitive raises yet. the workers' current contract expires today and the strike would start on august 1st. and could get free subway sandwiches for the rest of your life if you are recall restaurant subway series promotion logo. the promo is meant to introduce
4:52 am
a series of 12 new sandwiches. a tattoo must be, well, 12 by 1e person's sternum or back to qualify for the big prize. the first person to get the massive tattoo will get $50,000 in subway gift cards every year. i have no idea what to even think of that. ainsley back to you. >> ainsley: subway best salad. turkey salad is great. >> ashley: maybe you should sign up. >> ainsley: climate activists ramping up edges stream actions in attempt to save the planet. we have seen disturbing -- they are disrupting the environmentally friendly tour de france. lying down in the streets. they are setting up rod blocks, forcing it to shut down. protests in big oil by glug themselves to famous oil paintings like you see in europe and some of the world's most prominent galleries, activists taking vandalism to a whole new level.
4:53 am
deflating suv. greenhouse gas emissions and some are lighting themselves on fire. here to react is "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you? >> ainsley: doing well. they are citing the climate clock. they say their window is closing. they are going from seven years to six years now to limit global warming. what's your reaction? >> well, the prophet of doom who really is responsible for a lot of this is al gore. and al gore also predicted the end of the world because of climate change. i want to show you some numbers. al gore's energy consumption because, of course, ainsley he lives in a mansion and lives a very, you know, lavish lifestyle is 21 times that of the average household. prince harry as you know and john kerry they fly to climate conferences in private jets. bill gates and other climate alarmists he doesn't have one plane he has four plus helicopter plus a c plane. barack obama, another climate alarmist builds mansions right by the water.
4:54 am
if these people really believed that the sea levels were going to rise and the world was going to end they wouldn't do any of these things. this is a scam. al gore has gotten very rich off of this. bill gates and others have other plans with -- by co-opting the environmental tall movement for their own purposes both financial and ideological. i think we have to be very careful here, ainsley. you know, these climate policies are impoverishing americans right now as we speak. it's also has the potential to impact and already has the global food supply. we see in sri lanka an entire country that basically collapsed because they went, you know, into organic farming 100 percent and now the entire country is poor. in the earth inner lands farmers are being pushed off their land because. eu climate policies. and i'm afraid that these policies are also going to impact our ranchers and farmers
4:55 am
and be forced to sell their land to big corporations. bill gaetz gobbling up land because he thinks we shouldn't eat meat and intersection instead. alarmist agenda. people at the very top. davos predator class trying to co-opt and get niece people like you see who are gluing their hands to these paintings really easy to gin up these activists. others modems behind this global food supply is in danger because of these policies. >> ainsley: al gore compared climate deniers to the uvalde police who said they heard gunshots and refused to step forward and do anything. they say these activists are saying it's criminal to go ahead and with informs still fuels and oil and gas and coal projects. what do you say? >> he has to keep ramping up the language and the rhetoric. what he said by the way was one of the most offensive gross things i have ever heard in
4:56 am
recent memory. but, yeah. he has to keep ramping it up because every year, you know, aoc also said the world was going to end in 12 years. i think that was like five years ago, so, ramp up the rhetoric and get everyone on board for this -- these climate policies which are making everyone poor. >> ainsley: rachel, i love your podcast it's called "from the kitchen table." tell us about it. >> thank you. this week can you download an episode that we have with victor davis hanson and this coming week we are going to be going in-depth with the fearmingz in the earth inner lands and what is happening there with the land grab.thank you, rachel. still ahead the white house is bracing for economic storm. the key reports that are due out this week as the administration down plays fears of recession. to keep you in frame. and the meeting on track.
4:57 am
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5:01 am
for hunter biden. >> doing business overseas but he never registered as a foreign aid appearance because there is a huge conflict of interest here for the attorney general appointed by president biden and president biden st. pierre we need a special counsel. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: john rich beating out rizzo and billy ellis for the number one spot on the itunes chart with his patriotic new song "progress." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, west virginia, shepherdstown, look at that and it looks like there is a lot of space in west virginia. great people and also speaking of great people, that is where john rich is pure to use the
5:02 am
word people because he is a person and he also has many personalities and many people buy this and downloaded the song. >> ainsley: number one. >> brian: it is called "progress" and he's going to be performing on the show. listen, can everyone back off? people can have opinions and stop trying to condemn people and actually indict people because of what they believe. i will aim have met erie underwood a couple of times. he has depending people speaking up and especially in country music. they are at each other's throats. >> steve: this particular song is about wokeness and the country and we are sick of it and so you will hear the song. he will play it live acoustichich means he didn't wake up with the band early. this hour of "fox & friends." >> ainsley: it is a big week for the economy. a lot of numbers coming out in a lot of experts are fearing for a
5:03 am
category 5 economic storm here they are saying the numbers could be bad but the first quarter gdp with a decline 1.6% and the second gdp, second quarter comes out on thursday. we are expecting -- could be bad news. >> steve: absolutely end a review of the bad news for the administration. tuesday, the consumer congress comes in to show exactly how competent you are at spending money. on wednesday the federal reserve to me on interest rates. democrats and progressives don't want them to, you know, a bit too much because they think that will be problematic for the midterms, probably 75-point basis points it may be more. but a couple more races after that. thursday is a bad number, radio active number. the gdp, gross domestic product. keep in mind, it is for the second quarter in any time you have two quarters back-to-back negative for net domestic
5:04 am
economic growth is considered a recession. but the administration, we will talk about it in a moment and then the final number out this week the personal consumption expenditure index. how much are you actually spending? a lot of people are reeling back because everything is so expensive. people aren't buying as many cars right now because of car financing costs and because i can't get the chips to build the cars. they are building of a course a lot of options because, you know, that came up for the back takes a chip. so people aren't going to do that. so manufacturing is not putting heats in seats because that is a chip. and so things like your refrigerator now, and they were just not enough. spin when you have a lot of people, democratic circles, larry summers, they don't like a lot of things the administration is doing. the recession could be looming. others like janet yellen said it's up to the fed to get things done. i don't think we are looking at
5:05 am
a reception. don't go by the normal numbers but a new idea of what a recession is. listen. >> many economists expect second quarter gdp to be negative. first quarter gdp was negative and so, we could see that happening. that will be closely watched, but i do want to emphasize what a recession really means is a broad-based contraption for the economy. even if that number is negative, we are not in a recession now. we have a strong labor market. we are creating almost 400,000 jobs a month that is not a recession. >> ainsley: we do have low unemployment but limited supplies of goods. you are scared to spend your money and high prices come abysmal consumer and business confidence because we are hearing recession, recession, recession. so save your money.
5:06 am
people aren't buying cars and houses like they used to. >> brian: and i would like to add this, too, larry summers of this is what happens when you borrow too much money to overspend. but the important thing to remember, we've had a ton of pain because of inflation, and that question is what caused the inflation? why was everyone not named larry summers on the democratic side so wrong about how long it would last and how high it will go? it just hurt your credibility when you say it is going to come down or go up. no one believes you anymore. >> steve: we've heard from the administration the reason gas is so expensive, it was putin's price hike and a tweet from a senior state department official who said i prefer high gas prices because that means less driving and less co2. that is true because highest price goes, the less you drive so, so expensive. the reason your gas is going down in price, a couple of
5:07 am
quarters over the last month or so is because of supply and demand. there is more supply because less demand. you're not driving as much. however, someone who uses diesel and gasoline from americans farmers from about 40 minutes ago we spoke to those who live out in western kansas. they have been impacted by the drought out there as much as the country has been. they were talking the bit -- here is the sound bite -- they will first refer to the state official don't drive so much to save the environment. they will also be talking about how the gas prices have impacted the amount of money they are able to put into their pockets. at the same time, every bushel of wheat this year that they harvested they are actually losing money that is no way to do business. but they have no choice. here they are. >> i think the poor guy missed a golden opportunity to keep his mouth shut. you know -- [laughter] while there is a little bit of truth in place talking about the
5:08 am
reality is these high fuel prices are killing us farmers out here. in the american consumer is really paying through the nose . and we need to get them down desperately and as fast as possible. >> gas has dropped some, but diesel hasn't. and it is still extremely high. right, profitability looks pretty grim. >> brian: what he saying that kai should keep his mouth shut is really, when people say well, like the price is that gas prices are high because co2 but in the short term, the working t of the gas prices historically high even though $0.32 over the last few days. to think it could be avoided but on some level you are happy that the average american is feeling the pain, is hurting, because you think of the big picture is
5:09 am
going to listen co2 and help the earth cool i think is extremely cynical. and i think that is one thing the president of the united states came out and said what he is thinking right now will be extremely detrimental. >> ainsley: it is going to get worse and worse into "washington post" is asking joe biden to quit. they want him to announce he will not run for a second term. they are asking him to do that quickly, even before they midterm election because they want to get the ducks in a row before the next candidate. >> steve: what you are going to be of the next four days went up to thursday the consumer price gdp number comes out is how whatever that number is, that is not really a recession. keep in mind and i know we do this all the time but it is very instructive, if donald trump was in the white house, every newspaper would write it with headlines that big. that the recession is here. and it would be donald trump's recession.
5:10 am
let's see how well the mainstream media is able to calibrate that to actually help joe biden because two quarters negative growth recession. but they were not going to say that. we will. if it happens. on thursday, we will get the numbers on "fox & friends." >> ainsley: concern about the high numbers, high inflation and crime. we see that one the campaign trail in lee zeldin is running for governor as a republican in the state of new york. he's already a congressman out of long island? >> brian: close. >> ainsley: and he was back on state last week and you remember that. the guy was put behind bars and let out immediately because of no bail reform laws. now, he's back behind bars because the fbi got involved because you are not allowed to attack a congressman. if you were not a congressman, this guy would be out on the street. >> steve: he shouldn't be allowed to attack anybody but because of the woke policies in new york, that guy essentially
5:11 am
went before somebody and said, "you know what this does not qualify the cookie rules in new york." we have the congressman on about an hour ago, and we said, "hey, where did you learn that move where you grabbed his hand? "he said when he was a kid his mom took him for karate lessons and, in fact, he was americans champion and whatever weight division. he reacted on the program to the fact that he took the feds to up the charges against this guy who he said he had heard had been drinking and was a fed and didn't know who that guy was pureed watch. >> i heard he was under the influence, but the idea that he was coming off at me speaking at a campaign rally running for governor in the state of new york may be went to couple days past and started answering questions from federal investigators. you start giving answers like "oh, i had no idea who he was."
5:12 am
." maybe he was intoxicated but it is hard to believe that he had absolutely no idea who he was or where i was. >> brian: lee zeldin, he's got a message and strong on crime. he will be strong against week d.a.s and this was the message he was relating to that crowd in upstate new york. he's got to take that story to new york city. he roughly if he gets 30% of new york city voters, this is i know outside of new york and everybody thinks new york city is new york. upstate new york is more like iowa. it is very rule and suburbs whee we are and i think he's got a legitimate shot. the first time in 20 years to use this opportunity and the publicity from this ugly incident to tell your victory and relay your message. lieutenant governor kathy hochul governor kathy hochul was extremely weak as it canada and stood for nothing.
5:13 am
has been reacting proactive anything. she doesn't have new york city constituency. she is from buffalo. she has no relationship with the power bases in albany. governor hochul picked to secure upstate which was leaning red. so they do the red no relationship. so the cool name working for them. i think he's got a legitimate shot. i think he has a window here to win over democrats. >> steve: that is the case because 10/1 democrats versus republicans in new york. it will depend on the people who say to themselves, "what is important to make? my personal safe? security? "i read this that the number one issue for people who take the subway and public transportation is personal safety. with those people say, okay, which of these two candidates the republicans and candidates will protect me on the subway, they would vote for lee zeldin ultimately because he's more law and order and she is not going to do anything
5:14 am
about these crazy bail reform laws. >> ainsley: she is already our governor and if crime isn't getting better and not working out, you have to go with another option. >> brian: what is interesting the mayor agrees lee zeldin then the governor. the mayor says i need to get rid of this cash bail. >> steve: i wonder if he will vote for lee zeldin. if the mayor endorsed lee zeldin -- >> brian: not going to happen. they already endorsed each other. >> steve: i'm going to say it will take the democrats. >> brian: worried about their personal safety in the direction this town is taking because right now, it is a. >> ainsley: the asian community as a tech so much now that they are getting pushed in front of subways. they are getting/and hate crimes. they might vote republican. you have a lot of people who are not registered as democrats or republicans so they cannot vote in the primary. in new york you have to be the primary if registered republican
5:15 am
to vote in a primary. so if you registered as conservative or independent, you can't vote in that pureed it will be interesting to see what happens because graham is the number one issue. >> brian: whatever glenn youngkin did, you can do it in a purple/blue state. for 2 minutes after the hour, hey, ashley. >> rush a segway with crime in new york city, pretty disturbing video. out of new york city a moment a man was hit by a car and robbed while struggling to survive on the streets. moments after the victim sent plan, the driver and his passenger jump out, that they take a live there belongings. he remains lifeless on the ground. he is in critical condition as the police search for the robbers. now to the border crisis, a group of house republicans led by congressman tony gonzalez are touring the border equal past texas today and the trip coming days after homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas
5:16 am
once again claims the border is secure and so far, cdp has encountered 1.7 million migrants crossing the southern border illegally. and whether going on vacation or just calling out sick, workers are not showing up to the office this summer according to the department of labor. between july 29th- -- missing time from work because they got covid or caring for someone with covid and 4.8 million workers took personal days in the same time period. these numbers up drastically from the same time period last year. and check this out, and aaron judge with a run last night again steve baltimore orioles. >> that is in left field and judge created his own home run. no ballpark is going to hold that thing. speak with the shot trapping 45d
5:17 am
wall. and judge was even cheered on with mvp. the yankees went out to shut out the orioles 6-0. >> brian: so he now has 37 home runs and the only person to have 37 home runs and that number of games mickey mantle. he's on track to get a real nonsteroid induced home run record for the yankees to beat roger mirus. >> steve: mickey mantle didn't do steroids. >> brian: no, imagine if he had to go good knees. >> steve: thank you very much, ashley. >> ainsley: i love going there. >> steve: use on the crowd to come a lot of seats but again it felt like yesterday in baltimore it was over 100 degrees. when given tickets -- >> ainsley: where your tank top, right? >> steve: there you go. meanwhile, terrorist and training, new fears refugee camps in northern syria are
5:18 am
breeding grounds for children of isis fires turns the h for the military. special ops intel analyst brett velicovich sounds the alarm on isis. and that is straight ahead. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer.
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with xfinity internet, you get advanced security back pain, and fatigue. that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back.
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5:23 am
brian. they have been planning a violent return and a lot of the tension on other parts of the world. they created this breeding ground for future generations in displacement camps in syria and isis attacks targeting personnel. not only do you have these camps but you have thousands of prisons left over in many countries that still repatriate these guys. the lurch campaign of isa slow down, we have been warning about these displacement camps for years. some other women who run these camps have been victims of extreme violence. they suffer significant trauma during the war and perpetuating a lot of the same violence. these women play enforcers and continue to push this. isis extremist ideology and punishment to others. historically with isis, you bribe these mothers as lethal as men. i will never forget to take down a senior leader of isis in iraq and the leader's wife had been
5:24 am
pulled out of the firefight to safety by u.s. special operations forces. and then she purposely ran away and back into the bullets to sacrifice herself. she did not want to be captured alive. it is very dangerous not only to have the women in the camps but children indoctrinated. >> brian: isis guy, says try to kill them and they can. the turks are trying to take out the isis but the kurds are trying to take out the turks. and meanwhile come over to ukraine for the first time in a long time we are talking about op-ed of counteroffensive against your son, the first major city to fall in russian hands and afraid to talk about it early but now ukrainian forces seem to be advancing step-by-step and confirmed by zelenskyy. what can you tell us, for the ukrainians to reclaim some of the land that lost to the russians? >> kherson is a key piece of terrain. there is a lot of battles taking
5:25 am
place there and it's gone back and forth between russia and ukrainian control for a few weeks now. it is a p to my key piece of training and i'm glad they are going on the offenses. it means the military is actually working and serves as a key strategic area like odesa where we saw these recent strakes take place over the weekend, which was harvesting some of these ports that were potentially going to be used to carry out some of the grain. so, i think there is message the timing that can't be overlooked at the fact these new agreements that was taking place where they are trying to move exports out of the attic area and help fuel the rest of the global economy. there is definitely some difficult attacks that will be taken place and difficult battles taking place over the next few days. i hope the ukrainians end up taking back that region appeared so strategic. >> brian: to decisions the biden administration has to have
5:26 am
courage to have more long-range rockets and game changer. then we have a handful. number two, they trained the pilots to fly f-15 and f-16s. we are thinking about putting it in in december and that his debt to the country. if you are going to put the man, put them in now. let them win. >> ainsley: the more weapon tree like fighters, the better it is going to be. one of the reasons the russians were able to take larger areas in the country is because pushing stuff out there. it is getting there to the front lines. that is not one thing i think will help the ukrainians continue to defend the country and protect a lot of civilians that have their lives completely destroyed appearance be one that was the first lady of ukraine's message when she came to washington, brett, thank you so much. coming up straight-ahead embattled los angeles district attorney george >> ainsley: pushing gun restrictions as a cdc's a crime despite despite criminals back on the street.
5:27 am
a deputy working under the progressive prosecutor sounds off plus, that woke progress. the subject of john rich's brand-new song. he performs live later this hour. that is john live. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ meta portal go. look professional. ♪♪ even if you don't feel it. meta portal. the smart video calling device... - right on time! - of course. that makes work from home work for you. so, shall we get started? when you can't sleep... try zzzquil pure zzz's gummies. they help you fall asleep naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin. and a complementary botanical blend. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: we are back with a fox whether wildfire or alert. california declaring a state of emergency as the oak fire continues to burn an area of 20 square miles. this photo or this video taken yesterday in front of a fire station -- there is the photo -- as a rating plane with smokey and warning extreme fire danger. at the fire has destroyed ten structures and 0% contain at this point according to the latest report. thousands have been forced to flee their houses and hotel owner providing emergency shelter joined us this morning on "fox & friends." >> the wildfires, unfortunately in the county itself has stepped up. the shelter animals and so is the spca. different hotels stepping in for the evacuees, doing whatever we can to assist them.
5:32 am
>> ainsley: what is next with senior meteorologist janice dean with the forecast. >> across california, it remains warm. conditions are not favorable for containing wildfires in central california. let's take a look at the maps because dangerous temperatures not only for the southwest but across the plains states up to the northeast. i wish i had better news and they are not getting moisture into the region. he watches and warnings to the plains to the northeast and northwest or they will feel temperatures into the 90s and over 100 degrees. you can see the highest today. that is the biggest story is the extreme heat across the country. oklahoma city, we will break that heat more seasonal temperatures as we get into the latter part of the work week. look at the northwest. we will hit records for seattle as well as olympia, parts of washington state. a lot of these folks don't have air conditioning. when you feel temperatures at warm in these regions, that is when it gets dangerous.
5:33 am
i want to say hi to you guys, what is your name? >> caitlin, logan. >> where you're from? >> florida. >> and it feels like corded today, thank you for coming to "fox & friends." do you want to say hi to ainsley? >> ainsley: good morning, thank you for visiting. thank you so much janice. embattled los angeles district attorney george >> ainsley: pushing for tougher gun laws despite criminals back on the street. and he faces a recall and coming under new scrutiny over the release of this convicted killer. there is his picture and he was freed after six years of a 50 year sentence and just last week rearrested on gun and dui charges. 20 may now district attorney john, good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning, john. what is your reaction to gascon letting this guy out and he only
5:34 am
served five years, i believe, five after six years released. he killed a 41-year-old woman during a robbery, and ease out after six years. what do you think about that? >> so, george gass cohen's policies is to basically let as many violent offenders out as quickly as possible. this is especially true of juveniles who in essence, what he is doing is that when they are brought back under state proposition, which he supported, when they are brought back for resentencing instead of having them tried as adults because they are at this point in time well past juvenile age, he basically does nothing and they end up getting released with almost no time. so what he has done now is as usual, his lead another killer out on the streets, and that person has engaged in more criminal conduct. the frightening part is that this is just one of a number of individuals that particularly
5:35 am
alyssa blair who was a public defender and came to work for the office, she was literally having conversations with this defendant's mother. this mother was caught on tape talking to the defendant. this is back when he was coming back for resentencing, which we didn't pursue on. at the conversations the mother is saying "don't worry, alyssa blair, in essence as your back. you are going to get out and go home. and of course, this is what happened. complete disregard for public safety, and the hypocrisy of him talking about how he is going after criminals who use guns is absurd. the best way to go after criminals who use guns is pretty simple: is to punish them for using the gun. something that his policies when he came in specifically prohibited us from doing. no gun enhancements at all. even know his modification appears to only apply to high-profile cases in the media's watching. it is shameful. >> ainsley: how do people get
5:36 am
reelected, violent crime is up, shots, shooting victims and he keeps letting the criminals out. >> well, what happened is basically he got a lot of money from george soros, who is basically taken over, attempting to take over the criminal justice system in the united states. got himself elected as a result of the floyd situation. and since that time, los angeles is a war zone. you have individuals -- they don't even run from the cops when they have guns anymore because they understand why run? you will not get prosecuted for the firearm anyway. you have people being followed home, robbed, shot, murdered and people robbed in the middle of the day coming out of banks. it is like the wild west with no sheriff. by the way, law enforcement is doing all they can do. it is not their fault. my office won't effectively prosecute anybody. >> ainsley: but they defend the criminals are not the victims. the reason people are buying
5:37 am
guns because they need to defend themselves. the criminals will always get the gun. it is the innocent people to protect themselves and their businesses. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> ainsley: you're welcome, thanks, john pure the new warning stop sharing your dna with 23andme. who might be able to access it and used against you. former department of defense counterterrorist analyst tara patrick joins us live. and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick?
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5:42 am
testing services to develop potential bio weapons. what? our next guest agrees former dod department of defense counterterrorism tara frederick is here with more. tara, good morning. >> thank you for having me commit steve. >> steve: this is terrifying and on the show we had our dna done. i know i am 70% but aside from that, i don't know what the company will do with that stuff and i don't know where it's going to go, do i? >> no, exactly. this is not just a plot to the latest james bond movie. this has something the various entities like china are looking to make sure that they have a wholesome account of all americans dna. china and "the wall street journal" reported last year, they are trying to have the biggest biotechnology database in the world. so once you submit your data to private companies, you don't know that they share it with or how it is sold. you don't know where it's going or what it is actually doing or
5:43 am
if you have this genetic profile of you and the ccp communist party records at all so americans need to be much more circumspect when it comes to this. >> steve: sure, to hear the congressman talk about how it can take your medical profile, target biological weapon and kill the person, that is scary but at the same time millions and millions of people already have this done, cara. so for our records, is there any way that we can block that from going anywhere? or when we agreed to the terms of service, we agreed to do whatever they want to with it. >> you gave the way the whole farm. there is practically nothing he can do about it now. again, there is no privacy constraints we don't have a national data protection framework that right now prevents that collection storing. and most importantly, sharing of data. when you are dealing with
5:44 am
private companies say in china, you are not just dealing with regular private company in america. you are dealing with a company at the head of the chinese state. they have a national intelligence law that says any chinese private corporation has to comply with whatever the ccp wants. you were going into this database that could be combined with anthem hacks or tiktok biometric data that we know they are accessing to, frankly, create that profile for purposes that are very, very sinister as talked about. >> steve: senator joni ernst my birth state of iowa said essentially adversaries could use similar technology to target livestock and crops to produce or induce a famine. you know, we have already got supply chain problems. now that is a possibility, she suggests. >> exactly. look at how many acres of farmland china owns in the united states as well.
5:45 am
this is part of a holistic strategy and they are targeting and gaining influence over americans from our food, from our genetics, our data, home back anything. americans need to be much more wary what time is up to. they said this is a military strategy for us. this is strategic and they will follow through. when they are you they are, believe them. >> steve: who saw this coming? kara frederick we thank you for joining us from the washington area. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: straight-ahead john rich is coming up next. look at that, he has his good tar to perform his chart topping single "progress" live. as this progresses throughout the day bill hemmer is next up with dana. >> how was the big concert there, steve? >> steve: my son, peter doocy and i went to elton john's goodbye to her. we had a really good seat. >> well done, thank you.
5:46 am
in a moment, it is a gas and grocery election. that is what republicans say. we will talk to democratic lawmaker who is not sure her party gets it. what is china's military up to now? general jack keane is here to tell us. we expect an update on president biden's covid condition, and we will look at the possibility that your charity donation is being diverted into helping illegal sometimes before they even across the border. it is monday, we will see you in 10 minutes as we kick off a brand-new week then. ♪ ♪ discover intuitive technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. to be healthier,ight. knowledge is everything.
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devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. ♪ ♪ >> steve: he is beating a little, harry styles and beyonce on the itunes chart. john rich is a new song "progress" as everyone buzzing after reaching number 1 this weekend. >> ainsley: not just the chart placement that has everyone talking about the anti-woke message behind the sun. >> brian: john joins us right now. john, what prompted this song with the overall political climate and was one particular incident that said pen to paper? >> i found it ironic that i see happening in the country to the negative are done under the banner of the word "progress." it seems so ironic to me because i thought, that is not how i would define progress but that
5:51 am
is how they are. and over 88% of american said americas on the wrong track, 88%. that is unity and biden said he would unify us but they don't like what is going on. i wrote this straight-ahead country song, and it's how i feel about it. i put it out and didn't know what to expect. instead of going to twitter, facebook, youtube i launched it on rumble and it was number 1 within six hours. >> ainsley: if you didn't have your own label, could you produce a song like this? >> so, i'm glad i don't have a record label because if i did it wouldn't see the light of day. the industry as a whole, not everybody but as a whole, they don't like songs necessarily calling out what is going on in the country right now. i'm an artist. art is to be made for some people to like it and not like it and that is what art is about. >> steve: historically, country music has done that, his comments and straight-ahead stuff.
5:52 am
there is some progressive somewhere in the country -- >> that is their right to be that way, too. i didn't like that system so i stepped away from it and i'm totally by myself. >> ainsley: your audience loves country, the bible, family. that is what is interesting at "progress" being number 1 itunes in america. that is just america speaking back and supporting something that they believe in what is said. it proves we don't have to bend the need to beat the machine. >> brian: i'm happy about that. >> steve: you are proof of that but real quick what is the reaction from other artists that don't necessarily want to take the risk you are taking? what is your text messages like? >> go get him, john, go get him. i love the song and a lot of great messages from fellow country singers. >> brian: u.n. mike rowe did the number one song for a while, "stand up, a dirty job" and now the number 1 song in america is called "progress." download it after you hear him actually play it live.
5:53 am
>> ainsley: listen to these lyrics, amazing. >> brian: taken away, john. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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