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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 25, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i wish we could talk more. i'm so sorry, we are out of time, i apologize. thank you so much. awesome story. i'm glad to hear davey is okay. thanks, guys. >> bill: good way to end it, right? good story. that guy was thirsty being out there. julie, i will see you tomorrow. >> julie: let's do it again. >> bill: make it a good monday. here is harris. >> martha: we begin with a fox news alert. the white house with more defense than this week. gdp and consumer confidence numbers expected to show exactly where we are in terms of a reception. now critics are saying the biden administration is trying to redefine the word recession. maybe they think that we don't understand. we do. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the white house has put out a
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statement claiming that two consecutive quarters of falling gdp are not the official definition of a recession. sounds like they are expecting those reports to show two straight quarters of falling gdp. but with inflation surging to a new 40-year high just last month, some call the administration's talking points out of touch and they're out of time to turn this boat around if they don't start focusing on the right things. a comment from treasury secretary janet yellen. >> this is not in the economy that's in recession. we're in a period of transition in which growth is slowing and that's necessary and appropriate. a recession is a broad-based contraction that affects many sectors of the economy. we just don't have that. >> martha: oh, remember when she was apologizeing for saying
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transitory. larry summers knows the truth. >> i think there is a very high likelihood of recession when we've been in this kind of situation before, recession has essentially always followed when inflation has been high and unemployment has been low. soft landings represent a triumph of hope over experience. i think we're very unlikely to see one. >> that was a dig. they are cuddling hope over experience. house judiciary committee ranking member jim jordan in a moment. let's go outside the white house with peter doocy. >> president biden is still in the white house residence recovering from covid-19. we expect to see him virtually to talk about the economy and about making computer chips in the united states within the next 3 1/2 hours or so. but don't expect to hear him or
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anybody else that works for him use the word recession because officials are basically saying we know what you think a recession is and how recessions have been defined for the last forever, but instead think about it like this. they posted this. quote, what is a recession? some maintain two consecutive quarters of falling real gdp constitute a recession. that's not the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle. >> those numbers will reflect the period from april to june. so backward looking. those numbers are inherently backward looking and capture different elements of economic activity including volatile things like inventory. >> administration officials insist their plans are working because even though the average per gallon of gas tops $4 in many places, they are slowly
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but surely inching downwards and some republicans critics of the president are arguing that gas prices aren't the only real big problem here. >> what joe biden needs to understand and the democrats is when you inject trillions of dollars into the money supply, you are going to create inflation and also with the global supply chain crisis that we have, you are going to have a scarcity of goods and services. hence inflation and americans are poorer because of it. >> it is going to be interesting to see how the president makes these virtual remarks this afternoon. officials at the white house say he is following cdc guidance for people that test positive for covid-19. i just checked. nothing in the cdc guidance that says that it is okay or recommended for a staffer to go into the residence of a covid-positive person to set up a camera and a livestream. harris. >> i just remember how democrats went after president trump even after he got out of
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the hospital and had been treated. such night and day treatment from members of the media. the numb befrs will be the receipts we'll wait for. even cnn is calling it the moment of truth for biden saying even if the data suggests the economy isn't heading for a recession it will still be a hard sell. any president saying the economy isn't was as bad as it feels to people. great to see you congressman jordan. what just came out of peter's reporting, that americans are poorer because of biden policy. what is your reaction? >> well, i think that's accurate. look, we got record high inflation, 41 year high inflation, rising energy costs, and they seem to not know what's going on.
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janet yellen said we're surprised by the inflation when she said a few weeks ago. you pay people not to work and spend like crazy and drive up the cost of energy. i don't know how you are surprised by it. you can try to redefine it. intrigued by your reference to the 1970s when i grew up. i loved the steelers. i don't think they could do anything to stop the craziness from this administration and harmful effects it is having on the american family. so again, i think it's why 9 out of 10 of our fellow citizens think the country is on the wrong track. they think that because it is. >> i want to get to this. thanks for appreciating the reference. those were good years. weren't they? >> i love jack lambert. my favorite -- i would tell folks when i was a kid you have life figured out. i would be the next middle linebacker for the pittsburgh steelers because i loved
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lambert. i am 5'7" 1/2 on a good day. >> i'm sure we miss you on the gridiron right nou. according to recent fox polling 68% of voters disapprove of how biden is handling the economy. you just mentioned the number of people who think we're going in the wrong direction. 84% say the economy is only fair or poor shape. people almost 100% are feeling it. >> yeah. they are. and again what a contrast from what we had under president trump where wages were going up and tax cuts making a difference and employment was humming along where we had growth. they are trying to redefine what a recession is saying if you have negative growth for two quarters it's not a recession. they can try to redefine it but americans know what we experienced under the leadership of president trump and what we're seeing now and they can feel it, they sense
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it, they know it and again i think it is why there is going to be a big change hopefully happen in the mid-term elections on november 8. >> quickly what will republicans do if there is a red wave? will you be a stop for this president which a lot of mid-term elections have flipped that way and the party in power gets flipped out and all they hold is the white house and nothing moves? or will you try to make things move on this economy? >> we'll do three things. one will be a break on the craziness of the biden administration. pass legislation consistent with what we campaigned on to help the american people. that will be tough to get past biden. even if joe biden wanted to sign something good the left on energy or on inflation, on big tech center, whatever it is. the left won't let him sign it. we'll pass it to show the country here is what we're for and they are against and frame up the 2024 election and we have to do the proper oversight
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and investigation so the american people get the truth on key questions they have about so many of these issues and so many of these scandals we have seen from the biden administration. >> let's move to this. critics are calling out the house panel investigating january 6 for setting its sights on clarence thomas and his wife. the panel says it is fully prepared to subpoena jenny thomas who reportedly texted former white house staff -- chief of staff mark meadows about fighting to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election. committee member adam schiff going after justice thomas himself over a supreme court ruling earlier this year. let's watch. >> in this case for clarence thomas to issue a decision in a case, in a sensitive case where congress is trying to get documents and those documents might involve his own wife, that's the line that has been
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crossed. >> they argue a subpoena for jenny thomas is about trashing clarence thomas. you agree with that. your thoughts. >> this is just a further effort, further part of their effort to intimidate the w the supreme court. talking about gorsuch and kavanaugh and continuing with jerry nadler the chairman of the judiciary committee to add four associate justices to the united states security to pack the court and hearings on justice thomas. now going after his wife. it also continue when they wouldn't provide protection for justice's families. justice barrett's children school and church was put online and why nancy pelosi waited to pass that legislation that passed in the senate unanimously we had an assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh. it is part of the left's
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concerted effort to intimidate the court. i think the country understands this for what it is and not for it even though the left continues to push it. >> americans see what's happening. this could easily be a situation that gets out of control and we have to protect our justices. we have to. all right. we've already got laws on the books. they could use 15.03 and 15.07 if they wanted to, right? >> they sure could. assassination attempt of a justice on the supreme court and this weekend looks to take the life of congressman zeldin running for governor? this is scary stuff going on. nice if the left would help us condemn violence every time it happens like we have done. january 6, summer of 2020, this past weekend, justice kavanaugh. we condemn it every single time. >> great to have you in "focus."
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thank you for getting us started. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news now from the border. some numbers that no one could have predicted at this point. we knew this would be a challenge and that it would be bad. department of homeland security sources telling fox news now that we are at an estimated 900,000 gotaways since 2021. larger than the population of the city of san francisco. take that in for a moment. those are people we don't know where they are, we have not caught up to them, and you could fill up san francisco and beyond with how many of them are in the united states now. they don't have the intention of being here legally. if they did they wouldn't be gotaways. there have been half million -- if you take that number and nearly half it, most of those have occurred since the start of fiscal year 2022, which began officially in october.
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we know that dhs secretary mayorkas has repeatedly claimed the border is secure. i can't wait to hear the questions to him about these numbers. the battle for the heart and soul of the gop and the role florida seems to be playing already. so what does it mean? it is governor ron desantis, has the edge over former president trump because they are both in florida. let's take a look at what is happening there? plus more democrats raising the alarm about a certain mid-term election strategy. >> propping up these kinds of candidates is contrary to everything else that you're telling the american people you stand. >> big dollars to boost republican candidates in hopes of electing more favorable opponents in the mid-terms. could that really backfire? a growing number on the left
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>> harris: florida is playing a key role in the future of the gop and over the weekend the state hosted two republican conventions where governor ron desantis and former president trump addressed the crowds. >> i announced i was not going to run for office. the persecution of donald trump would immediately stop. that's what they want me to do and you know what? there is no chance i do that. there is just no chance i do that. >> he did test positive for covid and i want to on behalf of the state of florida wish
8:20 am
president biden a speedy recovery from covid and i also want to wish the united states of america a speedy recovery from joe biden. >> harris: no minced words from either man. desantis has a growing profile. former president trump firmly has the edge with conservatives. here are some young conservatives at the turning point u.s.a. summit in tampa while both of them were speaking. >> donald trump, of course, the man himself, he created the maga movement and he deserves to be our leader. >> i love desantis but trump is a little bit more going to push it. >> i would really like it to be governor desantis. >> we've had enough time without trump to realize we do really miss him. >> love the see president trump for reelection. he did something no other person could have done for the conservative movement.
8:21 am
>> harris: great to see you as always. love it in person. so talk to mefm about what the role that florida is playing right now and these two men can only be good for the party, all eyes on the gop. >> absolutely. isn't it interesting to think about? just a few years ago florida was a swing state. it is no longer a swing state. it is solidly in the red column. solidly republican and solidly republican because of people like donald trump and now ron desantis, who -- obviously in the press we spend a lot of time determining how much power does president trump have over the republican party. one thing that is important to remember, on the issues, donald trump has completely changed the republican party and ron desantis is a benefactor of that. he is running his operation on the trump agenda and it often gets lost. >> harris: that's really interesting. who leads the gop right now?
8:22 am
if you look at it. >> unquestionably donald trump. >> harris: not anybody in office. >> no, absolutely not. absolutely not. partly because donald trump has so completely changed the agenda of the republican party. turned it into a working class party. but here is the other thing that i think is really interesting. president trump has been silenced by the media for two years now. what i think a lot of people who have tried to silence him have failed to grasp is his supporters have been silenced as well. those people have failed to register that enthusiasm is still out there and there are a lot of people hand wringing who want trump hand wringing about him and for legitimate reasons but left out of this is the incredible enthuse as the particular support still out there for him. >> harris: you hit the nail on the head with voters from all
8:23 am
stripes. nobody feels heard from this white house. they have yet to say the words i hear your pain and never needed more than they are needed this week when those numbers come out on the gdp. >> they argue we aren't in a recession? people feel like they are in a recession. >> harris: whatever you call it, they're hurting. even if the white house can rewrite what recession or anything else people know what they feel. the reason it matters. trump was someone people thought was listening to them. no matter how they voted. he wasn't walking around talking about deplorables. quick thoughts. >> the final number on your grocery bill receipt, you know? >> harris: america is under a cloud of crises just like charlie was trying to tell you about the prices there and all of it is 106 days away from the mid-term election. everything from sky high inflation, rising crime. catastrophe at the southern border. the numbers that just broke,
8:24 am
900,000 people roaming the nation called gotaways. we don't know where they are or who they are. kevin mccarthy says democratic policies are to blame for all of it. >> if a person is paid on a salary they have lost an entire month of work for free because of the biden administration. the border, that's a national security crisis and they have done nothing but make it worse. you look what happened to lee zeldin. a direct effect of what the democratic policies are. there will be an opportunity in 107 days to change the course of history. >> harris: charlie, you and i have talked about many times that one person can't turn it all around. one person can't make it all good or bad. but one person can make a way for some good things to happen. >> absolutely. you don't have to be kevin mccarthy or a republican to think all of those things he is saying right there. a lot of people feel it, republicans and democrats feel it. rarely have the list of issues that are top concerns to
8:25 am
americans like crime, like inflation, like gas prices, like the border, can they be tied so directly to the policies of an administration that has only been in office for two years. but -- not even. you can draw a direct line from policies to madness, mayhem and misery for the voter. that is a terrible environment in a political season. >> harris: you have to face 2024 with potential candidates now already looming large. i will say this. when i say make a way, use the bully pulpit. maybe fire secretary yellen. there are some things he could be doing now, the president of the united states, to at least be addressing the concerns. >> i lost a bet with a colleague that mayorkas would be fired a year ago. i lost money, $10.
8:26 am
i don't know how they keep him around. >> harris: i'll buy lunch. we all need something different. let's hope it happens. hope is not a strategy but we don't run the white house. good to see you. the white house now giving an update on president biden's covid condition saying his covid symptoms have almost completely cleared up. he has a sore throat. that was the lingering thing. biden's physician says the president is experiencing some slight congestion as well but vitals are normal and he will continue to be treated with paxlovid as planned. we'll keep you updated. the president says he wants to boost funding for police and crime prevention now as part of the new plan he announced. democrat-led cities endure another violent weekend. is it too little too late for the white house to step in on this issue? plus more on the left seem to be begging the president please don't run again. >> your own party says a year and a half into the presidency
8:27 am
thanks but no thanks, that does reflect the frustrations of democrats, some because they don't think he has done enough and some because they think he has done too much. >> harris: donna brazile is silent. she has a lot to say. biden's falling polls, mounting problems and the growing noise inside his party about a different candidate putting pressure on the white house.
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25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years. ...from every length of service... united states army, strategic intelligence officer, twenty-eight years. newday usa to make the most of their va home loan benefit. >> joe biden is in no man's land. he can't keep the moderates happy or the progressives happy. that's an awful place to be as an office holder when you don't have anybody. >> harris: former new jersey governor chris christie.
8:33 am
president biden's problems within his own party is what he is talking about. he also faces increasing pressure to bail on the 2024 presidential run. multiple editorials now this month are calling for biden to quit arguing he is too old to run. some other democrats such as california governor gavin newsom and illinois governor pritzker are already boosting their public profiles and stoking presidential rumors about themselves. a recent poll shows 71% of voters say they don't want president biden to run again which includes 54% of fellow democrats. compare that dwindling support to this reception for former president donald trump at the turning point u.s.a. summit over the weekend. >> likewise getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far. and now we may just have to do it again. [cheering and applause]
8:34 am
[chanting u.s.a.] >> harris: sean duffy and marie harf, former state department spokesperson under president obama, fox news contributors. sean, your top line thoughts on what is happening first with biden and then with competition. >> i miss donald trump. amazing to see how he can razzle-dazzle a crowd and get them excited. with joe biden the problem is joe biden leaves or announces he leaves and lame duck president. if he stays democrats are forced to defend him and it is untenable. you have democrats who are saying this is a message being problem. it is a policy problem and these are far left policies that don't work for the american people. you bring in gavin newsom and
8:35 am
governor pritzker. if you don't change the policy you won't change the results. you need someone from the middle of the party that can come in and say i will win independents and hispanics again because i have policies that will work for all of america. >> harris: marie, who might that be? >> well, first joe biden beat donald trump once and do it again if he runs in the next presidential election. i see no indication he isn't going to. the idea that joe biden is a far left president is just not accurate. he has advocated for more money for police and given ukraine weapons and support. >> harris: that's not as popular as you think it is because of what's happening in the country right now. >> the idea is a far left president that doesn't appeal to independence is false. the opposite was true in the last presidential election and
8:36 am
i think if he runs again and i expect he will, he will continue to get the independent swing voters like someone like donald trump who is so extreme didn't get then and i don't think will get now. >> harris: as we heard one number that matters, at the end of the long receipt at the grocery store or anywhere you go right now. i know that a lot will change between now and 2024 but it will contain some pain. larry summer, you know, high profile economist among democrats has said soft landing is hopeful but not reality. and that's hard. it is hard to hear. biden should tell the truth about it. though. a recent fox poll shows the majority of american moms feel extremely motivated to participate in the upcoming mid-term elections. that's everybody. just moms in general. some of those moms sounded off on the key issues driving them to the polls. let's watch together and i'll
8:37 am
come to you first, sean. >> there is no shock how expensive things are. the policies that are in effect are hitting my pocketbook and hitting the pocket books of moms across america. the top priority for me is my kids education. they can't remask our children or close our schools. there needs to be choice in education. >> we have the final authority to say what's best for them and we'll assert that authority. >> harris: sean, i was double-checking with team tff "the faulkner focus" consistent looking at fox news polling. everybody we talk to like this show. sean. >> it's a good point. when you look at moms sometimes us men think we like to spend the money in the homes but reality women spend money at the grocery store, buying cars, putting gas in the car, and so they see firsthand how expensive things are. they are managing the budgets of homes and become incredibly difficult.
8:38 am
joe biden is focus on the environment, a 1% issue and not the economy which is a 30 plus% issue. education issue. you have young kids not getting educated on math, signs, english but getting the woke narrative from the teachers unions. moms are mad and they know the future success of their child is a great education which they aren't getting in american schools. >> harris: marie. >> well, i think joe biden is focused on the economy. we've seen gas prices already coming down at a record pace. they are still too high but focused on doing everything he can on that issue. he and the vice president and others are talking about the pocketbook issues. they know they're important. in the mid-terms these are senate races, house races, joe biden is not on the ballot and donald trump isn't on the ballot. democratic candidates across the country are talking about inflation, talking about jobs and talking about the economy. on the other side the far right
8:39 am
candidates like sherrell walker and j.d. vans fighting culture wars but aren't the pocketbook issues. i think the mid-terms will be interesting how this inflation and these economic issues are playing among voters and who will win that issue at the end of the day. >> if democrats were actually doing that and talking about pocketbook issues joe biden wasn't -- joe biden wouldn't be at 31% approval. he is losing hispanics, african-americans and losing everybody. if he was talking about the issues that matter and working on it they would give him grace. he is not talking about it and they give him no grace and go i want someone else, no to joe biden. >> harris: america's -- >> well oh he see in november. >> harris: america's crime crisis bringing another weekend of violence to democrat-led cities. chicago, at least 62 people were shot. the number always goes up by tuesday as they sort of break up the crime scenes
8:40 am
unfortunately. four of those people died. and some disturbing surveillance video out of the bronx in new york. a quick warning now. there are some children who might be too close to the tv. some of the images are graphic. let's take a beat. okay. three men slam their car into a pedestrian crossing the street. then people robbed him as he lay unconscious on the side of the street. the victim is hospitalized in critical condition. it comes as president biden is getting flak for his new proposal of $37 billion in policing and crime prevention. an op-ed says even the best police work makes little difference if prosecutors let criminals off easy. the biden plan doesn't mention any of that, which suggests the spending is mostly about political damage control. marie, you first. >> crime is up in many places, republican led and democrat led.
8:41 am
up across the country and it is really concerning to many people as we talk about a lot. police funding is a very important part of that and talked about that a lot. not the end all, be all. there is no magic fix here but there are a number of issues i think democrats across the country are trying to get a handle on. president biden recommending over and over again more funding for police and community programs is a really key part of that and it won't fix the whole problem, though. >> harris: this is a nuance and something in a proposal. a lot different than a year and a half ago and things were getting us to the point where we are now. pushing the bully pulpit the president has nothing like it on the planet and talking about it then. >> he won't use it. i will give billions of dollars to law enforcement and support them but doesn't cost anything to respect law enforcement. this is not the problem. we have woke d.a.s and mayors, that's a problem but what is happening in our culture that
8:42 am
would allow people to run someone over and rob them? we have had a disintegration of the family. who is raising our kids anymore. when you have a war on god. you take god out of culture there are no morals or values and this is what you get. there is a consequence when you remove those things from a society and then you are left with people who act animalistic where they beat each other up and run each other over and not prosecuted and the society devolves. bring god back and families back. focus on that and you'll see a rebirth of america and values and good people don't need woke d.a.s. they will believe because they are good people. >> harris: great to have you both on the power panel today. former vice president al gore under fire for a comment out of balance his critics are saying and used the grieving families of the uvalde school shootings to make a bizarre point. plus house speaker nancy pelosi's suspiciously
8:43 am
successful stock portfolio is drawing new criticism. >> this isn't the first time paul has done that. we'll bring trust back to congress and we will not allow the idea that a speaker of the house can have them trading in options. >> harris: critics are accusing nancy pelosi of playing politics to her and her husband's advantage. fox news contributor raymond arroyo next. ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right.
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>> harris: another delay on capitol hill for a bill designed to stop insider trading. the bipartisan ban on congressional stock ownership act remains at a stand still. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi is under scrutiny after her husband recently bought millions of dollars worth of shares in a microchip company and he made that lucky move just ahead of a house vote on a microchip industry bill. the speaker says he didn't get any inside information. people on the street are taking note of how it looks. >> i don't think family members of people in congress should be able to trade with insider information like that. >> there is restrictions in place for the congressmen and women themselves.
8:49 am
make sense their family would have similar restrictions. >> i think paul and nancy talk all the time and there is no secrets between them so he has insider trading secrets. >> harris: hillary vaughn live on capitol hill. >> good afternoon, harris. you are right. the bill that would prevent lawmakers and their spouses from trading stocks while in office is sitting in a standstill with no vote scheduled on that. what is getting a vote is this chips bill that would get $50 billion to u.s. chip makers. that is significant because last month before the vote is scheduled to occur this week her husband, paul, made a million dollar purchase in a chip company nvidia. if the chip bill passes and the president signs it the bet could pay off in a big way. the timing of his stock buy is sparking some questions.
8:50 am
>> the timing is that a long time ago or a year ago my husband bought -- we have been following technology for a very long time. these were options that were purchased a long time ago at that time that came due. >> there are questions why bipartisan efforts to ban lawmakers and their spouses are synth stagnant and not coming up. there is bipartisan support like alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator josh hawley who both support this idea. despite being introduced months ago speaker pelosi has not brought it up for a vote. >> the one person that controls the whole house can determine what bill comes out of committee, what bill comes to the floor. as the speaker of the house. paul pelosi and nancy pelosi made $5 million the last time this happened.
8:51 am
>> her spokesperson tells me the speaker does not personally own any stock. she also has no prior knowledge or involvement in any transactions. some lawmakers say whether or not the speaker knew about this transaction, she still stands to profit from the deal since paul pelosi made this big purchase in nvidia the stock is up 10% so he -- it is possible he has made up to half a million dollars already off of this stock buy, harris. >> harris: wait a minute. she doesn't own any stock, right? are they divorced? of course she benefits from it. they live together. >> that's the argument a lot of lawmakers are making and why they think spouses should be also banned from individually trading stocks. you are right. it benefits the whole family. >> harris: sounds basic. why don't they just put this vote on the chip thing on hold, investigate further about what happened there with the pelosis and meanwhile pass the
8:52 am
bipartisan bill on stock ownership in congress? >> this bill has been introduced for months. as i mentioned, there is wide bipartisan support from people that don't normally agree on anything. this is generally a good idea to remove any questions of conflict of interest from anyone. the bottom line, harris, is lawmakers can cast very influential votes that could make a stock purchase from their spouse really lucrative. >> harris: hillary vaughn. thank you very much. i want to bring in raymond arroyo and get his quick thoughts on this. >> where do you beginning, harris? nancy pelosi confuses public service with self-service. but she is not alone. 66 members of congress, harris, 66 failed to report their stock transfers and transactions as they are required to do. >> harris: is that bipartisan, too? >> bipartisan. dianne feinstein, representative jamie raskin who
8:53 am
is defending the democracy every day out there. 1.5 million dollar transfer he failed to report and others he was late in reporting. it is not one party. it is both parties. but look, pelosi and her husband look very bad doing this. the man invested $5 million in microsoft suddenly and the army announces a new head gear deal for $29 billion two weeks later. coincidence? you decide. this is hard to ferret out and prove, harris that there is double dealing but there is no doubt it looks bad, it is time for a ban. if you want to be in public service in congress or the white house, you have to put your stuff in a blind trust end of story. >> harris: with a couple minutes left al gore taking heat for comparing crime at denearest. >> climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of
8:54 am
those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacreed. they heard the screams and the gunshots and nobody stepped forward. >> harris: raymond. >> it is disgraceful, harris. to take the death of these children and this awful tragedy and use it to move your agenda in this way. but this is all performtive theater. he is like those people gluing themselves to the masterpieces. they are trying to get attention to the cause that nobody is buying because al gore has been crying wolf since 2006 when he said in 10 years if we don't control global warming and climate change we are going to have a planetary emergency. al, we're way past the deadline and still here. he claims he has a carbon-free lifestyle. maybe he was pedaling and he
8:55 am
couldn't see the lights lighting the interview. >> harris: we both know that's not the case. he just got off a private plane. why do we have to compare everything? why do people get in trouble comparing things? slavery was slavery. if he can't defend climate change and his ideas why do you need another tragedy in history? i don't get it. raymond arroyo with us, thank you. "outnumbered" is next.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: you see that hat,, you know who is here. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here with my costs, emily compagno. also joining us, kennedy, lara trump, and yes, john rich. good to see everybody today. >> john: good to be here. >> harris: happy monday. climate change activists here and around the world seem to be wrapping things up big time,


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