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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 25, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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shows appear there is much to do in vegas. >> neil: got it, this is all good news in the world needs this, ashley come appreciate that. for all the adele fans, you get uncomfortable when you hear someone like me, her father being a rabid fan. but you have to live with it because it is adele and she is an angel and she is back and it is vegas and it is big. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody jesse watters with judge jeanine pirro, katie pavlik, greg gutfeld, 5:00 in new york city and it is "the five." president biden facing calls from the media to quit before he does more damage to the country and his party. and as biden recovers from
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covid, a golden opportunity to hit the guy when he has down and some abettor to replace him. and boy, biden is down dampier the latest quinnipiac poll an all-time low 31%. and "the washington post" is giving the green light to this. quit joe, quit! and save the midterms with a one term pledge. chris christie summing up the president's situation this way parents because there were 54% of your own party said the year and a half into the presidency thanks but no thanks. that does reflect, i agree with you, the frustration of democrats because some don't think he's done enough and some because they think he's done too much. joe biden is in no-man's-land. that is an awful place to be as an office holder when you don't have anybody. >> jesse: as the president finds himself in a more political peril, he is running out of allies. his chief of staff ron klain with a lame explanation for the
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poles. >> it is a reflection how people feel about what is going on in the country. some things in the country aren't going well, not because of what the president did but, in fact, what the president is fighting against. >> jesse: all right, before i ask you, what did you think of the msnbc host outfit? >> judge jeanine: you are asking me? >> jesse: i am. i'm not asking greg. >> judge jeanine: i want to comment on my outfit too. i will tell you what i think about ron klain though. when a guy says we are not disappointed in joe biden. okay, it's not joe. are you kidding? what is it, 71% of the americans don't want this guy to run again and he's a year and a half into his presidency? i mean, you can try to spin it anyway you want. you can tell the american people don't believe your lying eyes. it is better than you think it is. the truth is when you go to buy
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gas, when you go to the supermarket, when you go to buy baby formula, when you think about people like afghanistan. when you talk about the neighbor who has a drunk problem and you think about what is going on coming to the southern border and the word fentanyl has never come out of joe biden's mouth, this guy is totally clueless to what is going on in this country. and so, you know what, they can try to cover it up and sugarcoat anywhere they want. americans know how they feel. they know what they see, and they got it right. >> jesse: christie's interpretation of being a no man's land, greg and nobody likes him because he's done too much. >> greg: this is a mistake to frame it this way because if you are saying the left hates you and the moderates ate you, that could be a complement for democrats, you know what i'm saying? you are an equal opportunist when it comes to disciplining people. but it could be that he is
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really bad. you know, if biden -- the mark of a good muddy is you know it is a good movie of the first 10 minutes. the biden presidency you sit down in 10 minutes, oh, my god, this is not what we expected. you can leave the movie but unfortunately can't leave this movie. you are stuck here but the more the dems tonight biden, the more he should get four more years. [laughter] you know what, that is what the dems do with republicans. they sees the most vulnerable candidates and try to dig them up or whatever you call it an egg them on. they should want to run against biden. but the discontent, the discontent is getting louder because january 6th. it ended up accidentally exonerating trump. no criminality to move the goalpost into the parking lot. no, he took too long. why is it that he seems more electable now? is it because the public saw it
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was a show trial and they didn't sympathize? they actually sympathized with the other side and congress, they saw as drama queens? this is a teachable moment. trump looks better than biden after three weeks of nonstop political action prop, then that says something about your candidate. the guy is less popular than chronic halitosis, he stinks. >> jesse: jessica, to greg's point about the movie onset, usually presidencies have peaks and values. trump's was like that. he would kill a big terrorists. he would be a peach and then acquitted. >> jessica: again. finally. >> greg: and not even third act yet. >> jesse: joe biden since he has come and he has gone down, down further and further afghanistan, the border and he gets over them poles off of his bike. and everything has gone down.
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has he done anything well so far. >> jessica: democrats are most upset about falling off of the bike. this guy has got to go. >> jesse: symbolic. >> greg: nomex before can i get the georgia peach covid denier and the guys backing off? a lot of points were made and i want to try to address that. january 6 committee thought a show trial and "the wall street journal" and the unelectable again and dereliction of duty. he said by and watch this for hours and so unpredictable. >> greg: he was about finding some criminal responsibility. that's right, that will happen in september, right? >> jessica: there are conservatives who are arguing that they have -- anyway. >> greg: they are the same people. >> jessica: joe biden is very unpopular. ron klain, you can say his poll numbers are bad and that is fine because that is good news, democrats looking at the congressional ballot are inching up and up and up. and now it is not a wave
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election but competitive election. >> jesse: it is? before and our fox pulling. some of the best pollsters are here at fox, they have all shifted their analogy with g.o.p. polls that came out in the last few days. the chamber of commerce, echelon, they all had democrats up 3% to 5%. i am saying we don't lose the house, but certainly a chance when we use a few seats. i think the bottom reading, the fox reading from the posteriors here. and keeping the senate. that is a great outcome for midterms. >> jesse: look, you want to put some money on that? >> jessica: how much? [laughter] >> jesse: $100. >> greg: how about the loser has to have the kid baby sit by me, how is that? >> jessica: take it back, take
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it back. democrats are trying to get rid of joe biden in 2024 because they are going to lose against any president, especially donald trump if he runs pure joe biden is less popular now than president trums nowhere to go from here. a lame duck president and his agenda dead for the midterms. what the democrats are offering is not someone like joe manchin, like biden in 2024 who is a more moderate, effective part of the country and as an american. they want someone like gavin newsom who was at the white house when joe biden overseas and he stuck right in there to have a meeting with ron klain. everything was fine and no other agenda other than what was going on in california. they are not looking for someone more moderate than joe biden. they were looking for someone even further to the left. smartd happen joe biden and what republicans do in the house or senate, they would work with him like bill clinton did. he could revive his presidency
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after republicans take over, given the way ron klain has on the left, i doubt that will happen. the other thing is, they are redefining the word recession. i mean like they can redefine words and say it doesn't exist. every american knows that we are in a recession pure they are all saving money for a recession. 80%, 90% is affected by high gas prices which the administration is doing on purpose. the idea well it doesn't technically mean this, they were completely out of touch of what people are feeling and redefining the word and not mentioning it is not going to change everyone status with the economy. and clearly, no policy position they will change either. >> jesse: i will start redefining words. >> katie: woman is already redefined. >> jesse: you got me there, greg pure joe biden doing damage control in the crisis and democrats helped to create. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: president biden trying to flip the script on the mass of surging crime. demonizing and defining law enforcement all along. and calling out the new plan is all talk and no action since it doesn't rain in the far left prosecutors routinely let dangerous felons back on the street. biden sounding off while speaking to a police script. how was that written well? >> being a cop today is a lot harder than it has ever been. and drug counselors to people overdosing on the scene. scene. therapist two couples during a violent confrontation. social workers with kids abandoned. and maybe worst of all, we send you out to do your job on the streets flooded with war. you can't support weapons of war on american streets.
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you're not the police. on the ballot this year will be whether or not this nation bans assault weapons. >> greg: that did not look good. it comes as criminals get more brazen. graphic video shows speeding car hitting a man at a crosswalk nyc throwing him into the air. instead of helping him, people get out of the car and robbed the victim as he lays on the ground. this is where we are. it is like an escape from new york meets the road warrior, judge. it gets worse every day. >> judge jeanine: you hit the nail on the head. it gets worse every day. every day, it gets closer. because every time a victim's hit, it is not just the victim but the family and the people who loves that person, the neighbors and the community at large. we have become so desensitized in the last few years since joe biden took office, and let's not play, you know, namby-pamby about it. the most dangerous in the
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united states are cities run by democrats pure joe biden can talk the talk all he wants about what is it, 100 or $37 billion for 100,000 cults. those cops will not even hit the streets for another year. they come in the form of a grant. then you have to apply for the grant. then you have to meet the guidelines. and maybe the grant money will come. i know my was a d8 and did this for years. it is the old don't believe your lying eyes from 2020. they are saying these are protests and cops are being birthed out of the precinct spirit of people are being killed and shot and now, they are saying it's not that bad. it's not that bad. it's not a recession. are you kidding? you can of afford food or gas out of a recession. we can't go on vacation. what are they talking about? who are they kidding? crime is the worst thing happening in the country. we will be like a third world
2:18 pm
country. a woman today sideswiped -- apparently come another car. she stopped to get out and take her license out and the guy spits at her, pulls her out, beats the hell out of her and breaks her nose. what are we supposed to do for? >> greg: i did not spit on her. it's not funny. you told me that in the green room, and it is amazing. >> judge jeanine: it is shocking. >> greg: there is a new story every hour in new york. katie, i'm inclined to say that this program, but we know it is based on an election. it is not based on human foot politics and not people. we had to wait this long for an election. >> katie: for a year and a half the biden justice department has been in the white house and spending more time investigating the police department than they have been investigating criminals for federal crimes in jurisdictions where the local das won't prosecute. they are not willing to go in and say, okay, the d.a. won't hold you accountable for crimes against innocent people but we
2:19 pm
will come in and do that. that is something bill barr did in his time at the justice department. i know three women over the past three weeks to have been violently assaulted or held at gunpoint in the cities, new york, d.c., san francisco, l.a. and if i know that many people, i mean, as you said, everyone is being touched by the crime. and we look at the attorney general, she wrote that op-ed about defending the police. empty planning is not just about money. so, they are easily saying we will impute $66 billion into the system even that was bureaucratic. we will refund the police for getting rid of the talking point. it is also about morale and police department generally understanding that you have their back and they can go after these criminals felt them being turned into somehow the person doing the wrong thing, which also, by the way, causes injury among officers and death among officers at a higher level because they are the head.
2:20 pm
it is nice to say this to try to get a head on one issue for the election than anything else, but it is quite cynical to do it now. >> greg: it seems to me, jessica, have elections every six weeks that way the dems might actually care and act. we have to wait every two years now for them to actually do something. i guess we could -- >> jessica: i think that is a different kind of campaign reform. it would be exhausting but i think politicians need to be held accountable on both sides of the aisle in a consistent manner. we have been talking about the state of crime. things that you will petty, murderous but it is unfair to talk about only in a liberal city problem. and i went and looked at the murder statistics, homicide statistics and fbi's data from a merger is more prevalent in red states and blue states. and you take cities like tulsa and oklahoma city, g.o.p. mayors, they have murder rates towards los angeles.
2:21 pm
lexington, kentucky, they have doubled the murder rate versus new york city. san francisco, half of the level of bakersfield g.o.p. mayor and kevin mccarthy's district. so, i'm not paying in any way it is all right what is going on. i'm a native new yorker, i am scared of what is going on. i don't want to bring my daughter on the subway. all of that is true, but this is not about a problem in liberal cities. this is a problem across all of america. >> judge jeanine: is inaccurate the ten most dangerous cities in the united states appearance >> jessica: i just read homicide rates. >> judge jeanine: oh, oh. getting stabbed or shot. >> jessica: judge, i just said when people come on -- >> judge jeanine: the dangerous cities in this nation -- >> greg: i think you are pointing out republicans are better at killing people. >> jessica: it is the gun. >> greg: jesse? >> jesse: don't try to spin
2:22 pm
crime here are the democrats and republicans want to defund the police. we don't need to go there everybody knows the truth. joe biden is the child's with the cleanest room and puts the mess under his bed. he doesn't really want to do the work to reduce crime. he just wants to look like he is doing it. so what? biden since a couple of million dollars to a few police departments. it is not the issue. it's not about money but morale. you can't hire and everyone wants to retire. so if you will get to spend it on more cruisers, a new crime lab, good. >> judge jeanine: don't mix before >> jessica: gas. >> jesse: gas. what difference does it make if the criminals let out by bad bale laws. and these criminals are like children. they know what they can get away with peer at the guy in new york city was arrested 120 s for shoplifting. shoplifting is legal in new york city. i will not even do my christmas shopping. i will go into bloomingdale's
2:23 pm
and steal it because apparently that is okay. a lot of the cities got rid of the immunities of the offer some not only worried about getting injured on the job but being sued afterwards. it kills proactive policing because a lot of these d.a.s and you can admit it would rather prosecute the police officer than a gang finger. from a career perspective, they are going after people like kyle rittenhouse, a trompe l'oeil you're pure those are the kind of hides they are trying to enable to the wall to be promoted in the democratic machine politics. that is what this is about. joe biden every problem he sees, he wants to throw money at it, right? education, ukraine, the claimant, throw more money, spend more money. if i was to ask my liberal mother, "mom, and... >> greg: you call your mom by her first name? >> jesse: i would say mom come up plain and simple you throw money at things and it solves
2:24 pm
everything. she would hit me with a wooden spoon and that is the compassionate honest analysis ever. but joe biden does everything like that. throws money at the problem. >> jessica: just curious, is there anything the president can do word democrats would do to make you stop saying these things? >> judge jeanine: yes. every state stop with the texas bail. >> greg: that would be the first thing. you got your answer, jessica. more key changes. coming up... that was a joke, barely. lowering more wind, breaking more wind on climate change making a comparison. ♪ ♪ about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner.
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: the left is going to green extremes to convince you have hysteria. and the works of art this weekend. and americans should throw out their air-conditioners to save the planet. i don't think we will be trying that with temperatures reaching 100 degrees, but it is al gore who is sucking the most oxygen with this most ridiculous comparison. >> the climate deniers are really, in some ways, similar to those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred appear they heard the screams. they heard the gunshots. nobody stepped forward to.
2:30 pm
>> katie: greg, your response to the hypocrite of the climate change. >> greg: maybe all those massages he got went to his head. he is so... >> judge jeanine: that is good. >> greg: he is profoundly disgusting and not just for what he said i'm up the original offense is mapping climate denier holocaust denier. so already and they started doing this business a couple of years ago, they were comparing skeptics. skeptics to. comparing them to the police who were not able to save those kids appear that it's actually a step up. every time he says the holocaust denier, i want to punch him in the face. it is so deeply offensive. because we know what he is doing. we know the undercurrent what is trying to do because he is trying to link you to holocaust denial. he is the scummy-this thing. >> katie: judge, you are wearing green. do you have a comment about the green movement? [laughter] >> judge jeanine: you know what, as i was watching him
2:31 pm
isn't he the guy that created the internet? you know, a guy like that that wants to talk about the world is coming to an end, i think to myself, he has such a pulpit that he could make a difference if you want to talk about guns or talk about crimes, victims. he could really see something. i'm sick and tired of the lift talking about the climate problem and we are all going to be dead in six or seven years. aoc gave us 12 years, and i think we are now down to seven years. so why don't you just tell each other to stop creating these problems? they don't want to because they don't like cal's gas, i don't like pork. okay, pulled pork maybe, but you know, don't tell me i can't have an air conditioner because -- don't tell me how to live! i don't want to listen to you. you got an issue, take care of it yourself.
2:32 pm
i mean, stop and posting it all on all of us. that is what the left does, how to live, what to eat, what to spend our money on, went to mask, stay in and they violate every rule in the book. >> katie: jessica, there are ways to have a debate or conversation about skepticism where the environment. but if you are going to compare people who want to pollute the science on the environment and climate change and may be don't have the big government solution to it to police officers in uvalde, texas, who allowed children to be murdered, doesn't that turn off a big segment of the population or everybody on an issue that al gore claims is essential to the future of the planet? >> jessica: well, it turned out for the majority of the table i did a double take when i saw it. it is completing two issues that have no business being intermingled, right? i was thrilled that we did have such consensus around what happen in uvalde, texas. i did not see anyone in a
2:33 pm
pro-gun position defending the police offers dead appeared it was just universal. that was incredible dereliction of duty what went on. but on the flip side, what is going on with the climate is a very big deal and very important. al gore has been on the forefront of evangelizing the importance of taking this seriously and making small changes to big changes in your life to ensure that we have a greener planet and we have a plan up for longer. >> katie: but al gore, he lives in a house -- >> jessica: actually, i don't know. people in position of power are hypocrites about these things and they love their private jets and they live in a with climate change and whatever it is. but the reaction to when he says something like this come up which is necessary in terms of pushing back on the comparison of uvalde and the holocaust, et cetera.
2:34 pm
but we need more people in position of power on the right on the republican side to say man is contributing to this and we need to take steps. americans want the federal government to do more. >> katie: jesse, the solutions from al gore to get rid of fertilizer and air-conditioners, which has enabled humankind to survive. like people will die as a result of his proposals. >> jesse: he is a climate shock jock to say stuff for money and attention. i will not give it to him. he has been wrong about everything the polar bears, with eyes closed, pretty much everything the sea levels rise here that never happened. i can see why the people think sea levels are rising. i have a conspiracy theory. you know the cosmetic industry a few years back said everybody would die from the sun unless you buy their expensive cream, spf lotions? that is not what is really happening. so, everybody thinks it will die from the sun. you delete that pay will people would bring an umbrella to the beach and that takes up a small
2:35 pm
circumference. now, you see these tenants at the beach with these tent poles appear they are so big you could host a wedding reception underneath them but not everybody sits under the tent. they pull their bahama mama chairs out and put them around and surround the tent with them. they need equipment for the bahama mamas whatever they called them so they have the one dad in the family, and that takes up space, the beach cards, no one can read or swim so they have to bring games. they bring corn hole and that as to the real estate, right? and then also, they were so worried about dehydration so they have to bring so much water and juices and gatorade. they bring these coolers and you can fit a shark into these things. so you get to the beach and like one family takes up like 100 yards of beach! so it's not the beach shrinking or the sea levels are not rising, it is just big tents.
2:36 pm
>> judge jeanine: okay, all right, perfect. and burning her eyeballs apparently. today is is a car on the beach. up next, terrifying moment from the home dna test by terrorist to target or even kill you. ♪ ♪ alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> jessica: it sounds like something out of a james bond movie. sounding the alarm on home dna test kits and warning americans that they can take personalized bio weapon out of the data to target or even kill individuals. >> there are now weapons under development and designed to
2:41 pm
target specific people. that is what this is. or you can actually take someone's dna, take their medical profile and target the biological weapon that will kill that person or take them off the battlefield or make thin inoperable appearance before denying they sell any private information gathered from its customers, judge, what do you make of what the representative is saying? >> judge jeanine: i think it is frightening. and i think we have watched russia engage in this kind of warfare with putin and his opponents. we have seen covid now more and more people are recognizing that didn't just evolve on its own. i think the pathogens being released and targeting us are our livestock or crop. the blessing right now they are not prepared for the possibility of warfare is a frightening
2:42 pm
thought. you know, i think it is interesting 23andme. everyone wanted to know our background almost like a game. in some of this, some of that in me. and the truth is that that information, who you are, what your dna is can be sold. 23andme and say we are not selling it but i've been a prosecutor and medical worker from doctors offices and doctors to make it no doctor/patient privilege. there is a possibility with bad actors getting that information. i think it is frightening. the most important thing we can do is be ready for it appearance before katie, this is especially for young people who have no co. >> katie: china has been doing this for years so there is this group that is the largest prenatal testing company in the entire world, testing for women and they use their data and dna information to develop medications and to study what
2:43 pm
they feel is going to be beneficial. the test was developed with the chinese military. they say that we are not doing anything harmful with it, but you can do what you will with the way it was developed in the people behind it. when you do one of these 23 and made test voluntarily, they keep your dna and you don't get it back. you have no control where that goes. and that will be used against us. it is a no-brainer. >> jessica: in new development amazon, paying $4 million for i. and people, myself included, nervous amazon will end up with -- >> greg: making it better, which is what they will do. >> jessica: don't threaten me with a good time. don't you think this is serious? >> jesse: i remember we did this on "the five" and i knew i was white. and i was excited because i thought i might have a little bit of native american because
2:44 pm
my mother's ancestors and they are in colorado. turns out i have none. then it turns out 99.9% white, .1% sub-saharan african. and i would say -- i was a little black. then i forgot i was black. and there were times i missed i could identify as black from my advantage, but i just didn't do it. now i'm thinking, this is an advantage now. because if they design a bio weapon to kill all whites, i have just enough black and me to survive. or if they design a bio weapon to kill a black, i have plenty of white in me. so some say i'm invulnerable to biological attacks. >> judge jeanine: what if they go after all men? >> jesse: i'm done! [laughter] >> jessica: jessie, do you have anything to say? >> greg: why not if you are a big company you go big with everything and health care is where we really suck.
2:45 pm
i would much rather have amazon's solve this problem within the government. i'm all for them buying medical. i'm worried about the dna to frame people for crimes, right? i've been doing that a lot. [laughter] and i keep a bag of cigarette butts i pick off of the street. whenever i commit a heinous crime, he threw the cigarette butts all around. and the police are preoccupied for weeks. but i have a specimen chart of hair follicles for brian kilmeade. i just think brian kilmeade's hair all over the place. if somebody wants to single me out for death with a dna, i'm flattered! i will take that over cholesterol. >> judge jeanine: did you do 23andme? >> greg: ask my did appear in >> judge jeanine: when did you find out? >> greg: him 40% which i was not aware. >> jessica: "the fastest" up
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back. it is time for "the fastest." first up, two delicious to pass a peer of the study reveals one in three office workers are guilty of stealing their coworkers food from the refrigerator. but if anyone on our floor lays a finger on my oreos, they are dead! all right, did you take my oreos? no. did you take them from the refrigerator? >> greg: no command that thing is just poison your own lunch. whoever dies is the thief. [laughter] problem solver, judge. and you get offered that because you capture a robber. >> jessica: i would never because someone stole my lunch and it was the saddest thing ever. we shared a lot. she had to call my parents and apologize. >> judge jeanine: jesse? >> jesse: if you would ask me if i've ever done this, i would
2:51 pm
say, "i don't recall." i don't know if i have or haven't. >> judge jeanine: so something you wanted, right? >> jesse: you are good. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: how about you? >> jessica: not from a person i knew. if that counts. a coworker who i worked on a different floor and it was a diet coke. it wasn't labeled. >> judge jeanine: the machines are taking over. chucking video shows in russia breaking a finger of a 7-year-o. it was playing against when the kid moved too early. the boy is doing fine and played the next day with his finger in a cast. go ahead, greg. >> greg: he had it coming. you don't play chess with a robot. >> judge jeanine: a robot, a russian robot. katie? >> katie: poison him. the rest is history. >> jesse: i've been wanting greg and he thinks they are the best thing ever. this is what happens. they will break your 7-year-old
2:52 pm
finger right off. >> judge jeanine: jessica question works before the kid practices all the time and trying to be the next top guy in chess. >> judge jeanine: all wrong, "one more thing is next. we do care! ♪ ♪ for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick? ♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down in . .
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2:56 pm
>> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: what a great show. john rich. he has a number one song called progress. amazing. charlie kirk. tom shillue fresh from committing crimes and kat timpf. did you know that you can count your carolinas in half if you eat upside down? just like this guy. only get so much food in your stomach. this is a sloth. only eats his vegetables.
2:57 pm
develt. >> judge jeanine: he throws up when he is done. >> greg: who doesn't throw up when they are done. >> katie: eating his vegetables which is good. >> katie: my new series luxury hunting lodges of america preernls on fox nation on wednesday july 27th. we went around touring some of the most georges-hunting and fishing lodges in the country in louisiana, wyoming, oregon, montana and beyond. also had the chance to sit down with all the owners to focus on conservation and making their guests feel like they are family. it's a hard job. someone has to do it. i got to the spa while i was there and amazing cuisine and did a little bit of cooking which everybody knows is not my thing. fly fishing, ice fishing. all kinds of stuff. so wednesday, luxury hunting lodges of america. >> jessica: congratulations. >> katie: please go watch. >> jesse: hunting lodge at a
2:58 pm
castle who goes to see it. >> judge jeanine: season five. everybody knows that i have a way with dogs. take a look at my sophisticated technique. [cheers] >> let's go, come on. being puppy. i love you, puppy. >> i was event. i seen this adorable pickup strutting down the street. i asked the owner if i could walk him he said yes. only apparently the dog only walks on hind legs when he was excited. i had to scream to rile him up. it was easy for me. >> greg: what happened next? >> judge jeanine: i gave him back. >> jessica: i'm glad you are getting better at that. >> jesse: jesse jr. had a fun time at the beach. rocking cool shades. isn't he cute? he is just precious. there he is with his pop at the they call those merry go around?
2:59 pm
>> jessica: carousels. >> greg: you are a massive the people. >> jesse: hit a done buggy there. ran over a few tents. tonight "jesse watters primetime" we have an investigation into al gore. breakingsome real new ground tonight at 7:00. >> katie: nice picture of him. >> jesse: is it a nice picture? >> jessica: are you going to unpick it because someone said it was nice? five ukrainian soldiers were warmly welcomed in minnesota after 5,000-mile trek. they traveled to be u.s. to be fitted. thanks for pro set things. the sang the ukrainian national anthem while waving flags as soldiers walked through the airport. isn't that spectacular? >> judge jeanine: what a great topic. >> jesse: do you remember the movie the fugitive? what was the name of the doctor
3:00 pm
dr. richard. >> jessica: kimball. >> jesse: richard kimball one of the best movies of all time. >> greg: weird left turn. >> judge jeanine: he had prosthetic arm. >> jesse: you call yourself a film guy? >> jessica: i don't know. >> judge jeanine: i think it's the end of the show. >> jesse: "special report" -- we got it show. hey, bret. >> bret: county judge train my dog? [laughter] >> jesse: that's it for dogs. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the senate tries to pass a bill pumping up the chip industry. $50 billion more than 1,000 pages long. we will tell you what's in it will the summer extreme heat leave your family in the dark or without air conditioning? rolling brown out or blackout threats. and tension with china grows over house speaker nancy pelosi's possible trip to taiwan. ♪ but first, breaking


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