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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i was digging a hole at the end there. tomorrow on "special report" after two years for calling aaccomplishing or restricting police. hearing on protecting law enforcement officers. bring you that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that he was it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now is. >> jesse: i can't believe you asked him that. nice one, bret. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: whether we like it or not bad fashion trends almost always find a way to creep back into style. you may have heard that popped collars are making a comeback. i wouldn't mind that or if you have gone out lately you might see people rocking the jeans again. remember those? maybe you know someone who still wears a lot of pastels.
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okay. okay: >> yes. yes. >> oh. >> jesse: certain fashion always makes a comeback and so do certain politicians. >> it's one of the most indelible images in modern politics that 2,000 convention kiss. >> jesse: i'm sorry, we should have had a viewer warning up there. al gore back like a bad fashion trend. we thought we had stuffed him back in the closet. you know, with the moth balls. buff, since biden is in quarantine the networks booked al gore this weekend. the most boring politician of all time took a victory lap to say that he was right all along. he told you it would be hot in the summer. >> well, the scientists have predicted these extraordinary and catastrophic events for going on decades now. and the fact that they were dead right, maybe a little conservative even in their
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projection should cause us to pay more careful attention to what they are warning us about now, the survival of our civilization at at stake. >> jesse: where was al gore doing that hit from? outer space? and if you don't believe al gore, al gore has a message for you. >> you know the climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas heard the screams and one shots. nobody stepped forward. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" has a rule of thumb, we don't make analogies and compare anything to slavery, the holocaust, 9/11, or school shooting. it has served us well so far. al gore the climate shock jock
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will say anything for money and attention. what are al gore's scientific credentials? well, his father was a senator so he became a senator. and then he invented the internet. a place where he can read about science. with all of this knowledge you would think al gore never was wrong it's not like he has before gone he predicted polar ice caps would be gone. >> there is 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap during summer -- during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years. >> oh the ice caps in the north pole have actually grown since he said that he also predicted polar bears would all die from drowning. >> that's not good for creatures like polar bears who depend on the ice. now scientific study shows for
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the first time they are finding polar bears that have actually drowned swimming long distances up to 60 miles to find the ice. >> jesse: the polar bear population has been steadily increasing for the last 15 years. my favorite personal all time gore prediction was that manhattan would be under water by now. >> if greenland broke up and melted, this with is what would happen to manhattan. ♪ >> they can measure this precisely just as the scientists could predict precisely how much water would breech the live in new orleans. the area where the world trade center memorial is to be located would be under water. >> jesse: good thing they stopped trump from buying greenland, i would had to have swung to work today. gore more than fauci. mike fauci dodges any time you
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ask him a direct question. >> what's your reaction to the fact that the artic ice is actually increasing? >> not doing an interview right now. >> jesse: one last question for you. are you embarrassed at all. >> i'm not doing. >> jesse: are you embarrassed at all by climate gate, sir? >> i'm not doing an interview right now. i'm having lunch. >> do you stand to make any money from cap and trade? and gore makes money like a stick up artist. he tells the american people give me all your cash or you are going to die. and the climate business pays big bucks. is he worth something like $300 million. he has a $2.5 million house in nashville with $30,000 utility bill. and he just bought $9 million villa on the ocean in california. better be high up, al-because the rising sea levels might flood the foyer. where does he get money?
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documentary 50 million box office. sold jazeera. a station not known for environmentalists. when al gore watches isis beheading video on al-jazeera. i wonder if he has any regrelts. he pocketed a massive $100 million from the sale, of course. just like any grifter, he is always looking for an easy payday. in the middle of the george floyd protest, while companies were making money off racism, al gore found a way to connect climate change to racism. saying the need for climate action is bound together with the struggle for racial equality and liberation. even greta van susteren thought -- gety this oneberg thoughtth. al gore shows up with a deal of his own. the former vice president just launched a $1.7 billion investment fund. it only invests in green companies. and gore takes 20% before you
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see any of your profits. at least you feel good about yourself. al gore is like a climate priest pay percent to the church to save your soul. has al gore convinced you that he is right about the weather? because gore keeps saying it's hotter than ever but how do we even measure the earth's temperature over 100 years ago? dennis miller has a great line about i think, what? 100 years ago we didn't have indoor plumbing. you rusted those guys to take the temperature of the entire earth? >> i mean, things are hotter today, it's about to start cooling down. because birth rates are falling all over the world. i am seeing some predictions that global population is going to be cut in half. deindustrializing, degloballizing beings a and not having as many babies as we used to. that right there should cut global emissions big time no. more global warming, right? the world kind of has a way of
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healing itself. doesn't it? and america is doing a pretty good job of reducing emissions of natural gas. if gore was really concerned about emission reductions, he would be pushing for fracking, right or for nuclear. but is he not. gore is a snob he thinks he knows better and's to feel self-righteous and he needs your money to do it. marc morano plush everywhere of the climate depot and author of the green frog. you heard this same gore song and dance before you heard hear it about every 520-to-10 years investment fund and documentary. has anything changed? nothing has changed for al gore's world. he has been replaced by leonardo decapito and gety thunberg and random activists stopping cars on the highways major cities
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trying to get biden to declare climate emergency. gore is trying desperately to say something provocative to become relevant how he came up with the uvalde school shooting analogy which is absurd due to fossil fuels, due to our energy that gore has been fighting for decades, 99% drop in climate-related deaths since 19230, it is a success story and mostly credited to fossil fuels which fuel development, which fuel economic growth, which fuel safety from extreme weather events. so gore has it wrong. the people blocking him are the ones saving lives. >> jesse: if we had listened to all these gore predictions, people wouldn't have air conditioning couldn't heat homes in winter time he would actually be killing people, wouldn't he? >> there is a war on air conditioning. there is a war on, you know, gasoline power there is a war on your thermostat, they want to have governments with smart meters. they have done everything.
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the debate has changed though. gore actually did talk sea level. white supremacists is causing global warming. professors at rhode island saying the data is racist and you can't trust data anymore. science has been turned on its head. if you go back and look at gore's first film it's kind of quaint considering how crazy the climate movement. when you have joe manchin vote against a pork barrel spending bill last week or say he wouldn't support it, you have climate activists like bill, gore's friend new geologic era in the earth named bins manchin. naming a pork barrel bill. it's madness and gore is responsible for birthing this madness gore gore he has gotten rich. $300 million man now? how does he make all this money? >> it's amazing. when he left the vice presidency
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in 2001, estimated by fast company magazine he was worth about 1 or $2 million. fast forward, about a decade, and he is worth at least 100 million and then he went on a quest to be the world's first carbon millionaire. how? he had a powerpoint that was reported on in the "the washington post" and other major publications that listed all the companies you should be investing in. guess what? when obama became president and did his big green stimulus, al gore was funded lavishly by federal dollars and as you mentioned he sold al jazeera. that wasn't enough. he went on a quest to be the world's fake meat billionaire. they are shutting down modern farming inly is lanka and netherlands and replace it with lab grown meat. guess one of the pioneers pushing it bill gaetz and of course al gore standing to profit hugely off of our lack of, you know, high yield agriculture now. is he going to be profiting off the fake meat business now. >> jesse: i don't think fake
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meat looks very good for you because al is not looking very trim to be generous. mark, thank you so much for your analysis. >> thank you, jesse. appreciate it thank you. >> jesse: assault a police officer, and you get released the very next day. these are the new rules here in new york city. and, later, move over nashville, john rich comes to the big apple. >> finish this sentence. save a horse, ride a. >> donkey new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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♪ >> jesse: taking the subway in new york city used to have a certain charm to it some would even say it is romantic. throttling around underneath manhattan at high speeds, sitting and standing next to bankers or musicians and teachers and maybe even a
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celebrity. safety wasn't usually your biggest concern. whether you can see the: no one rides the sub. shootings, rapes and assaults. mayor eric adams promised to put more officers on the ground to protect people and this is what they have to deal with this saturday in harlem 16-year-old and teen girl caught stooping turnstile when police confronted the teens all hell broke loose. >> oh, that's what happened?
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[bleep] >> the teen was arrested but released the next day, of course. even though he has been charged with robbery and possession of a loaded gun before. he has now been charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and a bunch of other crimes same with the girl. how did that fight go on for so long? where was the officer's partner? why didn't they deploy a taser? and would what could the officer have done differently? bill stanton former nypd officer and the author of prepared not scared. i didn't see a lot right with that footage. what happened there? >> well, let me tell you what i didn't see. i didn't see the bystanders looking to jump in. i saw them watching like it was some tiktok video. i didn't see proper training with the police officers. i didn't see the female going
4:20 pm
proactive or the backup officer doing much of anything. i didn't see the training in so much that i saw about 18 to 20 punches going unanswered on the main cop, the male cop that was trying to apprehend this teenager. now, i think this has to do to the diaphragm law where they are so afraid where a cop now has to worry about getting arrested, losing his job and getting sued civilly. so, while they are concentrating on. that was they very well may lose their lives. >> so you are saying that instead of return punches or maybe putting the guy in a head lock or a chokehold situation momentarily they are just going to take punches to the face? >> he was like -- punching bag. i think he was afraid. i wasn't in his shoes. but he was unanswered punchers if he got knocked out that gun could have been in the perpetrator's.
4:21 pm
>> jesse: female officers. what was she doing with the teen girl? because she didn't look like she was much of any help. >> i'm going to again go to lack of training. to say me it didn't look like she knew what to do. she was literally frozen for a moment. >> jesse: where was her taser. >> her taser is on her side. that's why those tools in a tool belt. i should never have to meet you on even ground if you are assaulting me. i have to retractible, nightstick, pepper tray. mr. are various tools. now, could you imagine in this cop felt so in fear of his life he had to use that weapon? there would now be riots in the street. >> jesse: that's crazy. we don't want to see that again that was very disturbing video we know the nypd is better than that and let's tighten it up. >> jesse: fatal shooting of unarmed criminal in portland yesterday has sparked a lot of outrage fox news correspondent matt finn has nor. matt? >> jesse, this officer-involved shooting early sunday morning in
4:22 pm
portland was caught on video by a man who says he has been independently filming police for 15 years. we want to warn you this video is graphic. the incident happened shortly after midnight yesterday, a male and female police officer responded to a fight between a man and a woman. the two officers try to arrest the unidentified man. a struggle breaks out and video shows that man apparently resisting arrest. that's when the video appears to show the suspect has a gun and he fires a shot in the air. the male officer appears to get the gun off the man but the suspect still struggles with police. about 15 seconds later, the female officer on the left-hand side fires six shots killing the man. here's a portion of that video. >> [screams] >> do you need step in do you need help? >> stop it, stop it, stop it. >> officer, do you need help?
4:23 pm
>> >> chris ponte is the man who shot that video from just feet away. he said it appeared police were trying to defend themselves; however, he told a local news station that the pistol was not in the suspect's hand when police shot him. and tonight there is a vigil scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. fliers for that event say the man was unarmed when shot and tweet advise tiding the vigil portland police murdered an individual. the mayor says the incident is being thoroughly investigated by the d.a. and he looks forward to their findings, jesse. >> jesse: it's crazy out there, thank you, matt. >> sure. >> jesse: up next, stunning confession about covid vaccines liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ sfx: submarine rising out of water ] minions are bitin' today. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> jesse: throughout the covid pandemic we were told we had to do three things to stay alive. number one, wear a mask.
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two, social distance and, three, most importantly get vaxxed. in fact, the vax push was so intense people lost their jobs over it you weren't allowed to refuse the shot, why? because it saves lives and it stops the spread. at least that's what they told us, remember? >> the various shots that people are getting now cover that. there -- you are okay. you are not going -- you are not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> our data from the cdc today suggests, um, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. don't get sick. >> if you get vaccinated, you are protected, even with the delta variant. the vaccines we have do protect well against the delta variant, so, if ever there was a reason to get vaccinated, it's right now. >> jesse: well, it turns out none of that was true. we now novak sin nateed people can catch and spread the virus. but apparently covid czar
4:30 pm
deborah birx knew this all along. >> i knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection but let's be very clear, 50% of the people who died from the omicron surge were older, vaccinated. >> this would have been known before thousands of americans were fired over the vaccine. did someone gag dr. birx with one of her own silk scarves? because she isn't the only one saying things could have gone differently. dr. fauci has a confession, too. u. the doctor who makes more than the president of the united states regrets that he didn't lock us down harder. listen. >> anywhere from 50% to 60% of the transmission occur from someone without symptoms, either someone who never will get symptoms or someone who is in the pretom is a particular stage. had we known that then, the insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm and they would have been much, much more
4:31 pm
stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing or what have you. >> jesse: more stringent? we closed the entire economy and shut down the schools and wouldn't let anybody throw a wedding or invite family over for the holidays. but fauci thinks he wasn't tough enough on us? everybody knows you don't go full china. dr. birx, let's start with her. she knew the whole time that you could take the vaccination and still get infected and, oh yeah, you could spread it, too? that is a huge admission. >> yeah, jesse. that's a huge admission. i'm not shocked by this. i'm not shocked by any of this. what does shock me is the pass that these people are receiving i think from the general public in terms of criticism. we watched this doctor, jesse,
4:32 pm
get up day after day during the coronavirus task force the press avails we watched her and fauci and so many others talk about how important it is to get your vaccine and double boosted, triple shot, whatever. even. told that they were murderers. that's ultimately what the president of the united states intimated when he suggested that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. democrats were out there using language calling people who did not get the injction murderers. making fun of people who were citing their natural immunity like me and my family because we got it nature's way. i mean, the division that was shoved onto the lap of this country from these talking points from doctors. people who are healthcare professionals that we are supposed to be able to trust. so not only did they lie to us. but they lied to us knowing the division that it would cause and now they think they are going to clear their conscience by coming out now and says oh we
4:33 pm
understand it wasn't going to have the impact that it was. jesse, you are right. people lost their jobs. they were canceled. i lost friends because i didn't get the injection. even though i already had natural immunity. i mean, all of this created to this great big division in the country and all they had to say is well, shucks, gee, we realize that it didn't actually have grant immunity like it was advertised. that's unacceptable. >> jesse: do you think that the companies like pfizer knew that the vaccines didn't stop infection and didn't stop trans mission and they either kept it from fauci and birx or they told fauci and birx and fauci and birx didn't tell the american people? >> i feel like some of these people in the sand hand basket to hell. i don't trust a single one of them. i think everyone was aware because i don't think you can be involved that much in day-to-day operations with managing a pandemic for the united states
4:34 pm
of america and not be aware of exactly what's being developed and what immunity, if any, is actually brings to the people that are getting it. i never begrudged anyone be for getting the injection. i also didn't just decide to turn my back on hundreds of years of natural science where it concerned natural immunity. at the same time, these were the people brought the to us that lead these departments, jesse, you just cited that dr. fauci makes more than the president of the united states. and singularly he has done as much this current president to divide the country because of these false claims. it's one thing to say that it's going to help alleviate your symptoms. it's another thing to lie to people and say it's going to bestow upon you this universal immunity to this virus because it didn't. words have meaning. and they mean something. and we need to get back to that the whole thing infewer me. i will say this. i'm glad, jesse. i'm so glad that our president recovered from a virus that most americans when they contract it recovers from. now can all of the rest of us
4:35 pm
have had natural immunity and asked questions from the beginning many of us were canceled or lost our accounts on social media. when do we get the big natural apology from these folks for putting the country through this. >> jesse: you are never going to get that and never going to find out how much money fauci is making in royalties from vaccines. he won't tell us. he says it's none of our business. maybe we can get to the bottom of that when republicans hold hearings. >> imagine telling the irs that this april. imagine that. >> jesse: doesn't work that way. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we know nancy pelosi isn't going to let congress ban her family from slinging stocks. we reported how nancy installed long time aide as sec commissioner so she probably won't be facing an investigation any time soon that doesn't mean "primetime" is going to let her off the hook. nancy is feeling the pressure. this weekend, in a sad attempt to shake off the press, pelosi
4:36 pm
came up with the new excuse as to why her family stock trades are always perfectly timed with what's going on in d.c. no, she didn't admit to pillow talk or insider trading. nancy didn't even give pappa paulie p. credit for being a substantiate is a vanity and getting better returns than warren buffet. when confronted buying stock in a chip company as congress votes on sending about 50 billion in corporate welfare to chip companies, nancy had a perfect excuse for the suspicious timing. we are from san francisco silicon valley area so, yeah, we had been following technology for a very long time. these were options that were purchased a long time ago. you asked me about time. that came due now. that's the timing. >> jesse: you see the pelosis. they were both in their 80's,
4:37 pm
have their fingers on the pulse of the tech world. because they live in san francisco. it has nothing to do with nancy being the speaker of the house and giving postoperative pa paulie the inside scoop. someone should tell all those homeless people in san francisco they are missing out on millions just like nancy, they could be rich and paul if they just pay a little more attention to what's going on around them. robots are out of control. and they may start killing us all. ♪ ses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes]
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they tried to warn us. new nightmare. the war against the machine. >> but clearly we haven't learned our lesson. for the last 50 years or so we tried to make robots for good. we made a robot that cleans our
4:43 pm
floors and scares our pets. we made a robot that makes us drinks. even made a robot beat us in chess that turned ugly last weekend. a seven 7-year-old boy had his finger broken tournament in moscow. no one in the video nows how to stop the thing. the kid is lucky he didn't lose an arm. i can't program my dvr. how are people supposed to step in and power down when he is breaking a boy's fingers, this video was also going around over the weekend, watch. [explosion] [shots] >> jesse: one of these robot dogs comes equipped with machine gun. what are they designed for? i also can't help but notice
4:44 pm
those targets look about chest high. man's best friend isn't supposed to be able to shoot full auto. we are hearing rumors also that police departments are going to start deputizing robots. how am i supposed to talk my way out of a ticket? what if the robot cops don't watch me on fox? [gunfire] will be in. >> jesse: this all comes after a software engineer at google tried warning us last month that their robots now have human feelings. he went into a meeting and told some executives this, thinking he was helping and maybe would get a promotion. and instead they said thanks, blake. and they fired him on the spot. this is all moving way tootoo td happening in the dark now people are getting hurt. how do we slow this thing down and figure it out. powers is an award-winning entrepreneur and ceo of fizna.
4:45 pm
robot dog with a machine gun what possibly can do would he be doing with that. >> i actually really wanted one of those robot dogs for a long time but actually after watching that video i thought maybe i would get a back bra doodle or something. just like technology robots neither inherently good or evil. people behind them that are either good or evil i think this is hopefully not a sign of things to come and more just -- i don't know, a funnier and unusual quirk in the evolution of robots cases where you might be able to argue that that robot with the gun high intensity very
4:46 pm
dangerous counter-terrorism machine mission where you don't want to put soldiers at risk have a hard time imagining many others. countries would use that for evil there is the potential for good. >> jesse: someone hacks into the robot with the submachine gun and then he turns the thing on the entire platoon. i don't like where that's going. also, they are putting robots into restaurants now. what happens drive-thru at mcdonald's and i hand the guy a 20 and instead of a human it's a robot and he takes the 20 but also takes my hand off? i need the hand. this is my microphone hand, paul. , fair point. first of all, get microphones for your lapel. feel assured there. secondly, yeah, there will be robots working at drive-thrus, robots are going to automate a lot of the boring jobs, right? so, and i think there is two ways of looking at it. there is utopian future or utopian future where humans
4:47 pm
don't have to do anything because robots doing the boring things. overall robots do for good. automate a lot of the things that are not worthy of a human for doing. repetitive monotonous task don't require any intelligence arguably should not be performed by a human. it's wasting their potential. i don't think you have to worry about them hurting you though at mcdonald's. one nice thing about robots. they are owned by these companies that have to build them and they have a lot to lose if they rip your hand off. >> jesse: i do worry about that. throw a bottle of water on the robot start fizzing and smoking because that's what i have seen in the movies and that's the best way to defend yourself. paul, i'm not sure i buy into this nice robot situation so i'm going to be keeping my eyes open. but thank you very much. >> sounds good. thank you. >> jesse: is joe biden making any progress? john rich asks some new yorkers. >> what's your favorite thing
4:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: how did they solve them and are they willing? does the times square to find out. ♪ ♪ >> what is your purpose purpose in this life? >> have fun and live every day to the fullest. >> if jesse goes to jail could they come out? >> jesse: they'd probably lock me up. >> what's the biggest mess you'd find yourself in? >> i have here a list. >> i have been arrested. >> got crazy.
4:54 pm
>> i can't believe i've known you forever. [bleep] insane. >> i use my noggin. >> you are so smart. ♪ ♪ sicko is joe biden making any progress? >> i wish that i could bake a cake. >> presidential on the subways, and the cars. >> anyway. >> what is your favorite thing that joe biden has accomplished so far? >> not much. >> i think that he has tried to work together. >> we will work together and continue to work together.
4:55 pm
>> stable horse, right off. >> stable horse ride a motorcycle? >> are you [bleep]? >> save a horse ride a cowboy. >> no. >> i thing about that sometimes. >> i'm john rich and this is not my world. [laughs] not at all. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: john rich joins me now progress remains the number one most downloaded song in the entire country. we sent some of the "duck dynasty" dies out to times square to do this they got picked pocketed. did you still have all your money there? >> i didn't take any money because anyone else you walk into. >> jesse: so how to go out there? >> it was fun man i thought i
4:56 pm
was in a stick out like a sore thumb and times square but there are people a lot more odd looking than me and times square. >> jesse: some of them were wearing any clothing. a few of them were probably passed out lining in the street. were you surprised that you met actual people from the south? >> i met one girl from rocky mount, north carolina. one lady from tennessee after the bronx was a good mix of americans out there. we both had mustaches we could talk about that. >> jesse: you if the new song number one tells about it. >> it's called progress the line in the song says stick your progress with the sun don't shine and is basically a song i wrote with jeffrey steele about the ironic nature at the that all the bad things happening in our country are done under the banner of progress. at its editing book progress so i wrote this song about how i feel about it and put it out. i put on rubble we didn't do
4:57 pm
twitter, facebook, youtube we stayed away from those and went to number one in six hours of coming out last friday and it is stated number one. >> jesse: who you beating right now chris mark >> lizzo was number one, billie eilish was number two. big lizzo fan. the people shown up and downloaded anywhere you can download your music and keep us number one. >> jesse: we have the waters window. i'm not sure what the medical term for this is, but i burn my eyeballs this weekend i went to the beach and spent a lot of time there it was very stunning i didn't wear my sunglasses for most the time. and on sunday night i couldn't see my eyes are itchy, they were watering it was very, very uncomfortable i suffered. greatly. i'm unsure of global warming has anything to do with it but you should wear your sunglasses on and try not to get the sunscreen in your eyes also.
4:58 pm
a little tip don't wear contact lenses if they are expired. my tip to you. let's do some text messages. mike from vermont. they watch me in vermont? six years ago when i was a second-grader they came in and put a movie saying martha's vineyard would be gone by now. it turns out that was a lie. just ask obama who lives there. i know a lot of people who wished. [laughs] i know what you mean. all lies. david said that i wish that someone would ask people like al gore exactly will cause the end of the last ice age. thousands of years ago. before there were any cars. all asking that. we have put out a request for him to join us on prime time we are on the edge of our seats waiting. scientific studies on climate change are as accurate as scientific studies on covid. [laughs] the science seems to be changing
4:59 pm
whether it's covert or the climate. it is very, very hard to keep up. with a list of whatever the lady with a scarf tells us and usually do the opposite. paula from south carolina i'm throwing out all my scarves just in case they make me look like a liar. yet we don't have anything against scarf people but she did give scarf people a bad name. all they rode in together how romantic from sarasota, florida. how about all of those politicians with the big homes just turn off the ac. i think al gore could save $30,000 in utilities if he may be turned his ac down at someone could just fan him. it's a big honor know what those things are called. palm leaves? paul says that when greg gutfeld says that robots are great as he talked about the ones that don't -- he is pro-robot and he should have to answer for that. chris, robot dogs with machine
5:00 pm
guns or do they fall under the assault weapons ban? i think joe biden is okay with that because don't aren't nra people. they can vote right? i think they can. that's all for tonight. dvr the show if you figure it out. puckers up next, always a member that i am jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy monday try to stay cheerful in the face of everything that's happening in the country we talk about every night multiple disasters all at once. but if you had isolate one single tragedy that's produced the highest casualty rate in the united states you probably have to be the opioid crisis. mostly rural


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