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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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interview with recently assassinated shinzo abe in japan. north korea, went along the dmz there. most of all love to go to different states during elections and hear from people what's on their mind and stop talking about polls. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. jesse watters is now. jesse? >> jesse: have a great show. >> bret: thanks, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: usually when you are feel sick, maybe you have a cold or a virus. all you want to do is sleep and just relax. people don't get the hint. >> i swear to god i'm sick i can't go to school. >> if you are staying home today you can help me shave my arm pits. >> jesse: maybe you are not feeling to hot you want to lay around and be on your own but no
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one leaves you alone. >> what's wrong for christ's sake look at him, money. ferris? >> he doesn't have a fever but he says his stomach hurts and he is seeing spots. >> jesse: if anybody knows what it's like to not be left alone while they are sick it's joe biden. since the president was diagnosed with covid on thursday, the left sensed an owning. "the washington post" ran an op-ed this weekend telling biden to quit, joe, quit. and the squad want nothing to do with him. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term. >> he has got to go. >> that's an easy question it's not going to take long. >> i don't want to answer that question because we have not -- that's not, yeah, i don't want to answer that question. >> okay. >> i mean, he is the president. he has the right to run for a second term, absolutely. but i don't want to -- i don't want -- i would rather you not do that -- >> we got to go. >> jesse: so that's a no from cory bush. take a look at the polls.
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democratic primary voters in the critical state of new hampshire are picking mayor pete over joe biden. must like what he says with racist roads. >> just to be safe keep my slate until 2025. i'm happy for the president because usual when you hear the words biden because he fell up the stairs. how do you do that? [laughter] biden's doctor said that his pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate and absolutely normal. biden flipped on the news and he said never mind. >> jesse: biden's staff wanting him to isolate until 2025. have a sliver of truth. politico reporting that biden is driving officials across the administration a little nuts with what they say is a pattern of indecisiveness. so, does joe have anything left in his tank? can the man get off the mat and rally?
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"primetime" can confidently report joe biden is not only a survivor but never looked better. democrats might want to rethink joe must go biden that stays in the basement is dangerous biden. being sick agrees with him. i haven't seen him this cocky and comfortable since the campaign. they gave the president a really fancy zoom screen do all of his events remotely you know like he did when he was running for president it only cost about $7,000. it's been worth it the man has been doing event after event after event and biden has been tweeting more than trump used to. you know, to make sure everybody knows how productive he is being and we are very proud of him. he has been posting all kinds of pictures of him posing while taking very important phone calls. he has been making sure to shots of him signing the formula act in law taking meetings with
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ceos and best friend dog commander. look at him hard at work. if you didn't know it you would think joe is the actual president he is but not really. while joe is playing with the dog a white house staffer tweeted you can't be pro-police and pro-insurrection. that's actually a pretty good line only took a year and a half to think of it maybe that's what joe biden needed. he just needed to be lack by himself inside, quarantined like he was right at the height of the pandemic. that's when joe is at his best alone, not going anywhere and being totally controlled by handlers joe started name checking certain republicans and even said donald trump's name which he hasn't said all year. >> governor desantis, senator marco rubio, senator rick scott, all oppose banning assault weapons. you can't support banning weapons of war on american streets. you are not on the side of
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police. january 6th we relied on law enforcement to save our democracy. donald trump lacked the courage to act. the brave women and men in blue all across this nation should never forget that. >> jesse: whoa, republicans watch out. joe is heating up and his voice sounds deep and scary. and nancy pelosi has got the guy clicking on all cylinders about to get the chips act passed in the senate. soon it's going to be signed into law and then paulie p. can take his profits and open a nice bottle of napa cap. don't get in the porsche, pauly, don't do it joe met with semiconductor yesterday one of the handful of times taking questions from reporters this year. one of those questions was from our very own stupid son of a bitch. >> how worried should americans be that in a recession -- >> -- we're not going to be in a
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recession, in my view. >> jesse: the fact that joe says we are not going to be in a recession means we are definitely going to be in a recession. that's besides the point. guys, joe is taking questions. so what if they are on zoom. and so what if there is probably a teleprompter above the screen? he is getting his swagger back. even today joe had two events joe almost never does two events. in fact four days before joe had covid he had a total of one event. july 17th to the 20th, our president had one event going on. and now that he is sick, he is doing two events in a day. is this a strange covid side effect that fauci didn't tell us about and makes democratic presidents less lazy? we actually uncovered this video, too, of the president sneaking out of the white house last night to hit the club. ♪
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>> jesse: slow down, joe, you just fell off your bike. you don't want to pull anything. making hunter jealous, the secret service won't let him go anywhere. seriously, what's this sudden change? we went from not seeing the president much at all to now not being able to avoid him. what's giving the president the sudden bolt of energy? is it the paxlovid? is it hydroxychloroquine? we don't know because we haven't heard from the president's doctor at all he is almost 80 and the president's doctor hasn't said a word to the press the entire five days he has been quarantined which is suspicious because, you know, kind of makes you wonder can i have what joe is having? meaning it's not the drugs or maybe is he refreshed because
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dr. jill is away from the white house during quarantine. maybe jim is draining joe's energy when he needs to save it for the american people. mr. president, have you been sleeping? >> feeling great. i have had two full nights of sleep all the way through. as a matter of fact, i -- my dog had to wake me up this morning. my wife is not here. she usually takes him out in the morning while i'm upstairs working out. i felt this unlv of my dog's nose on my chest about 5 minutes until 7:00. >> jesse: boring old weirdo tells stories about being nustled and kids stroking leg hair that's the kind of stuff that got uncle joe elected in the first place. how has his appetite been? >> he ate his breakfast and lunch. [laughter] >> fully, he actually showed me his plate. >> jesse: we're so proud of the president for cleaning his plate. two gold stars. maybe he just needed a few sick days to get his groove back. >> this is my ninth sick day this semester.
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getting pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. if i go for 10, i'm probably going to have to bipartisan up a lung. i better make this one count. >> jesse: joe has his mojo back because he is working where is he most comfortable, the basement. he doesn't have to fly anywhere. he doesn't have to walk around too much. he doesn't have to shake anybody's hand or listen to dozens of aides to tell him what to do. only a few people are able to see him. that's what joe likes. he likes to keep things simple. he likes reading off of a teleprompter. he likes people doing his tweets. and he likes being woken up by his dog, not jill. joe won the presidency from his basement. up mean, yeah, we suffered through moments like this but it worked for him. >> long way until november we got more questions. >> you got more questions i will tell you what if you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me and trump, then you ain't black. >> with endangered species one of the things i would like to raise is that we have to deal with this on an international
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basis as well. i'm sorry this has been such a disjointed effort here because of the connection. >> four more years of george, george -- he, -- going to find ourselves in a position where, if trump gets elected we are going to be -- we are going to be in a different world. >> jesse: basement biden is biden in his prime. and now that he is back in his element, the sky is the limit. clear the field, sit down, newsom, put a sock in it kamala good luck finding formula, pete, because joe has a formula for victory to stay inside and do what you are told. senator john kennedy is a member of the senate judiciary committee who joins me now. so, senator kennedy, are you worried about the new and improved joe biden? >> well, jesse, i'm pleased, as we all are, that the president seems to be recovering from covid. let me answer your question this
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way. after 18 months we know what president biden stands for. if you don't know by now you are as thick as a brick. he believes in more government, more taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation. open borders. a weaker military, and turning cops into social workers. and those policies have hurt the american people deeply. but in no respect, none, has president biden hurt the american people more than in their pocketbooks and i'm talking about inflation. inflation which is a direct result of the president's policies is a cancer on the american dream. it is a strain. as one of my constituents told
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me last week if it keeps increasing starbucks is going to have to change its name to ten bucks. the issue is what do we do about it? from where i sit the solution is so straightforward. number one, while the federal reserve is doing its job nun two start to reduce the deficit. number three, freeze all federal proposed federal regulations. they are just going to add to the cost of goods of services. number 4, return america energy independence. and number 5, once again, while the fed doing is its job and on the supply side. extend the tax cuts and jobs act, which will be expiring in the next two years. if you do those things, in my judgment, inflation will start to abate in a matter of months.
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and if you don't do them, we are just going to continue to be face down in the dessert. >> jesse: i'm sorry, senator, but that makes way too much sense because the democratic agenda is to spend trillions and trillions and trillions more of our dollars and they are never going to agree to that and that's why we are in this mess we are in right now. i will give you the last word. >> just today, i mean, the gun control bill which passed because some republicans voted for it. and i'm not -- that's their business, i didn't vote for it. it costs $15 billion. just today, just today the democrats with republican support spent $300 billion giving a subsidy to big tech. this is all outside our budget. and this money does not come from help leprechauns and it's causing inflation. >> jesse: i wish it did come from leprechauns because that would be really fun.
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senator kennedy from louisiana, thank you for joining "primetime." >> thank you. >> jesse: up next, the whistleblower bombshell, is the fbi going to bury their probe into hunter biden again? ♪
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>> jesse: bombshell report out tonight alleging the fbi is involved in a giant cover-up to protect the biden family and sway the 2020 election. and possibly 2022. highly credible whistleblowers are coming forward and reporting that the fbi intentionally down played damning evidence about hunter biden's corrupt business deals. and, they hatched a plot to discredit hunter's laptop as, quote: disinformation. we are learning federal agents are allegedly told to stop any
4:20 pm
damaging investigations into hunter biden. no questions act. even though there was alleged proof of hunter's potential criminal activity. orders to black out the story were reportedly put forward by fbi analyst brian alton. funny thing about him is he is the same fbi official who pushed the trump-russia collusion hoax. he took the bait on the steele dossier and used it to illegally investigate trump campaign officials like mike flynn and carter page and now he has his fingerprints all over fbi plot to meddle with our elections. this is all coming just as federal prosecutors in delaware have reportedly reached a, quote: critical stage in charging the son of the president for tax fraud, foreign lobbying violations and lying on a firearms application very narrow charges and the bigger international pay to play scheme
4:21 pm
involving china and the big guy is not being seriously scrutinized. and delaware prosecutors may be getting push back from the department of justice to wait on charging hunter biden so it doesn't cost the democrats in the midterms. the fbi whistleblowers mentioned toward the top of the show came forward to senator chuck grassley and he joins us now talk about it senator, what else can you share with our audience tonight? >> you covered the top line of it a little bit more detail is that they will what should be investigated or start to investigate and what to investigate and what to shut down in investigation. had political bias in it. it's as simple as opening a case against trump that was based on it was a good reason to advance
4:22 pm
the investigation. but when it come to hunter biden, with plenty of concrete information, it was shut down. it's pretty simple. we have evidence that some of these people have exhibited this political bias over long period of time because there is a guy by the name of tebow that the whistleblowers told me about. i took it directly to wray i guess he had done this when we issued a press release on it i talked to him about it to thank him because he moved that guy out of the decision-making of which investigation should go ahead and which ones should be stopped. that gives you an example of political bias and it hurts the integrity of the fbi the people of the united states ought to have really good feelings about the fbi. they ought to know that they are credible organization and there
4:23 pm
should be no party party power involved in this decision-making it should be simply fair, follow the facts where it takes them and there should be no political. it's unfair and the fbi have not met the test of fairness in this particular case. >> jesse: can you give me one word answer here do you trust fbi director wray's ability to handle this case with hunter biden? >> i would think that he would be in a position to do it and when he moved tebow, that's the guy's name i was talking about. they moved him out of that decision-making role to something else, it shows me that he can take action. but i wonder if the whole situation isn't so bad there is a lot of it going on that even wray doesn't know about. that's a sad commentary. that's why you have got to rely on whistleblowers know down at the grassroots something is wrong, listen to the whistleblowers. >> we will see if the media
4:24 pm
listens to the whistleblowers as closely as they listen to the whistleblowers against trump. thank you so much, senator, we will stay apprise much this situation. >> thank you. >> jesse: cartels have turned the border into a killing field and making billions in profits. ♪
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>> jesse: joe biden's economy hasn't helped anybody except the drug cartels. business is booming. they are making billions from human trafficking with a little help from the biden administration, of course. and they charge a premium between 4,000 and $20,000 per person, depending on where they are coming from. they operate like a fortune 500 company, top of the line logistics, accounting you, transportation, surveillance, except if you don't pay up or the cartel wants more cash, they will torture you until you hand over everything.
4:30 pm
"new york times" reports the cartel held hundreds of illegals hostage in texas. mutilated limbs, raped women, crushed their hams with hammers until their families paid up. but, before the illegals even made it to america, the cartel coyotes often rape the little girls and elderly women they are bringing to the border. they hang the victim's underwear like a trophy on a nearby tree. they call it a rape tree. smugglers use as it a challenge to the other rapists on the trail. there is nothing compassionate about joe biden's open border. biden invited this hell onto the migrants when he took down trump's border and shredded our strong immigration policies. joe has made the cartel richer while making our country more dangerous. senator ted cruz went to the border to witness the carnage firsthand. >> these children come n debt to vicious cartels, thousands and thousands of dollars and the
4:31 pm
teenage boys work for the gangs in every city in america and the teenage girls experience a hell worse than that. with far too many of them human traffic dollars into sex slavery. joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in america. >> jesse: robert amonty, retired u.s. marshal and retired deputy police chief who researches and trains law enforcement on the mexican drug cartels. >> he joins me now. this is a new phenomenon, the rape tree. is this really true? >> yeah, absolutely. >> it's true and really sad, jesse. i have pictures. i sent you one, of the rape tree and you have these coyotes that are raping young girls, teenage girls, elderly women. and these are brutal rapes. they beat them up and then they
4:32 pm
remove their undergarments and they place them on a tree like a trophy tree and it's kind of a challenge to the other coyotes to see if they can match that. so, this is brutal. we just concluded our conference for the national narcotic officers association coalition here in washington, d.c. this was a main topic human smuggling and drug trafficking. i have to tell you the cartels have been involved in huge smuggling for a while cartels making so much money off of human smuggling than they are off of human trafficking and more cost effective for them to be involved in human smuggling. why? because when it comes to drug trafficking, the cartels don't get their money until the drugs have been delivered over here. when it comes to human smuggling, these migrants pay the cartels up front. several thousand dollars. so the cartels don't worry about
4:33 pm
it. apprehended at the border or die sadly like what happened in san antonio a few weeks ago. cartels don't lose any sleep over it that's why this is not going to end until we secure the border and stop these people from coming over here. not a matter of people coming over here. they think they are coming over here to live the american dream and quite frankly for many of them it turns out to be a nightmare. a living nightmare. >> you heard the senator call this slavery. do you think the biden administration is complicit in slavery? >> yeah, it's slavery. no doubt about it human slavery. the other thing is, too, the migrants that pay this money and they make it safely into the united states. many of them are held in stash houses along the border. well, a lot of these cartels that are the caretakers at the stash houses, they want to make more money so what they do is they beat up -- they torture these migrants and they force them make phone calls to their family to receive more money, so
4:34 pm
now you have a human smuggling -- willing human smuggling case turn into human trafficking. it's brutal. they are killed. it's just a horrible situation. and we -- all of america needs to be really upset about this it's horrible. >> jesse: it's a nightmare. theountry has to wake up. especially the people in the white house. thank you as always for providing your expertise. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: for a simple congressman from northern california, eric swalwell sure has expensive taste. last year his campaign spent tens of thousands of dollars on fancy hotels, car services and steak dinners and who could forget about junket to the middle east 48 grand oil guys who care this much about global warming. it rubs off on the people around you. take my assistant, johnny, for example, when he started at fox, johnny would bring sandwiches
4:35 pm
made by his mother for lunch. and now he orders the bone-in ribeye. and that's what's happening here with our friend eric. you see, the members of his campaign staff, all two of them have also been playing fast and loose with the campaign credit card between may and june his campaign spent $38,000 on travel and food. but they are not traveling, you know, to california. the swalwell staff went to paris. when you are in paris, you have to stay at the ritz carlton where they dropped $3,500. we don't know if swalwell's staff were staying in the same room or not, it's none of our business, but romance was in the air. they also spent 300 bucks at the michelin rated cafe march lay. a stunning restaurant with views of the louvre. did they try to beef tartar or have $120 orders of caviar? we don't know because there are a lot of no cares how much it
4:36 pm
costs for voter outreach in france. this isn't the first time this year. the swalwell campaign flew to france. not really a swing district, this spring they dropped 60 gs on travel expenses, which included a stay at the very fancy hotel la maison champ elliesees heart of paris the golden triangle. oh interest chic. did they visit the cigar bar too? does fang fang own a chateau in paris that we don't know about? is swalwell rekindling this love affair? that actually would be our business. they also spent 5 grand at the lowe's hotel in miami beach. did they get the cabana?
4:37 pm
i hope so. it would have been a waste not to. after all the full experience comes with a butler, day bed, jacuzzis marble bathrooms and elegant ocean views. i'm not here to judge swalwell and his staff seem to be taking romantic and extravagant trips with just two members of his staff? what's the french word for that? [speaking french] oh we gesture at "primetime" and we respect the hustle even charlotteton is a little jealous. president trump back in d.c. for the first time since the inauguration. we'll bring you some of his remarks and some of the reaction.
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>> just a goodbye, we love you. we will be back in some form so have a good life. we will see you soon. >> jesse: that was donald trump's last time in d.c. until
4:43 pm
today. the 45th president made a big splash in washington. protesters stormed the venue before the speech, of course. [chanting] >> jesse: trump came to d.c. to plant the flag to tell the american people that he is back and would be back soon for good. whether they liked it or not. the main thrust of the speech was about restoring law and order. listen. >> let the people that have to have guns that need to have guns, let them have them but take them away from the criminals. [applause] if you are a convicted felon, and you have a gun, you are off the streets and you know where you go. the mere concept of defunding the police should never again be
4:44 pm
stated or even heard. [applause] it is so ridiculous and so dangerous. >> jesse: and it wouldn't be a trump rally to go off script a little bit. >> i would be the greatest women's basketball coach. i would go up to lebron james. it doesn't matter i would say lebron, did you ever have any desire to be a woman? [laughter] because what i would love you to do is star on my team that i'm building up. i will have the greatest team in history. they will never lose. nobody will come within 70 points of this team. >> jesse: katie pavlich is a fox news contributor and host of fox nation luxury hunting lodges of america which sounds very election surrous which launches tomorrow. you caught the speech in d.c. what was your take away. >> he is already speaking as if he is on the campaign trail. tons of speculation about when he will announce. some people thought it might be today. republicans are wondering if it will be before mid temple elections or after the midterm elections.
4:45 pm
he is offer solutions as if he is a candidate. is he a populist. he returned to that today as he always does in the speech. he essentially brought up the same theme of him saying look, the establishment and the media hate not just me, they hate you. i'm just in the way. he brought that theme back. but then offered a number of solutions on pressing issues like homelessness, crime. >> jesse: what was his solution to homelessness? >> he believes that we should build essentially large tent cities in all of these states. live there. he said that squalor is not a compassionate thing which is what we have seen in liberal cities across the country, san francisco, l.a. >> jesse: don't let them have tent cities in the cities outside of the city. >> build them a place they can live with dignity and without being in squalor. >> jesse: what did he say about the national guard? i heard him say something about that. he doesn't believe that national guard members should be kicked out of the military for refusing the vaccine. we are seeing 60,000 members of
4:46 pm
the national guard being kicked out and joe biden the current president is refusing to give them any leniency on that despite the vaccine not preventing infection. he wants to redevelop the military and give them some more dignity back. >> jesse: we have some breaking news coming from "the washington post. this is a fox news alert. the post, as i said, is reporting that the justice department is investigating president donald trump's actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to four people familiar with the matter. attorney general merrick garland was asked about it today by lester holt and he was a little cagey about it. but, katie, this is a criminal probe that's been open by joe biden's justice department and it looks like donald trump targets. >> and reportedly there is a grand jury that has been interviewing members of his administration. but, politically, i mean, look, today he talked in his speech about how the media and the
4:47 pm
government is going after him for years. i mean, whether it was the russia investigation during the time he was running for president the first time, the special counsel investigation. the first impeachment, the second impeachment so politically i'm not sure this will do anything but help him in that argument that there is unfair attacks against him which continues as a result of the establishment and the media and the department of justice being politicized to go after him so he cannot run for president again. >> jesse: it's a pretty big leak. whether it's true or not, it could be sent as a message to trump to kind of chill his campaign, say, hey,. >> which is an interesting. >> watching you, we are investigating you criminally, we could indict you, and you better not run for president, or. >> how long have we been hearing this? how many times have we heard that the department of justice is investigation the trump family, the trump organization, the walls are closing in on donald trump and it just hasn't come to fruition. it's been this narrative for
4:48 pm
years on end now to try and stop donald trump from running for president for the first time. i don't think them telling him that maybe they are going to indict him is going to deter him from some kind of announcement here in the next couple of months. >> jesse: how would it look if joe biden's attorney general indicted donald trump who would be running against joe biden for president? >> it would look really bad it would look corrupt. the department of justice and the fbi have been politicized and used as a political weapon against republicans for years on end now. it would certainly not look good to the american people. when you look at polling for the fbi and law enforcement institutions on the federal level, the american people have some pretty big questions abouty their hour baby abused specifically how they treated donald trump. >> jesse: katie pavlich exploring all these luxurious hunting lodges. >> not luxurious enough for
4:49 pm
swalwell. >> jesse: right he only stays at -- don't tell me what to do my body my choice. that's right, leave her the hell alone. why are you killing a baby? i mean, there is that. you know? ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: following a lot of controversy over their specials, looks like netflix might be standing up her comedy after airing content from dave chappelle and ricky gervais' where they ripped on transcanada streaming service it an avalanche of backlash from their employees because they cannot take the choke. they demanded it be pulled and in stage of the walkout. calling them dangerous and harmful, got so bad for the bottom line that does the higher-ups stepped in and actually surprised us for once. they told him to knock it off. and a layer to the woke employees said if you don't like
4:55 pm
our content, quit. and it worked. they kept the specials up and now they are putting their money where their mouth is. because comedian bill burr just dropped a new special this month and his abortion material is getting a lot of people worked out. >> i said on the fence on the whole thing makes sense to me. whatever anybody is saying, don't tell me what to do, it's my body, my choice, that's right, man, she is right. where are you killing the baby? i mean, there is that. you know? i mean, if we are going to be honest, that is the whole purpose of the procedure. >> jesse: and not shying away from this as netflix is not censoring him. rather than pulled a special, they are letting bill barr go off and he has quite a lot to say about abortion. >> it's not a baby, that would be like if i was making a cake and i poured some better in a pan and a port it in the oven and in 5 minutes later you can buy a new grabbed a pan and threw it across the floor and i
4:56 pm
went what the [bleep], you just ruined my birthday cake! and you are like, that was not a cake yet! it's like, well, it would have been. if you did not do what you just did it would've been a cake in 50 minutes. if something happened to that cake, you cake murderer! >> jesse: people don't really like that, so this is the formula for her comedy going forward, just go for it, ignore the woke stirrers, just put it out there and fans follow. joe concha's of fox news contributor and media columnist for the hill. now i heard bill barr is actually approaching that makes it even wilder. >> it is one of the better analogies he will ever hear on any topic though, unfortunately i'm old enough to remember seinfeld verbatim and there was an episode where kramer and poppy debate on whether a hunk of dough is actually a pizza. so we have heard versions of
4:57 pm
this before, but bill barr's version is not only perfect, the other thing about the netflix special aired something like three weeks ago, or at least that's when it premiered, normally when they post a clip on social media this would become news, but what makes him great is he is like dave chappelle or chris walk unpredictable, and apologetic. he is an equal opportunity offender. and is also available for abortion in the population control, you'll see the calls for him to be canceled and netflix to take the show down off of the streaming platform, but like we saw any attempts to cancel these guys were carry out boycotts that really aren't real on twitter, they only get bigger. are they only get stronger and the only become more unstoppable. in the end, comedy is about not agreeing with every joke. it's not about conformity, it's about laughing and having a good time. and if an analogy or a topic is too sensitive for you there's a good chance that you were born without a sense of humor, jesse.
4:58 pm
be on what if i went on stage and had a lot of material about media columnist and i said that they wear corny patriotic ties and have too much gel in their hair and you know, they are little to chipper in the morning when i see them on fox & friends, would you stage a protest to remove me from my netflix special? or would you know how to take the joke? not you, would people, would people know how to take the joke? >> we are talking about the other media columnist with the corny patriotic tired, eyewear paste in the here i know it can't be me, of course not i would bear hug you, jesse, because i see the ratings for the show and if you are talking about me, that means more people may pay attention to what i have to write or about my upcoming book and the fact that you are even up at 5:24:00 a.m. watching "fox & friends" first is that you are the guy that works out and it shows. >> jesse: way to stick the landing. >> have a good one. >> jesse: on the window, i have a book recommendation,
4:59 pm
tyler hamilton's "the secret race." so he was one of the guys on the lance armstrong peloton, remember the postal service sponsored them and won like ten or eight tour de frances in a row, it's the inside stuff about all the doping. the blood transfusions, the pills, the shots and he takes you through the nitty-gritty of it and what it meant at the time. it is crazy. and i don't even like riding bikes. i don't cycle. i don't do any of that, but this is crazy if you like sports or anything. read this book. let's do text. brent come up with a tough name from orlando is there anything left in biden's tank? of course not, he can afford to fill it up. very good. mike from yonkers. let me get this right, merrick garland wants to send trump to jail but not hunter biden? what a world. apparently that's what it looks like. and the country is not going to stand for that.
5:00 pm
bowen from new mexico, your french needs a little work. just saying. i know. i took spanish in high school, you guys want to hear my spanish? just kidding. that's all for tonight, dvr that show "tucker" is next, remember that i am watters. and this is "my world." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy tuesday. sometime in the last ten years the people who run new york city stopped caring about the mailings of american city and citizens who live in new york city, how do we know that? we know what happened to the city and what they do, shortly after bill de blasio became mayor in 2014 for example a huge number of drug addicts and mental patients began living on the sidewalks. that's not good. and it increased over time there


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