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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hypercom. as you can easily compare quotes from top providers. this is save as much as nineeep hundred dollars a year compared for free . it's a deeperan outcome now 80%f of couples be too hot or too cold because quality is vital to keep up for free market and temperature. you both stay on for twenty eight minutes more recklessly per night, pay five hundred number 364 1% queen 118 the lowest price ever . good td evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy tuesdaywe. sometime in the last ten years, the people who run new york city stopped caring about the millions of americanic citizens who live in new york city. how do we know that? we know that from watching what happened to the city, know what they say, watch what they do. so shortly after bill de blasio became mayor in 2014,r for example, a huge number of drug addicts and mental patients begin living on the sidewalks.
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that's not good. and it increased overwa time. you'll see 65% increase in homelessness in new york city. the streets, not surprisingly, bl visibly dirtier. the smell goty much stronger. been there this month. public was decriminalized, but bill de blasio and many people took advantage of their newta freedoms. and there was, ofge course, a lt more crime after localcr politicians pledged to cut law enforcement by a billionim dollars a year, many cops decided it wasn't worth enforcing the too much risk, not enough reward. soen the number of police stops decline by more than 90%. so what happened to burglars? oh,av they 40% car theft by almost 70% shootings doubled. so what would you like to live in a place like that? well, for t t many in new york e life just became w intolerable and a huge number of people simply left not at anyone infi the mayor's office seemed to notice their departure. average new yorkers noticed they understood perfectly well the city government had no interest inme their well-being.t but that did not mean that local politicians stoppedn caring or they cared more than ever. they just cared about differente
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people. new york's political class shifted its focus from concerniz over citizens that wasen their old constituency to deepl concern about illegal aliens whom they considered the future as the new mayor of new york , eric adams explained during his campaign. when a foreign national breaks federal law to come to new york , that person must be rewarded with lavish, publicly funded services. whyed think about the days spent without essential employees a substantial number of them were undocumented. they werer delivering, not overreach. they were stuck in our stores. they were out in the streets keeping our city running. savanini translation services to assist that people can have access a to the services that ae already available. we have to expand nyc care to make sure everyone has health care. ee need to make sure we have proper translation services in our schools so thatch we can
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start building out the future as well. and i to take my hat off to the state senate, that was t the right thing to do because when an immigranto walks into the store and buy a loaf ofon bread, no one asked, what is your. yeah, exactly. whatever you want. license is publicly funded, changes, anything. a giving non-citizens, lawbreakers, whatever they want is the rightnyng thing to do, sd eric adams. as the entire upper east sideck packed his bags to move to palm beach county. but illegal aliens must be catered to free transportation, translators, any language you want health care, voting rights. there can be no limit to whatt we give to illegal aliensop because they are good people and we are not. muriel bowser, the similarly b owincompetent democratic mayor t washington, dc, strongly agreed with this. illegal aliens mustid get everything they asked for, she said, and some things they've never asked for, includingg f the city's assistae ,avoiding arrest for f the crimes they've committedor. watch muriel bowser in washington, dc that you are
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diversity and you can see me and being a sanctuary cityd means that we are not. the federal government means g that our police focus on searching d.c. residents protecting and serving them no matter their immigration status> . hi , i'm muriel bowser, the mayor of washington, dc. ha here in the nation's capital , we support the thousands of immigrant green card holders, dreamers and those with temporary protectedolde sts who make our communities better. we celebrate c every immigrant who is now a part of our d.c. community celebrate no singing, no more and no, we're still trying and figure out what is best for them and their families. we stand together and say no matter what your needs here for you, muriel bowser meant it soit sincerely that she hired people in s p leotards to stage s interpretive dance to celebrate
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illegalta alien . alll this played out during the trump administration sitting at home in seclusionin p delaware during the presidential campaign, joe biden was watching all of this mouthrecaatch open as he as jello, nodding vigorously. every democrat in the country seemed to agree with this. illegal aliens are holy because diversity is our strength, our diverse is our strength and our unity. it's our power. and i say to them, our diversity is our strength, our diversity. it is still and always will bet one of our greatest strengths. our diversity is one ofst our greatest strengths. when all of s god's children come together, we'reho going to show you that our diversity is our strength. we share an innate understanding that our diversity is an enormous strength, that no, the line of joe biden who had to read it just to make sure youoe got it right and how did our former
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president from hawaii wind up with a southern accent? that is one mystery was neverys solved after eight years in office. but whatever diversity is our strength. and once he became president, joe bidenn b b promptly put that slogan into practice. how ? by opening our borders to the world and of course, le millions of people poured in. this was called the equity agenda now for the country. this was tough and very destabilizing. millions of brand new people, many of whom p who don't speak the language, almost none of whom have an american level m education, the largest humanti wave inon our country's history at exactly a moment when the country can least afford it. so it was toughanan, but naturay many of these new arrivals gravitated to our biggest city, new york , because they were welcome there. they saw the new mayor and the old mayor, the member for that mayor all talking how welcomingl they were in new york . soco new they went there. what happened? well, that's interesting. here's the new mayor of new eric adams from last week. now watch this and see if you
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can detect c a difference frome the first eric adams clip we showed you about illegal aliens. is reaching out to the federal government and stating this is a real burden a s on new yorkers as wee trying to do the right thing of we already as i s stated, we already have an overbroad inn shelters system. ou so now we're talking about, as you stated, food, clothing, school. this is going to impact our of o our schools because we do not turn away individuals, he undocumented translation services a. t there'sha just a whole host ofoi things that this is going tong produce and that's what we need. we needd help. >> it's t not complaining aboutai the cost of translation services, but 20 minutes ago during his campaign, he was telling we have to pay for translation services. but it turns out that functional state, the federal government has to pay for p translation services and schoolsay and shelters and a
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host of other costs because illegal aliens may be great in theory, we love them. but in practice, illegal aliens are expensive. eric , i'm just one that it turns out that importing millions of poor people doesn't actually make you richer as you just heard atoms put it, this is a real burden on new yorkers, the ones who are stille there. now, to be fair to eric adams, he's not the only subgenus who was having this realization tonight. muriel bowser of washington, d.c.muri is having it to remembr her plan to run a sanctuary city that's open to quotesa evet immigrant. how's that going? well, here's ano update. how significant is this influx?s how many people? well, this is a very significant issue. we have e. for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on busses. but i fear that they're being t tricked into nation nationwide bus trips when their finales destinations are places allti over the united states of america.
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they're being tricked to come to a city that invited them in, promised them every conceivable service, including legal defense against our own government for breaking our laws. they're being tricked, okay, not illegal aliens are our strength except when they actually show up. when they show up, it turns out they're pretty dangerous and expensive. that sounds like classic whiteik esupremacy. and there's no reason these new non americans have to put up with it for a second. now, democrats inor your committee telling us for aliens oughtlegal to be allowed to vote inot our elections. ay okay,. why don't they newly arrived haitians and salvadorans and everybody else who's here illegally isd intoganize a political bloc and bounce eric adams out of officeam. hereci he is attacking you like a racist. yes, you must work with democrats and oppose illegal aliens who are as american as anyoneone who was born here. more american actually says joe biden. okay, it's time to act like it.
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border jumpers should usepe democracy, the mechanics of t our system that is now their system to install an illegal alien mayor ofew new york who actually represents them. it's only fair aes. ve let's hope it happens tomorrow. but even if it does, it will not solve the bigger problem,. the bigger problemem is a lack n diversity. immigrants are supposed to make america more diverse, but in practice they usually head to places that are already pretty diverse. brooklyn, for example, is only 35% white, pretty diverse. one place almost never go to towns where democratic voters live strangely. and you can check this if you want. it's on the internet. the party of diversity is led by people who strongly, overwhelmingly prefer all white neighborhoods for themselves and their families. rand that's just weird. no diversity for the diversityt, . promoters know that's an oversight. i just haven't thought of it. but we t we can fix it.e we can do this. there are an awful lot of democratic donors in aspen, colorado,ul l for example.lo it's an overwhelmingly blue place. it's also nearly all white. d whato do we do about this? well, how about an airlift? t
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we'vehe done this before. the berlin airlift, it wasmo called it lasted for fifteenntf months in the summer of f nineteen forty eight to the next fall, the u.s. airal force delivered millions of tons of desperately needed supplies to the suffering people of west germany. nearlyf 80 years later,d the berlin airliftth is stillsi considering the great humanitarian acts in our history. but there's n o no reason we couldn't repeat it so big. imagine r an aspen airlift, a national effort to rescue the people of aspen from the suffocating prison of their own whitenessson instead d food and cold medicine, the bush administration could m deliver an even more essential saving commodity. and that's diversityco into the cultural wasteland of picton county, colorado, which if you can believe as of tonight, is only one half ofonnd one percent black into that, t joe biden could deposit haitians and somalis and congolese hundreds and hundreds of thousands, guatemalans, ghanaians, algerians, the entire verdetion of the cape islands. we can do that. we're america.
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and why stop with thoses countries? as of tonight, there are still ilfour million people living in the state of oaxaca, mexico, do you care about them? we do because we're good people . souaua why shouldn't a quarter f all hawkins' move to aspen by next ski season and to be clear, not move there to run the chairlifts at snowmass, move there to ride the chairlifts at snowmass to benefit fully from the economic bounty of that isolated blindingly white mountain community we call aspen. is there anything more american than that? agive us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shores. send me the homeless tempestt tossed to me. l i liftif my lamp beside d the golden door. there you go . aspen is america's new golden door as former fbi director jim comey, himself an attendee atin the aspen ideas festival, once put on twitter, quote, this country's greatness and true genius liesou in its diversity.
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well put, jim comey. well put. it's finally time to bringne some greatness and true genius to aspen. but we can't stop there.e, why would we w next stop in the equityty has got to be martha's vineyard. it's a national joe biden 70% of the vote on that smallot massachusetts island over the past four years, according to fec data. 92% of all donations from its biggest town , edgartown, massachusetts, went to the democratic party. so you probably imagineha edgartownt pretty diverse. i mean, the obamas lived on the island right now. in fact, we checked at last count. edgartown is ninety five point seven percent white. what century is this as of 2000 ? nineteen only three percent of all people, all residents, edgartown were born outside of this country. so do c the math. that's seventeen people total. that's effectively zeroff diversity, which means zeroece strength. they are begging for more diversity. he
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send migrants. they're in huge numbers. let's start with three hundred thousand and move up from therel as the island gets stronger,an more and then on to malibu.ib another democratic community. 84% white malibu went for joe biden with sixty 69% of w the vote. sixty four percent of all political donations from malibu went to democrats over the last four years. why not diversity forr them to why not a malibu erwitt? how about burlington, vermont? 86% of the residents thereen voted for joe biden, who believes that illegal is a gift. 77% of political donations burlington over the past four years went to the democratic party and yet it's stillthth troublingly white. twenty decolonize. 84% white burlington. w thesehi towns are crying out for helphe. martha's's vineyard, above all. and there's bipartisan support for this effort by theort, miche obama. ladies and gentlemen, we grew up in the period, as i write,
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called white flight. that f is families like ours, l upstanding families like ours,ik who are doing everything we were supposed to do and better . as we moved in, white folks movedd because they were afraid of what our families represented. and i alwayss stop there when i talk about this out in the world because, you know,w, i want to remind rem white folks that y'all were t running runnia from us andll you still running because we're no different than the immigrant families that are moving in. nge families in pilsen,n, the families that are coming f from other places to try to do better. and so, yeah, y i felt i feel a sense of injustice. oh, it's michelle obama lecturing white folks it again. you can kind of see why because white folks, as she just told us , are afraid of her. when she shows up, they leave. but the weird thing is she off to martha's vineyard, a massived oceanfront estate, global aeanfwarming, be and white fon
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didn't leave. they stayed there along with michelle obama. huh. so maybe we need to diversify martha's vineyard immediately. inmaybe michelle obama is just trying to be the change shehe wants to see in the world. he maybe she's leading the way. maybe we send the next three hundred thousand illegal border crossers on charter flights to edgartown, massachusetts. then to brookline, mass . in georgetown, dc and malibu. bozeman, burlington, there's no reason the rio grande valley g should have all the benefits of diversity. victor davis hanson has watched all of this happen. he is a senior fellow at the hoover institution. he joinsr us . professor, thanks so m much for coming on . so you see this massiveveon disconnect. you have this party that's openly and very aggressively anti white. the democratic party es and yet its leaders, including itsts leaders of color like the obamas living in white neighborhoods. how long can that continue? i wonderer? oh, i don't think it'son sustainable. what's new about the border,
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tucker? it's not porous. it doesn't exist. they blew it up. there is no such thing as federal immigration law. it's almost an insurrectionary to use that term act and you ask yourself why? whye are three million people going to come in the first two years of the biden administration? and the answerrsrs is it's the manifestation of this bicoastal elite that's nevern subject to the consequences of their own ideology. exactly what vaccinator i anybody. it's notot blacks in the militay out anybody in the federal workforce o out. . three million people come in untested on vax. nono problem whatsoever. walls are ossified, they're calcified. they don't ev work. e but t my state i got to have a big wall in malibu or out there, etc. and then schools. we have to have a diverse school. my kids are going to be at a private academy and i love diversity. but only as an employer that hires cheap labor. so this is new. it really it's neoplasm and it really begs the question why are they doing this?
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it's almost like it's a psychological projectionhi sot that they know they're guilty, that they live a part timelt segregated existences and they don't want to change it. but they think my performance virtue signaling inla the abstract i'm for diversity aren'tnnbs open borders. then that squares the circle of their own privilege and i think everybody's on onto them that there's only one. i think optimistic chants, the hispanic vote and especially the mexican-americani vote . who is the community mostcaun impacted by floodedit social services and schools that are can't handle this t influx and increases in crime if they vote fifty fifty for republican or conservative candidates in the fall. believe me,an you will hear the nineteen ninety to 1996 democratic convention rhetoric of nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the clintons on how we have to have legal only immigration because they will not want tot o import people who within a generation are innately conservative.
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and you know, i just to finish, you mentioned all off these hypotheticals that were really interested. i coulddhys add one modest one s we speak, tucker, our major universities are in recess. there's aboutrece four million dorms nationwide right now that are empty. and we hear all this virtual sigmon from stanford, yale, princeton, these are the ideal places. they have open housing. you canng bring in illegal immigrants, you can fly them in. they have medical schools. they could offer medical assistance. they have legal law schools. they can offer legaloo assistane . they have interns that i can hep with immersion english programs . this would be the solution to the problem. the universities could step up and say wete want to reify our rhetoric with concrete action. we've got the facilities, bring them in. i think it would be a wonderful, noble and moral experience for collegees presidents stepped up and let him stay and let themuc repopulate the universe out. turn over cornell too 13 and make them and that is in the fall. their their endowments can pay for ittth . i
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they should be .de i couldn't agree more and i love that idea. victor davis hanson, thank you. so much for suggesting that. thank you. so chuck schumer shilling for the government of china. yeah,uc she was removed a key provision from senate legislation that to ban u.s. companies from manufacturing products and semiconductors in china. this is a massive threat to america's national security. what is chuck schumer doing exactly and why? we'll tell you after the break. hollywood actor alec baldwin, actor alec baldwin. authorities say that actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the set of his upcoming film. russ, alec baldwin always seems to be in the spotlight for good or bad back . brian kilmeade, who is alec baldwin? go inside the actor's rise to stardom with the personal approval ratings and the controversies made their way to
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the public's deep trouble. and alec baldwin is never too far apart. baldwin's voicemail from his daughter with uttering a homophobic slur for many actors. if you behave badly again and again and again and you can live with the fact that he said that it would be alec baldwin pat cipollone on fox station. hey, everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, a part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium . and i'm here with my good friend and country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me, does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because i was tired of not sleeping. i took you to were to try to guess what relaxium sleep work
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don't win seven three one nine four six six. congress is about to vote on a bill that would give more than $50 billion to the semiconductor industry. it also provides billions for quote, domestic science investment in education, those called the chips act. so because it's for domestic production until recently, the bill contains a provision that would have barred us tax dollars from funding semiconductor manufacturing and research in china. but then senate majority leader the ever stealthy chuck schumer stepped in and removed that from the bill, thereby helping china. washington free beacon supporting senate. the republicans were completely caught off guard by this. what is this about and what
10:26 pm
effects will it have? something else and is the awesome wireless force china's dangerous combination of fauci and how we're fighting back . he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . and i should say that this was a business you were in for quite sometimes you're deeply grounded in this topic. why would schumer do something like this and what will the effect be ? well, china has figured out how to play our congress like a fiddle they've got. they know that american companies are going to lean on their representatives, senators and congressmen and say if you pass this law, you're going to make me move my manufacturing out of cheap locations in china. we supply the pentagon. you want us to be a healthy industry. you want us to donate money to you. just give us one little loophole for this product, for this part of the the device that we're making and then the senators and the congressmen start changing the laws until it's so full of holes.
10:27 pm
it doesn't do what it was intended to do in the first place. which is move the secure, important technology back onto our own shores. so i just want to go back to something you said a second ago. china provides critical technology to the pentagon. is that still true? do you believe? well, we would never put chinese technology into a missile. and yet, as we know and we talked about this this past spring, tucker, our nuclear missile sites are all supported by huawei cellular systems that can listen to or at least observe the conversations that are going on . so we draw a line when it gets right up to the pentagon. but there's companies that are supplying the government that also are making products and they want to be able to make them profitably, make them wherever the cheapest location is . a lot of the times it's china. and the whole point of this is china is not a customer or a vendor or partner their arrival for power in the world and in fact, they see this as an enemy . and the idea that we would make anything important outside a t-shirt in china is is
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something that we have to put an end to. and congress, the federal bureaucracy is seems completely unable to stop this. i mean, you think they i mean, last question with chuck schumer, who's a well-informed person who's been in the congress his whole life, effectively, he must know this, right? he's not ignorant of it. he he's not a stupid man. he knows better. so at the very best, it's a matter of looking at your big donors and saying who's asking me to do something a favor for them, for their bottom line? or there are senators that used to senators that helped create the department of homeland defense and ended up lobbying for way and for china and zte. so, you know, money talks and china has figured out that they can reach people with the dollar one way or another, whether it's through the companies or directly. the scale of betrayal is based on spiring. john paulson knows more about this topic than anyone i've
10:29 pm
spoken to ever. i appreciate coming on . thank you. thanks, tucker. so reagan spent 18 years as a competitive swimmer. she turned to be one of the best in the country. she swam for the university of kentucky. she's a woman by birth. recently, she and her teammates were forced by the ncaa to compete against a man called william thomas and to share a locker room with him as well. this is one of those stories, the leah thomas story that was heard of. but the details are shocking. the games were most impressive young people we've talked to in a long time. i talked to today for them, tucker carlson today and he explained what it was like watching william thomas compete in the women's division. there's part of it. people just weren't really talking about it. and so we get to in some ways, where is it? it was in the georgia tech. yeah. and so we get there and the
10:30 pm
environment is nothing like i've ever seen before. it was so like almost hedgy, like people didn't really know what to say, who to say, what to, how to feel. obviously i know how i felt and i knew how my teammates felt, but no one really wanted to talk about it. and so this was on day one . and then that night we watched the thomas won a national title and blow all the other females completely out of the water. and that next day we came back in the mood, had shifted to where people were mad . the girls there were tears. these poor ninth and 17th place finishers who missed out on being named an all-american. there's extreme discomfort in the locker room. there's kind of these grumblers wandering around the women's locker room. yeah. when and that's not something we were forewarned about, which i don't think is right in any means changing in the locker room with someone who has
10:31 pm
different parts. they just said a dude who's in your locker room and didn't tell you. exactly. and so i feel like to have that kind of forced upon us . so not only where we you forced to race against the male, we were forced to change in the locker room with one. and so it's just this feeling of like what is happening honestly, like is this really happening like this is crazy, that whole conversation and tucker carlson say tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. on fox and well worth it. so people to judge is our transport secretary obviously doing a great job? transportation system has never been better. tried to fly an airplane recently ridden the subway. so naturally mayor pete decided to share his victories with other countries. they have a lot to learn from what he's done, not making some . but the way we've got to do
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over a hundred we can inflate. the time is done not wednesday. it must get back to the most talented home cooks return for a second chance every season and you can watch just a little bit. we'll go out with a shot at redemption. no mistakes we made. we just got to step up to finally make "masterchef" finale worthy to wish only wednesdays on fox and watch any time on fox now or hulu.
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so it's just three or four years ago you could kindd of get on a plane and fly wherevern you wanted in the country fairly cheaply with the expectationuntrai the plane woud take off and land pretty much on time. that was the case foror i don't know, fifty years the unitedth states . have you flown recently? if you have, you know, that's changed a lot. so weha thought it'd be worth checking in at the department of transportation, which oversees all ofch this mayor who runs in his back from, breastfeeding and he's a major announcement and that announcement is striking fear intonn world leaders globally. here's what mayor pete said. h you've probably been hearing a good deal about how the department of transportation is using president biden's bipartisan infrastructurere t b to modernize our transportation systems today. we are thrilled to announceom the launch of momentum, our department's new initiative to help countries around the world learn from our best practices and expertise in planning and modernizing transportation infrastructurezi how out of touch with these people, how completely detached
10:38 pm
from reality are there? well, mayor pete is telling us he's been so successful he's going to, quote, help countries around the worldng learn from our best practices and expertise in transportation infrastructure. now, that soundsta like a promise, but actually it's a threat. and he's never beenho in a subwy system in a big american city knows just how scary thatcit threat is in new york city. for example, the biggest subway system, rats are now sliding down poles all the time. . it's on video. doesn't rat passengers while pulling slip and slides insideli subway cars. you talk you're seeing that footage on your screen right now. it's actually happening just today. one of our producers on the new york city subway going to work in the span of just 90 seconds. heaw saw a man on the mezzanine ,a woman wearing a face mask, of course, writing f the police on the wall. so this is a success that mayor pete wants to export to the rest of the world.
10:39 pm
the good man. y i gotea to clean up the city to a another season. so all of these things with all of those what i got to do, i got to go to work. and this is not making any sense. and there are countless thousands of videos just like y that all over the internet, most of which we can't show youy because they're too over the top. that is the largest public transportation system in the united states of america. i lso that's mayor pete's systm has the rest of the world doing well. have you been on the tokyo subway system? everyone's well dressed, they're clean. they're pulled dancingnged seatc are cushioned. can't have that. new york . ew stealople d justt the cushions.
10:40 pm
they don't have graffiti everywhere. no one shooting up. no one's pushingng forup trains. and it's not just japan joe biden to the seoul subway system here. itre i is pretty clean even bank ,which is larger than new york and has far more poor people than new york , has a very nice public transit system. you are seeing an image ofon a subway station on your screen right now. so if you are running a foreign country and mayor pete shows up with his slick talking mckinsey talking points about momentum and we're going to share our best practices with you,an our advice is hang up the phone immediately. tell him to go back to fixing racist roads and take it away from that guy fast enough. well,, one major reason thatha new york city's subway is a disasterer is because new york city puts up with it. prosecutors have stopped enforcing the law and so changes are free to assaultna police officers with no repercussions. footage you're seeing nowrk some saturday in the new york city subway watch.
10:41 pm
oh, so this is the point whereke society disintegrates. you punch a cop in the face, you wrestle him to the ground, you put him in a chokehold, you go to jail and you're released immediately with no bail on your own recognizance. so why are we allowing this? and the bigger question, of course, is why are kids acting like this? it's becoming extremely common. the st. paul , minnesota, very young children just caught on camera berating cops. it's c a hard video to watch.h what do you think of itsou implications here? it is online right.
10:42 pm
and that happened. exactly. e we know what will happen if itt continues. and the mcdonald'sweil studies crime and has for decades to the manhattan. she's the author of the warca t cops. she joins us tonight. heather, thanks so much for coming on . all of these videos are connected in a sense, i think. what do they add up to? well, i don't want to remove one iota of personal responsibility from the , om the new york subway tucker, butt his behavior is the foreseeable consequence of the last two decades of anti cop rhetoric from the democratic . tablishment just it's made biden released an executive order alleging that the criminal justice
10:43 pm
system was racist and that the police disproportion recently killed, quote, black and brown people. that's a complete falsehood. once you k kan hate crime rateso account. in fact, a police officerme is 400 timess as likely to be killed by black as an unarmed black is toto be fatall shota by a police officer. nevertheless, minorities areit being given a license to hate and in a sense of entitlement to break the law. manhal district attorney cyrusic vance, the previous district attorney, announced he was not going to prosecute turnstile jumping because doing so as a disparate impact on minorities. our current district attorney in manhattan, alvin bragg, has said he's not going to prosecute resisting arrest because doing so as a disparate impact on minorities and the reasons of this was on the streets at all after arrests recently for illegal gun possession and robbery, was that incarcerating criminalsme for violent crime has a disparate impact on minorities? not because though the system, b is racist, but because there's highlyly elevated rates of violent crime among minorities, the system is decided it would
10:44 pm
rather protect violent criminals from the consequencesr of their actions than to protect law abiding citizensw- from violent crime. if doing so means incarcerating minorities. now, tucker, as you say, an attack on a law enforcement officer is an attack on the very basis of civilization. on all of us . and murders of cops have been b rising at astronomical rate. 59% in 2020 one another 13%co increase in cop murders of cops this year through the first s six months. we have to stopixs. this rhetor, turn it around because it is going to pull down societ even further into the anarchy that it's already experiencing . so nicely put. and that summation is a result of decades of research. you know what you're talking about. it's always grateful to have you on the show. thank you.y my pleasure. thank you, tucker.le even democrats are kind of over this. who isn't over this? the majority of democrats definitely don't want joe biden
10:45 pm
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10:49 pm
they wrote it for themselves.
10:50 pm
so if you criticize, provide in front of the liberal, of coursef they'll defend him because anybodyen dislikes joe biden is their enemy . but in real life, a majority of democrats, this is not working j at all and they don't want joe biden to run against that appears to include most i democrats serving in congress that would appearnc even to include congressman corrine bush of missouri, who is by any definition a lunatic. reporters asked bush about joe biden during an interview at her campaign headquarters. this is amusing. watchs t. do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? she's going to go . you know, that's an easy question and it's not going to take long. do you want to>> see joe biden want to answer that question? because we have not. b that's not't i want to answer that question . i mean, he's the president.. he has the right to to run for a second. w absolutely.
10:51 pm
that i don'touot want to i don't i don't want i rather you that do that necessarily this recording bush is the kind ofau person kind of says it out loud. i don't want to answer that question. i remember kerry bush has spent four hundred thousand dollarse in campaign funds and private security after defunding the police. soe report at some point had to stop asking the question because she's got strapped bodyguards around her and charlie kirk has an important new book called the college scam how america's universities are bankruptingca brain washing away the future of america's youth is exactly the turning point. usa joins us tonight inon the friendzone. great to see you. congratsk. on the the title is very strong. u i happen to agree with it, but tell us why that's the case. why is why is college is currently constituted so bad for young peopleurre? well, thank you, tucker. so most people don't know that 40% of people that enroll in
10:52 pm
four year college will not graduate. they will drop out. so i said, hey, tucker, let's t go get a meal at a restaurant. by the way, you have a forty percent chance of getting food poisoning. so wait a second. how is that restaurant still in business? and then on top ofin that, iff u graduate from college, that means if you get through that first 40%, you're part of r the 60% another 40% end up getting a job thattt does not require a college degree. and i'm not even touching on the woke ism, the indoctrination, the awful ideas colleges become the point of origination of the worst aspectsgi of american society. i've been thinking about this topic for over a decade. in fact, i've lived it.lf i didn't a go to college myself and it took me about three years to put this book together through some very intense research. there's over thirty five pages of footnotes at the end of the book and one of the reasons i took so much time, tucker, is that not every conservative agrees with me. he in fact, a lot of people in the center right think that it's a rite of passage to send your child to college. i argue in the book that most
10:53 pm
conservative parents should think twice or three times before sending your kid to a college that does not share your values will not have the type of financial implications you might think itm will . and then also,es i believe,eg is making the country less free . peoplee e ll can find it a colle scam. .com and all proceeds off the book go to turning point usa. could it be that a lot of people over 50 haven't updated their view of what college really is ? they just don't know it. it's changed since they went?it i think so. i but also, tucker, there is an element that a lot of people in upper middle class suburban society, they are afraid ofd the social implications of being judged o by neighbors and relatives if their kid doesi not go to a state school or toer an upper east, you know, reallyd good school in the northeast. no one wants to admit to their neighbors that their kid is working construction the, becoming a carpenter, a welder or a mechanic. even if onic you have strong vas and a big family and you're wonderfully married, that doesn't do anythingfull for youy upper middle class society.
10:54 pm
so. i gently talk about that in the book and i'm trying to make it okay not to have a very expensive piece of paper from a university that does not share your values. i'm trying to destigmatize this idea that kids don't go to college and somehow they're treated in the lower rungs oftrs society. in fact, i believe it's far more important we teach thanids strong values just getting a piece of paper from the college. that's right. dillons at cornell, parents say so far they don't really. dylan is a maoist. hillhead. right.t but anyway, thank you for your work on this very important. congrats on the book. more news after the break. a very strange day is coming to america. in short, a massive, surprising new transition to determine the next group of millionaires while leaving 99% of the public is worse off than before, promising to change everything about making money. if you own regular stock.
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his teenage brother murder is sitting in jail. yanno caldwell joins me now to discuss jackson. we've got to stop the violence plaguing the framing now. michael , before we go tonight, we want to bring you anotherr: kamala harris updated person we're rooting for for president in 2020 four. here she is . i am kamala harris. and i turn out that she and herb i am a woman sitting at the table wearing a sploofus. well, she's patronized
11:00 pm
everybody else thatzetr she's patronizing blind people. kamala harris, play that tapes, again p and again and again and ask yourself, so the democratic party be required to nominate her in 2020 four? oh yeah.te have a great night. the ones you love, your sean hannity taking over c. all right. and tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity" tonight. we have extremely graphicea new video that reveals the verys real horrors, human trafficking. and it's happening every single day at our southern borderytyt. is a true nightmare that the biden administration is doing nothing to resolveoy real lives being destroyed. senator cruzed will be here with us. will showow us this videoo will respond to that. plus a bombshell new claim from a government whistleblower. oh, i thought the democratsst od whistleblowers detailing how a few high ranking federal a officials now attempted to cover up and downplay possibled crimes committed by theby president's son , hunter biden. we have thatnt full report tonight. and also tonight, a major a announcement from the vice
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