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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 27, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: congratulations. [applause] check out little angels >> greg: . thanks to dean cain, guy benson, kat timpf, tyrus, and her studio ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends first." i'm in fashion and be. breaking tonight, just hours from now, set to come out with good signal whether the united states is in a recession although the president and other fed chair are insisting that is not how they see the economy. republicans blasting the process of a revised version of the build back better spending bill
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after joe manchin and senate majority leader chuck schumer reach a deal on a reconciliation package. multiple police -- used to transport oil light would have racked up multiple traffic tickets despite her advocacy for stricter speed hammers in the city. para cold case homicide cases in california have alluded to 34 decades, now solved thanks to advances in dna technology. but first, the federal reserve raising its key interest rate by three quarters of a percentage point to its highest level since 2018. could even, david. >> the fed chairman believes interest rates once again well, inflation and fears from wall street to main street. up for months, americans have been struggling with record inflation back on wednesday, the federal reserve once again raised interest rates by
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75-point. jerome powell's comment, head of the critical gdp report out thursday that will show whether the economy is growing or in a slow done. the biden administration does not believe the u.s. is in a recession. >> doesn't seem that the u.s. economy is in a recession writer. i think it is a weakening, some slow down let's put it that way, in growth. >> this is welcome news of the president, was also careful when using the word recession. the president today made comments in the rose garden. is the writer, to his first full day back to work at least in the public eye after he tested negative for covid-19 yesterday. he isolated for nearly a week after testing positive last week. >> president biden: unfortunately, this covid is still with us, as it has been for two and have your spec our fight against covid is making a huge difference. because the president sat and watched as the senate passed the ship's act. that the movement to produce
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more semiconductor chips in the united states to help with the national shortage. the house will vote on this bill tomorrow before it goes to the president. form on the economy, white house officials deny the president 's $1.9 trillion american rescue plan contributed to inflation, insisting their plan is better than what republicans have to offer. >> we have a strong labor market, we have business investing, we have consumers that are also very much investing and purchasing. that is incredibly important. >> had a new development on capitol hill just hours ago after months of negotiating, west virginia democrat senator joe manchin says he's reach an agreement with majority leader chuck schumer on a reconciliation bill aimed at reducing inflation. the bill would provide hundreds of billions of dollars towards energy and security and climate change programs. both senators say it will be fully paid for by raising the corporate tax on big companies?
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15%. >> mike: david, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> mike: let go in depth on the state of the u.s. economy ahead of tomorrow's much anticipated gdp report with economic advisor to former president trump, steve moore. welcome. is that start with this clip from fed chairman jerome powell. >> doesn't make sense that the economy would be in recession with this kind of thing happening, so i don't think the u.s. economy is in a recession right now. >> mike: what your take on the state of the u.s. economy? >> well, not too cheered when jerome powell says that were not facing a recession. he is the same guy that a year ago was saying for the last 12 months that we weren't facing an inflation problem. remember, he was the one saying it was transitory, the inflation got worse and worse. track record of predicting things has been pretty woeful. i do think that we are in a soft recession right now, mike. will find out the real answer
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tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning when that official report comes out on the gdp, but most economists think it's going to be zero or negative and now will be two straight quarters of negative growth for the u.s. economy, but i would say the bigger problem right now for american workers, the reason that you have 80% of americans say the economy is on the wrong track, is because of that inflation dragon out there right now that is just bringing people's paychecks month after month. we estimate that about -- the average worker has lost about 3500? $4,000 and purchasing power because inflation is running so much faster than people's wages. three to imagine the gdp number due out in a matter of hours. that played this clip from the view from the white house. >> we assess the data and we ate out for ourselves and for the
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president. you don't have to take our word on this. this economy really does not look particularly recessionary. because the white house seems to try to get out of it by basically saying that the gdp numbers backward-looking data. your thoughts? >> most of the indicators i'm looking at of the economy are pretty negative right now, mike. i'm hoping we can skate out of a recession and not have an economic crash, but when you look at what's happened over the last six months for the stock market, where americans have lost eight? $9 trillion of the well, when you look at the small business index is now at one of its lowest levels in terms of confidence by their small businessmen and women in 40 years. this came at a day or two ago that fox reported on about the consumer confidence numbers because those are down, so i'm not so sure where the growth is going to come from, and i have to say this. i'm just so heartbroken by this
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report that it looks like if the reporting is right, that joe manchin has cut a deal with the chuck schumer for another potentially trillion dollar spending bill. my gosh, that will pour kerosene on a forest fire. i can't imagine anything, right now in congress than to pass a massive tax and spend bill, and yet, if the reports are right, that's exactly what i did. >> mike: is your biggest concern about that the spending, which is obviously significant, or is it raising taxes on job creators when the economy is already struggling? >> they're both problematic. we have to be cutting government spending. i'm so frustrated with not just a democrat, even many of the republicans voted for this absurd $200 billion corporate welfare bill. giving more money for climate change and clean energy policies. i think it was $20 billion in that bracket, another democrat released another package today
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with another $50 to $100 million for green energy. my gosh, we put so much energy and solar power, wind power, we still only get five to make 6% of our energy from it. adjustment on the server. we have to get back to producing all of our energy, that includes our oil, gas, coal, nuclear power. that were 70% of our energy comes from. >> and all of the above approach, right? >> yeah. >> mike: thank you so much >> okay, take. >> mike: china is now warning of a military reaction of house speaker nancy pelosi goes through with a plan to go to tie would be pelosi is feeling pressure from people who say she needs to go and some who say she should not go. >> mike: thank you so much >> here is correspondent gillian turner. >> there is no change of policy here in terms of american government officials traveling to taiwan. >> the white house national security team insists that they've got no say in whether or
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not >> nancy pelosi with its taiwan. outside the white house, cabinet officials were all put back in her not to go. >> i remain concerned, and you've heard me say this report about the aggressiveness of the prc and the kinds of things that we've been seeing in the region lately. and so, i think we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: ccp officials definitely don't want to don't want speaker pelosi and taiwan. than a threatening a military response. if they insist on going, it would be met with resolute countermeasures. >> trip that hasn't been decided or announced it is unhelpful and unnecessary. >> reporter: now some of her own senate colleagues say that represent what it. >> it could be a significant distraction if we end up on an escalator situation around taiwan and it started to book i do think it risks escalating tensions with china. >> announcer: the timing is sensitive. president xi is about to seek an
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unprecedented third term and communist party meeting next month ago it appears pelosi is undeterred and has asked at least one republican to join. he was invited but was unable to attend due to a prior commitment he also believes the speaker or any other american officials should be able to visit taiwan if they would like to. pelosi are surfacing mom telling fox news yourself "i never talk about my trouble, to danger to me." one primary reason why president biden will talk to president xi tomorrow. mike. >> mike: gillian turner, washington. thanks very much. and fbi search warrant application alleges 26-year-old nicholas rossi meticulously researched his assassination plot of justice kavanaugh nine, reaching out to form users to refine his plan that was also targeting at least two other justices. his cell phone search history between may 5th of june 8 reportedly shows phrases such as wire tests on my auto rifle, break an assassination attempt
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and supreme court. he has pleaded not guilty. his next court appearance is set for september 6. u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas has backed out of teaching a seminar at george washington university's law school. it comes following protests at the university's statement of support for the conservative justices were on campus. the school says justice thomas has informed them that he is unavailable. he started the university since 2011. u.s. district court in eastern kentucky has no nought five media libel lawsuit brought by former covington catholic high school student, nick sandmann. he went viral in 2019 over a video taken outside of the lincoln memorial that showed him face-to-face with a native american man. several media outlets have portrayed his actions as racially charged before other angles of the incident were revealed. he and his attorneys say they intend to file an appeal.
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first up internet crime crisis roundup, while police change taking place late tuesday night in san bernardino county, california, certainly lighting up the street because stolen truck equipped with a trailer tracking what appeared to be a road construction site, causing sparks to fly. the suspect attempted to flee on foot before being caught and arrested. there were fortunately no injuries. this police chase in riverside, california, of a stolen delivery van coming from a home invasion. the suspect escaping in the van from the scene of two alleged home break-ins at a below par. the suspect smashing into multiple vehicles while attempting to get away in the stolen van before fleeing across four lanes of traffic where he was then apprehended. police in glendale, california, looking for the suspect in a jewelry store smash and grab. and put the hammer out of a backpack, destroying the glass display, before escaping with
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several trains of jewelry. police believe a woman who entered before him helped him scout the store. two teen girls accused of an entire white attack on a new york city woman have been arrested and charged with hate crimes. police and the victim was approached by the teens while on a city bus on july 9th by the then hit her on the head with an unknown object while making an thai white statement. a third suspect is still being sought. orange county, california, law enforcement officials announcing this week that a pair of 30-year-old murder cases have not been sought. thanks to advancements in dna technology. senior correspondent laura ingle has the details and a police were finally able to identify a suspect. good evening, laura. >> mike, we've been hearing about advances in dna technology over the last several years, the three families in orange county, california, that technology has work to solve cold cases that
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has left some wondering for decades. who could be responsible for their loved ones' death? >> today is a good day. the men and women working so hard that restoration and paste your family. >> reporter: the families of 27-year-old pranay quivers, 23-year-old shannon rose garden 19 year old janet' have been waiting so long to hear. >> we don't have all the others, but we know now who, what, where. will never know why. >> reporter: genetic genealogy is a way to use dna from crimes in the genealogy records as it were possible match. the most recent break in orange county came when it was discovered that two victims, ran a quiver shannon lloyd were murdered by the same killer 21 months apart back in 1986 and 1989. unlike that was not made until 2003. dna collected at the scene was
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concealed for decades and thanks to the orange county district attorney's investigative genetic genealogy team known as igg, a connection was made to a las vegas man named reuben jay smith is a possible suspect had been arrested in nevada on another assault case in which he had to give his dna. he committed suicide in 1989, the dna evidence from his arrest and the crimes from the 80s were a positive match. >> this is not the first time the police department has seen success with investigative genetic genealogy. last year, the 1976 homicide of janet's talk up was also sought. >> reporter: she was a 19-year-old nursing student in december of 1976 when she was murdered. it wasn't until last year that the igg team could match dna from the scene to their database and identify a suspect. these phases in orange county add to the work cold cases or with the advanced technology.
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the district attorney testing because of the advent of science, there is no case that cold anymore, and that every case is potentially solvable. mike. >> mike: laura ingle reporting tonight. thanks a lot. reports tonight at a chicago that multiple vehicles used to transport mayor lori lightfoot driven by police have racked up and paid traffic tickets. this despite her calls for stricter speed cameras in the windy city paper corresponded matt finn has the mayor's office reaction to this report. good evening, my. >> hi, might. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is being accused of being driven around and suvs that are racking up unpaid tickets. chicago's popular online blog first reported that lightfoot's security detail has been issued three speed camera ticket and one red light camera tickets over the last 14 months and none were paid as of last friday. the wb also reports that two
9:17 pm
suvs no longer used by lightfoot also have unpaid speeding and red light ticket. one issue is even on the list to get booted and impounded. lightfoot's office provided a statement writing about, "the mayor has repeatedly expressed that running red lights is never acceptable. like with all tickets incurred by all agencies, the growth of an administrative process to review whether they were used for safety and security of recent. subsequently, the department of finance will determine the parties responsible. individual main numbers of the mayors detail are responsible for paying the ticket." the wp reports that two of the speeding violations happen in active school zones, even a lightfoot is currently advocating against increasing the speed limit near schools. one of lightfoot's mayoral challengers tweeted, "chicago's mayor says rules but don't follow herself. acacia end mandate while --
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having a security team -- lawrence peter meijer while racking up speed and red light tickets at one point." "chicago tribune" reported in 2020 that lightfoot's detail had racked up 13 speeding camera and red light tickets during the first 17 months in office. ten of those were dismissed. mike baker >> mike: matt, many thanks. coming up, the annual mile pony returned to virginia after two years, plus a deer crashed through a bus drivers when chilled what did she do next? you'll have to stay current. today's best viral videos next. '♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: quite has a price
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point, bus driver won a deer smashed right through her windshield into the passenger side. sending glass flying. the spunky little toaster dried up inside the bus and gather data bearing, apparently not seriously hurt, so naturally, the driver slowed the bus down, brought it to a and open the doors for that year and she hopped right of. now to virginia for the annual swimming of the ponies back of the reserve's herd of wild ponies swim is the channel between the neighboring island. the folder auction off once the herd which is the other side to maintain the size. wait to see it return after the pandemic. [singing "sweet caroline"] 32 that occurred in england celebrating its women's soccer team 4-0 win over sweden with a
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rousing version of sweet caroline, the team heads to the final in the euro 2022 championship this coming sunday. very popular american song has been taken by english soccer fans lately and was even performed at the queen's platinum jubilee this tune. now, would you do this for your pet? a man in the united arab emirates opening an indoor dog a gym to help pet owners keep their pooch is fit and healthy through the summer months. that get harnessed and run for 15 minutes each on the treadmills. what you think? neat idea or a little over the top? over and natural, the animal getting spoiled on is as an still create the rodents and birds and labors to charcuterie board. lots of fruits and veggies back of the zoo says it goes through 3,000 pounds of food every week feeding its animals. and this touching moment caught on camera as one boy who was
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born without hands or legs isn't letting that stop them from being an awesome big brother. grabbing his baby brother specify when he cries using his elbows and mouth and holding it in place for his brother to help him calm down. that is very moving. god bless that we boy. if you have any viral videos to share, hit us up on twitter. ♪ ♪ if you feel like someone is watching you, it might not be paranoia. lawmakers are testimony today about the threat of foreign commercial spyware. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie shows us tonight. >> i am frightened. >> the daughter of powers as a beginner says she was a victim of spyware used by the government of rwanda to snoop on her on u.s. soil. >> keeps me awake that they knew everything i was doing. where i was, who i was speaking with, my private thoughts and
9:27 pm
actions at any moment they wanted. is because she shared her story with lawmakers today in a rare public hearing by the house intelligence committee on the growing threat of foreign commercial spyware. pressure mounts on congress to monitor the booming industry. >> the availability of these tools in the hands of government the previously lacked robust surveillance capability is truly a game changer for u.s. national security. >> expert author what congress to prevent spyware makers from entering the u.s. market. just this year, u.s. defense -- the contractor backed out reportedly due to concerns by the white house. the group says it only sells it spyware to government fighting terrorism, the commerce department blacklisted company last fall for selling it to foreign governments that targeted government officials and journalists. >> do you believe it works if the commerce department places companies like this on a list? >> ultimately, the entity list
9:28 pm
is not an individual sanction. this is not a comprehensive package. >> expert on victims warn congress must do more. speak unless there are consequences for countries and their enablers which abuse the technology, none of us are safe. >> and the committee is pushing legislation that would ban the intelligence community from buying spyware like this and give the white house more tools to be able to sanction foreign nations that target american officials. mike baker >> mike: aishah hasnie on the hill tonight. things are. coming up, the president has recovered from covid, but has recovered its popularity? a new poll shows just how many democrats don't want her running for the election. it's a doozy, but first, sneak peek of thursday's forecast courtesy of fox weather. because i'm the meteorologist, george fox whether thursday forecast. still going to be hot in the pacific northwest, but it's all about the flooding your.
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as you take a peek at what's going on across the ohio river valley, big-time flooding possible there from west virginia to parts of kentucky and then back even as far west as colorado. you can download the fox whether app or stream fox whether from your favorite connected tv device. will save there. we'll see you there are pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team. the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic.
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>> president biden: on my predecessor got over, i had to be had helicopter to a medical center. thankfully, he recovered. when i got over cover, i work from the ups back upstairs of the white is because the difference is vaccination. >> mike: taking a sideswipe at former president trump as it out in the administration's accomplishment because the problem is his party doesn't agree with his glowing report as the new xeon and poll finds a whopping 75% of democrats don't want him as the candidate in 2024. that bring panel. laughing at former trump
9:35 pm
campaign director aaron. good evening to both of your. >> good to be with your. >> good evening, mike. >> mike: le chat with this montage of democrats looking ahead to 2024. >> i do want to answer that question because i don't want to answer the question. he's the president, he has the right to run for second term. >> do believe president biden should run for a second term? >> i have said if he runs, i will support him you can >> do support the president in his re-election bid? >> i'm working on my own election, and that's all i'm focused on right now. because those are public comment, to make you wonder how blood carbonisation maybe a month democrats behind closed doors, nor are. >> i will say this. we can talk about biden's poll numbers, their low. that's what were seeing, everyone knows that. the only thing or a people's opinions about republicans, is it surprising to me that republicans aren't doing better on the congressional ballot on
9:36 pm
ballots in nevada, ohio, georgia, north carolina, somehow with them and at their backs with the economy and the stop that it is on the heels of a pandemic, republicans somehow have less favorable ratings than the president who you hear them growing about all the time. i think that a sign that generally voters are dissatisfied, that republicans don't really have a lot more to offer than extreme policies on everything from toys to contraception to guns and the american people aren't buying it. seat allotment of poll on the screen from the university of you have your. it was transportation secretary pete dominick pete buttigieg is the first choice of 17% of voters. still very early, obviously. the president in second place. elizabeth warren's third. gavin newsom, 10%, then you got hillary clinton at 3%. are you assess those numbers? >> for democrats, desperate times call for desperate measures because they know that
9:37 pm
joe biden is a week, old, and very flawed candidate sitting as president. they're looking for alternatives that was the best they've got right now? pete buttigieg was doing what, by all managers, is an abysmal job as the secretary of the department of competition. and were looking at an infant formula shouted, were looking at crises at the airport and with travel in the united states. this is the best that democrats have when it comes to trying to spin the narrative away from the fact that joe biden is a failed president with failed policies. pete buttigieg is attacked when you have, any republican can run and beat that in november 2024. >> mike: the lead it is artery tonight. then there's the vice president. let's play her. >> vice president harris: i am i am kamala harris, my pronouns are she/her. i am a woman sitting at the table. >> mike: is she trying too hard to be cute? >> i think she's in a room full of folks that are disabled, that a sight impaired, that are
9:38 pm
hearing impaired and what he's doing is communicating with those people, so i just think it might be wrote if you're in -- celebrating the ada anniversary do not communicate with the people right in front of you, and i think that's what she was doing, and to object to it is rather callous, when you think about it. >> mike: mcgrath meddling in republican primaries, dirty tricks are nothing new in american politics. what you assess about this one? >> democrats really have a strategy that is not only upsetting other democratic or can you imagine being a democrat donor and you give $3, $5, divided your money is going to support republican candidates? this is a clear case of plain stupid games, win stupid prices were to look, republican on the generic ballot, with joe biden them are so low, of democrats keep meddling into these elections to try and have people when mike that they think would be the weaker candidate in november, what they're doing is elevating a candidate was a
9:39 pm
better shot to win in november than the democrat on the ballot anyway. it's an obscene idea by the democrats and hey, they want to let the money on fire, the absolutely can. it's not going to have them in november when the economy is falling apart, when you're looking at a recession and when you have democrat administrations who aren't willing to face the reality that their policies are feeling the american people. >> mike: democratic member of congress to axios, the dccc is playing with fire, undercuts the great work of the dead the domestic committee and makes it look like a critical laura, how do you respond? take a first of all, it is well to me that someone that works for president trump, who has built republican donors think that things were going to legal defenses and then use the money to lie to friends and family pockets is going to go to the defender, to be a defender of people that give $3 to democrats. just wildly hypocritical. that said, i will say this. democrats are in this fight to win back, it might, their head and winning, even the
9:40 pm
republicans have the win at the back. to me, you're talking about is isolated campaign tactics because they're not happening that often. it in the little ridiculous to be talking about this when we've got bigger fish to fry. >> mike: final word, erin? >> i think democrats are selling million dollars to try and change are likely to you want to talk about election interference and voter suppression? that is definitely what democrats are doing but they will not complain about it all they want to go in november, republicans will win back the hearts, we will fight to win back the senate and will fight to get this country back on track. >> mike: we've got to run. thanks very much. the biden administration offering a deal to russia that could bring home wnba star prey to garner along with paul whelan. both are serving prison to russia. for the prisoners, the u.s. would exchange viktor bout, russian arms dealer it came to the merchant of death. after police said they found
9:41 pm
cannabis oil in her bag, he pleaded guilty and faces up to ten years and russian prison. he was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 202020 on espionage charges but maintains his innocence. ♪ ♪ the mayor of ukraine's capital city is not happy with the level of support from the u.s. and its allies. comment, the ukrainian troops use some of the new weapons to try to fight back against russian invaders. liquor ukrainian forces say they feel that you are surprised and satellite guided rockets to strike a bridge critical for russia to resupply its forces in the south. within five months since russia launched its full-scale invasion, your point has been unable to make a significant territory. is your brain losing this war right now? >> too soon to talk about that you can >> he says weapons are not arriving fast enough. >> why aren't you getting those
9:42 pm
weapons, you think? >> it's a difficult question. the politicians decide to slow, and right now, we need immediate decisions. the republican congressman mike waltz carries that same message back from kyiv at a meeting ukraine's president. is because the lengthy feels like he is losing slowly. that the biden administration is basically helping him -- because because a former fighter and heavyweight champion in the world, did you ever write or draw? to think the biden administration is playing for a draw right now? >> i don't have information about the papers because not just weapons on his mind, is also worried about espionage. >> we have a lot of spies in ukraine. >> that concern has spread beyond ukraine's capital. massive shelling levels and tired neighbor to a local commanders help repel the russian advance has a similar warning. >> now they are in butcher, in
9:43 pm
any city. they are sabotaged team, waiting for russia's command to harm ukrainian citizen. echoes in your ukrainian officials close to president zelenskyy tell fox they're also very worried about russian spies. mike, back to you. >> mike: lucas, thanks to not. coming up, the whoppers told on the view about conservative group turning point usa causing waves this week another pretty stories including a few from seattle. a lightning rod with seattle talk radio host, jason rantz. his life next. joining me and supporting paralyzed veterans of america. i had just come home from serving over in germany. i had noticed my legs were swelling. next thing i know it was three weeks later, and i was paralyzed. i joined the navy to serve my country as a navy seal. while parachuting with my platoon, my parachute didn't open. i broke my neck. it left me paralyzed for the
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♪ ♪ >> mike: first up internet real news roundup, people are moving out of large metros and migrating to warmer, less expensive and less liberal places. according to a report from real estate firm redfin which crunch data from 2 million of its users to find that four of the top destination cities people are moving to our in florida, another two are in texas. those cities are pulling a lot of folks from very large, very liberal and very expensive cities. many of which are also seeing rising crime. san francisco topping the list of cities people are leaving. joint in the top ten by los angeles, new york, d.c., chicago, and others.
9:49 pm
and the mega millions jackpot ballooning to $1 billion after drawing tuesday night didn't score any winners. the jackpot is already the fourth largest u.s. lottery jackpot ever with 29 consecutive drawings with no big winner. the next drawing is friday night. >> neo-nazis were on the front out there, in front of the conference with anti-semitic slurs. >> a conservative group, turning point usa, has condemned the group of neo-nazis because because you let them in and you know what they were, you are complicit because because my point was more metaphorical. you embrace them at your thing. they were not in the building. >> we want to make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by turning point usa. >> mike: abc's talk show, open title the view" offering
9:50 pm
clarification that are repeatedly associating turning point usa when you're not for more insight on that story and others, let's turn to jason rantz, who was at the turning point event. good evening, jason. >> good evening. >> mike: so first, let's start with the ladies of "the view close view trying to cleanup in an entry. is because they don't know what they're talking about the ago i was actually then i witnessed everything that occurred and i can tell you every single person was associated with turning point, that the staff member whether it was an attorney condemned the white nationalist or, if, in fact, that's what they were. there was a lot of questions as to whether or not this was legitimate or if it was intended to do what the future state which was forward this narrative that neo-nazis in the white supremacist was a involved with the event at the end of the day,
9:51 pm
no matter what, i can tell without a shadow of the doubt that they were clearly condemned multiple times and they have nothing to do with it. shame on the view, shame and will be metaphorically. you are literally telling us that they went into the convention were clearly false. adapter correctives of multiple times under the threat of a lawsuit, that your problem. >> mike: your headline, let's put it on the screen. for the seattle council wants women seeking abortions to be a protected class. explain. >> the city council in seattle is changing the law to add women who either are going to get an abortion or have received an abortion to the protected last list. obviously, protected from discrimination on the basis of race or gender, religion. now are going to add whether or not you've had an abortion. part of the reason why are they doing that is in seattle and the county as a whole, we are paying women to come to the county to
9:52 pm
get abortions, were putting them in hotels, were giving them food at restaurants and the concern, as contrived as it is, is that those businesses might discriminate against these women, so they try to proactively get in front of it. it's ridiculous because i'm not aware of any hotel that looks down upon check in at your i.d., augur from ohio? are you as a pregnant woman coming to get an abortion? that doesn't occur. it is contrived completely and it's just performance art at this point. it easier to get an abortion than a cup of coffee. >> mike: gun in seattle, king county approves the voluntary gun drop-off program. what about that? >> oh, i love this because this is my favorite thing to the king county council had a big celebration yesterday about passing this bill for a permanent, year-round gun buyback or return program. the thing is it already exists in king county. right now, if you have a gun that you want to get rid of, you
9:53 pm
can turn it on to the king county sheriff's office or frankly any law enforcement agency, had it not just in king county commits across cross the tape echo this is already a program that is being utilized. the other issue is gun buyback programs generally speaking tour would. talk to a number of errors over the last 24 hours including the former sheriff in cook county town, king county who told me the vast majority of gun to get returned are broken, their own, they are antiques. there are of no value whatsoever to the concern that it would lead to gun violence or is the cause of gun violence. we have a gun problem because of gang members are criminals, not because of the average person was defending himself with an. >> mike: briefly, you got some sheriffs that taking aim at the state legislatures for crimes to get your copy to take care of it. because you come across the state, we have a huge staffing crisis and law enforcement agencies. cobs of love, they don't want to be a part of policing in a state
9:54 pm
that doesn't allow them to police. we've had a number of bills that were passed to legislative sessions ago that go after use of force, that than vehicular pursuit, and as a result, criminals have become important vehicle they've been committing more crimes. cops get to do anything, but if they make one small mistake in an effort to catch a bad guy, not only they could lose your job, but they could go to jail. there are things are not going to do this and all of the law enforcement agencies, for the most part -- >> mike: jason rantz, thank you so much. we've got to run. some good deals before we say good night. a texas man is reunited with a 27 year old message that he wrote in a bottle as a child. here because your kid with a childhood friends back in 1995 that maybe one day, they'll be able to find this treasure and who knew it would actually happen. a group of people picking up trash in the houston area recovered the old bottle.
9:55 pm
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