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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> there is a night shot toward center field that might bring home two, gonzales my swing to bring home to at the plate and out at the plate! >> laura: movable up object meet movable object and republicans 110-6. >> todd: the white house, economic reveal we are in a recession after two straight quarters of negative gdp growth. the president getting a lot of backing for the media working overtime to defend his story. boy, the spending is out of control. you are watching "fox & friends first" on friday morning i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus pure democrats to continue failed vending spree that in the
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first place, the economy a tailspin but political calls it a win somehow someway joe biden is back in the game after enduring a brutal year dominated by economic aid, setbacks and approval ratings. the president is on the verge of a turnaround that the white house believes could salvage his summer and alter the trajectory of the presidency. all he needs to do now is close. there was also this victor left on cable news yesterday. appearance because a huge inflation reduction act claimant deal was announced yesterday genuinely good for a whole bunch of reasons. >> there is some good news tonight for president biden. >> i know, we haven't been hearing that much. >> inflation reduction act or build back better 2.0 we do a lot of good for the country. it is the cherry on top of an overall good week for the democratic party for the president and the country.
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>> she loves the super bowl and you wake up and my team won the super bowl. live griff jenkins where they will never win a super bowl, impact that, good morning. >> let me see if i can impact this for our viewers. gross domestic product is what is a priest across the economy. they declined for a second straight quarter amounting to the common definition of a recession, but the president doesn't want to call it that. watch. chairman powell and many of the significant banking personnel and economists said we are not in a recession. >> how bad is it? well, look here, second quarter 1% drop. two straight quarters of dropping gdp after 1.6% the first quarter. three straight months of declining consumer confidence, and of course, 9.1% inflation.
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that is why everywhere you turn, the headlines living with the word literally recession peers. yet the white house continues to defend what they see as a strong economy. >> this is a president who understands that. we have talked about that. we talk about what the american people are feeling. chairman powell said i don't think the u.s. is currently in a recession. there were too many areas in the economy that are doing well. >> whether you call it a recession or not, it is not clear the white house understands what americans are feeling. >> when you say we are not in a recession, whatever you hope you get from that and americans hear that and remember some of the stuff i'm talking about, i think you are out of touch. >> except we aren't and i didn't. i started this by saying everything is the greatest expert in the situation that people feel squeezed or even -- >> no, they feel it is a recession, jean. >> todd: meanwhile the president taking a victory lap
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with inflation of the reduction act as a major effort to tackle climate change. this investment in environmental justice is real. it also provides tax credits that will create thousands of paying good jobs. this bill would be the most significant inflation in the history to tackle the climate crisis. >> in the bill, you can see 370 billion aimed at specifically claimant spending made possible only after the insured joe manchin reached a deal with senate majority leader schumer. you are getting unanimous opposition to the bill but republicans will have a very difficult time trying to stop it, todd and carley. >> carley: we will see what happens there big news, griff, thank you so much. $280 billion bill to president biden's desk with the chips and science act to strengthen domestic chip manufacturing to better work compete with chinese and other
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foreign competitors. they will allocate $54 billion of subsidies to build ships and 39 billion for incentive program at $11 billion for research and development program and roughlyd scientific research at the national science foundation regional technology have and the department of energy. todd, on this front, i think it is good that we are doing something to compete with china when it comes to chipping manufacturing. republicans, actually, flipping against it because a lot of manufacturers will be building chip facilities anyway and they don't need a tax lapsed at the pier the is more spending and already inflationary economy. but the democrats don't understand that fundamentally at their core. with her you look online or the politicians, look at what the white house is doing to us. they truly believe in their heart of hearts that flooding the zone with more money is the
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best way to improve the economy. it is not! also one other thing the democrats in the media don't seem to understand, the definition of a recession thanks to "the new york post" we do a recession. it is also a period of temporary economic decline in trade and industrial activity are generally identified by a falling gdp and two successive quarters used in a sentence, carley, the countries in the depths of a recession. i don't know how you see that, republican, democrat, elaine, whatever to say we are not in a recession. >> carley: this is an interesting piece in "the hill" who is a friend of joe manchin 9.1% inflation and we can't sign a 700 bill don't make billion dollars betting bill and energy reform to pay gas leases. that is in the bill, which sounds like a good idea but the
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other thing in the bill is massive tax hike for the coal industry. west virginia senator, i don't know how that will play in his state. also the big question, i was is going to pass and griff said it probably will. there were a lot of senators yesterday who said they need to read the bill first before they make a determination. kyrsten sinema's one of them. >> todd: let's not discount kyrsten sinema. you raise an interesting point there is talk of a pipeline to go through west virginia that will modify the impacts on his constituency by taxing coal which having to hunt diners down there when donald trump eliminated a lot of the restrictions, hey, look at this train track behind me. there was nothing on it but this year coal is run through and our economy is great and the state is doing well. that went away during biden. >> carley: truly amazing with a victory lap yesterday on the day that we officially enter a recession in terms of the
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second quarter numbers coming out. the main reason we are in this economic position is because of spending and giving out stimulus checks even when people don't need them. and now this bill passes adding billions of dollars to an already inflationary economy and increasing the corporate tax rate. companies aren't going to take the hit. they will cut jobs. that can be another major issue for american families. so what is this going to do to the economy in the long term? larry kudlow said democrat spending is going to crush us. watch this. >> reconciliation bill has got about $350 billion in green energy subsidies, you know, tax credits and they are making the same mistake again. by the way, take this bill and add on to it this intel corporate welfare chips plus bill, and you know what you've got? $850 billion just in the last
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two days, $850 billion in new spending and about $750 billion in new taxes. now, i ask you, that will make the recession worst and the inflation higher. this is like a cure is worse than the disease. i've never seen anything like it. i've never seen anything this stupid. >> todd: to sum this all up, it doesn't matter what the biden administration thinks or the media or what we say. it matters what you the american public feel that is an indication of what you are feeling. .9% decline in gdp, that means you are not spending and that means you are scared that we are in a recession. that means you are scared for what your economic future means and as a result our country in dire financial shape because of it. >> carley: milk 16%, eggs 33% from a meat and 9%, bread, those are the things that affect every american family across the board. all right, the economy and out going to china, this is also
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concerning president xi jinping with a two hour call with president biden with ten sessions with china grow over the future of taiwan and other important issues. >> todd: public opinion cannot be violated coming from the chinese, playing with fire will set yourself on fire and i hope they can see this clearly, nicholas shea, carley, and air force and space force chief. >> carley: what do you make of that china release yesterday after the phone call with president biden? >> thank you for having me and it's very clear we need to be able to show the chinese party that we are serious about this we will not let them threat us any longer. we will also be able to respond by fire if needed. it is mind-boggling to see the the president is even capable of talking to us this way that shows the lack of ability of this current demonstration to show that we all have the
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strength we have. and it is something that we need to take action out. >> todd: nicholas there was no time like the president. when will congress, when will the biden administration stand up to china? right now on the world stage, when china says something like that and we walk away with their tail between her legs and don't fight back, we don't look like the world dominant power. we look like number two if not worse. >> well, the fact is, this demonstration quite honestly for so many years now, we have let china take us over with ai machine learning, and when you look at the hypersonic launches and you hear the staff all this a historic moment and it is a historic moment and we keep feeling at leading and investing in the future with the weapons that we will need for the next battle, not the weapons of yesterday. this shows that we are getting behind. the fact is we might become
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number two. >> carley: what about nancy pelosi going to taiwan and that potential trip ups and they are right now? every lawmaker that i have spoken to said they would go with her. they were as clear bipartisan support in the united states for that trip. if she does go, how do you think that china will respond to that? >> clearly they are making threats and that's okay because we should not let them detour us in making clear the united states will depend taiwan. when you hear the current leadership and the pentagon focused on critical race theory and climate change instead of competing in china, who is clearly at war with us right now. it is not just something that is happening but they are leading in so many fields that it will be the key differentiators to win against china and other nations in the future. we need to be able to be number one when it comes to ai machine learning because those fields
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and you talk about chips earlier, without chips taiwan is effectively the second largest producer of chips. if we lose taiwan, literally we have no chance of winning the next battle's. >> todd: one thing that is worrying me and i want your opinion because you are a cybersecurity expert, is china perching stomach purchasing a lot of land in the united states and not random farmland that there is no use for. very important farmland again connected to our food supply but even worse in the areas close to military bases and other strategically sensitive locations. how worried are you from a cybersecurity perspective? >> it is very concerning. i keep struggling as to why the leadership is letting china slowly but surely take little bites of our property, but also, getting access to the closest locations to some of the american air force bases
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security with the air force base with the blackhawk drone capabilities, which is the most advanced drone capabilities. being able to be so close to the base will give a lot of insight as far as trying to understand what we are working on and how we are trying to innovate in that field as well. >> carley: nicolas chaillan thank you so much and we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: turning to this the kremlin making it clear with the u.s. for a prisoner swap involving wnba star whitney brittney griner and paul well an end could be free in exchange for a russian arms dealer. but moscow says nothing has been finalized and these types of negotiation should be negotiated discreetly but the biden administration has been trying to broker a deal for week and greiner faces ten years behind
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bars after pleading guilty to marijuana possession and whelan has been held by russia since 2018 after being arrested and accused of espionage. >> todd: the controversial golf tournament taking up and that is in jersey. despite the ties to saudi arabia, donald trump defending the league as one of the hottest things to happen in sport. this causing a flurry of controversy with families of 9/11 victims. they point to 15 of the hijackers were saudi nationals. just a few of the many popular players featured in this year's event. on wednesday live announced the 2023 schedule with 13 tournaments and a total purse of $405 million. >> carley: capital please making three arrest last night outside of the congressional baseball game. climate activist lobbyist threatening to shut it down. meanwhile inside the ballpark, a
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democratic lawmaker sparking controversy in the bottom of the sixth inning. >> to me it looks like it will be jeffrey. and she will come onto a nice ovation. >> not much reaction. >> carley: congresswoman linda sanchez with the middle finger to the republican dugout. man! g.o.p. getting the last laugh shutting out the democrats 10-0 win. texas congresswoman ending the night with mvp award. this came raises 1.5 month colors like the girls and boys club of greater washington at te capitol police memorial fund. aside from that little moment with the congresswoman there, great night. and three people arrested. >> todd: went to carley shimkus trips to the baseball game, two wins for the republicans. >> carley: true. >> todd: you talked about it yesterday and they talked about you being the good luck charm.
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>> carley: i can't give myself that much credit but i do like to be called the good luck charm, and my dearest >> todd: yeah. >> carley: turning -- you're my good luck charm. we have to stick together forever. democrats in the media worked overtime to censor the hunter biden scandal before the 2020 election. speak with the single greatest journalist and political scandal over the last decade, manipulation and a light on such a grand scale. >> carley: they might not be lucky before the midterms. we will tell you what fox news uncovered about hunter biden and president biden's. >> todd: new standards for diversity, equity, and inclusion. the next guest to eliminate the genders for health care. and could undermine the future of medicine. "fox & friends first."
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♪ ♪ >> carley: the biden administration spending over $25,000 on media training for cdc director michelle wolinsky and immigration scale a working progress and constantly offering answers that confuse americans.
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>> we want to give people breaks from mask wearing. when the metrics are better and happy to reach for them again should things worsen. >> to mobilize together to do what you know. we have months of study on delta and all of the data demonstrates the vaccines work. >> you are most infectious and the one to two days before the symptoms and two to three days after your symptoms. comparatively, the risk of death is small, but of course my children are supposed to die. >> and a spokesperson defending funding and said it is not a high level officials to undergo and she admitted she hasn't been in the most clear with her messaging. l.a. county is with a controversial plan to bring in and/or mask mandate. and the agency is holding off due to a drop in covid-19 cases hospitalizations, and deaths where there were 5900 cases per
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day on average over the past week that is down from over 6700 the week before, i apologize. health officials faced a lot of pushback from local leaders including the county supervisor who questioned the science behind masking and says the return mandate will be unenforceable. >> todd: american medical colleges releasing new woke standard for medical students requiring them to consider their identity power and privilege when treating patience. do no harm chairman and the associate dean dr. stanley goldfarb is here to react, doctor, not to be graphic but if my chest is literally split open and a certain standing over me trying to save my life, why would diversity, equity, and inclusion matter one bit, one bit in that a war? >> good morning, of course, it wouldn't matter at all. that is exactly what the organization is trying to push back against the standards
1:25 am
because they don't speak to the positions really, all's well so which is to care for sick people rather than become either social workers or social workers with characteristics of american lives. the standards are political, ideological and nearly do nothing to improve the health care any group in america, including african american patients at whom it is aimed. >> todd: let's drill down to the specifics and they are shocking. here are the new standards. they include: understanding white privilege, social risk factors, rates as a social construct and if that wasn't bad enough, colonialism. what will this do to the training of our next generation of doctors? >> yes, and i think what your audiences think the the fact that critical race theory is tied to medical school. there were concerns expressed about that for secondary education and even primary education outcomes to medical education.
1:26 am
it will do nothing to improve the health of the american people and it will do nothing to improve the health of the targeted audience here. this is an idea to physicians to be advocates for various ideological positions and encourage them to vote for candidates to support these positions rather than a series of issues that will improve the way health care is delivered, which is what the organization is concerned with. i must say the organization is interested from hearing from individuals in health care who have seen some of these activities go on in their schools and hospitals. we have really benefited from tips they have sent him to do no harm about these kind of activities. >> todd: is the goal to ultimately treat patients differently based on their skin color? >> that is exactly right. that is what critical race theory calls for it. past discrimination requires present discrimination and
1:27 am
present gnomic present discrimination requires future discrimination. and the fact that it is dealt with and corrected by present wrongs and future wrongs. this discriminatory activity can only lead to divisiveness and a different standard appeal for people based on skin color, which i think americans just reject. >> todd: if a student must master the stuff, what does "mastery" look like and if i don't and i refused because you know i met medical school to become a doctor, do i not become a doctor if i don't master the stuff? >> this is the problem. this will be embedded into the various -- because the association of american doctors has an important say how exams are constructed. soap, students will be expected to answer the questions correctly when it comes to presenting this information. we certainly have many students that have written to the organization complaining about this. we had one student who famously told us and more about this than
1:28 am
a kidney disease. this cannot benefit the medical students or the health of the american people. >> todd: at a time we are desperate for new doctors because health care is at a premium right now. we don't need this. this is not happening. dr. goldfarb, you will save lives in the process, we appreciated. george gascon to overturn the death sentence for a man who murdered two college students, calling racist and expensive. we are talking to gascon's d.a. who wants him out of office. >> carley: calling in the national guard after thousands of illegal immigrants flood the city. >> we continue to be very focused on having the federal government do its part and take the lead in addressing what we see as a growing humanitarian crisis. >> carley: wait until you hear how border states are responding.
1:29 am
a live report coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: washington, d.c., mayor muriel bowser begging the right else to deploy the national guard to deal with, oh, flood of illegal immigrants bus from arizona to texas. spain went this comes after promoting the nation's capital as a sanctuary city. she wants it both ways. ashley strohmier will following the story overnight. >> mayor muriel bowser saying that the national guard needs to deal with the surge indefinitely. >> so i've asked where the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate. >> carley: congressman chip roy with this message to the d.c. mayor. >> it is interesting to hear the mayor of washington, d.c., to complain about 4,000 people on
1:35 am
200 plus is that governor abbott set to washington, d.c., since april. running to the -- we need the national guard. cry me a freak and river. welcome to the party, powell. >> todd: washington, d.c., finally understands what texans have been dealing with every single day and a solution to the crisis she should call on the president to take immediate action to secure for mike secure the border but the white house blames republicans. >> the way they are meddling in the process and using migrants as a political pawn is just wrong. >> so the white house preference would be for small town in arizona to take care of these migrants rather than a large metropolitan -- >> that is not what i am saying. they are sending on purpose for a political ploy. >> carley: the earth on the ag said that open border policy is enabling crime. >> murderous,, joe biden will
1:36 am
not do his job. he is incentivizing people come into the country and the cartels have ceased operation controls. >> new york city is another place spiking illegal migrants causing a strain on the system. adams blames the border state for pushing migrants out of their state. >> todd: democrats finally calling it a crisis now that it's impacting their city and steve miller said d.c. has not seen the worst of it yet. >> muriel bowser is right, of course it is a crisis and a catastrophe and we need the military. but think about this, she is saying a military crisis in d.c. because 4,000 illegal aliens received buds thomas bus tickets from governor abbott down from texas to washington. we have 4,000 illegal aliens arriving on the border before breakfast. we have more than 4 million illegal aliens that border
1:37 am
patrol has put into apprehension most who have been released since inauguration day but millions more who got in the way entirely undetected. what is the word for that if 4,000 is a humanitarian crisis? that is apocalypse by comparison! >> todd: for cpc encountering 2,000 migrants at the southern border in the month of june alone and 1.7 million so far this fiscal year. but new york and d.c. complaining about like a drop in the bucket. manhattan d.c. [in the office decision to go on 13 caught on camera punching a police officer and 16-year-old suspect in courf prison and that's despite the fact the third fill in the arrest in less than four months. a spokesperson said "our system must respond to children as children. they are committing adult crimes and he is facing criticism to
1:38 am
allow that team to be a meat gnomic released immediately. and to initially charge that bodega worker with murder for defending himself during an attack, carley. >> carley: soft on crime, los angeles district attorney george gascon with a reversal of 1994 death sentence of raymond butler who was convicted of killing college students. while they were sitting in their car in a supermarket parking lot the vice president said the district attorney in los angeles eric siddall joins me now. can you tell us more about the crime was committed in 1994? george gascon was making the case he was over sentenced. >> right, this is a case where mr. butler executed two film students and los angeles in 1994 shooting them both back and they had and then taking their car. it is a brutal murder. and this is not about the death
1:39 am
penalty or death sentence that mr. butler received. but really this is about is that mr. gascon is not really respecting our system of justice. part of our system of justice is that it is open and transparent. what he is trying to do is reverse the sentences in secret. that is the real concern that we have as to what he's doing in this particular case. i mean, they should be open, transparent, and we should know what's going on. he's trying to reverse the sentences in secret behind closed doors. locally, it looks like the judges are having any of it because they are understanding the american system of justice, you actually have to have an open system. >> carley: gascon's office making it very clear how he feels about the death sentence. he says that gascon remains committed to ending the death
1:40 am
penalty in los angeles because it is racist in its application, morally unattainable, irreversible and expensive. it has never deterred crime. when it comes to butler though, after he killed these two college students, stabbed another man in prison and killed him. and now this is the guy that guess: gnomic gascon is sticking up for it. >> actually, it was while he was awaiting trial for the murder of these two young men that he murdered an inmate while in jail. so this is an extremely violent human being. this is the problem, right? we have a district attorney los angeles who doesn't also understand this is an adversarial system where the defendant gets his lawyer and then the people in the state of california get their lawyer. that is the prosecutor. right now our prosecutors not defending victims but people like mr. butler. i mean, this is ridiculous.
1:41 am
>> carley: this is exactly right and a lot of victims feel like they are to codefense attorneys and left with absolutely no one. there have been a number of murders let out early because of gascon's policies and gotten out of jail to commit a violent offense upon their release. andrew being an example of that but what do you think gascon's goal is and what is motivating him? >> you know you bring up the andrew case but there is another case he murdered someone after being released because of george gascon's policies. look i don't want to go into psychological analysis of the man and what he has said over and over again shorter sentences will reduce crime. well, first of all, there is no actual science or data behind that. in fact, the u.s. sentencing commission recently published a study that longer sentences actually reduce recidivism and repeat offenders from committing
1:42 am
more crime. so, we know what he is saying is not true. the problem is what he has done is basically packed the d.a.'s office and replaced bunch of public defenders to run the d.a.'s office. in this case, the butler case, the andrew case, all of these cases where these murders are trying to get out earlier, that is all because the public defender is now running the d.a.'s office. >> carley: it is a recall and have successfully the other person will want to prosecute crime. maybe it will be you, eric, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for joining us. >> carley: look at this, a shark bite, stop what you are doing and watch this. [bleep]. >> carley: he said he lost his pinky. the men in the video will join us live to tell us what happened and why he's getting back in the water. >> todd: i stopped what i was doing and watch that. a conservative mother's lockdown
1:43 am
of twitter for pushing back on california's transgender school policies. that is not the only thing. we are talking to one of the groups founders next. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: hunter biden, we are learning president biden met with business partners of his son 14 times while he was vice president. a new review of white house log shows the associates from new mexico, ukraine, it china, kazakhstan and the united states. several meetings taking place at the white house during obama presidency. and just the latest piece of evidence on the repeated claims he had no knowledge of his sons form business dealings. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never discussed with my son or brother or anyone else anything to do with their businesses. >> last week we learned the federal probe into hunter biden has reached "a critical stage" but he is not yet been charged. lynn greenwald said the timeline
1:49 am
is so important in the hunter biden scandal. speak with the single greatest journalist and political scandal over the last decade easily is when the cia and the other agent of security state invented a lie, which was the archive showing everything you just went through was rationed this pier. the light that it came from russia, the light it was forged documents. the media then took that lie and ratified it and spread it in multiple news outlets all across the country weeks before americans were going to go vote for the president. then big tech seized on that lie and censored the story over the internet from being discussed. it was manipulation of the electorate and a light on such a grand scale. >> carley: lara trump will join us to talk about the latest twist in the joe and hunter biden saga later in the show. >> todd: whites group moms for liberty still opt out of twitter after criticizing a california bill to make the state a destination for transgender
1:50 am
procedures for minors. the group tweeting "the gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder that is being normalized by predators across the usa. california kids are at extreme risk from predatory adults i know they want to liberate children all over the country with double mastectomy on 18." twitter said that tweet violated against hateful conduct. mom's for liberty cofounder tina joints me now. why did they say that was hate speech? >> we haven't heard anything but we appealed the tweet and the twitter hates truth because it is a mental health issue plaguing our children across the country right now and something that needs to be discussed and addressed and certainly discussed in the town square of twitter. but twitter is against truth. >> todd: to be clear this california bill would allow the state to take away the rights of parents come up putting everything else aside, that is what is going on here at its
1:51 am
core. don't parents have a right to know that? >> 100%. it is already happening a lot in california and this will codify it into law and allow states to decide this is not appropriate for children. this is abuse of children to have their body parts cut off because of the way they feel. it will take away parental rights to do that. children will be able to enter california, enter the foster care system and be able to take puberty blockers to stop their bodies i'm going through puberty and they will be able to have surgeries. >> todd: the bill would authorize a court to take temporary jurisdiction because a child is not able to obtain gender affirming health care. to this point, something in california, i don't live there. their goal is to take your child potentially to california to do this to them, right? >> yeah, the biggest intrusion
1:52 am
of parental rights. and so this is front and center press on something we are concerned about. >> todd: sticking with big theme of big tech, government he sent his taking the woke and you guys had a quarter of a million dollars in donations frozen by paypal. here is the porta governor. >> we also are going to prohibit wall street banks, credit card companies, and money transmitters like paypal from discriminating against customers. the thing about the politicization of the economy in this way, it benefits the largest most powerful corporation. >> todd: gina, how can paypal justify what amounts? >> they are holding hostage money if i was right now. they have kicked off, the governor of florida spoke at the first annual summit two weeks ago in the morning he was
1:53 am
speaking with national coverage, all over the country, and while he was speaking i started getting email notifications paypal was kicking off monthly recurring donors. we have operated under paypal for 14 months. all of her transactions for merchandise and donations have come through paypal. but something has changed with paypal. they decided they no longer want to process -- not only not process our donations and merchandise sales, but they are holding onto our money, which is unacceptable. >> todd: there has to be a reason they are doing this. what do you think the reason is, tina? >> that is a conclusion i think others will have to make. paypal has not spoken for itself. we are waiting to hear back from them and twitter. >> todd: interesting. before we let you go, i want to focus on the randi weingarten story, my goodness, it is shocking, it is fascinating. here is an individual making over $400,000, tina, and many people like yourself and your
1:54 am
world accuse her of being a detriment to our kids. she, of course, the american federation of teachers. $400,000.07 times the average teacher salary. this organization, quite frankly, donates every single cent of democratic causes. how dangerous is she to our children? >> randy garden and the organization did nothing for children pure they claim to be advocates of public education. they claim to be advocates for children. you can look at the agenda they put out and they are for everything and they get involved in abortion and foreign policy and these issues have nothing to do with education. they are dangerous and one of the reasons we are very much under attack is we have an organization in decades that is pushing back. again, the k-12 cartel this conglomerate that is loaded with funds, backed by billionaires,
1:55 am
and the last two years have done nothing but harm our children by keeping schools closed, forcing masts on them and making them -- it's enlist what they are doing. and the balance of power. >> todd: parents are waking up, tina denisovich, thank you for helping out with that. president biden flat out in a recession despite two quarters of gdp. entering to bail him out, we cut through the spin note for you. >> carley: and tip off your week and as all american summa concert, they are performing live so don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, d.c. mayor muriel bowser to deploy the national guard to deal with a flood of immigrants from arizona, to texas. friday morning from a correlation. >> todd: hi, good to be back with you. >> face to face, may be. >> todd: i'm todd piro and after years of promoting the nation's capital as a sanctuary city. a big surprise here, you know who the white house is blaming, republicans for all of it. ashley strohmier has been


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