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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 29, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the books. because we all know we can't just cross our southern border illegally and come into america. that is exactly what has been happening though it's so crazy. >> carley: two more years and it doesn't look like the biden administration is going to be changing course on the border front. lara, thank you so much for joining us this morning. happy friday. >> thanks, guys. >> todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all my love ♪ god has been good ♪ >> ainsley: all my life god has been good to me instead of we the people. it is we the kingdom this
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morning. they are a christian band. they have been here before. we welcome them back. they sing holy water. many of you know what that is. if you are downloading some of their music, they sing a beautiful version i found it on youtube the bills of god, famous song a lot of nondenominational songs sing. their version of it is to beautiful. >> steve: we know a lot of people signed up for it. if you didn't get the v.i.p. tickets, you could still come down to 48th and sixth avenue. >> ainsley: we will be out there. we would love to see you. >> brian: scandalous at all. >> steve: bootleg tickets? >> ainsley: i haven't heard that it has been. we have very honest fans. >> brian: look. >> steve: a jeweler loop? >> ainsley: why would you go to the counter of making a counterfeit ticket sign up for v.i.p. ticket and it's free. >> steve: think ahead. in addition to the ticket to come and stand there on the astro turf to watch this group you get free this morning the
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mclemores from master built are on our plaza and today there is john and his wife tanya and they are cooking for friends. what do you guys have cooking for us today on this friday? >> steve, ainsley, brian, thank you all so much for having us again. john is not here. so tonya is filling in. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning, tonya. >> we are going to bring y'all some amazing food. start out by showing you all what we are bringing in to y'all at 7:00 a pork crown roast. check this out right here. you. >> doesn't that look great? >> our friends at prairie fresh have brought us amazing pork and we have turned that into a crowned pork roast for y'all. it is also, tonya, what day is it. >> today is national chicken wing day. millions and millions of pounds of wings have been cooked and served. these are always amazing. we can't wait for y'all to try them. >> this is how we are preparing all the wings for y'all this
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morning. we have smoked them on the master built gravity series grill. steve, you will love this recipe. because this is how you season them. get you that good burnt end. so the mclemore boys are thought mclemore girls. >> got to represent. >> bringing it y'all. >> steve: when you guys start smoking the meat and whatnot on a big day, what's the earliest you have gotten up? because in our first cookbook we had a recipe from mike huckabee and i would have to get up at 4:00 in the morning just to start the smoker. >> really depends on the recipe, steve. sometimes we never go to bed. we literally stay up all night long but what's been so fun about the recipes that we do with this grill, you can put the food on, go to bed, come back in the morning and it's kind of just waiting on you because we have got technology now that allows you to smoke and grill
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and sear and griddle with one product. >> steve: technology. >> ainsley: john behind every successful man is an amazing, beautiful woman, right? >> rolling her eyes. >> ainsley: how many kids? >> we have three. >> brian: great news as a couple. >> steve: we know one of them. >> brian: going to smell the same. he is not going to walk in and say you smell like work. now you both exactly will smell like work. >> we always have an interesting smell in our hair and clothes for sure nature of what we do. today is john boy's 30th birthday. that's why he is not here today july 2 #th national chicken wing day. i feel like we need to do the chicken wing dance. >> ainsley: planned that perfectly. >> and our grandson it's his birthday, too. >> thank you all. we had brook and bailey that were here. we are going to fire the mclemore boys and have the girls. >> all about girls sometimes.
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>> ainsley: if brian has a good shampoo. >> brian: it's called gee, your hair smells terrific. >> all right. thanks, guys. >> steve: tonya, get cooking and we will have the big reveal at 7:00 eastern time 54 minutes from right now. >> brian: there is a few stories that we have covered just about every day and we could cover every hour and every segment. >> ainsley: recession, inflation and the border. >> brian: what this administration has done in quest to be the exact opposite of president trump. letting everybody in. word went out caribbean, africa through the ukraine. if you come through the border you will get. in immigration system will be lengthy and have to take tests and pay fees. so they have stormed through our system. they have blown up the border patrol. they have forced them off the border. only 30% are there and if you look at how many people have
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come across illegally, it's to the tune of 800,000 got-aways in over 4 million. and then you wonder not only are they actually overrunning the border towns, they are also overrunning small and big cities across the country. some of which texas governor and arizona governors are so angry about what's happening at the border, they have actually sponsored and paid for with state dollars buses to load with immigrants who want to go to washington, d.c. so the administration can see front and center how bad the illegal immigrant system is. and, finally, these mayors, in new york city and d.c. are speaking out. >> steve: they are. and, we were just looking at some of -- a couple of the buses that it looked like unloaded, off loaded some of the migrants from our southern border in washington, d.c. on friday. now, we are going to tell you about -- you know it's been a problem for texas and arizona,
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new mexico, people along the border. but now apparently it's a national emergency in washington, d.c. because 10 days ago, according to worc, the msnbc affiliate in washington i used to work at, mayor bowser, 10 days ago, sent a note to the defense secretary, lloyd austin, requesting the national guard show up in washington, d.c. she asked for 150 guardsmen to handle the arrival of what she described and here you can see some arriving last friday 4,000 migrants who arrived on 200 buses. now, according to the "new york post," arizona has sent on 33 buses 1263 migrants. texas did not respond. nonetheless, it's an emergency and she is calling out the guard. here's the mayor. >> we need space and we need the federal government to be involved. so i have asked for the deployment of the guard, as long as we need the guard, to deal
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with the humanitarian crisis. that we expect to escalate. the number of people crossing the border seeking asylum, we expect to only go up. and we need to make sure that there's a national response, not an ad hoc city by city, state by state response. we know that the federal government does this. >> ainsley: we used to hear from only the arizona governor, only the texas governor, people who lived in that area. now we are hearing it from leaders arranged the country like mayor bowser because it's a problem in her city now. she is feeling what some of these other governors, just a small little smidgen of what they're feeling down in texas and arizona. >> steve: absolutely. >> ainsley: originally she championed accepting these migrants. it's human rights issue they should be able to come over. then two weekends ago she was complaining within one of the sunday shows about the surge in her city, the homeless shelters. she said that some of these
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migrants she is fearing is being tricked into coming into d.c. now she realizes, we need help, this is a problem. they are packing our homeless shelters now we need national guard and she is asking the d.c. armory to be the processing. steve: one of the migrant buses. we assume it was sent by texas because the number of texas buses far outweighs arizona. let's see if these people when they come off are relieved because they have been tricked. >> steve: this looks like a family unit. a man and a child and a couple of children right there. >> brian: don't worry about it america is open to everybody. no paperwork no. idea if they are positive for covid. no idea what the deal is it's okay. >> steve: does this look like something you need to call the national guard out for? because, had the federal government taken care of things at our southern border and closed the southern border, they wouldn't be in texas. and arizona and they wouldn't be then bused to our nation's capitol.
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there would not be a problem. >> ainsley: she was saying the federal government was going to cover it fema help with the homeless shelters. asking for the national guard so she doesn't have to use her officers. a volunteer at one of these organizations, one of these facilities that houses them, isaiah says we didn't see anyone from the mayor's office here helping us with these illegals. no one from the office of latino affairs was here to welcome them. they just want to wash their hands because it is seen as a hot potato. instead the mayor is tweeting out. i'm going to be cutting ribbons at the new affordable housing district. >> brian: unbelievable. governor greg abbott says this in response. d.c. has experienced a fraction of the disaster's impacts the border crisis has caused texas. mayor bowser stop attacking texas securing the border and demand joe biden do his job. that's how desperate this governor is to get the attention of the country. this is how bad things are getting. democratic mayors are now speaking up because they are so overrun and the negligence at 1600 pennsylvania avenue is beyond description.
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peter asked the press secretary yesterday about this request of the national guard. where does this come from? and by the way on a side note. the way she treated the national guard when she had them, making them sleep in the streets. >> ainsley: parking lots, remember that? garages. >> they kicked them out of hotels they were supposed to stay in. now you want them because of your democratic president who refuses to enforce our border allowing security to run rampant? here is the exchange we probably want you to understand. >> is the president going to approve that request for the national guard? >> i said this last week about republicans using migrants as a political tool and that is shameful. and this is just wrong. >> so the white house's preference would be for small towns in texas and arizona to have to take care of these migrants rather than a large metropolitan city like washington, d.c.? >> that is not what i said. that's not -- i said that there is they are sending migrants to big cities on purpose using them
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as a political tool. what republicans is doing is wrong and there is a process in place and we should follow the process. there is a legalhey should foll. >> ainsley: all of these leaders said wring them over. open our borders and let them come in. now they are come in. now they are coming to some of their cities they don't like it and now she is saying it's the republicans' fault. >> the fact that the mayor of washington, d.c. is begging for the national guard to show up and only one correspondent asked about that yesterday at the press briefing is crazy. if they need to understand what's going on, it's this simple. you were taught in like fourth grade. it's cause and effect. the cause is there is an open border down south. and the effect is these migrants are streaming into the united states. they need some place to go. texas and arizona said, you know what? let's give these people a free ride to our nation's capital. and these people, who you are
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looking at right now live. >> ainsley: about 30 people? >> steve: 30, 40 people. they all got on to that bus voluntarily. cause and effect. because of what the administration is doing, those people are now wondering where do we go? chip roy the congressman from texas said, look, mayor, you are finally catching up to the problem we have had for a long time. watch. >> it's interesting hearing the mayor of washington, d.c., which is where i'm sitting right now, complaining about 4,000 people on 200 buses that governor abbott has sent to washington, d.c. since april, running to the pentagon saying oh my gosh, we need the national guard. you know what? cry me a frickin' river. welcome to the party, pal. down in texas today on the border, we are going to have about 7,000 people crossing the border across the entire southwest border about half of that in texas. cry me a river about the, i don't know, 50 bodies in a mobile morgue in brooks county, texas where the sheriff is
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having to deal with dead migrants all over the rampletion. talk to the families that are, you know, concerned about the people packing pistols like this guy. this illegal immigrant on a ranch that i just got this picture about an hour ago from the county attorney kenny county, texas. that's what we are dealing with every day. >> brian: that is indeed a crisis that is causing a crisis in major cities. mayor adams about a week ago said new york, hey, governor of texas, and arizona, stop sending people here. they said we're not. so then he came out the next day and said hey, president biden, stop sending plane loads of illegal immigrants into our airports. west chester county in particular and possibly mcarthur airport in long island. what they want to do is they are sending them to pennsylvania and jacksonville. they are sending them to west chester new york in the middle of the night with no approval mayors to governors. now gotten so bad the mayors and governors are saying this is getting out of control. what is going to get their attention? and what is. >> steve: this is.
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>> press corps thinking they must have a hard job waking up every day and not asking about recession. not asking about hunter, and not asking about the border patrol. the hunter biden situation leads directly to the president compromising foreign policy perhaps certainly where there were questions a border broken like no other time in history. better not send any reporters there. and a recession. by all definitions, that's what we are experiencing. they can't even probe that. why go to work? >> steve: when you think about what chip roy just said. he said 7,000 migrants will stream in to texas today. that is about. >> ainsley: texas and arizona, the border. half of them texas. >> steve: well, that is double the number of people who have been bused into our nation's capitol. so, if they think it is worthy of calling out the national guard in d.c. over 4,000, keep in mind, 7,000 coming in today. >> ainsley: such a good point 4,000 total gone to d.c. 7,000 a day down on our border.
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>> steve: scary. >> brian: looking at 4 million. >> ainsley: this is their message. y'all come in. illegals come in but stay down there. did don't come to our city. >> brian: no other country allows. this we are running $900 billion deficit. $900 billion all social programs committed to by americans. how many people are sitting there living paycheck to paycheck saying i think i want to spend a few thousand dollars on people i don't know who don't belong here from another country? no one would write that check. once the money arrives, they pledge it to people that have no business being here. >> steve: i'm going to predict they do not send out the national guard because then they would be admitting it's a problem. stay tuned for that in the meantime, straight ahead on this friday, flash flood warning. the latest from las vegas and kentucky as two different severe storms put americans at risk for very dangerous conditions. >> brian: and three arrests and you are out. climate protesters tried to shut down the congressional basic game but they are not the only ones feeling the heat.
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3:22 am
rising waters are actually stranding drivers and flooding casinos there. meanwhile at least 8 people are dead in kentucky after severe flash flooding on wednesday. rescue efforts are still underway after 10 inches of rain fell in just over a few hours. >> steve: in kentucky the governor there andy beshear saying he expects the numbers of fatalities to climb. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. those are obviously two different storm patterns terrible results. >> same frontal system. will tennessee ohio river valley in towards the mid-atlantic and that's the focus of these storms. so while we have areas of low pressure they are riding this frontal boundary and that's going the case the next seven days. kentucky, of course, record breaking rain yesterday. over 10 inches in and around the hazard area. and look at that that is one of the rivers in kentucky. it crested at 20 feet. the record was 14 feet.
3:23 am
so that gives you an idea of how much water is happening in such a short period of time. and you can see where that frontal boundary is draped across the u.s. central u.s. that's going to bring more heavy rainfall to all of these areas over the next five to seven days. the flash flood threat stretching from the ohio valley, the appalachians towards the southwest. and then, of course, the highs today, very summer-like but very dangerous across the southern plains and northwest they are setting records again today. 90's into 100 degrees, so those are the big stories we are going to be following this weekend. of course, fox for all of your latest details. all right, steve, ainsley, brian, over to you. >> brian: all right, janice, thanks so much. justin alito went to notre dame law school give a speech. first time. >> steve: it was in rome. >> ainsley: response soared by the law school. >> brian: first time speaking about the big decision. obviously is he not rattled by it he seemed very proud of it. why wouldn't he be? he actually was calling out world leaders for mocking the
3:24 am
decision and saying that boris johnson already paid the price for saying a quote the whole decision was a big step backward among his critics that he listed justin trudeau, immanuel macron as well as prince harry if you can call him a leader. >> steve: they posted the video last night. >> i had the honor this term of writing i think the only supreme court decision in the hills industry of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders. [laughter] who felt perfectly fine commenting on american law. one of these was former prime minister boris johnson. but he paid the price. >> [laughter] what really wounded me was when the duke of sussex addressed the. [laughter] >> united nations and seemed to
3:25 am
compare the decision whose name may not be spoken with the russian attack on ukraine. >> ainsley: we promise that is not steven spielberg that is justice alito. he looks totally different. >> steve: is he on vacation. >> ainsley: grown the beard out maybe so no one will recognize him. >> steve: that appearance was not scheduled on the court schedule. no one knew about it keep in mind, ever since that roe v. wade first opinion was leaked, there has been a security concern. you know what? and he obviously gets the last laugh because this courts has had significant victory tries for religious liberties this term this was all about religious liberties. for instance, the court affirmed of the right of thatublic school football coach joe kennedy to pray with students at the 50-yard line. allowed citigroup to raise a christian flag on a flag pole in boston city hall and they got a
3:26 am
permit -- they will now allow marine families to use tax-payer funded tuition credits for religious schools. so when it comes to religious liberty, this has been a good year if you are for that. >> ainsley: did he make an excellent point because is he for defending religious liberties. it is hard to defend it when you have people who do not think religion is a good thing that deserves protection. >> brian: right. so he wrote the opinion. he looks at it as an honor and he was sarcastic and confident. you have not gotten to justice alito. he actually feels pretty good about what he did. 26 minutes now after the hour. in 2022, the 2022 congressional baseball game wrapped up late last night after a lengthy rain delay and the g.o.p. shut out the democrats 10-0. >> ainsley: meanwhile, outlines of the park because we were anticipating several left wing protesters were arrested after they threatened to shut down the family friendly game if the lawmakers don't declare climate change a national emergency.
3:27 am
ains. >> steve: that's right. we told you about that ahead of time. griff jenkins is in d.c. with the blow out result. one of my kids went to the game and didn't see the protesters it wasn't a gigantic event. >> exactly right steve, ainsley and brian. that's right, good morning, before the big game got underway the climate protesters who vowed to shut it down weren't successful. they came out before the game this is a climate emergency. found their way to the gates of the ballpark blocking the entrance demanding congress and biden take immediate action. watch. >> every single living thing on the planet is in danger if we don't act on climate now. congress needs to pass climate legislation and biden needs to declare a climate emergency yesterday. >> we are all in jeopardy. we are all in jeopardy of going extinct even. it's going to be a catastrophe. billions of people are going to suffer and congress and the president have donetsk to nothing. even with this bill that they just sent out. >> ultimately d.c. police say three people were arrested for unlawful entry. and it didn't stop the annual
3:28 am
bipartisan congressional baseball game where members leave their politics on capitol hill and come together for good old fashioned sportsmanship to support local charities. >> watch this and listen as democrats from california representative linda sanchez in the sixth inning passes the g.o.p. dugout and flips the bird. >> looks like it's going to be jeffries. and she will come off to a nice ovation. well, not much reaction from the republican side. [laughter] >> griff: oh boy that may have been the low light. the highlight may have come early on when florida representative kat cammack demonstrating total commitment runs over catcher senator chris murphy trying to score but murphy tagging her out. in the end, republicans, as you mentioned, delivered that lopsided wow look at that hit. the republicans delivering a lopsided 10-0 blowout and perhaps, guys, the kind of victory republicans have to see
3:29 am
come midterms in november. >> ainsley: it was steube that was the pitcher, right? remember last year he participated and did so well? >> pitcher. although i believe the mvp went to congressman august pfluger. but i'm not exactly sure why he got that. it's the second win for the republicans, by the way. it was a nail-biter last year 13-12. i have no idea what the running tally is. they have been doing this game since 1909. >> steve: i think republicans are up by two now. >> ainsley: when the congresswoman flipped off the republicans, were they heckling her or she just did it because she doesn't like them? >> griff: i don't know. i wasn't near the dugout. steve ask her. >> griff: she drew a walk-off lead off walk and then they replaced her with a pinch runner. and then she is going by the dugout and there you go. it's -- we're showing it. but it's kind of a sad commentary on what is really the only bipartisan evening of the entire year now. >> steve: great point.
3:30 am
>> griff: in this town where they truly try to support local charities. but obviously sanchez didn't get that memo. >> brian: griff, do you get paid as a sports guy and news guy today? do you know? >> griff: i'm the worst sports guy. >> brian: you look great. nail-biter. >> steve: griff, thank you very much. i will say this, another d.c. guy chad -- we were watching. >> griff: bye. >> steve: have a nice weekend. >> ainsley: swimming with the sharks to baseball. >> steve: fully rounded. i was watching on fox sports 2 the guy in the dugout was chad pergram fox sports 2. he did a good job. meanwhile, watching the game, dan crenshaw he posted this on instagram g.o.p. 10-zip. preview for the midterms. also this is the shirt i wore for the activists blocking the main gate just drill it they raised, i think, over. >> ainsley: 1.7. >> steve: close to 2 million bucks for charity.
3:31 am
great job. >> ainsley: still ahead. bacon soap? you would like that. >> bacon! >> ainsley: small businesses inflation next guests making the best of the bad situation. products hitting shelves to hit the hard hit americans. dairy vodka? you would like that, brian. >> brian: honey, you smell like bacon. get over here. ♪
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>> carley: principal of robb elementary is now rei object stated just days after being put on administrative leave. according to a new report, she was allowed to continue her job as principal as of yesterday this comes after she was initially blamed for failing to repair locks on a classroom door before the shooting in may that claimed the lives of 19 students and two children. alarming new drone footage shows a group of sharks, including great whites circling in the water just 100 yards off the coast of long island new york. brian, watch out. this new viral video now making waives online, the videographer who shot the footage has been flying her drone over the same spot in south hampton for seven years and says she has never seen sharks in such shallow water.
3:36 am
the scary sight comes after six separate shark attacks reported on long island so far this summer. yikes. the biden administration is planning to offer updated booster shots from pfizer and moderna in september rather than rolling out a campaign this summer. the strategy comes as americans under 50 should wait to get their second booster. some officials warn getting two boosters close together could cause rare cases of heart inflammation and can dull protection for the second booster. the reformulated shots are designed to target the surging ba 5 variant. and yankees slugger aaron judge continuing magical season walk off home run in the bronx. high fly ball. left center. taylor on the run. at the wall. see ya. a walk-off home run by aaron
3:37 am
judge and the yankees win 1-0. >> carley: judge's 431-foot run, 39th of the season. only run scored the entire game. i think that's gum that they are throwing at him, steve. over to you. i have never seen that before. steve it could be bacon according to our next story. >> bacon! steve: have you ever heard of bacon soap or dairy vodka with small businesses slammed by inflation next two guests making the most of a bad situation with creative new products. owner of sunrise diner in maryland has branched into soap-making when the price of a case of bacon more than doubled the last year. now he uses the left overbay con grease the ladder to make bumble soap genius. ed to coke started making
3:38 am
calcohol lactose from the milk byproduct that's how you wind up with cowcohol. they join us from both sides ever the country. >> good morning. >> how are you doing? >> steve: i'm okay. sam, start with you, you had bacon fat left over and you went to grandma's recipe to come up with this bumble soap, didn't you? >> >> yeah. i'm a small business so what was happening was i was looking to open back up in the spring and my suppliers were coming at me with double, triple price increases on pretty much everything. i thought, you know, there has got to be something i can do about this. so, i talk a lot with my grandfather. he was born during the great depression. and he always told stories about how his mother would back then make soap out of the left over
3:39 am
ladder that they had. even up until she passed away, i had the opportunity to watch her make that. she would always save her bacon grease. that was always in the back of my mind. so, yeah, when i saw these double, triple price increases, i that terrified me as a seasonal business owner. i was really looking for a way to offset that cost somehow and the soap just kind of popped into my mind because we do fry so much bacon and have a lot of leftover ladder here. so i thought that was a way we could offset the cost and pass savings onto the consumer. people are very price sensitive right now. you know, you don't know if they are going to stop dining out or whatever, so, you know, i think you can see inflation two ways. you can see it as a road block or as an opportunity. we are really trying to take this to get kind of a competitive edge. if we are able to get a discount by selling even five bar as day that's a $30 discount on my bacon. can i use that to my advantage. >> steve: without a doubt.
3:40 am
todd, you also were looking at what can you do with stuff that's left over at the end of the day at your processing plant. and you came up with cowcohol first of all where did you come up with the name and secondly, how does it taste? >> the cowcohol came up as a marketing thing. it was a good idea for my wife and lady that helps us with marketing. the taste is actually really good. we have had several spirit judges taste it and they were more than happy with the results of the taste on it. >> steve: like a milk vodka cowcohol. it's crazy. you do, todd, have plans to market, this right? >> yeah, absolutely. i'm a first generation dairy farmer. so we were just looking at opportunities we could do with trying to find more products that you can get from the
3:41 am
original raw ingredient in milk and really show indicates real heroes of our story which are the cows. >> steve: absolutely. cowcohol available retail stores in your area of oregon, flight that's the only place people can get it right now? >> currently we are selling off retail store it will be available for shipping nationwide here real soon. >> steve: sam, folks can get the bumble soap where? >> we sell it in the store, and we said it online at bumble can you see it on my shirt. got one right here. >> steve: i looked at your website. it looks great. i remember my grandma doing the same thing with left over ladder back in the day. >> do you really? >> steve: i absolutely do back in the day. guys, thank you very much. very inventive ways because inflation is killing all of us and you figured a way to turn something good out of something that you were going to throw away.
3:42 am
brilliant. yankee ingenuity. guys, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> steve: you bet. all right. that's terrific. meanwhile, book backlash in oklahoma after explicit novels were found in the public school library. what were they doing in there? when the state's are education secretary flagged them they got taken down. 100 convicted felons caught in one just one border section as thousands of illegal migrants surge into the country. the yuma mayor is next with the staggering numbers. actually, there are the numbers right there. matoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling. for some, rinvoq significantly reduces ra and psa fatigue. it can stop irreversible joint damage. and rinvoq can leave skin clear or almost clear in psa.
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from prom dresses to workouts rinvoq. make it your mission. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
3:46 am
>> brian: in just over a weekend border agents in yuma, arizona encounter among them over 100 convicted felons, here is the mayor. what is it going to take to get washington's attention? how bad is this problem?
3:47 am
recommendation well, this is bad. this is something we have been trying to address for about a year and a half now. and that is when our border patrol agents are not doing their mission, which is border protection, and doing things like immigration processing, these convicted felons get through the process or get around the process and make it harder for them to protect the country and then people as we know end up moving through the whole country. these felons were on their way to other parts of the united states. >> brian: convictions in america? how are you able to find out their background if some of their crimes are committed in other countries? >> well, that's a huge challenge because a lot of these country does not share information or don't really have a centralized bat that base. border patrol is at a disadvantage when they are trying to determine those kind of elements. these, i believe, are either in country or in countries that do keep a data base that we're connected with. >> i want people to see these numbers.
3:48 am
year-to-date in 2021, you had a ridiculous 60,000 come here illegally encounters, we should say. forget about the got-aways, now in 2022 you already have 235,000. that's an increase of almost 30. now you have a mayor in d.c. upset that she is getting a few thousand extra people in her shelters. what's your message to her? >> well, i think it's great she is finally recognizing there is a problem. we have been having this conversation for a while. so it's great to have another mayor on board. but, really it has to be a whole country response. and if it's affecting d.c. imagine what it's doing to a community of 100,000 people along the border when there is thousand a day. >> brian: so you have people that may be over -- may be overwhelming homeless shelter, then you have other people here like you say convicted felons and others just moving drugs through our country. in arizona, cbp agents have seized heroin, meth, fentanyl and stashed? a vehicle.
3:49 am
i want people at home to see this. this is how innovative and i do bawling they are. this is some of the things stuck into dashboards in the interior of seats out there to kill americans. a lot of the time it's not to get them addicted, it's to kill them from china, to the cartels across the border. mayor, what is your responsibility in this in stopping this? what could you actually do? >> well, really, all we can do at this point is support our federal partners, cbp, you know, our customs agents at the ports and border patrol agents along the -- you know, the whole border. so we're really focused on supporting those efforts and sharing intel. >> brian: hey, has senator mark kelly been a big plus? >> you know, he has been down to the border here several times. have been in constant communication. and the announcement yesterday about closing four gaps, he was in the middle of that the whole time. so, he has been engaged which, as our state senator, you know,
3:50 am
will along the border state that's appropriate level. >> brian: wouldn't it be great for him to go to washington, d.c. and say that on the senate floor as a democrat he could make a huge difference instead of doing it quietly if doing it at all? huge disappointment, mr. mayor, thank you so much. mayor douglas nicholls. >> thank you. >> brian: all right, straight ahead. hey, serrie, define recession. the biden white house spin economic decline. will the democrats new spending plan pile up even more inflation? larry kudlow on. that was and from the battlefield to the classroom, florida schools are now turning to our troops to combat teacher vacancies. how veterans can step up to help our kids.
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>> carley: back with headlines starting with this. the new york police department is releasing video of the suspects tied to the robbery of a pastor and his wife. the thieves taking more than $1 million worth of jewelry during a livestream church service on sunday. the video showing each of the suspects walking towards the leaders of tomorrow church before they ate'o tacked the bishop. l.a. county is causing its controversial plan to bring back the indoor mask mandate. lawmakers initially opposing a plan including beverly hills mayor lily boss. take a listen. >> i very much believe in the power of choice. i think we have learned a lot since 2020. and it also became a function of enforcement. we have more important issues to
3:56 am
enforce will. >> carley: public health director barbara farrar says holding off due a drop in covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths. who wants to be a billionaire? the jackpot in tonight's mega millions drawing soaring to $1.1 billion. that's with a b. that's the third largest pot in the game's history. no one has hit all six numbers in three straight months. the odds of you winning the big pot are one in 302 million. and -- so you are saying there is a chance. that's right, ainsley. some bodegas are getting creative on way maximize on the surge of lotto ticket sales. we have a live report coming up. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thanks so much, carley. got to get a ticket. do you know in that a lot of pastors don't but. >> carley: let's do it. let's buy some ticket. >> ainsley: i will help you. from the battlefield to the classroom as summer wraps up florida schools are turning to our troops to combat teacher
3:57 am
vacancies with thousands of empty teaching positions expected this school year, veterans in the sunshine state are now being asked to step up and fill in with these vacancies. so here with more is florida education commissioner manny diaz. hey, manny. >> hey, good morning. great to be with you on the show. >> ainsley: so good to have you. this is amazing idea. 9500 school vacancies down in florida and schools open up within the coming weeks. first of all, why the vacancies. >> i think the 9500 number is wrong. that may include some other vacancies that may be support personnel. but we do have vacancies in the state. this is great pathway for us to be able to have our veterans in this veteran friendly state step up to the plate and fill in some of those vacancies. >> ainsley: i think it includes faculty and staff so it could be people working in office jobs and that kind of thing in the schools. are you getting a lot of feedback from the veterans? are they interested in these jobs? >> well, so far the bill was passed this past session.
3:58 am
started july 1st. we have 83 applications already in the state. and this creates a pathway to be clear to have veterans who serve for four years in the military and have an honorable discharge and at least 60 college credits with 2.5 gpa to have a longer runway with a temporary certificate, giving them the opportunity to get to the bachelor's degree and finish the requirements that are required for all teachers in the state and allows us to maximize by 1.5 million veterans we have in this state. we are a proud military state and the structure and skills that they have will be valuable in the classroom. >> ainsley: we talk about vet suicides and they don't know what to do necessarily with their lives when they come back because they are used to be out in the battlefield. this is great opportunity for them. they have to have 48 months of service. 60 college credits. 2.5 gpa. they have to pass a required test. and they have to demonstrate a mastery of the subject area. if they meet those standards, they can teach in florida for up to five years and they will also
3:59 am
be given a mentor to help with the transition. this is wonderful. i'm a parent. i would love someone from the military with those skills and that training to teach my child. will they be using some of those skills and teaching the kids about what they learned on the battlefield or when they were in training? >> i think the most important piece heres is you mentioned the mentor teacher. they already come with these skills. especially the structure, the commitment time management all those soft skills that are learned in the military along with what other content skills they have learned. and as you said, they have to pass the test to prove they have the content mastered. and i think this is important in our classrooms, we are missing some of that with today's younger generation, so this would be something that would have an impact on our young people with the structure, the discipline and all those valuable skills that veterans already have. >> ainsley: many, thank you so much for coming on with us and telling us about this. >> thank you for having me. >> ainsley: you are welcome. second hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪
4:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: this is the last time we will see that stage empty. that's the last time we will see the turf empty because soon the vips lined up, getting free meat it's just about done. and as well as just the general admission audience and the band will be there playing. what we don't see live on fox news we will see on fox nation. it's quite exciting as our concert series gets set to close out july. >> ainsley: they sing the song holy water. they are so talented.
4:01 am
my aunt was texting me last night. aunt lynn, i haven't had a chance to text you back she said the lady lived across the street from us are growing up i know her nice lady has moved to north carolina in the mountains and she is in a bible study with the band's mom. >> steve: small world. that's fantastic. so they are going. >> ainsley: welcome to the south. everybody knows everyone. >> steve: they will start singing one hour from now and talk to them in about 20 minutes. in the meantime take a look. pan down. we have got breakfast. >> ainsley: what a beautiful presentation. steve: how beautiful is that actually, let's get the author of it on right now. we have got the mac will he mores out on the plaza. what is this -- is it a pork roast? a rib roast? what is this, john? >> that is a bone-in crowned pork roast stuffed with tonya's homemade stuffing. and cherries. >> cherries are in season nice sweet with the saucy, great
4:02 am
mixture of flavors it was really fun to make. >> like a really good workout. >> ainsley: you grab one of the bones and pull it. >> cut it apart and it's like a really thick nice pork chop. >> steve: i see how you do it this is beautiful. >> ainsley: do you buy it like that? how do you get it to look like a wreath? >> that's a great question. you go to your local butcher and have them precut the bone in pork roast it's a challenge to do this at home. if you are a creative chef at home. >> brian: unless you live a butcher. >> what you want to do is individually cut in between the center cut pork chops. >> steve: look how thick it is. >> smoke it two hours. >> if we can do it y'all can do it. i went to the local grocery store. i will tell you that the version that i got at home was like $55 for this. but then when you cut it apart, it's great serving for probably 14, 15 people.
4:03 am
>> steve: you made us some chicken wings and what are the things with the toothpicks? >> ainsley: pork. >> that is pork tender lion that we smoked for an hour and reversed cedar. and if you want this pork crowned roast recipe, tonya and i actually were camping with our family this week. we left from north alabama, flew here yesterday morning. >> going back when we leave here. >> we did this video from our camper for everybody. you can go to mclemore boys or master built or for that video. >> steve: fantastic. >> i want to show you if you have got a second. if you come down to the concert series. everyone down here that comes gets a nice little plate of our food. and it's always a nice little serving of either barbecue or wings, baked beans. mac and cheese. >> steve: beauty of it is our whole crew gets it. >> we love to feed our fox family. [cheers] >> ainsley: thank you both and mass per built. >> thank you. >> steve: all the recipes are available at master
4:04 am
in the meantime switching to the news. sings this is a news channel. denials across the board from the white house's economic data from yesterday reveals the united states is in a recession after the classic case of two straight quarters of negative g.d.p. growth. >> ainsley: meanwhile president biden touts an almost $370 billion spending plan toward the climate crisis. >> brian: can you imagine redefining something else we all know to be true? jacqui heinrich live at the white house with more. hey, jacqui. >> good morning to you guys. the white house has been trying to get out ahead of these numbers for at least a week now. as far as they are concerned, this is no recession at all. they reject the technical definition of a recession under the commonly understood way to look at the word. which is two consecutive quarters of negative g.d.p. that is what we had and, yet, the biden administration rejects it they said this is a transition to a period of stable growth. >> i want to say two things about the g.d.p. report. our job market remains
4:05 am
historically strong. our economy created more than 9 million jobs since i came to office. the fed chairman powell said -- made it clear that he doesn't think the u.s. economy is currently in a recession. >> the white house is not saying the word recession. they are willing to say inflation. now making a case for even more spending after senator joe manchin unveiled a reconciliation bill he secretly crafted with chuck schumer. they duxd it the inflation reduction act. it dedicates billions to climate, healthcare, prescription drug spending and also includes a new corporate tax and it has the promise for this president of some new life to his summer. maybe even to his presidency. so the so a lot of pressure behind the scenes to get this done. joe manchin once maligned by his party for sidelining the president's agenda says now he never gave up on it. >> people thinking i have walked away or done this or that or reverse my position. i have never been reversed in my lifetime and i never walked away. >> now, critics say the negative
4:06 am
economic growth from the g.d.p. numbers amid rising consumer costs, inflation hit 9.1% last month and, of course, wages are have not been keeping up. makes all of this a bad time potentially to impose tax on corporations because it could be passed onto the consumer. >> this investment in environmental justice is real. it also provides tax credits that will create thousands of good paying jobs. this bill would be the most significant legislation in history to tackle the climate crisis. >> so we have no plans to see the president today; however, he has got a big week ahead of him. one week left before he starts his summer vacation. he has got to close this deal which includes getting senator kyrsten sinema on board and the white house is keeping very hush hush about whether or not they have been able to convince her. >> brian: jacqui, was there much pushback yesterday in the pressroom about the president's effort to not bring up the word recession? >> i'm having a little bit of a
4:07 am
hard time hearing you impression in the pressroom? >> brian: was there any press, outside fox, pushing on the press press secretary about using the word recession? >> you know, i think since the white house has tried to get out ahead of this and they changed their definition of recession under the blog post under the council of economic advisers they rolled out yellen and brian deese there has been some pushback but it's noticeable how many people covered these numbers and they came out yesterday as indication of a potential recession rather than just this is the technical definition of the word as people in this administration have even referred to it as recently as last may. the rnc had, you know, videos and some statements out from biden's own economic advisers using the common definition of a recession as recently as a few months ago. so clearly, they are framing this in a way that is positive for them. no one wants agenda on their record. but probably not as much pushback as we should be giving them overall.
4:08 am
>> brian: unbelievable. thanks, jacqui what you are talking about. >> steve: to your question kristen welker and others yesterday asked about why are they moving the goal post? why aren't they calling it a recession. >> brian: so what jacqui said the "new york times" wrote u.s. economy shows another decline fanning recession fears. cnn, u.s. economy contracts again. fueling recession fears. >> ainsley: recession fears. >> brian: we are in a recession just say how confident you are to come out of it positive. when you have tell people what they are experience something not real, they don't believe what you say next. that's the issue that is the cover of the "new york post" today. >> ainsley: it is the literal definition of recession. >> steve: that's right recession is a noun. plural noun recessions. economic decline which trade and industrial activity are reduced, sounds about right, generally defined by a fallen g.d.p. and two successive quarters, sounds about right, the country is in the depth of a recession. that's how you would use it. >> ainsley: did that happen? quarter one we dropped 1.6%.
4:09 am
quarter 2.9 %. almost 1%. literal definition of recession is if you have two back-to-back with a dropping g.d.p. we are in recession. with if you go by the definition they are trying to change that. >> steve: joe biden said a couple of times yesterday this is a different time because you look at, sure, two g.d.p. number is down but we have such good employment numbers. he said the unemployment rate was 3.5%. but what he doesn't. >> ainsley: we came out of covid people are hiring again. steve: what he does not count the labor participation rate, millions of americans stopped looking and they don't count in that number. >> ainsley: charles payne said that's the number to look at. >> steve: exactly. that's why people are having harvard time finding people to work because people have dropped out of the labor markets. for whatever reason they are not there that's why the number is low. and that is the hook that the president is happening his hat on. it's not a recession because of the low unemployment. i just explained why we have low
4:10 am
unemployment. people have stopped looking. >> ainsley: and how do you feel? do you feel like you are in a recession? i guarantee the majority of americans if they have gotten a pay raise this year, it's not above the amount of inflation. inflation is 9.1%. you are actually losing money. you are baying an extra tax on everything that you buy because we are in an inflation. >> brian: can't gloss over what happened yesterday. over the last 48 hours we passed over $48 billion in spending, you chips bill, joe manchin and chuck schumer sneak attack basically focused on climate change. let me ask you, if you are dealing with inflation if you are having trouble making ends meet. if you are one of the 60%, 70% living paycheck to paycheck suddenly find yourself in deficit, do you care about the solar panels that are now going to be tax incentives on solar panels. are there going to be turbines for wind mills? china is laughing at us. this is something saying your house may be on fire but your
4:11 am
hair looks good. don't emphasize that. we have a huge problem and i'm pretty sure in every poll i see, the most i see in terms of priorities for the average american climate change is around 2%. everybody is talking about inflation. and according to the "new york times." most economists. the treasury department hasn't even looked at all this spending and see how it affects inflation. the number one concern of yours. and they say it will have little -- then we had jason fuhrman saying little affect maybe get inflation down a little. how can you as president of the united states not acknowledge recession and not go after inflation and sit there with a straight face and say i'm addressing climate change and then storm out there with your senior shuffle. >> ainsley: think about the people this effects the most. people on a fixed income. the older people. and they are in the -- you know, second half of their life, if not later than that, they are not so worried about what is going to happen to our world in, you know, 20, 40, 50, 60 years
4:12 am
or 100 years. they are more worried about retirement. their fixed income. they can't afford to put gas in their car or buy that extra meat at the grocery store. they have to go do all their groceries one day per week. we have heard that time and time again from people at the diners because they can't afford the gas to keep going back out every single day. >> steve: democrats call it the inflation reduction act. >> ainsley: that's a joke. >> brian: barnum named that. >> steve: here's the thing. joe biden said it's going to reduce inflation because my advisers told me that of course these are the same advisers that got us to the point we are at. really should be called not the inflation resurrection act but the midterm loss reduction act because clearly the democrats -- the democrats are loving this because ainsley, to your point about older americans. they like the idea of lower prices on prescription drugs. >> ainsley: correct, yeah. we all like that. >> steve: deficit reduction. so the democrats look at this as a win before the november
4:13 am
elections and for them, this is a good thing. we are now talking about that rather than inflation we are talking about oh, look, joe biden and those democrats did. my insulin costs less. you big win on washington. joe biden suddenly after a bad six months is having a really good end of the week. >> ainsley: well, the d.a., alvin bragg here in new york, is speaking out about his decision to go easy on that teenager in the subway. we have been showing you this video for the last last week. the 16-year-old wracked up three felony arrests within four months. the d.a. talked about why he went easy on him. he said our system must respond to children. >> brian: children. >> ainsley: children as children. violence against our police officers is unacceptable. given his age at the time of the arrest we consented to send the second case to family court as soon as possible where he would receive the age-appropriate intervention and supports that he needs while being held accountable.
4:14 am
>> brian: the thing is, the same people committing the crimes, they are no longer just committing the crimes, they are doing it over and over again. they realize that early when they looked at these crime stats. they said if we could just arrest these criminals, we get them off the streets, crime will drop precipitously, it's the same perpetrators. in a study they say one in five burglaries in new york city were from people rearrested on felony charges within 60 days. so the nypd data was obtained by the "new york post," and they run through the whole thing about how the same people keep committing the same crime. and i love this quote from a manhattan cop. says this. we went from revolving door justice system which by the way is terrible to an easy pass system, which means the cops have said, have at it. because no one has got our back and we can't keep you in prison, so go ahead with your smash and grab and your squeegee guys. >> steve: the 16-year-old who is now -- you know, he is loose. he had three felony arrests in
4:15 am
four months to the point of the repeat offenders. but because he is 16 years old, you know, it's a special category. he punched a cop 20 times. you know what? if you beat up a cop, the rules should be you are going to be prosecuted as an adult. but in that soundbite that we just read from the d.a., this kid who beat up the cop would receive the age-appropriate interventions. i wonder when he was arrested in april of this year, with a gun, in the car, i wonder if that was an age-appropriate gun? did the gun care that the kid was under the age of 18? i don't think those bullets impact anybody any differently. there has got to be a better system. right now they have shuffled this kid off to family court now and so alvin bragg doesn't have to bother with him anymore. it's a complete different jurisdiction. and all of his previous crimes will soon be wiped away. >> brian: he will be 18 and
4:16 am
right in alvin bragg's lap. >> ainsley: i believe everyone can change but call me a cynic this guy is 16 and he has had three felony arrests in four months. he is only 16. they think they can rehab him? i hope and pray that they can but, gosh, that's going to take a lot of work. >> steve: right. just one of their quick piece of news. in chicago where they also have crazy rules and a lot of violent crime, because lull la palooza is this weekend, the public health came out and said hey, listen, we know you are going to be buying a lot of pills at this event, some of them could be laced with fentanyl. so go to the public library and get the fentanyl testing kit alings test your drugs. >> ainsley: take narcan. >> steve: it continues to be upside down. ainsley: what kind of message is that. >> steve: just how want in the public library. i'm going to be president obama pills at lollapalooza i need to go to the library to get the fentanyl. >> ainsley: used to go there to
4:17 am
check out books. >> steve: you are so analogue. >> ainsley: fentanyl strips at the library. use your library card. >> steve: that's chicago and new york. here in new york mezzanine level carley has the news from the border. >> carley: i certainly do. watch this, guys. we are turning now to a fox news alert. another illegal immigrant bus arriving in d.c. after muriel bowser asked for national guard help. you are looking at the bus carrying migrants, i believe those migrants are from texas, the southern border pulling up to washington, d.c. just an hour ago. that bus reportedly coming from texas like i said. that influx of migrants into the nation's capital appears to have caught the attention of democratic mayor muriel bowser now asking the national guard to step in and help with the crisis. a fox weather alert. flooding causing chaos on the vegas strip overnight. flash flood warnings were issued for the las vegas valley early this morning as rising waters stranded drivers and flooded
4:18 am
casinos. meanwhile, at least 8 people are dead in kentucky after severe flash flooding took place on wednesday, the number much fatalities is expected to climb. fox weather's will nunley will join us live in kentucky coming up. the kremlin making it clear there is no deal in place for the u.s. -- with the u.s. for the prisoner swap involving wnba star britney griner and former marine paul whelan, several reports suggest the americans could be freed russian armed dealer known as the will of death. russia says no agreements have been full-timized and said these types of negotiations should be negotiated cigarettely. if you are looking for a spot to pull up a chair and split a slice of cheesecake with your best pals to say thank you for being a friend, you are in luck. ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ >> ainsley: sing it, ainsley.
4:19 am
>> ainsley: your heart is true ♪ you're a pal and a confidante ♪ "the golden girls" kitchen is a theme pop-up restaurant and bar in beverly hills hills and open for business. tickets are $50 per person and include your choice for entree and of course a slice of cheesecake to complete the meal. cheesecake is what they ate on the show when they were hashing things out. >> steve: and drinking coffee. >> ainsley: grandmother from sicily her daughter i read somewhere once even though she played the older one they were younger. >> carley: i know what you are talking about that's right. it was a cute show. >> ainsley: it was a cute show. >> brian: are any of them still alive. >> carley: i don't know. >> ainsley: betty white may be. >> carley: bee arthur also passed away. thanks for ending with that, brian. appreciate it. >> ainsley: who was the one who played the lady that had a lot of fun.
4:20 am
>> carley: blanch. >> steve: mcclan hand bea arthur and betty white that's all four estelle getty. >> brian: 19 minutes after the hour. coming up straight ahead chinaens xi jinping warns president biden playing with fire when it comes to taiwan. general jack keane on that next in ukraine.
4:21 am
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>> brian: welcome back, everybody. president xi issuing a warming during two hour conversation between biden and he. adding tension future of taiwan and possible speaker's visit to taiwan. public opinion cannot be violated playing with fire will set yourself on fire. i hope the u.s. side can see this clearly. here to react and tell us what this means general jack keane, four star general.
4:25 am
general, how do you take that statement? >> well, it's a bit rich, coming from him because he is the most ambitious, aggressive and ruthless leader china has had since move say tongue and what different united states him from mao is so much aggression. what he is doing with taiwan. for 10 years president xi has been intimidating and coercing taiwan to voluntarily capitulate and become a part of mainland china. all he has managed to accomplish in those 10 years is stiffen the taiwanese resolve not to do that. they believe in taiwan and they think of themselves as taiwan ease. it is he that has raised the stake as and created the conflict. every single year he says the same thing. if they don't become a part of china, he is going to take them by force. and i believe we should take him at his word.
4:26 am
learn the lesson from putin and not taking him at his word that he would take ukraine by force. both of these leaders are aggressive and ruthless. >> brian: we have to find out what taiwan needs to defend itself. what a chinese attack might look like and get them those weapons right away. do you believe the speaker has to fulfill her intention to visit taiwan? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. he has every right to be there. leaders go in and out of there. admittedly not at the level of the speakership since newt gingrich was there. but to back away from that, would give president xi a huge propaganda victory. something they would love to see. just going in to the national party congress here in a few weeks where they are going to enshrine him for a third term. they want no embarrassment, they want nothing to deflect from that enshrinerment. she needs go. she said she was going to go. he is making a big stew about this. i mean, they announced this in april but then she got covid.
4:27 am
there was no reaction from the chinese. they are reacting now because it's much closer to his enshrinement here in several weeks. that's what really happening. >> brian: momentum could be changing, some people say the "new york times" reports today in ukraine, back to the ukrainians, the russians have not made any significant gains since july 2nd, are you and the institute study of war under the belief that the ukrainians are set to make a major move or in the midst of a major move in kherson? >> yeah. absolutely. they have been planning this for weeks and preparing for it for the last few weeks. and now their counter offensive is underway. cutting the bridges off and seal off kherson from the south which is where the russians are resupplying it. kherson is a major strategic port. it's very close to crimea. this there is the first city that the russians grabbed. it will have strategic
4:28 am
significance for the ukrainians to take it. operationally, and tacklely very significant. they have never taken a tact urban area and taken that from the russians. this is the first time they are going to be doing that. so, we will see if they are up to it they have been preparing for it rather significantly. and certainly we want them to achieve this. we're hoping that this could be the beginning of taking back more territory as the russians have reached a culminating point, exhausting themselves, their people and their equipment in the donbas region. it's unlikely they will be able -- the russians will be able to take that whole region. the ukrainians are right. they see the vulnerability. and they are taking advantage of it. >> brian: yeah. they have not made any significant gains since july 2nd. there was a pause. but the russians, who have, they say, are 15,000 dead, and up to 75,000 wounded so they have taken some major hits. they just don't have the press reporting on it we will.
4:29 am
general jack keane, thanks so much. >> yeah. thanks, brian. have a wonderful weekend. you and the team. >> brian: you too. meanwhile before we start the weekend i have to remind you coming up saturday at 8:00 one nation repeated again at 11:00. we will be talking about this and also about crime in new york city and around the country with commissioner ray kelly, karl rove will talk about the president's insistence that we are not in a recession and he will be handicapping the senate races and charlie kirk on the anthony fauci having one regret that he wasn't stricter with his lockdown and why we shouldn't go to college, yes, maybe your kids, still ahead, on this show, we the kingdom will premier their newest song for our all-american summer concert series, that will happen next hour but first, they join us on stage. ♪
4:30 am
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4:34 am
is k. see whole towns under water. the number of fatalities, that is to say, is expected to rise. fox weather multi media will nunley is in kentucky with the latest. will? >> yeah, good morning. unfortunately more rain and more evacuations here for this area. the work of the national guard stretching late into the afternoon. and evening. using helicopters to try to reach so many of these remote areas that are just so difficult to reach with these washed out roads. we are also learning that they continue to bring resources in the area for multiple different regions. the death toll still standing at 8 this morning. meanwhile a lot of the locals here are trying to mobilize themselves and helping those in need. bringing in supplies to aid those in need. i spoke to brenda a moment ago and she is trying to donate some supplies this morning. she tells us what her family has interns err experienced over the last few hours. >> just seeing people swept underneath trailers, houses off the foundations. people crying out for help on
4:35 am
facebook. not having no phone, no internet. not having a way to get ahold of people. our first responders are overwhelmed, 911 calls. it's taking them a little while to get help. i'm really thankful for the people that are coming. >> this morning we are keeping an eye on the town of jackson, kentucky that's because upstream we understand that a dam may be experiencing break soon, that will be affecting nearly 100 homes. hospital and some other facilities down there. so be watching that carefully. also understand that the kentucky governor is going to be taking to the air and touring about midday today. we will bring you those remarks as well watching that and genesis keeping an eye on the incoming rain and swollen rivers as well. >> janice: hi, will, thank you for the good work you have been doing incredible video as well. our priors, of course, going out to all those folks that are in kentucky and across the ohio river valley and tennessee river valley where we have heavy rainfall in the forecast for the next several days and this front
4:36 am
actually stretches back into the southwest where we saw flooding in las vegas overnight and here is the set-up. we have got this front that's just parked here and these areas of low pressure that ride the front and that is going to be the situation as we get into the weekend and even next week all of these regions we could see the potential for flash flooding. that's a concern from the through the plain states across the ohio tennessee valley. the mountains are going to squeeze out that moisture. that's why we are seeing the flash flooding possibilities. okay. also, the severe storm threat, large hail, damaging winds, maybe isolated tornadoes stretch from the mid-atlantic back into the plain states and then the other big story, of course, is the relentless heat, not only for the southern plains but up towards the northwest where we have excessive heating warnings and heat advisories for, yet, another day, fox for all of your latest details there on this story. back to you, steve, ainsley, brian. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, they are the christian music band inspiring americans all across the
4:37 am
country. and with two grammy nominations, we, the kingdom, brings faith and family on their stake where we are right now. >> ainsley: we love having them here. we are so excited. y'all know their music. they have a new song that they're going to memorial right here on "fox & friends." we have -- tell me how all of y'all are related. i know a lot of you have the last name cash. >> my dad and his brother scott, me and my brother martin and our really good friend andrew who is basically family at this point. >> steve: it's not just a job it's a family reunion every day? >> everyday. >> that's great. and is it your wife or your mom leads the bible study in north carolina? >> oh, yeah, my mom, yes. >> ainsley: she is supposed to be a really strong christian. she leads all these women. >> she is awesome. >> ainsley: one of my mom's best friends is in it. it's a small world. everyone knows holy water. you all love holy water. we love that song. tell us about that new song you
4:38 am
are dropping today on "fox & friends." >> it's called left it in the water. we love the word water. [laughter] >> it's a powerful song about what it means to be forgiven and, you know, we all have things we wrestle with in our life and struggles that we go through so the song we were actually walking down the hallway and we saw this picture of this girl just going down in the water and come up and had a t-shirt on and we just thought that need to be a song. >> steve: you got it and performing it later. so these days it seems like so much going wrong in the world and people are looking for something else. you know, they are living their life. they are looking for something else. have you had people come to your show and go, you know, i never thought about something that way and thank you very much for the message? >> absolutely. we had woman come said hey i was driving down the road and listening to your song holy water it came on the radio. she said i cranked it up as loud as it could go i blew the speakers in my car and that day
4:39 am
my life changed forever because i got to hear this song and what it meant to be forgiven. we hear stories about that man it changes our life. it is such a gift to get to do this. >> ainsley: will you do us a favor? will you introduce the band? >> absolutely. >> you want me to do it. >> steve: start for the camera guy. >> steve: it's the roll call. >> i'm martin, scott, i'm franny. >> ed, and i'm andrew. >> ainsley: and how did you come to be? who put this together ed is the dad? >> i think god did this. there is nothing that any of us were thinking about. it was not on our radars. we are family. we have been around each other for a very long time but in terms of like forming a band, that was just not happening. but, it was -- we work -- actually we went through a really hard season together. through a very difficult time. very painful for all of us. and i think we just started to write songs to just heal out of this experience. and in the healing process, we started looking at each other
4:40 am
thinking are we supposed to like do something with this? and called a couple of friends of mine in the music business and they were very gracious and encouraging and. >> steve: sure, yeah. >> here we are. >> in a hot tub. wrote our first song in a hot tub. >> christian music song in a hot tub. >> yeah, believe it or not. >> steve: back to the water. >> we can't leave it. >> called dancing on the wave. >> did it start out i was in hot water and then -- okay. >> something like that. >> steve: they just write themselves, don't they? tell us a little bit about your tour for folks who would like to see you throughout the country this summer. >> we are doing some summer festivals, we are so excited about. and then this fall we are going on our headline tour with corey asbury. we are really excited about that going to be playing some of our old songs and new songs and we can't wait. >> ainsley: where are you all from? where did you grow up. >> we were just talking about that. people from charlotte out there. >> charlotte, north carolina? >> four of us were born in
4:41 am
charlotte. >> i'm from kansas city, missouri. >> we live in nashville now. >> ainsley: elevation is there. great church in charlotte. >> steve: great to have this family reunion live on this stage. good crowd for you today. start sing here in about 20 minutes, franny, ed and scott and we the kingdom will premier their new song let it in the water. >> left it in the water. now you can't forget it. >> steve: i left it in the green room. coming up on "fox & friends." all right. thanks, guys. >> thank you all. >> steve: round of applause, folks. we will step aside. more in a couple of minutes. ♪ where i'm going ♪ but i'm a long way from where i was
4:42 am
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a pool floatie is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. >> steve: listen to this, oklahoma's largest school district has pulled two books from their library after the state's education secretary
4:46 am
posted about their explicit material. the book is titled gender queer and flamer were so graphic that even facebook took down its -- his post warning people about them. oklahoma education secretary ryan walters joins us now from oklahoma city. ryan, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me, steve. it's pretty wild when a public school has books that have so explicit on their shelves i post about it facebook sensors me. facebook higher standards than the tulsa public schools. so outrageous. >> steve: because this is a family show we are not going to show the images. you described them to me during the commercial. they are not something we would ever show on the channel. but, when you complain to the superintendent, what was her reaction? >> yeah, when i made this post to highlight it and say these have to go down her response was to knock it off.
4:47 am
what we have in tulsa public schools is unfortunately what we are seeing around the country. we have a social justice warrior who is more concerned about going woke than being a superintendent focusing on academic outcomes. they are the first school district to violate our critical race theory ban. they are now a district that has these explicit. it's pornography, steve is in these textbooks. these are the type of books that they had in their library available to students. it's absolutely outrageous and indicative of why this is the lowest performing schools in our state. we have folks in positions of power, as administrators that are more focused on awoke ideology an agenda rather than making sure kids can read and write. it's absolutely -- we are not going to stand for it here in oklahoma. >> steve: these books were in a middle school library so they would have been available to schools in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. >> yes, sir. that's correct. you know, this is the thing. i have been hearing from parents all over the state going when we send our kids to school, you know, we are not expecting them to be able to check out a book
4:48 am
from the library that's that has explicit pornography in it. unfortunately this is a tactic we have seen of the far left. they are pushing critical race theory on the schools. they are pushing the sexualization of kids and unfortunately one of their end goals is to teach kids to hate america. we have to go back to teaching our history and make sure every young person has the ability to be successful and inspired by our history. this is the greatest country in the history of the world and kids need to know this continue this great experiment that is america. >> steve: in the light of you have complaining about it and tulsa. tulsa public schools we have nearly 1 million book on library shelves and committed to make sure that kid have access to diverse materials that are age-appropriate. when we were made aware of the two books with inappropriate ages we immediately asked the secondary schools that had them to remove them from their libraries. even after the superintendent, ryan, told to you knock it off, they eventually took down the books. but, just out of curiosity.
4:49 am
i know they have got unions there in the schools, the teachers are represented by the nea, did they get involved in this as well? >> yeah. you know, the national teacher's association, the nea, the national teacher's union, decided last week, you know, would he don't need to use the term women. we need to use the term birthing person. that's the how out of line. come to the definition on this. that is what is soz crazy here. that book should have never been on the shelves in the first place. their reaction was not to hurry and make sure this doesn't happen again. we will go through a deep dive it was to tell us to knock it off. governor stith and i here in a.o.c. we have called for audit. this has we have called for that and within a month of calling for an audit. we find they violate critical race theory theory in the state and find this type of material here. this is what happens when you start to uncover and start to demand transparency in our public schools. is you are going to start finding more and more instances of this and it's absolutely got
4:50 am
to stop. >> steve: thank you ryan for talking to us about what is going on there in oklahoma city. that's crazy. >> steve, one more thing if people would follow me ryan wall territories for what we are doing. we are not going to allow oklahoma to go woke. why are going to keep our schools and teach our kids american history. >> steve: good luck to you. have a nice weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead on this friday, who wants to be a billionaire? tonight's mega millions jackpot is a big one, over a billion. and with inflation taking aim at americans, the stakes have never been higher. are you in? that's coming up. over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: mega million lotto tickets are soaring as americans look to cash in with the jackpot now over $1 billion. >> steve: why are we on the couch and not in a convenience store where they are? >> ainsley: there was one in the lobby. >> steve: making up for psyche sales and the rush of lotto fever. todd piro live outside of sparta cut in new york with more. >> thank you for the toss,
4:55 am
joe biden and i will go regis. who wants to be a billionaire? and selling lotto tickets, jackpot in the mega millions soaring to $1.1 billion the third-largest the history. no one hitting all six numbers in three straight months. megamillion say nine people won but came up slightly short as the tickets held the first five winning numbers without the six mega ball. odds of winning, get this, guys 132 million but a second source, you've got to be in it to win it. places like this across the country like the one i met now tickets are selling like hot cakes or should i say those bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches which seemed to be the latest victim of inflation. you watch the show, "fox & friends" i spoke to an owner who said she was forced to jack up the price of bacon, egg and cheese by $2. a new york staple and use to
4:56 am
getting $3, $4, $5 but now $6. if you would like to get bacon, egg and cheese like arial is to hand me, anchor props because you need to know what it looks like. you need to win and you need to win $1.1 billion and then when you come here, you can get a megamillion jackpot. at 11:00, make sure you are watching and you come too, can win. the dome asked me one who would play the powerball? only $170 million when you can get $1.1 billion. >> ainsley: chances are better but the powerball, right? >> steve: probably. >> those people grew up thinking i want to be vice president. you shoot for the parable of those people are going for megamillion spirit because thank you, todd. we the kingdom coming up next. ♪ ♪ t
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: it is our three on one "fox & friends" and the summer all-american summer concert series. our new friends from we the kingdom performing "child of god" and a family band from
5:02 am
tennessee. even though they are a new band, already to grammy nominations in the past. >> ainsley: that is amazing. they were saying that they lost their grandfather. and all of the stars that you see that cover up the microphone and you will see back on the drums, many of them are his cars. to remember him because he was really into music. >> brian: legacy and they will be performing all our. we have got to do some news so if you want to listen to them go to and they are streaming live. let's talk to the border and how it affects washington, d.c. >> ainsley: we started the show at 6:00 and a bus pulling into d.c. coming from texas, right? governor abbott in texas and governor ducey in arizona. they are sending these buses to washington, d.c., because they cannot deal with just the influx in the search. >> steve: they are trying to send a message, too. >> ainsley: the democratic leader said yeah, they can come in and leave the borders open. now they are complaining because
5:03 am
i don't have the resources to handle them when they get to d.c. >> brian: this gives me great hope because for the longest time, it has been texas, arizona, new mexico but california keeps her mouth shut that are affected. they are the ones on an everyday basis have to do with these immigrants detergents and the border patrol and have to sit in silence where only 30% on the border and have to process illegals and they know 800,000 e gotten away and the countless criminals in the midst. and the oversize classrooms dominated the spring and about to overwhelm in the fall. the president of the united states feels immune to it and homeland security secretary says things are out of control -- under control and everyone knows it. wrong! right now, mayor adams in new york city is beginning to speak out about this. now muriel bowser who treat at the national guard so terribly after january 6th and during the last few months of the trump
5:04 am
administration, sleeping on the streets, now asking the governor to give them back. >> steve: she is saying it is an emergency in d.c. she requested the secretary lloyd alston, mr. secretary, i need 150 national guard members mediate and i need the d.c. armory which is a couple of blocks from the u.s. capitol is a temporary processing center because -- secretary you won't believe the number of migrants at the nation's capital including on the buses from the evil governors in arizona and texas. we've had something like 4,000 people on 200 buses. >> ainsley: in total. whelan we giggle about that because we heard the number 7,000 -- >> ainsley: per day come across the border. >> steve: per day are being processed only for thousands over at the nation's capital. she made the request ten days ago. she talked about yesterday in d.c., watch. >> we need space, and we need
5:05 am
the federal government to stay involved. so, i fast for the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with a humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate. the number of people crossing the border seeking asylum, we expect to only go up. and we need to make sure there is some national response, not ad hoc city by city, state by state response. we know that the federal government does this. speed to the governor and texas greg abbott tweeted this out, "d.c. is experiencing a fraction of the disastrous impact the border crisis has caused texas. mayor bowser should stop attacking texas for securing the border and demanding joe biden to his job." >> steve: that's right. here's the thing, we go down and go to washington, d.c., all the time. though the homeless problem in d.c. was terrible long before te
5:06 am
buses started and so now, the mayor in addition to asking the department of defense for help also then three days later called the department of homeland security and said, hey we are asking the department of defense and can you please make sure because the message is, hey, department dhs, border patrol, you're letting the people in! can you make sure the pentagon allows us to use these national guardsmen? obviously, this is a big story in washington, d.c., finally after spinning the border. and asking whether scotus will get involved. >> as the president going to approve for the national guard? >> i said this last week about using immigrants as a political tool, and that is shameful and that is just wrong. >> would it be for small-town texas and arizona to take care of these migrants rather than a
5:07 am
large metropolitan? >> that is not what i said. that is not what i said. i said they are sending migrants to big cities using them as a political ploy. and with the republicans is doing is wrong and there is a process in place and we should follow the process. there is a legal process in place, and they should follow it. >> steve: think a much could be done with the pressure in south america to hold onto their people and 20,000 marines back on the southern border. they remove some of the aid we gave him without doing anything turn it. we do it to be good neighbors and help them with different programs. we start holding that in the past, that has got their attention. what about if we actually built a wall, a barrier to help borders patrol so much because it was not a wolf but technology. douglas nicholas a arizona mayor and at the eye of the storm when it comes to who is coming across the border. not just people but drugs and derelicts. >> this is bad appear this is something we've been trying to
5:08 am
address a year and a half now. that is why the border agents not doing their mission, which is border protection and doing things like immigration processing. these convicted felons get through the process or get around the process and make it order for them to protect the country. then people as we know end up moving through the whole country. it is great to have another mayor on board, but really, it has to be a whole country response. if it is affecting d.c., imagine what it's doing to a community of 100,000 people along the border when there are thousands a day. >> ainsley: exactly. the mayor of d.c. muriel bowser of the champion of all the migrants coming across the border and called it a human rights issue. it is a humanitarian issue. than, she is complaining about the surge. we saw her on the sunday show complaining about the surge in her town out that the migrants are coming because the homeless shelter are full and they are asking for federal aid. that is why she wants
5:09 am
national guard. and asking to pay for the cost so the local government doesn't have to. there is a volunteer at the facilities, housing migrants, name is isaiah guerrero. and he says, "we don't see anyone from the mayor's office. no one from black latino affairs or to welcome them. they want to wash their hands because it is seen as a hot potato." meanwhile the mayor is tweeting come meet me at the ribbon ceremony for the new affordable housing area. >> steve: you know, for the press secretary in the white house to say what she said, it does appear the white house has toned down. because she said they are sending these people here to these big cities on purpose. hold on a second. this administration is letting all the people into this country on purpose! exactly! and once pressed by border patrol, what happens? a bus full of people who just
5:10 am
got off about two hours ago at the nation's capital. when the administration lets people into the interior, go wherever you want and here is what the governors of texas and arizona have done is they have rented these buses and they say, we have a bus. anybody want to go to d.c.? volunteers only. all the people who would get off the bus or volunteering. keep in mind -- >> ainsley: they are not being pressed. >> steve: even though that's what the mayor said last sunday. even though this is the easy path to d.c., keep in mind the federal government through the ngos on the border, what are they doing? they are putting people on airplanes incident them wherever they want to go on an airplane. instead, the government taking matters in their own hands because the federal government is letting these people into the country on purpose. so the supreme court justice in the news because of the decisions they made.
5:11 am
and they made some titanic ones that affected education and certainly roe v. wade affects abortion. samuel alito wrote, "we have not heard much from him, okay, not much from him." but we see the protest outside of their house. in the winter, do they have a question themselves on the decision they wrote? do they have to say is it worth it? judging by justice alito's remarks over in italy over the weekend sponsored by notre dame law school, the answer is "no" he is extremely proud of it. listen how he takes on the other world leaders that were judgmental on our system and his decision. >> i had the honor this term of writing i think the only supreme court decision in the history of that institution that has been lamb blasted by whole string of foreign leaders.
5:12 am
[laughter] who felt perfectly fine commenting on america lost. one of these was former prime minister boris johnson. but he paid the price. [laughter] what really wanted me when the duke of sussex addressed the united nations and seem to compare the decisions the name may not be spoken with the russian attack on ukraine. >> ainsley: obviously, he doesn't care about the criticism. he is not wanted by what prince harry thinks and what he says that the u.n. when it comes to our country. he's basically kicked out of his family to move to america and criticize our government. >> steve: it was interesting because even though the event was ten days ago in rome, you can tell the audience know exactly what he was talking about. that was a seminar on religious liberty held by notre dame law school. so, he was in attendance. it was ten days ago but they
5:13 am
didn't release the video until yesterday probably for security reasons. at the same time two justices, sonia sotomayor work and amy coney barrett on the right appeared yesterday and come i believe at a regular institute event out in the west coast. and it would appear to be an attempt to try to bring down the temperature and proof that they are all, they might have different points of view but they are still friends. and sonia sotomayor said we like each other -- no she said fundamentally they are good people. amy coney barrett said, we like each other in effect we are on the same space. so maybe some progress. all in bringing down the temperature because it is summer and it's hot. >> brian: 13 minutes after the hour fresh off the baseball beat, with us delivering the news and in fact, i've been judging your newscast. they've been perfect so far. >> ainsley: you are so sweet, brian.
5:14 am
>> steve: you can fish at 9:00. >> ainsley: no pressure. steve you brought up the weather but the temperature and also fox weather alert here, flooding causing chaos on the vegas strip overnight including this barrage fled right off of the strip. flash flood warnings issued from las vegas valley early this morning is rising water stranded drivers and flitted casinos. meanwhile, eight people are dead in kentucky after a severe flash flooding took place wednesday. the number of fatalities expected to climb. fox weather will join us live in kentucky coming up. from want the story and so much more, download the fox weather app or stream fox weather on your favorite connected tv device. alarming new drone footage shows sharks including great whites circling in the water 100 yards off of the coast of long island, new york. this viral video is making waves online. the videographer who shot the footage has been flying her drone over the same spot in southampton for seven years and
5:15 am
said she's never seen sharks and such shallow water. the scary siding comes after six separate shark attacks reported on long island so for the summer. capitol police making three arrests last night outside of the congressional baseball game. the claimant activist blocking the interest of the national park threatening to shut the event down but meanwhile inside the car the democratic lawmakers sparking controversy in the bottom of the sixth. look what she did, watch this. >> jeffries, she will come onto a nice ovation. [applause] not much reaction. >> congresswoman linda sanchez with the middle finger to the republican dugout. that is not in the spirit of the game. getting the last lap shutting out the democrats in 810-01. there might be a key component missing from halloween this year. chocolate will not be able to
5:16 am
meet consumer demand for halloween themed candy. they blame the ongoing supply chain do my crisis and higher demand for sweet spirit of the chocolate maker using the same factory line for regular and seasoned products. it is one of the other. without a little halloween news. >> steve: as long as they make the hershey bars with the omens, we will be good. >> brian: what do you like? >> ainsley: i don't like nuts in my chocolate because it takes up space where chocolate should be. >> argued dark chocolate? the two i do not discriminate either. >> steve: hershey's is milk chocolate i believe. that is my favorite, thank you carley. >> brian: 60 minutes after they all work and still had the liv golf tournament in new jersey today with pro-am. we are live with the golf course with the former president himself welcome golfers on thursday. >> ainsley: but first, we the kingdom performing live on our
5:17 am
fox square. >> i want to say this wherever you are, whatever you might be fighting, there is a power greater than no other and that's what it's all about. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:22 am
♪ ♪ >> ainsley: the controversial liv golf tournament kicks off today at trump national, which is in new jersey. >> steve: it is, indeed and despite ties to saudi arabia, former president donald trump is defending the new league as "one of the hardest things to have dropped happened in sports." >> brian: headed up by greg norman, the sister station fox business right now at head of the big event. hey, medicine. >> hey, brian, good morning, guys. the tournament starts this afternoon but there has been talk about this event for weeks now. a big focus on the saudis evacuees withdrawing big names from the golf world and have them join liv golf tournament.
5:23 am
and also people talk about issues of well documented human rights abuses. the payout of the contracts have been so extravagant, the pga tour has taken a hard line stance gnomic stance on anyone who joins. banning them and sergio garcia have this to say about the backlash. >> i think i'm really disappointed. obviously, i understand everyone has an opinion and i think they are putting money on investment into the game. and a beautiful game of golf and there's nothing wrong with that. >> despite the controversy liv golf is pushing forward with more next season and doubling the prize money to unprecedented $405 million. we spoke to the president of liv golf why pushing forward despite the noise. >> we think the market is big enough for two leagues to be in. we think there is a way to work
5:24 am
together. our product is, you know, 48 players, 12 teams, shotgun store, four and a half hours of golf, teams and individuals to completely different park. >> so the purse for this weekend is $25 million. the winner will walk away with $4 million that is on top of the contract most of these golfershave signed in the hundrf millions of dollars, guys. >> brian: and bubba watson the latest superstar to effect the league. we will see. thank you. >> ainsley: her to say no to that kind of money when it is your skill. >> brian: recidivism rates skyrocketing thanks to bill reform and cash bail. correspond at-large geraldo rivera reacts next. >> steve: but first outside with before performing "no doubt
5:25 am
about it." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: a fox weather alert, flooding causing chaos on the vegas trip you're the rising waters letting casinos and straining cars. and then kentucky, the governor said as of this morning, at least 15 people are dead in that state including children after massive floods destroyed entire communities. fox weather journalist will natalie. that is helpful, where what is the latest? >> we were concerned the death toll may rise and certainly we are hearing that this morning with 15 of from eight last night. i will show you another scene
5:30 am
happening here, east fork of kentucky river. you can tell on your screen you will see debris going down. we have shown you this coverage of the homes destroyed and a lot of the smaller valleys. these greeks turned into raging rivers. this is where the debris is ending up and heartbreaking to sit and watch people's belongings and every everything, rooftops and floating down the river. who knows where they will end up. part of the horrific story unfolding but we are keeping an eye on the community objects in kentucky on the north fork of the kentucky river and we understand a there is in danger of being breached this morning. that could cause another 100 or so to flood with additional impact to hospital and a school there. there are evacuations underway. they have been most of the night. 100 water rescues in the town according to local firefighters. meanwhile mobilizing three states sitting in emergency responders to help reach the
5:31 am
very remote areas of people that are still unaccounted for here this morning. we are also waiting a tour on the ground from governor beshear and expected to happen today and we will have live coverage on fox coverage as well. this morning, as they tried to get rescue efforts underway again, we battle fog and rain and janice, the weather is a concern in the headline even as the rescue efforts continue here. >> absolutely as we head into the weekend, thank you for your reporting. we will cover that story nonstop on thanks to wil for great reporting. we were talking about jackson, t coastal flooding rain in about a matter of hours. this is why we see the devastating picture north fork kentucky river, what will was talking about one of the rivers there resting at 20 feet. that is a record of 14 feet was the last record they have. so this is a significant water event. unfortunately, we have more rain with this frontal boundary not
5:32 am
going anywhere. along that front is areas of low pressure. you can see the showers and thunderstorms within the last 12 hours moving across ohio and tennessee river valley back to the central u.s. and southwest. of course, we had flooding in las vegas yesterday and overnight last night. this is part of the same weather pattern bringing this devastating flooding to this region as well. so, these are some of the stories we will follow today and through the weekend as the front continues to stick around. of course, the he is a big topic and for the latest watches and warnings. >> ainsley: thank you so much, janice. manhattan top prosecutor deepening the release of a teenager who fought with a cop on a subway platform. district attorney alvin bragg 'office "our system must respond to children as children. we will send the second case to family court where he would receive the age-appropriate intervention and support that he
5:33 am
needs while being held accountable. meanwhile the citizens of rate for the burglary and thieves sore thanks to failed bail reform." let's bring them "the five" cohost, geraldo rivera. >> how are you doing? >> ainsley: you been in new york a long time reported on this. you actually represented turnstile jumpers that none of them, they were never caught beating up cops. >> it wasn't part of the scenario, ainsley, absolutely not and you're absolutely right about that. in my day legal services attorney and gladly represented the kids who got caught jumping the turnstiles because they wanted to beat the fair. i don't remember what it was, $0.25 but now $3. in this case, however, this kid is and was a thug here and he's had three felony arrests in the last four months. this kid wanted to hurt this cop. he had this cop 20 times. he put the cop in a choke hold.
5:34 am
he wanted to dominate this violent encounter. the district attorney alvin bragg has every single state this nation and the district of columbia, had the ability to transfer this case and try this kid as a juvenile at the time 15, 16 years old, try him in adult court. the d.a. could have done that. the d.a. opted not to do that. instead, demand this case to family court despite the fact, ainsley, three felony arrest in four months. the case remained in family court. the kid released without bail, no jail, and if anything goes to family detention center like a be kind of setting. but it is not going to be the kind of criminal trial that richly deserve but this is the kind of kid who doesn't care about society and really wants to inflict pain and dominate the
5:35 am
scene that these laws were designed with flexibility so 15, 16-year-old commits a heinous crime can be charged as an adult. not in new york, however alvin bragg opted not to do that. so this kid gets a slap on the wrist may be detention time after school and who knows having already done three felony charges, alleged charges in four months where this code goes from here, ainsley. >> ainsley: they put him in a physical of he is free to go but has to be home back at the facility for the 6:00 curfew. we are hoping they can rehab this kid but you are right three different felony arrest in a matter of four months and he's only six dimmick 16 years old. thank you, geraldo, have a great weekend. still had the gdp officially signals a recession another key report came out. personal consumption index, 6.8% compared to last year. larry kudlow will break down what those numbers mean for you
5:36 am
and your family, but first, here is we the kingdom performing on fox square. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: as america comes to grips with the recession, another key metric to deal with inflation came out. the expenditures price index has the inflation rate higher than expected at 6.8% year-over-year. >> ainsley: that is up from the rate of 6.3%, the pc is said to be easier for the federal reserve to determine current inflation, place has a lower on gasoline and rent, which cpi skyrocketing. >> steve: what does it mean? let's get analysis from economic director and host of the kudlow show on fox business, larry kudlow. as you can see is not wearing a neck tie because it's casual friday. hey, larry, good morning to you. >> morning, folks, great to have me. >> steve: there's been a blizzard of that numbers this past week but at the same time,
5:42 am
you know, the president got that big tax spin bill so feeling great. >> yeah, he may feel great, but the rest of the country is not going to feel so great. look, on the battle of the recession, the george orwellian recession battle when you have two consecutive negative quarters, since world war ii, there has never not been a recession ever. to say it's not a recession is, i think, a reach. it is theoretically possible, but it is highly, highly unlikely. that is point number one. point number two, the inflation number you mentioned a second ago is actually higher than may. so that is not good. underlying inflation may be about 7% or 8% right now. number three, why would you raise taxes when you're in a recession? this is the part that i simply do not understand. and this reconciliation bill,
5:43 am
which was kind of sprung on the republicans, i mean, the ink was barely dry on the vote for the chips plus bill, which is $284 billion in spending. now they come up with this bill, which is $739 billion tax hike, right, with $583 billion of spending. so wait a minute, let me get this right. sit back for a minute. in the space of 48 hours, you have these two, huge bills, okay? chips which is an industrial corporate welfare bill, and then reconciliation, all right? so the sum total is $870 billion in new spending. $870 billion in new spending. which is guaranteed to raise inflation. and you have $740 billion and higher taxes.
5:44 am
so, there is no deficit reduction. there is a massive tax increase, which will do great harm to businesses and working folks. finally, you have this huge volume of spending, which i thought there was agreement in washington that too much spending causes higher inflation. tax hikes are going to cause a worse recession. if you guys can figure out the economic logic to this, please come on my show and lay it to me because i don't get it. >> ainsley: you know -- >> i've only been doing this for about 50 years. you will have to help me out on this. >> ainsley: i think my 6-year-old knows when you don't have a lot of money in your bank account, you don't spend more. exactly. they are calling this the inflation reduction act. is that just a spin? >> well, it would have made george orwell proud. it is the worse misuse of the english language i have ever
5:45 am
seen. it has nothing to do with inflation reduction. this is a whole lot of subsidies and corporate welfare and climate change and they are going to throw in a big increase, $225 billion increase to obamacare. and they are going to put -- one of my favorites here is they will give the irs as if they don't have enough agents to go chasing waitresses and uber drivers around the city, they are going to give them another $80 billion. and that $80 billion is supposed to generate $120 billion in revenue. >> brian: unbelievable. >> when you go out onto the street, ainsley, you have to have a mask or something unless an irs agent will tell you wherever you go to increase your tax bill. >> brian: 20 seconds and i only have 30 seconds left but what about poisoning the well.
5:46 am
they passed the chips deal and a secret deal behind the scenes. mitch mcconnell feels like he was doublecrossed. does he have a right to feel that way? >> yeah, i think he does, i think he does. they sprung it -- the ink was barely dry and you are absolutely right on the chips will. joe manchin said two weeks ago, i'm not voting for any of this until i see the july inflation numbers, which everyone knew was coming out mid-august." whatever happened to july inflation numbers, joe? i don't get that. >> brian: watch the show at 4:00 today. >> not good. >> brian: not, indeed. >> ainsley: thank you, larry. have fun this weekend, larry. >> brian: to show his number one fox business but meanwhile the moment you have been waiting for. a brand-new song, "left in the water." after the break. >> ainsley: but first bill hemmer what is coming up at the top of the show, hey, bill.
5:47 am
>> they are cranking it up out there. >> brian: you are not complaining or you, is it too loud? >> guys, have a great weekend and eyes to see you. a very real and growing tension between u.s. and china front and center and pay attention to the story. it is the lead this one. the economy number one at home and for you and your family coming up. a warning about deadly drugs at a concert festival in chicago this weekend. and a starbucks the main true pain in washington, d.c., is closing. too much crime. can't make this up, it is friday and come along for the ride and we will see you at the top of the hour. vest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression.
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5:51 am
>> brian: thank you for brunch. >> it is time for the all american summer concert series by lowe's and tmg. >> steve: here to perform their new song, "let's get in the water" ladies and gentlemen we the kingdom. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
5:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪♪ everything i was, everything i've been ♪ ♪ god, i've got my regrets, i was a wretched man ♪ ♪ but you called me on down to the water, met me by the riverside ♪ ♪ yeah, you took me in, you drowned my sin ♪ ♪ and said, "dead man come alive!" ♪ ♪ then i left it in the water ♪ ♪ my yesterdays are history ♪ ♪ left it in the water ♪ ♪ like i went down dirty but i came up clean ♪ ♪ left it ♪ ♪ i left it ♪ ♪ i l?ft it in the water ♪
5:53 am
♪ god, i still got my struggles but you'r close to the broken heart ♪ ♪ lord, even when i'm falling, i'm falling in mercy's arms ♪ ♪ you found me on my damascus and blinded me with your light ♪ ♪ yeah, you took me in, you drowned my sin ♪ ♪ and said, "dead man come alive!" ♪ ♪ then i left it in the water ♪ ♪ my yesterdays are history ♪ ♪ left it in the water ♪ ♪ like i went down dirty but i came up clean ♪ ♪ left it ♪ ♪ i left it ♪ ♪ left it in the water ♪ ♪ i am born again, i have been
5:54 am
made whole ♪ ♪ nothing but the blood washing over my soul ♪ ♪ glory, hallelujah, let this signify ♪ ♪ all that you have done for me, lord, i got to testify ♪ ♪ yeah, i left it in the water ♪ ♪ my yesterdays are history ♪ ♪ yeah, i left it in the water ♪ ♪ like i went down dirty but i came up clean ♪ ♪ left it ♪ ♪ i left it ♪ ♪ left it in the water ♪ ♪ yeah, i left it ♪ ♪ left it ♪ ♪ i left it in the water ♪ ♪ left it ♪ ♪ left it ♪
5:55 am
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>> welcome back, everybody. how great are these guys? [cheering and applause] >> you know the song holy water and even hear it on secular stations. a lot of country stations are playing your song. you have been seriously a band for the last three years. congratulations. >> thank you. >> check out we the kingdom's new album available for pre-order and watch them live
6:00 am
on their upcoming tour. how much did you love the all american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at lowe's? >> get tickets to their tour. wtk >> who is ready for the weekend? [cheering and applause] >> have a great one. "america's newsroom" starts right now. >> bye, everyone. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 on a friday, china in the driver's seat? president biden going along for the ride. are we headed over a cliff we wonder today? good morning, dana has the day off. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to the program and welcome back to our friend sandra. >> good to kick off a friday with you. i'm sandra smith. "america's newsroom." the president holding that marathon call with chinese president xi jinping yesterday coming back with little to show for it. beijing is still threatening military action for a possible visit to taiwan by house speaker nancy pelosi. according to a


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