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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 29, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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encounter instagram develop negative body images. healthy food and exercise and anorexic content occurred time and time again. the only thing unusual about this case is that through the love of her mother and the support and grace of god she is here to talk to us today. >> sandra: you are telling her story, c.c. and candace, we appreciate you joining us and will continue to follow it. >> bill: good luck to you in northern kentucky, cincinnati area. we have to run. you are back at 1:00, right? >> sandra: yes. have a great weekend. >> bill: here is dagen, see you later. >> dagen: fox news alert. two hours and 17 minutes that president biden and china's president xi jinping spent talking by phone yesterday. president xi with very strong
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words. critics say president biden's words not nearly strong enough. house speaker's nancy pelosi visit to taiwan adding tension between the u.s. and china. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris. xi warning biden not to play with fire when it comes to taiwan. speaker pelosi's possible stop there. the speaker is set to leave for asia today and expect to hear from her later this hour. general jack keane criticizing america's passive approach to an aggressive china. >> the old paradigm we've used for years, which is self-censorship and self-deterring in our relationship with china all because we don't want to spook them. we don't want to aggravate them. that paradigm has failed massively. >> dagen: jacqui heinrich live at the white house. >> good to see you.
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president biden and president xi had a long conversation today, 2 hours and 17 minutes. then the white house agreed to a face-to-face meeting. an odd thing to do critics say after a death warning. the chinese urging the u.s. not to meddle with taiwan that beijing considers to be part of china with xi telling biden those who play with fire will perish by it. it is hoped the u.s. will be clear eyed about this according to the chinese read-out of the call. it comes as the white house has been quietly trying to dissuade nancy pelosi from vitsing taiwan. she is leaving for the region later today. china sees her potential visit sees it as violation. lawmakers have pushed pelosi to go because anything less would be caving to china. >> we should take it clearly as
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a threat. what we've done on energy policy and food security, supply chain issues has weakened america and now we have china emboldened to boldly declare they'll set us on fire if we have taiwan's back. >> unclear weather the biden/xi called was productive. no talks on lifting tariffs or whether biden brought up allegations china is trying to infiltrate on the federal reserve. officials called it promising that xi merely engaged in discussion about narcotics pouring into the u.s. from china. there wasn't a promise to stop it and finally this morning china is accusing the white house of lying about biden bringing up human rights. >> claims about genocide and forced labor are pure lies. you mentioned a white house spokesperson said the issues of genocide and forced labor were mentioned in the call last night. that is false information.
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>> i asked the white house for any response to that. so far have not heard back. i want to flag just moments ago a new warning from china against pelosi's planned visit saying it violates their red line and that visit would be met with resolute counter measures. >> dagen: thank you so much for that report. the gdp report yesterday confirming the u.s. is in a recession but instead of accountability, the white house stuck in spin mode over semantics. >> president biden: you look at the job market, consumer spending, business investment, we see signs of economic progress in the second quarter as well. >> i think we should avoid semantic battles. recessions are different. if you look at the pre-recession years during -- if our history, you see that the thing that happens during a pre-recession is that you lose jobs. we're not seeing that currently.
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>> i don't think there is any way to look at the last six months and say this is what a recession looks like. >> dagen: larry kudlow with his own version of come on, man. >> when you have two consecutive negative quarters, since world war ii, there has never not been a recession ever. so to say it's not a recession is, i think, a reach. it is theoretically possible, but it is highly, highly unlikely. >> dagen: the "wall street journal" editorial board out with this quote. call it a recession or stagflation or slowdown or transitory blip or even ethel or fred. however you name it, the u.s. economy described in the gdp report for the second quarter is struggling. it's distressing for the american families and businesses living through it. a political liability for the
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democrats presiding over it. no wonder they want to pretend it is not happening. marc thiessen, fox news contributor, former white house speech writer, "washington post" columnist. the folks i grew up with, marc, good morning. don't have to call it anything. but if you ask them about the economy and the white house handling of it, they will just give you a really nice hand gesture that i can't make on national television. >> i don't like them disparaging ethel and fred. i loved them. look, the fact is in the last 10 times that we've had since the 1950s when we've had two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth each and every time it has been officially declared a recession. brian deese, now the head of the national economic council who claims that the technical definition of a recession isn't two quarters of negative
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economic growth economists in 2008 said it but now he is saying the opposite. for most americans, they don't care about technical definitions. think care about they need to choose between gas and food and can't make ends meet. the number the biden administration needs to focus on in the "new york times" poll, 77% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. 13% think it's the right direction. when they make the technical arguments trying to justify why this time for the first time since world war ii this isn't a recession most americans say they are out of touch. >> dagen: to follow up on what larry kudlow was talking about. the last time we had two back-to-back quarters of contraction in the economy and didn't have a recession was 1947. the americans are feeling lousy about their financial situation. but the democrats and the white house, the fact that they are arguing about this and won't
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own up to the way that people are feeling, it says they don't care about what the american people are experiencing. they only care how this impacts them in november and in 2024, which again is shallow at best. >> this is also the reason despite the fact we have had 10 recessions like this since 1947, joe biden is less popular than every other president before him who went through those recessions. the least popular president in the history of presidential polling not just because he is failing to make the country better but because he is constantly lying about it and constantly down playing the lived reality of the american people. he goes out and says wages are rising. technically true. they are. inflation is eating away all the wage gains and more. so we've now -- he says inflation -- wages are rising but the reality that real wages inflation adjusted wages have dropped to the fastest in 40
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years. americans look and that and say my wages are rising? when you make these kinds of arguments. when a president goes out and makes arguments that are completely contrary to the lived reality of americans, americans tune him out. it was like afghanistan when he said it was an extraordinary success. everybody saw it wasn't an extraordinary success. he says it is a success. >> dagen: leadership should be about youism, you the american people not meism, how this effects me and my reelection or the reelection of my party. green new deal democrats talking nice about joe manchin when he changed his heart. a stark 180 when he stalled the original bill last year. congressman ripping into the senator saying he betrayed his commitment to congress and the
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american people and now she is singing a completely different tune. >> am i happy joe manchin is at the table now? absolutely. welcome in joe manchin. delighted to work with you to get this done. we need to show democrats across this country the democratic party can actually get stuff done when we have 50 democrats in the senate. that's where we are right now. >> dagen: republicans pushing back. graham demanding to know how the bill will reflect inflation. in a letter he writes the american people and member of congress deserve more information before moving forward with this reckless proposal to hike taxes and increase spending. marc, the republicans opened the door to this by piling on that chips bill which is nearly $300 billion and they got -- by the democrats in the senate. what say you? >> we also said -- republicans
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set it up by losing the georgia senate races runoffs. the reality is joe manchin is a democrat. republicans should never have been depending on him to save them. in manchin's defense they wanted 3.5 trillion dollars and they get $433 billion. 433 billion is way too much, more than 500 billion in tax increases, way too much but a lot better than 3.5 trillion. if we want to stop the spending bills only one way to do it. republicans to take back at least one house of congress so there aren't any democrat-only reconciliation bills. >> dagen: as the "wall street journal" points out today, though, republicans have co-signed onto $1.3 trillion in new spending, non-defense spending during this congress. the chips bill and before that
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the infrastructure bill. so all of these politicians are trying to fight inflation that was caused by spending, by spending more money. it is an upside down world in d.c. but i guess that's common. >> on the infrastructure bill keep in mind. the democrats wanted 3.5 trillion m spending. what joe biden did. he passed the 1.9 trillion covid relief bill it was only 8% of that was covid spending. it was a social spending bill designed as covid relief and tried to do the same thing with infrastructure. only 800 billion of that was actual infrastructure, the rest was social spending. what republicans did is took all the real infrastructure that people liked and supported and put it in a bill and left joe biden with nothing but a bunch of left wing social speending that had no public support and why he couldn't get it passed. it was a smart move to pass that infrastructure bill. it took away the sugar coating -- joe biden lies about what he
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is doing. it wasn't a covid relief bill. it was a human infrastructure bill and doing the same wing with the inflation bill. it is a climate bill. he is lying. >> dagen: before we move on $2 trillion in spending passed early last year is still being spent at the state level from california all the way down to florida, which is inflationary. stop it. lots of eyes on georgia, you mentioned georgia, that senate race at the beginning of last year. so high profile rematch for governor. a new fox news poll shows that gop republican brian kemp holding a slight lead over democrat stacey abrams. he narrowly beat her in 2016. it looks like the democrat could be, well, getting out
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over her skis as we say. critics ripping abrams after she tweeted a meme where she calls herself little ms. future governor of the great state of georgia. flashback to where she called georgia the worst state to live in. she is also getting some comparisons to the hillary clinton 2016 tweet that showed a childhood photo of herself with the caption happy birthday to this future president. 13 days later she lost to president trump. not a good idea probably to borrow from hillary clinton given her track record. >> not at all. keep in mind she hasn't conceded she lost the last election. she hasn't admitted she lost to brian kemp in 2018. most failed gubernatorial candidates don't become national political figures. she claimed race based voter suppression lost her the
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election and she hasn't admit i had she loss. she became rich because of it. she had a net worth of $109,000 and was in debt and paying huge i.r.s. fees in the 2018 elections. she earned $6 million last then. $3 million net worth. she got rich by spreading the big lie in georgia. kemp should ask her in the first debate before the voters go to the poll in the next election will you admit you lost the last one? >> dagen: we shall see. marc thiessen, great to see you. we covered so much. have a great weekend. los angeles county reversing course on its controversial plan to bring back the indoor mask mandates. we'll tell you what caused that turn around. the vegas strip literally under water after a freak rainstorm. then the death toll rising in the catastrophic flooding in kentucky. >> i've seen it pretty bad.
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>> dagen: the fentanyl crisis has chicago health officials visiting a warning to those attending the music festival this week. more and more recreational drugs being used are being cut with or replaced with fentanyl. the department tweeting this. fentanyl is a strong opioid that can easily cause overdose. test your drugs before you use. carry narcan and don't use alone. call 911 if you suspect someone is overdosing. narcan is an opioid overdose treatment. chicago's top doctor yesterday.
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>> every year, the music festival is a surge of people into emergency departments especially young people in chicago every year we see young people end up admitted to the hospital because they have experimented at a time when we really want team to have fun but have fun safely. >> dagen: fentanyl contributing to overdose deaths in the united states. up 15% from 2020 to 2021. dr. marty makary, fox news contributor, professor at johns hopkins school of medicine here to talk about it. these are poisonings, not overdoses. >> that's right. it is hard to get the dose of fentanyl correct for recreational use. it is very easy given how potent it is to overdose. fentanyl used to be in heroin, cocaine and opioid pills used for drug use. now it's in virtually all drugs. it's in marijuana.
8:23 am
when people smoke marijuana thinking it is safe it may be laced with fentanyl. in methamphetamine. there is no safe drug. parents should know that there is no way to avoid the fentanyl crisis with their own children unless they avoid drugs all together. it's endemic levels. more children have died of drug use than covid in the last two years. >> dagen: the number one killer of americans ages 18 to 45 fentanyl poisoning according to the cdc. do we need to get the message out more? you heard the message from chicago's top doctor ahead of the music festival. you see the signs all around new york city about safe drug use. do we need to get the message out like no drug use instead to your point? >> i think we need an all of the above strategy starting with total abstinence of drugs. i did it growing up and i think it's very doable and achievable. we need to educate the public with mass education saying there is no safe drug now with
8:24 am
fentanyl and i think we need to call out and create some accountability around celebrities and hollywood comedians that make light and joke of cocaine use and recreational drug usement people need to recognize the risks her. we don't have good data guiding policy. there is a massive surge in deaths from fentanyl. the last numbers from the cdc were 2021. why don't we have the numbers from 2022. we're eight months into the year. >> dagen: we're reading day after day about fentanyl seizures at the southern border. and the people in washington fail to ask why is the border open and why is a drug coming across that border that is poisoning and killing thousands upon thousands of americans every day, an overdose, lost life every five minutes to overdose? moving on to this. los angeles county is backing off plans to reimpose a universal indoor mask mandate
8:25 am
that was to start today. the county health director saying that covid cases are down lately but the plan drew backlash from local leaders including the mayor of beverly hills. >> we have more important issues to enforce in my opinion and in the council's opinion. if you feel vulnerable wear a mask. if you don't want to wear a mask, don't wear a mask. it became a function of where are we putting our enforcement? >> dagen: others questioning the effectiveness of mask mandates including l.a. county supervisor who posted on social media quote, unenforceible mandates don't work. i'm comfortable leaving this decision in the public's very capable hands. this is a move in the right direction, isn't it, dr. makary that people are allowed to make this decision for themselves? >> i think, dagen, politicians primarily respond to public sentiment. right now the public sentiment even in los angeles,
8:26 am
california, is that people need to figure out their own individual risk and make their own individual decisions. we can't have the entire country wearing kn95 masks for 10 years. we can't cry wolf that many times. you have to be very selective in using a mandate. we aren't talking about a recommendation but a mandate. the cloth masks have no value. surgical masks minimal and the 95 and kn95s can reduce transmission on both ends. one way masking is fine for people with concerns. otherwise we have to recognize omicron is inevitable and all officials have acknowledged everyone will get it so why are we doing all of this? >> dagen: thank you, always a pleasure. thank you for being here. and delivering those words. be well. months after the oscar slap heard round the world will smith issues a public apology to chris rock, his mother and
8:27 am
his family. plus washington, d.c.'s mayor calling the influx of migrants bused from texas a humanitarian crisis. the mayor of the border town of yuma, arizona says join the club. >> this is something we've been trying to address for a year and a half now. if it is affecting d.c. imagine what it's doing to us with over 1,000 a day? >> dagen: the crisis so dire president biden is quietly going back on his campaign promise not to build another foot of the border wall. congresswoman kat cammack in "focus" next.
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this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. >> dagen: in las vegas flash floods hitting the trip hard overnight. a rare thunderstorms passing through the area pouring more than an inch of rain into some
8:33 am
casinos. vegas usually sees 4 inches of rain in a year. cars floating down streets. more rain is expected there tonight. in eastern kentucky at least 16 people have been killed in catastrophic flooding according to the state's governor. the national guard trying to rescue trapped residents. entire communities have been washed away. the governor warning the death toll could more than double and include children. nancy pelosi set to leave for asia today. still unclear if the speaker will stop in taiwan. china sees the self-governing island as its territory and issuing threats against a visit all vehicle. this yesterday. those who play with fire will perish by it. it is hoped that the u.s. will be clear eyed about this. lawmakers on both sides of the
8:34 am
aisle are urging pelosi to go to taiwan, including republican michael mccaul. >> look, any member of congress should be able to visit taiwan to show our commitment to that tiny island that's being pressured by the chinese communist party. particularly the speaker of the house, no matter who the speaker is. the fact that the president of the united states is trying to tell her and any other member to stand down whether he is exhibiting so much weakness. >> dagen: florida republican kat cammack member of the house homeland security committee. good to see you, congresswoman. speaker pelosi will be talking at the top of the hour. is she going and should she go to taiwan? >> well, you know, one it is good to be here but also we don't know exactly what the schedule will look like. we heard this morning that nancy pelosi is putting forward a federal weapons -- assault weapons ban on the floor. we'll be voting late into the
8:35 am
night taking on this fight at home. i don't know what it means exactly for her travel plans. we need to be clear regardless if you're republican or democrat we don't take threats from china. we don't take threats from anybody kindly and we do not take our foreign policy cues from the chinese communist party. so i think it's important that congress sends a very clear message that we are our own nation, sovereign nation and we have a long and established relationship with taiwan and i believe it to be an independent and sovereign taiwan. that being said i think given the weakness of this administration, it is important that congress steps up and fills that gap that has been left by this administration and their foreign policy that is rooted in disarray. >> dagen: as we were reporting at the top of the hour, the white house has been trying to dissuade nancy pelosi from visiting taiwan quietly, if you will. but do you think that she will
8:36 am
have the guts to defy the white house and go? >> you know, that remains to be seen. i know that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have carried the water for this failed administration repeatedly on a number of issues but nancy pelosi, she is an old hand at this and she knows the long-term relationship that is at stake there. she knows the importance of establishing that message loud and clear that threats will not be tolerated. so given the fact that the biden administration is floundering, i don't think that nancy pelosi is going to put much weight into what the administration wants or doesn't want. at least not publicly. she is going to do what she wants to do because she always has. i think you'll see a bipartisan delegation make their way to the island and we'll see what the outcome and response is. we need to take a stand and not cower down to the chinese
8:37 am
government. >> dagen: moving to this new video shows a bus load of migrants arriving in washington, d.c. from texas early this morning, one of many over the last few weeks. mayor mural bowser facing backlash for this. >> we need the federal government to be involved so i've asked for the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate. >> dagen: border agents and the governor of texas is only seeing a a fraction of the humanitarian crisis that the southern border states face every day thanks to biden administration policy. listen to chip roy with tucker carlson. >> interesting hearing the mayor of washington, d.c. where i'm sitting now complaining about 4,000 people on 200 buses that governor abbott has sent to washington, d.c. since april running to the pentagon saying oh my gosh, we need the national guard.
8:38 am
you know what? cry me a fricking river. welcome to the party, pal. >> dagen: congresswoman, it's a sanctuary city. the mayor could call ice and have the illegal migrants deported but she will call the national guard instead. >> listen, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. in this case they have declared themselves a sanctuary city so they will get every ounce of what that means. it is exactly correct that they haven't begun to experience a fraction of what our border communities or the rest of americans are experiencing at the hands of this reckless open border policy. and so we need to actually send a message that the border community, texas and other destinations around the country are not going to be carrying the burden of these failed policies. we have opioid addiction raging out of control as a result of what is happening with the narcotics coming across. the social services that they tout are free and available to non-citizens, well now they are complaining they are getting stretched because they give the
8:39 am
illegals cash benefits, health insurance, educational benefits, and food stamps. well, it is time to take care of america first. this is what the america first policy was all about. about national security. if she wants to activate the national guard that's on her. it is not going to stop until we secure the border and until then they will feel the pain equally. >> dagen: talking about securing the border the biden administration has quietly approved construction to finish a section of the border wall near yuma, arizona even though president biden promised this. >> president biden: there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration, number one. i will make sure we have border protection but it will be based on making sure that we use high-tech capacity to deal with it. >> dagen: now look for feet and feet of wall. >> this is just crazy to me. it is all smoke and mirrors, total distraction and they have
8:40 am
never cared about securing the border. i think you look at what they were doing with hr1 the for the politicians act to allow non-citizens to vote. we have over 3 million illegals in the country and blown up into a full blown invasion and starting to see the consequences. democrat held cities are floundering and you have people like eric adams in new york city and mayor bowser in d.c. screaming at the top of their lungs their folks aren't happy. they are more concerned about a political agenda than doing the right thing. if they were smart they would tout they would give us the resources and border patrol agents the items they need to do their job. the wall is a force multiplier. he won't do that. the poll numbers will sink as a result. this is what happens when you put politics above people. >> dagen: finally talk about climate protestors striking again trying to shut down the congressional baseball game in d.c. last night. several groups gathered at
8:41 am
national stadium. three people arrested before the first pitch. protestors moved to block the center field gate. police formed a line to separate them from the crowd. protestors calling for more action on climate issues. >> every single moving thing on the planet is in danger if we don't act on climate nous. congress needs to do climate. >> we're all in jeopardy of going extinct. a catastrophe. billions of people will suffer. congress and the president have done next to nothing. >> dagen: congresswoman, you played in that game. what was it like, the game and seeing these protestors removed? >> honestly, i don't think anyone especially the players didn't really notice any of their antics because we were so focused on the game and for a great cause raising over 1.7 million for charity and what i did see was a very interesting display of so-called environmental action. curious that their way of
8:42 am
getting attention is throwing a bunch of paper around wasting paper. never seen anyone who is environmentally conscious and litter everywhere. to each his own. they are doing more harm than good when it comes to actually promoting their message because they do it in such a way that even those that would sympathize with their cause look at them and say you are kind of stupid. they are really hurting their cause. it didn't impact the game. it was more entertainment value than anything and i think if they are serious about it they should think about future tactics being a little more productive and open and kind. >> dagen: a big climate protest in new york city a few years ago and they all came to new york in these old diesel burning buses that were just belching exhaust. if you are rich you fly on a private jet. >> hypocrisy of the left. >> dagen: thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. >> dagen: months but we're finally hearing this.
8:43 am
>> i can say to all of you, there is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave in that moment. >> dagen: will smith apologizing on camera to chris rock for that slap heard round the world. is it too little too late? we've got even more democrats dodging. >> do you support the president in his reelection bid? >> i'm working on my own election. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> i don't want to answer that question. >> do you believe president biden should run for a second term? >> dagen: they are playing coy as focus shifts to other potential nominees. jimmy failla in "focus" next. hi, i'm william devane.
8:44 am
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>> dagen: the list is growing. it's a bummer for the president. congresswoman cori bush and tim ryan deflected on the question of supporting biden in 2024.
8:49 am
the senate majority leader said he would support biden if, if, if he runs again. democratic nominee joe cunningham said outright biden is too old for a second term and just after signing on to the democrats massive spending bill senator joe manchin with this. >> do you believe the president has earned a second term? >> i believe that basically the people will make a decision state by state. people in my state will not support a national democratic figure right now. >> i asked you what do you say to them? >> i know joe biden to be a good person. leadership, i don't know. if joe biden runs again we'll have to wait and see. >> dagen: that was former cnn person. former cnn poll this week showed a whopping 75% of democrat voters want to see someone other than biden run in
8:50 am
2024. jimmy failla here. >> what i love so much about these videos? the real tell is how uncomfortable they look when it comes up. are you here to endorse biden? no, i was meeting a hooker, no idea what you are talking about. the funniest part about it. no one brings this up. joe biden doesn't want to endorse joe biden in 2024. he doesn't want to do this. he is a bare minimum president. he announced a new spending thing yesterday, more inflation. we throw a drowning man -- >> dagen: i love when you talk economics. >> i need to get you to my level. the truth. yesterday even he makes the big announcement. leaves without taking a single question. he is probably on his way to the hammock in delaware. he is a bare minimum guy. you want a prediction? it is the media is ultimately going to take him out by saying he is too old. why? because that distances them
8:51 am
from having to confess for their complicit in the hunter biden scandal. that's your prediction. >> dagen: we have to move on. three months later we're finally hearing an on-camera apology from will smith. >> i will say to you, chris, i apologize to you. my behavior was unacceptable and i'm here whenever you are ready to talk. i want to apologize to chris's mother, i want to apologize to chris's family. >> dagen: will smith apologizing for this now infamous slap. he hit chris rock during the oscars in march. rock had made a joke about smith's wife, backlash swift
8:52 am
and critics calling out celebrities for comforting will smith afterwards and hit the academy for being slow to take action. chris rock not apparently ready to talk to smith. he is joking about it just this week at a show. he said anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face. will smith said it took three months understanding the nuances and complexity of what happened. i have been slapped in the face. no nuance. >> will smith, nothing says sincerity like a two camera shoot. it wasn't an apology to chris rock but to will smith. he is wanting to rehab his image. this fact they scripted a question where he exonerated jada. did she tell you to say something? no, she had nothing to do with it but tells you that she did.
8:53 am
oscars should lean into this. we hate celebrities so much. i think ratings would spike. you can't do it to chris rock because everybody loves him. >> dagen: i would suggest a kick to the shins. >> without causing violence but something to make it fun. not that he hit somebody. a lot of people in hollywood we hate. we hit somebody we like. i have done shows with chris rock. he a great. he made the mistake of hitting somebody to think of the coolest. if you smack gutfeld that's something. but dana. >> dagen: i see it the other way around. >> dane is taking shots. >> dagen: i just think the video showed will smith got an academy award and horrible actor so critics are pushing back at the department of education ruling last month to
8:54 am
reinstate title ix regulations the trump administration scrapped. modifying language to protect lgbtq students. with the headline. biden's title ix rules says your college daughter could have a man as a roommate. any woman who dares to ask the question about who she is living with is a trans phobe. i lived with in a male fraternity house. >> i'm all in favor of biological men competing against biological women if i can bet on it. if i can go to vague as and make cash yes. this is absurd. we had a story few weeks bad where a biological trans man impregnated two women's.
8:55 am
it's not cool to women. what makes it an impossible issue. nobody on the right is saying trans people don't have a right to exist or be considered or included. what we're saying is you can't erase women and tell us we're transphobic. we're pro-women. >> dagen: thank you for speaking up for women. jimmy failla. thank you for watching. "outnumbered" is next. newday 10u borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, home values are going through the roof, and so is home equity. unlock your equity and turn it into an average of $60,000 cash with the newday 100 loan. make home improvements, pay big bills, put it in the bank for security today or retirement tomorrow. rates are still low but starting to rise.
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