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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 29, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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vaccine for denial. >> i have just tested negative for covid-19. >> bret: hard to believe one week. join me for "fox news sunday" this weekend. my guest joe manchin, michigan tutor dixon. thanks for inviting us into your home this week that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: i'm going to text you some questions for manchin so watch your phone. have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: do you remember jon stewart? he used to hostth daily show it was liberal but witty. >> democracy, when it grows is not flower, it is a healthy, sturdy tree. [laughter]
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>> no man a island except. where is that? do you know what? [bleep] i'm going to go paint a cat. >> jesse: then jon stewart retired to go live on a farm where he doesn't have to shave every day. i'm jealous of the not shaving. farms make me nervous. i get the sense math is involved and i have to do math to eat, i won't. so stuart left his show to stephen colbert and everybody realized how talented he really was. but he wasn't just a host. john did stand up. he was a writer. he even acted. >> did you ever see the back of a $20 bill, man? i don't know you. >> ever seen the back of a $20 bill on weed? >> jesse: that role wasn't a stretch for stuart because we hear he grows all kinds of things on his farm. here he is showing a little more range in another film. >> tomorrow i'm leaving for china to represent the fine firm
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of morton and mandel, yes me the one guy though once shaved his ass to win a $5 bet. >> stuart has skills and he has to be smart because he is rich. isn't that how it works? so this rich and talented smart allike suddenly reappeared on tv thursday but he wasn't telling jokes. >> i'm used to lies and hypocrisy. i'm used to their cowardice. i'm not used to the cruelty. so pat toomey, the republican from pennsylvania, his amendment addresses how this $400 billion in the bill can be spent. he says as it's written the money can be used unrelated to veteran. >> that's nonsense. >> and burn pit exposure. >> it's utter nonsense. nothing matters to them. nothing penetrates that bubble that they live in of procedural [bleep] there are real people who face tragic consequences for their parliamentary [bleep]
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>> jesse: whoa there, little fella. i like that kind of passion but what are we talking about here? my producers told me jon is on a press tour saying republicans are blocking a bill that would help veterans who got sick from toxic burn pits in afghanistan and iraq. but, before we can figure out what was going on, stuart was on every channel, cnn, msnbc, the home shopping network. all the hosts totally unprepared but along for the ride. if jon stuart wants to come on their show last minute drop f bombs and bash republicans for not supporting the troops. book it last night stuart asked us if he could come on "primetime" but we had a being pad show. we had to cover how the president's compromised by china. the country just entering a recession, and we needed to hear from real americans. >> first lady jill biden compared you have to this, a taco. how do you feel about that. >> i'm human. >> jesse: we just didn't feel
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like we really knew what stuart was talking about. and between "the five" and "primetime" it was too late in the day. we like to be prepared. it might not always appear that way, but we try i was devouring my i have isn't a i noticed jon on fox. >> do you still believe this bill will get condo the a some point. >> i pray it has to. these men and women have suffered for so many years exposed to these and the government has not fulfilled their promise to them and it has to get done. tell someone with cancer that's been fighting this for years that eventually they will get the help that they have earned. that is not an acceptable answer. it is despicable to continue to use americans men and women who are fighting for this country as political pawns. >> jesse: jon stewart living out of his car that's the definition
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of a recession. we agree with stuart. this bill is being held up in the senate. and that's wrong. our veterans should get the help they deserve immediately. jon's heart is in the right plus but his blame is misguided. his friends in the democratic party are the ones to blame schumer is the one playing games. you guys are using each other to make republicans look cold. senator toomey points out the reason republicans shot this version of the bill down is pause schumer attacked gimmick hundreds of millions of mandatory spending that doesn't even help veterans. listen. >> completely unrelated to the $280 billion of new spending there is a mechanism created in this bill, it's a budget tear gimmick that has the intent of making it possible to have a huge explosion in unrelated spending. $400 billion. this budgetary gimmick is so unrelated to the actual veterans
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issue that has to do with burn pits that it's not even in the house version of this bill. >> jesse: so republican senator pat toomey to offer an amendment to fix schumer's tricky accounting gimmick. one simple change would make sure every taxpayer dollar goes to helping veterans and not bake in $400 billion of more inflationary spending. and schumer shot it down. senate sources are telling "primetime" that schumer has now agreed to toomey's amendment and the bill jon stuart and all of us care about is expected to pass early next week. and this ginned up drama will be over. i'm not going to blame jon for not knowing all the facts. going forward, let's do this. i will do the research, and jon stuart can handle the farming. it's better for everybody that way. and we do sincerely appreciate his support for our veterans. chuck devore is a retired army intelligence officer who joins
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us now. so, it's a little more complicated than jon stuart leads everybody to believe but it is important, chuck, to understand exactly i think stewartshould offer "jesse watts primetime." >> have you done your homework and thank goodness you have. i appreciate jon stewart's advocacy for veterans. it's something that we all appreciate something jon stewart should know veterans care very deeply about their nation. that's why many of them signed up and put their lives on the line this defend it what this bill did when it was changed by senate majority leader schumer is it made possible an additional $400 billion of irresponsible spending over the next decade and we have two big threats in this nation right now. one big threat is the people's republic of china. the other is this run away
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deficit spending and we don't need more of that. veterans don't want to be used as some sympathetic figure to score cheap political points. just stop it. do the bill, do it clean. do it right. and stop with all of this over-the-top name-calling. do you like the clean version of the bill. >> i do like the clean version of the bill. look, it's more expansive than i would like to see when now you have got veterans who have high pressure potentially qualifying, it's really going to increase the pool of veterans who are able to access veterans services probably one in five. and what's likely going to result additional wait times at the v.a., especially for veterans who are more you are gently sick and inevident continuably of course there will be additional funds that will have to be incorporated to take be care of those longer weight s
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at the v.a. cress jess it's very complicated to figure out how to take care of these veterans and through this incredibly ridiculous bureaucracy and all these parliamentary gimmicks that these guys slide in at the last second. can i understand why people are confused about it it's confusing and complex and the senate doesn't help anything when it comes to transparency but i'm glad we got to the bottom of it and we are hearing that they are going to get the money out early next week and that's a good thing and they deserve it. >> exactly. >> jesse: i'm glad jon is pushing it now we are a all a little more clear what the truth is. good job, chuck. >> good job, jesse. >> jesse: "primetime" has been in a strange position for standing up for nancy pelosi. we will explain. plus chris cuomo has a new job and is now ultra maga. wait until you see this. [acoustic soul music throughout]
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: china has bitten off more than it can chew. our enemy is threatening to shoot down nancy pelosi's plane if she flies to taiwan. do the chinese not know she is the queen of napa? i don't think so. just before nancy boarded her jet chinese propagandist issued a warning, quote if u.s. fighter jets escort into taiwan it's answer investigation. chinese army has a right to forcefully dispel and u.s. fighter jets including firing warning shots and making tackle movement of obstruction. if ineffective then shoot them down. you think the white house would treat this like a national security threat but, no, instead, biden sent out the
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frenk lady today to tell nancy she is the one who should be careful. >> official who is associated with chinese state media is suggesting that if speaker pelosi tries to taiwan her plane could be shot down. does the president have a response to that? >> you know, everybody asked about -- i know you are asking specifically about the rhetoric that we are hearing from china. but as it relates to the speaker's -- the speaker's travels, something that we're just not going to speak to. right now that's a hypothetical. >> jesse: what was that? just yesterday joe biden let china walk all over him. he spent two hours on the phone with xi jinping and came out of it with basically no, sir. never brought up the wuhan lab leak. didn't confront china over fentanyl and said yes, sir, on taiwan. and when biden was asked if pelosi could go, he said this: >> mr. president, do you think
4:17 pm
it's a good idea for speaker pelosi to be traveling to taiwan? >> well, i think that -- the military thinks it's not a good idea right now. >> jesse: biden is a front man for china's special interest. he does it so his family can keep raking in m we may not agree with nancy pelosi on a lot of things b enes threatening to assassinate her, "primetime" has pelosi's back and we expect our president to do the same. mike pompeo is the former secretary of state and a fox news contributor and he joins us now to react. can you believe the white house press secretary read that from her stupid binder that nancy should be careful? >> jesse, that's really dangerous way to think about america's place in the world. to think that some knuckle head chinese communist party bureaucrat, some propagandist could go out and make a threat third in line for the presidency
4:18 pm
of the united states of america and travel her travel plans to travel to a country she wants to go see and visit. it is part and partial of a weak foreign policy an administration scared of its own shadow. this is less than 24 hours after the president is on the phone be with xi jinping? this suggests that that call went very poorly that xi jinping believes they can move about the cabin pretty darn freely they can't intimidate us. sign me up, it's a strange place to be, but i'm with nancy on this one. >> jesse: i'm with nancy too, even swalwell. i would be even eric swalwell if he wanted to spend the night taiwan and spend the night fancy fancy hotel and steak dinners. explain why you think joe biden did this. i believe it's because he is compromised. his son is come pro-mizeed. his brother and family. they have taken millions, everybody in the u.s. government knows it and he gets off the phone with the chinese and has this kind of weak response up there as press secretary saying
4:19 pm
ahhh, is it because he is compromised? >> jesse, i don't know. i know this. with respect to afghanistan, the taliban, he was weak. vladimir putin invaded europe on his watch and he has responded in ways that haven't instilled our -- in our allies the backbone necessary to expel him from doing that now the chinese communist party is threatening the speaker of the house and threatening to take over taiwan itself. this is what happens when you have leaders in the white house who are weak who don't understand american power. it's not about sending the 82nd airborne or 101st, it's about demonstrating american resolve and whether it's because he may be compromised or he just doesn't want to infuriate the chinese communist party because who wants that kind of struggle on heir hands this a challenge for the american people. we did it four years. we pushed back against china and pushed back against the bad guys, the your i believe he is
4:20 pm
compromised. you can believe whatever you want. mr. secretary. maybe you think he has too much on his plate inflation and crime crisis, that is the reason that he is so soft on china. is he compromised. secretary mike pompeo thanks for joining us as always. >> jesse, thanks for having me on tonight, sir. >> jesse: the media has been trying to forget about the left wing assassin who tried to kill kavanaugh. but we just found out some really scary information about him. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: it's been almost two months since the attempted assassination of brett kavanaugh. and the only new information we have about the evil animal who plotted the whole thing is that he planned to kill other supreme
4:26 pm
court justices. according to an fbi affidavit, before the attempted assassination, nicholas roske wrote online "i'm going to stop roe v. wade from being overturned. remove some people from the supreme court. i could get at least one, which would change the votes for decades to come and i'm shooting for three." those three justices weren't named but we know they were conservative. roske was triggered by the supreme court leak and plotted to kill over it. and he took this plan very seriously. his internet searches included things like, quote: the most effective place to stab someone and assassination skills roske stock market unon appear admission, tactical gloves. boots so his footsteps wouldn't be heard. he decided not to go through with it and turned himself in while standing outside of
4:27 pm
kavanaugh's house. here is a portion of that 911 call, listen. >> okay. so tell me what happened when you said these thoughts. >> i have been having them for a long time. i'm from california. i came over here to act on them. >> and you said you came from california. do you know someone down here? brett kavanaugh. >> you said red like the color? >> brett. >> the supreme court justice. >> you came alone? >> correct. >> and what were you coming there just to hurt yourself and him or what was going to happen? >> correct. >> jesse: scary to think what would have happened. disturbing. now we hear two other justices on it. why aren't we hearing any on this. the media is holding the story. can you imagine the role being reversed? there would be wall-to-wall coverage on it still today.
4:28 pm
we would know where the guy lives, with he works. what his family is like. how he dresses. what his politics were. this was an attempted attack on brett kavanaugh so they ever treating it like the back shaw massacre just sweeping it under the rug. shannon bream is the anchor of fox news at night who joins me now. shannon, we keep learning more and more about this guy and it's scarier and scarier each time. >> it is when you talk about this fbi search warrant. it talks about the fact that he had all these conversations with people online in different forums and he was saying things like i want to kill multiple justices. he was googling things how to take out a high value target. how hard is it assassin, assassination skills. he was letting people know what he wanted to do. very specific wanted to take out justices to change the makeup of the court that would change decisions for years to come. so it's clear he had an ideology
4:29 pm
i want to do this to stop overturning roe v. wade. where is the b.s. place to stab one or most effective way to stab and kill someone there were red flags along the way in conversations he was having downline. very quickly the fbi has been able to dig into this and see this is a huge story. a plot that could have included multiple justices. and you are right, i think that if this was involving liberal wings of the court many members of the media would be interested in finding what is going on with this guy. >> jesse: he was triggered of by the leak. have we gotten any progress on this leak investigation. >> we went back to the court today specifically to ask. can you even tell us if the investigation is ongoing? is it done? when could it be done? we got a no comment. we can't get anything from the court officially. thanks to our amazing producer, bill nears and i have been digging around and found that they have this group of essentially about 70 or so that would have had access to that
4:30 pm
document. they have narrowed it down. they did ask the clerks who were then working at the court. their one year contract up mid july. most of them have moved on. they did ask them to turn over cell phones and sign affidavits they did ask those things of permanent court employees. remember the chief justice elected to do this as internal investigation. there are no other outside agencies. to our knowledge that have been brought in. so far, the court has given us no update on what's gone on. >> jesse: that's going to take forever if you have got 70 potential people. so, aoc is very angry with justice alito, apparently. he was out there and he gave a big speech and talked about some of the foreign criticism the abortion rule has generated. listen to what he said. >> honor writing history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders.
4:31 pm
[laughter] one of these was former prime minister boris johnson. but he paid the price. [laughter] what really wounded me was when the duke of suggestion sex addressed the. [laughter] >> united nations and seemed to compare the decision, whose name may not be spoken with the russian attack on ukraine. >> jesse: did you have any idea justice alito had such a sense of humor. >> actually, i did. i have heard him speak before. this for him was very friendly audience. he was speaking at the notre dame religious freedom initiative. so not surprising. the thing is with these justices, especially him, having authored that dobbs decision that overturned roe v. wade. they take a lot of the beating in the court. they still have people protesting outside their homes here in the d.c. area, jesse. so, he is in italy. i suspect that he feels a little bit of a weight off his
4:32 pm
shoulders, being able to speak something he has done something this public since the decision. he does have a very biting sense of humor. he will hear it on occasion he was pulling no punches, saying some of the things on his mind in the speech in rome. >> jesse: poor prince harry i don't know if he will recover from such biting mockery. shannon bremen, thanks for joining us here on friday. have a great weekend. >> thanks, jesse, you too. >> jesse: here at "primetime" we believe everybody deserves a second chance because america is a land of opportunity and when we fail, some of us use that as an opportunity to reinvent himself like robert downey jr. drug addict to iron man in a decade. schwarzenegger. terminator became governator. one glassed cable news host is trying on a new hat and looking
4:33 pm
for a new audience. chris cuomo, after being fired from cnn for a multitude of issues that we don't have time to get into, got a new job hosting a show on a cable channel called news nation and for his first show i swore he sounded like a republican. i know this sounds crazy, but, just listen to what he said about the january 6th hearing. >> i don't see that there is criminality there, at least in what's been offered. my question is are we really learning enough about what matters? or is this starting to play like a gotcha game like the impeachment? again, not that the issues that were involved in impeachment tonight matter, but you knew you were never going to have the outcome. you know you weren't going to remove the president. was that really in america's interest? >> jesse: has cuomo seen the light? coming out against the january 6th hearing and the impeachment saga? that's a stark contrast to what he was saying on cnn at the time
4:34 pm
that trump mob that attacked the citadel of our democracy, our capitol, they are being rounded up and charged. it's happening. we are learning more about who they are. they are not getting a pass. at least not yet. trump whipped up these special people that he loves with lie after lie about the election being stolen. >> jesse: so what does chris cuomo believe? we don't know. seems like he changes his opinion depending on who is paying him. our producers are fascinated with this ideological transformation and will be monitoring chris cuomo's evidence liewtion so you don't have to. the mexican drug cartels that set up operations inside one of america's most famous states, maybe the state you are watching from right now.
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>> jesse: there is a massive migration crisis going on right under our noses.
4:40 pm
people are leaving their home country in droves because it's become dirty and dangerous. and they are in search of a more comfortable life. but they don't speak the language and they are making no attempt to assimilate to the new cull temperature and the locals are upset. californians are seeking asylum in mexico. and it's not just californians. americans from all over have fled to mexico city because biden's america is so expensive. the americans get to save some money while they work remotely but there's a problem. turning mexico city into the new brooklyn. the "l.a. times" say you can hear english in every cafe when you go out, you see more white people than mexican. the menus have converted to english and coffee shops advertise oak milk lattes apparently modern day colonialism. >> the coffee shop i go to i'm the only mexican besize the waiters. maybe in this place everybody speaks english. listen, i don't want to be
4:41 pm
misunderstood. it is very cool that are a lot of people from a lot of countries, however, in many cases this phenomenon could be called mexico is so cheap and whether we want it or not, this has signs of modern colonialism. >> jesse: locals have been putting up posters new to the city? working remotely? you are a f'ing plague and the locals f'ing hate you, leave. wow, that's not very nice. why do they hate us? did they hear dr. jill's taco comment? and that's not all. "primetime" is hearing rumors that things are getting so bad that mexico is now reconsidering trump's demand to pay for the wall. when business is good. owners look to expand and right now the drug and human smuggling business has never been better. so mexican cartels are expanding beyond their borders. and now they are setting up large scale operations in northern california. the cartels have been settings
4:42 pm
up massive marijuana farms on public land whereas china is buying our land, the drug traffickers just completely take over, state owned property. and they are terrorizing the community. watch. >> we have been going through this for years. did you know that one of our citizens got attacked on her property walking her dog by one of the -- >> so when a stray bullet comes in and gets one of my children or me, i swear to god -- >> jesse: aside from the constant violence, these gangs are chopping down tons of trees in the area and stealing california's most precious resource, water. al gore pay attention. this actually matters. but california is a sanctuary state so these cartels act like they are untouchable and have no fear of getting kicked out. the daily caller has a new documentary out narcofiorina showing just how the expanding empire in the u.s. take a look.
4:43 pm
they interviewed one of our sheriff's deputies to say we don't have enough resources to some stop them if they ever come here and boom they are here how many people from the cartel in northern california are we talking about here. >> right now, jesse, it's become more than just the mexicans we have chinese and other transnational cartel groups involved. according to a former game warden who works they estimated a conservative amount of 10,000 cartel members. we were be -- jesse, we spent a lot of time in the county up there between 7,000 to 10,000 illegal grow operations all be controlled by chinese, mexicans all fighting each other. and in the middle of this all of this working class americans,
4:44 pm
farmers and ranchers who are now getting their water stolen. if they call 911, law enforcement doesn't want to send any law enforcement agencies to battle cartels in the mountains of northern california. ranchers are left to hang and governor gavin newsom hasn't addressed this issue at all. >> jesse: are you saying california state law enforcement officials are too afraid to confront narcoterrorists that have set up shop inside the state of california? >> that is correct, jesse. in our documentary we spend a lot of time in lassen county. as leg as rhode island. the whole county only has two sheriff deputies. cartel grower stealing water from his property. they were armed. when he called 911, the sheriff said well, i only have two sheriff deputies for the whole county. i'm not going to send any of my men. these ranchers feel left out. sacramento isn't representing them. northern california. last year cartel u.s.a. where these chinese groups and mexican
4:45 pm
carts are taking over the desserts of california and pushing out regular american citizens through water, theft human smuggling worst of all the violence. connected to humorous homicides illegal grows from southern california all the way to foreign california. >> jesse: all right, so the cartel war is now here. they started it. and we haven't even begun to fight. i think it's time for the federal government to get involved. do you think that the biden administration has any idea this is happening or they do know it's happening but don't want to do anything about it? >> i think the biden administration has no idea that this is happening. now, governor gavin newsom of sacramento are very well aware of this issue of illegal grows and water theft. they choose not to address it this issue isn't just california issue. the cartel -- illegal grow operations are now in southern oregon. i have had law enforcement sources contact me in oklahoma. cartel presence there really spreading out. illegal marijuana business.
4:46 pm
jesse if you and i had illegal operation in california whether we had 5,000 or 50,000 if we got caught by law enforcement you and i would get hit by a $500 incident it. cartel rrs not paying taxes to the state stealing all the water from the residents. all profit. the working class citizens are the ones hurting in this story. >> jesse: what a tragedy. jorge amazing reporting, i urge everybody in the audience to go check out " narcotic new narco. ." >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: fauci is the new kardashian. ♪ it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread,
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sometimes nothing satisfies like a good subway. >> this great pasty, turkey field cold cut combo. i eat three every day to help keep me strong. >> hey can i have one of those? >> coming right up. >> jesse: unfortunately times are tight right now and not 70 people have money. getting a subway tattoo can get you free sandwiches for life. that's what colorado man and subway fanatic james did as part of subway's new menu campaign. you get a foot long tattoo on his back. and now he's entitled to free subway sandwiches forever. ultimate subway fan joins me now so james is this your first tattoo? >> this was my first tattoo.
4:53 pm
>> jesse: how bad did it hurt? >> i underestimated how bad it would hurt but i'll tell you it was not only did it hurt, but i was also nervous about going in because it was my first time and i thought i might look like the rookie them i think i was crazy for coming two days early. i've to say that the people at bad apple tattoo in las vegas where the most friendly people ever they made the experience awesome. i honestly highly recommend it which is a tremendous little community there and i just loved it. >> jesse: now why did you want to eat subway sandwiches for free for the rest of your life? was it a financial thing or do you just love the foot-long? >> i'm a legit subway fan so when i was a teenager i was overweight and it was about my early teens may be to slow but after when i started saying, start doing something so i started fast food choices that were not healthy i switched
4:54 pm
over to subway and i think he really did make a difference it's economical. it's convenient because it's everywhere. i'm a diehard subway fan. >> jesse: okay if you can get chiseled like that by eating subway sandwiches i'll have johnny get me subway every day for the rest of my life. i'm not getting a tattoo though i'm too afraid of needles i see the tattoo? if it were on your back? >> yes right here. >> jesse: oh, my god, [laughs] it is huge. [laughs] that is a massive tattoo man. i thought it was just like you had to get the subway sandwich like a six-inch italian blt or something i didn't know it was like the size of the home run plate. >> yes, it is i was told for a first tattoo that this is
4:55 pm
unusual, but yeah i'm thrilled about it was an absolute blast. >> jesse: and you've gone to the subway since then and you taken off your shirt and swung around and gone your free sub? >> originally it's like a gift card so i have to do it i just get to use the gift card which is really cool. [laughs] >> jesse: but you must have gift cards stacked as high as the sun in your apartment thank you so much for coming on you are braver man than most. >> thank you so much it was my pleasure. >> jesse: when you look at big names in hollywood for many of them it was a single rule that launch their careers to the start up. leonardo the cap jo was the titanic, for george clooney -- pam anderson was always the baywatch. for anthony fauci it was the covenant team pandemic. they appeared on the tv screen in march of 2020 it was clear a star was born.
4:56 pm
he was obviously so much more than a scientist he was made for the camera. first it was a cable news interviews and was the magazine covers and now it appears the good doctors is launching a career in reality tv. we can't help but notice that he keeps storing documentaries about himself. first it was dramatic one hour special by local pbs affiliate called the virus hunter. ♪ ♪ >> it kills at a high percentage and it kills quickly. >> he's the man that many men have learned to trust in the midst of a pandemic. he is the advisor who is led seven presidents during the fight against mandy's most horrible enemies. >> jesse: to be think that this was a one-time thing? in october of 2021 disney plus came out with this. >> you don't do it because you want to make money. you don't do it for the glory, you do it because you care. >> when you are involved in a race to stop a horrible disease
4:57 pm
people aren't always doing things quickly enough. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the fix still wasn't satisfied because pbs just announced this week that they're working on another dr. fauci film for 2023. this one is called tony, a year in the life of dr. anthony fauci. and we believe is the soft launch of his reality tv career. to make this documentary they followed him around in his house for 14 months. i mean that's what will be the premise for cake "keeping up with the kardashians." so kim better watch out. he is certainly a rising star in the tv world and you must be pretty passionate about it. because what we were all suffering through pandemic he was pea caulking in front of a camera crew talk about how he is saving the world. he does go through the reality tv gig given name suggestion. keeping up with covid. in any or for sure.
4:58 pm
it'll go nicely with his oscar. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: so many things to get off my chest. [laughs] what we can reveal tonight? i think we should talk about my you know i know if i should say it. it's a little embarrassing i went a little bit of a shopping spree today. i want to buy some close and have a problem. there's nothing between medium and large. we need this medium i'm care what you call it i'm in an awkward position now is maybe have an eating so many subways going down for a large cannot get a medium. and somewhere in between so whoever is making these close look out for the medium guys. we do exist. types of text messages.
4:59 pm
we have stella joe from california thanks jesse for correcting and explaining the bill that john was misinformed about. i hope we hear a thank you from him. there was a lot of this information from jon stewart we would happy to fact-check it. that's what we do here. ron from utah have you ever been able to spend your way out of debt? why do democrats it's possible? >> i try to for on the american express card you to set the paydown the balance. why will you devouring a croissant and a newspaper this morning? what kind of question is that? sometimes have a a croissant and reading your post the best newspaper in the united states. from boulder, colorado, why did this car you? did summing avenue on a farm as a child? farming is very close to camping which is very close to my camp experiences which were a nightmare. liam from north dakota jesse i'm
5:00 pm
11 years old and about 20 years i'll be taking over your position at fox in the meantime keep up the good work. thanks for all you do for our great country. well i think 15 years that would've been a good run for me if you make it that long. thanks for watching tucker's next and i was a member i'm jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" it didn't take long it took about a year and a half for the july demonstration to destroy the american economy and drive the nation into a recession. they will admit that we are in it recession they try to redefine the world recession democracy and racism and women. you don't need to know what the word is to know what is happening if you live here you see it every single


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