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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 30, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. thank you for making the show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. in the meantime, let's not hearts be trouble or ingram . the angle is next. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of ingram angle. when you think about a shameless swamp filled dc, it usually refers to the griffin get gridlock that populate the halls of congress and lobbying shops. but now d.c. mayor mario bauza is getting in on the action and begging the national guard for help dealing with the influx of illegals coming into the city, which seems pretty hypocritical coming from someone who declared this
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back when trump was being inaugurated. i can't say it any more clearly what it means to for for washington, d.c. to be a sanctuary city and to ensure that people who live here feel free to call on their government for help and call on the government for help. she did red state governors like abbott and texas and deucy in arizona have been sending illegals to our nation's capital by bus for the last few months. some even arrived as recently as this morning. this is a very small little tiny portion we're talking about four thousand people out of millions who have crossed our border and now the border is seeing that border states have been dealing with since biden and harris came in office. it's not in my backyard. the department of defense, of course, is jumping all over this saying, quote, the secretary takes this request for assistance very seriously. the question now becomes if it's so easy for bouser, then
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call in the national guard to get legitimate immediate response from the department of defense. why aren't other states doing exactly the same thing? this was the gist of a truly remarkable back and forth at the white house yesterday that speaks to the greater issue here. watch this. is the president going to approve that request for the national? we have been in regular touch with mayor bouser and her team . and i said this before i said this last week about republicans using migrants as a political tool and that is shameful and that is just wrong. so the white house preference would be for small towns in texas and arizona to have to take care of these migrants rather than large metropolitan areas, for example. that is not one that's so 95% that wherever they are, they're sending migrants to big cities on purpose, using them as a political hole. and if they don't go to big cities, where should they go? i just laid it out in a big city and now that america
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is the national guard, because that's because republicans are using they're using migrants who are coming here for who knows because they are they're dealing with humanitarian issues back in their own country. they're coming here for a better life and they are being used. peter . they're being used by republican governors and that is what's happening. this does make the president want to say this is causing a lot of burdens on small city, big cities. maybe i should disclose what i'm saying is what republican are doing is wrong and there is a process in place and we should follow the process. well, joining me now, new york congressman and gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin and texas congressman chip roy, thank you. i had the pleasure of serving with you. let's go to congressman roy first that the hypocrisy here is just dripping with hypocrisy . what's your reaction to what the white house is saying? oh, my gosh. i mean, i can sit here all night long.
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it's great to be on with my friend zell and , you know, a great candidate for governor in new york . and i'm proud to serve with him. let me just say something. i mean, listening to her talk about the republic using these migrants, it's offensive. it is . democrats are using migrants, but more importantly, it's cartels who are using these migrants because while the news is focused and fixated on mayor bouser complaining about 4000 migrants coming to d.c. because governor abbott said, hey, we're going to put some bus loads and take them to d.c. when we get four thousand a day, there were seventy three human beings found in a stash house in washington, d.c. in a stash house where they get put into the human trafficking trade because we're allowing cartels to move these human beings for profit in the false name of compassion. while my democratic colleagues pat themselves on the back. and meanwhile, these people are put into this ridiculous trade for profit for cartels. i can't even put it into words and for them to listen to the white house press secretary say we're using them. they are the ones using them. let me tell you, there are
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people in south texas who are sick of it. that's why we saw flores do well. that's where we're seeing a big change in the politics of south texas. and , you know, it's just a shame that my democratic colleagues want to use them for politics. >> yeah, no, it is it's just unbelievable that they would come to that conclusion. congressman zeldin, the federal government has been reportedly sending secret overnight flights to new york for months, planes filled with illegals, fbi ins, edward lawrence confronted the white house about it today. what's this? what's the difference between texas busing migrants to d.c. and the federal government flying migrants to, say, new york in the middle of the night? it's very different because we're not doing it as using migrants as a political point. >> congressman zeldin, what's your response to that? well, first off, we have to shut down that travel agency that's flying people into new york and the fact that they are flying people in new york in the dead of night. and there's that lack of transparency really shows you a lot about what they're trying
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to accomplish here behind the scenes. if this was something that they were proud of, then they would be talking about these flights and there would be data of how many flights are coming. there would be a heads up that they're coming. they would be able to stand by that travel agency. as far as what's going on at the border, that's really ultimately is the way that this whole issue gets resolved. it's finishing construction of the border walls, ending catch and release, enforcing the remaining mexico policy and supporting a customs and border patrol agents on top of shutting down that travel agency that is sending people into new york in the middle of the congressman or i should mention verio bouser. shouldn't she be calling like ice or maybe the border patrol ? isn't that the way to deal with this? yeah, you would think. but the fact of the matter is that my democratic colleagues and particularly the bush administration and in particular secretary, my caucus who lied to me and every member of the house judiciary committee, all of america, when
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he said that they have operational control of the border, which is a blatant lie, we can solve this problem with policy changes tomorrow. i went to eagle pass, texas three weeks ago. i went to a processing facility. let me explain to america. they're bringing people into a processing facility there, then processing them and releasing them into the united states under notice to appear or parole. they're not even going to asylum. claim processing the only barrier to a complete flood is the use of title forty two . and the bush administration wants to get rid of that being the title. forty two policies of the covid. it's absurd. it's a complete violation of our laws. and frankly, secretary america should be impeached for it and hopefully we can address that next year. congressman zeldin, donald trump was called the xenophobic xenophobic by by putting up the border wall . but biden is now saying despite pledged not to put another foot of wall in place, that he's going to start filling in the wall in yuma. why do we think he's doing that? and what's what's at play here?
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the right call, the will of the people on the merit. it would be to finish construction of the border wall and to see the the amount of money that the federal government was spending to not build this wall . and then you want to talk about utilizing this issue with regards to political pawns. it was this administration we have right now that was going after our own customs border patrol and accusing them of whipping people coming across and then the media running with it. and we're seeing the stories now as you start talking about the d.c. mayor in new york city, you had the mayor talking about how the shelters were being overrun and you think you have a bad thing about being a governor right now of texas or being the governor of arizona? they have a thousand times worse. what we all should be doing is at every level working together. but this push towards sanctuary, state and sanctuary city policies and this blame game and the spin with an election coming up is resulting
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in more people being incentivized and rewarded to come across. it's going to get worse until we confront this. you know, clearly this is human trafficking. it's drug trafficking. but thank goodness we got vice president kamala harris on top of it. congressman zeldin, congressman wright, thanks for joining us tonight on inside me, said we've entered a new phase in our recovery focused on achieving steady, stable growth. when you look at the economy, how he was able to turn it back on when he walked in, he talked to companies. they are hiring, they are spending. they are growing. no big job losses. fed chairman paul , he said, quote, there are too many areas of economic growth where the economy is performing too well. i said to al qaeda or to al think for a moment how callous those words are in the face of what the american people are facing each and every day. consumer prices rose six point eight percent in june from a year earlier, up from
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six point three percent in may in april, the sharpest rise since january 1982, energy prices surged forty three point five percent from a year earlier, while food costs went up ten point four percent, the largest increase since 1981. and then there's inflation for food at home, which means grocery store food purchases that rose twelve point two percent. so if you're trying to save some money by cooking at home, it's still going to cost you quite a bit. well, joining me now is steve moore, former senior economic adviser to president trump and co-founder of the committee to unleash prosperity, and sean duffy, the former wisconsin congressman and current fox news contributor. thank you both for joining me. quite a week in the senate, they passed the chip bill and then there trying to push through this this reconciliation bill all told, there would be something like an 800 billion dollars in new spending. how do you think that's going to play on inflation?
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right. so you want massive inflation, the hottest inflation in 40 years and democrats want to spend more money. but i want to what for a second ? you mentioned that since bill jason. two hundred and eighty billion dollars. what they're trying to do is lower taxes for chip companies to incentivize them to come to america so democrats know lower taxes, more economic growth, more business comes to your country, but then the build back better go to joe manchin bill . they're raising taxes on american businesses. so in one breath they know lowering taxes gives you growth. but now they're going to raise taxes again, which they know is going to give us less growth, more jobs are going to leave america, more companies are going to leave america and go somewhere else. and we're in the business of helping people. when you're in politics, democrats who care about helping people, they care about the transition to green energy . they care about their ideology around global warming and they don't care about the american people. they don't care how we're suffering. they don't care that you can't put food on your table and gas in your car. steve, raising taxes during a recession, even president
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obama said that that was a bad thing. what's that going to do to the economy? and inflation? well, it reminds me of that old movie, jason dumb and dumber. and every time know what's the line every time i think you can't do anything dumber. i mean, the idea right now of a two hundred and fifty to four hundred billion dollar tax increase that would mostly be paid by our manufacturers, our key businesses in this country is absurd. it's is pouring kerosene on a forest fire . we've got to be cutting government spending, cutting government taxes instead. this bill does exactly the opposite. and you're right. you know, it's interesting. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, barack obama, all of these people have said you don't raise it. and by the way, joe manchin as well, they've all said publicly you don't raise taxes in a recession. that's exactly what this bill would do.
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i think it's a catastrophe. i think shame on these democrats. it's amazing. there are two hundred and fifty democrats in congress at jason and not one of them. we don't know which of what krysten sinema might do. she might save us . but the idea that not one of them is going to vote against this horrendous bill that will do so much damage to our economy, i just find it frightening. sean, it shocking to me that where manchin took this because he said he wasn't going to raise taxes, he's going to raise taxes on coal and he said he didn't want to add spending and his support adds spending. but now the focus is on kyrsten sinema, isn't it? i mean, we'll see if she's got the backbone to stand up for what she said she was going to. she actually believed in, you know, when she talked about not raising taxes and hopefully she'll stick to that pledge, unlike joe manchin. but but the idea here is that you're going to raise seven hundred dollars billion in new taxes, but four hundred billion of that goes to global warming when al gore is this is the greatest achievement in the war on global warming.
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that we've ever seen in eternity. mark my words, it is a bad, bad bill . by the way. you're going to get more regulation and rules out of this bill , too, on top of the taxes, which makes america less competitive, which is to steve's point, exactly what we don't need. yeah, it is absolutely stunning. steve and john, thank you very much for joining us tonight. all right. breaking tonight, the house passing an assault weapons ban for the first time in nearly 30 years. behind the scenes, five democrats voted against it and require and vincent gonzalez of texas, jared golden of maine, ron kind of wisconsin and kurt schrader of oregon. that would have been enough to defeat the bill. but republicans came to the aid of nancy pelosi. look at these two individuals. brian fitzpatrick of pennsylvania and chris jacobs of new york . if those two republicans voted no, it would have been a tie and the bill would have been defeated. but oh, no, they voted in favor of it. joining me now is colorado
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congresswoman corrine bobert, co-chair of the second amendment caucus and the author of a new book which is called my american life. congressman boebert, thanks for joining us on the ingar wrangell. you participated in that vote . why did you vote no ? jason , i refuse to use the democrats strategy by calling this even an assault weapons ban. this is a straight up gun grab. this bill would make the most popular guns in america like certain glocks and shotguns illegal. this bill is the largest transfer of power from the american people to the federal government in modern history. not only is this bill wrong, this bill is blatantly unconstitutional. the supreme court has already said that americans have the right to possess weapons that are in common use. i think 20 million ar 15s is considered common use. i promise you, shotguns, glocks and these are qualify as that.
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and if nancy nancy and sleepy joe want my ar or my glock, they come to my house and try to take it themselves when it comes to tyrannical gun grabs. i will not comply. and don't forget in the summer of blm cities, burning down was wasn't that long ago. americans bought guns and record numbers to defend themselves while democrats stood by and praised these riots and wanted to defund our police. those supporting this legislation don't care about your safety. they care about power. so we need to make sure that people are calling their senators to kill the bill there since we couldn't depend on the republicans to do it in the house. now, i know a lot about your background. my brother has been involved in your campaign. just for full disclosure there you describe yourself as five foot nothing. explain to the american people why a so-called assault weapon is something that you and others should be to have access to because it's not used as a hunting weapon.
12:17 am
they say. right. well, jason , the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting and it certainly doesn't have to do with anything with deers having kevlar vests. it's actually an equalizer. gun rights are women's rights. and i need an equalizer to defend myself against a larger potential aggressor. and that's why most people carry. so they have a way to defend themselves. and we have the second amendment to protect us from a tyrannical government. but this is important to me because i'm a mom of four boys and i need a way to protect them, to defend our lives. and that is what this is all about. i have a pretty interesting story in my book, my american, about what spurred me to get passionate about the second amendment. i saw so many politicians giving our freedoms away rather than securing our rights like they took an oath to do and i even challenged federal work
12:18 am
whenever he said that he was going to come and take our guns . and now i'm taking on nancy pelosi and the rest of the democrats and unfortunately two republicans in the house to make sure that the american people's second amendment rights do not get taken away. congressman bobert, thank you so much for joining us tonight on the ungrammatical speaker nancy pelosi has just departed on her trip to asia with her trip to taiwan still up in the air as we await her decision, the chinese have wasted no time leveling dangerous threats. the united states and the number two in line for the presidency of x. we explain how perilous this could become there or why not so visibly diminished in get new quick resolution can go to a heart attack giving a life insurance no, but we have life insurance.
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benefit from workplaces that promote good mental health. learn more . what can you do? campaign dog insinuation insists on making a visit to chinese. i will take firm and strong measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial clarity. the u.s. must assume full responsibility for any severe consequences arising thereof. china has warned of pelosi's expected trip to taiwan would cross a red line and keeps making threats about how they will respond. tonight we are learning new details about what that could mean. a reporter for the global times, which is chinese state media, suggested actually shooting her plane down, writing if u.s. fighter
12:24 am
jets escort pelosi's plane into taiwan, it is invasion. the people's liberation army has the right to forcibly dispel pelosi's plane and the us fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction if ineffective, then shoot them down. joining us now is morgenthau's former spokesperson for the department of state and gordon chang gateson institute, senior fellow and author of an amazing book. it's called the great u.s. china tech war. i highly recommend it. gordon, thanks for joining us here on set. you know an awful lot about what's going on here. what's your response to this blustering by china? this very well may not be bluster. it's inconceivable to us to play people's liberation army would shoot down pelosi's plane. but you've got to remember at this very instant there were four chinese warships in japanese territorial water in
12:25 am
the senkaku in the east china sea. they're chinese troops deep in the indian controlled territory in ladakh, in the himalayas, you know, a few weeks ago, the chinese provoked a crisis in the south trying to see what the philippines china is lashing out. it might be taiwan might be someplace else. this is an extremely dangerous regime at this moment. morgan, what i want to play is a clip from the white house because the spokesperson was asked for a response in the white house thinks about this. listen to this. i want to get your response. i know you're asking specifically about the rhetoric that we're hearing from china, but as it relates to the speakers just speakers and travels, it's something that we're just not going to speak to right now. that's a hypothetical hypothetical that we'll up on the second in line to the presidency of the united states and the white house can't stand behind her.
12:26 am
yeah. so listen, there's a couple of things going on here with the press secretary. first, i understand that you don't want to confirm the speaker of the house as travel until she's wheels down in taiwan. totally get that. i've been there a million times. the problem is that president biden already let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, whenever he answered the question and started talking about it publicly and said, well, the u.s. military doesn't want her to go . it was very irresponsible, biden, to talk about it publicly, to even answer the question. and he sort of put beijing in a corner by doing that. secondly, even if you can't talk about the trip in and of itself, you have to address this. this editor of the global times, by the way, he's very boisterous. i think he used to say the worst things about me when i was state department spokesperson. i used to laugh at them, by the way, and print them out and put them on the wall. maybe in my book one day if i have time to write it like gordon. but the point whenever you are asked to specifically address the threat to the life of
12:27 am
the speaker of the house, you know, third in line to the presidency, what do you do? you have to stand up strong and equivocally and say absolutely, you will not threaten the lives of top us officials. and they couldn't say that from the white house. i don't know if it was the incompetence of the press secretary or just the weak position of the biden white house in general. well, gordon was surprised actually . you gave a much stronger answer to what i was asking about than i thought. there is a lot of dispute about what happened with this biden presidency call. why not just release a transcript and put it all to bed with the white house doesn't want to do that. do they know? they don't because it would show the decision saying to biden, to the cleaners and you know, this has been sort of four previous calls we have seen afterwards that the chinese have gotten the better of us each and every time. you know, in this phone call, according to the chinese foreign ministry, xi jinping threatened the life of president biden. you the president should have just hung up the phone when he
12:28 am
heard that threat on his life. i mean, this is this is wrong. and what we're doing is we're encouraging the chinese to make more and more threats. and that's unfortunately the way this administration thinks it should conduct diplomacy. margaret, i've only got 20 seconds or so, but the projection of strength has never been president biden's strong suit hasn't. no, and it's dangerous for america and it's dangerous for the world. we are really entering a new era, a new time. china wants the world to know it's puffing up its feathers, right. they want to the world to know and think of them as a superpower. they want to be treated with the respect of a superpower. and we're going to have to get serious about the threat because they are serious about projecting their own power. now, morgan and gordon, thank you so much for joining us . and i really do appreciate it given all we have learned about hunter biden's shady business deals over the past week. former attorney general bill barr asks a fair question. where is the special counsel to
12:29 am
look into the president's son , miranda devine and margo cleveland have new insight in moments. >> stay there. hollywood actor alec baldwin, actor alec baldwin. authorities say that actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the set of his upcoming film russ. alec baldwin always seems to be in the spotlight for good or bad. foxy's back brian kilmeade host who is alec baldwin. go inside the actor's right to start with the trimethyl and the controversies that made their way to the public stage. and alec baldwin are never too far apart. baldwin's voice daughter, which is something you can't, uttering a homophobic slur for many actors. if you behave badly again and again and again, you can it with said that it was easy for
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. how can there be no special counsel appointed to investigate hunter biden? i'm seriously asking this question and so is former attorney general bill barr, who told the federalist, quote, intervening events, especially recent reports about fbi whistleblowers and the possible reach of the investigation warrant, adding the protections of special counsel status to assure the key decisions are made independently without political favor. it all started with this 2015 email from a board adviser to karisma, a company hunter biden did work for, quote, deer hunter. thank you for inviting me to dc and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together.
12:35 am
remember biden said in 2019 he never spoke to hunter about any business dealings. there's a laptop from . there's photos, text message, email voicemails, business transactions. and of course there's hunter biden doing or at least trying to do business in places like china, russia, ukraine, the united arab emirates, gutta kazakhstan, romania, and mexico. these are all places where corruption runs rampant. so i ask again, why has there been no special counsel appointed at this point? joining me now is miranda devine, "new york post" columnist, fox news contributor and author of the laptop from how very timely. also joining me is margo cleveland, senior legal correspondent with the federalist who had a very important article coming out that talked about de delbar, about this very question. so, margot, why no special counsel? well, that is a very good
12:36 am
question. that's a question for the current attorney general. and i am amazed that no one has really picked up on this. when bill barr was leaving his position, all the media made a big deal of him saying there was no need for a special counsel to look into hushabye. but now he comes out and says, what is morin-chartier this point? because change in circumstances he speaks very purposefully when he does. and yet there is no discussion that has been spurred by that. so that's a great question for the current attorney general. say they need to answer that question rather. i want to get into the bidens business relationship with former clinton fbi director louis freeh. here's an email obtained by the daily mail that he sent to hunter in 2016. i would be delighted to do future work with you. i also spoke to dad, presumably
12:37 am
joe biden a few weeks ago and would like to explore some future work options then less than a year later, he wrote to hunter, quote, you know, our family foundation made a one hundred thousand contribution to haleys children's trust last year. now that would be to the president's grandchildren. so miranda, i mean, louis freeh gets business that's out of romania because of the biden connection and as a thank you. one hundred thousand dollars goes into the vice president's grandkid's account. how is that not corruption? look, this is the way that the bidens did business. that is a really good insight into how they made money, traded favors. louis freeh was doing what a lot of people did to curry favor with the bidens to be able to access work through
12:38 am
them and connections, particularly overseas. when joe biden was vice president. and as you said, louis freeh worked with hunter was sort of brought in on a deal with a romanian billionaire who was in trouble in his country, had some corrupt corruption charges against him. so he was paying a hefty sum to hunter and his friends every month in an effort to try and get them to put pressure via the american government on the romanian government and get him off the hook. as it turned out, it didn't work. he ended up going to jail and immediately that that joe biden ceased to be vice president biden's payments from this billionaire also stopped. so it tells you that's a clear quid pro quo, just like the verismo payments to hunter biden were harmed the minute that joe biden was not vice president. so there's louis freeh, former fbi head. it shows you how deep the hunter biden connections were to the law enforcement and intelligence establishment
12:39 am
thanks to his father. yeah, i mean, the whole idea you had this corrupt billionaire who wanted to curry favor with the department of justice. so they go to hunter biden because they know that hunter biden is for sale and that he can produce and you know, the way they influence the department of justice is to get louis free to go in and do it because he has an all access pass. that being the former director , i'm just telling you, margaret, i think you did a great job in summarizing. i encourage people to go look at that article and see what the former attorney general bill barr is saying about the appointment of a special counsel. and miranda, keep up the good work. i'm telling you, there is so much smoke and so much corruption. you've done such a great job of exposing it all. i can't thank you both enough for joining us tonight. miranda and margo, thank you very much. all right. it's been just over two years since the violent riots destroyed much of minneapolis, causing an estimated $1 billion
12:40 am
in damage. the anger angle went back to see how things have changed in and around the city from being rebuilt to race relations to crime and much, much, much more . we start tonight in st. paul where angle producer jessica curry spoke with one restaurant owner who says he no longer feels safe. >> so she covered this restaurant, opened at 7:00. now we open because we want the sun to come up before our staff comes in. we don't want it to dark. we don't want it to be scary kind of coming into the place. our other restaurant that's right up on the hill, we close at nine o'clock now and said one o'clock in the morning, brian ingram and hope breakfast bar here in st. paul , minnesota. and don't think that because we're outside the minneapolis city lines the crime stuff. we've had carjackings, we've had staff robbed us . they're leaving the restaurant . so for us , we just shut the businesses down really about sundown. this restaurant has been robbed three times, i think.
12:41 am
and that doesn't include people coming in and stealing purses and all of that. but actual robberies and burglaries throughout the night. we have other restaurants here in town and grand total of seven robberies in the last year and a half and you'll spend forty thousand dollars on a surveillance camera. but again, it's really just wasting money because they always find we've never not found somebody that robbed us at our office, at our restaurants. we spend all this money, 40000 on this. fifty thousand on something else. you close your restaurant thoroughly, you open it later. you do all of that, you find the criminal and then they're just back out the next day. so why why even spend the money? we're better than just leaving the door unlocked and saying please don't break anything and just leaving it. ingram and his family used to live just blocks away from the breakfast bar, but the spike in crime, including a deadly shooting, made them leave. it's probably been a year now, but we walked in. they had put a shelter right on the corner here called the freedom house and me and our brand new baby, i think six months old, we're walking
12:42 am
and somebody came out and pulled a gun out and just started shooting it up in the air and we just decided we can't do it anymore. what kind of support have you gotten from local law enforcement, local officials, local law enforcement? they almost show up and they're embarrassed because they know so many of these offenders and they just tell you you show them a picture because we have cameras everywhere. they can normally tell us who they where they live and they're almost embarrassed because they know that they'll arrest them and then they tell you, you know, they'll be back tomorrow and there's just no fear. the criminals know that i'm going to be out of jail tomorrow. so why not go crazy? thing is , the amount of repeat offenders like for us , the people that have robbed us rob us , they get out of jail 24 hours later and they come back and rob us the next week. stunning story. make sure to tune in next week for the ingram angle in minneapolis. two years after george floyd's
12:43 am
riot or will be all over the city talking to residents, business owners, current police and former police all about how race relations have changed since she was last there after the twenty twenty riots. that's next week. don't miss it. and next, radical progressives are turning minority communities away from the democratic party and over to america first movement. laura talks to a former antifa recruit coming up next. our bathroom is very outdated ut the shower alone made it look branew . renew your bathroom with with transform your old outdated bathtub into a beautiful walk in shower with local expertise and national support renewed what you can install your custom shower system in as little as one day. it's our summer savings event. say five hundred dollars on a new bathtub or shower. ask about six month same as cash and receive a one hundred
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getting fired at can send .com is anti-americanism in the progressive movement turning off black and latino communities? well, to young man who just wants an organization called our america say yes, america is the land of the free and the home of the brave. but some people are trying to tear her down. they think it's cool. the country is divided. they would like to believe america is the land of opportunity, opportunity like no other place in the world. poor boy who came here from mexico and i was able to succeed. that's what american greatness is about. it's time for us to really come together, understand and be proud of this. this is our country. this is our america. don't let the haters win. lose it. join our america. doug. now that ad is part of a half
12:49 am
million dollar by targeting the younger generation on stations like betty and mtv. well, given this organization more heft is the unique background of these two men . barington martin, the second is a lifelong democrat who even tried to primary john lewis at one point and gabriel margolis was recruited by antifa in high school but ultimately saw the flaws and its ideology. joining me now is fairrington and gabriel. gabriel , let's start with you now. we've been seeing a lot of reporting lately about how especially hispanic voters are beginning to shift toward the gop in key parts of america . is anti-americanism driving it or is the anti small business mindset of the democrats driving it? i think it really has to do with the anti-americanism. look, from my experience in antifa as well as in radical politics, i can tell you that there's a lot of people, a lot of radical progressives within
12:50 am
the democratic party that want to make people believe that america is deeply divided or that america doesn't really care about minority communities. but nothing could be further from the truth. look, we've done our research and we have found that over 80% of hispanic americans and 76 percent of african-americans think america is a great country. but you wouldn't hear this from progressive americans because their strategy is one of divide and conquer. they want to be able to divide americans in order so they can push their woke ideologies because that's the only way that they will win. and that's what america is really standing against. we're really trying to give voice to the average american and tell them that it is okay to show your support for america. while barington, i want to play some of the language that has become, i think, all too common in this administration. watch for systemic racism based on our nation's soul. knee on the neck of justice for black americans, profound fear and trauma, the pain,
12:51 am
the exhaustion of black and brown americans experience every single day. america has a long history of systemic racism. black americans and black men in particular have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. so apparently we are supposed to just believe the united states is a kind of irredeemable bully institutionally and systemically racist. is that is that the kind of country that anyone really wants to live in? and is the african-american community like that rhetoric? absolutely not. this is a testament to the divisive radical ideology that seeks to continue to divide us as a country. and this is why i joined our america and this is why our america is seeking to uplift and also for the cultural movement that's going on and to awaken the voices of the silent majority. and we will continue to do this by unifying all american of
12:52 am
america excuse me, under a foundation of american values now. gabriel , there's a an idea before politically in the hispanic community of unidad like every one of us going to be together, i guess vote as a bloc, as a bloc. but when you really think about that, that's some demeaning to any group of voters that you all have to agree. and if you're not, then you're somehow a traitor. to whatever hispanic community you come from. your reaction to the kind of traitor charge that occasionally we'll hear bandied about, you know, it's actually not occasional it's a constant struggle as minorities and conservative minorities that we hear that we're trained our minority. look, i'm not betraying anybody i like a lot of people are betraying the american ideals when they try to divide people. and what really we stand for is war to unite everybody, all americans of all creeds, of all races. that's really what we're
12:53 am
standing for. and whenever people say that, oh, you guys are trainers where they're making it seem like they're they have some sort of of they make it seem like they have like the right to believe that they're going to win in the end. but at the end of the day, what we stand here out of america is to really lift both the voices that are american. we don't care if are left wing or right wing. we just want to make sure that you are pro-american. so that's the kind of voices we want to highlight. barington gabriel , we wish you the best of luck. thank you so much. up next, a surprise guest join me right here on set. i'm not going to tell you who it is . you'll have to stick around and find out that's coming up. one of my favorite supplements is tuneless sermonic house of healthy joints and inflammation. sports . unlike regular turmeric supplements, she's also pure exhaustion helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qnol men over forty five . you have a frequent urgent need
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12:59 am
yeah, hi . first i'd like to say hello to my parents. i live in cambridge, massachusetts, and in regards the internship, i've most enjoyed how it's structured. i like having seven hours. you put your work into something and then for the last hour you get to see all of your efforts on screen, on tv. well, you've done a great job from what i hear. what about you? where where are you from? and what are you going to do now? i'm from connecticut. and next up for me is just back to school. back to college. i'm studying abroad in the fall . and in regards to the internship, i mean, it's very difficult to choose what i love most, but it's really cool being immersed into a tv, you know, world and especially working with the lovely and galangal team. that's good. that's good. all right, david karoline, thanks for your hard work. good luck to you. and we can't forget angles. former intern gabriel mosby, who's now works on she works on the show. she graduated and works on the show. thanks, abby. well, that's it for tonight. i'm jason chaffetz.
1:00 am
filling in for laura . i appreciate your allowing me to stick in and do that to to guest host for her. if you want to learn more about me, go to jason in the house. .com jason in the house, .com podcast, my books, wildlife photography again, thanks to laura for allowing me to sit in and have a great and wonderful weekend. remember the united states of america, greatest country on the face of the planet. have a great weekend. by the way, for one minute. one minute and you guys. all right, happy friday. wearing my glasses tonight. maybe we'll win an emmy. so let's take a look at all the things that me off the it looks i get when i buy clothes in the boys department on my


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