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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  July 30, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time. thank you, brian: welcome to "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. tonight on the show, we have commissioner kelly bringing law and order back to the streets. what anthony fauci said he wished he would have done. first things first. what i have noticed the last 18 months is the administration wants to us not believe what we know to be true, and ignore facts as they actually are.
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i find it puzzling and maddening. what's most alarming is it's only getting worse. a fight against facts was not a concept that was tolerated in the last administration. remember people freaked out when kellyanne conway said this. i don't know about you, but i still believe there is fact or fiction, right and wrong. the question is do they understand the difference? there was a time when we all knew what a man and woman was. >> i'm opening up people to violence by asking what a woman is? >> can you provide a definition for the word woman? >> can i provide a definition? >> yes. >> i can't. >> you can't?
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>> not in this context. i'm not a biologist. brian: we wall knew at one point what kinds of pronoun would be used as well. laws would be obeyed and officers respected. that's not the case now. see that? the crowd broke away the suspect from the cops. when a military disaster like the evacuation of afghanistan raises you man smuls outrage around the world and in this country and false rejections were met with mass resignations, usually when things like that happen so wrong, instead -- >> the extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill, and selfless courage of our united states it in. brian: don't they know that we
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know they are spinning or worst yet lying. you define a leader by when you make a mistake you own that mistake. the prediction which was wrong. >> our economists conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. >> economists call all these things a transitory fix. brian: inflation is in full swing. what exactly is a recession. in 2008 president bawm's security advisor said it was negative growth for two executive warters. we are to believe there is no recession and everything is great?
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>> we are not in a recession in my view. >> two negative quarters of growth is not the definition economists have traditionally relied on. >> that's not the definition. >> chairman powell and many of the significant banking personnel and economists say we are not in a recession. brian: every administration has problems but this one defies logic. we know the answers, mr. president, and we have been let down by your illusions. inflation, not transitory, we are living with it. you allowed thugs to lord it over our cops and your spending during this recession made it worse. denying results is not only wrong, it's insulting.
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as we look at your 30% approval rating, america seems to not be falling for it. joining us, former deputy chief of staff karl rove. some things are preventable, some things aren't. i have never seen an administration deny. >> we started out with inflation that would be transitory. now they don't even use the word recession. they say our economy is in transition. we have thanked two quarters of consecutive negative growth. we are in a recession. and let's not kid yourselves. when the administration says inflation is transitory, it's going away, we are not in a recession, it's a transition. they are undermining their
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credibility and undermines the people's confidence in the administration. brian: why wouldn't biden who has been around for 40 years choose to use the same sack particular? >> i don't know. this has been confusing to me since the beginning. he didn't need to say this is just transitory. he could have said we are watching this daily. we'll take strong steps. he could say i'm deeply concerned about the economy of our country. i want to make certain there is prosperity available and that's what we are focused on. instead we gives us the politicians mumbo jumbo saying wait a minute. he's trying to mislead us. either he doesn't know what we are living through or he knows and he's trying to tell us it
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ain't bad. there is a reason why this president has the worst approval numbers of any modern president at this time in his first term. nobody else is as bad as this guy. it's because he and the people around him in the white house misplayed things like this time and time again. you put your finger on it. inflation transteary, now it's transition, not recession. we are not that dumb. brian: a lot of people say the president got two big victories, the chips bill and it looks like the manchin-schumer secret package that focuses on climate change. >> the chips bill happened in the senate not because of the administration. the people behind that bill
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negotiated it for months and stiff armed the white house. they didn't want the white house in the middle of this. it came through the senate with a bipartisan vote. democrats are desperate to say wire doing anything. but if you think giving aid to the semi conductor industry will turn around the fortunes of the democrats you are kidding yourself. this is not where people live. they don't get up in the morning and say what's the cost of a semi conductor? they say what's the cost of gasoline and what's the cost of milk. brian: climate change usually gets 2% at the bottom of every list. as we look at the senate which many people think is too close to call. we have 100 days to the mid terms.
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the democrats' best chance to be on offense, where could they dwrab a seat? >> there are four seats the democrats have to defend. wisconsin, pennsylvania. one johnson is having a lot of fun going to the picnics and parades and the community events during the summer, and the democrats are going to nominate the most left wing of their available candidate. feeling good about ted ted budd in north carolina. but pennsylvania will be a fight to the end. brian: the biggest sleepers are colorado and washington. >> i think nevada is our best chance for a pickup. i would also say georgia. new hampshire is one.
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if chuck morris wins, we have a good shot there. the good news for the republicans is something training could happen in colorado, washington state or both. we have a terrific candidate in washington state. wonderful message, raising a bunch of money. getting a lot of enthusiasm. the democrats were so worried about joe they spend half a billion dollars to boost a candidate who utterly failed. theya that shows senator bennett is at risk. brian: it will be a sprint to the finish. meanwhile, monday and "fox and friends" senate candidate herschel walker joins me for his first big interview after
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capturing the nominations. he opens up about the accusation that he has kids he didn't acknowledge. >> the reason i didn't acknowledge them here. my daughter you have seen at some of the functions i have been at. my youngest kids i didn't across can them because i didn't want them to have problems. christian finished his last year in college with security guards. brian: are you involve in their lives? >> i have always been involved in their lives. they know their dad loves them and that's what counts. brian: watch the interview on one nation. coddled criminals and unprotected cops are fueling the
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>> they saw -- stop it! >> oh, oh -- >> we are seeing signs of the disrespect towards our men in blue years ago. people thought that's just an area in new york city. a crowd of people brazenly helped two suspects escape from police officers. a kid attacked a police officer
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and was back on the streets the next day. >> as soon as we catch them, the system releases them and they repeat the action. that's just -- when i say we are the laughingstock of the country, that's what i'm talking about. >> in chicago, a thief with an ankle monitor helps himself to a bag of liquor. it's unbelievable. remember this in minnesota, the toddlers angrily cursed and hit the police officers serving a warrant. we turn to the most successful police commissioner maybe in history.
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i just ran through some examples of what's going on in the streets. how did this happen? >> mayor deblasio in his 8-year rein was a total disaster for the city. you show the water poured over the police officers' heads. i think they should have been severely disciplined. deblasio i think is the major reason new york finds it itself where it is today. police officers are voting with their feet. they are leaving nypd in large numbers. thousands have left in a couple years. they are going to greener pastures. they are going to places that appreciate them. and it will create a huge
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recruiting problem down the road. >> i will give you -- let's bring up the 16-year-old arrested the week before. let's call it a gun. a few days before got arrested and he got out again. the cop said you jumped the turnstile, get out. he didn't try to arrest him. and the guy is 16 and he's out. this is what alvin bragg said. we decide to send the second case to family court where he will receive age-appropriate intervention. that doesn't make me feel better that he won't be attacking again. >> he's proud of what he did. he was out in an hour and a half. any logical reasonable person would hook at that and say, this
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is a serious crime. as you say, he had been released on his own recognizance the previous wednesday for an alleged assault. the system is broken. i don't see anybody in the offing that is going to make significant changes. alvin bragg -- brian: you took over a situation in new york city, los angeles, san diego, up and down. you took over a system that was broken and in a little time it end up being the safest city in america. can you name things we can do to bring back respect to the men and women in blue blue and respect to the streets? yes. putting the anti-crime units in civilian clothes back on the streets.
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600 officers removed foolishly by the deblasio administration. stop and frisk is a tool that officers should have in their tool box. it's been proven an effective measure against people carrying guns. and we need more cops in the subways on the platforms. you can't have cops up on the mezzanine talking on their phones. there is plenty of money around. it's not an issue of not having enough money. brian: commissioner, it's always great to get your insight. thank you very much. is china using tiktok as a propaganda machine? they could be stealing all your kids' data.
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[♪♪♪] jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott in new york. president biden testing positive for covid-19 again. just over three days since he was cleared to leave coronavirus isolation. the white house says he has a rare case of rebound covid. the white house says the president is not experiencing symptoms. he will reenter isolation for five days but continue to carry out his presidential duties. kentucky's governor saying at least 25 people have died following historic flooding. crews are searching for people
5:27 pm
and evacuating flooded areas. more rain is expected as the governor urges everyone to stay safe. i'm jon scott. now back to "one nation" with brian kilmeade. [♪♪♪] >> this is from tiktok's privacy policy. it says we collect certain information about the device you use to access the platform. apps, file names and types. everything you file away on your phone they have access to. key stroke patterns or rhythms. it ends with china having all your data. brian: forget about big brother. he needs to worry about beijing. tiktok is required by law to share data with the chinese government. joining me now, steve mosher,
5:28 pm
does this surprise you that these are actually in the bylaws of tiktok? >> no, it doesn't surprise me. it's obviously chinese government spyware and it shouldn't be download on anyone's phones in china or around the world. in 2017 the chinese communist com party passed an intelligence law that requires technology companies to turn over technology in realtime. anything that goes into a chinese server comes out on a communist party server somewhere in china and some spy agency. we have to ban -- the head of the fcc called for am and everybody to ban tiktok. take it off your kids' phones.
5:29 pm
take it off apple. don't download the app. brian: it appears china is trying to infiltrate the fed and affect money policies. do you think they will be successful with that? does it surprise you in. >> it doesn't surprise me the largest conspiracy on the planet which is the chinese communist party would make an stork straighted effort to infiltrate the fed. this is part of a massive espionage effort against the united states. all agencies being penetrated by a massive effort. i met with chris cox in 1998, he told me fronts organizations run by the communist porty. is it 80,000 now?
5:30 pm
100,000? i don't know. we should probably ban all u.s. officials from going to china except those involved in diplomatic duties. as far as people who belong to regulatory agencies like the fed, if china wants to meet with them, they can send their officials here. or we can meet in a neutral third country. one guy was threatened with imprisonment in china. are you kidding me? brian: donald trump was for stopping the spying in this country and biden was undoing trump policies. what's the damage by not going after spies in china. >> the damage mounts every day. it was suspended by president biden on the grointds was
5:31 pm
somehow quote-unquote racist. it needs to be put in place yesterday and the fbi needs to track china spying in the united states. otherwise you can virtually kiss every bit of proprietary data in the united states, every action by the u.s. government will be known by china before the u.s. public knows about it. brian: this is a five-alarm fire we are not acknowledging. no more teachers, no more books, ,college enrollment is way down. and kamala harris's pronouns. i'm on stage august 27, newark, new jersey, the new jersey performing arts center. we are taking back the american
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story 1,000 people at a time. in november i will be in brandon, mississippi, as well as oklahoma. i hope to see you in person. but i won't be wearing that outfit.
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>> if i went back to 2020 and knew what i knew in 2020, i wouldn't do things much differently. insidious nature of spread in the community would have bench more an alarm and stringent restrictions heavy encouraging people to wear masks and physical distancing. lessons not learned. did you hear anthony fauci would do it all over again if we had a pandemic tomorrow. the boosters barely protect you
5:37 pm
from getting the virus. he didn't learn anything from his mistakes. in kentucky the largest school district is mandating masks already. san diego mandated coverings over the summer. one georgia county is making teachers wear them, but it's up to the kids to decide if they want to wear them. young people are not in danger like in texas where the governor's mandate is back in effect thanks to a judge. just fresh off the conservative conference, 18-25-year-olds. charlie kirk authored "the college scam." charlie, great to see you.
5:38 pm
first off, your reaction to anthony fauci. he says he only wishes he could have cracked down with yeart strip jones. >> it's reprehensible. and he doesn't mention the lockdowns did to the next generation. i can tell you from delayed speech development, from the lack of social interaction to the rising suicides. right now we have the most suicide and drug addicted young generation in history. to say you must always be afraid and stare at a screen all day long? it's inarguable to say that when young children were masks, it's hard for them to communicate.
5:39 pm
so for fauci to say that, it shows him ignoring the damage it does. brian: i have two students in my house. they were toiled to get vaccinated or don't come back. when you talk to the college kids. they are helpless. if they want to stay in college, get the shot or go home. >> that's exactly right. some of them get the shot and they end up getting infected. there are all these rules that are constantly changing. it's the petty totalitarianism people are fed up with. the younger generation has been told to follow rule after rule when they can't even see if the rule is affecting the desired result. bureaucrats and the administrative state, they love
5:40 pm
academics so they can make an infinite amount of rules. so many young people are saying when will this end? when will i be able to get my life back? unfortunately our leaders are not able to articulate what success looks like. brian: you don't think it's worth it for kids to go to college. there were 662,000 less people to sign up for college than the year before. you wanted to go to west point, you decide not to, you started turning point and you have no regrets. what happened in your mind? >> the vast majority of people should not go. 40% of kid who enroll in college drop out. they are studying things,
5:41 pm
humanity, sociology and joined orstudies -- and jenner studies. the value proposition was continued on its head. the costs. the bad ideas. the woke ideology. i encourage people to think twice before going to college. not everyone needs to go to college to succeed in america. brian: you say harvard, it's way overrated. once you get in, that's great. but most of them are screaming liberals when they come out. thanks so much, charlie. brian: "one nation" reveals firsthand accounts of attacks on
5:42 pm
our founding fathers. that story and more next. with
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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brian: that * has been exposing
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the war on history. our coverage uncovered an anti-american agenda affecting the homes of two founding fathers, james madison and thomas jefferson. numerous visitors to monticello and montpelier said discussions of slavery dominated their tours with little mention of their roles in founding our great country. it caught the attention of the board of madison's house and the national historic trust. they issues statements saying our characterization is inaccurate. so we went for ourselves. our cameras are not allowed inside. but we talked to tourists outside after their tour. >> it was an excellent tour. it's something each and every american ought to come. james madison perhaps in some
5:47 pm
ways than thomas ever on or george washington really is the founder and creator of the nation that we now possess. what i remember when i saw it years ago, the focus was on james madison and the constitution and what he did. what i saw in the experience today i don't remember hearing or seeing the first time around. >> slavery is everywhere. if we are not supposed to be thinking about color, why do we have to make it so prevalent. >> i think it was slanted toward i guess the term is woke. it's very -- i don't know, they are trying to show the inequities down our throats towards reparation. >> what about the constitution? >> they breeze over it. they don't talk about it.
5:48 pm
it's a sad commentary of where we are in our country today. they should have spent more time talking about what a great man madison was instead of enslaved people. >> talking about the totality of madison's life, good and bad. >> what was the biggest accomplishment that they brought up? >> i guess the biggest accomplishment was that -- having our federal and state system that nowhere in the world has been replicated. brian: dennis richmond grew up in new york city. he's working to teach young americans a complete view of our nation's founding.
5:49 pm
what is the role you think of madison and jefferson. >> i would say significant. real americans, real patriots know those trying to paint a picture of them to be some bad guys know that's not true. we need to do our due diligence as americans to make sure we tell the truth. >> how much do you think slavery should be part of the tour of both those facilities. >> they need to include that in the facility, but it shouldn't be the main purpose of what they are going there for. these are founding fathers. they not only helped craft the country. but people we look at today when we draft laws, these are people we look at when we talk about the future of the country. how are we going to skip over that. brian: bill of rights, constitution. declaration of independence.
5:50 pm
both presidents of the united states. they both did their best to rid this nation of slavery. that was the message until dave rubenstein renovate madison's house then he starts this whole woke approach to america's past. >> what makes it sad is when you see things like this you then have children who are now going to their parents and asking all of these questions because you have a group of people out there pushing an agenda. when the children are asking these questions, it's not doing a service to anybody. now you have teachers across the country now who are being blamed for doing things like bringing other thoughts into the chat room that's affecting everybody. brian: is it affecting you? >> absolutely. because people are attacking me
5:51 pm
for telling the truth. >> slavery did affect this country and we had a civil war. but the progress made is undeniable. we always i thought approached our country from we hit the lotto when you are born here. >> and you hit the lotto that when you realize that being in america is one of the most beautiful things. when you have deep roots in this country. if you can acknowledge that and look over cancel culture you will realize how great it is. brian: thank you. don't forget to dvr "one nationer" week. the only woman i know who can
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brian: it's time for the "news duel." joining us, great to see you carmen. are you ready to duel? >> i think so. let's cue the music. the vice president of the united states is at it again talking out loud. let's watch. >> i am kamala harris and i am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit. she is address an audience trying to be politically correct
5:57 pm
at the round table talking about the overturning of roe versus wade. >> i'm so confused. i'm a woman, i'm in a blue dress sitting at a table with a man who identifies as a man. >> around the world they are laughing at her. we are being mocked. our vice president continues to sully her own reputation. >> the secret to the perfect morning routine. you are supposed to get up at 6:44 in the morning.
5:58 pm
10 minute shower. 18 minutes eating breakfast. and 21 minutes exercising. brian: lauren is the only person i know besides janice dean in the building before me in the morning. i brush my teeth and put my clothes on in 10 minutes. i shower at night. i run out the door. it takes a long time to warm up the keurig when you are rushed. >> i go to dunkin donuts. i am up at 2:25 in the morning. that's my routine. how about this story. chick-fil-a is looking for volunteers to be paid in food instead of money.
5:59 pm
offers five chicken sandwiches per hour. >> they are look for volunteers? volunteers don't get paid. they are giving them five entrees an hour which seems like a lot of food. >> you are paid to do fox business and fox news but not paid to do this. i will pay you with chick-fil-a, that will suffice. >> for me to come back on the show? are they the same sandwich? get the nuggets. brian: on my radio show next week i have a lot of great people. on "fox and friends" we'll have an exclusive interview with her shell walker. can i urge you to dvr foxnation and follow us on
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facebook, instagram and twitter? do you have a watch? check your phone. it's time for dan bongino to start according to my watch. i hope he's ready. dan: i'm going to say it because it's true. joe biden handling of the border crisis makes him an accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of people. senator ron johnson may have been set up by the fbi. joe biden is the big guy.


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