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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 31, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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someone comes to the rescue, what a nice way to end it. >> you just finished criticizing the phone. >> and to be with you this weekend thank you for watching we will see you next weekend, you want to stay tuned the fox report with jon scott start right now. ♪. jon: michelle nichols. >> i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. we begin with the fox news alert on the death of nba legend bill russell. the box under boston celtics center who became the head coach of major u.s. team sports passively peacefully at 88 years old. the greatest winter basketball history and for off the court as a champion of civil rights.
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charles watson live in atlanta with more. charles. >> good afternoon the news of the passing of nba legend bill russell is sending shock waves to the sports world and beyond. people try to wrap their heads around this tremendous loss. a message posted to russell's twitter earlier today said he passed away peacefully with his wife jeanine by his side. tributes for the boston celtics gray can nba hall of famer has ported from high-profile figures including former president and fellow basketball legend such as magic johnson who called his death a tremendous loss for the entire basketball world he continued on to say russell was my idol i looked up to him on the court and his success on the court was undeniable he was dominant within the championships off the court will also pave the way for guys like me. nba commissioner adam silver
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called him the ultimate winner and teammate whose impact on the mba will be felt forever and president obama said today we lost a giant, he goes on to say russell was the greatest champion at nba history off of the civil rights trailblazer. russell was considered the great entry greatest champion in the list of accomplishments are winning 11 championships and five mvp awards in his 13 year career with the boston celtics born on february 12, 1974 he grew up in a heavily segregated louisiana memories of seeing these periods discriminated to his adult life as he battled racism and basketball and
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america. he was not embraced in the same way, he spoke up often about treatment of black players and he was front and center in the height of the civil rights movement during martin luther king jr. in standing with muhammad ali and that led president obama to avoid russell the presidential medal of freedom in 2011 and also was 88 years old. jon: charles watson, thank you. the nation also mourns the death of michelle nichols tonight. she played the lieutenant on "star trek". her son posted on facebook that she died last night of natural causes. one of the first black woman featured in the major television series and one in the first and the role of power and authority. william shatner believed to be the first kiss on american television. she's at her later years promoting nasa including the women of minorities including sally ride american female astronaut michelle nichols. jon: president biden has tested positive for covid again after
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his case rebound positivity began yesterday as the president continued working remotely. he is monitoring house speaker nancy pelosi's trip to asia. the speaker says she's visiting for countries but is not mentioned any potential stop in taiwan. back here at home but looking ahead to tuesday's high-stakes primary election in arizona in missouri. we have fox team political coverage, senior correspondent alicia acuna as live in arizona and hillary vaughn is live in misery. first left let's go to griff jenkins live at the white house. >> good evening the president is monitoring speaker pelosi's trip while isolating in the residence, his doctor releasing the newsletter today say the president felt well in maintaining strict isolation measures adding that the president continues to be very specifically conscientious to protect any of the executive residence, white house, secret service and other staff whose
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duties require any of social distance proximity to him. the white house also telling us today that the president had six close contacts and that had tested positive. questions arise as drastically he adhered to cdc guidelines in the last week after being seen en masse as several public appearances recently. this comes a bid rising tensions with china, all eyes on a possible nancy pelosi stop in taiwan. take a look at this map, taiwan located between the announced stops of singapore and malaysia and south korea and japan. no taiwan does it exist on the speaker schedule barbara champa administration state department official christian written had this to say. >> i think it was probably left off the itinerary it's too clever by half but i guess you can keep the chinese guessing and wondering if she doesn't go it would signal profound
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weakness and call into question americans commitment to alliance in the region. >> the uss ronald reagan in the strike group has moved into the south china sea with the pentagon not commenting on movements as the administration has not advised policy to avoid taiwan but they are reassuring beijing one china policy has not changed in any way. as for the president ahead we know because of the rebound case plan to return to the road and a trip to michigan on tuesday has been scrapped the only glimpse we got of the president came in form of a tweet of himself face timing with the legislation supporters yesterday. jon: good jenkins live at the white house, thank you. check your calendars. 100 days ago at the midterm elections more primaries take this tuesday in arizona, kansas, michigan, missouri and washington.
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hillary vaughn is live in farmington missouri, several candidates will benefit the chance with republican senator roy blunt. >> a big part of this race has been sticking it to the establishment rinos almost as much as they are betting against the democrats agenda in washington. current front runner missouri attorney general eric schmitt criticizes both of his opponents, six turned congresswoman and former governor eric guidance who resigned from the job admitted sexual misconduct allegation, he tells me he does not think that they have what it takes to take on their own party. >> i'm ready to get to people one of part of the establishment she voted for every terrible spending bill and i betting into a guy that clicked. he quit in addition to all the other scandals that would jeopardize the seats. we don't take the senate back.
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>> he is disputing those that the decade in washington and washington is a bad thing. her six terms. she could deliver on campaign promises. >> i got things done against the establishment and willing to do the tough things even if it means bucking my party. >> in the last few days they'd come out against mitch mcconnell say they will not support him from majority leader if republicans take control in november but former governor eric guyton says he was the first candidate in the race to do that telling me his opponents recent opposition is politically convenient. >> this is what we call a deathbed conversion. these are rinos who have been reporting mitch mcconnell for years. there also career politicians and lawyers the crisis is not just because of the left craziness in the mainstream
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media is also because of the corruption and cowardice of the rino political establishment. >> former president donald trump has not officially endorsed anyone in this race yet but he has rolled out endorsing hartzler. and also greitens but stopped short endorsing him. if he were to endorsing this race today's the primary that could shake things up in missouri. >> and abu one to watch, hillary vaughn live in farmington missouri. thank you. an arizona border security and immigration are the hot button issues. the republican field democratic senator mark kelly alicia acuna as live in phoenix for us. >> what comes to the board of the gop candidates running at a senate race in arizona had been hammering the body to administration on what they call
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a failure to act. >> you can have another wall, higher additional agents. if the federal government them into becoming nice as people coming about illegally that is the problem. >> more security and stopping crime back to a great legal immigration but not in addition to the 52000 crossing that is an acceptable. >> candidates jumped at the decision by the biden administration to fill in the gaps of the unit sector border, unit sector is one of the most poorest among the 372-mile border, arizona shares of mexico. here is blake masters leading the gop senate race. >> it was too little too late, people know joe biden is an open border president and mark kelly as a democratic senator representing border states he enabled the open border policies for almost two years now.
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>> democrat senator incumbent mark kelly is considered one of the most vulnerable in the country. he actually post the biden administration to complete the fence. in the race for governor karrin taylor robson is fighting for the gop not to take on the democrat in november. she has been a trap supported for years but did not receive his endorsement. former president mike pence came to her aid campaigning for her on the same weekend former president trump campaign for her opponent. lake. both women accused the other of not being the real republican in the race. this has turned into a knockdown drag out between two candidates whose message impersonality reflect the most prominent endorsers on the respective sides. the forecast for tuesday on election day is 106 degrees. republicans have a tradition of showing up in person devote. will be out there with them. jon: is going to be one to
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watch. alecia can you and phoenix. thank you. >> that's why i was extra cautious info the eight months against blowback better and all the things the democrat colleagues wanted to do i thought it was wrong. i cannot do anymore and stop that offer mapping. >> its way to make inflation worse so they have a big corporate tax increase that's going to make this recession that we're in worse. all of this spending is unnecessary and is going to exacerbate inflation. it's not going to reduce the deficit. i'm a big fan of jolanta. we're friends and got taken to the cleaners. >> west virginia senator joe manchin at the beginning of all that defended the democrats 433 billion-dollar brackets reconciliation bill the inflation reduction act. you heard pat toomey. he is among the gop critics who say the bill will only hurt the economy further. new york republican congressman and got editorial candidate lee
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zeldin joins us now. congressman, what do you think of joe manchin who seems to have enabled this bill whitney's been saying all along he did not want to go for big spending and washington packages. >> senator manchin earned a lot of credit for a long time and then he threw it away, he decided to fold with this deal. you come up with the name, here they call the inflation reduction act. can they name it the inflation reduction act, surely it's reducing inflation. that's not what it does. a clip you just played from senator toomey. on the spending side and the tax side resulted in an economic impact for a nation that just had new gdp numbers come out, the second straight quarter of negative growth, there's a lot of concern about the direction of our economy and what were actually witnessing here.
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yet congressional democrats to see the writing on the wall for november's election interceding them essentially grade the treasury on their way out because they feel like they won't be empower after this november's election. it feels like debating the treasury taking money they should have. it's a disappointing play call senator manchin was on pace to earn himself a statue of senator manchin outside of the capital for holding strong these two years but he for that away. that is unfortunate. jon: senator manchin essentially said exactly what you're talking about he said he worries the democrats are going to be out of power out after november yet this he felt was the best deal he could strike. >> sometimes the best deal is no deal at all. we saw this with the ironically or deal overseas. we see it with foreign policy and also applies to economic policy. it's important for those to understand why is it that they are about to lose control of
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congress it is because you have average everyday americans who are feeling the pain at the pump at the grocery store there struggling to make ends meet we see the cost of goods go up faster, we see wages go up and that's before you get into all the other challenges that have democrats on the he has of losing this majority from border to foreign policy and born in what they should be doing, it's not too late i'm going to do everything in my power to tackle the economic issue to identify, what the issue is why it is that what my solutions are to resolve it. instead the throbbing away all of that work together with the play card and rating the treasury. >> were looking at the gas prices today compared with a week ago, a month ago. 422 a year ago it was 317 and they were already rising then. if you want to the food prices
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meet is up 8%, eggs 33%, fish 11%, milk, 16, fruit and vegetables 8% in coffee 16% it is no wonder when people go to the grocery store these days. they are having trouble paying the bill. >> everyone is feeling individually. the people struggling the most right now in many respects may have voted democrat in the past they look to elect leaders they want the president of the united states and others to say this is what the problem is we understand what you're feeling and these are my ideas to fix it. i accept responsibility. when you cut off russian oil imports the average american does not want to see you well enough to fist pump, leadership in saudi arabia they don't want you bad enough to agree on in venezuela. let's ramp up the metric energy and we have the ability to become energy independent again and at home. when you see diesel go down, it's not just about the cost of
3:17 pm
the vehicle that has the field up diesel and it cost more but also on the other end would you go to the grocery store and you're paying more for the product that you just mentioned. i feel like if there was one thing that we were to tackle beyond the conversation that were having on spending and taxes is to type in our own supply rather than relying on foreign actors abroad that is national security, economic security and long-term it is the right play call for the united states of america to tackle pain at the pump and the second order when you go to the grocery store and beyond. jon: we will see what voters think about this come november. new york republican congressman and gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin. a new jersey councilwoman accused in broad daylight hit-and-run. will tell you how lawmakers responded next. ♪ rty mutual
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jon: a new jersey councilwoman facing calls to resign after release of the video which some viewers might find disturbing. it shows a jersey city councilwoman amy's car slamming into a bicycle.
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she takes a violent fall while the car continues on its way without stopping. nate is live with more help on the councilwoman is responding. >> some call it a lack of response. the spokesman does not plan on stepping out although thousands of people are telling her to do so. i want to show you what happens after this. take a look at the police body cam video, you see the bike rider sitting down after being hit police say he told him his ankle and leg were in pain but he is coherent, talking to them seems to be in pretty good shape take a listen to his account of what happened. >> i was coming this way and they drove to a red light so i was going and then i get hit and they drive away. >> police say the driver actually had a green light right here.
3:23 pm
much more concerning you could see the driver does not stop. the biker did not get the plate number but they use surveillance cameras to track it down and police say that car is registered to councilwoman degise. two summonses one for leaving the scene of an accident and the other for failing to report it. today a petition is growing. you see over 3000 people are now calling on degise to step down. she puts her own ambitions over the well-being of residents protocols on other council members to publicly support her resignation. as we degise herself. her spokes person set fox news is. amy recognizes the calls that about me for additional information and transparency. she would like to address the situation more comprehensively but there is a legal process that must play out first. the statement also says degise will speak about it when the legal process is over. her office says she's thankful no one was seriously injured. will send it back to you. jon: date for a live in our new york newsroom.
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another controversy for chicago's prosecutor kim fox as a former staffer blaster on the way out the door. jim murphy was a cook county state's attorney. after 25 years he called it quits on friday in his letter of resignation he says he has no trust in the leadership. christina coleman has the latest on that in los angeles. >> in a blistering resignation letter, jim murphy cited a number of reasons to throw in the towel including kim fox's involvement in the passage of the safety act which requires prosecutors to present a higher burden of proof to hold accused criminals until trial murphy joined the hundreds prosecutors across the country who decided to leave their jobs over the past 18 months amid controversial criminal justice reform. the chicago tribune reports that 235 people including attorneys have resigned from her office
3:25 pm
since july of last year. murphy's resignation letter he noted chicago's deadly gun violence saying how many mass shootings do they have to be before something is done the administration is more concerned at political narratives and agendas them with business and prosecuting violent crime that is why i cannot stay any longer. here in california with his rampant retail theft and constant complaints about repeat offenders. the director of the association of l.a. deputy district attorney says there prosecutors down 10 g frustration at the l.a. county da george gaskins sweeping policy changes. the most recent one and pleads plans to scrap the county parole unit which edifies their families when a sailor will have the next parole hearing. >> the office is not against the form were just against this particular approach to reform. it's not focused on justice or reasonable or sustainable reforms. his focus on the defendants and what we could do for them and
3:26 pm
that has been a big slam to morale. >> in new york where crime is a big concern between brooklyn, the bronx and manhattan, 190 prosecutors left their job this year alone leading to a backlog in cases and some situations. jon: christina coleman. thank you. we are 100 days from the midterm elections that will decide the balance of power in washington. we'll take the pulse on what's at stake as voters cast ballots and forge the next chapter in american history. stay with us. ♪ i was born in the usa ♪ ♪ i was born in the usa ♪ ♪ born in the usa ♪ ♪ psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,
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of cardiovascular death and hospitalization for heart failure. it may work by making it easier for the heart to fill with blood and pump it throughout the body. jardiance may cause serious side effects including ketoacidosis that may be fatal; dehydration (that can lead to sudden worsening of kidney function), and genital yeast or urinary tract infections. a rare life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this infection, ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to be pumped for the things you want to achieve today... ask your doctor about jardiance for heart failure. jardiance — what gets your heart pumping? jon: i'm jon scott and this is the fox report it is the bottom of the hour. here is a look at the top
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stories. wisconsin police say a 17 year-old boy is dead, for others are hurt after man stabbed them when they were to be on the river. the suspect from minnesota is now in custody. a police officer in elmwood indiana has died after he was shot during a traffic stop early this morning. 24-year-old officer know why sean abbas was an army veteran. it is unclear whether the suspect shot him. the countdown is on with 100 days to go until this year's midterm elections voters will decide the balance of the power in the house and senate and weigh-in in local races in the community. stay with fox news for complete coverage throughout the midterms more on these and other stories the fox news app you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to with exactly 100 days to go until the midterms, president biden is not pulling particularly well. the new will clear politics
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pulling average show 17.5% say the country is headed in the right direction nearly 75% say it's going the wrong way. a gop wipeout is not a sure thing this november. that's bringing david, chairman, republican training and organization. david it is good to have you one. the democrats push through this reduction inflation act. what do you think. >> sunday manchin i watch my entire career as a native west virginia and at the state senate at the same time he was a state senator. senator manchin made it a lot harder for democrats to wind the midterm election because as voters learn more about the tax increases they learn about the energy sources that they depend on their to be harder to get. there get to get it out on the president and keep in mind in
3:33 pm
wave elections is less about who the nominees are albeit that is a factor, it's how bad voters want to punish the president in office based on his policies and every indication voters are ready to sweep them out and republicans won't win one or two competitive races we will win 45 senate races that democrats currently hold. jon: the president right now is not pulling particularly well. we mentioned earlier, his approval rating. 38.6% according to real clear politics which is the average of a never oppose. 56% disapprove. is he able to turn those numbers around? >> it's going to be tough, let me give you two other numbers that are probably more telling for the president. that is 53% of primary voters
3:34 pm
voters who voted in the 2018 primary elections were democrats. initiate primary 54% of the americans voted in primary are republican. 24% enthusiasm gap the republicans wanting to vote versus democrats turning out in these primaries. what you are seeing republicans are turning out, democrats are not as excited and where independents can vote they voted in the republican primary. he put the coalition together republicans and independent voters, it'll be a big wave, and fact every time republicans have won a majority, gained the majority we won independence by double digits which is what we're doing right now and all credible pulling. jon: let's talk about hispanics for a minute. there are a lot of people wondering why the president and the vice president who is borders are don't seem to be doing anything about the situation in the border.
3:35 pm
one theory that he believes or they believe that their party will gain support among hispanics by letting millions of hispanics across the border there is never the support among hispanics stands at 19% if the border is his attempt to win his hispanic loyalty it doesn't seem to be working. >> the elections republicans when a majority of hispanic letters, the next day they will be ready to secure the border let me assure you of that. the common theme that you hear among hispanic voters to why they are voting republican when a democratic official will buy to you about one they will buy to about everything. many have had it with policies that continue to raise taxes that continue to question economically what we should be doing to help him have a better
3:36 pm
life whether that be a better educational system or an ability to rise through the ranks and provide for their families. what hispanic voters in particular are saying democrats have lied to us and when awkward to continue to accept their lies. >> republicans can point to the president or the senate on the house. >> absolutely. we talked to any republican nominee, we talk about the foundation that had a booming economy in 2016 and 2020, you keep taxes low you allow small businesses to prosper and hire more people, you keep regulations where businesses know where the climate is going to be like so they can plan accordingly. you cut parents back in charge of their kids education and you
3:37 pm
focus on reading, writing and arithmetic which are the foundations for a good education. you will spend it on areas that aren't focused on kids education locate what happened in virginia when you talk about sound economic policy and putting parents in charge of children's education. you saw last election republicans when every statewide office and pick up the state house of delegates in virginia you see the same messaging working the cycle. jon: david avella chairman of opec. thank you. jon: the death toll continues to rise in kentucky after last week catastrophic flooding. we are on location as the search continues for more victims and survivors. that is next.
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jon: kentucky's governor said 26 people are known dead after last week historic flooding in the state. the number of deaths is likely to rise as it could take weeks to find all of the victims and more heavy rain is expected in the area today and tomorrow fox weather correspondent nicole valdes reports in kentucky. >> destroy across eastern kentucky truly only gets fortunately the more the death toll continues to rise. you're looking at what used to be home in hindman kentucky is now just cinderblocks and bad. you think about what used to make this house a home in the lifetime of memories used to be inside the walls and truly there is nothing left there. all of the belongings and the
3:43 pm
families memories are scattered across the road. follow me you can see what's left nothing of pieces of insulation, appliances back there and bed frames, this was this families lives and it's reduced to nothing, not only looking at the devastating amount of physical damage across eastern kentucky you are also being told there is still search and rescue ongoing today. many unaccounted for, emergency responders going door to door trying to get access to communities that have been blocked off as homes in mud and debris have completely covered roads, it's impossible to make entry into those communities over the last few days which is why the governor andy bashir continues to believe that will only continue to rise. >> we know many others we know there are bodies we are still
3:44 pm
processing and when you see the devastation of the flooding that is carried houses hundreds of yards if not more we know we will still be finding people sadly learned about everyone that is missing, check on every single one of them. hopefully reunite them with their families. but if not we are going to be there with them through the toughest of the tough. >> thousands remain without power or access to clean water among the wreckage hope from loved ones who are still missing family members to hear good news rather than another number added to the death toll. in hindman kentucky i am nicole valdes. fox news. jon: too much water and flooding in kentucky. california wildfire growing dramatically in size after a weekend of thunderstorms. as of today the mckinney fire has burned wood and 51000 acres of land. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency for one
3:45 pm
county as a wildfire force 2000 people to evacuate. the fire broke out in the california oregon border on friday. if you thought you were done with the scorching summer heat. bad news the u.s. is bracing for another heatwave. the goats you see here are weeding out dry patches in california which could ignite as the temperatures get higher. adam klotz has the latest on the summer heat. >> real extreme heat building once again currently in the western half of the country were today use all highs up to 93 degrees in denver, 95 degrees up into billing. this pacific northwest is the target of heat over the weekend that will continue early in the week. here on the sunday getting up to 110 degrees but widespread close to 100, 95 degrees real extreme heat that doesn't see this kind of heat so no surprise there that we see the heat alerts being activated.
3:46 pm
that's going to last the next couple of days across the pacific northwest, 13 million people under the heat advisories, this will eventually shift towards the east. otherwise were tracking rounds and rounds of rain in areas that certainly don't need anymore that is across the southeast with a line of storms popping up from memphis towards virginia and that does run over portions of eastern tennessee and eastern kentucky where they've seen so much rain over the last several days this is what's going to happen for the rest of today using fairly widespread another couple inches of rain but there will be rounds in the days that come. let me step out of your way, i take you to the middle of the week more rain continuing to fall across these areas and eventually probably getting up to another one or 2 inches. nothing like we saw the previous week but this grounds activated that's only going to add to flooding concerns and eastern kentucky and across entire region. unfortunately more rain on the
3:47 pm
way in the country where they need to dry out a little bit. jon: dating a break, meteorologist adam klotz. thank you a timeless lady who has been vandalized, cake thrown at her and engaged upon by millions over the centuries. mona lisa has hung since 1804. coming up new efforts underway to give her some protection. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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think i might look into one myself. stay in the home and life you've built for years to come. call... to receive fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for eighteen months. jon: russian president vladimir putin has designated the united states as russia's top rival. meantime as russia gains ground in eastern ukraine president volodymyr zelenskyy is warning any of his people and the eastern don asked region to evacuate. alex hogan more with ukraine's capital of kyiv. >> russian president vladimir putin cited doctor declaring that the u.s. is one of the country's top threats.
3:52 pm
at the celebration putin met with his navy's top brass and touted the country would soon have a hypersonic missile. here in ukraine as russian forces make new gain in the east, bottom volodymyr zelenskyy calling for a mandatory evacuation of dawn basque region. he urges country not to give up. >> went to holland on the south, the east and everywhere and we have to hold onto defense, diplomacy and politics to preserve our unity. >> and odessa shipped full of grain remain docked, grain shortages have triggered a global food crisis, now today linsky says the country will likely only collect half of it usual harvest because of the war. to the east farmers in the field are harvesting their grain and self made flask jackets as they swore overhead. half of the region is currently occupied territory. in kharkiv, riddled fields are
3:53 pm
on fire from russian shelling. ukrainian service members condemning these attacks. >> russia and russian forces are to blame for the food crisis they destroy our warehouses, crops, field, food, animals, they destroy everything. russia overnight unleashing heavy bombardment in the southern city of america life, they said this would be most intense attack since the start of the war. jon: alex hogan reporting from kyiv. thank you. here are other headlines from around the globe. in north korea the official news agency reports no new covid cases for the first time since acknowledging the covid-19 outbreak. nearly all of the 4.77 million covid patient since late april fully recovered. an infectious disease expert voiced doubts on north korea's progress. in germany concerns over russia potentially cutting off gas supplies is fueling debate
3:54 pm
whether the country should switch off the nuclear power plants as planned at the end of this year. also in germany pilots with the airlines have voted for a pet under possible strike the union wants a pay increase in an automatic adjustment for inflation. in great britain prince charles is one of the widely accepted one point to million dollars donation from relatives of osama bin laden. the foundation's office says the decision to accept the donation was made by the charities trustees and not the prince himself. also in great britain england defeated germany 2 - one and the woman 202,022 final plate at whitley stadium. more than 87000 fans were reportedly on hand. the largest european championship crowd ever. and in france, the mona lisa haygood and the moon has endured attacks, and currently at
3:55 pm
heatwave and other pieces of art getting overheated in the underground cooling system appears powered by renewable energy sources and services more than 700 buildings. that is a look at stories from around the globe. if you are a fan of classic comedy the jensen's we have a fun fox news alert for you today marks a major milestone for the major character. that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. (dad) we have to tell everyone that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30.
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what's up, up and away times of fans enjoy the show discovered new jersey support report this weekend. state lotteries annual festival of the limiting. families on the ground got to look up that more than 100 hot air balloons in all shapes, sizes and colors. seems like a fun way to try to beat the heat. and fans and that hit cartoon, ♪ ♪ the jetsons, they are going
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crazy on social media after user pointed out george jetson online a fan page shows he was born today, july 31 of 2022. the show debuted in 1962 it was set 100 years in the future in 2062. in one early episode george admits he's 40 years old making his birth year 2022. fox reports this sunday july 31 of 2022 i am jon scott. ♪. trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy. president biden tested positive for covered again. what they call a rebound case. the doctor said he had bided his symptom free and is continuing to work and isolate. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi is headed to asia but a trip to taiwan is not on the agenda. not yet at least pre-china has


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