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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 1, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kennedy: brought sales across the pacific ocean with 34 days, they beat the record by 24 hours, they are really impressive. it's the women's team all 35, god bless them all. and i will be on kennedy show tonight! >> jesse: and apparently you can say broad now. >> jesse: bret baier is up right now. a >> bret: i will leave that to you, break and tonight, two intelligent sources fox news al qaeda leader zawahiri was killed in a drone strike in afghanistan over the weekend just outside of kabul. getting more details as time goes by, but will have remarks on the successful counterterrorism mission at 7:30 eastern time from the white house, a huge get in the fight against terrorism, national security correspondent jennifer griffin following these late-breaking developments from the pentagon, good evening.
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>> good evening, expecting a background briefing from the nst in about 30 minutes time and just now learning as you mentioned that over the weekend the u.s. carried out a successful counterterrorism operation, a drone strike against what it calls a significant al qaeda target in afghanistan, two intelligence sources tell fox news al qaeda leader zawahiri was the target of the strike and was killed. no civilian casualties and the target was a residential home in afghanistan. age 70 was the leader of al qaeda and usama bin laden's right hand responsible for the 9/11 attacks, the egyptian doctor fled to al pakistan during the 1980s after being jailed twice and asia for the member of islamic egyptian overthrowing the government of egypt and a former surgeon, the personal physician and closest confidant and became the nominal
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leader of al qaeda after bin laden was killed in 2011. since september 11th attacks the u.s. state department has offered a u.s. $25 million reward for information or intelligence leading to zawahiri's capture, the drone strike by the cia is the first publicly known strike in afghanistan since the fall of kabul almost a year ago. an example of what the pentagon turned over the horizon strait capabilities. president biden will deliver remarks on the operation at 7:30 p.m. eastern tonight from the balcony of the white house blue room. >> bret: a couple of things, one is to after the u.s. withdraw from afghanistan were a lot of concerns about the ability to go after terrorists with the control and without a footprint on the ground in afghanistan by the u.s. we overheard the horizon ability. we don't know all of the details here or where the intel came from or how it was invented, but
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it seems like this came to be pretty quickly and that they were able to pull it off. you wonder if the somehow knew or did not know? >> it's a good question and we do not have details in terms of how long they knew where zawahiri was, what the tip came from and what television network led to this, remember that the taliban have very close ties to the qatari's, and there are other middle eastern groups that could have led with the intelligence. we don't know at this point, but the over the horizon capabilities are still challenging because the drones that fly the mission have to be flown out of the middle east, out of middle eastern basis and they don't have a lot of time where they can linger overhead. so the fact that this took place and as we expect the president to announce that zawahiri was a target and was killed by u.s. drone strike, the fact that they were able to pull this off even more difficult with u.s. out of
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afghanistan. >> bret: 100% on the other question is and i guess we will learn more over time is why zawahiri felt comfortable enough to be just outside of kabul under the umbrella of taliban. they had about four and flight fighters and tend house and flowing into afghanistan from around the middle east and you wonder how target rich environment that is for that to have a terrorist group from the u.s. perspective. >> i think i was always a concern, as we saw with isis after the u.s. pulled out of iraq, moving into iraq and into syria and then setting up bases trying to set up a caliphate, the same concern that foreign fighters will see afghanistan as an area where they can operate the strike certainly a huge success and intelligent success, but it is still not changing the fact that afghanistan has an ungovernable space and is a failed state if you well with
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the taliban in charge known terrorist group running a government and there are many foreign fighters that are moving and as you mentioned. >> bret: we will head back for any more details, thank you. and let's bring in hugh hewitt, you follow this. this is a big, big deal and a big get for the u.s. and frankly for president biden. >> it is, it is a huge compliment to president biden for seeing it through. it's also a complement to the american intelligence community and the military which never gives up on a target. this is the 6 of 6 that they have gone after that were killed under president bush and the american the american military got those in the intelligence committee. and president obama famously getting usama bin laden, president trump going after and getting al-baghdadi of isis and now joe biden the american military intelligence community getting zawahiri, and many
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respected as the closure is that a lot of people have been looking for a come behind the bombing of the african indices in 1998 under president clinton. and if anybody has read "the looming tower" in malignant figure as smart as bin laden not detail-oriented and not marked as a charismatic leader, but all an honor to the american military and the committee borough came the strike. >> bret: the politics will factor in here and this has been arguably a good week for president biden as he will have his moment if you well as president obama did making an announcement, but it is worth pointing out, obviously, against the raid and spoke out recently against hoping that president trump paid attention to commanders in the takedown of that iranian general. but this is a presidential level
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decision one would think. >> yes, he has to decide to go in there if he misses and kills innocence it's a disaster, so i'm giving him a big thumbs up for this. it's like applauding nancy pelosi for going to taiwan, when they take a bold move it reaffirms america's standing in the world and every president, bill clinton tried to kill bin laden and missed, bush had to face this going after zawahiri and never letting up and did certainly more than anyone else that had the most blowback, but he pulled the trigger and this was an enemy of the west and an enemy of the united states, a lot of american blood off of his hands and a lot of americans celebrating his demise today. >> bret: 100%, let's bring in klein kitchen a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and also was working on strategy and national counterterrorism center and with the dia of the lead analyst on
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the senior leadership at the defense intelligence agency also at the national center, you have dealt with this for a long time and going after zawahiri, your thoughts on this and the significance? >> obviously it is a good day, always happy to see the united states with this little memory reaching out and bringing someone to justice. that's a great thing for the nation. i think that it will be interesting to learn over the next couple of days the intelligence that gave us this opportunity. it is an interesting development from the withdrawal that somehow our intelligence picture actually firmed up in our options to be able to see that there was a role in intelligence to the united states from perhaps the taliban or isis-k or some other group that may have wanted to make a change. >> bret: this was not a dod operation a cia strike. there are other questions obviously that move forward and
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was there any exploitation of the site afterwards? you know, how that operates, there is always an effort to go after the next spider web of terrorists, and i think we don't talk about terrorism as much because it is not in the front of mind, but it is a real threat out there with al qaeda, with isis and others. >> yes, i think that is exactly right, a terrorism support management not solution. in the point you made about embassy or the exploitation is exactly right, from the community always changing, it sounds as though this was done remotely and might not have had individuals on the ground nearby, but we do have the capacity to kind of stage nearby with the operation occurred before we have a pretty close i after that. so right now it's early days and moments and interested to hear what the president has to say about all of this this evening and then i suspect over the next days and weeks to come we will hear a lot more about the intelligence operation that led to this success.
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>> bret: one thing, your thoughts about how we operate in afghanistan, obviously this is a success and we don't have all of the details, but operating with the taliban or without the taliban, there is a lot of concern from critics of the administration that by moving as we did like we did out of afghanistan that we lost some of that intel to go after some of these big guys, but this would counter that any over horizon as the president has said the ability to go after terrorists. >> yes, so i don't want to take away from the moment. i think this particular strike is an excellent development for the united states and our national security and just frankly for justice. no doubt the administration will point this as a justification for what they called her over horizon strategy. i don't think that this one strike justifies that broader strategy. i think that the problem set of terrorist operations and other nonstate actors operating in afghanistan is far from solved. i don't think that we will be
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able to solve this one from military drones and i would disagree with the administration strategy, that being said in this case i am very happy to take it off the board and it's a good day for america. >> bret: you how to monitor board for a little while, didn't you? >> i had them on my board, that's exactly right. i've been out of the game for a while, and they have taken over and done a phenomenal job, but the u.s. intelligence committee and even the military if they did not conduct the strike or play a significant supporting role in all of those men and women deserve all of the credits and you know, they don't do it for public laws and lord knows over the last couple of years they have taken the hit publicly, but they have kept at it and kept her head down and on the work and this is an example of where that is paid off. they deserve all the credit. >> bret: that's exactly right, let's bring in former cia official dan hoffman, fox news contributor. dan i just want to kind of wrap this up and that we have called
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this a major win, this was a cia operation and we don't know what we don't know obviously, but your thoughts on this day. >> well, i think obviously be high on the fact that we have taken the al qaeda leader off of the battlefield and that is a great success tactically and strategically it's also important to reflect on the fact that we retain a fine fix and finish capability. and it is also important to note too that we had to have collected intelligence reflections that we actually got zawahiri based on the most sensitive intelligence, so it's important that we retain the capability and i think that it is also key for us to keep in mind as many have that the fight continues. we have lots of operatives and irises in afghanistan a petri dish for growing threats beyond's and while we can celebrate today, this very important victory against a key terrorist target we have to keep our eyes on the threats that
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remain in afghanistan. >> bret: this is the first drone strikes since the u.s. troops left afghanistan, a very significant one in a residence outside of kabul, when we talk about the possibilities of doing this again and going after top leaders, you have overflight rights and questions about the pakistanis and how all of that works together, we don't think about it day-to-day, dan, because it is not front of mind, but it is happening everyday overseas. >> it is and it is requiring a lot of what we might call soft power where our overseas officers and embassy folks who are out there working closely with those governance to get those things done just adding one more thing, talking about closure as they are responsible for the embassy bombings in 1998, closure for cia as well because that bombing and coast with the double agent who was supposedly bringing in intelligence to us about
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zawahiri and that's why we needed him. there's a bit of closure i think today for cia officers who carry on the fight and on the memory of jennifer matthews and her brave colleagues who were killed on that day. >> bret: that's a great point, obviously we have people on the ground and we had a body and there was instant confirmation. this by all accounts is a cia drone strike, any clue how we get confirmation that it was zawahiri at this point? >> you are relying on intelligence collection most likely. that is other operatives talking about the fact that zawahiri was killed. whether that is human intelligence and source reporting, and signal intelligence, that something that the president will have to explain how we can be so sure with the highest level of confidence that we got the right guy and the question of whether or not any more were killed as
3:15 pm
well. >> bret: this is a big foreign policy success and an administration that frankly has not had a lot of overseas successes if you talk to both supporters and critics. this is you would say a very big day for president biden. >> it is. it's a big day for his intelligence community and these are folks that have been working for years and decades, many of them under many administrations. it's really the product of work that they have done for just a very long time and it is happening under this administration, good on them. we all applaud. i think the biden administration for taking the strike and at the same time i think the president will be asked other questions, rightly so about whether we can handle the growing threat from afghanistan and from those terrorists while we celebrate this victory tonight? >> jesse: that threats have not stopped since 9/11, dan olson, thank you.
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also begin tonight, the white house condemning china's rhetoric over unexpected visit by house speaker nancy pelosi to taiwan. the white house national security council saying that there is growing concern that beijing could use the visit as an excuse to take provocative retaliatory steps including military action around taiwan in some way, shape, or form. the biden administration pushing back on the threat of severe punishment. speaker pelosi held talks with officials in singapore at the start of her asian tour, local media reporting that she will arrive tuesday night. no official announcement obviously at that. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg cal pot has a report. >> according to reports, speaker pelosi might only be on the ground for 24 hours, but that the travel will stop sending shock waves around the region and world. >> nancy pelosi is reportedly
3:17 pm
headed to taiwan, china is not happy in the biden administration is nervous. the house speaker was in singapore today, many with the prime minister and other officials. she is set to go to malaysia, south korea and japan, but it is her expected stop in taiwan that is causing the stirrer. exercises by china's military off of the coast not far from taiwan underscoring beijing's anger. he claims the island as its own pit about the visit -- >> it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs. it. it severely undermine china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and will lead to a very serious situation and consequences. >> as the uss ronald reagan carrier seems through the water's not far away and other ships and aircraft are standing by, the white house is getting ready for any further military provocations from china. >> there is no reason for beijing to turn a potential visit consistent with long-standing u.s. policy into some sort of crisis or conflict.
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>> spokesman kirby also had this back-and-forth. >> what the drone? >> losing the variable by a couple of weeks. >> in the last couple of weeks no drama. >> even though it was president biden that raised reservations about the trip and also noted that they had the one china policy which basically says that beijing is the one chinese government. and the u.s. did not favor an independent taiwan. still in recent days taiwan has been flexing their own muscles conducting military drills to try to fend off a possible invasion from china. for her part in a statement late today speaker pelosi said as we continue the regional travel, we look forward to additional engagement with our partner nations to advance a free and flourishing indo pacific. an indo pacific region right now that is very tense. >> by the way, speaker pelosi was supposed to have made the trip back in april, but it was postponed because she got covid-19, the situation in that region has only gotten worse. >> bret: we will follow all of
3:19 pm
it, greg palkot and london, more breaking news about zawahiri taken down by the u.s., we will have that at the bottom of the hour. and president biden's covid isolation, not stopping democrats plans to push through the so-called inflation reduction act. plus we are awaiting the president's remarks on the successful mission that killed that top al qaeda leader. all of that coming up. ♪ ♪ i would say that to me an important aspect is too... meta portal with smart sound. helps reduce your background noise. bring that sense of calm, really... so you come through, loud and clear. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: president biden back in isolation after testing positive for covid again and what is called a rebound case as we mention he will make the big speech in about an hour from the white house targeting strike on al qaeda's leader on zawahiri and afghanistan all comes as senate democrats look to fast-track a bill that multiple now nonpartisan experts say would raise taxes on nearly all americans, something the white house pushes back on firmly. white house correspondent peter doocy joins us live from the white house lawn with more. >> officials around here insist they did not rush president biden back to work after his first bout with covid, but he was only back in the office for three days before returning to quarantine where officials say he has been
3:25 pm
working eight and a half hours every day just like usual. now some lingering symptoms. >> the president according to his doctor had very mild symptoms. >> the white house press secretary says that the rebound covid is not a surprise. but rather a side effect of the medication. >> we expect it to piggy a relapse. it's not unusual, it's common. >> dr. anthony fauci argued the opposite last week. >> when you look at the studies it generally does not occur very often but anecdotal cases that look like it is occurring more than the clinical trial show. >> of the protocol change last week, insisting he will isolate in accordance with centers for disease control and prevention recommendations. this week no mention of the cdc, just a strict isolation measures as previously described. officials are hoping the shift policy.
3:26 pm
>> as we are talking about inflation reduction act which is historic. >> but the inflation reduction act doesn't according to ten working of economists, the act would vary slightly increased inflation until 2024 and decrease inflation after a period >> this is false advertising by the democrats. this is the last big wish, a dying wish of a party that knows that they are going to get shellac come november. >> democrats insist that the plan is paid for by taxing the rich, but republicans on the senate committee or highlighting a new report by the joint committee on taxation. "by 2031, those earning below $400,000 are rejected to bear at least two-thirds of the burden on the additional tax revenue collected that year. >> promised that it was not going to raise taxes on any way to make money. speak of this bill will not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. >> but the joint committee on
3:27 pm
taxation says that that is not true. >> well, that is incorrect. >> officials making the argument, saying that the numbers are deceiving not giving enough weight to money that americans could save on prescription drugs and utility bills as an result of the act being pushed by democrats in the senate. we know that white house economic officials guidance so far on inflation has turned out to be wrong, it's going to take a couple of months to see how the guidance on tax heights pms out out. brett. >> bret: we have been saying the president is in isolation again, so he delivers the speech, where is he doing that? >> they are trying to figure that out right now, but the location is the blue room balcony. this will be probably the first time we have seen any serious remarks from that location, but when he was sick with covid the first time we saw him speaking mostly via zoom, but this is going to be something where we expect to lay eyes on the president with a small group of reporters that is going to go into either into the blue room
3:28 pm
or just outside the blue room to take the president's photograph. and it has been a while since we have heard him talk in any kind of detail about terror or afghanistan. we were hearing a lot of that from him this time last year, last august. and there is a quote to that as i have gone through my notes stood out, when the president was talking on august 20th of last year, he said what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? he will get a lot of credit for making the call, but it is worth revisiting that quote, because al qaeda did not stay gone. >> bret: the top leader of al qaeda just out side of kabul, just outside of the city, so their questions, and we will listen to that speech live on fox, thank you. off today, the dow dropped 47, the s&p 500 dipped to 12. and lost 22.
3:29 pm
and that's hard charge vehicle in the wildfire zone among several burning in the western u.s. now. and the kidney fire in north carolina near the oregon state line exploded inside sunday to more than 82 square miles. california's largest wildfire so far this year and the cause of that place has still yet to been determined. flooding in eastern kentucky has now claimed at least 35 lives, the governor says the number is likely to rise, more people missing and more rain unfortunately heading for that region. correspondent jeff paul is in hazard, kentucky, to donate with the latest. thank you. >> yes, finally out here and in hazard, kentucky, it will not last long, more rain right around the corner and that is causing first responders to go into overdrive to help the most vulnerable, helping people like this who live in this town right here who essentially cannot get out. they are trapped in their home to get those much-needed
3:30 pm
supplies and you can see the reason why those strong floodwaters sweeping through and taking out a portion of this road that connects them to a bridge carried over a creek. the homeowner says at times 5-6 feet above the top of the bridge and it was a problem, the governor in kentucky says that they are seeing it throughout the region. >> we are working on that right now, what are some temporary things we can call out and see that they are okay. short of airlifting them over we have people that are stuck and not stuck because of the water, but because they are physically getting to them. >> the governor went on to say as more crews get out to assess the storm damage the number of those who were killed will likely go up. hundreds remain unaccounted for after days and days of their relentless rain. as many as 35 have been confirmed dead on those killed we are learning one family lost four kids, all siblings ranging from eight years old to two
3:31 pm
years old and lost hundreds of homes whose were destroyed do not know what they will do next after losing everything. >> kentucky needs help, i mean, anything, food, clothes, anything, because there a lot of people who are coming here with nothing to start with. and if joe biden is listening, we need help. >> now more than 10,000 or more remain without power, hundreds upon hundreds more without water. and crews out here saying that it is going to take months upon months for any real successes to be seen from those repairs and more rain around the corner, several inches in the next couple of days. >> bret: and kentucky, thanks, live report from trey yingst in the middle east bureau as a reaction of the successful operation continues as we await for president biden speech from the white house.
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>> bret: breaking tonight, news that al qaeda leader khashoggi has been killed and likely to have major implications in the middle east and throughout the terrorism community in the middle east, trey yingst joins us now from the middle east bureau. reaction? any early reaction? >> yes, that evening. the leader of al qaeda killed in a u.s. drone strike according to american officials, the successor to usama bin laden and the man the americans have been hunting for the last decade. significant because the strike reportedly took place in kabul, afghanistan, on the cusp of the one year anniversary of the takeover. and warned that the u.s. capability to fight terrorism around the globe specifically in afghanistan could be hindered by the takeover, but that's over
3:38 pm
there were horizons strike the first of its kind since the takeover is a significant development. especially targeting the leader of al qaeda. this is a man who is responsible in part for a variety of terror attacks over the last two decades including 9/11 and also a variety of other things like the attack on the uss cole off of the coast of yemen and also the bombings in sub-saharan africa, and someone who joined al qaeda in 1998 and was a longtime deputy of usama bin laden a man who was also responsible for a lot of the propaganda coming from al qaeda and often rumored to be killed and other strikes. and would leave the break comes and trails of evidence to remain in the community as last year releasing a video from likely the border between afghanistan and pakistan indicating that he was still alive. with this propaganda comes the risk of giving officials and agencies like the cia more evidence to ultimately target
3:39 pm
such individuals like zawahiri and a drone strike over the weekend. >> bret: trey yingst from the middle east bureau, thank you. from america first policy institute, for president trump's national security council in 19 years at the cia, thanks for being here. we should point out that i have always said that zawahiri, the american pronunciation, you have heard many different pronunciations, since 2001 when it covered the pentagon, that's always how i have pronounced it. this hunt has been going on and i've talked to multiple officials over multiple years to try to get zawahiri and now that he has just outside kabul in afghanistan taken out by the cia drone strike, your thoughts on the big picture? >> it appears to be a big win for several reasons, he is a monster and as lead al qaeda since 2011 and has succeeded
3:40 pm
usama bin laden and was probably responsible for trying to reinstitute al qaeda in afghanistan after the u.s. withdrawal and refuses to confirm the concept of the drone strike. if that is true, this is a real win, sue but let me throw some cold water on this, i am skeptical a year after the u.s. withdraw for afghanistan this happens. i like to know how this happened and how did it happen now, do we know that he was really killed, no meeting on the ground to confirm this and were civilians killed also? we know that there were other drone strikes that this administration watched after the disastrous explosion at the airport in august we were told that no civilians were killed, that was not true. and i'm afraid that they have a habit of saying things that are not accurate. i hope that this is accurate and i want to give joe biden credit, but i also want them to investigate this to find out what really happened. >> bret: we expect to hear
3:41 pm
more details from the president tonight and we will see it here on box, what i talked to said that it was killed and how did they get the confirmation? there are some things that we still don't know. but i will say this, operating in afghanistan now since we don't have u.s. presence there, do you think that it is possible at all that the taliban somehow dropped a dime and someone gives the intelligence to the u.s. about the whereabouts? >> i have not heard that, there could be other factions or groups, and other services operating that might've been able to help u.s., not going to name them, but i can think of some that possibly had helped with this and i hope that this is what we are being told it is,
3:42 pm
bright, so far there are some that could be otherwise, but no western media to go to the site and find out what happen, you can go to afghan officials and get the read out from this. we are relying on intelligence officials and the -- well, i will leave it at that. >> bret: no western media in the bottom line either, but we rely on the u.s. confirmation of bin laden stats and then also the reaction of terrorists around the world and what the chatter is saying in those -- there are different things that they listen to. but that's nice work. and people forget that this terrorism threat is still out their day-to-day coming you dealt with it for many years and we don't talk about it a lot, but it is still real. >> that is an important point, isis and al qaeda are continuing to thrive in unger bend areas in the world and not just in afghanistan, but a major presence that no one talks about.
3:43 pm
they are establishing bases of operation to deduct terrorist operations worldwide from a variety of places and they are not defeating it. >> bret: we appreciate your time, thank you, will see president biden tonight from the white house. up next, former president trump's endorsement in the muse surrey senate primary. while it is creating some progress tonight, a live report from missouri next. ♪ ♪ finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning, as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell while verzenio works inside to help stop the growth of cancer cells.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: a lot of politics for you tonight, 99 days away from the november midterms, breaking news changes everything and we wanted to give you a little bit, arizona, michigan, kansas, missouri all holding primary elections tomorrow. republicans vying for the chance to earn the nomination in missouri's race, and now president trump has made his endorsement. joining us from chesterfield, missouri, and it's causing some question marks. >> bret, it is. good evening, former president trump announcing that he has made his pick emissaries republican senate primary saying eric has his complete and total endorsement. the only problem is there a two
3:49 pm
candidates named eric in this race. former governor eric brighton's and missouri attorney general eric schmidt, a source familiar tells me this is indeed a dual endorsement by trump of both candidates. so he is not betting on a winner in this race, he is giving both candidates his blessing, so it's up to voters in missouri to decide who they think can pull off a win in november. there's been a lot of anticipation of whether or not trump will weigh in on the race, both have close relationships with donald trump as they ran as an ultra maga and republican calling him smart and also controversial, he was forced to resign as governor amid sexual misconduct allegations, more allegations of abuse during the campaign from his ex-wife, and has bribed in the campaign that he was the only one in this race to host an event at mar-a-lago, but it is clear that
3:50 pm
both candidates were glad and hoping that he would weigh in, but probably did not think that he would choose them both. >> bret: hillary vaughn in missouri, thank you. vicky hurst letter is in that race and to campaign says that two are exactly the same, kind of falls into that category. let's bring in the panel, thanks, hillary. senior political correspondent, you're with mollie hemingway, senior chief for the federalists, i don't think that i have seen an endorsement to that just says eric. >> you can hear a lot of republicans breathing a sigh of relief in missouri, because there was a fear that trump would endorse eric brightens, accused by his ex-wife of abuse and that would not have been a good look for the party and given a chance for the former governor to win, now it looks like the attorney general eric schmidt is the clear favorites, and donald trump decided to not get involved in that race. >> bret: if either eric wins
3:51 pm
it does the former president get the w? >> this primary was such a mess and had so many personal issues in play i think that he probably played it about right by essentially staying out of it by just waiting till the last minute to give his blessing to both candidates, interesting to see how his endorsement in arizona was like mastering and other key races will play out to see the effect of the support. >> bret: i need to check if vicki huck's lawyers have middle name is eric, that's the real question, a long day for primaries around the country. >> it will certainly tell us a lot more about president trump's pole, there is a third eric henry gomez in ohio found eric mcelroy on the ballot, so we are not sure he is out of it, but what josh said is true, radioactive, and persuasively accused of domestic violence against his wife and child, plummeting in the polls and the former president plays at down the middle. he is strong ahead, and the
3:52 pm
governor's race has gone away for not kevin winky who i thought he was going to go for which is often a curveball for people, but i think at the end of the day will turn out to be something that people still covet on the republican side is the trump endorsement. >> bret: panel, stand by if you would come up next we will talk about their breaking news, zawahiri killed and president biden's weak overall, a couple of weeks actually next. ♪ ♪ and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> let's put this thing in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan as well as giving usama bin laden. and we did. >> bret: president biden after the u.s. withdrawal in afghanistan. this is the news comes that al qaeda's number one man has been killed in a cia drone strike. that drone strike happening just outside kabul in afghanistan. let's bring back our panel. molly, your thoughts. we'll hear from the president about 33 minutes from the white house. your thoughts. >> we have a lot we need to confirm and find out since we have had bad reporting out of
3:58 pm
that region previously. it does appear that it was a strike of al qaeda's top guy. in addition to that, that you played, we had a lot of commentary about how we needed to stand afghanistan in perpetuity in order to do counterintelligence operations. this does show that you can do counterintelligence operations, quite impressive once, without having a permanent presence or a heavy military presence in the region. hopefully that will help people understand what we can do we can do without having huge deployment. it also is true that the world is a very dangerous place and there are much bigger threats right now than al qaeda including china and communist china. we need to make sure we are focusing on that. >> bret: josh, your thoughts. i said that it's been a couple solid weeks for president biden. he still has a low approval ratings but legislatively he's on the cusp of a couple things. this confirmation is a big deal.
3:59 pm
>> it does, tamales point, gives credence to the point biden made during the afghanistan withdrawal that he can do these counterterrorism operations and not sacrifice american security. that's going to be something i'm sure will hear from the president later. it has been a good couple weeks for the white house. they cut a deal with joe manchin, looking it might get through congress. gas prices are coming down. it is still going to be a rough midterm election. but this is the best environment, the best news that the biden folks have had in a long time. >> 's been assigned to weeks but is not going to change anything. fishing out the inflation reduction act. it's not about inflation. it raises taxes and it raises spending. it's a collapse by joe manchin and probably by kiersten cinema. i want to add. we can hold two thoughts.
4:00 pm
leaving afghanistan was a disaster in the way did it and getting al-zawahri is a good thing. they are not mutually exclusive. >> bret: tomorrow, exclusive interview with kentucky republican senator rand paul. fair, balanced, still unafraid. will have complete coverage of the president's speech tonight. "jesse watters prime time" is now. >> jesse: thanks. tonight we start with fox news alert. al qaeda leader ayman al-zawahri is dead. intelligence sources tell fox news the terrorist leader was killed in a cia drone strike in afghanistan over the weekend. president biden set to address the nation tonight with details. white house correspondent peter doocy is here with the latest. >> the national security council here at the white house's briefing reporters with details that we will be able to share about the steering drone strike the