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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 2, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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david from kentucky says how do you tie your necktie so perfectly? what is this one from? j press some of these knots just happen to fall that way. i get lucky, what can i say? tucker is up next and always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight to pick of the thing about the chinese government is it never celebrates diversity -- think about that, american liberals love china, but they don't celebrate diversity. in fact the american media never says this but it's absolutely true, china is a militarized f no state run along traditional fascist lines to the benefit of
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a specific ethnic group, the han chinese. that's not supposed to be allowed but they are doing it. to chinese leaders the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion, those concepts make no sense at all. when nancy pelosi took off for taiwan the day aboard a u.s. military jet, the chinese government did not issue a statement applauding her remarkable display of spunky girl power. no one in beijing congratulated her for breaking glass ceilings as the very first speaker in history to identify as a woman. no one in china even mentioned that. instead chinese leaders treated -- china's foreign minister declared nancy pelosi's mere presence greatly undermines peace and stability across the
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taiwan strait proving that in asia as in-home, things rarely improve when nancy pelosi shows up. the question is why did she go in the first place, that's the real question. the official line in washington is her trip was designed to reaffirm taiwan's status as a u.s. ally. okay. accept the problem is taiwan is not a u.s. ally, they may be the only country in the world the biden administration believes does not have the right of self-determination. "we do not support taiwan's independence send the pentagon spokesman the other day. wait a second, they are against democracy, they are always throwing democracy at you. turns out they don't mean it meant that you ever thought they did. the one thing you can be certain of is nancy pelosi did not fly all the way to taiwan to signal the united states is going to
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defend that island from a chinese invasion. we're not going to do that, we are not in a position to do that even if we wanted to that we sent too many of our surface-to-air missiles to ukraine where our oligarch friends are at selling them to dark actors on the international arms markets. if there's a war in asia anytime soon we will not be winning at every sober person knows that, sad but true. what is really going on here? on the internet, quite a bit of speculation generated by chinese state media that pelosi went to taiwan to check on investments that her husband paul made using insider information. that's why he's such a fantastic stock pick worth more than $100 million. in this case paul pelosi bought semiconductor stock. rising tensions in the region created more demand for semiconductors, that is the theory. is it true? nancy pelosi is from baltimore, would not put anything past her. it doesn't quite satisfy as an explanation, that is a long but highly public trip take for a relatively small investment, there's got to be something else going on.
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what is at? it is entirely possible the most obvious explanation for this debacle is the right one. it's possible the biden administration are so completely incompetent the people who run the white house are so utterly blinded by their own arrogance and ineptitude that they just don't appreciate or even understand the implications of what they are doing. nancy pelosi got bored of spending the summer in napa, she got to take a three trip to asia -- girl power. it's possible that's all the thinking they did before signing off on her trip. here for example is the pentagon spokesman john kirby who you are supposed to take it seriously proving the point effectively this morning on fox. >> the aggressiveness, the coercion, the increase in tensions, the last week and months have all come from the chinese side to. what we have said is there is no reason this visit should escalate tensions in any way whatsoever. >> tucker: there's no reason
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this visit should escalate tensions in any way whatsoever? thanks john kirby for describing the world as you fervently wish it was, we would love to know your views on the professional motion machine. now back to reality as we actually find it. nancy pelosi's trip to taiwan has dramatically escalated tensions in the region throughout asia. escalated more than any single act in recent memory. you have to ask yourself for what? how exactly is the united states which she serves a benefiting from she's doing? is there an upside for us? that's one question people like john kirby never think to ask? they assume china must be bluffing, you don't have to take them seriously just like russia. they say they are going to invade ukraine if the we push ukraine to join nato, they are a gas station with the government, they are bluffing.
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that's what arrogance does, it blinds you to reality. the question is, is china bluffing? what if they are not? what if in response to her totally pointless trip to taiwan, the chinese decide to seize the cayman islands which are now governed by taiwan -- that could actually happen. the chinese government is already making the kind of noises you would expect it to make before doing something like that. here's a selection. >> the chinese government continued to ramp up their warnings saying it undermines china's sovereignty and security. >> we hope the u.s. officials will clearly understand the importance and sensitivity of the issue and how dangerous it would be if the visit happens. >> the chinese claim taiwan as their own and they are concerned beijing could use the visit as a pretext to ramp up military action in the area. >> maybe that is bluffing, maybe it's not. the deeper question is when is
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the last time american liberals built something? one is the last time nancy pelosi or joe biden or any of these people -- susan rice -- created something worth having? we'll give you a few minutes. never, they break things. they show up, they make things worse, they move onto the next thing, never apologize. they did and afghanistan, did it in iraq, did it in ukraine, did it in syria, are they going to do it now with china? breaking things. if you are trying to give beijing a pretext to seize taiwan's exactly that kind of trip you would take and what would happen if beijing seized taiwan? it would be a humanitarian disaster for the taiwanese, they would lose any semblance -- democracy would die, that is bad to. more to the point it would be a disaster for us because it would make the effect of virtually every policy to come out of the
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biden administration it would make china more powerful, how powerful is china? we understate their power. china already makes 90% of the world's antibiotics and 80% of the world's lithium batteries, 96% of shipping containers used to transport goods are made in china, one thing they don't yet control is the semiconductor industry. at the end of 2021 they held just 4% of the semiconductor markets. north democrat north america and asia-pacific are the dominant players. to the break sensors in your car, your phone, your computer, they are in everything trickle as it happens virtually all advanced semiconductors are made in taiwan. a taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company makes 90% of the world's advanced semiconductors, it is by far the world's largest semiconductor foundry. without the taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company, that mean companies like apple, qualcomm
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and many others could not function. that's a lot of the american economy. last year taiwan semiconductor manufacturing accounted for more than half of the total foundry revenue in the world. may be showing up in taiwan is a pretext to invade taiwan the world's largest semiconductor foundry and that puts us in the beta position to an even greater extent to put it mildly. is that the goal of this trip? could it be tony blinken and barack obama and the rest of the people actually running the five administration without the knowledge of joe biden can't remember anything at this point -- could it be all these people know perfectly well how reckless this is, no perfectly well what the effects could be and they are doing it not just in spite of those effects but because of those effects because actually at least on some cut level they want to hasten the end of american hegemony which is to say the end of the u.s. as we know it. that would explain why i sent kamala harris of all people to avert a war on ukraine knowing
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full well kamala harris would read the notes they wrote for her and insist that ukraine join nato and guarantee that russia invades ukraine and constricts the world energy and food markets and makes us weaker. maybe they knew it would happen, maybe they're not that stupid. maybe that would also explain why they set nancy pelosi over to taiwan effectively as the administration's representative even though nancy pelosi rivals kamala harris in her inability to form a coherent thought. we alluded to this but it's true. watch this stuff we hope you don't we hope you have a real life. if you've seen nancy pelosi recently since he turned 82 years ago you know this is someone who is having a lot of trouble speaking. here she was at a briefing back in november for example. >> the other thing that we are getting -- we are sending stuff over to the senate -- most of the product that we've done -- except what we've added in the
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last day or so and some of what we added in assent to the bill like a hearing -- bernie doesn't like hearing -- excuse me bernie loves hearing, mansion doesn't like it. you figure if they're putting things and we could put something in even if joe manchin doesn't like it. so we are getting some privilege -- mostly we are getting privilege throughout. bird -- it's important you have to take it out but privilege violation can take you out. >> tucker: at this point august of 2022, taiwan is the world's great flash point, it's the largest power with an aim that has articulated repeatedly over almost two years to invade
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a neighboring country, taiwan. there is no more delicate place diplomatically on the globe. if you are sending that person to calm tensions and reassure allies are probably not doing what you say are doing, you may be doing the opposite. if you're trying to provoke your enemies and terrify your so-called allies would probably pick nancy pelosi as your representative in taiwan. what is going on here? if you're wanting to understand the motive of the people in charge considered this at the same moment we are clearly goading other countries into conflict with each other and with us, degrading our ability to participate or prevail in those wars, the defensive capabilities have never been weaker and that's not an accident, they did it. for example the central intelligence agency whatever you think of it -- we don't think much kind of important to our country. certainly well-funded. here is a recent recruiting ad from the cia. >> i'm a woman of color, i'm a
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mom, i am eight cisgender millennial who's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. i am intersectional but it's not a box checking exercise, i am a walking declaration, a woman whose inflection does not rise at the end of the sentences suggesting a question has been asked. nice to struggle with imposter syndrome but at 36 i refuse to internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be. >> tucker: your intersectional with generalized anxiety disorder, come work in a critical federal agency. if you're running an ad like that not only are you not serious, you are trying to degrade and hurt the ability of the united states to defend itself. to perpetuate itself. to remain in the united states for our grandchildren -- let's stop lying about it, that's exactly what we are doing. nothing joe biden has done in the last year and a half has
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made our armed forces better prepared to fight wars. it has been one calculated -- antiwhite ideology. changes, drag shows. whatever is telegraphing to the military you're worthless, you're defending a country that doesn't deserve to be defended, your traditions are disgusting, you're terrible -- that's the message. here is the latest. the va has decided to desecrate military cemeteries with industrial wind turbines, one just went up in a massachusetts cemetery. they are starting more wars while simultaneously making it harder for the united states to fight in prevail in those wars. >> spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry said this morning their army while "never sit by idly" -- >> we have an army to.
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>> and would take strong measures. >> don't tell our leaders where they can go and where they can't go. i salute nancy pelosi for going there and sending a message that taiwan is an ally. just as we won't support taiwan's independence and breaking away from this one china policy, we will not stand idly by if mainland china decides to invade taiwan. >> tucker: more childish posturing from people who have no idea what they are talking about and no skin in the game whatsoever. we aren't in a position to prosecute a successful war against china. we should be, we should have been making defensive strategic moves for the past 20 years. on ensuring critical manufacturing. building up a strong military and a strong cia, not degrading them with identity politics and other pointless lunacy that detracts from the mission which is to protect the united states
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but that's exactly what we have done, republicans in congress have allowed it to happen -- more funding for you. whatever the motive here is, the effect is absolutely predictable. as with afghanistan and ukraine, and covid and pick nine other disasters, what we are watching right now finally ends, the u.s. is going to be weaker in china is likely to be stronger. what does it mean? it means the beginning of the end of american influence in asia, we paid for it in blood that's not an overstatement. more than half a million american servicemen were killed in the pacific theater in the second world war and in korea a few years after that. as a result of their sacrifice, countries like japan, south korea and the philippines have been in our orbit, the western orbit, america's orbit for most of the last century, that has been a good thing for all involved, not perfect but better than the alternative. we are about to see the alternative, thanks to -- whatever the motive -- the lunacy of people like nancy pelosi and biden.
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thanks so much for coming on. to what extent is china bluffing if any? >> they are not bluffing at all, they have been preparing for this scenario for 30 years. if you go back to 1995-1996 we had a similar situation with china when taiwan's president was wanted to come back to cornell university to visit his alma mater, we had a similar crisis but at the time the united states was the overwhelming military superpower. we had no problems worrying about china infects china's military officials couldn't find our aircraft carriers. today the situation is very different, the chinese have prepped for this scenario they have thousands of ballistic cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles, carrier killer missiles. if there was a war between the united states and china the first thing they are going to do is attack from a bolt from the blue, they're going to destroy our satellites in orbit and
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destroy our communications equipment, we are going to be fighting about transgender on issues on tick-tock anymore because it's not going to work in the united states. they will destroy our aircraft carriers destroy all of our bases in asia, this is been war games out to. i have fought this war and simulators for over ten years, you know it happens every time? we lose. >> tucker: everyone prays it would never get to a point anywhere near what you describe but of course it could and the chinese haven't been very subtle about telegraphing their intentions in the face of this looming threat, of this rising power, how is the entirety of the united states congress sat back and continue to fund a military that gets weaker and more politicized every year? i don't understand that. >> i don't either to be honest with you, a lot of this is miss prioritization. it feels like we are forever stuck in a cold war mind-set, we are the dominant hegemon, a lot of the foreign policy thinking seems like it's stuck in the 1990s. the unipolar moment where the
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united states is omnipotent, can do anything, nothing can happen to us. we have atlantic,-pacific, canada and mexico, nothing can permeate our space. i think 9/11 proved that obviously can't happen and i think china proves this threat is very real. let's face it, we are not ready for it. >> tucker: if this moment doesn't freeze the renewable energy cult in its tracks and make a laughing stock of anybody suggesting turning our great over the, i don't know what will. great to see you, thank you for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: it's been more than two years since st. george floyd died and the country changed completely, that happened of course in minneapolis, memorial day of 2020, but whatever happened to minneapolis? we know the city defunded its police. is it a utopia mall? laura ingraham was interested enough to go to minneapolis to find out, she joins us live here
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for minneapolis. then our conversation with golfer bryce even if you don't care about golf, it's interesting, straight-ahead to.
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hi, i'm denise. i lost over 22 pounds with golo. i've done the work. years and years of fighting and fighting and never getting the results. golo is the only thing that gave me this. it gave me back me.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: just over two years
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ago that a violent ex-con called george floyd got arrested in minneapolis for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and promptly died of a fenton ood, that's with the medical examiner determined -- i don't think we are allowed to say that but anyway he died. democrats encouraged riots all over the country and paid for the whole thing. you have to wonder what happened to minneapolis. it used to be one of the nicest cities in the world. is not anymore we got a text from someone in minneapolis. this place is a disaster, i can't believe anyone would live here, i'm afraid to go to the mall the. we should go to minneapolis to see what it's like and then we found out laura ingraham beat us to it -- she went to the third precinct which is still abandoned after it was destroyed by rioters, she went to one officer went back to the scene for the first time since 2020, watch. >> i think one of the biggest challenges is working with a
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deficit of officers. getting more cops to help us and working with what limited resources we have now. >> has the activist movement which always seemed to in my view be biased against law enforcement, has that made your job more difficult on a daily basis, interacting with regular folks. >> the more of that that gets put out in the media, it makes it tough for us to do our jobs not being harassed and cameras in our face when we are just trying to work. we are trying to take away anybody's rights, we are trying to do our job. >> tucker: as we said, laura ingraham has been on this story, beat us to it. she's the host of the ingraham angle, she will have a lot more on minneapolis tonight. thank you for doing this, what is your sense for how minneapolis is doing? >> i was so sad. i've been coming to minnesota for 12 years every summer -- i
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have college friends here, i've gotten to know the city, other parts of the state. it's such a great state, amazing people here. kind of quirky politically as we know. i was here shortly after the riots, it was as you can imagine a total disaster. businesses total loss burned to the ground still smoldering, third precinct abandoned. i thought a couple years later let's go back. i was stunned at how bad it hits in certain parts of minneapolis. third precinct, they are still operating out of a school. they don't have a permanent presence, building structure in minneapolis to this day, this is 26 months after floyd was killed dear cal you can feel it in the offices, they are trying to put on a brave face and they are great people. can you imagine having a deficit of 300 law enforcement in a city
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where we are seeing burgeoning crime, violence. even the university of minnesota which is a great school, they are having problems they are. this has got to be addressed and you're going to need a real change in political leadership to do it but it's very sad and infuriating and as he reported at the time and i did too, all too predictable. >> tucker: what's weird is big companies pay for these riots and we put the list on the screen many times but they haven't paid to rebuild one of america's nicest cities that they destroyed. where is the nike and google and facebook fund to rebuild minneapolis? >> some of the larger companies have rebuilt -- near that precinct i think there's a target and there is cub foods and a couple of others but the smaller businesses as usual get the short end of the stick and i think some black-owned businesses have gotten some help. i am shocked, one diner i'm going to take people to -- derek chauvin worked above it -- that
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was burned to the ground. i go to the location and where is the rebuild? its weeds, a lot of weeds now, nothing has been done. shocking. >> tucker: they destroy a city we put a cop in prison, we all had to pretend he committed murder, which he didn't but we have to pretend it and then they leave and move on to the next thing to destroy. laura ingraham, i appreciate the fact you're on this story tonight to. >> thanks so much, will next see you soon. >> tucker: we got involved in a controversy we don't know very much about -- golf. we interviewed greg norman who made his case for a new golf league is the commissioner of called liv golf. we talked to bryson about why
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he's doing this, next.
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>> tucker: last week our producers suggested a story on golf i don't know anything about golf and they said it's interesting and it is interesting, there's a new league called liv golf competing with the pga tour. we decided to go down to trump bedminster, trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey, to learn more about it. we showed you part of our visit last night in a conversation with the commissioner of liv golf greg norman, we wanted to know what the players participating think of it. bryson dechambeau is one of the best golfers in the world, one of the longest drivers in the history of the sport is now playing for liv. interesting personal story, we sat down with him and ask a lot of golf related questions. here's part of what he said. six years in the pga tour. >> yeah. >> tucker: you are one of the
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best young players in college, how did you wind up here? is a controversial choice according to a lot of people. >> a lot of opportunity, that was the first and foremost thing. it was an opportunity to do something different in the game of golf, i've been a bit of a trendsetter when i was growing up, i thought i would do something cool in the game of golf. i didn't know what it would be and now that i see this i know it was a big part of it. the reason i say that is because i've always thought that golf has to start to tailor to the younger generation if we want to continue to grow the game. i'm all about growth in the game of golf and i think as time has gone on this opportunity with liv golf with the way it's structured from an investment perspective also from a enjoyment perspective and entertainment perspective all have a possibility to do things the game of golf haven't seen before. >> tucker: people suggest there is a violation of some kind of unspoken honor code within golf, going to change the
5:37 pm
culture of golf and make it more vulgar, more populist, less honorable. i know you heard versions of that i'm not sure i'm describing it exactly right. that the spirit of golf is being somehow despoiled or desecrated by this. how do you respond to that? >> the spirit of golf? i think in every industry no matter what it is, it's always been changing, innovating -- golf i don't think it's anything different over the course of time if we want to continue controlled the game -- if you want to keep it with hickory shafts and no technology, people are not going to be interested by that. we have to find ways to make it more interesting whether it's a new format, teams, that's personally one of my favorite things about liv golf is the team aspect. it's enhancing the spirit of the game.
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>> tucker: pga tour is saying anyone who participates in liv will be banned for life from the pga tour. >> it doesn't make any sense. i think it will get figured out, i personally know it will get figured out whether it's a legally or if they come to the table and work out terms, i think it will wash itself out in the future. pretty shortly. but it's funny, it's so weird -- let's use this as a reference i heard this earlier this week. the pizza shop that's been in business for 50 years and all the customers go to it it's a great product, all of a sudden the new pizza shop opens up and they start paying the customers to come eat at their place. and that pizza is potentially a little bit better of a pizza. all of a sudden that original pizza house goes if you go over there, we are banning you from ever coming back to our pizza shop. what's wrong with that economic model? >> tucker: it seems shortsighted. particularly if you have been the only pizza shop in town, if you've had a monopoly that's
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probably not allowed to. there is a vibe in golf, more than a vibe -- it's a stated ethic where it's not really about the money, you should play for free. >> in that case it becomes a hobby. it is our livelihood, there's a great economic opportunity for golfers to make a lot of money, that's why we grew up playing golf. also the history to win majors -- now i want to win liv events. you could see the passion and competitive aspect of this environment here, we want to compete to win every single week. any time anyone invests over a billion dollars and do the game of golf, how is that not going to grow the game, not going to provide more opportunities? >> tucker: your parents, your friends, your caddie, what are they all say? >> when we looked at the economics, it was a no-brainer. considering the relationships are built with my sponsors in the relationship i have with the
5:40 pm
tour, the relationship i have with my competitors out there on tour as well, i had to think about all of that and how it affected my livelihood and moving forward in the future. of the pros outweigh the cons and for me from a financial perspective, research allocation perspective meaning unable to do things now in dallas i think we can get to that in a little bit. i had to weigh all of those consequences, the social consequences how i was going to be viewed publicly. i got a youtube channel that's growing and doing well, i want to continue to produce product there so i can showcase entertainment in my skill set on that platform as well. >> tucker: you are well known for bringing science to golf, give us an example. >> wow. this a lot of examples, when i could think of directly off the top my head, this is more statistics but hitting it farther has been a big notion of mine. the reason i did that is because i knew that if i could gain
5:41 pm
three more yards off the tee, i could get six more yards off line, three more yards right or left. and still have a positive strokes game potential. what that means is i'm getting shots on the field. from that perspective i took it on -- how do i hit it farther, how do i consistently hit it farther, how to make it stronger -- what do i do from a biomechanics perspective to make the golf swing more repeatable. i understand how my biomechanics are improving and being the most powerful athlete that can be. >> tucker: how do you do that? >> study and, data, understanding and crunching numbers, understand how to create flat spots on the golf swing, this is getting technical now. trying to create flat spots on the golf swing where you are making a combined motion that a lot of the golf club moves in a very consistent strata manner. not this arcing manner where you are very sensitive to error on. i'm able to wrap around the
5:42 pm
corner, this club is coming down but because i'm coming up its straight into the ball, the angle of attack is more consistent. your dynamic lofted impact is more consistent, you're heading your spots a lot more consistently meaning your launch angles are consistent. >> tucker: your doing calculations in your head? >> we can't use greens books which have a topographical map of the putting green, it's 2.3% slope. i know on average what a 2% slope looks like, a 3% slope looks like. it's not me doing math in my head, i just have memorized all the numbers. >> tucker: de account cards in blackjack? >> i could but i don't want to go down that road, i don't want to get in trouble. >> tucker: that's totally fair. put in golf you're allowed to do that. >> correct, i'm trying to find a distinct advantage to benefit the game of golf and help my life out in the best way possible. >> tucker: amazing, has it
5:43 pm
paid off? >> do you think it's paid off? >> tucker: it sounds a good has! >> i'm very blessed and very lucky. my friends around me are very happy and i'm able to do things back in dallas, get back to my community in dallas. i'm going to build a multisport complex and attach an education center there, attach my charity to it, the bryson dechambeau foundation supports junior golf it's going to build an education center, i want to build an education center and i've got an idea and model for that will help the education system in general. the resources i now have doesn't mean unable to sit on and do nothing. i've got responsibility to take care of my community, my country and my state is much as i possibly can. at a certain point in time you go there's more to life than just golf and that's what liv golf allows me to do. i'm able to enjoy golf and
5:44 pm
compete with some of the best players in the world but also have a life outside of this. >> tucker: here's a pretty huge story that was ignored for some reason. it turns out that alzheimer's which destroyed so many families and is rising is it different from what we thought. most of what we thought we knew about alzheimer's is untrue and the people telling us this knew it was untrue and it turns out this fake information about alzheimer's was used to push expensive drugs that don't even work and the fda knew that and continue to prove the drug. all science is settled? it's not. we get details on this amazing story next.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california.
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they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: you may remember this from back in 2007, march of 2007 a group of marine force recon operators were in afghanistan, they were ambushed by a bomb, an ied and they fought back. for doing that they were falsely accused of mass murder and relieved of duty and put on a war crimes trial. turns out the whole thing was a sham.
5:50 pm
today we spoke to major fred galvin who was the commanding officer who has just written a book on this, amazing conversation -- here's part of it. ♪ ♪ what if your family think? >> it was devastating for the marines and our company to be shamed this way, these are the most elite marines we had in the marine corps. multiple combat deployments, i started seeing these guys especially the seven of us, the codefendant on trial ended up getting cancer, his senior enlisted, the senior enlisted in his platoon ended up getting diabetes 3 out of 4 of us, the seven of us who are got divorced. this had huge negative effects and guess what? you have no repercussions when you've got a guy like colonel nicholson slandering you into destroying your character. when you're cleared, he just go
5:51 pm
back to work. the money you spent on a homicide, mass murder trial, you can't sue -- good luck. we just went back to work and we all went back and redeployed is crazy as that sounds, we went back and did our jobs. >> tucker: you were acquitted to. you surprised? >> i was surprised at how it happened. >> tucker: amazing conversation, tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. on fox nation. here's a story that has not received enough attention. for decades scientists told us sticky plaques in the brain because alzheimer's, one of the most devastating illnesses there is and recently vanderbilt university scientist took a closer look at these sticky plaques. they found shockingly blatant instances of fraud, fraudulent data according to donna wilcox who works in alzheimer's and the adversity of kentucky, it was fraudulent, yet the fda has
5:52 pm
continued to approve alzheimer's drugs that assume sticky plaques are the cause of alzheimer's even when the fda's own advisory panel said those drugs don't work -- what is going on? chris bedford one of the very few people who's taken a close look at what is going on here, he's a senior editor at "the federalist" and joins us tonight. >> there's not that many evil characters here come a couple of fraudsters it seems, a lot of pride, a lot of ego, there was some greed, a lot of groupthink. for over 100 years since we first discovered alzheimer's, we noticed these plaques were found in the brain but since the early 90s, since the early alzheimer's science there's been information that pointed to maybe this isn't the cause, maybe it's more of a marker of damage it's being done. there was some of the this. got to the 100 year anniversary
5:53 pm
might've been able to take a second look, we've been putting billions of dollars of this, we never got anything, never got anything that makes it better be on the first few years. maybe we are wrong but there was this electric new study that came out and got everyone excited and everyone looked past it. the lead scientist knew better and looked past some of what appears to be fraudulent data. there were so assured and at the end there has come a cabal in the alzheimer's community, something one of the senior government researchers described more as a religious cult than actual science. that a groupthink where people are very protective come of the strongest voices in the room are saying this is the only way they could put money towards -- when that takes charge and alzheimer's that's when you know science has got no access to real political power, real political money. you know that can take hold of alzheimer's science, what does it mean for global warming, what does it mean for covid, what does it mean for a scientist to join the cult getting real power over our daily lives?
5:54 pm
>> that's a smart explanation, that's the way the world actually works. corruption is too simple an explanation, it's worse than that, it's a lack of free thinking, i appreciate you getting to that and free reporting on it, great piece. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's tuesday and that means we have to ask a question we always ask which is what is kamala harris doing? what is she up to? we have the tape -- time for our caramello harris update.
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>> tucker: we promised you a tip from our pick for the democratic nominee in 2024 but we can't get the tape to load so instead we are leaving you with a similarly edifying picture of nancy pelosi in taipei where she's attempted to start yet another nuclear war but she's wearing a mask. the lesson we are taking from this is no matter how reckless
6:00 pm
and crazy your behavior is, no matter how destabilizing to the world order no matter how threatening to children and grandchildren and the american economy, to western civilization itself. no matter how crazy your behavior or kill him if you are wearing a paper surgical mask, your safe. public health authorities say so. that's it for us, we are out of time. we are back tomorrow, the shored that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink, sean hannity right now. >> sean: i know the difference between kid and chris rock just in case any of your audience not otherwise. you're getting ready -- one of those moments. thank you, tucker. welcome to "hannity." brace yourself and prepare for an audit because west virginia democratic senator joe manchin is now attempting to double the size of our irs, more than double it. more on manchin's hard left turn coming up tonight. also georgia senate candidate herschel


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