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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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think. those results in arizona and washington as i said. this has to be a 50 state effort. no city, no town in america should be left behind, not to this disastrous leadership from the democrat party. that is it for us tonight. remember in minneapolis, cadiz america now and forever. greg gutfeld and all the breaking news next. ♪ ♪ >> todd: that jingle is carley shimkus favorite, new results poignant this morning. a fox news alert, two major american arizona primary raised and beating his opponent, mark brnovich for the race and they were arizona's. speed to the gubernatorial raceg
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"fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i am carley shimkus. i'm todd piro. important race is being decided overnight in michigan, missouri, washington. brooke singman has more, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys, arizona where the governor is yet to be called. trump endorsed carey lake with a slight lead over karen tylan robeson. but in the state, lake masters by the president is to win the senate primary with solar power businessmen james and arizona attorney journey until next tutor dixon is the g.o.p. governor of michigan. her race called, dixon warning gretchen whitmer that the people of michigan want her else, listen. >> does she think it is possible for us to be in a worse condition because right now we
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are at the bottom of education. we have a problem with cities, semi message to witmer. the people want to get rid of it but the only place we are going is up and we will bring michigan back. >> freshman peter meijer who voted to impeach the former president conceded that trump endorsed conservative challenger john gibbs appeared before the primary, calling out the democratic party for taking out ad space to get his opponent a boost. now to missouri where attorney general eric schmidt beat out former governor eric brighton in a packed field of republicans to win the g.o.p. senate primary there. >> now is the time to unify in this fight against the radical progressives. they want to fundamentally change this country forever and right now... [cheers and applause] right now, we need proven
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conservative fighters to stop them in their tracks. >> meanwhile in washington state republican incumbent who voted to impeach trump is lacking behind perez and open congressional primary. another house republican who voted to impeach dan newhouse holding onto a lead in his washington congressional race and a solid showing on tuesday for the squad up you to congresswoman cori bush defeating a moderate challenger in st. louis and congresswoman rashida tlaib advances to the midterms after winning her primary race in detroit. in kansas, voters rejecting an amendment that would have abortion protections from the state constitution. that vote is the first referendum on abortion rights to the supreme court since they overturn roe v. wade in june. carley, todd. >> carley: think think it so
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much. to another fox news alert, the president of taiwan with the island nation. >> todd: this visit a threat to peace in the u.s. will pay. kevin corke joins us from washington with the very latest, great to see my friend. >> great to see you my buddy. pelosi said a trip to taipei shows unwavering commitment to taiwan but china is condemning the highest level u.s. visit as a threat as you pointed out to peace instability in the taiwan strait and i quote, "the u.s. must pay the price for its own mistake and we mean what we say." that from the chinese ambassador. as for the speaker, she said the trip is basically america solidarity with 23 million people of taiwan. she calls it more important today than ever. the world faces a choice between hypocrisy and democracy. then she added this... >> in terms of governance, week
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come in taiwan for being one of the free of societies in world. we come in friendship. we thank you for your leadership. we want the world to recognize that. >> despite its position it doesn't support taiwan independence, the white house says, it, also so supports. >> i said this the former senator fully respects the prerogative and frankly the responsibility the speaker of the house to travel overseas. >> he respects the speaker's decision to travel to taiwan. >> the main time on capitol hill, there has been bipartisan support for the visit and g.o.p. lindsey graham said, "we can't tell china what to do. but in the meantime, we continue to monitor china's military
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buildup surrounding that visit. we seen lots of it and i will continue to monitor and if i see anything new, a promise to share but for now back to you. >> carley: kevin corke, thank you so much. retired navy captain jon kyl, good morning to you. let's pick it up where kevin corke left off. a possible response to house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan. china investor to the u.s., china is firm, strong and forceful. what does he mind by that and what can we expect in the coming days? >> good morning. no one should ever be be able to threaten a u.s. elected official, right? they should be an issue and this is what happens when we have weak leadership like we see. >> carley: i think what is interesting about this trip, you
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mentioned weak leadership and just in the democratic party, they were not united on this. you had nancy pelosi doing one thing but how much do you think, biden's family type with china played a role in that? >> no question, our loyalty should be to the united states and the people of the united states. no one should be able to dictate our foreign policy and definitely not a transnational criminalization like the ccp. >> carley: chinese media publish this map showing the locations of several military exercises. it says that to take place around taiwan. and so certainly going on. china does take the next step and invades taiwan. what do you think about the involvement and what it would look like with the president at the time but what can we expect to have happen here in the united states?
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>> affect my economy because they are so tied together. but honestly, there is nothing like the military spirit, having been in uniform for 30 years. i know where people will be ready to go. and we have ready to go and launch all their ships to support the seven fleets. but, you know, it will be a measured response. >> todd: you are obviously running as a congressional candidate. are you thinking the voters are actually paying attention to this? are they looking at her weakening stance in the world and that will impact their vote against democrats come november? >> absolutely. the three things i run on is the economy, all americans are suffering everyday when they go to the gas pump or the grocery store at. and is also directly impacted by our stance around the world. we need to have a strong
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military, there is fight, flight, posture in the united states has been showing every single turn here. obviously, education is important in the district also. >> carley: it is great to have you on today with your naval background and this big revelation china has more naval ships than the united states. does that concern you? if it does, possibly turn into some hot work? how would the to the military stack up against each other? >> it goes back to the military spirit. every ship sunk in pearl harbor will was raised up by u.s. navy divers and sent back out. after 9/11, although rebels in new york to show the american might appear that is what the differences, the american grit and the american might. >> carley: hung cao thank you so much for joining us and we appreciate your insight on this topic. >> thank you. >> carley: you are very welcome.
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another major foreign policy this morning, the u.s. killing al qaeda leader in a drone strike in kabul but last august president biden was listen. >> what interest do we have in afghanistan as well as getting usama bin laden and we did >> staff sergeant who is 1 of 13 soldiers killed during afghanistan and joins us now. thank you for being here. look we can all agree killing this bad guy was a good thing, but senator lindsey graham really gets the big picture question and let me read the quote.
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what unnerves me as ayman al-zawahiri felt good enough being out in the open in kabul after the taliban takeover. so much for rejecting al qaeda. this is positive afghanistan has once again become a safe haven for international terrorists. your response. >> i totally agree with that. what point are we thinking that al qaeda and the taliban were not working together at some point and to allow him for however long he has been in kabul to wander the streets unfettered, access to everything that he needs to do in finding out that he was in one of the houses of taliban leaders? i mean, it makes no sense to me whatsoever. >> carley: darren, i think the
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question is what does president biden do about it? does he do something about the taliban harboring the leader of al qaeda? like you said, a nice house in kabul or does he move on because one air strike is good, but does it really solve the problem? >> i don't think it does. you have the taliban who we made the bill with in order to and and granted we needed to end that but at what cost? it came at the cost of several thousand of our military and it comes at a cost of unfortunately my son and the other 12. are we ever going to get the terrorists out? i certainly hope so, yes. do i think it's going to happen? unfortunately, no.
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>> todd: your son one of the service members killed during joe biden's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan last year. when your later, how do you want your son to be remembered? >> i want to be remembered and we want him to be remembered for his big heart. that kid had literally a lion heart and was very ferocious in protecting his family and those that he loved. he was very anti-bullying. he would see somebody get picked on. he would put an end back to it. he was full of love, full of respect and full of patriotism for the country. and his melody led and training work side-by-side and respected him. he respected them. and he gave his life doing
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exactly what he wanted to do. and that is defending this country. >> carley: you said he was a natural born leader. our hearts are still have the over the loss of your son and the 12 other service members who died in august of last year. darren, how has the last year for him for you and your family? >> honestly, it has been rough you take out... you take out a child, a brother, and uncle, a grandson, and what do you replace it with? we can't. the only thing that we can do is move forward and keep saying his name and in some way honor him. those ways that we are trying
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our working, but make no mistake, it has been a terrible year. >> todd: darin, thank you for saying his name and sharing his memory with us once again. we appreciated. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, darin, thank you. >> thank you. >> todd: imagine sending your kids to college in seeing this come a shooting near the university of minnesota. in this part of the violent crime spike students are dealing with sins kicked off campus. a parent from that school joins us next. >> carley: and other migrant arrives in washington, d.c., overnight and texas governor greg abbott says he will not stop sending zip until they address the border crisis. his message coming up next. >> that is fine as long as texas has to deal with that but as soon as they have to deal with it don't make the real crisis of biden border crisis, they are up in arms calling the national guard.
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>> carley: a new set of migrant buses arriving in washington, d.c., from dell ricoh and eagle pass of texas curing 60 migrants. the illegal border crossing is not sitting well with blue city
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leaders like washington mayor muriel bowser, but governor grab bill mike greg abbott is not backing down. >> this shows the hypocrisy of liberal leaders in the northeast that the border crisis created by joe biden, that is fine as long as texas has to deal with it, but as soon as they have to deal with the real consequences of biden's border crisis, they are up in arms going for the national guard dealing with a tiny fraction of what we have to deal with every single day. speed to the biden administration in the southern border is closed but the numbers tell a different story with approximately 2 million migrants illegally entering the united states under the presidents watch. >> todd: from the border crisis to the crime crisis, the university of minnesota is seeing a surge in violence after minneapolis cut ties with the police department following george floyd's death in 2020. parents are demanding school officials boost security after a
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shocking video shows a shooting on campus, watch. >> [bleep] [shots fired] >> todd: that happening really close to the university of minnesota and a father, brian peck joins me now. that video was pretty bad. how bad has it gotten for students like your son? >> yeah, it's been a daily occurrence at the university of minnesota. that was the icing on the cake there, that video that you saw. that came across for my son in early june. that is when i decided i needed to take action. >> todd: how close is that to your son's fraternity house? >> what is right behind his fraternity house. in fact, the camera from behind fraternity row, several fraternity houses on university avenue.
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>> todd: i would have to worry about roe deer but not somebody shooting me. and violence your son has experienced? >> everybody at the university know somebody who has been mocked, beat up on a daily occurrence. it has really become a public safety crisis down at the university of minnesota and minneapolis. >> as a parent, when you send your child to college, you entrust the college to take care of your child. how come safety is not priority number one for the university of minnesota? and i will argue priority number one, education? because brian, if you are dead, you cannot learn. >> you're absolutely right. where the customers. we are the ones paying. from a business standpoint, we are the ones paying and that is the revenue the university is getting. yes, i agree that should be priority number one because without students, you don't have
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customers. a seat at the table to make sure that they are aware of this crisis. for us to get a seat at the table and to be a part of that solution. >> todd: this started because of ridiculous response quite frankly the killing of george floyd at the time, joe gable removed from the police from the campus. she stated the following, "i said brian peck to no longer contact the minnesota police department. we will limit our collaboration with npd to join patrols in an investigation to directly enhance the safety of our community. brian, what did they think would happen? >> yeah, common sense would tell you that is a knee-jerk reaction. the good news is we are seeing a wave of coming back, the pendulum swung one way and it's
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coming back to the center. we are seeing locally that was only breaking ties with certain events. so minneapolis still an integral part of safety at the university of minnesota because it is a metropolitan university. it shares jurisdiction between the university of minnesota police and the minneapolis police department. i would say both the minneapolis police and the university of minnesota police are doing an outstanding job. they are just short-staffed. we need more police officers, and we need to get a p.r. plan in place to get out there and recruit new cadets and get people to want to become police officers so we can get these numbers up to where they are budgeted. >> todd: it is called the summer of love and the ripple effect has been nothing but love. it has been violence,
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death, destruction and an environment for your son and another son on the way to the university of minnesota. thank you very much, brian peck may be a better season and a better time going up there to try to learn come appreciated. paul pelosi facing on his dui charges and you'd won't believe what else the night of his crash, plus... >> the world is going to end in 12 years with climate change. your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget with one billion dollar nypd budget. [cheers and applause] >> which she have your vote for president? according to one strategist, aoc is the best option against donald trump if she runs in 2024. we will unpack that next. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: paul pelosi set to be arraigned on dui charges and new information about what happened after that house speaker has been allegedly crashed his porsche into another driver back in may. >> todd: live from los angeles with details on this very high profile case, marianne. >> a complaint with new tales about paul pelosi's dui arrest and that includes he flashed a police courtesy card and blew a stop sign and crashed his porsche into a gp or the county attorney says, "he is to be arraigned on child don't make charges of the district attorney's office based on an automobile collision and driving under the influence arrests may 2022." here is what we have learned about those charges come up close he had blood alcohol level 0.08% and officer say he reeked of alcohol, red, glassy eyes and
1:33 am
slurring his speech with damaging street signs during the crash, which totaled his car. the police that he had a drug of some kind in his system. the driver of the jeep was also injured suffering right arm, shoulder and makes the case much more serious and a possible felony. >> when you and i spoke about this case, we thought it was a fender bender but there were serious injuries and headaches too. this guy has ongoing headaches and can't lift anything with his right arm. a dui with serious visible injury like this needs to be charged as a felony. >> paul pelosi may not be arraignment and the county court in person but instead his attorney could enter a plea on his behalf, todd, carley. >> todd: marianne rafferty, thank you. nypd said seven men accused of throwing bottles sunday. when leasing security of this incident joint the suspects appearing to toss bottles at
1:34 am
officers detaining a man who had allegedly had a loaded firearm. the police commissioner condemning the attack on new york's finest. >> to think that people would think it is acceptable to throw anything out a police officer is outrageous to be frank. so we will do everything we can to bring whoever is responsible to be held accountable. >> todd: four people taken into custody for alleged roles in this instant. one charged with assaulting an officer and another inciting a riot. and suffered major injuries. quick thinking california store owner who flipped the script on attempted robbery is speaking out, 80-year-old feared for his life when he found himself looking down the barrel of a gun. he recounts in a split second decision to shoot first. >> there was no time to think about it. the guide pointed gun directly at me. when you point a gun directly at me and i'm not waiting.
1:35 am
>> todd: the owner also reminding potential thieves as the community is largely conservative and armed. four men arrested and connection to the attempted robbery, carley. speed to take a look at this installing concrete blocks along city streets as part of a desperate attempt to attempt over 13,000 homeless people from camping out on sidewalks. matthew humphrey is the owner in seattle and joins me now. mathew, good morning. it is great to see you again. you think about a business owner buying concrete blocks and pay to have them put up in front of his business. the ultimate frustration to take matters into my own hands move. what is leading business owners to do this? >> good morning, carley. you know, i think it is just frustration in the system failing them. those are not easy to get out of a truck if you can imagine. you have to hire a decent equipment operator to pull this
1:36 am
off. the reason really is because there is no enforcement. and rv showing up alongside these businesses and bringing trash and garbage and crime. i think they just got sick of it. this is something they can do to keep going with their business and not have to put up with what they have been putting up with. >> carley: it is these homeless encampments creeping up along your business will keep people from coming in. i'm sure that is for a lot of people bottom line. >> seattle is in a bad place right now when it comes to this. we still have rv encampments camping out in the city started to make efforts to move them, but it's like musical chairs. they move from one block and end up in another block. than they reemerge on the same block. they are there for a year, beer
1:37 am
and a half, two years during covid. it is getting worse, not better. we are. hopeful the city will take action and not giving these business owners warnings about trying to do what they are not doing, which is enforced the law. >> carley: you think about the homeless crisis in this country, it really is a tragedy linked to mental health and drug use. matthew, they are a lot of homeless advocates in seattle to keep these people on the streets. some people look at that and say that is an ultimate form of misplaced compassion. there's got to be a better way. what you think about that? >> i think when you're up close and personal everyday like i am, what you see is this is not compassion. these people are not living with dignity. in fact, offered the many services we have to offer in seattle, which this is a really caring, compassionate
1:38 am
community, when these people were accused, the police can't even enforce the law or get them the help they needed if they refuse services, nothing they can do about it by law. so the whole best intentions are now really to the worst results because these people are allowed to live in this squalor. and if i ever fell down, someone would help me. they are not making great choices and no one to save them. it is just the opposite of compassion. >> carley: yeah, that is right. it could turn quickly from compassion to enabling negative behavior. you say you are dealing with this on a day-to-day basis. how has this issue affected you personally in your businesses? >> yeah, we have several break-ins over covid. we daily have run aunts with people that live on the street.
1:39 am
today, in fact, i was approached three times by people not in their right mind. and my fear in seattle it has become so normal that people are getting too used to it. we are walking around with people on the street. i drove down on the street friday at 6:00 p.m. and saw a woman with no pants on walking down the street. it was just heartbreaking. and what can we do? we have to get the politicians and this whole ecosystem of hours to really start talking about taking action. this isn't working. >> carley: i understand what you mean. new york city as well. sometimes, you have to take a step back because you see things like that, initially it is jarring and then it becomes jarring and it becomes normal. a lot of cities are facing that exact issue. thank you so much for joining us this morning. best of luck. >> thanks, carley. >> carley: you are very
1:40 am
welcome, todd, over to you. >> todd: pg eight players can return sooner than later. we sit down with tucker carlson and the national golf club in new jersey last week. >> i think it will get figured out. i personally know we will figure it out whether legally or work out terms. i definitely think it will all wash itself out in the future pretty shortly. speak on the mike >> todd: the 2020 u.s. champion has not talked to tiger woods and before the latest event, i have ultimate respect for what he has to say and certainly we have been close but unfortunately we have not spoken. one day we will again and i'm always open for a conversation with anyone. the next one is a tough one for me, baseball world losing fence goalie passing away at the age of 94, the voice of the dodgers six decades going with the team when it relocated from brooklyn to los angeles in 1958.
1:41 am
during the legendary broadcast career, the 25 world series, 25 games and three perfect games. he retired in 2016 leaving pants with this powerful goodbye. >> make god get you for every store or rainbow, every tear or smile and every promise and the blessing in each trial and for every problem life seems a faithful friend to share and every sigh a sweet song and answer for each prayer. so, this is vance goalie wherever you may be. >> todd: the l.a. dodgers releasing a statement, he was one of the greatest voices in all sports and not only as a broadcaster but a humanitarian. he loved people and he loved life. vin scully, 94 years old with
1:42 am
the distinct honor of interviewing misters goalie a few years ago and gave him all the time in the world. you want to know what a man should look like, vin scully is a life example. hundreds of billion per claimant effort to the irs and those are some of the things democrats want you to pay for in so-called inflation reduction bill. but kristin kyrsten sinema onboard it with joe manchin. >> carley: on top of that, your burgers and steaks could be getting a lot more expensive facing the challenges with american farmers. a leader in the beef industry joins us next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: braced herself, one democratic strategist, alexandria ocasio cortez is the democratic party's best option 2024. fewer and fewer democrats to back joe biden. "democratic and leaning voters want the party to nominate someone other than president biden in 2024. they want someone who punches back. democrats need aoc to meet this historic moment." aoc attracting a lot of the media attention and one of many
1:48 am
names floated as a possible alternative to the president for the 2024 election. the polling says 70% of registered voters want someone other than joe biden as the democratic candidate in 2024. speak to senator joe manchin refusing to say whether he wants president biden in the white house for four more years. watch this. >> i'm not going to talk about it! >> i'm just asking you the leader of your own party. >> carley: joe manchin and democrats jerry nadler believe the president will only serve one term. here is what they have two say during a primary debate last night. >> should president biden run again and 2024? >> too early to say. the purpose of the democratic party to deal with him until after the midterms. >> this month? >> i don't believe he will run for reelection. >> carley: interesting fox news poll show 59% of
1:49 am
americans disapprove of the president's job performance. we still don't know if kyrsten sinema will support the joe manchin back tax. she will make a decision after parliamentarian review. they were seen talking and the senate chamber for about 15 minutes yesterday. he calls it a nice talk. kyrsten sinema's vote will decide if the bill passed since the democrats have a razor-thin majority. the bill in the scaled-back version of the biden build back better proposal and a new massive spending bill calls for $369 million claimant spending. $64 billion in obamacare subsidies, 15% minimum corporate tax. kellyanne conway says the latest spending bill is not a win for democrats at all. it is pretty much guaranteed major republican game in the next two major elections. >> all this crazy stuff that you or my kids will be paying for
1:50 am
for our great-great-grandchildren forever more. it is now kyrsten sinema and why nobody else have that kind of encourage domestic courage to stand up and say you know what i represent a state, constituents who are center right, look at them when they vote for office other than me, the blue state? nobody stands up. they are all a reliable vote for all of this liberal. >> todd: in the meantime, ranchers are struggling to pay their bills. some of them even being forced to sell off their cattle as beef prices continue to rise. national beef association vice president mark eisele joining me now. what is causing this? >> will, most of it is related to the drought. this is one of the biggest droughts in quite a wile and encompasses about half of the united states. where it needs to be regional and now it is tough to get feed
1:51 am
for the cattle. so folks are running out of options to move their cattle. >> todd: here is the cattle inventory, down 2% since last year, down to 98.8 million. if i understand correctly, ranchers forced to sell their cows for slaughter, to slaughter come i should say. so if mommy cal is not around to make baby cows, how much will work at number dropped? well, we are not sure and we wait for usda to command for those statistics but the reduction is attributed to many things throughout input cost. it is a business adjustment that we have to make. it is not pleasant. it is not fun. it is part of what we do. >> todd: let's get into those costs up 12%, causing the sell-off. how much of that surge, in your estimation, beef prices with feed, fuel, fertilizer, et cetera? >> you know, some of it affects us.
1:52 am
everything we use for is a problem and prices go up and transportation becomes more. on the other side of the coin, we don't really have control beef prices set through the supply chain. so we like to focus on what we do at the ranch and how we take care of our cattle. >> todd: but having some little experience and i'm not putting a cowboy hat on anytime soon and heading to the ranch to run this thing. but being out there, talking to the ranchers the cost of gas, the cost of feed, the cost of labor quite frankly, which is through the roof, what is your message to the american consumer? the mom who wants to make her kid some hamburgers, hay, you guys are getting rich off of this? >> two things, first of all, we are not getting rich. but what we do is cure for the cattle. we make sure we raise the best beef possible for consumers. it is tender and really nutritious. we do it all in a sustainable
1:53 am
way. the thing that affects the input, the cost, is bad decisions or any administration that has decisions or rules of policy that affect our ability to do everyday commerce. that price of fuel is one of the biggest because everybody pays for transportation, whether it is on the way to be processed or on its way to the grocery store appear that has a big hand on fixed production, tractors, trucks anything to run a ranch and operation of. we are really a big carbon footprint and reduce that by 30% in the last 40 years with raising as much beef as we do now with only 70% of cattle. so we still have some challenges, but that is kind of where we are at. >> todd: work that was a diplomatic act when it comes to the biden administration. what do you need the biden administration to do or not do to reverse this to make ranchers whole again and bring the beef
1:54 am
supply up, bring prices down? >> rules and regulations, agencies that over expand their boundaries. we just want to operate and we want to operate efficiently. most industries operate as efficiently as we do, but we have to match these burdens. things set out by resource agencies where we have to meet that demand and continue with growth for paper response. that is hard. we just want to do our job. we are doing it really responsibly. a lot of these things are not necessary. it has become a regulatory load for us to carry. >> todd: ranchers need help needed now, now, otherwise, ranchers will go away beef prices will even go higher. mark, we appreciate your time my thank you, sir. right now, leaving taiwan after ignoring china's threat and
1:55 am
meeting with the present overnight. rebecca heinrich and here to talk about china's response and how the white house should navigate this. >> todd: we will get sean duffy's response with the critical races for both partieso keep it right here on "fox & friends first." ... & friends first." [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man.
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>> carley: happening right now house speaker pelosi is getting ready to leave taiwan after ignoring china's threats and meeting with taiwan president overnight. china staging military drills sending jets into taiwan's air space in apparent display of its military might. you're watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. nikki haley saying, as china ups aggresme


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