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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> emily, 20 seconds. >> law enforcement owned and operated small business doing great things for canines. they donate a portion of the proceeds every month to service and working canines. learn more and support. >> leash and harness shut up, leave me alone. that does it for me. "special report" is up next. hey, shannon. >> listen, i don't even want to say when you don't call me evil. >> i will make it up tonight! >> shannon: thanks, greg. ♪ ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm shannon bream inver bret baier. break into may, increasing threats at home and abroad as china conducts unprecedented military exercises surrounding the entire island of taiwan. the retaliation follows nancy pelosi's trip to the island that china sees as a rogue nation. plus, revealing testimony on capitol hill from fbi director
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christopher wray on a flurry of issues. the fbi director expressing deep concern over rising violence in the united states. without a lot to unpack. with that fox team coverage done it, greg palkot is in london with the latest on china's escalation towards taiwan. but we begin the correspondent david spunt at the justice department with the fbi director's compelling testimony. good evening, david. bickel good evening to you, shannon. fbi director christopher wray was in the hot seat for just under four hours today on capitol hill. the conversation moved back and forth from threats overseas to the crime that we see daily in this country. fbi director christopher wray pressed repeatedly on a wide range of questions about the hunter biden investigation and a nationwide tic in crime. >> i feel like every day i'm getting briefed on somebody throwing a molotov cocktail at someone for some issue. it's crazy. >> wray, who is halfway into his 10-year term, says solving crime from smash and grabs to
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mass shootings is a top priority. >> our fundamental duty is to make sure americans can feel safe and secure in their own communities. >> moments into the hearing, i will republican chuck grassley pressed wray on the federal investigation into the resident's son. hunter biden has not been charged with a crime, but his tax affairs and business dealings overseas are part of a grand jury probe. he gave wray a hypothetical. >> if the fbi received information that foreign persons had evidence of improper or unlawful financial payments paid to elected officials or other politically exposed persons, would that pose a national security concern? >> the kind of conduct you're describing is typically something that we would look at her closely through our efforts at malign foreign influence. >> allegations from whistle blowers, who claim agent suppress negative information on
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hunter biden without offering specifics, wray condemned whistle-blower retaliation. he also addressed what he calls the top national security threat. he says the bureau opens an investigation into china on average every 12 hours. >> this is a problem of massive, massive scale, and to some extent as a country, we are playing catch up on the threat. >> republicans and democrats pressed wray on the safety of supreme court justices. following overturning of roe v. wade. >> i don't care who you are upset with or what you're upset about, you don't get to use violence or threats of violence to act on it. >> shannon, wray as his agents are seeing an increase in attacks on pro-life businesses, churches, other pro-life were lucid to related entities buried >> shannon: so, david, today at the department of justice attorney general merrick garland also speaking out, announcing new charges the breonna taylor investigation.
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>> yes he did. this is significant, the attorney general made the financement today. we know the four police officers, two former, two current with the louisville police department, have been charged with civil rights violations surrounding the 2020 death of breonna taylor. now, his death sparked national outrage. breonna taylor was killed in 2020. attorney general garland said former detective joshua james, kyle meany, detective kelly goodlett lied to obtain that search warrant for her home. former detective was charged with using excessive force in her death, shannon. the doj open up a pattern or practice investigation into the louisville dual police department back in april 2021. shannon buried >> shannon: david spunt, thank you very much. china's military might on full display today, conducting large-scale live fire military drills in waters surrounding taiwan. the exercise is raising concerns a full-scale invasion could be right around the corner.
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senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the very latest tonight. >> taiwan is under fire, or at least the area around it shortly after speaker pelosi's high-profile visit there. china conducting unprecedented long-range live fire precision missile strikes on a variety of targets in the waters near taiwan, 11 missiles were launched today. the drill, set to last four days, the biggest ever in that region, are a reaction to that pelosi stopped. beijing claims taiwan as its own. >> the u.s.-made and malicious provocation first whereas china's justifiable defense has become the response. >> some of the six targets owns overlap taiwan's maritime borders and are close to its coastline. missiles even flew over the island before splashing down. the exercises include 100 planes, helicopters and drones, shipping in the region disrupted. taiwan's military is on alert, the officials there call the drills and invasion of its
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territorial space. >> we will firmly defend the sovereignty and national security and standby the line of democracy and freedom. >> u.s. ally japan even says chinese missiles hit what he calls exclusive economic zone, a big area, but still it first. if this the uss ronald reagan aircraft carrier group and other u.s. naval assets remain deployed in a season or taiwan's i'm speaking out against china's use of force at a conference in asia, secretary of state. >> i hope very much that beijing will not manufacture a crisis or seek a pretext to increase its aggressive military activity. >> critics say the biden administration mishandled the business, contributing to the current crisis. they also say the u.s. has to be strong with beijing to make sure an apparent dress rehearsal for invasion doesn't turn into the real thing. >> i believe they will invade taiwan sometime in the future if united states does not make it clear that we will not accept a chinese invasion of taiwan.
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>> late today, white house national security spokesperson john kirby confirmed that the u.s. has postponed a minuteman icbm missile launch plan for this week at the air force base in california. this an effort to ease tensions heightened by those military exercises around taiwan. critics say is another example of the bike demonstration backing away from china when it should be leaning in. very tough choices out there the period shannon buried >> shannon: absolutely. greg palkot, thank you very much. a texas jury ordering conspiracy theorist alex jones to pay more than $4 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a 6-year-old boy who was killed in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school massacre. the host on many occasions repeated claims that the attack was a hoax. the jury's decision marks the first time jones has been held financially liable for falsely claiming that the attack that
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killed 20 children and six educators in newtown, connecticut, was staged. breaking tonight, the bike demonstration is declaring the monkeypox outbreak in the u.s. a public health emergency. correspondent steve harrigan joins us from atlanta, home of the cdc, with reaction, and to tell us what it all means. hey, steve. >> shannon, it's official, u.s. declaring today is a public health emergency for monkeypox. what that does immediately in the short-term, it it frees up a lot of funding to help fight this virus, and in the longer term too, it is unwelcome news to many of the country who have already been fighting covid for the past two plus years. >> americans don't want to hear but we are living in a more dangerous time. is an age of pandemics. new viruses are emerging and what we've seen with monkeypox is the thing that we've seen with other viruses, that if we don't use all of the tools that we have at our disposal, americans will become sick needlessly from a disease that
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we have the tools to actually prevent. >> the biden administration has been criticized for its slow response to monkeypox so far. the white house is pushing back saying that given out more than 1 million doses of the vaccine so far with 5 million on the way. but in places like new york city and san francisco there are shortages and long lines, people waiting for treatment. >> 35000-40,000 individuals with separate cisco should be vaccinated for monkeypox at this time. so that's what we've requested. unfortunately we have received nowhere near close to that. so once we go -- we will have to close the clinic until we receive our next allotment. >> the monkeypox virus is transmitted through close skin to skin contact. it can cause fevers, aches, and pimple bumps all across the body. most of those who have been infected so far are gay or bisexual men. the u.s. leads the world at this point with monkeypox infections,
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confirmed cases now, over 6,600. not a huge number, but keep in mind that number has jumped 80% in just the past week, shannon. >> shannon: steve, thank you. president biden physically distances himself from congress because of covid, members of his party are seemingly isolating themselves from him. democrats dodging questions about a possible biden reelection bid as the president gives a cryptic clue into his plan. white house correspond to peter doocy joins us now from the north line. good evening, peter. >> good evening, shannon. president biden has been taking a hands-off approach lately, leaving democrats in congress to iron out the details of an inflation reduction plan amongst themselves, and he's not going to emerge from the white house residence until he has a negative covid test, so today he appeared virtually to talk about the economy and electric cars. >> president biden: i can't drive a vehicle while in president. >> he may not drive a car for a
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while because president biden dropped a reelection hint to donors last night. i can't think of anything more important right now they making sure we are in a position to win in 2022. 2022 for the off year as well as 2024. but more democrats are expressing their reservations about biden. >> the democratic party will support the president as an incumbent running again. i don't personally think that that's a hard debate. but i do think that in general i think there's a lot of us who want to see new voices rise in the party. >> one democrat is sharing that opinion remarkably. >> missed a president, i apologize. i want you to run, i happen to think you won't be running. >> in focus, the president leadership style. style. two and half months after making this pledge... >> president biden: the united states from its fully committed to japan's defense. >> chinese missiles are splashing down in economics on the president remains silent. that's as bloomberg reports the white house is working with democrats to kill a bill in congress that would officially
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designate taiwan as a major nonnato ally. >> we don't need to push and make it look like we are in favor of independence for taiwan. that is an absolute redline for china. >> and for now, no plans for a biden-xi phone call. >> he's got a lot of free time up there in the residence this week. >> he doesn't have free time. >> he can't just pick up the phone and call? >> he's been working all the through his illness, quite frankly, peter, so that's a little bit insulting. >> i also asked the president why -- i asked why the president has been tougher on russia that he has been on china because a couple months ago when russia was getting very aggressive towards ukraine, we heard the president out there telling putin all the time not to do it. we are not hearing the same thing right now is china gets aggressive towards taiwan. john kirby insists it's the same kind of thing because officials are still out in public outlining what they think the chinese moves are going to be before they make them.
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shannon. >> shannon: peter, we're always glad you're there asking questions, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: stocks were mixed today, the dow lost 86, s&p 500 dropped 3, the nasdaq gained 52. up next, why a store owner who shot of would-be robbers says democratic policies put him in that position. we will take you there. plus, separate cisco's new district attorney fennel crackdown is under scrutiny. we will tell you why. ♪ ♪ if you don't stain your deck, it's like the previous owner is still hanging around. so today let's stain, with behr, the #1 rated stain. and make your deck, yours. behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, police in minnesota are responding to possible shooting at the mall of america in suburban minneapolis. lincoln police confirmed their working with what they are calling an active incident with numerous officers on the scene. mall of america spokesman and jasper confirming the mall was locked down this afternoon, but had no other details to provide. we are going to keep you updated as news warrants. today jurors deciding to face a florida school shooter nicholas cruz towards the still bloodstained building where he murdered 17 people four years ago. the group was bused to park one's marjorie stone douglas high school, a company by the judge, prosecutors, and attorneys. if the jury will decide if he is sentenced to death or life without parole. florida governor ron desantis is suspending the elected state prosecutor of tampa for pledging
3:19 pm
not to enforce the state must of his new 15 week abortion ban and for supporting gender transition treatments for minors. there were public and governor says he is suspending hillsborough county state attorney andrew warren for flagrantly violating his oath of office. warren's office did not immediately return an email seeking comment. ♪ ♪ an 8-year-old california liquor store owner fought back against a would-be attacker is pushing other businesses to pressure democratic politicians to change their soft on crime positions. correspondent matt finn shows us tonight from los angeles. >> 8-year-old being praised for acting fast. viral surveillance video shows him using a shotgun to fend off four armed robbers at his southern california liquor store. now telling fox news it was about ten seconds from the time a suspicious suv parked until
3:20 pm
one of the mass robbers -- masked roberts stump and with a gun. >> when you point a gun directly at me under that close to me and i see what you're carrying, i'm not waiting. >> viewing this was not the first attempt at robbery at his store. he's blaming politicians for going easy on bad guys like those who tried to rob him. >> crime rate is escalating, it's going to continue to escalate until they start putting the people away that are doing bad things. >> his advice to phyllis biz -- fellow business owners? >> what you really need to do is put pressure on politicians because they got no clue what's really going on out here in the real world. >> police say four suspects irving held on conspiracy on robbery charges. the primary suspect who he shot in the arm is recovering. the riverside county sheriff's office writing "in this case, a lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and insured their own safety while being confronted with multiple armed suspects. his customers are plotting him. >> criminals are in control of everything right now and the
3:21 pm
fact that they turned around and showed him what for, i think it's amazing. >> more businesses should be armed like that and defend their businesses like that. >> and that 80-year-old man says he suffered a heart attack after that traumatic incident but he tells us he's doing okay. shannon. >> shannon: glad to hear that. matt finn, thank you. ♪ ♪ in tonight's series on the poisoning of america, san francisco's new district attorney is promising to crack down on the frontal epidemic in her city. blasting her predecessor who failed to prosecute a single dealer. correspondent dan springer has the story. >> the free pass for drug dealers in san francisco appears to be over. new district attorney brooke jenkins announced a three-point plan to get tough with those who peddle fentanyl. >> the change is about that we are not cycling some of the most dangerous offenders back out there onto the streets without
3:22 pm
disrupting their business practice of selling whiffle drugs. >> than a policy calls for dealers caught with 5 grams of frontal to face a felony charge instead of drug court and a misdemeanor. selling within 1,000 feet of schools and keeping repeat offenders in jail while they await trial. the synthetic opioid is mostly responsible for the over 1600 drug overdoses in san francisco since 2020 according to "the san francisco chronicle." but as the problem exploded 10-district attorney chesa boudin one soft on drug dealers, failing to prosecute any in 2021. including 20 caught with over 100 grams, enough fentanyl to potentially kill 50,000 people. fed up with the inaction, voters recalled boudin in june and for now the get tough measures have political support. >> i think too much of for too long we have taken a permissive approach to drug dealing and
3:23 pm
open-air drug scenes. >> not everyone likes the new direction. elected public defender calls it "regressive" and said it will fuel the mass incarceration of impoverished people and disproportionately harm black indigenous people of color. after his outs, chesa boudin vowed to run again for his old office in november but he announced today on quitter "i'm choosing to put my family first. i will not be running for office in 2022." in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: up next, an update on the status it of democrats so-called inflation reduction act which a new report says will do little at best to actually curb inflation. >> i have long abandoned the effort to try to explain the motives of my republican colleagues. >> democrats of crushed working families with runaway prices. ♪ ♪ ur glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking
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♪ ♪
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>> shannon: arizona's republican gubernatorial primary remains too close to call with more than 82% of votes counted, former tv news anchor cary lake leads real estate developer karen robeson by around 12,000 votes. the primary has become something of a proxy war between former president trump and former vice president mike pence with trump endorsing flake and pentz endorsing robeson. senate majority leader chuck schumer is teeing up a wee concession on democrat's massive spending legislation. it comes in the questions of whether or not they have the votes needed to pass the bill. congressional correspondent chad pergram has been following all the drama all day on capitol hill as he always does. good evening. >> shannon, good evening. it's unclear when the senate may pass the bill. it could come over the weekend or next week. >> i expect we will have some late nights and extended debates here on the floor. but in the end we are going to make good on our word to pass the inflation reduction act. >> chuck schumer needs
3:30 pm
cooperation from all 50 senate democrats and no one with covid. it is no voting in the senate. the linchpin, kyrsten sinema. reading the tea leaves is important in politics. today, body linkage. she talked on the floor with joe manchin. she found refuge in the chamber from journalists pounding her in the halls. she chastised the press corps. >> can't even have a conversation around here. >> she has concerns about basic tax for corporations and new taxes for big investors. she also wants -- wants drought aid for arizona. democrats are willing to bend. >> i think some things that kyrsten sinema is saying makes us think there might be small tweaks. we are going to stay until this gets done, whether that takes us to september or whether we can knock it out this week. for the sake of all of us who want to work in our districts in august. >> democrats say the bill enhances irs enforcement.
3:31 pm
the g.o.p. says that's code for tax increases. >> technically is not raising their tax rates. it is raising taxes, and they are paying them. in terms of they will be the ones who incur the burden of these taxes. so we could get into, you know, argument over technicalities and language here. >> the comes back saturday and around-the-clock voting marathon may follow. if the senate passes the bill, the house could return next week to sync up. shannon. >> shannon: chad pergram, we will stay tuned to you to know what's going on. anchor so much. my colleague bret baier spoke with delaware democratic senator chris coons about the reconciliation battle and a host of other topics. here's bret. >> bret: shannon, thank you. joining us tonight is delaware senator chris coons. member of the senate foreign relations many. senator, thanks for being there. >> going to be on with you again, bret.
3:32 pm
>> bret: house speaker nancy pelosi just leaving taiwan this week, the follow-up are not still being felt as china reacts to it. do you think it's a good idea? >> she's one of any american elected leaders in congress over decades to visit taiwan. she is not first speaker of the house of representatives to visit. it did escalate tensions with china, but one of the things i've emphasized and so have many others is that our one china policy has not changed and the core commitments made in the taiwan relations act have not changed. >> bret: your former colleague, former montana democrat senator and ambassador to china, max, had this to say about the trip. a little more pointed. >> the real question is how far will they go in showing their displeasure. she didn't go. taiwan knows we support taiwan. [indistinct]. we should not have gone. so china will take action, it will be very measured, very
3:33 pm
significant. >> bret: i guess the question is was it a mistake now looking at it and will it have implications for the u.s.-china relationship? >> that's a legitimate concern for folks like the former ambassador, my former colleague. but we also have to push back on the idea that the chinese government can tell us when and whether americans ought to travel to different parts of the world. >> bret: let me talk to about afghanistan. in kabul, a posh neighborhood on the outskirts of kabul, this is what you said after the u.s. withdrawal that was criticized by both sides in afghanistan. take a listen. >> this war in afghanistan was not a wasted effort as some have been saying. over 20 years our brave troops and our allied partners decimated al qaeda and the afghan branch of the islamic state. >> bret: how do you respond to
3:34 pm
that? >> what i was trying to recognize there was that two decades of military effort had made the american people safer and that round after round of attacks on the leaders of isis and of al qaeda had successfully depressed their ability to carry out attacks against americans and the american people and i think this latest example of where our armed forces and where our intelligence community in particular was able to identify much a target, and to kill one of the closest associates of osama bin laden. >> bret: part of the deal with the taliban it was that they were not going to continue their relationship with al qaeda. clearly that relationship is not only continuing, but flourishing if the leader felt comfortable enough to be in kabul, the capital city. so you wonder how many more isis or other terrorists are there using it possibly as a lily pad to start off attacks again. >> to be clear, bret, that deal struck by president trump with the leaders of the taliban is
3:35 pm
not something the taliban were respecting or observing before president biden became president or today. i would agree with you that it is a constant source of concern, legitimate concern, for our intelligence community, for our armed forces. it whether there are al qaeda or isis operatives in afghanistan, pakistan, africa, in other countries throughout the world. and we need to continue to take steps to ensure that no country becomes a safe haven. >> bret: quickly, the reconciliation bill, have you talked to senator sinema, do you know where this thing stands? >> i have spoken to senator sinema briefly just to say that it's my hope that positions she's taken before she will continue with. i think this bill as it's currently understood, as it's being submitted for us to vote on later this week will reduce the deficit by $300 billion, reduced for scription drug costs in health care costs for millions and millions of
3:36 pm
americans. >> bret: even though there are groups, including groups that have been cited by you all on the democratic side who say there will be a tax burden on nearly every income category, including under $400,000? >> that's not something that i would agree is a part of this bill. in fact, the bill was specifically designed so there will not be tax increases on americans earning below $400,000. those revenues -- >> bret: that group that is saying there will be taxes below 400,000 is just wrong? >> the tax policy center says that. >> bret: he takes savings from increasing 87,000 irs agents to increase audits to get more money in, and it also puts savings, its own number, on savings for prescription jobs and then carries that into the tax situation. that's how it balances it out. that's what i read of this. >> that's right. it increases tax enforcement so that those companies, those americans who owe taxes but
3:37 pm
avoid paying them have to pay their fair share. those of us who do pay our taxes year in and year out would like to see more effective, more professional tax enforcement and the significant additional revenue from reducing prescription drug prices, negotiating prescription drugs. >> bret: we will see who's right, all these different organizations looking at this. senator, we really appreciate your time. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: shanna, sent back to you. >> shannon: thanks, bret, and happy birthday to bret. wnba star britta greiner learns her fate in russia over allegations of drug smuggling and the charges could have significantly larger implications. we will have a live report next. >> of never hurt anybody or put in jeopardy the rest of the population. i never meant to break any laws. ♪ ♪ your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go!
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: a group of space tourists are back on earth in west texas tonight after launching off the planet earlier this morning aboard the blue origins reusable rocket. the launch marks the sixth successful human space flight for the company. in florida it's a dual launch day according to united launch alliance, suspect fully sent a
3:43 pm
rocket mission for the u.s.-based force into orbit. tonight space exclaims to send a korean leeward orbiter into space for south korea's first lunar mission. president biden is demanding the release of u.s. basketball star brittney griner, is back in russian jail tonight after being sentenced to nine years on drug smuggling charges. but the politically charged trial could lead to a high-stakes prisoner exchange between the u.s. and russia. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg joins us now with the very latest. good evening, amy. >> hi, shannon. brittney griner today said i've heard of political pawns, but i hope that is far from this courtroom. and it seems, shannon, that she tried to appeal to the pride of russia saying -- the city where she used to play ball all season was like a second home to her but none of that seemed to have any effect on the russian judge at all. griner heard her heavy sentence
3:44 pm
read out from the defendants cage in the courtroom today. an interpreter whispering in her ear. griner had claimed she made an honest mistake as she was packing for russia in haste by throwing vaped canisters with cannabis oil in them into her luggage. >> i had no intent to break any russian law. i want to apologize to my teammates, my club, the fans in the city for my mistake that i made and the embarrassment that i brought onto them. >> the two-time olympic medalist and wnba star place for phoenix mercury, whose team photo she held up in court today. present at joe biden was swift to issue a statement condemning the sentence saying "today american citizen brittney griner received a prison sentence that is one more reminder what the world already knew, russia is wrongfully detaining her. it's on acceptable and i call and to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and
3:45 pm
teammates." demonstration says freeing lot wrongfully imprisoned americans like paul we went on what appears to be a bogus espionage conviction and griner is a top priority for them. along those lines, u.s., shannon, has made what it says is a very substantial offer believed to be but not confirmed the proposal to trade those two americans for convicted arms dealer, someone who conspired to kill americans known as the merchant of death. shannon. >> shannon: amy kellogg, thank you very much. in ukraine, powerful explosions rattled the southern city today in another city close to the country's biggest neckwear power plant sustained a barrage of attacks. ukrainian authorities also say the shelling of a town in eastern region left at least eight people dead. meanwhile, u.s. intelligence officials say russia is looking to plant false evidence to make it appear that ukrainian forces were responsible for a prison
3:46 pm
attack last week that left 53 dead and wounded dozens more. up next, the panel on fbi director chris raised testimony on capitol hill and china's escalating tension towards taiwan. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york, state officials say they found signs of the poliovirus potentially spreading in the hudson valley. the new york apartment of health is checking wastewater across the region in an attempt to detect the spread of the virus. a case of polio was diagnosed in a rockland county resident last month. if fox 13 in tampa where residents spent the night outside st. petersburg city hall in an effort to get rent control on the november ballot. locals are asking the city council to declare housing emergency over rising prices and an increase in homelessness. and this is a live look at cleveland, one of the big stories there tonight from fox 8, nfl football is back as the las vegas raters are preparing to face the jacksonville jaguars for the annual hall of fame game in
3:47 pm
canton, ohio. the exhibition game at the home of the pro football hall of fame traditionally marks the beginning of the nfl season. that is tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ got my hair got my head ♪ introducing new one a day multi+. a complete multivitamin plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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>> we should be very upfront at the very beginning, do not send a missile across. we should set a fine line of what is right and what is wrong. >> we support taiwan, we don't need to push and make it look like we are in favor of independence for taiwan, that is an absolute redline for china. >> they are simple trying to press an advantage because they can joe biden has been projecting weakness for the last 18 months. >> shannon: let's bring in our panel, kim strassel, member of the editorial board of the wall street journal. matthew, fellow at the american enterprise institute, and mollie hemingway, editor in chief at "the federalist" and before we get to those hot topics i just want to update you about the shooting of them off america, the incident they are still under investigation, we don't have details but we are told the lockdown is being lifted, we will keep you updated. but for now let's turn to china. matthew, i will start with you. you heard the different viewpoints there, some think the speaker's visit was a great idea, others think it was unnecessarily provocative. now we have all of these live
3:53 pm
fire training for china's got going on basically surrounding taiwan, so what you think the fallout is ultimately? >> i think this is one step in a much larger crisis that's going to play out over the next two to five years. it's important that we don't rush in reaction to what china is doing but that we methodically prepare for any attempt that china makes to take the island by force and that means building up our differences and helping taiwan build up their defenses. >> shannon: "the new york times" puts it this way. they asked the question a new axis, if the world is breaking into two competing blocks, democracy versus autocracy, as president biden has put it, russia, china, and iran make up the core of the anti-u.s. block and they recently seem to be increasing their cooperation. it seems like this is not a good time for the u.s. to be facing issues on multiple fronts. >> yeah, it's not, but we are not always allowed to choose the hand that we are dealt, and so we are going to have to address this in just to backup matthew's point, the redline that's been
3:54 pm
crossed here has been china. if the one that's no longer sitting back and abiding by what's been a long-standing policy between our countries that it would sit and wait for some sort of peaceful reunification. it's been talking about moving up the timeline. and so i'd like to see in the wake of nancy pelosi's visit, see where she's going to -- it shall put some money where her mouth is. we need to be investing more in our own naval defenses in particular so that we can send a strong deterrent in that area, and we need to be getting taiwan the weapons it needs to send a message to china that it will not be an easy takeover target. >> shannon: i want to play something from john ratcliffe. here is what he is saying about the situation now with china. >> joe biden did the american people a very good favor. they got an accurate depiction of who communist china is these days. not a misrepresentation that china is just some strategic competitor. they got to see the chinese president promised a fiery death
3:55 pm
to the american president. they saw chinese-run or controlled media advocate for shooting down a democrat speaker of the house. china is our number one existential threat. >> shannon: how much of this is the fact that resident she is getting ready to run for reelection there? he couldn't simply leave this visit unanswered, especially iff you want to telegraph strength. how much of everything factors into this response? >> been seeing a lot of republicans praising nancy pelosi for this photo opposite she made to taiwan. and it is good to take on china. the problem is this is nowhere near sufficient to what is the matter at hand. i mean, china is much more than just a competitor. if they a strategic adversary. you don't see it being part of some larger operation to truly take on what a threat china poses to our country, to our national security, to our economic security. and we need far more thinking about how to take that on. whether this is a response just for political reasons, that might be it, but i think
3:56 pm
americans really do need to be aware of what a threat there is and have a game plan that is serious. nobody in washington, d.c., has taken them on economically, told big business to get out, told big hollywood not to cater to them and worked on our military. >> shannon: to the military, this is what g.o.p. senator marco rubio had to say on that front today. >> we see these things happen, remember that our civilian leaders in the pentagon have spent the last two years focused very seriously on the proper use of pronouns and ensuring that we host the right number of drag queen shows at different military bases around the world. >> shannon: is that a fair dague? >> while it certainly has been unpleasantly and unfortunate big aspect of what the military has been doing. but the other problem is in fact congress and the amount of defense spending it's been willing to do. there's been unfortunate focus by democrats on always having
3:57 pm
parity and increasing domestic discretionary spending as much as by military when in fact one problem is overwriting, and that is our defenses. that is were more of these dollars should be going. especially we have a new generation of chinese weapons that oppose more of a risk to our military assets. again, specifically our naval assets. and we are way behind in that area. it's time to be getting serious about catching up. >> shannon: another big headline maker today, fbi director christopher wray on capitol hill. here is some of his interchange with senator grassley, chuck grassley, about the hunter biden issue. >> you'll have to explain to the committee and to the country how you will manage this mess and how you'll clean house. >> do you agree that the hunter biden laptop was not russia disinformation? >> now you're asking about an ongoing investigation that i expect our folks to pursue aggressively, and i just can't comment on that.
3:58 pm
>> and you possess the laptop, right? >> again, i can't discuss that, an ongoing investigation. >> shannon: we didn't get a lot on what the fbi is doing on hunter, only that there are ongoing investigations. >> the fbi's incomplete crisis. they have been embroiled in so many scandals, whether it's being way too involved in setting up kidnapping attempt in a way that meddled in the 2020 election, weaponizing the russia collusion hoax which interfered with so many other elections, going after parents for the crime of wanting to know what curriculum is being taught, you know, covering up this investigation into hunter biden by putting out a disinformation operation against it. and christopher wray doesn't seem to think it's a big deal at all. obviously nothing is going to happen so long as democrats are in power but when republican steak house i think people should expect major action to deal with these two standards of justice at the fbi and department of justice. >> shannon: final word of what we saw today? >> this is a preview of coming attractions if the republicans
3:59 pm
take congress in this year's elections. hunter biden is a big liability for president biden and it will be a reason that democrats want biden not to run for a second term. >> shannon: all right, washington is watching and waiting. also... finally tonight a "special report" salute, we want you to see this before we go.
4:00 pm
>> jesse: bret off on his birthday? >> it's the gift we gave him. >> jesse: that's weird. >> he deserves it. >> jesse: have a good night. >> you too. >> jesse: liberals love a radical agenda until it inconveniences them. they want to defund the police until their city gets burned down. they want green energy, but don't ask them to give up their private planes and suvs. they totally support open borders and