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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 5, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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job as well. >> is he a pilot, what is going on? what an adventure it would be t spend a day in that brain that is it for us tonight for eight remember, it's america now and forever. gutfeld is next. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> delicious. delicious. happy friday, my friday friends. china's president is matt, and not because lebron james is a lousy kisser. because nancy pelosi, this pork
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with eyebrows took a girls shopping trip to taiwan. china's sent scores of planes t the taiwan strait and fired liv missiles near the island. to be fair they weren't her committee she said she didn't hear them because she forgot to charge the batteries in her miracle ear. u.s. military brass responded immediately mobilizing troops for an emergency pronouns workshop. so china fired a load of missiles, activated 100 planes including fighter jets and bombers and ten warships, don't they know how bad all of that i for the environment? how is the media handling this? imagine a country this is a warning telling you what you're about to do crosses the line an yet you do it anyway. it's like when my wife tells me to stop leaving my shoes and flocks on the floor and the
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recut those full house. china says don't go to taiwan, but screw you china, we are coming over. which are the secret service nicknames for biden and harris. so like a divorce lawyer, you drive up tensions between adversaries while driving one enemy into the arms of another, or ships, planes, missiles, all that's missing is this. that was actually nancy pelosi doing windowshopping. taiwan threatened by battleship and battle axes. after wonder what nancy's husband is doing right now.
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but, the revenge has only just begun. this is one expensive shopping trip from the get-go. it already cost the taxpayers millions including the taxpayer in pelosi's disgusting district him francisco which as you know looks like this. she's got her priorities straight for the fact is she didn't need to fly, her eyebrow are already in the mile high club. it looks like somebody just showed her my readings. so she goes out of her way to take china off after telling everybody else not to do her th very same thing. i would tell her to face, but that is five paces ago. what kind of leader would do something so stupid aside from the current present who needs training wheels for his bike.
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we were always told that it would be this guy that would cause unrest roethke get the reckless rest decisions are no substitute for real global leadership. >> multiple crises exacerbated by the erratic and untethered foreign policy. >> what you need to do is lower the temperature and not increas the temperature, and in a way i think you could say he's playin right into kim's hands. >> so it's the nature of this which i don't think is strategi which leads me to believe that trump is in serious and may not be up to the job. >> a man you can face with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons pricked. >> she looked so much healthier before she killed jeffrey epstein. but seriously, where is joe whe it comes to china? what the hell, joe?
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>> i can't tell that lady what to do. i didn't want her to go, but di you ever tried to tell an old lady what to do? i say go ahead, go to china, i don't care. i'm a little afraid of her anyway. i'm more afraid of nancy then the chinese. did you see when she ripped up that state of the union address? i said that is one dizzy broad, stay out of her way. i probably can't say that, they will put me back in the basement . so trump was the danger. side don't think so. like pelosi he didn't go to an adversary and stick at them in their eye, he went there to see what happened. >> we want to see what happens when we are in close contact. we have come a long way at leas rhetorically with north korea.
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we will see what happens. that would be a great thing for the world. we will see how it all comes about. >> we're going to see what happens. for going to see what happens. >> so using basic sales techniques trump removed the number one threat off the table according to obama and he did i without risking what troops live . we see the chaos that's happene since, china, mobilizing agains taiwan, russia invading ukraine will smith making the oscars watchable. how about the middle east? it anybody else did the abraham accords, they would receive the nobel peace prize. or at least a happy ending from jerry nadler. the fact is trump has been the most antiwar president in recen history under him fewer people died while terrorists were looking over their shoulders like our kelly in the prison showers.
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meanwhile, it's the dems that are the dopes creating global instability. creedal how the media might handle this provocation if trum had done it. but you will never know because trump never would have done that . he understood the cost of thing he understood leverage, which pelosi just handed to the chinese. the fact is we forget what trum was accused of doing because th actual doing never happened. and the accusers are fulfilling the very things they accused hi of doing. under trump, no war is just peaceful accords and handshakes right under biden, hot words, cold wars, storage wars. but you know thank god we got rid of those tweets. now we can all sleep the sleep of angels knowing his tweets ar no longer out there wandering the cosmos looking to hurt somebody's feelings anymore. like this one.
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every time i speak of the hater and losers, i do so with great love and affection. they cannot help the fact that they were born [bleep]". they still hit. they still hit. i'm assuming that israel. out about this one. sorry losers and haters, but my iq is one of the highest and yo all know it very don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault. and perhaps the one that starte it all, when some guy tweets at trump, if you hate america so much you should run for president and fix things. trump tweets back be careful bird that was a bigger threat than anything we ever knew so w kicked him out and replaced the with an idiot for a guy that doesn't know he's doing these bad things until he watches the local news.
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we have nancy to think for the latest chaos for its it's amazing she can do her job with a straight face. not really. welcome tonight's guests. when she talks ben shapiro aske her to slow down. emily compagno. he is one of our favorite faces and gets all the best parking spaces. he is the only dog who has you wait while he gets undressed. dr. drew. not true by the way. the only thing that she smokes is her competition. fox news contributor kat timpf.
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emily, how are you? >> i'm good. so joey. that was a joke. it's friday. what you make of the trip very did anything positive come out of this trip? take it not that i know of so far. you nailed it when you said tha trump understood and here we have the speaker they said the purpose at that visit was to no disrupt the status quo. in factories or for. we will not stand by and let china isolate taiwan. since she's been in the 52nd since china has unleashed hell on taiwan drones, military drones and icbms, the first in history that went over their land interrupting their $320 billion tournament in the first table and they stopped 10 ships from leaving taiwan. cyber attacks, drones, and then
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the u.s. ambassador to china said we are going to make you pay the price. similar to when a human and hampton animal or a butterfly, and then they crush it accidentally. that is exactly what they have done. i think her arrogance in her maintaining we are here to preserve everything. she is walking with a fixed expression. into your point, follow. >> what is worse, calling it th china virus or inciting world war iii with a shopping trip to taiwan? i think that is a loaded question. >> if you're a liberal, i mean calling covid the china virus was really bad.
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i think one of the funniest things about this is nancy pelosi with sanctions. couldn't sanction me. it have to hack into my amazon account. >> that is true. sanctioning nancy pelosi. she is. >> i am not saying she's done anything wrong. >> they also sanctioned her husband. they sanction family members to which means he got in good and troubled than he did in california. >> what you make of all of this? it's like the reverse projection . all of these things that were
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supposed to happen under trump. >> that seems to be the primary psychological process that goes on which is people have their own internal sort of feelings that they disavow and they project them onto everybody else . that's exactly what we are seeing here. my wife turned me today and sai why didn't what's his name go. i said the president fax and then she goes is he dead? was like why, wow, we are there. >> he did have that weekend and bernie's look today with the glasses on. >> do you think there is an all terrier motive with lake. its great way to go out. what was she thinking.
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what was she trying to get out of it. may be distracting the husband. that is the thing about this is chic in the liver criticize republicans of being anti- climate because not only was th flight obviously, but now china pulls out of every climate agreement and everything. >> why are they freaked out about that. china says we don't have to do that anymore. >> why is inter can constituenc apoplectic about that. this is the biggest source of the problem. for gate their consistency is t have rich people act homeless. i was going to say something disgusting cat, but that would be so unlike you. is there anything good for this? for her for a little bit, for about five minutes she had people on both sides of the aisle saying, way to go.
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for a little bit, she was not i the headlines for her husband and his joyride gone awry. but that's the only thing it did . the chinese communist party is awful. i get that invasion to taiwan would be terrible what she did make that more likely not less likely. she had all these people tell her. and leave and be out of there. >> exactly. it is crazy. you know, you are right about republicans. except for two, which was reall interesting. the two people who hate each other both said this was a bad idea. when you have two people that hate each other. >> because people argue for things like this.
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why did the fbi decide to slam american pride.
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>> the fbi gets reamed for calling patriotic flags extreme. according to the fbi every flag is a red flag. this week senator ted cruz questioned over fbi training materials that flag certain flags as being symbols of militias. and wonder if they had patrioti symbols of our nation in our
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history? get they included rather astonishingly patriotic symbols of our nation in our history. included on this list is the betsy ross flag. that is fairly remarkable as th itsy ross flag is indicative of militia violent extremism. >> i didn't know betsy ross was such a leap. so what did ross do that was extreme? she sewed flags. but it's not this the betsy ros flag. >> it's not just the betsy ross flag, also on this list is the getzen flag, as a symbol of violent extremism. for the state of virginia has license plate as do many other states.
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>> the getzen flag dates back t 1775, the year biden learned to ride a bike. what else was included on the list? >> also included on this list, was particularly struck gonzale battle flag. i will self-report right now that every day in the senate i wear my boots that have the gonzales battle flag on the bac of them. >> director ray, what are you all doing? [cheers and applause] >> you know he means business when he takes off his boots. the equivalent of adam schiff removing his underwriters. was he familiar with the particular document he had behind him? again senator i'm not familiar with the particular document yo
8:23 pm
have behind you, we usually mak great pains, take great pains t put caveats and warnings in the documents to make clear that a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism. kincaid elm and andy both legs were not included. also included was this one. thank god burning that one is constitutionally projected. everything you where according to the fbi makes you a person o interest. >> i've got and it's right here. you have betsy ross on one bice
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and you've got that gets implie on another. >> you also have. >> it's a play day. apparently i'm two thirds of a man and also two thirds of terrorist. >> your 100 percent all man and my book, joey. i mean how ridiculous. and then his answer, the civil war alone. those symbols mean you love the country and you don't just full trust the government and that i somehow a bad thing? lee founded this country on rebelling from tyranny. we wrote a constitution and now people that believe in that, bu that believe those principles are a public threats because this country is expanded to the point that federal government you have to believe in the federal government to be safe you have to believe in it so much you don't need to speak
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against it, that's why big tech is about to break it scares the to death to have americans that still think to themselves for thinking you may be familiar with this, dr. true. it's the criteria of linkage great anybody can be guilty of something because somebody else bad is doing its great if you drive a vw, you never through ted bundy and nazis. kick it it's like a volkswagen hitler drove a volkswagen parro could get you sought a lot of that in the january 6 committee. they were saying it's possible there was may be a how are the people going to feel when a felony might have been happened. it's like well, these speculations are all just something they have no relevanc in fact. what kind of world we live in? facts don't matter, logic doesn't matter.
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everything else is just a more feeling in political. >> kat, i think the fbi is in a pickle. how can they infiltrate white terror groups if they can't fin white supremacist? so they have to enlarge and widen the net to include joey? >> i left his name on an anonymous tip line. >> you to? to get all of them? >> this is why i think it so important to stand against the surveillance state of matter ho hard the government tries to convince you that is to protect your bird that's what i was against the patriot act from th very beginning. i know that something we argued about a few years ago. once you give the government
8:27 pm
these types of powers, it's the up to them to decide how to use them and they have to convince you it's for your protection, itch or protection could, but they can use it any way they want. it's wrong with what is happening now, the whole thing is wrong and they shouldn't be in our business. >> it's three of the public health system, they call it a public health emergency. >> they make this a public health problem. to get they can have unlimited powers when it's a pandemic, an that means to be restricted. >> emily, may be the blonde lad over here is right. we were warned about this, we were warned about this by the left, do they turn out to be right when she started looking for a terrorist, you're going t be looking for a domestic terrorist to, you could label anybody? get think what we saw in that hearing is the elevating circumstantial evidence like they import which means you hav
8:28 pm
to put a whole bunch of other things in that to make it mean something, it's been elevated now to like oh this is absolute proof. to your point in the intro, there was a total absence of an reference to they have destroye community and lives, but it was absent. senator cruise also testified there been multiple investigations because parents because of that letter sent. they have been investigations. we sent you oversight letters detailing multiple, multiple investigations into parents tha were upset about crt and the deletion of their power of over their children's education. this was was to be an inherent of government. in between then and now, it has been completely erected into this bloated beast that we are
8:29 pm
supposed to sit and take withou with unlimited authority. every day that goes by that authority gets bigger and there's nothing we can do about getting smaller. it's like the abuse they gets fed. >> it's the woke nature of trut entering the courtroom. is late just or are the roles that have been introduced. >> that has stated is still hold . >> this is my show. >> up next, a long-distance delay to keep nosy dampers away. you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. flowers are fighters. can help you get there. that's why the alzheimer's association
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getting into her. cheap set of manikins in her yard that looked like drunks in accident pics temps. it saved her neighbors a trip t new york. her creations include a pair of friends. even more offensive this guy because he looks like he may have voted for evil donald trump . since she started the displays two years ago because her neighbors were spying on her an she was working. yes, spying on her. i figured if the neighbors thin i'm crazy, they will stop bothering me. as site of the perfect plan and long and less you live next to hunter biden who would bang dow your door. >> in on the action. be glad your door is the only thing he's banging. which check in one more time to see what paul pelosi is doing.
8:35 pm
>> plaintively at doctor. >> to have in my pocket. how do you deal with nosy neighbors? is this the right approach? >> you're old enough to remembe missus kravitz. >> from bewitched. >> ignore them. that is the best thing to do because it's kind of in a weird way it's kind of stocking. it's a preoccupation with somebody and you can only make things worse. >> my theory is it's the only dnieper that is around there longer interested in the neighbor that just moved in. >> for whatever reason, i think people when they are older sometimes get a little worried that the neighborhood is going to go the wrong way. >> i had problems in one town. >> we're not in our yard. strangely. in their yard.
8:36 pm
i said mind your own business, guys. oh, you have haven't seen a naked guy in your yard before? kat, i don't like this woman. >> i kinda like her. i mean, she's got a lot of time on her hands, she could do we'r doing worse things. she likes to dress up these dummies like horse, i'm glad sh found something that made her happy. >> it looks like halloween 24-7. >> nosy neighbors, we had a crazy neighbor growing up like crazy really crazy i'm almost scared to talk about it because she still might be out there. that he would set up a camera pointed at our house. >> at what age? >> i was a child. out in the yard thing with my friends. like oh no, he's watching. i hope he is not watching now. i'm sorry, i didn't mean it.
8:37 pm
>> that is funny. emily, you know, i have a theor that we need more nosy neighbor in new york because we have the exact opposite problem. people don't want. >> in anybody's business so the don't see anything, they won't call the cops, blah blah blah. >> it's a double-edged sword. >> whitey have to bring up violence all the time. 90 percent of people in jail ar there because neighbors are usually it's more like minor infraction so it's like the people that you want to speak u don't in the people you don't want to speak up don't write this illustrates be careful who you provoked because the whole point is this woman is an artis in a grating to her they were taking pictures of her arts because she was in her garage. of course the artist is going. >> this creative idea and sort of ruined the whole neighborhoo
8:38 pm
visually. i think it's hysterical, but at the same time, be careful what you wish for and know who you provoke. >> what you think? >> against in this woman. number one, you don't respond t nosy neighbors. and nativity of smut. to get you know what. >> nativity of smut. i say this now, that is going t be the name of my first boat. >> if you read this article. they don't talk to the neighbor and if there nosy neighbors the would've been happy to comment. they have a whole other story they're like this woman players music, she's got a lot of thing happening. or concern for our safety and when you try to knock on the door so she is begging for thei
8:39 pm
attention bridges going to all this trouble. my -year-old has barbie dolls and does the exact same thing nobody cares about it. >> if you go deterring, georgia on highway 16, they have barbecue beats, look it up righ and they didn't have to do all this to get it done. >> thank you that for that meaningless. >> we'll being rude and pushy make your sales job cushy? this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids.
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8:44 pm
or disagree? >> am afraid i can't throw stones here. what is my job? i'm so good at talking. you should fill me talking and broadcast it to the world. only a real narcissist would take that as a job. to give fair enough. emily? why do some salespeople are see as bad and others are seen as good. if your car salesman everybody hates you, but if you still lik for commitment extols, somehow that is sophisticated? i hate going to buy for. i won't do it. get when you said that i pictured trappers from the 1800 selling there for. >> what i loved about this is how apparently this dark personalities that they had, it said outside of ceos, lawyers,
8:45 pm
and celebrities, that's who the score higher then. basically all of us sitting her have the. >> joey, i think salespeople ge a bad rap, they work on commission spirit if you work o commissions its cutthroat. and not getting a comfortable salary. why don't they always get. >> because they are talking and buying stuff in and integrate much higher than it's worth right it's not much different than the government in a lot of ways. they want to spend your money o needless things that make you smile to do it. i hate salespeople, but i hate salespeople because most of my life i couldn't afford to buy anything for it it's an annoyin reminder. if you can get that payment dow to zero, i still can't afford it . so i appreciate it and i'm glad we're thinking about financing
8:46 pm
this for 18 years, but i can't afford this. that might be a true story. >> i want to bring up a great concept that anthems and it is within a category like cell phones, cell phones, lands or cars, you create so many option and so many plans that you can' possibly bargain or shop. but so everybody benefits from the confusion. i think that is worse than as sales salesman trying to help you, i will never go in a cell phone store. >> i completely agree. the risk factor is that you don't care about other people, they're there just as objects s it means to an end, and they will use that to get it done. whatever it takes to get it done . that's good, that's good salesmanship, it's not good for
8:47 pm
us. >> but what makes us a quality person, salespeople understand is reciprocity. the best salesman, i had a car salesman once teach me to drive a stick and the levi valley mal sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. on the hopes that might i might purchase a miata from him. >> did you? kick it now, but he taught me t drive a stick and the miata. >> either a good person or extreme. >> those were the days right up next, enjoy more satire before these jokes expire. bertymutual.m they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> this segment where we do a live food fight with the audience. like any leftovers. you never know if there any goo or just plain terrible. as always, this is my first tim reading these so god help us all . nancy pelosi is back from her trip to taiwan. her flight was delayed so she got on her broom and left.
8:52 pm
to ease tensions over the visit president biden called the presidency and assured him that he had no say in that decision or any others. that's funny. leaving a teaching job for a higher paying gig at walmart. he says he looks forward to seeing his former students when they trample him at the black friday sale. it to happen because the script was too woke freight apparently the red flag was when the wrestler asked batgirl what is woman. in a recent podcast, aaron rodgers said he took i was the last season and it's likely those drugs helped him have the best season of his career. said barry bonds, yet, me too.
8:53 pm
in a related story, fans of the oakland raiders our requesting parole. the lengthy sentence was to mak sure that not just a bunch of smaller players nested inside each other. russian nesting gels dolls, now i get it. it took me a while. donald trump criticized the proposed prisoners swap he proposed a new deal where russi keeps griner and we send back. >> i like him. thursday the biden administration gearbox public
8:54 pm
health emergency and dr. anthon fauci said anybody planning to have please wear a mask. that was good. a new bistro in new york is serving dishes based on greenness fancy feast captured captured the only place where patrons puke if they enjoyed their meal. i screwed that up, but it was still funny. and the services awful to get the i had to use the laser pointer. arena also announced a restaurant that will appeal to dogs we find taste. it's called other dogs. this week 126 pounds of cocaine washed ashore.
8:55 pm
or as hunter biden calls it, continental breakfast. for saudi arabian gulf tour had its third event in the season last week great just like pga. except the sand traps are bigge and on top of vast oil deposits. finally, the only downside is length safety female mode, they give the directions from the backseat. i guess that's it. i give thought about 75 percent 50-75 percent. we will be right back.
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>> we are out of time. thank you to emily compagno, dr. i am greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night i am shannon bream in washington . mixed messages on the economy a rising july jobs reports. americans are still having face with. hiding the significant this progress while they say there i more to this s


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