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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 8, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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see you next fox news sunday. ♪ >> breaking tonight, hollywood actress anne heche is now listed -- after a fiery car crash in los angeles on friday and what your vehicle crashed into a home setting it ablaze. good evening and welcome to this special edition of the next revolution. i am jason. let's go to marianne rafferty standing by with the latest on this story. >> that actress was hospitalized after crashing her car after it
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because a car in the home to go up in flames. she was driving a blue mini cooper when she first crashed into the garage of an apartment complex. one woman described the car passing by at a high rate of speed before hearing the impact. >> i just saw a flash of blue out of nowhere. it was loud. it did not make sense. >> moments later, anne heche crashed into a nearby home that caused the blaze that engulfed her car. a shocked neighbor described that the. >> the fire that was going on, it was 200 feet high so i knew it had to be pretty severe inside. >> another resident said anne heche sustained injuries but was conscious and breathing when she was russia the hospital. there were no other injuries at the scene. it took firefighters, 59 firefighters over an hour to
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fully put the fire out at the home which was heavily damaged when the car plowed inside of it she has spoken of her heartbreak over highly publicized split back into thousand. her acting career took off on another world and later was on other movies. several other hollywood stars have sent their well wishes and messages of support including alec baldwin. law enforcement officials told the los angeles times that anne heche is a registered owner of the vehicle and was deemed to be under the influence and acting erratically. we have not confirmed that yet, though. jason: thank you. we will bring you updates on the story as we get them. with the country unified at 88% of american saying the country is on the wrong track, suddenly, the democrats and their media allies are suggesting that president biden is too old to do
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the job. >> i am not sure if any of us know of any 86 years old running the entire country. >> he will be older by election day in 2024. >> joe biden's old. he does not talk or walk as smoothly as he once did. that suggests challenges. >> i just turned 80. you lose a step. you are not as sharp. you are not quite sure where you are going. that is too old to be in the ency. >> two years ago, it was not an issue, but now it is? they could not see that one coming? having to fight his own party on ageism. you can be old and right. joe biden is not. he is in cognitive decline. event after event the president embarrasses himself and the
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country. >> once every once in a while i make a mistake. >> ". repeat the line. >> shame on those closest to him they see it even more than the cameras do. who are these d.c. puppeteers? there is joe biden, the president's wife, the president chief of staff, the elusive behind-the-scenes domestic all a c advisor, director of the national economic council, kamala harris, the vice president, hunter biden, the person the president calls the smartest person he has ever met in the person that brags about how much influence he yields about his father and then of course there is the easter bunny
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mysteriously calling the shots. shame on them for their protectionism. the president's cognitive decline is serious threat. this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. the democrats problem is not ageism. a few weeks ago joe biden proposed solution for our woes and his bad polling numbers was more cowbell. the media needed to get in line and the president needed to speak more often. bring in jimmy kimmel for some realism. well, that did not work. joe biden and kamala harris are an albatross to democrats winning elections. very few want to be in their presence. members of congress actually want to win their election. the bigger problem for the democrats is their solutions for our country are not what will solve the problems that we face. between what the country needs and what and how they are doing is as big as it gets and america
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knows it. the democrats have lurched left to socialism. they divide america constantly by dividing on racism, sexism and status on. diversity in government can be good and important for community engagement and confidence, but when they become the overriding theme rather than confidence, it takes a talented, punishes the accomplished and discredits the appointed all for the sake of diversity. joe biden selected his vice president and supreme court nominee not first based on confidence and adherence to the consultation but based on gender. he said he did. gender and sexual orientation. again, rather than merit. by doing so, he was oblivious to his undercutting their legitimacy of their accomplishments and their roles. pandering was a higher priority. at was merely his approach to
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personnel. even so, policy can prevail, but it did not. his policies that have doomed our country and to solutions have set us back as a nation. joe's insistence on environmental extremism, all thai cultural is him and globalism push us further apart, not closer together. the results have been devastating. these are the very things that divide america rather than unite america. joe's approach has been more jimmy carter is him and what the country really needs is more ronald reagan. jimmy carter lacked a basic understanding of economics. our country was plagued by high gas prices, inflation, a lack of leadership and a waving military. there was a malaise overtaking the country and a dwindling of respect, especially on the world
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stage. sound familiar? ronald reagan on the other hand was about patriotism. he believed in self reliance and less on government. reagan supported law enforcement and military superiority leading unprecedented world peace and domestic prosperity. the economy zoomed and america was back better than ever. this is ultimately the democrats problem. they have the wrong messengers, but more importantly, they struggle to find solutions palatable to a broad array of americans. biden is inept on the economy feckless on domestic issues and produces weakness at home and abroad. he could've offered unequivocal support going to taiwan, but he could not even do that. that should have been an easy one. even joe did it the hard way making him in the country look weak. here for more and america abroad
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is president donald trump national security advisor. ambassador, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. in back. jason: i have a language barrier with china. biden wants to speak appeasement and the chinese understand strength. i think there is a total disconnect here. what is your take? >> pelosi for the first instance. not much that we agree on. what we do a supporting our democratic friends in taiwan. i applaud the fact she went to taiwan. a whole government response behind her. chinese communist party that somehow the administration did not support her. that is very unfortunate. we should have gotten right behind her. no speaker should say where she
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can and cannot go. that was unacceptable. >> you are the national security advisor for the president. one of the deep concerns i know you have expressed for a long, long time is our navy. we have a great navy, but the chinese are building and expanding their name at a rapid pace. put it in context for us. >> they now have the largest navy in the world ship wise. just like putin said he would invade ukraine, xi jinping says he will take over taiwan the way to stop that is a strong navy to deter china from taking such action. what we see with our navy now, we need a 355 ship navy. you talked about ronald reagan earlier and talked about peace or strength. a 600 ship navy.
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no one dared to mess with the united states navy in those days. the navy wants a future force. dominant wars in 2030 and 2040. enough money to invest in the future. our best ships. our best cruisers that would hundred have a leash on them. america is not having enough. with the billions and trillions spent on covid, climate and every other project out there, we have to find enough money so the navy can keep the ships, maintain them and have the best ships necessary to deter the chinese today and solve enough money to invest in the future and build the future force that will maintain american security for the next 100 years. we have to do both. you have to find the money to do
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the both. the idea that we will divest, you know, shut down the navy today, at the very time china is talking about invading taiwan, it just makes no sense whatsoever. >> getting behind we better solve that problem. the democrats have lurched to the left with their green new energy deal. the rare earth minerals, put it into context what is going on with china and rare earth and roles. >> 90% of the minerals, especially leaving this process. even if it's mind somewhere else , those get sent to china to be process. china has a stranglehold on it. we decided we need to bring a strategic asset and bring them back to america. we need to do the same thing. the great thing about this country, you come from out west,
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you come from utah, we have all the minerals that we need in this country. once we don't have are replaced by greenland. or australia, our great ally. we need to process here and we need to get the environmentalist out-of-the-way so we can mine responsibly, and have our own and not be totally dependent on china. we saw how that worked out at the beginning of covid. we cannot allow china to control our rivers. especially running into a conflict with taiwan. we have to work with friendly nations and allies to make sure we are not dependent and japan and europe are not dependent 100% on china. that is everything that goes into making car batteries to computer chips. everything that we need for our day to day life. >> ambassador brian, i am glad you are on top of this. the heritage foundation put out a very interesting report this week. it talked about land
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acquisition. how the chinese are acquiring our farmland. that is another issue. he ought to be able to fight and defend ourselves against china. thank you for defending us tonight on the next revolution. do appreciate it. >> think of us going to china buying farmland in china. >> yeah. exactly. [laughter] good point. just when it looks like the legislative agenda was dead in the water, senate democrats passed a massive spending bill ironically doubt the inflation reduction act. after it remained largely intact after following the senate's voter rahmat last night and today. the bill was initially secretly negotiated between west virginia and chuck schumer. modified to accommodate commands from kiersten cinema stating billionaire tax loophole be preserved in the bill. here to discuss as a member of the house foreign affairs
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committee and a former staff sergeant in the united states army where he served for 12 years. florida congressman. thank you so much for joining us . >> before i get into -- i just got to mention something here. i want to take a moment and acknowledge today is national purple heart day where we recognize veterans that were wounded in the line of duty. you received the purple heart after being wounded, fighting the taliban and in afghanistan. you lost both their legs and now you are serving the good people of florida. i want to thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country and everybody that is earned a purple heart in our country. >> thank you. let's not think about it ambiguously. it is a lot of things for a lot of people that care about this place. >> and the emotional toll that it takes our families. it is a time to pause and think
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them. make sure we don't do it on the holidays. i want to talk a little bit about foreign policy. ambassador o'brien was talking a lot about china. we also have to be able to pay attention to russia and iran. we don't really have much of a discussion. talk about the need to be able to fight on multiple points. >> we have it going on in the wrong way. the administration looking to give increased access to iran, to the world stage, to their economy. the problem that we have with every bit of biden policy is you have america who was supposed to be the leader, you have a world leader with zero redlines. there are no redlines for ukraine, no redlines that you can point to for china and taiwan and no redlines for iran either. this is where you see the world earning in my opinion right now.
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>> we have to be able to find on multiple fronts and have american leadership. i wholeheartedly believe. one of the ways we offer our strength is having a viable economy. the world superpower on the economy. how do you read what the senate passed today? the inflation reduction act. i cannot get through without laughing about the name. how will you be voting on this bill and why? >> i will absolutely be voting no. one of the easiest things to point to, this is an attack on american workers. they are going to tax you. let's look at what they are most interested in. they are not interested in policing our border. they are not interested in funding police anywhere around the country. to think they are most interested in is policing your inc. account so much to the tune that they put forward $80 billion in this bill to
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higher 87,000 new irs auditors. that is not to get you a quicker refund, it's to monitor your amount to audit you more. that is the policing that they really want. absolute no. >> it is because they believe everybody out there is a tax cheat. the taxes that will be raised on these corporations, that gets passed along to people's accounts. anyone who has a 401(k) or savings are people that are on a fixed income. it will affect all of these people. >> they will hit or prorations, they will hit your small businesses, they will hit you as an individual. it is estimated by this tax and spending bill that they are putting forth that there will probably be millions of new audits and probably the vast majority of them will be on individuals making less than $75,000 a year. that is the disconnect between democrats and real world.
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they are not interested in the fact that you cannot actually fill up your gas tank all the way because you don't know if you have enough dollars in your bank account. you are buying ground chuck instead of ground beef because it's a little bit cheaper. pelosi, that is not personal to them. >> you make a great point. they are not out there fighting crime, they're not out there security the border, they are giving you and audit the and i'm off for everybody in the country. that is their solution. thank you for your service to our country. thank you for joining us tonight. thank you, congressman. do appreciate it. we had the pleasure of serving with congresswoman jackie will waterski and would be remiss if we did not take a moment to remember her service to the country. the congresswoman representing
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indiana second congressional district. i was honored to serve with her where i got to know her and her husband. sadly on wednesday she was killed in a car accident along with three others two of which were her staffers. life is precious and oh so short. i want to thank jackie for her service and offers dear condolences to all of those that perished on wednesday. they god bless all of them and their families. we will be right back.
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jason: welcome back. the approval rating of congress is consistently low. their reelection rate is significantly high. career politicians at serving congress congress for decades. more concerned with staying in power then using their position to help constituents. there is a solution. it is called term limits. >> if i could wave a magic wand, there is a number of things i would do. one of them is term limits for members of congress. you would be able to bring in new blood, you'd be able to bring in new ideas. people would have incentive to
12:26 am
go in and say i may only have three terms in the u.s. house, i want to get something done instead of kind of doing going into a big morass and how they do business. >> he is right. representatives traveling. get the heck out of there. the idea of career politicians who lived in d.c. for decades was not the plan our founding fathers had in mind. it is not healthy. you lose perspective. the washington bubble is real. new faces and new ideas and washington would bring about the changes so many americans are looking for. get in, serve, get out and go home. joining us now is someone looking to bring a new face to congress. the great state of washington. the republican candidate for the united states senate. thank you so much for joining us. i think a big part of the reason
12:27 am
you are running is because you are going against somebody that is been there for a long time. >> she has. eleven years old when she was first elected. bad policy over the last 30 years. running for another term. has not been able to face it in the last 30 years why can she fix it in the next six? our family certainly knows what it feels like to be held down, told we cannot do something. we did not take government handouts. we wanted a hand up in this country. that is what i'm hearing from families i am talking to all over washington state. she has never ran a business. she has never had to reach out to connect. in fact, what i am hearing on the ground is where has she been? only two months ago did she come back to washington state and start. she has been out of touch with the needs of the people of washington state.
12:28 am
>> i think joe biden came to town and said i work for patty murray. patty murray has been there for 30 years, something like that that she has been in office. if you cannot get it done in your first 30 years, when do you think you are going to get it done? >> that is right. small businesses are suffering. families are suffering. do i put gas in my car or do i buy a gallon of milk? the democrat party, i did not leave the democrat party, the democrat party left me. at patty murray's continue to do his tax and spent. i don't think she's met attacks like she does not like. disinflation bill only career politicians in d.c. would take more spending would solve inflation. >> real quickly, i've only got about early seconds left. how do you feel about a balanced
12:29 am
budget amendment. >> i feel strong about a balanced budget amendment. talking to families balancing their budget at the kitchen tables to make their ends meet. if they can't balance a budget, no budget no pay. patty murray, take that. balance a budget and serve the people that you represent. she has forgotten about us. it is time for a fresh voice. we have to get washington, d.c. in this country back. i look forward to carrying the mantle of being a leader for washington state and a voice of all of washington. >> tiffany happy going up against patty murray. state of washington, one of the most interesting state races in the country. thank you and good luck. >> very good. thank you. are you concerned with how we vote in this country? well so mi. just wait until you hear what
12:30 am
they are trying to do in arizona. much more up
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and break down their defenses. cancer is creative... but so are we. so we invite you... you... you... to be a part of the cure. join children's cancer research fund in the fight against childhood cancer at jason: welcome back. don't you just love the way congress manipulates the title
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of bills they are trying to pass into something completely the opposite of what the bill actually does. they want to save the economy with the inflation reduction act which sounds like a good for americans, but it raises taxes and spends hundreds of logan's of dollars. how about the affordable care act. it should probably give people affordable healthcare. nope. it rates the cost of healthcare overall. even trying to change the way americans vote. the for the people act. trying to take the power of the people in the states and centralize it in washington, d.c. it failed to gain traction in congress. the democrats will force their way by using a state ballot initiative. the fair elections act in arizona is not really about fair
12:36 am
elections, it's about manipulating elections in arizona and which democrats believe it will give them an advantage. here is what the ballot initiative will actually do. taxpayer-funded campaigns, allow ballot harvesting where people can collect other people ballots, allow same-day voter registration, mobilephone voting, oh, boy, what could go wrong with that. it really is not about fair elections. it's about democrats trying to change the rules in their favor former congressman with us now. i had the pleasure and honor of serving with you in the congress. in arizona you are paying attention. democrats tried to use the power, it is a fair election, who was against that. >> who is against that. got to love it. i had the pleasure of being with
12:37 am
you. it is all mine. strong conservatives. you sure did it. this initiative, the fair elections initiative is as you may guess, anything but fair. it is just amazing. residency requirement comes down to from 60 days or 30 days down to 1 yard you can register on the same day as the election had you can vote that same day and there is a version that says you don't have to register at all. if you just come in and show them you are entitled to register, you can vote anyway. it does away with valid harvesting. after all, what's wrong with valid harvesting. it is a lot of fun. i think that i would say that this measure was written by a group of people that have never seen an idea for making elections less secure and more fraudulent that they did not love so they took them all and
12:38 am
stuff them in here and thought they would fool the voters. but i don't think that they are. >> i hope the good people of arizona are paying attention. the idea that you can vote on your mobile phone, what in the world. i am sure that cannot be manipulated whatsoever. >> well that is just one of them this not only does all kinds of things to voter registration including essentially eliminating it, it also adds that if you do not want to register you don't have to register. if you still want to vote, you can. noncitizens who right now cannot vote in arizona can vote and register, but only vote in nonfederal elections. it is kind of a day at the beach for leftist to think requiring integrity and elections is kind of going too far. why should we do that western mark.
12:39 am
>> just let anyone who feels like voting or anyone that feels like voting two or three times cast a ballot. we can even make the initiative process simpler and less protective against fraud. it ought to be a fun effort. many people engaged in the battle here in arizona. trying to do the same thing in michigan. we will see how far they can get with tricking the voters. it is kind of fun funny to know that whenever you see a name that sounds too good to be true, it's like a deal that is too good to be true. it is too good to be true. >> thank you very much. pay attention to those ballot initiatives. sneaky way of getting things done. coming up. i will tell udf word is really important. i will be back right after this break to explain to you what i
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welcome back. i bet you never thought you would hear this song box. yes, the f word is incredibly important. family. family. relationships, parenting. the most important thing that we do. strong families make a strong country. it seems to confirm that fact indicating that family structure is one of and possibly the strongest predictors of upward mobility. having a strong family increases the likelihood of becoming
12:46 am
successful. the new york times completely ignored that fact in the write up of the study. the time focuses on friendship as the key to reducing poverty. now, thanks to the commander and calamity currently occupying the white house, it is becoming even harder for people to up pain the american dream. on the surface, the job numbers out this week were pretty good, but looking as steve does under the hood of the labor participation rate, the proportion of adults working is a part from the height of the pandemic slow down, the lowest it has been in 45 years. a huge detriment to families all across the country. that brings us back to the f word, family. we barely even talk about it. many people choose to just ignore it.
12:47 am
it is not going away and the problem is getting worse. the collapse of the family in america. dismantling and redefining the traditional nuclear family is the goal of the left. the key to rebuilding america is to rebuild the american family. here to help us figure out how we can do that is the university of virginia director of the national marriage project. thanks for joining us tonight. i know because i saw on your twitter account some of your reaction to how the new york times spun this. explain to us how the new york times spun it and how you would frame what the conclusion was of this study. >> a new harvard study. the friendships are the most important factor in predicting what allows them to realize the american dream.
12:48 am
as you look carefully at this study, the family structure is about as important in predicting upward mobility as these cross class friendships. in the academy and the media, there is this reluctance to engage the family element in the room, df word as you are saying. a commitment to the family diversity. single parents, they are just as viable for kids. science tells us a very different story. >> i am glad that you are able to actually pursue this and analyze the data. explain to us why the labor participation rate is so concerning. >> as you were mentioning, we have seen a decline in recent
12:49 am
decades in the share of men in the labor force. that is super important. they are attractive husbands and more likely to stay married as well. it ends up being a very important predictor of the quality and stability of americans. as you were mentioning, that has been going down in recent decades. we have lost an appreciation for the virtue of hard work and some precincts of our culture. also the case that we have often times, you know, social security disability benefits that are too generous and allow people to basically live off of government aid rather than go seek work. it has been seen in a recent decade. it is a big problem both for
12:50 am
them and any family. jason: well, brad, i could talk to about this for a long, long time. i'm just glad the university of virginia has a guts to pursue this and analyze the data. thank you for joining us tonight on the next revolution. stay with us. more up ahead. ♪♪
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>> jason: let's bring in this week's closer. ♪ ♪ all right, fox news contributor lisa boothe is one of us, one of my favorites. all right, lisa, it is usually joe biden making a fool of himself on the world's a stage.
12:56 am
is vice president does an equally poor job and comes up with -- she's always behind him but there is nothing better than speaker of the house on the world stage putting your best foot forward. f listen to this and i would love to get your reaction. nancy pelosi in taiwan. >> in our earliest days of our founding of the country, benjamin franklin and the president said freedom and democracy, freedom and democracy, secure this a cure. if we don't have -- we can't have either if we don't have both. >> jason: all right, what is your take on president benjamin franklin, lisa? >> see here, should of course, she has her mask on for her signaling purposes but look it is a gasp when it's 30 years old, cognitive decline when it's
12:57 am
nancy pelosi at 82 years old or joe biden at 79 years old who can't complete thoughts, can't complete sentences and keep getting things wrong. these people need to step down. they are too old for political office but of course, they won't because they love the power and enriching themselves and their families. there is too much money to be had off of their political office purity but i will say this, joe biden sat there on a town hall there hall stage and said "you are not going to get covid if you get the vaccine and he still battling covid for the second time and he got military heroes over that light, americans fired over that lie and so many lies because covid after two shots and two boosters. so not only a liar but now senile. i >> jason: i see you feel strongly about this which i love about you. here's another one
12:58 am
nancy pelosi, again, on friday but this time in tokyo. >> when i was a little girl, i was told at the beach if i dug a hole deep enough in china so i always felt him go make a connection there. >> jason: so her tied to china is digging a hole at the beach as a little girl. >> i think she should try to do it and stay there and never return to the united states. but look, she probably has been with china, a report about the money the pelosis have made t their deals with china investment in the asian market and china or the biden pro is also making money with chinese business deals. joe biden, at the big guy making 10% off his sons business deals in china, ukraine, and other varieties. she would fit nicely in a country that made a lot of money off of so she should go there. i won't miss her.
12:59 am
>> jason: i think she was also recently on a trip on the beach. i wonder if she was trying to get to chinao from there digging a hole pier that is the connection with china. >> she didn't try hard enough peer coaching is to try hard enough. >> jason: i would rather they not bring up those pictures or do that again. i don't know how you come up with and i don't understand how you come up with the presidency of benjamin franklin, i just don't get that but... >> if your time is to step down you should do it. they should be retired and not in political office. >> jason: tiffany smiley was talking about term limits and if you don't institute term limits these are the kind of problems you have. you need fresh leadership so get out, go home.. >> exactly, exactly. or of a lot of changes but we don't have the time.
1:00 am
>> jason: thank you so muchh for watching. i hope you have a chance to check out my podcast just type in jason in the house. and we will be back next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. thank you so much for joining us and allowing us to come in and share a part of our day with you. and your time is valuable. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> the as are 50, the nazar vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill is amended is passed. [cheers and applause] to be when republicans say they will get their revenge come november as the democrats pushed through $39 billion spending bill. as the inflation reduction act but claimant spending and


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