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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i think they might try to saban trump with a rigged grand jury before the midterms. >> will: i appreciate you jumping on at the end of the show. this story is not going away. you'll have excellent coverage starting right now with sean hannity, up next. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight we start with a fox news alert, eric trump will join us with the moment, he was with his dad all day today, he will give us an inside scoop. first, a dark day for our republic. the department of justice, the rule of law, what looks to be potentially a shocking overreach, we will find out in due time that will have serious ramifications potentially for many, many years to come. biden's charged -- with already chronic valdis -- doj is now being used as a weapon against bidens top political rival, the former president of united states of america donald trump.
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earlier today the fbi raided the former president 's florida home, mar-a-lago, while he was in new york. according to president trump, the agents swarmed his residence unannounced, breaking into the home and even his personal safe. in a statement, the 45th president wrote "a beautiful home is currently under siege, rated and occupied by a large group of fbi agents." he continued "nothing like this has ever happened to the president of the united states before. after working in cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. it is prosecutorial misconduct. the weaponization of the justice system and an attack by the radical left democrats who desperately do not want me to run for president in 2024." cording to the new york, who got the scoop first somehow, the search was focused on documents that the former president brought with him from the white house, including potentially classified
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documents. sources are now telling fox news that the raid was not related in any way to january 6, but according to one source, the fbi was "not being judicious about what they took" during the search. just so we're clear, this is truly, completely unprecedented and can't imagine this would have ever happened to a democrat. this is where americans now begin to ask the question do we have a dual justice system in america? is there equal justice under the law? do we have equal application of our laws? or member hillary clinton's house? it was never rated even though she stored troves of classified material on a personal server. she deleted 33,000 emails. remember, nobody heard of bleach bit before hillary clinton, and then there were hammers involved with devices and some cards that were missing. how about the dirty, unverifiable russian dossier that hillary clinton paid for, being used to live to a fisa court to spy on her then-president a candidate, later a president. what about the high-ranking doj
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officials that signed what was -- says at the top of a fisa warrant -- verified, but they signed their name to something that was unverifiable and has now been completely debunked and claimed before judges that it was verified. it wasn't. and then there's joe biden on tape, the real quid pro quo, bragging that he withheld a billion taxpayer dollars, you have six hours to fire a ukrainian prosecutor who turns out was investigating his son hunter who was being paid millions of dollars with no experience at all whatsoever. hunter lies on a got application. what happened to hunter? nothing. what if it was don, jr., what if it was eric trump? on tape you have of course hunter biden smoking crack. i think those things are illegal. what happened to him? nothing. we had director wray before congress last week, they have had hunter's laptop longer than anybody. what have they done with it? nothing. millions of dollars paid to hunter from ukraine, russia,
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$1.5 billion deal with the bank of china. $100,000 shopping speed with a chinese national, no experience, nothing happens. joe on tape bragging again and again, i've never ever discussed my son's foreign business dealings. well, we know of at least 14 occasions now and we have pictures in some cases with joe, hunter, and guess what, hunter's foreign business partners. nothing happens to them. the bidens have never had their homes rated, they literally sold access to the highest levels of our government, the big guy was taking his 10% cut according to his own son's laptop. and yet president biden has never faced legal scrutiny. it's not even clear that his son hunter, who has literally recorded his crimes into great detail, will ever get with any crime. no raid to his house but if your last name is roger stone or if your name is paul manafort, you get a predawn raid, guns drawn, fbi s.w.a.t. team pointing guns in your face. a process crime, and cnn cameras
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to boot. they just happen to be there at 5:30 a.m. to film at all. if you're peter navarro, you get put in handcuffs and leg shackles and hauled away from an airport for a charge of a misdemeanor? we saw the same heavy-handed tactics with general flynn, carter page, paul manafort, predawn rate, guns drawn, and some of the others. make no mistake, if you are associated with donald trump in any way, you better cross all your eyes and thought all your teas because they are coming for you with the full force of the federal government. they will break on your front door, spider texts and/or phone calls. they will charge you with every process crime in the book, they will score you in leg chains and handcuffs and they will stick guns in your face at 5:30 in the morning just to send a message. why doesn't this ever happen to a democrat? equal justice under the law, is it dead? equal application of our laws, is that dead? as a department of justice turned into a political weapon, and if they can do this to
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president trump, what you think they can do to the rest of us? we will have full breaking coverage on that long. here now with more, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, harvard law professor alan dershowitz is with us. gregg we will start with you. if you look at the present of the records act, which is what we are told this is all about -- i mean, i assume there's a chance that maybe classified documents were taken to mar-a-lago. i understood from reports that there was a process that they were going through. they said they were willing to give all those things back. why didn't they just say can we come over and take a look at what you have and make sure that there's no classified documents or? just like why didn't they say to peter navarro, his attorney, have your client report at 8:00 a.m. at this location, or paul manafort or roger stone? why the big show only when it's a conservative? >> because it's donald trump and this is the weaponization for political purposes by the fbi and the department of justice.
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you are right, sean, when you identify the presidential records act of 1968 -- '78, which is far from a model of clarity, and in fact it's one of the more opaque laws will ever read. one of the problems within is that it gives discretion and authority to the incumbent president to decide what constitutes presidential papers. he may identify, exclude, and dispose of presidential papers, and you point out the classified nature, allegedly, of some of the documents. identified by the national archives. they are not competent agency to recognize classified documents because a president is the ultimate authority in declassified documents. he may do so with a wave of his hand without notification to the national archives. so i think what you're really seeing here is an abuse of power by the fbi and absolutely both
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merrick garland, the attorney general, and the fbi director for christopher wray -- >> sean: they would have have to have signed off on this, you agree with that, correct? >> absolutely. no agent or official at the fbi is going to undertake a rate of this magnitude on a former president of the united states without going to the individuals at the very top. that's garland and christopher wray. >> sean: let's talk about two other cases, professor dershowitz and i will get your point of view on this particular raid. james comey was accused pretty much of some of the similar. if you remember the case of sandy berger. went into the national archives, he literally shoved documents down into his crotch, in his backside, into his socks, and walked out with those documents. within every buddy in the media, every democrat that she was just sloppy, very sloppy as he shoved
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it down his pants. he was sloppy, he didn't mean to take them with him. and everybody bought that excuse. so this therein brings up a double standard issue. what are your thoughts? >> well definitely there is a double standard. we've seen so many instances of allegedly classified material being compromised. the key point that everybody is missing here is that donald trump was not at mar-a-lago, so there was no reason not to issue a subpoena. returnable tomorrow. so that there's no claim claim that trump could have destroyed anything. this should have been a subpoena, not a search warrant. if it is a search warrant, it has to have a high level of cause demonstrating that the evidence would have been destroyed. not only that, but under the law, if he sees a safe, you don't go into the safe, you have to get a special warrant to get into the safe, and you have to
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prove that the material in a locked safe would have been destroyed, so it seems to mean that they have violated the rules of the justice department, they have gone after both a former president and future candidate and they darn well better have smoking gun proof, which i don't see happening, and clearly there's been a double standard here but even if it was a single standard, it's not good enough. you don't get a warrant unless a subpoena won't suffice. in a democratic rule of law country, you do it legitimately, you go to the lawyer, you say tomorrow i want that safe delivered to the justice department. i want these documents turned over and unless you can demonstrate that there was a very substantial chance they would have been maliciously destroyed, which would have been a serious, serious crime. i mean, that would be a serious crime. that's nixon and there's no evidence that that happened here.
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>> sean: it isn't -- i guess what everybody's wondering, especially in light of what we went through for three years, greg, at some .1 do you say the abuse of power, the corruption, the witch hunt, to quote a famous best-selling book, that this is focused on one man and one man only and a whole double standard exists and nobody else is ever held accountable for either the exact law, similar sets of circumstances -- i know it was different with comey, but similar. the same with hillary, the 33,000 emails, the dirty dossier, the fisa applications, sandy berger. you run through the list. and nothing ever happens if you're not a conservative or a republican or a trump supporter. >> let's just take one of those examples, hillary clinton, her home was never rated, even though she maintained a private server there. upon which she downloaded
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classified top secret documents, thereby jeopardizing national security and violating the espionage not once or ten times, but roughly 100 times accounting for the number of classified documents that she essentially stole, and as i say, jeopardized national security to hacks, and we in fact every solid evidence that her server was hacked and foreign agencies retrieved american top-secret documents because of her actions. was she ever prosecuted? no. james comey stood in front of television cameras and he identified all the crimes she committed and then did appear wet in the course of five seconds and said but no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring such a case. thousands of reasonable prosecutor's would have loved to have brought that case, and besides, james comey isn't the prosecuting authority. he usurped the power of the
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attorney general. that's just one example of the double standard that exists with donald trump. >> sean: stay there, great. go ahead, professor. >> i don't think you use search warrants and prosecutions to go after political enemies. i've just written a whole book on that called "the price of principle" where i go into the whole issue of why you don't use partisan considerations to go after political enemies. that's what happens in banana republic's. that's what happens in third world countries. that's not supposed to happen in the united states. it was right not to go after hillary clinton, because she was a candidate for president. unit a much higher standard, but you can't apply one standard to hillary clinton and another standard to donald trump. that is impermissible in a democracy. >> it would not have been a political pursuit against joey quentin because it occurred during the obama administration and the attorney general there.
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she should have been prosecuted then. >> sean: are going to leave it right there -- all right, thank you both. governor ron desantis has now tweeted out the raid on mar-a-lago is yet escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the regime's political opponents while people like hunter biden get treated with kid gloves. now the regime is getting another 87,000 irs agents to wield against its adversaries. banana republic, he writes. we have g.o.p. leader -- we will get to that in a second. kevin mccarthy has just tweeted out attorney general garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar. joining us now live, he was with his father for most of the day as i understand it today, eric trump is with us. you were with your data as this was unfolding? >> i was. i called my father and let him know that it happened, so i was involved in this all day. welcome to politics.
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you know, the 2000s. sean, my father never got so much as a speeding ticket in his life until he made one decision, and that's to go down me escalator to mar-a-lago and spend a lot of money and go and actually fight for this country for the first time and he did a better job than anybody has ever done, and they started coming after him. "the washington post," the day he won, 2016, the day he won, november 8th. that night they wrote an article. this is when impeachment begins. he wasn't president, he hadn't been elected for 5 minutes at that point and they start -- this is when impeachment begins. he's impeached the first time and then he was impeached the second time and they slandered him and they belittled him. you know, they went after him, they want after all of us. if there's no family and work in history that is taken more arrows in the back than the trump family. every single time -- and you know what, it's not on past politics. you look at the attorney general's, district attorneys all all over the country, all they want to do is they want to get donald trump. they raise money on it, they send fund-raising emails about it, they brag on camera about
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it. they go after him, they subpoena him. i am probably the most subpoena person in the history of the united states. every single day we get another subpoena and they do it for one reason. because they don't want donald trump to run and win again in 2024 and, sean, that's what this is about today. to have 30 fbi agents -- actually more than that -- descend on mar-a-lago, give absolutely, you know, no notice, go through the gates, start ransacking an office, ransacking a closet -- you know, they broke into a safe. he didn't even have anything in the safe. i mean, give me a break. and this is coming from, what, the national archives? hunter biden, he's a firearms crimes, illegal drugs, you know, shady deals with everybody around the world. and by the way, it's all in his laptop for the whole world to see. in his own writing, in his own words, cooperated by everybody. where these fbi agents? where is everybody? why is it that the arrows only flight donald trump and his family?
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why is it that the political persecution only goes one way in this country? >> sean: struck a little bit about what you are being told. what was the purpose for this raid? >> sean, the purpose from the raid from what they said was because the national archives wanted to, you know, corroborate whether or not donald trump had any documents in his possession. my father has worked so collaboratively with them for months. in fact, the lawyer that's been working on this was totally shocked. he said i have such an amazing relationship with these people and all of a sudden on no notice they send, you know, 20 cars and 30 agents? sean, this is just more political persecution of donald j. trump. they hate biden, he's feeling everything the place. >> sean: i'm assuming -- all right, so your father is packing coming and leaving the white house. i don't know, i'm guessing that your dad probably didn't pack a single box. i'm just guessing, you would know better than i, you can tell me if he did or if he didn't.
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all these boxes, all your personal items get brought down to mar-a-lago. as a question about whether there might be classified information that have been written about long time ago. let's walk through the process. so mar-a-lago, the people that work for your dad were working with the national archives to go through the material, to make sure if there was anything mistakenly taken that it was going to be returned, and you were working collaboratively -- collaboratively on that, correct? >> so when the president was out of the white house you effectively have six hours to move out of the white house. effectively inauguration time where one president gets moved out and one president gets moved in, right? that's how the whole system works as you know better than anybody. my father always kept clippings, you know, press clippings, newspaper articles, pictures, notes from us. when my mom passed away a couple weeks ago he still had all the notes over the years -- all the notes she had ever written him.
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my father saves clippings and things like that. so he had boxes. when he moved out of the white house, and he was very collaborative, you want to search for anything, if you think anything -- come right ahead. it was an open door policy. and all of a sudden 30 agents descend upon mar-a-lago? sean, this didn't come from a local fbi field office in palm beach, florida. you know this came from. this came from one place and one building, and that is the white house in washington, d.c. they want to attack a guy who they view as his greatest threat, biden's greatest threat. and that's exactly what donald j. trump is. if you know what? he had an incredible strong country, people realize he was an effective president. see biden right now. taiwan is getting circled by military planes literally as we sit here and speak right now. you've got russia and ukraine, a total disaster. everything is happening in iran, which is a disaster. all the things you talk about all night, we are not respected
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by anybody around the world, our economy is garbage, and they worry that donald trump will come back in and win this very easily. they also worry about the 2022 midterms, which is the only reason they are doing the sham january 6 panel that does not have a single republican on it buried other than liz cheney, who is about to lose her race by 25 points. it's more political persecution of donald j. trump. they can stand that americans love them. even as i watch the channel now they keep on showing his beautiful clips of people waiting trump flags outside of mar-a-lago, his supporters. one has that ever happened in a political movement in the united states before? >> sean: you think back to the russia hoax, the witch hunt, the conspiracy theory, it went on for three long years. it you know covered every single night and we ended up being vindicated on every single solitary thing that was reported on the show with our full ensemble cast. you know, ari fleischer tweeted out all they can say is the fbi better have a slam-dunk criminal
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case, otherwise the biden administration and the doj have crossed a line of no return. look at it possibly think existed inside of mar-a-lago in a box that was taken from the white house that was so damaging that the fbi director the attorney general of the united states would have to read a former president's residence and grab everything out of there? because that doesn't make sense. what could possibly -- what secret documents could possibly rise to that level? >> i don't know, they will probably find a note for me telling me help -- telling him how proud i am of him, they might find some pictures of my kids, maybe some nice headlines, maybe a nice note from you, sean. it's insane. how many times can you cry wolf? i mean, the fbi dragged this whole country through hell for three years based on lies and deceit and dirty dossiers and fisa warrants and everything
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else. and everything proved to be incorrect, fraudulent, made up, and absolute sham. they dragged this country through hell and here they are again raiding the guy's house. when do you give up, when you say enough is enough? when you give a human being who fought so hard for this country, when do you give them the benefit of the doubt? it's got to stop, sean here this is third world -- >> sean: so hillary clinton deletes the 33,000 enough, she comes up with the dirty russian dossier. that dossiers disseminated to the press, the media mob are the willing accomplices. they disseminate false information in the lead up to the 2016 election. nothing happens to her, nothing happens to the media. they don't even apologize or correct the record at any particular point. then of course that information, unverified, is used to spy on carter page and backdoor into the trump campaign, transition team, and presidency. nobody gets held accountable for that. if you or your brother don, jr.,
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god forbid you lied on a gun application, about you be on this program tonight, you'd be serving time in jail. or you have process crimes. peter navarro was being charged with a misdemeanor. that usually means you call the lawyer and say have your client report at this time at this place or we will secure a warrant for that person's arrest. same with processed crime with mentor fort forcing with roger stone. these are not violent criminals that deserve predawn raid -- america tonight is asking do we have equal justice and application about laws in this country, because after the way they treated your father with the russian hoax -- again, the better have a good reason for this. and here's another thing, were the lawyers allowed to follow the fbi through mar-a-lago today as they were looking everywhere? to anyone watch? >> the answer was -- they weren't allowed to be anywhere
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in sight. that's got to be a violation right there. they weren't allowed to be anywhere in sight. you go back to hillary there's a whole lot of other things. how about the benghazi scandal, the foundation, how many shady oligarchs from russia working tripping to that? how about uranium one. going to talk about scandals that were never investigated, never vetted, you know, it's the rules for thee and not for me. this has been happening since day one. they cannot stand that a guy name donald trump, who is a real estate developer who built tremendous wealth and fame, was able to go into a political system in the u.s. and take out a person like hillary clinton and beat them at their own game. and then going to washington, d.c., into a phenomenal job and not play by the rules and end up becoming one of the best presidents this country has ever had, and then they put in one of their own and the guy turns out to be an absolute flop. it is a terrible terrible job in the country is going to hell under his leadership and all of a sudden he realized his son is
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in trouble and that he's in trouble and their political party is in trouble and that donald trump is poised -- he wanted it. if you wanted it and decided to hop back on that stage and wanted it, they know he's poised to win. and guess what? that threatens them, that threatens who they are, and they will do anything they can to take him out, to take me out, to take don outcome to take ivanka out, to take our family out. they do it every single day, they do it at the state level, federal level, the fbi does. they make our lives hell every single day because they are threatened by donald j. trump and honestly, i hope -- and i'm saying this for the first time -- i hope he goes out and beats these guys again because honestly, this country can't survive this nonsense. it can't. this is not who we are. this is a venezuela is, sean buried this is banana republic antics. having a home of the 45th president of the united states rated by fbi agents, safes broken open, this is not who we are as a democracy. imagine if that happened to
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barack obama. the world would be in an uproar. >> sean: well, eric trump, i don't -- i think ari fleischer is right. if you watch what they've done over the years, they don't get the benefit of the doubt anymore, because they lied and they tried to take your father out for three years and they used a dirty hillary dossier to do it, they spied on him illegally, nobody was held accountable, she wasn't told were countable, no rate of hunter's house, they've had the laptop longer than anybody, director wray -- oh, i don't know anything about the laptop we certainly have a politicized department of justice, no doubt about it. thank you for being with us tonight, we appreciate it. we will get reaction from newt gingrich and just a minute. here with other reaction and some breaking news on this front, just the founder ceo, editor in chief john solomon is with us. john, i think you have a theory, an idea as to why this might have happened now. what is it? >> yeah, listen.
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i've been doing reporting for the last couple of hours. this is what was learned. first off -- there are three significant things. this does involve allegations from the national archives looking for classified information that the president took from him. this is an extra ordinary departure from the way the fbi handled identical allegations in the summer of 2015. i broke the story back in 2015 "the washington times." when the fbi had similar allegations but hillary clinton, they allowed david kendall, hillary clinton's lawyer, to take the thumb drive with the classified emails and put it in a safe in his office. he confirmed that on the record to me back in 2015. an entirely different treatment for identical circumstances. secondly, a lot of people i talk to, including people in the fbi, are really dubious why grand jury subpoena wasn't delivered instead of doing a raid. i think alan dershowitz cover that perfectly. third, and this is very important for people to understand, this comes less than a week after the judicial watch filed a lawsuit against the fbi saying those declassified
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documents the president trump has at the national archives, that the fbi still has, that have never been released until they were ordered released, tom sued them today. today they announced they suited to free those documents buried all those things of the backdrop. and here's the final piece. the washington field office is the office of the dash office that the agents came from to do this today. that is the same office that one week ago today, exactly one week ago today, senator chuck grassley divulged their whistle-blowers saying that specific office and its assistant special agent in charge engaged in political tampering and investigations. in fact opened one investigation against donald trump without a predicate, tried to close down one investigation against hunter biden. the fbi removed the special agent in charge. >> sean: without interrupting you, i think it's important that we can answer to this. would it be normal practice to send washington field office agents when you have miami field office agents, which are much closer to mar-a-lago?
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>> it can be normal in this respect, that the washington field office may have more evidence about the case, may know more and can do a more targeted rate. so not necessarily the thing -- the fact that the investigation originates with an office that is currently dealing with political tampering allegations, and it's very important, when christopher wray was asked about this, he said he found what his office did was very deeply troubling buried not enough to stop the agents from rating the president today. >> sean: this is about the whistle-blower. connected to the whistle-blower that charles grassley was talking about last week. >> that's right. those allegations that he was reacting to. he called those allegations very troubling. he removed the assistant special agent in charge of the washington field office, and here they are in the field in action against the president, one of the people the whistle-blower said was inappropriate with target. the difference between hillary clinton and trump and the fact that these whistle-blower allegations cover over the fbi at this moment is
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deeply troubling to most of the people i talked to tonight, including career fbi agents. >> sean: you have any specific belief and what you think they might be looking for? because it doesn't -- if we are talking about archives or classified material that either purposefully, which i would doubt, or inadvertently were brought to mar-a-lago, it sounds to me like the type of thing you send the archivist down, they go through the boxes of stuff you have and see if, in fact, there is anything classified that shouldn't have been packed. doesn't that seem like a logical way? because nobody seemed to care when sandy berger went into the national archives and started shoving documents we believe related to 9/11 down his pants and down his backside and in his socks and walked out of the national archives and everybody in the liberal media started saying he was just slobbering when he put it there -- he was sloppy. >> i broke that, remember well.
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listen, there's another factor here. the president is his own ultimate declassified story. without knowing what he might have been to classified that the fbi doesn't know about, they raided his home. all of the optics are bad on this, all of the procedural things. and i think alan dershowitz, the professor, was 100% right. if they don't have smoking gun proof the president was about to destroy documents, this rate is going to be laughed off and next year when republicans get control, we are going to find out just how political the fbi was on this. >> sean: i think we will find out before then, i think we will know by november for sure. the american people deserve to know. as always, thank you. take a look at your screen. we just got this in. video of the raid this morning on mar-a-lago. you can see it right there, cars coming in. it looks like dark and light again, early in the morning. but that's the only footage we e have as of now. there with my reaction is fox news contributor, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i think you are a member the sandy berger incident, he went into the national archives and
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came up with those documents in his pants, in his socks, and anywhere he can stick them. >> there's clearly a double standard. but i think what's even more troubling and what every american, whether you're a democrat, republican, doesn't matter, liberal conservative, doesn't matter. if 30 fbi agents can take over the house of a former president of the united states and probable candidate for president, what can i do to you? and when you look at the democrats who are trying to add 85,000 irs agents to the already existing 77,000, that would mean 162,000 irs agents compared, for example, to 29,000 people that we have on the border trying to control the border. but the purpose of it is simple. they want to control you. these rates, the senior talked about earlier taking people off an airplane in chains, having a
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guy standing outside at three in the morning is his -- in his pajamas, these things are all designed to intimidate. if this government and get away with third world tactics worthy of venezuela, with the east german or zimbabwe, if that's the future, then the constitution as a working document has ceased to exist. and i think part of the answer has to be to say to everybody was going to get very upset, fine, go beat them at the polls in november. the answer to this is get a republican house, a republican senate, and let's rip the corruption, not just in the fbi, but across the whole system. that's worth the corruption out, but i have to tell you, i couldn't believe it when i first heard today that 30 fbi agents had invaded mar-a-lago when it was totally unnecessary. and it's clearly an effort designed i think partly to go to
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president trump in the hopes that will do something that will further validate the left's fantasy about the kind of guy he is. the fact is he did nothing wrong, he's cooperated, and for his trouble -- and you just heard eric say this, the trump family has been persecuted more than any presidential family and history. and i just want to repeat, if they can do this to a farmer and potentially future president, what can they do to you or your cousin or your friends or your neighbors? and i think it's a very scary step towards a police state eliminating the constitution as a real document. >> sean: when you add, for example, the treatment of peter navarro -- in his case where talk about a misdemeanor, mr. speaker. you've been around washington for a long enough time, some but he a misdemeanor, they have a lawyer, the lawyer is contacted, have your client report at this time at this place. you don't make a scene at an
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airport to humiliate the individual for a misdemeanor. i would argue the same for a process i'm in a case of paul manafort or roger stone. certainly a message was sent here. but here's with the double standard comes in. this is why hunter biden is important. this is why hillary clinton's 33,000 email deletions are important. this is why the dirty dossier is important. this is why lying on fisa applications are important. if i ever lied to a judge i think i would be taken out in handcuffs and shackles too. this is why what sandy berger did is important. now america has the right to ask okay, why did you do this, because i can't conceive of what would warrant the attorney general of the united states and the fbi director to allow and approve this action. can you think of what they might have in the box? >> sean, let me let you win on a dirty secret. >> sean: okay.
6:36 pm
>> everybody keeps trying to understand these people as though they are reasonable. this is the first big government socialist machine at a national level we've ever seen. we saw tammany hall in new york, we saw mayor daley in chicago. you know, we saw he would long in louisiana. this is a machine. this machine is going to die if donald trump wins, and they know they are going to die because they have to survive off corruption and have to survive off people doling out money like crazy. so they are fighting for their lives, so to ask the question why do they do this, i think it's like asking why does a lion eat a zebra. these people get up every morning terrified, they know they are at war with the american people. they know that overwhelmingly the american people disagree with them, and if they can't find some way to intimidate us, to force us on defense, to tell us to shut up and that's why they go out and deliberately humility at summative, because you know what that does? that sends a signal to six,
6:37 pm
eight, or 10,000 people. you want to be humility to? and i have friends now who tell me, serious senior professionals, they are frightened. they don't want to stand up and say they are for donald trump because they are afraid of what's going to happen, either their big corporation is going or if they are a lawyer, their law firm may kick them out. or they may be visited one morning by the fbi. or by the irs. remember we had a whole irs scandal under obama where they were targeting specific people. do not underestimate how deliberately these people are committed to doing whatever it takes, including destroying the constitution, in order to retain power, and that's going to be a major issue between now and the election this fall. >> sean: mr. speaker, on hearing echo comments that mark levin made, that we live in a post-constitutional america. it sounds like you agree with him. >> i think we are on a balance. i think if the republicans win
6:38 pm
this fall and reassert the constitution, which is going to me frankly firing an amazing number of corrupt people, then the constitution will survive. but if the left manages to survive and manages to stay in power, i do think mark levin is right, we are entering a basically venezuelan, send bob way, east german style banana republic in which the law doesn't matter, what matters is power, what matters is favoritism, what matters is whether your team is paying off the right people. and that would be very sick and tragic end to the american dream. >> sean: don't you believe at this moment that the fbi director wray annette merrick garland, the attorney general o it to the american people to explain why they authorized the rating of a former president 's house? don't we deserve some acclamation? >> no. no. what i think they owe the american people -- resigning.
6:39 pm
i don't need to be told by two liars the latest lie. the fact is they authorized something that is clearly outside the bounds of the american system. they authorized something which has never ever happened in american history. in the idea that they innocently -- oh, we didn't realize there would be 30 fbi agents, we didn't realize that it would look back, we really feel sorry. i'm sick of it, sean. these people are bad people doing bad things, and it's time we said that and we meant it and we went out and won the election. i think we have to focus all of our energy on defeating the people who defend destroying the constitution. >> sean: well said, mr. speaker, always good to have you. thank you. we go now to washington for the very latest on what we are hearing from the doj tonight. mike emanuel, what is their explanation for rating the home of a former president of united states? and who signed off on it? >> very few details, sean very good evening to you.
6:40 pm
a white house official telling fox news the white house did not have notice of this raid and referred us to the justice department for any additional information. sources familiar tell fox news this fbi raid of former president trump palm beach home is related to the taking of potential classified information from the white house upon leaving office. the national archives says there were 15 boxes that contained what it believed to be presidential records, noting they must be properly preserved. a source familiar tells fox fbi agents went to mar-a-lago looking in every single office and grabbed documents and boxes without reviewing them there on property. a source is the fbi agents brought a safe cracker to get into what's described as a relatively new safe and according to that source, nothing was in it. the source telling fox news that took boxes and documents to review once they left mar-a-lago, they were told they were not being judicious about what they talk. fox has learned the raid took place early this morning and former president trump was actually at trump tower in
6:41 pm
new york city. you've seen the picture of him there. the former president announced the raid this evening, calling this dark times for our nation as his home was being rated and "occupied" by a large group of fbi agents. sean. >> sean: is there any explanation as to why they didn't just try to cooperate or get the president and his staff to cooperate and go through the boxes in a partnership in case may be something inadvertently that was classified was put in those boxes? because i doubt -- i bet a lot of money that donald trump did not pack his own boxes, mike emanuel. >> very scarce details. interesting points you are making there. what we know is they are thinking that some documents remained at mar-a-lago, but there are no indications that there was any kind of cooperation or outreach by the fbi. two officials connected to the former president. we know the raid happened today, the former president was in new york city.
6:42 pm
he went back to mar-a-lago is our understanding and we will see where the facts lead us. >> sean: all right, mike emanuel. my sources telling me and eric trump confirming tonight that in fact they were working if there were any classified documents to get them to its proper place. former president trump was at his home in new york city with his son eric earlier today when he learned of the raid. he released a statement, he was later seen leaving trump tower. sources says he's headed to florida. fox's own laura ingle is outside of trump tower with the very latest there. >> hi, sean. as the fbi agents were rating mar-a-lago, we learned that the former president was here outside -- inside trump tower. we are outside now where of course things are relatively quiet and you mentioned those pictures of him exiting today that we got from fox news digital. that is the glimpse, a few fleeting images that we have of the 45th president leaving the high-rise and getting into an awaiting vehicle. we have also heard that he may
6:43 pm
have been going to bedminster. we are not sure. a source familiar with the raid telling fox news that fbi agents, as you mentioned, went to mar-a-lago and looked in every single office safe and grabbed documents and boxes without going through them on the property. that source saying agents then took several boxes and documents. what happened here, we don't know if there will be any further activity here in new york, that is the question as we continue to monitor the situation. you've been talking with mike emanuel, who has a lot of that information. we are keeping our ears to the ground here outside trump tower and here in new york city, sean. >> sean: outside of fox tower in new york city tonight, thank you. here with my reaction to the breaking news tonight, former arkansas governor mike huckabee, outnumbered cohost kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh you were there at the time when a president, soon-to-be former president leaving the white house is probably chaotic. did you happen to witness at any point donald trump himself packing any boxes?
6:44 pm
>> no, it didn't. i wasn't involved in that process as eric trump noted, and he would have more insight than me on that. it was a quick process, it's a quick turnover, as he noted, about six hours shifting in and out. i never witnessed the president packing boxes. i will say this, sean. what a dark, dark day for justice, which is supposed to be behind, but looks overtly political here. the presidential records act as jonathan turley noted, is not used criminally. we haven't seen this. but look back in time it with the fbi and the doj did, let's say, with paul manafort, where a foreign agent registration act was only used seven times in 50 years until, weight, paul manafort, former donald j. trump campaign manager comes along and his associate robert gates. then it's used aggressively. the logan act. i talked about this all the time from the podium about michael flynn, that this was a never
6:45 pm
before used act, never used to successfully prosecute anyone but used as a pretext by the fbi to come in and entrap michael flynn right there in the west wing, right near where my office was several years later. this is very scary. there's a trend, never before used statutes used in a fashion to go after who? political enemies. donald trump's national security advisor, donald trump's campaign manager. and then the president, former president of the united states himself. wow. they say banana republic, i think it's an understatement, because it really feels like we are there and beyond. >> sean: it seems like that to me. governor, want to get your take on this through the prism of this. in 2016 we had hillary's dirty dossier. we know it was all full of lies, it's been totally debunked. it led to four fisa warrants that ruined carter page his life and was a backdoor to spy on the trump campaign and the trump presidency. the media ran with it, they ate it up, they spit it out, they lied repeatedly, that went on
6:46 pm
for three years. fast-forward to 2020, weeks before the election, you have hunter biden's laptop, which turned out to be the laptop from hell and very, very real. the media, the democrats, everybody in unison said it's likely russian disinformation. it was anything but. all of it was true, all of it confirmed. as a matter of fact, director wray has had it longer than anybody else and still seems to do nothing with it. and we know there are a lot of things on there that probably would put you in jail, kayleigh, in jail, and me in jail for a pretty long. time. when you look at the big picture and you stand back or you look at a bird's-eye view, i see a system of justice that has been corrupted, politicized, we are criminalizing political differences, and it seems to be happening with more regularity than ever before, and i don't know what the political outcome would be. i would think this probably motivates people that are sick of this abuse of power in this corruption to get out to the polls in november.
6:47 pm
>> it's got to, sean. first of all, let's be real clear. in 2016, we may have thought that this was just a handful of some rogue fbi doj people. what we now know if this is a systemic, methodical, highly orchestrated attempt to shut half the country completely out. but more importantly, what this has to do -- two things. number one, galvanize and gear up every conservative and even fair-minded liberals who don't think that this is the kind of system that america is about, and change congress in november. that's the first thing. the second thing, i hope that shortly right around christmas, donald trump after these midterms and we take the house and senate, he announces he will run for president and we rally around him and we just simply say he is the candidate. he will be reelected because he's the only candidate who will have the guts to take on this
6:48 pm
incredibly corrupt machine, and it's time that we just gear up, put ourselves on the saddles, and plan on seeing a congress in january of this next year and donald trump sworn in in january of '25 for his second term, and let's get this country back to where people can believe in it. right now half of us if not more than half just don't believe in justice. >> sean: can you think of any reason at all whatsoever -- if their argument is they think there might have been classified information that went to mar-a-lago that shouldn't have gone to mar-a-lago, why didn't they just go ask the president, can we look to the boxes? why did it have to come to this, governor? >> well, i think it's most clear -- alan dershowitz was brilliant tonight and what makes them so brilliant is that is not a trump supporter. but he is a supporter of the constitution, and he's fair-minded and has a real keen
6:49 pm
sense of justice, and he recognizes that what should have happened was a call to the trump law team and say look, here's what we need to find out, and they would have said okay, let's have a sit down and we will make this work. this is all about the theater of trying to create the illusion that there's something criminal with donald trump. the criminality is in the department of justice and the fbi, and that's why i believe no less in trump's reelection and the taking of congress by the g.o.p. is going to save this country. >> sean: i am betting they will have a flimsy argument by tomorrow and they are probably trying to craft a justification for what they did today, which is unprecedented. governor, thank you, and kayleigh of course think it was wealth, we really appreciate your time. but these are unprecedented times. here with more reaction, fox news country bitter jason chaffetz, i'll kick founder clay travis is with us. jason, let's get your take. if you a lot about benghazi and
6:50 pm
hillary clinton and her shenanigans, and i don't remember a raid on her home. >> no, look, there were classified documents that were in the possession of hillary clinton. not only did she have them in a nonclassified setting, she destroyed them. in the irs case i issued a subpoena trying to get the documents that were surrounding the lowest -- lois lerner case and the irs never looked at them. that was the conclusion of the inspector general, and even though they were under subpoena, they were destroyed. nobody was prosecuted let alone, you know, a raid on the house of john and the irs commissioner or hillary rodham clinton. they never did any of that. they barely lifted a finger. so i think one of the key questions is where they under subpoena, but i got to tell you, my experience with donald trump's he's as open and transparent as anybody that we ever interacted with. your member the very beginning of the trump presidency he met with then prime minister abe and there was all this how blue
6:51 pm
about classified information. they were looking at the prime ministers father playing golf. there was nothing about nothing. and one other point, sean. they issued immunity agreements at the department of justice for hillary clinton's senior team, cheryl mills, the chief of staff. her attorney, the i.t. specialist, with no, no provisions that required them to cooperate with the government. that's how the department of justice treated hillary clinton. they were handing out immunity agreements with no cooperation. and here they go and they do this to the former president of the united states. it is disgusting, it should not stand. and i'm just so ashamed of my country that this department of justice and somebody in the fbi has got to stand up and expose what's going on there, because until we actually hear from the whistle-blowers who are probably watching this program, they need to take a stand. quit your job, you will get hired by somebody else until the american people the truth. >> sean: that was something that we heard from charles grassley. clay, let's get your take on
6:52 pm
this. can you think of any possible reason, justification, that this rate today, that they will give us -- because we are being told that it's all related to classified documents that the president may or may not have had at mar-a-lago. >> sean, this is unprecedented, no i can't. if got the video that you've been playing showing this was a predawn raid. the sun was not yet up. former president trump's house, they've got 30 fbi agents effectively storming the gates at mar-a-lago. the only thing i can break down here and i'm putting my legal hat on to analyze this, they are going to charge donald trump with a crime. i don't think you can overlook what's going on here. now, what is that crime? that's what many people are asking. what are they going to try and manufacture and bring to bear here? for member, in order to get the search warrant they had to find probable cause, a judge magistrate, someone out there did. maybe it was based like much of
6:53 pm
the russia investigation was on flawed warrants, but they have to believe there was reasonable in particular evidence that they were searching for. and christopher wray at the fbi and merrick garland, the attorney general, all had to sign off on this. now, the big question that i think is out there is what are they going to potentially try to charge trump with, and, sean, you know this, i think this actually makes donald trump stronger. because a conference -- >> sean: i don't disagree -- i agree. here's the problem -- but clay, he said the lawyers were not allowed to be in the room with the fbi people. that's problematic to me. >> horribly so. we know they will manufacture evidence. they've done it before, why do we trust that what they say -- >> sean: i don't trust them. >> they actually found there -- i don't either. >> sean: clay, thinker, congress meant, thank you very good year for both of you. on the phone lines the great one
6:54 pm
mark 11. i quoted you earlier. you have said many times, is asked about it a number of times, a post constitutional america. let me put your legal hat on and ask this question. is there anything that you can possibly think of that warranted this raid on a former president's residence as it relates to archives potentially of classified material when the president, according to his son eric, was working hand-in-hand in tandem with the archives people to get them anything that they might need? >> first of all, i'm a former chief of staff to united states attorney general. we would never ever have done this. never. that's number one. number two, it's 90 days before midterm election. that's outrageous. number three, everybody pretty much knows that donald trump is going to run in the republican primary for president of the
6:55 pm
united states. and so you have a sitting president wants to run against him and his attorney general acting like this. here's how this worked. everybody is guessing, i will tell you what happened. this is in the jurisdiction of the u.s. attorney in district of columbia who is also overseeing the january 6 prosecution. why? because that's where the national archives is buried in the district of columbia. they need to send fbi agents from the washington office down there, they would have used fbi agents in south florida, and it would have coordinated with the u.s. attorney's office down there if they are playing it by the book. number two, he wouldn't have done anything without the signoff of the attorney general of the united states. period. number three, this was well orchestrated, so this is been going on for weeks. you keep asking your guests what's the justification. there is no justification. what's he going to say tomorrow, the attorney general? here's my guess. we've been negotiating with trump and his lawyers since february when we found out they had this information.
6:56 pm
we were getting nowhere, and then we know or we heard that some documents were being destroyed. maggie haveman of "the new york times" was on cnn. they've been running pictures of hers that she's going to have in the book of documents being flushed down the toilet. that doesn't mean a thing. it could be anything. >> sean: had the name on it, that's all it was. >> what i'm saying is you asked what with a pretext be. >> sean: correct. >> so it is a -- pretext is exactly right. there is no justification for sending 30 fbi agents to the former president's compound in mar-a-lago in early morning and conducting themselves this way or in any other cases in which they've done exactly the same thing. the fbi is corrupt, this guy garland goes after parents, he goes after republican state legislatures, he goes after states he disagrees with their abortion positions, he doesn't
6:57 pm
do a thing to protect the border, which is compelled by the constitution. nothing. so let's be clear. they are right, they are all right. this is the worst attack on this republic in modern history. period. and it's not just an attack on donald trump. it's an attack on everybody who supports him, it's an attack on anybody who dares to raise serious questions about washington, d.c., and the establishment in both parties. i haven't heard a thing from the republican leadership in the senate, have you? not one of those guys has put out a statement. because they are weak. that's why. every republican -- >> sean: hang on, we did hear from the leader -- the minority leader in the house. because i said in the senate. >> sean: i know you said the center but i just want make sure people know -- he said attorney general garland, preserving documents and clear calendar. ron desantis said the rate on mar-a-lago is another escalation in the weaponization of federal
6:58 pm
agencies against the regime's political opponents while people like hunter biden get treated with kid gloves. now the regime is getting another 87,000 irs agents to wield against its adversaries, banana republic. >> yeah, and he's right. let me tell you something, watch how this attorney general conduct himself. politicize everything. the parents he goes after, he doesn't enforce the border, he goes after the men he claims were whipping immigrants. they weren't whipping anybody. look how they went after those four cops who were found innocent in kentucky but now they bring civil rights charges against them. look how they are nationalizing police forces across the country. just look at this department of justice! it's the most corrupt thing i've ever seen, and i've been there, and i worked there, they have ruined that department. look at the newest attorney in washington, d.c. yes. >> sean: there was a senator who has just comment on this, mike lee, running for reelection, and i know we both support him out in utah.
6:59 pm
he said as a lawyer, former federal prosecutor, the current member of the senate judiciary committee, i have a few questions about the fbi's rate of mar-a-lago. first, to the attorney general personally sign off on this action? he had to have, as did director wray. he had to, right? >> i'm going to tell you what happened. they sat around the conference table in the attorney general's conference room like we used to, and i suspect in there was the attorney general, the deputy, and the associate attorneys general, the head of the criminal division, the head of the public integrity section. mr. wray and one or two of his either assistant directors or associate directors and perhaps other people with the u.s. attorney, and they made the decision. the bottom line, the buck stops at the attorney general and i just want to say i thought this was a farce that somebody put this on the internet that president trump's home had been raided by the fbi. >> sean: we are just out of time, but we will be -- we will have you on later this week i'm
7:00 pm
sure. thank you, my friend, the great one. unfortunately though that is all the time we have left this evening. stay with the fox news channel, continuing coverage of the fbi raid on president trump's home, mar-a-lago, in palm beach, and always check out, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it from here, we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." from what feels like a banana republic tonight. the deep state's revenge, that is the focus of tonight angle. >> can i just stop and take a breath real quick? a former president's home has been searched now by a number of fbi agents. when you look at this in the view of sort of 30,000 feet in history, peggy, i will start with you, how big of a moment is this? is this a moment we are all going to remember? >> yes, we're all going to remember being together on this