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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> great show. thanks to kat timpf, jim norton, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with the evil shannon bream. i love you, america! ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the fbi removing boxes of documents from the home of former president donald trump during the raid on mar-a-lago. this search reportedly related to materials the former president took, allegedly, to his florida residence after his residency but republicans accusing the justice department of political weaponization.
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democrats call it accountability. where do things stand right now and where do we go from here? our legal and political panels will break it down for us. tracking lawmakers reaction, laura ingle outside trump tower for the response from trump world. surrounding the stunning development. good evening. >> here is the latest about what we know at this hour about the fbi raid at mar-a-lago, beginning with former president trump. he was photographed leaving trump tower in new york city this afternoon after the rate of his province private residence inflorida. mr. trump left new york and was heading to his home in bedminster, new jersey. the reporting source tells fox news, the rate at mar-a-lago happened early this morning. fbi agents even brought a safe cracker and opened a relatively new safe at mar-a-lago. coworkers say the safe was new and "nothing in it."
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fbi agents went through every single office, safe, and grab documents without going through them on the mar-a-lago property, instead taking the documents and boxes to go through later. report sources familiar with monday's raid say it's related to mr. trump taking potentially classified information from the white house when he left on january 20th 2021. fox is told that at this point, monday's raid is related to that information, not the january 6 investigation. the department of justice has declined to comment. both "the new york times" and associated press also report the search that "the new york times" reporting president trump previously delayed returning 15 boxes of materials, but the national archives demanded they be given back. mr. trump reportedly complied only there became a threat of action taken to retrieve them. former president trump writing in a statement, "these are dark times for our nation.
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as my beautiful home mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida, is currently under siege, rated, occupied by a large group of fbi agents. nothing like this has happened to a president of united states before. after working and cooperating with relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. it is prosecutor told misconduct, it weaponization of the justice system, and a anattack for those who don't wat to run me in 2024." the biden white house said it did not have advance notice of this raid. mr. trump participated in a telephone rally tonight a few hours ago pete he did not directly address the right but he did say, another day in paradise. you probably read all about it. >> shannon: thank you all a much. and reaction from trump friends, allies have been swift tonight. senior correspondent laura ingle at trump tower with
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the backstory out of new york. good evening, laura. >> good evening, tower we want to show you those pictures of him once again leaving trump tower earlier today wincing got the 45th presidentleaving the h. he was getting into an awaiting vehicle after departing new york city and blasting the rate online. his supporters quickly jumped to defend them online and on tv. >> this is an abomination. you have the sitting president of united states joe biden, through his justice department, through his fbi, conducting a raid on the person who is presumed to be his opponent in the next election. >> i have spoken to my father-in-law and i've got to tell you, you know, he's as
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shocked as anybody. for someone, anyone quite frankly, who loves this country and believes in america, this should shake you to your core, what has happened today. this is a very clear demarcation in the history of america. never before, as many of your guests have already talked about, will, we've seen something like this happen more and unannounced raid by the fbi conducted on a former president of united states. >> his son eric trump also weighing in on sean hannity's show tonight, talking about what could be in those safes and in those boxes. >> my father said clippings and things. he had boxes when he moved out of the white house. you want to search for anything, if you think anything, come right ahead. it was an open door policy. >> not everyone is rushing to the former president's defense. occupy democrats tweeting this,
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federal code states anybody who will only and unlawfully removes any official records or documents shall be disqualified from ever holding office under the united states. as we mentioned at the top, there is word heading to bedminster, new jersey, to his golf club it will wait and see what develops tomorrow. shannon? >> shannon: thank you out of new york tonight. folks across the political spectrum also weighing in on the fbi rate of mar-a-lago. white house correspondent kevin corke getting reactions from law makers tonight. >> many of the word you're likely to hear emanating from capitol hill tonight can't be repeated on television. to varying degrees, sentiments of disgust and outrage, same that fits the bill for most republicans. >> mayor garland, chris wright, come to the house judiciary committee this friday and answer our questions about the actions today which have never happened in american history.
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what was in the water, what were you really doing, what were you looking for? why not look at president trump and get the information you are after? >> absolutely stunning. republicans continue, this from kevin mccarthy. attorney and general garland, clear your calendar. i've seen enough. the department of justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicalization. republicans take back the house, will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned. the democrats on capitol hill are actually celebrating the rate it tonight, that it's long overdue. this from jamila jeff paul that's what happenswhen you bren election, incite a deadly insurrection. donald trump should be in jail. glad to see the fbi taking steps towards accountability. here is ro khanna. >> it's not for me or members of congress to say what should happen. it should be where the facts
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lead them and they've been very methodical. they have not been quick to do anything. but it shows that they are concerned committed serious crimes were committed and they were following the evidence. >> i have covered four white house administrations and to say this is a political earthquake is to understate the magnitude of what has happened. said philip klein of the "national review." if they don't actually have the goods, this will make a political system that's already under stress that more unstable. that should be alarming to anybody. shannon? >> shannon: kevin, we'll keep covering this throughout the hour and check back with you on a couple of runs in just a few minutes. >> see you soon. >> shannon: with details on the fbi raid still emerging tonight, let's get an early read on the legal ramifications of what we know so far at this hour. former fbi special agent john that a rally and former chief nominations counsel for the senate judiciary committee mike davis. thank you all for being with us.
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i'll start with you tonight, following up on what kevin was just reporting on there. ari fleischer said in essence what kevin's last quote was. all i can say is the fbi better have the goods, this better be a slam-dunk criminal case. otherwise the biden administration and the doj have crossed a line of no return. otherwise searching a former president's home is a disgrace. a lot we don't know tonight but who would have to have approved this affidavit seeking the warrant and getting the warrant itself? >> i think this kind of decision can't be made and lessons made by the attorney general himself. merrick garland. in addition to the deputy attorney general and other aids, this is an unprecedented step. this has never happened before. even if there was probable cause to think the former president might've committed a crime, there are former constitutional issues about not trying to create bad incentives to presidents when they make decisions to worry about their
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future legal liabilities. that is why presidents have absolute immunity, we do not want them being harassed by the archivist of the united states trying to -- i don't know, what's he thinking when you need to get a search warrant to search a former president's office to look for materials? you usually work that out between the president's lawyers and the justice department rather than busting into a former president's house in a surprise raid at that's really unheard of. plus i don't think this crime of carrying classified information would be serious enough to do this. this is exactly the kind of crime that haley clinton was accused of and she was allowed to use our own lawyers to conduct the search first and hand over the fruits to the fbi. >> eric trump tonight and lara trump also have said that their characterization of what was going on is that there was cooperation going on. they thought things were going well. if this is about the presidential records act, the archive situation, that's one thing.
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we are told tonight it's not about january 6th, we don't know. we don't have the official documents. to your point about hillary clinton, said hillary clinton was the last to delete an acid wash to do 2,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by congress. absently nothing has happened to hold her accountable. took antique furniture and other items from the white house. what do you make of that? there've been a number of cases that republicans in the former president are going to .2 to say that this treatment is not the same across the political aisle. >> that's the danger with what has happened here today. the fbi in many respects is being viewed as being political because of decisions being made from high up. director wray fond of telling agents to hit low and put your head of doing it. you know what happens when you're doing that questioning sometimes you get a concussion and spinal injuries and i'm afraid these decisions have put the fbi in traction today.
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these are decisions the attorney general had to approve and sign off on as well as director wray himself. it makes the entire organization with political. >> shannon: jonathan turley tweeting this tonight, why a subpoena would not suffice critically when or president trump was not at mar-a-lago. the raid was to scoop up potential sensitive documents that were not reviewable at the scene. your take on this tonight? >> this is a redline the biden justice department has crossed here. completely unnecessary. it's political. the former president has an office, the former president, they have staff, they have office space. they have skiffs or secure places for classified material. secret service protection. there is no allegation or evidence whatsoever that this material was going to get lost and go in the wrong hands. there is no weighted do this
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raid other than to politicize this investigation. you have to step back and think about even if president trump took 15 boxes of materials with him when he left the white house, he is the president of the united states as he is leaving. he has the constitutional authority to declassify anything he wants. >> shannon: okay. there's a lot we don't know. we were talking about what we are seeing on the surface, what we know without seeing the warrant and the affidavit of any of these documents and it raises the question, is there more we don't know that will make sense? is it your sense that the doj, the fbi, have what they think they have, or there's a whole lot more that we don't know about that would justify this kind of raid. >> i hate to say it, but i can't believe that the fbi and the justice department would take such a significant step unless this was in fact color to buy january 6 investigation, unless
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there were concerns that president trump had committed some crime other than classified information. there is a lot of people in washington who handle classified information and they are rarely investigated and prosecuted and this is the former president of united states who's never been searched before in this way and our entire history. i have to think that you would take such a serious step, step over the red line if in some when you're being or hoping to find or looking for things that have to do with january 6, which would be more disturbing. i'm afraid that there is no way the fbi looks good here no matter what ground they have for the search. >> shannon: i'm being quoted by people who say they don't trust the institution anymore and that's heartbreaking as an american. something we don't want to happen regardless of personal politics or anything else. things like the doj, the fbi, to be neutral and do what their job entails without the taint of politics. there are a lot of folks saying that we just don't trust this because of what we saw with the
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steele dossier, the faisal lawrence, the attorney who got into a lot of trouble falsifying information. john, what do you say about the institution. a lot of folks out there just don't anymore. >> that's part of the problem tonight that's been created by doj. the rank-and-file men and women of the fbi are doing a great job each and every day. what you have are some higher-ups that are politicizing things and giving orders to agents to carry out certain actions. the american public should have faith in the men and women of the fbi. it's the politicians that are ruining everything. >> shannon: do you think the attorney general and anything associated with the doj are fbi will hold some presser? saying he wants a briefing for house members. do you think the american public to get a look at the affidavit? do you think that they'll come for it and say we want people to
9:16 pm
understand exactly what we did this, here is the case? >> they need to and if they don't, i think house republicans when they take over in january need to impeach attorney general merrick garland and fbi director christopher wray. they have completely politicize the justice department. they are ignoring obvious foreign corruption of the biden family in ukraine and china. they are going up to parents who were protesting at loudoun county school board meetings. christopher wray said that the fbi was too busy to go arrest people who were harassing and intimidating supreme court justices and their families in their homes. this justice department is rotten to the core and there needs to be repercussions. >> shannon: a note on the justices and protesters at their home. they are now showing at the summer vacation locations as well or at least being encouraged to come up protesters are. doesn't matter, should it factor
9:17 pm
in this situation about the fact that white house said they didn't know about this, should it factor into the equation that former president trump who very likely decide he's running again in 2024 so the current administration is carrying out activities that would involve potentially a head-to-head rival for the president? >> that's a great point and that's another reason why the fbi should've actually stepped back. they should have learned and ally from 2015-2016, they don't want their investigations to interfere and change the outcome of the presidential election. i always thought that if they think that a crime was committed by president trump on january 6th, i haven't seen the evidence come out. why not let the american people judge as they did in 2020 in the electoral process. if they think president trump was on trust they won't like them to the presidency. why not have faith in the american people and set a politicize the use of our
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criminal justice system to try and reach political outcomes. >> john, john, mike, if you stick around would love to come back to you as we continue to gather information this hour. thank you very much for your time. one of the things we've got to talk about, political implications of an fbi raid and a former resident and with the midterm is just weeks away, does it impact that calculus. going to dig into the politics of this race next. >> tech: cracked windshield? trust safelite. we'll replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing?
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>> shannon: welcome back. let's get to the political implication of the days raid on the home of former president trump. welcome back to the both of you. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: i want to start with house minority leader congressman kevin mccarthy.
9:24 pm
he said this. when republicans take back the house we will conduct immediate oversight of this department. attorney general garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar. a lot of folks say that roy lukens talk tough, they talk big and when they take over a lot of the stuff doesn't happen. what's your take? >> that was quite a statement and i think this will happen. if i am merrick garland, i'm expecting to be in front of congress most days come january if republicans take one or more chambers. what did he know, where does it go from here, why did he raid former president trump's house at mar-a-lago. i guess also just as important why isn't he treating hunter biden in a similar fashion if he has not broken any laws. >> shannon: we know there are investigations going on with hunter biden. maybe it develops next couple of days. who knows but we don't have all
9:25 pm
the facts, a lot of people speculating how it impacts the midterms potentially. scott jennings over at cnn says their reaction he's been getting from folks as he's talking about this raid... speaker if you don't convict donald trump now, you basically guaranteed him the nomination for the republican party in 2024 and you are going to give him a big weapon to go after joe biden or whatever democrat emerges in 2024. >> shannon: can republicans turn this to their advantage. he's talked about the deep state and all the folks that are after him. does he use the raid to his advantage? >> i agree with one part and that was a state by kevin mccarthy. what i do believe will happen is i believe the republicans are going toward the midterms in 2022 and for the election of 2024, though uses to their advantage. this will be a talking point and it's going to galvanize a base of people who were fired up and
9:26 pm
ready to go before in this group of people are definitely going to be fired up and ready to go going towards the midterms and 2024 and is quite obvious now because right now a lot of members of the republican party are acting extremely unhinged because of this raid that happened at mar-a-lago today. >> a lot of the statements i'm getting believe that they should flip this to their advantage. the rnc tonight, the democrats weaponize the bureaucracy, this raid is outrageous. this abuse of power must stop and the only way to do that is to elect republicans in november. that's going to be the message. is it going to be a winning one? >> it should be part of the message but at the end of the day, this is about inflation and gas prices. we shouldn't lose sight of that. at least in 2022. i think a more important message will be come 2024, i think president trump is likely to run, especially now after today's events. this it gives them something
9:27 pm
that he spent a lot of his time talking 2020. this is more forward-looking. you can talk about joe biden in the context of its raid and use it as an attack against them and other democrats. >> shannon: throughout this raid he says earlier today on monday, drowns out the relatively good week with the passage of a hefty reconciliation rule. it risks mobilizing republicans against the government in much the same way. if not to the same extent that the supreme court's reversal of roe v. wade energized democrats. if trump's narrative take hold, the revocation in terms of motivating republican voters will be negative for biden, not positive. this gets to a point you are making but there should be a victory lap day for the president after getting the massive package by convincing senator sinema and mention the get along.
9:28 pm
>> for the president and democrats, that's what's going down. whether it's still high in some areas of the country, the proof in the pudding is that gas is going down. we've had great gas down my jobs numbers his incredible packages that the senate has been able to work towards to will also be back in the news. at this point, the democrats need to focus on the good news that we have. use this as a minor talking point that we have been able to show you that the president winning, these were records were you should not have taken the records from the white house to your house in florida. we all know that that's what reagan tried to do in 1974 and that's what happen when you try to take it to california. at this point we hope that donald trump is in jail by 2024 so that way we do have to worry about him running. >> shannon: is this a distraction question what does it get away for messaging on
9:29 pm
both sides about this new climate, the health care bill, does it take everybody off message? how long does the new cycle last? >> it shouldn't take republicans off message. gas prices, inflation, the economy, there's a political law that the side that overreaches pays the price. i saw your legal segment before this, seems like an overreach on the part of the doj and biden administration. they could pay the price come november. >> shannon: the fbi raid on donald trump's florida home is terrible for america and will backfire on the dems. final word to you. >> i meant to say nixon. but i'm looking forward to the 2022 midterms, actually. i'm looking forward to see what happens with mar-a-lago, donald trump, and his record. >> there's a lot we don't know that we'll find out in the coming days and weeks. nixon in the '70s, reagan and
9:30 pm
the imposter 80s, now trump and a whole new world. what happens next? on this presented raid on president trump's florida home from our legal analyst way and next. [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout]
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eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at >> shannon: back to tonight's top story, the i'm presented raid of a former president's private residence, executing a search warrant on the home of former president trump at mar-a-lago. i want to start with you on this. congressman ted lieu, democrat, responding to former president trump's statement on this. he says, trump showed a profound ignorance of the law. democrats did not break into his home. this is not prosecutorial misconduct because prosecutors don't approve warrants. a federal judge found probable cause that evidence of a crime would be at mar-a-lago. your response? >> that's and clear. we haven't seen the warrant.
9:36 pm
we do not know the predicate law they are basing this on beer just because a judge approved a warrant from a prosecutor does not mean that that's doesn't mean that president trump committed a crime. it would actually be extraordinary if president trump committed a crime by taking 15 boxes when he left the white house because president of united states as we discussed earlier, he has a cause additional authority to declassify anything he wants. it's unclear what the crime would even be here. >> shannon: yeah, seeing the affidavit and warrant would be useful, even a press release and statement will help us. in the meantime buck sexton will enter our audience. no special counsel for hunter's selling of his dad's office to china, all allegations, but fbi raids former president trump's home, seems legit. john and the that only can youunderstand hows
9:37 pm
will review it that way? >> absolutely. there've been a lot of allegations involving hunter come out many of which can be national security issues because of his proximity to the white house certainly with his father. we are seeing absolutely nothing. and yet that case began around the same time period that the allegations of this case began, but radio silence. certainly something has to be done. >> the hill had an opinion piece yesterday. it came before the raid or anything we knew about this raid was going to happen. an opinion piece, he said this. any prosecution is going to be a circus in which any slip up by garland or his team would be disastrous. garland needs to get trump on a felony. democrats will rage in him. with that all in mind, john yoo,
9:38 pm
what is the attorney general thinking tonight? >> that dell might how dangerous it is to break a precedent that involves investigating former chief executives, going into his house, launching a surprise raid. you'd only do that if the crime at stake was so important that it demanded those kinds of extreme measures. think about past presidents. president nixon's lawyers turn them over. the fbi didn't bust in the white house to get the navy blue dress from bill clinton. they handed that over. this is such an outstanding step that it should only be done for something truly important. this is something that we call prosecutorial discretion. this is a justice department is not prosecuting thousands and thousands of immigration cases because they don't think it's worth the resources. is this really the right time for the attorney general to say that we are going to send the fbi in on surprise search warrants, the kind we use for mafia leaders and drug dealers, for something about taking away
9:39 pm
the wrong documents? you would only do it, i think, if you thought the president was criminally responsible for january 6th and you have probable cause and you can prove it. i haven't seen that yet, haven't seen that in the hearings, doubt that justice department has it yet. >> shannon: we talked about this, the political implications of this and a lot of folks saying that if this does not go by the book for the fbi, results in serious charges and conviction, it risks making president trump look like the martyr in the situation. what do you think about the political calculus? >> it's going to backfire on president biden. attorney general merrick garland, they are going after president biden's likely presidential rival in 2024 per this the same biden justice department that has eviscerated 250 years of executive privilege to go after the white house chief of staff, the white house senior advisor, white house
9:40 pm
trade director. even the white house counsel. attorney general merrick garland is out of control. when republicans take over the house in january and likely take over the senate, there needs to be accountability. >> shannon: final word to you about this, the process of how this works its way into the raid that we saw today. >> now that they seized all of these boxes, agents are going to be to actually go through everything and look for whatever evidence it is that they were trying to discover. we are going to hear from the justice department at some point, if they came up with anything at all. if there is silence, that means it was a dud. >> shannon: john, john, mike, thank you so much for the double duty. appreciate it. we will take a look at some of your other top headlines tonight. but first, and look at tuesday forecasts. >> i'm meteorologist nick
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coaster and here is your fox weather tuesday forecasts. i'm going to say stormy and wet across the midwest and the ohio river valley, shannon. i'm really worried about eastern kentucky. they saw historic flooding just last weekend and here we are through wednesday under yet another flood watch. you can download the fox weather app or stream fox weather from your favorite connected tv device. we will see you there. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads.
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>> shannon: in the wake of the weekend passage of the inflation reduction act, republicans are vowing to make democrats pay a political price for purportedly making middle-class americans pay the price for the big spending track dell my package. the president is touting the savings but republicans insist it's going to raise taxes on all americans. >> for some of us it's not going to kick in a little bit but it's all good. >> all it does is raise their hundred $26 billion, hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars on taxes on the small, medium size businesses in this country and on energy. >> shannon: allowing them to hire an additional 87,000 auditors. in other news tonight, olivia newton-john has died after a long battle with
9:47 pm
breast cancer. the multitalented singer and actress best known for her role of sandy in "grease." her husband announced her death on social media saying, "olivia has been the symbol of triumph and hope for over 30 years, sharing her journey with breast cancer." olivia newton-john was 73. two white men convicted in the death of all death of all men have been sentenced to life in prison for committing a federal hate crime. initiated the attack, they were previously sentence in state court to life without parole for arbury's murder. the family of gabby potato says it files a they failed to recognize their daughter was in a life-threatening situation when they investigated a fight
9:48 pm
between her and brian laundry not long with spring and former d.c.homie >> narrator: the wounded booth founder randy sutton. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the lawyer from gabby petito's family, if they recognize the obvious indicators of abuse, it would've been clear to them that gabby was a victim of in the mint partner violence needed protection against the police to stop this couple but didn't take more aggressive action and ended up dead. >> shannon, this is certainly a sad tragedy of events that took place with gabby. when you took out a $50 million lawsuit against law enforcement officers in this case.
9:49 pm
unfortunately i can tell you as a lawyer i pried many of these kinds of cases and i believe that this case will not go anywhere. when law enforcement officers came on that scene, one of the things that was told of them was that gabby had been the aggressor. the law enforcement officer immediately separated them and come up with them in different locations overnight. the law enforcement officers did not have any proper duty to do anything in that case, i believe, and i think unfortunately this case will be dismissed. >> shannon: what do you think? emily says they want to do everything possible to make sure that another victim is not left in the same position. >> i'm going to have to disagree with ted on this one because the domestic violence laws across the united states have been put into place because of the improper use of discretion by law enforcement officers through
9:50 pm
time. the mandatory arrests of people that have been where there is probable cause to make an arrest, these have been taken out of the hands of the law enforcement officers' discretion. what we have in this particular case, there is a little disparity between what the lawyers for the petito family, her being recognized as a victim, when as ted had said, she was seen as the aggressor and the rules here were that she should have been arrested for domestic violence. would that have changed the outcome of this? i think they really do have a case and i think there will probably be a settlement somewhere down the line. >> shannon: a 16-year-old who vanished, california police seeking a 16-year-old girl who
9:51 pm
vanish without a trace, may have been abducted from a high school party with dozens or hundreds of fellow teens in attendance. keeley rodney was seen at a rural campground near the border of california and the vet at 12:30 according to authorities. we are treating it like an abduction because we can't locate her vehicle. that's from the sheriff's office telling fox news digital on monday. let me start with you. what happens now? what are police doing at this moment? >> i can tell you that they pull out all the stops. he had the possibility of an abduction of a 16-year-old girl. they are pinning her phone. they are looking at all of her emails. they are looking at who she was there with an air looking at their social media, her social media, there are tons and tons of leads that need to be followed up. but the question here, shannon, what is a 16-year-old girl doing
9:52 pm
out at 1:00 in the morning in a party situation. where are... where is the parental responsibility here? we are always seeing that when there are these tragic situations with missing teens, the questions keep rising, where is a supervision for these children? >> hopefully someone there, they saw something. ted, click final word to you? >> i do believe they are deathly going to try to find her phone and hope that there is something pinging, that their phone may very well be dead. but the fact about it is this is a tragedy. they are trying to do whatever they can to follow up on it, shannon, and they are trying to bring her home if she has been abducted. this is a tragedy of epic proportions. >> shannon: ted and randy, thank you for your expertise tonight. >> always a pleasure.
9:53 pm
>> shannon: back to tonight's breaking news, the fbi at the mar-a-lago home of former president from from white house correspondent kevin corke continuing to track the latest for us tonight. >> a shocker of a day for the country as the fbi raided the home of a former president as president trump's home and mar-a-lago comes under siege by the biden and the ministrations fbi the approval of attorney general merrick garland and fbi director cristobal ray christopher wray. in a statement, these are dark times for our nation is my beautiful home, mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida, is under siege, rated by fbi agents but nothing like this is ever happen to a president to the united states before. this from andrew clyde. the corrupt fbi raided president trump's home. joe biden has weaponized the government to go after his political rivals. this insanity happens in third world countries. not the united states of
9:54 pm
america. marco rubio adding this, the fbi isn't doing anything about groups vandalizing catholic churches, firebombing pro-life groups, threatening supreme court justices, but they find time to raid mar-a-lago. capitol hill, some democrats are being careful about how they are characterizing the raid. >> none of us know the facts and any comments are premature. >> this is a confidence that the justice department is following this objectively and in a nonpolitical way. >> suggestion that the raid was related to classified documents, that the president had taken out of the white house after his presidency. this from mike turner, the lead interpreter of intelligence, i'm demanding an immediate briefing by fbi fbi director wray. in the night to remember in the
9:55 pm
nation's capital, shannon. >> shannon: you covered washington for a very long time. this is a very unique event. things are doing a lot of extra duty for us tonight on that and we'll watch and see how it plays out. kevin, thank you. because you bet. >> shannon: coverage will continue on "fox & friends first" and on tonight from washington, i'm ucshannon bream. is post and wri dogs have been such an j important part of my life. usi have landed a new puppy as i was writing, i found that there just wasn't as sharp and i knew i needed to do something. so i started taking forever and i realized that i was much more clear. i was remembering the details that i was supposed to forever just keep my brain working elinright provision, healthier elinright provision, healthier brains, better life skills the power with three. he's feeling it. . g.
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you have to hire an indie indie . you do indeed. instant submit instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description, visiting .com flash hire is your favorite. i'm going to go with josh. yes, i'm sorry. what i was talking about the types of. come on . you know i love all my chickens. he has a really sweet kid so could you just get some? we the fox news alert. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight i am will cain in for tucker. we beginto with this fox newsn alert. a little over one hour ago, we learned that the biden administration raided the home of the former president donald trump in palm beach, florida. donald trump announced the raid in a statement. has confirmed that the raidoc occurred, quote, thee are dark times for our nation, said the former president. my beautiful home, mara lago in palm beach, florida, is currently i


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