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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. you do indeed. instant submit instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description, visiting .com flash hire is your favorite. i'm going to go with josh. yes, i'm sorry. what i was talking about the types of. come on . you know i love all my chickens. he has a really sweet kid so could you just get some? we the fox news alert. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight i am will cain in for tucker. we beginto with this fox newsn alert. a little over one hour ago, we learned that the biden administration raided the home of the former president donald trump in palm beach, florida. donald trump announced the raid in a statement. has confirmed that the raidoc occurred, quote, thee are dark times for our nation, said the former president. my beautiful home, mara lago in palm beach, florida, is currently i under siege,
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raided and occupied by a large group of fbiiearge agents trump wrote , nothing like this has ever happened tota a president of the united states before. trump said the raid, whichte wa unannounced, amounts to, quote, prosecutorial misconduct, weaponization of the justice system and an attack by the l radical left democrats who desperately do not want me to run for president d in 2020 four, especially based on recent polls. trump said agents also broke into his safe. former president donald trump concluded his statement, noting that hillary clinton, quote, was allowed to delete an acid wash three thousand emails after they were subpoenaed by congress. but the doj did nothing about that. the new yorkin times is reportig tonight that the search is ,se quote, focused on material thatn mr. trump had brought with himr- to magalog. it waste private clubnc and residence after he leftes the white house. those boxes allegedly contained many pages of classified documents, according tome a person familiar with their
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contents. the times continued, quote, mr.t trump delayed returning 15 boxes of material requested by officials with the national archives for manyy months, only doing so when there became a threat of action being taken to retrieve them. fox news has confirmed that per standard protocol, fbi director wray and attorney progeneral garland were aware f the raid before occurred. ve however, you characterized whatd happened i in the unitedom states of america today. thisen is a defining moment, a seminal moment, a partisanns moment, one that generations look back on and ask, was thiso a moment we broke apart but wer? were able to come together. and the answer to that question will be the questions we askhe tonight. was there anre evidentiary basii ? was there a legal basis or was this a partisan witch to begin that conversation? let's start with fox. is mike emanuel who is standing by with the latest mike . well, good evening, fox news
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has learned from a source closen to the former president that new york cityinn at trump tower when he learned about the fbi raid of his marpe a lago the new york times is reporting that federal authorities appear to be focused on material former president trump brought e with him from the white house to his home in palm beach, ub florida. that published reports cites a person familiar that the raid began this morning and notes the former president delayed returning thoseng 15 boxes of material requested by officials with the national archives for months. fox news is working to confirm all of those details. fox news has confirmed the raidh of former president trump's mar a lago home with a law enforcement familiar source familiar with the search warrantent per standard protoco. attorney general merrick garland and fbi director chris wray were aware of this having fully briefed and will continue to be . the former president announced the raid a short time ago. earlier this evening calling this dark times for our nation as his home in palm beach, florida, is being raided and , quote, occupied by a large group of fbi agents. mr. s trump called the raid unannounced and says it was not necessary not or appropriate in
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arguing that such an assault could only takeke place in brokn third world countries. fee former president says federal authorities broke into his safe. the search comes after numeroush televised hearings on capitol hill looking into the events ofr january six . 2020 one and more questioning of former trump administration officialsru by the justice department regarding the events after the twenty i twenty election in the final weeks of the former president's time in officeffic , it's not entirely clear why today was chosen to launch l l the fbi ra the former president calling it political targeting at the highest level, comparing this to former secretary of state hillary clinton, but noting nothing has happened to hold her accountable. well, mike , i love the follow up with one question or for you. i noted you said both fbi director christopher gray and the attorney general merrick garland were aware of this raid. do we know and you mentioned both of these potential
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evidentiary or legal basis for the raid. do we know specifically was d this about those confidentialla material, the alleged classified material that were in boxes taken to mayor longo or was this connected tohis the congressional investigation around january 6th? weat have notio been able to pinpoint that just yet. we know that there was back and forth between trump administration officials and the national archives over 15 boxes of material. we do know that what we haven't confirmed just yet is whether that is the reason for the raid that happened at mar a lago today. so we are working to button that up. but that is the latesto information that we've seen in terms of that "new york times" report. so we wanted to provideau to w our audience and let our viewers decide for themselves what they think of thatha. so t not entirely clear whether this is related to the hearings on capitol hill, the subsequenti investigation that's taking place at the justice department, ,interviewing former trump administration officials about his final weeks in office, exactly why they're doing this t at thishe particular time. but there's a lot going on ,
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obviously on capitol hill and over at the justice department leading to a raid of his mar a lago home today. well, and as of tonight, nomm comment so far from the fbien or the doj. mike emanuel, thank your so much for the latest. do you heard mike say there that this will be upp to the american people you l watching to decideeg was this a legal raid? was this a raid in pursuit of a justice or was this a partisan act to take out not justl a former president buten a potential candidate for president of the united states andt obviously, according to the latest polls, the leader of the opposition party, in order to know the answer to that question, the doj and the fbi will need to provide and soon the evidentiary and legal basis for this. and this is a very fairen statement, unprecedented action by the department of justice. let's talk about exactly what you the viewer, what you american should be taking away from this with steven miller. he's a former senior trumpmp
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adviser and he joins us with his reaction. steven, what a day in american history. io your reaction? this is is an abomination. have the sitting president of the united states , joe biden, through his justice department, through his fbi conducting a raid on the person who is presumed to be his opponent in the next election and also the forty fifth president of the united states . as president trump pointed out in his statement, it is risible that this would be purportedly done in the nameepr of document preservation from the leaksil we've seen when hillary clintona used an off book server for years to conduct classified state business and at the same time w money was being funneled by the millions into the clinton foundation, the very people she was doing business with that to this dayno has never been investigated,t not by the fbi, not by the irs.
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not by anybody. we are truly living in a situation where the fbi has become a pretorian guard from rome, where they take it unto themselves to decide i who wieln power in this country. you know, stephen , i can't help but notice that for all that trump was accused , it seems that biden b is intent on embodying. it was said that donald trump would, quote, lock her. ap that did not happen. as you just pointeded out,, with hillary clinton, there was noie raid of hillary clinton. her classified document here now under joe bidenrender, there is exactly that pursuit. there is the use of law enforcement to go after his political opponentnt. talk about the security state that has been after f president trump foror six years when he declared his candidacy and then when he t became the nominee, they began pushing the russian collusion hoax a hoax. let's not forget four years of
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our national life. the official position of the government of the beltway classel of the media was that se had conspired illegally with thell government of russiau until that was completely and wholly debunked. let us not forget the securityun state leak that was used to improperly and scandalously impeach him for simply trying to get to the bottom of well known corruption in ukraine. let's not forget the completely fabricated story about russian bounty's that was dropped right before the election. ot f the assertion that the hunter biden scandals well documented video whereru russian disinformation and let's d not also forget that the sitting president of the united states isel completey ,as far as we know, being held harmless for how he benefiteds from his son's business dealings. where is the special counsel too look into how every penny of that income was handled by the biden family, was handledy by biden, reported by biden
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and classified biden? it's's not happening because again, we have a branch hassion of government that decided throwing back to the eons before in the roman empirea that they can decidet that they are the guardians of the empire. they can decide who leads us and who doesn't. this is an unprecedented development for this country. and i would say nothing like this hasne happened as far as ia aware in any others of developed peers. and what therefore do you think, stephen , will be the fallout you just laid out beautifully the power of allegations out you laid outpo beautifully, the power of investigation, what occurred over the last four yearse amounted to nothing. we know the facts. we knowd what ended up what did not end up in conclusion with all of thosese allegations and all of that investigation to donald trump in russia. t buthe the power of that investigation and the power of that allegation captured held hostage america and a a presidency for the betterr part of four years. now you have a new investigation. you havee a new allegation,at
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stephen , what happens? what's h the fallout? we only recourse that i can see in the near term, though,in obviously have to be a cleaning house in 2020 five in the near term. there needs to be such a large majority elected in the house that they will have unquestioned ability to not only subpoena but to impeach i any and every official who is involved in wrongdoing, both current and past, and to ensure that we finally uncover the truth about who wasas involved in each and every one of the scandals and misinformation campaigns. i just walked through because as you said, the damage, anst investigation, a false investigation can do is beyond imagination and to live under the clouds for years. thesee fake investigations is not merely an attack on donald trump, but an attack on every single americann who participated in democracy to make him president. steven, i want to ask you this
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as we end our conversation. i can't help but note that this is the day as well when congress has passed a bill toce expand the irs enforcement agency by eighty seven thousand new agents. you know, i think the burden of proof for the doj on this t allegation, this investigation into donald trump is going to be more than the burden ofme proof in a court of law. rithe american people have lost trust in institutions, mediace science, medical, fbi, . telligence agencies what do you think on the back end of this, stephen , will be the attitude of the american people towards institutions that have been granted inherited credibility for decadesades? look, people looked at steve bannon and peter navarro facingl eric holder walking free and they see that there is a doublel justice system, one for people that support the regimee and on0 that are0 opposed to it. you talk about the eighty seven thousand irs agents i. yes, it's a violent attack on the economic welfare of our middle class , but it's alsope
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an ability to police speech in w america because what does the irs do? they decide who's a nonprofit. they decide tax deductibility. they decide who isty a political organization, who is a charity,, who can be involved in our elections, who can't be this is an enormous power that is now being given to the irs to further put a bureaucracy that has lifetime appointed unelected in charge of our political system. so it's very frightening. i will telll. yeah. and it just highlights this is about more than a former f president. this is about the american people. steven miller, youop always put into perspective. well, i appreciate you being with us. tom tucker. karl, thank you so much. all right. let's turn now to matt whitaker. he's the acting or was the acting attorney general under donald trump and he joinss us now that i'm glad to have i you with us. let's go into the what would it need, matt ? walk me through the process of a accomplishing a search warrant for the fbi to execute a raid on a former president who would have to approve and what type
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of burden would they have toho shoulder on an evidentiaryul basis to send fbi agents in the málaga? well, it's a burden, but it's not insurmountable. and one of the first things they need to do is have anav alleged crime. and then second, they need to s swear a fact pattern that p supports the probable cause to issue that subpoena. ultimately, it's going to go in front ofbp a magistrate judge who's going to signul off on it after it is swept out by an officer of the law. but, you know, let's let's takee two steps back to open a criminal investigation cri. all you have to have predication. and so you jump through all those hurdles that the department of justice and you end up then a executingu a search. but you know, these types of issues like search warrant, yp arresting someone and all those types of law enforcement activities obviously put a cast of pale or cast a shadow on that individual that is now
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subject to those law enforcement actions. and in this case, i just think this is an outrageous expansion of the fbi's really i don't know how you say an attack f on donald trump foror the last six years so that i want tol: take you up on your invitation to back it up a couple ofin steps. soo in order to launchou the investigation, who wouldld have to h give the green light?f who would haveor to ask for the search warrant before get to that magistrate judge, i'm going to ask you and i'llhe ask you ahead of time and you can help answer this. it would, i would assume, require the director of the fbi, perhaps the attorney general, merrick garland. would it inttor your estimation, go as high as to t the white p house and the president ofid united states, joe biden? yeah,de i would be surprised ifn this department of justice allowed joe biden toth be involved. that would obviously't be a line that shouldn't be crossed in a criminal investigation. but yes, i would expect the chris and merrick garland both signed off on the criminal investigation of donald trump and that obviously is a bigow step. and both of, them fearing for
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their future, probably havef some measure of conflict in this situation. but aal investigation i and agent can go to a supervisor, you know, tell them what he has and make sureiv that there aree reasonable investigative steps that can be taken based on an initial predication of that case. obviously inha concert with a prosecutor like a u.s. t attorney's office. but this typehi of case wherees you're going after a former president, the united states and possibly future presidentfted united states wod involve the attorney general and the fbi director and senior officials at the highest levels. so i'm going to ask you to aou t speculate that you can decline if you would like, but i'm going to ask you tono speculate. t you know, we've listened to chris wray over the last several weeks or so in the last week at the very least, testified before congress about the resources of the fbi, where and where he could not dedicate resources. we heard him asked about the biden investigation, the gretchen whitmer investigation against violencegr
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against pro-life advocates in or pro-abortion advocates of pro-life sinner'sn. he talked about essentially that the limited resources of the fbial and therefore prosecutorial discretion in where they choose to put their resources. so i'm curious, the fbi has chosen to devote resources to donald trump. why in your estimation, what is this aboutut? po is this about supposed classified documents? is this about fi jan 6th? s why a is this at the top of their list of priorities? what will ? that's a great question. and obviously what youou prioritize, you put resources towards and if you had many fbi agents at mar a lago today that took away from other things that those agents could be working on , including violent crime in our majores cities. but you're right, the department of justice and the fbi appear to be focusing res a lot of resours on january 6th and on donald trump and the previous administration. and it's hard not too believe that these are politically motivated. i have spent seven and a halfce
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years at the department of justice. it's an institution that should be trusted, but they have eroded that trust a to a point now where i thinknk they to your point earlier, they have a burden to demonstrate thatn this investigationon is not completely politically motivated. after hillary clinton walks free for the last seven years. youu know, and i don't know how they satisfy that burden. you know, at a minimum, that itr would require some form of a guilty verdict in some court of law. but whatof we've seen over the past several years is the power of allegation, a simple investigation and without at a minimum a guilty verdict. but i would say the burdenvy is probably more heavy than that because the american people have to look athe the inconsistency which youig and i are both talking about. right. hunter>>? pro-abortion violence, pro-life cintas, whatever limited resourcess p. and we b cannot help but seeof because of hypocrisy, partisan application of law enforcement
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. yeah, you're absolutely right.. and i think this is where, you know, the american people need to ask very difficult questionsa . congress needs to ask very difficult questions because at the end of the day, if if they'e really planning on bringing donald trump to washington w, d.c. in front of a washington, d.c. jury in a washington, d.c. judge, this republic is is maybe not strong enough to bear that burden ultimately. but we will see, you know, the fbi is into a unprecedented area. t the department ofhi justice undi democrats leadership, i think dangerousato verys field right now.t,xt matt ,? what happens next? what happens next? will we hear from the doj and the fbi on why this raid occurred? ro yeah,m i would expect that we're not going to hear much from the department of justice. i can't imagine that fbi is just to enforce the archivesu authority to have the presidential records. they certainly didn't seem to care much about hillaryil clinton's records at the time. and so i just think it's goinget
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to, be a very quiet, t uncomfortable period for some time. w,and i think everybody needs to be ready for what happens next . and one last question that you were acting attorney general. you have an expansive view of american history in your estimation. we heard from steven miller a little bitte m earlier that ie his estimation, he can't find another example of somethingst like this in american history. can you? i can't. and i think thisun is unfortunately we've crossed the rubicon to some extent where previous administrationsna are now investigatedio and previous presidents are investigated by the next administration. is something from banana republics, not the united states of america. tes not whiteaker. that's exactly what we've begunt to hear. banana republic, thank you so much. thank you. you've heard it mentionedrd several t times the hypocrisy, the perhaps not hypocrisy, ar the partisan consistencyti on where resources are deployedo is too obvious to ignore. bjoe biden's son , hunter biden
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lied on a federal gun form. he also is on tape smoking crack and hooking up with . in addition, the fbi has been in possession of hunter biden'sh laptop for more than two years and that laptop includesth evidence of tax fraud. itatf also contains evidence tht the biden family's overseas influence peddling operation ins ukraine, in china, potential corruption at the highest levels of the americanin government that you would think would at least warrant, i don't know, a look under the covers by law enforcement. so why hasn't biden been raided by the fbi? gerry callahan is a radio host in massachusetts and he joins us now. great to see you. maybe i shouldn't be asking you' to explain the hypocrisy. maybe it's obvious it's just partisan consistency. it is obvious. well, it couldn't be more obvious. you don't have speculation when it comes to hunter. ve
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you have his actual laptop. you have photographs, videos, everything. that was his thing.he sota there's not a lot gray area there. and not only do they not raid hunters not only to not arrest him, but noo one expects them to . no one has any faith ine the justice system. so i think whatt we're dealing with today is , you know, our ip, fbi, it feels like it's over that everybody has to understand it's, you know, t partisan militantha wing of the bush administration. and i would remindd everybody that about three hours ago will joe biden couldn't put on his sport coat. s -he struggled. he's not i don't think t he's controlling things here. and that's a question we goto. o ask. i mean, you can get to that. what who's who's callingqu the shots here? another questiones i have is , does anyone really believe the knew 87000 irs agents are going to go after billionaires and corrupt corporations when
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you see how they don't hesitate to militar to weaponizes the various administration, their wings, their departments against their enemies, it is the most frightening thing os they are going after political enemies. and one other thing, the they got five months left where they have the house right, five months left. they have two yearswo left whern they have the white house. i don't think i they care how it looks. this looks really bad.. it looks like banana republic stuff is everyone said, but i think they've moved past the point where they care how it looks. they don't care.e. they're going to inflictey as much damage against their political enemies as they can over the next five months itand certainly the next two and a half years. yeah. you know, jerry, i've heard itbo said tonight alreadyut on the fx news channel about elections about 2020 two and twenty twenty four . i find that optimistic o. i think there's a distrust now,n an undeniable distrust amongve the american people for b the institutions that survive
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beyond elections. and i think you're exactly right to point to the fbi. how do you explain how do you explain the interest in donald trump? but more importantly, o the lack of interest, jerry, in potential corruption in the white house? and i'm going to use the word potential because allegations are designed to be investigated by the fbi. and in this case, what w we havs seen and said last week, well, you know, it's it's concerning . we p haven't given thatha more attention. it's a problem that you called this information. not only did you decline to investigate, you explained it away as russian disinformation . that's's a great point. think about this.i' i've youst heards a lot of talkt hillary clinton deleting the emails. obviously, donald trump pointed that out. bill clinton went to, you know, island. me how many?? a couple of dozen times. a you don't even expectn to l investigateet and let alone a raid. and with hunter biden, this always blows my mind. ro went don't need the investigation. it's right there in front of you. they handedthey it to you,
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christopher wray. we see the videos. we know there's probably we know this w crack we know is influence peddling. that guy was at the white house in the rose garden about two weeks go for the medal of freedom ceremony. even he's not even worried. you know, he's worried. eric trump, eric trump, donald trump jr.. anybody in trump's universe, they're afraid of the 6:00ordo . raid where they're in their boxer shorts and cnn's across the street. re ti guess donald trump was lu. at least he wasn't in his underwear and with a cnn camera watching him come out of my relaxium at least he wasn't t didn't reach thatha point. butint. who knows what's next? well, coming up shortly, we'll be talking to members of the trump family. tr we appreciate hearing from you tonight, jerry. thank you so much, jerry. m thanks, will . you will . all right. thist just in from fox digital'x brook syngman. a source tells fox news that tho fbi just went to maryland and looked in every single office, e his safe former president safe
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and grab documents and boxes without going through them on the property. so immediately leftrc the property with those boxes. the source said the agents tooke the documents to go through later once they left michelago, the source told fox news they were not being judiciousus about what they took. e trump t has promised a member or the trump family and former senior adviser s to donald trume joins us now. larry, thank you for beingou on the program with us tonight . i will just start with this. have you spoken to the formertt president? how is he doing? whathe is the attitude of the family? i have spoken to my father in law and i got to tell you, youth know, he's as shockedin as anybody. i think for someone and anyone,, quite frankly, who loveslo this country and believes inyo america, this should shake you to your core. what has happened today? this is a very t clear demarcationhe in the history of america. never before as many ofe your guests have already talked about, will have we seen something like this happenn
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where an unannounced raid by the fbifb is conducted on a former president ofni the united states . think about this.e if this is what they're able toe do to the former president of t the united states , think about what they could do to you, to anybody in the bottom line here is that these documents thatt have been in question have been everybody's been cooperating. everybody fromm my father inm law's team has been-- cooperatig with the fbi with any authority that asked for anything up until now. and there was no need to makeuc such a big scene to do a something this insane, quiteui frankly, to a formerte presiden. but i think everybody clearly's knows, will , what is going g on here. this is about weaponizes the justice system as it has been so many times in the pastou against somebody who you politically do not like. they detest donald trump not just on the democrat side, but the general establishment because he's not one of them,
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because he doesn't play their game. they are terrified he's going to announce any day that he's running for president in twenty , i twenty four .24 and this, is a very convenient way to c just throw a little moe mud on donald trump as though they haven't already donerg enough. this is theet same agency. don't forget the fbi who had falsified documents to get fisan warrants to conduct this entire sham russia hoax that y the country had toea deal with for two years. millions ofs taxpayer dollars il our time that will never get back to find what absolutely nothing. they've been trying to shove january six down. everybody's throat in an effort to get people to care about that and think that's the most important thing in the worldth that hasn't worked for them yet. so here they are heading wd. int a midterm and heading into a presidential election season, comingoion where they know they have no on the democrat side, they have nothing positive to show that they've done for the american people. so what doo do? you do? you try to take out a guyin who hasn't even announced that he's running yethey', but they'e
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terrified of him on the democrat side for sure. abut i'm going to say it again in the general establishment, laura , you've spoken to your father in law. therefore, you have the most immediate information of anybody we've spoken with tonight. does he know do you know why his home was raided? he believes it's the documents in question that everybody's beenknow really upset about from the white house. look, my father in law,un as anybodyd knows, he's been around him a lot, loves to say things like newspaper clippingso ,magazine clippings, photograph documents that hedo had every authority will to take from the white house and again, he's been cooperating every single step of the wayay with the people thatp have questioned any of this. and i know people brought it up before. but, you know, look at hillary clinton, the thirty three thousand emails that shee just deletes that are completely gone and nobody bats an eyelash about it. donald trump takes some documents that he had every right to take that every i
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president does didn't take antiques, you know, like hillaryde clinton took out of the white house and paintings, apparently. but thatre t is what he believe. and that's what, you know, i think is at the bottom of all this. and the reason that they raided mar a lago, quite frankly, allyo always good tou talk to thank you for giving us that firsthand perspective from insideht the family tonight. you got it right, steve bannon has experienced the weaponization of the justice system firsthand. he's the former white house chief strategist. he has beennju targeted relentlessly by the january 6thm committee. he joinsmi us now by phone to react. news of the fbi raid on morogo steve, happy to have you on the program. have you by phone here tonight w . what'sha your immediate reactiou well, you know, i gave the speech, the keynote address at the cattlemen's board at cpac on friday night. i said we're at war. we're at a political and ideological war. and they've obviouslyce weaponizes the justice department. and this had to be approved by ron klain.
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thisro had to go up to the white house to be approved. absolutely. by saying that this is a this had to go up the chain of command to merrick garland, to ron klain, at least at reading these guys. but look, her here's the thing. this. is about pure power t politics. they're absolutely scared to death about trump. that can't be marc elias, the guy who laid out the entirer effort to steal the 2012he election and the transition period after he's tweeting right now's all the u.s. codeut about documents and they haveou make sure you can't run for federal office again. they're absolutely petrified. trumpral an announcement a coua of weeks when the republican nomination winpl the white hous. now here's what's incumbent upon everybody. the house leadersubli right now need to step up and that jim jordan full investigation. i think cutting off appropriations to the fbi toth get to the bottom of thisis. n. this is this is going to n continue on the fbi right now. is the gestapo.he the fbi is the gestapo. whether it's out in colorado putting a gold staro, mother lie tina peters in chains,
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peter navarro in chains, it'sr absolutely this is an obscenity and we're going t fight fire with fire the way to win election, win them overwhelmingly and then use the appropriation process to choke down the fbi and shut down the justice department and get to the bottom of who approved this. this is this is so outrageous. i it is the only investigation. i want to ask this question, steve. you know, i'm familiar with i'mm familiar with your point of view. i'm familiar with the opinions you share on war room. i'm familiar with how deep you fear the corruption has run y y within the united states of america. ori'm curious, i said this earlier in the program, believing elections can change the place in which we sit today. inunited of america is a very o optimistic point of view because thiss corruption, if it is partisan corruption, isn't relegated to the fbi.. i we saw eighty seven thousand new irs agents have been hired. you can look at almost anylo federal institution, including the intelligence community who dismissed biden's laptop as his information. and you can say to yourself,
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this isn't one apparatus. thisfo is not one department. thisr p is not one election. our problem is deeper. well, you're 100% correct. this is not about corruption. that's not this is aboutbo the administrative state. thisinis about an undemocratic apparatus bigger than bureaucracy. this is the administrative aat state and they want to run things their own way and they want to pick and choosengei who actually runs and who actually wins. thisnt is why it's incumbent upn , we have two thirds of the nation's and backlots, hispanics, african-americans, asian-americans. it's now time to c take control of the house of representatives with an overwhelming victory and then act like wee right the jim jordan. some people have to step upp and kevin mccarthy have to step up and saynd we're going to have full investigations. we're in a choke down corporation. listen, wenv c i got this is a g democratic . go ahead. i to cut you off. we have we have more information coming in as we speak. so i got to get to it's great to hear from you tonight. thank you for your time. this is fox news alert. donald trump said tonight his maralal go home is under siege
10:34 pm
by fbi agent. a source tells fox news that agents are indiscriminately moving items from the residence. we're also learning the president's son ,, eric trump spoke to our own brian kilmeade and told him as many as 30 agents raided the former president's palm beach home. so fox's mike emanuela- is joining us again with the absolute latest mike . well, good eveningla. sources familiar told fox news this fbi raid of former president trump's palm beach home is related too the taking of potential classified information from the white house upon leaving office january 20th of last year. the national archives says there were 15 boxes that containedthe what it believed to be presidential records, noting they must be preservede, source familiar tells fox. fbi agents went tomorrow long ago looking every single office in the president's safe and grab documents and boxes rcthout reviewing them there on property. the source tellinge fox they took boxes and documents to review once they left mar a lago and we're told they are
10:35 pm
not being judicious about what they took. fox has learned formerit president trump wasy actually ar trump tower in new york city when he learned the raid was taking place in florida. p the former presidentub saying in his public statement they brokee his safe and obviouslyob he was quite upset with the raid taking place there today. well,l all right, mike , thank you there for the latest. so h as you've heard tonight, nw the president of the united states , the former president of the united states home in merrillville has been raidedr- by fbi agents. upwardsts ofis 30 agents broke s his safe, took boxes of documents away, not discovering them, not going through them on premises, but taking them away for furtherer not analysis. we do not have information at this time as to whyeg what t the legal or evidentiary basiso as to what is the investigationn in the raid into donald trump. but for now, we turn to fox is shannon bream for a legals analysis of the situation unfolding tonight. ouatishannon, great to have you with me. let's take this fromt' a legal
10:36 pm
perspective as you look at what's happened and what has occurred. what's your take away wha? s well,ee i can't wait to see the warrant. i think everybody wants to know the underpinnings of this, as you've talked about on the show. and will you, y a gifted lawyer and know this just a as wellny as anybody you've talkedbo through what would happen?d d i mean, this doesn't just happen overnight. you go through a judge. yo thereu is an internal decision making process at the doj, at the fbi in which people have toe talk over the possibilities of what can happen p here. ev and ,er you know, it's so rare because there's never been antm indictment of a formeren president, a criminal indictment of a former president. whether we'll get to that place? but w thisou is part of a case. this is part of what you would do is goou get information and o get the things that you would claim or evidence. ar it's interesting if that as what laura 10% saying, i'd be interested int to see if thej and fbi also believe, as she said, he's been cooperating b, he's been working with them. they may likely have have suggested otherwise. they mayel believe otherwise because to go to a judge and get the underpinnings that you need for this warrant to t have someone sign offhe on ,
10:37 pm
they probably have to makeeo some kind of allegation. i would guess a thatn t the president has not been cooperating with them, at least not in their definition of cooperation. the but it calls to mind a lot of these other raids that you'veou talked'v about, the arrest of steve navarro and some of the others and how it's going to be peter navarro, how some of these things have comero together. there's always the political and optics that you have too considerth in this as well. i thinkan any doj or fbi, any administration is going to want to be exceptionally careful because there is always a perception of political bias, which is we don't any of us want to think that our institutions are unreliable or that we cannot trust in them. we as americans nk want to have faith in them, that they're going to go after criminal wrongdoing wherever they find it. so this fbi has clearly made and this attorney general has te made the calculation that they think they have enough to move forward and risk the political optics of this because as you know and i know you've discussed earlieris on the show, there is this conversation about not pursuing indictments and things so close
10:38 pm
to an election that they would w have anou impact in a way that could unseat or that could upset the political balance. so they've lost those considerations and felt this close to a midterm election that they are justified in f moving forward. that's all we can assume at this point. what do you share and help me understand what you mean by by moving forward. so what we know now is that they have raided the florida home of former president donald trump. we do not yet know why. re so i would assume there'str some burden that had to have been satisfied beforeo a judge probable cause, i don't know, lean on you for that burden.ed .but what does it tell you that. they chose to do this? are they committed toy some further action to bringing some charges? this can't simply be a fishingon expedition. wouldld say inyou a case that ifs a warrant is executed, it does not mean that there is an indictmentin looming or that something further is going to move forward. butg in a in a case like this, t they have had tohi think through
10:39 pm
the next many, many, severalt steps. this is a former presidentet thi is not something that hasik happened before. so clearly they feel like they have the strength of whatever they have alleged and whatever they've ascertained so far in this investigation tohi move forward. now, we've been considering this in the context of the january six investigations and hearings. but what we'rere w hearing toni, the indications seem to be this is not about that. this is about presidentialpr records and the maintaining of them after someone has left office. so it can be a different thing if you're talking about s indicting a president, a former president for h something that happened while he was president. that's kind of the conversation he's been having if this is connected to january six . but tonight it sounds likeeren a different conversation, like they may be talking about pursuing something again againstt president for somethint they believe that happened after his time in office, what he did with records after heun left washington and was no longer the president of the unitedit a states . so those are two kind of different tracks there. but you got to think because of all of this political calculations, they wouldn't move forward unless they hadth some confidence, some level that they have at least a basicy
10:40 pm
makings for what you would pursue in this kind of case because otherwise it does get into the optics of where we've seen all of these other cases where it seems like a hammer is being used instead of a fly swatter. and some of these o caseshe only day inside the doj and fbi now tonight. yeah, if this were all there were to it, that would be a hard image for the fbi to overcome. you would have to think t they calculated a next step. soca this is not the end of their story. shannon bream, thank you so much for being with us tonight.b it's worth noting the formeror president of united states home was raided before hunter biden. there'ss a lot more evidence of hunter biden's crimes. miranda devine has covered them extensively. she's a columnist, the new yorks post. she t joins us now to put this into context. miranda, good evening. well, it's pretty incredible. and you can only wondero how this is going to play with the hunter biden.
10:41 pm
we know that the investigationab in delaware is aboutly to come o fruition is probably a plea deal going to happen? will that happen in the shadow of this, some sort of square up? what we do know is that these documents that were supposed to be taken from the white house were actually picked up by the general services administration and shipped to mara lago. donald trump has kept them locked room there and the fbi had access to him a couple of months ago, were able to come in and go through the and look at whatever they liked. so it is unusual since they have told the new york times someone at the doj has told a new york times that this is just about the presidentiale records act and not anything to do with the january 6th committee. lawyers i've spoken to have said that this really looks like to them like a fishing expedition because if you can enter with a warrant on the on
10:42 pm
these sort of documents that are supposed to be given to the archives and you find something else related to anyny of the other seven matches that they seem to be trying to to trip president trump up on like a list of electors or something to do with january six . if you find that other evidence ,you can use it in a new in a new investigation. so if that is the case, that is just so appalling and it just strengthens the american people'sn basically prejudice or suspicion that the fbi is just o the secret police of the democratic party. it's a terrible thing foroi america. and i t think it's going to backfire terribly on the democrats becausese it's just going to rally support behind donald trump because no matter what people think of donald trump, they know that this is an outrage totr be raiding a former president's
10:43 pm
home. he's not just the former president either. eithe is the likely future candidate for president in 2024. so this is so political and disastrous. and when christopher wray,en the fbi director , appeared just on thursday with a really shabby, disingenuous performance where he didn't answer any of the questions that the senators needed to ask crucial questions about our national security and about the very of the hunter biden laptop story investigation and about lying about it as people to people inside the fbi said that it was russian disinformation when a dni and bill by and the fbi director himself came out in october 2020 to say that, the laptop was not russianan disinformation, that yes, had it in their custody. they had to do that because b adam schiff again was lyingt and saying that the laptop was
10:44 pm
russian disinformation just as he lied aboutut the first impeachment of donald trump. not he said he didn't know anything about the ukrainian whistleblower just as he lied about the russia collusion. okay, this is the chairman of the intelligence committee with oversight of the fbi. it is really quite frightening. how do r you explain, miranda,ai how do you explain the devotion of resources to this, to whats, we're watching unfold today? and tonight and the total lack of a devotion of resources? and that really doesn't do it justice because the fbi didn't just decline to investigatehunt joe biden, they spun it as disinformation. so how do you explain that disparity? well, it just shows the politicization of the fbi and under a completely weak director , christopher wray, who was, you know, one of donald trump's worst personnel
10:45 pm
choices. if the fbi is completely out of control, it's a number of, you know, different field offices that are their own fiefdoms.r god knows what they're up to. y' some of these, particularly the washington , d.c. office, whichicul seems to have carriage for this current rate, 100 fbi agents raiding the home of the former president potential future presidential candidate. iture is incredible, as you've heard people say, it is unprecedented and it's really frightening because the fbi is supposed to be doing something about crime and terrorism. yet their biggest ever investigation has been into t the capitol riot on january six , which was bad. but in the context of things wrong in this country, it is really not the worst thing to be looking at. and yet it seems that nancy pelosi, adam schiff, chuck
10:46 pm
schumer, sadly, joe biden seem to be running the fbi and its priorities right? well, miranda, you characterized it as potentially a fishing expedition. shannon bream said they have to have their next steps in mind. whatever it is , i think something is very clear . the burden of proof is going to be incredibly high on american institutions because the electorate, a large percentage of the electoratera are looking at this with a great amount of jaundicedat skepticism. miranda. great to talk you this evening. you too, will . all right. you're looking there on yourp screens and new pictures of former president trump leaving l trump tower in new york city tonight there on your screen. just a moment ago as the sun has set in new york city. we turn now to joe kent forun reaction. he's a former army special forces and he's runningor for congress in the state of washington. joe , it's great to have you y with us tonight. ouyear five , i believe we are.i you'reca six basically from before donald trump's election
10:47 pm
to tonight. we have seen investigation after investigation and allegation afterst allegation. do you think tonight what we'reo looking at now will be any o different than the outcome ofr the past six years or will it simply be another illustration of the power oftr an allegation >> it has to be different than what we've seen before because we've seen a complete and total weaponization of our national security state. you mentioned how this all began with the russian gate shamokin. we saw saw the national security state the at the highest levels weaponizes against president trump and his campaign and throughout his administration and now the narrative coming from january six . and make no mistake, thisw is where the narrative really, really was fortified between these putin tools against not just president trump but many of his top advisers, people who want him on the ground january six and then folks that were put away thrown into essentiallyy political prisons without any kind of dues, process. and now the national securityio
10:48 pm
state continues to be on the hunt against president trump or in evenp, all the way down to parents that show up toh school board meetings. so we have to realize that we're at war when we take back the house in 2020 three . bringing the national security state to heel must be our top priority. bl anyic republican who is not reaf for that fight is unfit forig duty. you know, joe , i've mentioned this several times tonight. but i imagine if you're sitting at home watching this senseom of it and we heard earlier on the program, it's not simply corruption. it's just what we're watching unfold in america, isn'tne limited to, as you mentioned, the national security state. it's not limited to law enforcement. joe pointed aptly, out school board meetings, which of course the doj classified the parents as domestic terrorists. but beyond that, censorship within big technology, it's ch hard, i would imagine, for an american citizen who doesn't subscribe to the current thing. whatever that political philosophy may be driving it. but whatever is the current thing to think there
10:49 pm
is anything even resemblingme a fair playing field in america? no, no, not at all. know, i served for a while and military and special forces, i served in lots of third world countries that were really ran as police and security state. and i think that's the reason why a lot of this looks veryrou familiar to me. t but if you're an american, you've enjoyed how great this country is where we have t these freedoms. this is hard to recognize, but people need to recognize exactly what this is .re it'sgi the totality of this regime and i call it a regime because the weaponization of a national security state, ptheir partners in big tech, like you mentioned, and it's really being totally weaponizes anyone who doesn't fully comply. i mean, president trumpmp said for years that it wasn't him that they were after. it was just us . he happened to be in the way. well, even now that he's really kind of out ofrisi the way,ga he's potentiallyin rising back p again. they're going after him. but it's a total full frontal assault. they're going after every single one of us . so we really have to start electing republicans t who knowt
10:50 pm
what time it is because our one hope of saving this republic is going to be fought out on the floor of the oversight committee. and we have to not just bring these people to heel, but we have to start bringing them to full accountull and i mean criminal charges to not just, you know, sound clips for how we're going to take them on to turn into fundraising asks. we really have to start going after these people and taking away their power. one last question fore you, joe . arele running for office, so let's just cut to the heart of the matter. this p is politics. what do you think this does to donald trump's candidacy? cwere he to run in twenty , twenty four ? well, i think we all know that president trump is more than likely going to run and they're going to keep coming at him. so what we have to do is we have to get unify 4 f1 the othr side is doing. the other side is one hundred percent in lockstep. they are t unified. we have to get the exact same way. we just thought h a really hard primary throughout the entire country. some of them are still going on . i understand ave, but we have towe come together. if we're going to say h that tha
10:51 pm
republican , we have to work in unison. trump saved us fromom a lot back in 2016, but even trump couldn't bring us through all of this. however, together we can take back our republic and we have to get unified, all to understand that you arely f currently leading your race for congress. so best of luck and thank you tonight for jumping on tucker carlson tonight. "tabsolutely. all right. there are reports tonight that the raid on donald trump's legal residence was approved at the highest levels of the doj at the very least, donald trump is calling this raid lawlessss and unprecedented. is who to sign off on this? jonathan turley is a law professor. he jo joins us to break downea the legal implications. jonathan, i'm really happy to have you on the program.kpl how high did this have toav be approvede? t i thinkhi the attorney general,t merrick garland, a almost certainly signed off on this. it's hard h to imagine a decisin of this magnitude would be made without his knowledge
10:52 pm
and approval. he h hasn't recused himself and so that is somethinghe i think is well founded. i mean i, the news accounts indicate that this is not about january six , but aboutom the presidentiale records act and the national archivist. under that, i can askve the attorney general to intervene when someone is not complying, including former president by turning over material. we know the materiallr mama wasn previously two months ago. nowno putting all of that together, we're still speculating as to whatt the federal judge signed off here as probable cause ofvi a crime. there aresi provisions like section 20 71, which allows for three years in prison for people who knowingly conceal information they're not allowed to retain. that would include classifieddea information. but the problem with the pressng are the presidential records act being the basis of this type of action t is that it has
10:53 pm
not been traditionally a criminal matter. certainly it has notot been that way for former presidents. indeed,re you had people like sandy berger, a former national securityrg adviser who was founs to have taken classified, documents out hidden in his socks and he was not prosecuted . you also have records, cases like james comey washe accused of taking fbi material the fbi.he left the history has been not to prosecute those cases, which is going to become more relevant as we go forward. wow. that wothat that is fascinating and important information. so what you'ves t highlighted fr us here is the willingness of the doj to go after, i assume, r quote unquote classified material in the past, jonathan. and then choosing again onceo again to see p an inconsistent application here when it comes to president trump . one legal question before we go , jonathan, would it notth let's assume this is aboutec those.
10:54 pm
as you pointed out, we'reulet's speculating. let's assume it's about those those documentsout and they ares i'm assuming classified has a lot to do with this that b they were not supposed to be removed because of their classification where donald trump president. united think when he left the white house in, you'rehe assuming when he left he stillid had the power of the presidency and took those documents.if doesn't hey also have the power to declassify documentsts, jonathan? he does. testified on that in congress on this very issue with about president trump when he was stillst heim had the ultimate declassification authority thats ended when his presidency t ended. and they could be arguing that if he did not turn over the documents, he knowingly retained documents past that privilege. key.on very, very that's excellent. f information tonight from jonathan turley. thank you so much. thank. all right. fid all right.. lago isn't the first time joe biden has used the doj to target his political opponents. geoff clark was a former assistant attorney general in the trump administration earlier this year. armed federal agents arrested
10:55 pm
geoff clark in his pajamas in a predawn raid and geoff clark. joins us now. jeff, as you see everything unfold and of course, your recent experience, what's your reaction ? well, will , thanks to to you to be here. en but i'm outraged for presidente trump and more importantly, i'm outraged for the presidency. this is an unprecedented step that just shows thatt the department is being weaponizes, that it's out of control, that the fbi is out of control. i'd b heard earlier remarks by steve bannon about the deep state or the administrative state. i think of them t as allied but separate with the deep state really being the intelligence apparatus and the fbi as part o of that. i think that wee need to get control over that agency. t it's's more out of control than the cia was when senator church held his famous church. committee hearings. wewe need the incoming congress, which starts in january , to do
10:56 pm
the same thing to turn the fbi upside down, looking at that department so that it can and so that if donald trump does runun for president again and takes over and can use his ceo skills, he can reform that that that entity. yeah,,>> w yeah. jeff, you know, it's funny the way the word conspiracy has been thrown around for the last several years, it would be a conspiracy to deny the existence of administrative state. geoff clark, thankxi youst sof h for being with tonight.>> thank you. fbi agents raided former president trump's palm beach home earlier this evening. the former president said in prd a raid which was unannounced that it amounts to, quote, prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the justice system and an attackfst by radical left democrats who definitely don't want me to run for president in basedour, especially on recent polls. trump said agents also broke into a safe i. francey hakes is a former federal prosecutor and she joins us now.
10:57 pm
i want to i want to if we might. let's narrow win nowt the best that we can on the legaler implications here. we've talked so much tonight about the political state, the partisan potentia of this. does this hold inan your estimation any legal water ,assuming this is about those documents, boxes of supposed classified documents? what is the burden of proof? wheree does this go legally? i yeah, great questions. well, i worked in classified information. i worked in national securityze cases and i worked in front ofr the fisa court.d so what i would have said to0 you 10 years ago is that s a federal judge hadig to sign om on this and that means a federal judge had to be shown an affidavit that said t there was probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that a evidence of thatt crime would w be found at marou a lago and i would have trusted that. but after the russia collusion, rushogue's a fisa warrant thats misused and gotten illegally against carter page and the way
10:58 pm
the fbi treated the hillary clinton investigation where they never sent a single subpoena or served a singlear search warrant on hillary or her aides or laptop or her secret server, it's verys hard for me now to say that this does hold water. i hope so honestly for the justice department that i served for the 10 years and ts cause of justice that i'vese served my entire career as acu prosecutor. i actually hope there is probable cause. but from what we're hearing, i don't have any faith thatt that's true. there's so little faith left, i believe amongme the american people for their and i think you're exactly right. the burden of proof nowof t forr the fbi and the dojet to retain what little faith the american people have and that t institution, those institutions, that is what is at stakeha . thank you for being with us tonight. thanks. well, donald trump said tonight his maralal go home has been under siege by fbi agents ned ryun, a ceo of american majority and he joins us with
10:59 pm
f his reaction. hey, ned, i'd love for you to pick up on where francine left off. you know, it's impossible to separate this from the last five years of allegations and investigations from russia, to the supposed, you know, russian soldiers and bounties on american soldiers overseas to the lack of interest. ng hunter biden, we have to we are being asked to trust an apparatus which has burned every ounce of trust. well, we need to disabuse ofselves of the notion the doj and the fbi are actually interested in the rule of law. i mean, i would remind people these very same institutions secured for fisa warrants off a steel dossier they knew was bogus to target a sitting inhe the united states . i don't think u they really care about much of anything except for targeting political enemies. and again, as people have said, their weaponizes againstalxi our political enemy who they view as an existential threat to the administrative state inis instead of viewing the doj and the fbi as rule of t law. a
11:00 pm
i think when you view them as the pretorian guard of the administrative state and i don't thinkve s it's going to sp here, will , i'm afraid that they might try to indict trump with a rigged grandbe jury befoe the midterms. i think it'll be watching that . i appreciate you jumping on here at the end of the show.. i appreciate you watching me tonight. filling in for tucker carlson. going away. not obviously you'll have excellent coverage starting right now with sean hannity, keith olbermann and welcome to hannity. and tonight we start with a foxw newsit alert. eric trump will joinin us in a moment live. tas he was with his dad all day today. he'll give us an inside scoop first. a dark day for our republic, the department of justice, the rule of law, what looks to be potentially a shocking overreach. we'll find out innl time thaton will have serious ramifications potentiallys for many, many years to come. biden's politically charged have already chronicled all this. doj is now being i used as a weapon against biden's top political rival. that's the former president of l the united


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