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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 9, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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on later this week, i'm sure. mark levin, thank you,ha my friend. the great one . all right.t unfortunately, though, that is allllwe the time we have left this evening. stay with the fox news channel. continuing coveragee c of the fi raid on president trump's home mar a lago inla palm beachwa and always check outys 5% .com. had any let not your heart be troubled or in your home. takes it from here to see this morning. i'm laura ingram . this is ingram. and from what feels like a banana republic tonight, the deep state's revenge that is the focus of tonight's angle . can i just stop and just take a breath real quick? a formal president's home has been searched now by a number of fbi agents. when you look at this in view of sort of 30000 feet and history, maggie , i'll start for you. how big of a moment is is this a moment we are all going to remember? we're all going to remember being together on this night
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because this is a night where you are going to remember where you were. yes. wylie coyote, thanks. you finally caught the roadrunner. me. well, the search warrant served our mar a lago this morning, had donald trump's name on it. but the real target of this investigation isn't trump the real target of this investigation is you or anyone who dares to call out and take the rank corruption of the dc establishment. this is the deep state's revenge. they're trying to show all of us that we'll be destroyed if we fight them. if we question the repeated failures of the pentagon leadership, if we make serious i'm talking about serious moves to disrupt the status quo here in washington. you know, the status quo that protects a powerful as long as they play the game now for decades they got away with selling us out by letting
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in twenty million illegals flooding across our border. they sold us out by sending our manufacturing jobs to china. they sold us out by wasting trillions on stupid wars in the middle east. and now they're selling us out by wasting billions, billions more in ukraine. a year after thirteen of our service members were murdered in afghanistan due to our own generals incompetence. and think about this tonight. still no one has been fired. you trump would have ever put away with any put up with any of this. and if he got back into power, they know he would hold all the right people accountable for what they've done if the doj had a real serious case against trump that was threatening the republic, they would have charged him months ago. but the word had obviously gone out from the white house that he needed to be punished and he needed to be tormented in any way possible before the midterm . and of course, you can always count on the press right, to
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never question the powers that be when the powers that are democrat, the biden white house outside the actual white house, not in the justice department, they didn't know they were blindsided. they have been how buttoned up and cautious mariga and especially with something as sticky as this, it's hard to imagine that they gave the white house a heads up. >> i do agree i would be stunned if anybody in the white house, including the president, knew that the critical thinking that they do. but the rest of it, i think, is andrew mccabe, the disgraced former deputy director of the fbi. he was chiming in and the standard now this is wild. it's apparently that if a search warrant is issued, the subject must be guilty. the fbi would not have taken a step as drastic and serious. is this unless they had good information to indicate that this was the result of some knowing, willful, intentional acts of removing
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classified documents or sensitive documents, documents in violation of some federal laws from the man who is a proven liar about his having talked to the wall street journal who had an obvious vendetta against trump going back to twenty fifteen. he's credible, they're obsessed. they're obsessed with knocking trump out of the political arena. and it's look, it's obviously hurt him personally and politically. but this also hurts our trust in our system of government because we all see the justice department's leadership now for what it is this is not the image of lady justice operating with a blindfold, but this is a patriot guard that shields all those who hold the real power in this town , surveilling subpoenas, search warrants. they are the weapons of choice, which is what they deploy against you when threatened by you. they harass your friends. they make you spend money. and most people, they're not going to tolerate this.
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they're going to go through, which is why the deep state usually has its way. but trump is not most people and trump isn't the only target. liz cheney has already said that ronda santurce is too close to trump. she can't support him. i think we can all assume that we're going to get similar treatment if the sanders gets anywhere near the white house. so they want to scare all of us into being silent. they don't believe that the gop is legitimate unless it's controlled by the establishment types and they're going to oppose anyone who tries to make real policy changes and they're going to use every weapon they have. but we know all this now. we don't believe in the deep state anymore. we don't trust their titles. we're not impressed by their badges. the principled civil servants inside our government, the ones who still like to call and strikes, they're smothered by all those who choose corruption and cronyism over professionalism.
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so i saw them all tonight on the other nats. they were celebrating tonight. but merrick garland may have just done more to rally the conservative base than inflation and high gas prices ever could. imagine what these people would have said if the trump doj had executed a search warrant on hillary clinton's home or her home office and anyone remember the clinton foundation state department scandals? no search warrant there. hunter biden, he's being investigated by the us attorney's office in delaware. no search warrant there, no merrick garland authorized raid. eric holder, he was held in contempt of congress. no accountability air these people, though, i think they all know their time is almost up. so they're strafing the landscape. one last pathetic burst. we don't know where this so-called investigation is going to end up, but given the recent anti trump history
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of this doj and fbi, there is no reason that trump supporters should trust motivations or the outcome here. conservatives are coming back to power probably in 2020 four. and when we come back , they will be sorry that they abused the power of our intel agencies, our federal law enforcement and even our military. and p.s., watch what happens to liz cheney next week in wyoming and then you'll know what's coming for the established. isn't that so gleeful about this morning search warrant? and that's the angle. joining me now is ohio congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee. armey dillon , chairwoman of the republican national lawyers association, as well as victor davis hanson, hoover institution, senior fellow. congressman jordan, let's start with you. house minority leader kevin mccarthy released this statement just moments ago. he said, i've seen enough. the department of justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponizes politicization when
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republicans take back the house will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts and leave no stone unturned. attorney general garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar. congressman, republicans promise a lot of accountability ,but a lot of times we're disappointed. is that going to change now? >> it is going to change. and i appreciate the leaders statement and that's exactly what needs to happen. but even before that, this friday we're going back to vote on this stupid bill that the democrats passed out of the senate yesterday. so we will be there all day. i'll be in thursday night's merrick garland, chris wray, come to the judiciary committee this friday and answer our questions about this action today, which has never happened in american history. what was on the war? what would you really do and what were you looking for? why not talk to president trump and have him give the information you're after? this is unbelievable and understand the history here. one year ago it was the merrick garland using the patriot act against parents.
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one day ago it was eighty seven thousand agents in a bill the democrats passed to go harrap americans from the irs. and today we have the raid of a former president's home in america. so we deserve answers now. and this friday would be a good time. jerry never call up christopher up me regardless. bring him in front of the house judiciary committee so we can ask him the questions that the american people deserve. >> answers to harman. i want to play another moment from the sterling character known as andrew mccabe on cnn tonight. has this ever happened in the history of our republic that a former president said that a federal judge apparently made a decision that there might be evidence of a crime in the residence of a former president? and it's just it's just astounding. but on the other hand , as with so many things with the former administration, it's also not that surprising the fact that this guy was deputy director of the fbi with everything that he
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did with this fisa court and everything that happened in the russia investigation and the surveillance of this campaign. and that guy is paid to go on television to spew more b.s. i'm sorry, this is a travesty and it feels like venezuela here in washington tonight. oh, it absolutely does, laura . but if you're a lawyer who's been paying attention to what's going on , first of all, you're not surprised that a federal judge in the district of columbia district would sign that search warrant. and you're not surprised that a first would be had in this regard? i mean, i represent project veritas as well. what i ever thought of as a young law student at university of virginia that you would see federal judges repeatedly signing off on warrants not once but many times of american journalists whose crime was to bring truthful attention about the regime and the president's children to the public. that's exactly what happened. and laura, when you have search warrants like this executed, they're meant to be in circumstances where there's a fear that the famous person in question is going to destroy the evidence. but the famous person in
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question with several states away, he's supposedly had these documents. if he has them, if that's really what they're looking for here for two years and there were no exigent circumstances. so you're absolutely right is what you said in your intro. this is about we the american people and the contempt that our leaders have for us . and it's time for us to take back washington and put a stop to this type of banana republic nonsense. victor, we talk a lot when you come on this program about the narrative setting that goes . it's not like things happen in isolation. there's a choreography happening here. and rachel maddow over at msnbc, i think maybe inadvertently laid it out for us . >> let's watch. it's just a remarkable flurry of productivity and action on long held priorities. and it all is sitting alongside this. just draw a jaw dropping, unprecedented news tonight that the home of the immediate former president, former
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republican president donald trump, his home has just been raided by the fbi. everything happens all at once . everything happens all at once. a flurry of legislative achievement and then this just happens. all the coincidence. yeah, well, all you have to do is look at the prior four fbi directors lorem out there. the narrative i mean, christopher wray evaded every question to the senate and then he took off on a private fbi luxury jet to his favorite vacation spot in the area. arianda fox, and said he had to go home. he replaced andrew mccabe, who lied four times to a federal investigator and concocted or helped concoct that crazy idea of wearing a wire to entrap the president of the united states who was the head of hillary clinton's email investigation while his wife was running for office and the recipient of a pac related to clinton money who replaced james comey,
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who lied or misled or said he couldn't remember. two hundred and forty five times under oath to a house intelligence committee who went out of a private meeting with the united states ,took notes on fbi devices and then leaked it for his own personal benefit to the media who took over from robert mueller, whose special investigation reached a real nadir when he testified that the two catalysts for his investigation steele dossier and fusion gps, he said this under oath. he had no idea what either was. so those directors that washington hierarchy are the narrative and we've got to i think they should break up. the fbi dispersed its bureaus throughout the federal government got too much power. it's a threat and it's a danger to democracy. it really is . it's asymmetrical and it's a caricature. as we're speaking, there's a thirty thousand dollars a month fbi house with agents guarding hudner and a twenty thousand dollar a month
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malibu house who on his own laptop is admitted to felonious use of drugs, shakedowns with big guy in mr. 10% hiring foreign. there's an array of felonies there and they're guarding him. fifty thousand dollars a month at our expense with his apartment hunters. and they're so yeah, there's a narrative. but the the directors are the narrative and it can't go on like this. it's really a nexus. this is something like the east german stasi in the cold war. it really is . it's an ideological investigate group that is hired out by the left for particular retrieval services, whether it's a diary or a laptop or investigative services. and they are saying, look, i will start laughing when he when he said that about a warrant. they don't have any reputation for a warrant. out for kevin kline. smith was convicted of a felony for doctoring a warrant. why would we believe mccabe when he oversaw that doctoring? now, congressman jordan,
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tonight the former white house press secretary stephanie grisham alluded to a possible leak. >> what's the how are they knowing about this stuff? i know the circle around the president. i know mr. obama at the white house and we are now and it's got to be somebody very giving money and giving the doj and the fbi and anyone else this kind of information of where to look for. >> congressman, there could have been surveillance of the former president, correct? i mean, forget the leak. they could have been well, surveilling him with a lot of several months. i mean, i don't know. what i do know is i find it hard to believe i thought your monologue was right on that the white house didn't know about this. remember when it came to the school board's targeting parents using domestic terrorism? the counterterrorism measures against parents? we know the white house was in communications with the school board association and the doj before the left wing
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political organization, the national school board association ever wrote the letter. so the idea they didn't know about this, i find it very hard to believe and victor made a great point. think of the difference between jim comey and jim comey, the comey memos with the purpose of getting a special counsel to investigate president trump. that's what he did. and now they're rating president trump's home. so there's this double standard we're all sick and tired of seeing it. frankly, i'm sick and tired of talking about, but it is real and it is wrong. >> haramain, i want to remind people of this passage from a new york times piece last spring. as recently as late last year, mr biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former president trump was a threat to democracy should be prosecuted. and while the president has never communicated his frustrations directly to mr. garland, he has said privately that he wanted garland to act a lot less, less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor of the new york times publishes that harmeet. but we're all supposed to
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believe that there's an impenetrable wall between the doj acting as an independent force for good and law enforcement. and ron klain and every other senior figures, samantha powers and in the white house really well, laura , one point i want to make about this, you're absolutely correct is that this deep state is bipartisan, deep state and a lot of these characters here have good republican credentials, if you want to call it that. i mean, christopher wray clerked for judge michael luttig on the fourth circuit, who is one of the most deranged of the tdrs critics out there today lending his so-called veracity to criticism of president trump and comey and so many of these other guys, mueller, you know, registered republicans, so-called conservatives, at least at some point in their careers, in their tenures . and so, you know, i think we all have to be very aware if you if you still have respect for the doj and the fbi at this point, particularly the fbi, you are not paying attention. certainly as a longtime lawyer,
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the scales have fallen from your eyes. and what the abuses that i've seen in my career, it is very hard for me to take anything that these people are taking seriously and citizens who are about to be unleashed at the opposite end of 87 thousand agents and then prosecutions from irs. we should all be aware that this is abuse, it is systematic and it is coming for the average american citizen. if they can do this to the former president, they will do it to supporters of the president, which is half of the united states . right. and people who don't have money to pay for lawyers and go bankrupt. and so they'll plead to anything just to get the government off their backs that is what they do to the average person panel. fantastic conversation. but stay with me. we're going to come back to you just a little bit later on in the show. and i want quickly turn to fox's laura ingle, who is live outside trump tower in new york city where donald trump has just been seen leaving on his club and bedminster. laura , what can you tell us ? hi , laura . well, as you mentioned, fbi agents doing raid in mar
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a lago. this is where the former president was today inside of trump tower on fifth avenue in new york city. we want to show you a couple of pictures that cameras were able to catch a few images of the 44th president leaving the high rise and getting into in awaiting vehicle. earlier today, a source familiar with the raid telling fox news that fbi agents went to mar a lago, looked in every single office safe and grabbed those documents and boxes without going through them on the property. so the source saying that agents sent took several boxes and documents with them to comb through them once they left morila and comparing the search to the break-in at the watergate hotel that led to the resignation of president nixon. trump tweeted a fiery response in part saying that, quote, it is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the justice system and an attack by the radical left democrats who desperately don't want me to run for president in 2020 . for an fbi source confirmed that fbi agents from washington, d.c., who on
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the bureau's evidence response team conducted the raid and notified the miami field office just before a white house official telling fox news, quote, we did not have notice of the reported actions and we'll refer you to the justice department for any additional information. now, as we out, we are out here on fifth avenue, trump tower. we are waiting for more word on any activities going on in new york or new jersey. we will bring it to you when we get it, laura . thanks so much, laura . and all of this went down as laura just said, in florida. so what's the top law enforcement officer of the state notified? florida attorney general ashleigh moody joins me now. >> madam attorney general, when did you learn of this? i learned of it when the rest of the public learned about it, laura . and it is an unprecedented move. i think so many of us have watched as the credibility of our fbi has been chipped away at over the years. we're just waiting for this this institution to be rebuilt
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into that institution of respect and independence and faith. and today is a very shocking day, not just for me but for many floridians and americans. well, people are gathering outside of mar a lago in support of president trump. this never happened in the history of the republic. we have never arrived at this point where a succeeding administration has sought to criminally investigate a previous administration of president who's probably going to run for president again. so they were up and when they were upset, when trump was saying lock her up and read all the rallies, the media was, oh, you can't. that is horrible. what are they doing? there's no concern about any of this today, is there? well, you didn't see people rushing in to hillary clinton's home when there were allegations that she had classified information in her emails. you know, i think people are
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just expecting that the fbi and the department of justice i mean, i was a former federal prosecutor. i know and the attorney general, but i used to be a federal prosecutor. and you expect that the fbi will treat everyone the same, every case the same, so that the american public can have faith in this institution. and , you know, when i have done anything that is has any significance, folks may doubt because i'm one party and you may there may be an investigation related to something. you know, you have to be transparent. and while this search warrant in many cases they are sealed, i would urge this to be unsealed. the affidavit that supports be unsealed that the fbi issued a statement immediately about what supported this, what types of charges or crimes they expected the evidence to show that they found this is really astonishing, laura . and i think for the integrity of this institution, there needs to be immediate transparency. well, considering there's
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supposedly so worried about threats to democracy, they want to short circuit democracy by taking someone off a field that's just people watching this tonight. that's what it looks like. so while they grandstand about democracy, and preserving democracy, what's this? this is not what we expect from the united states of america. but your boss, governor desantis, sent out this tweet writing, the rate of mar a lago is another escalation, the weaponization of federal agencies against the regime's political opponents while people like hunter biden get treated with kid gloves. now the regime is getting another eighty seven thousand irs agents to wield against its adversaries banana republic. well, i think he captured that right. the next the next move is auditing of american's who disagree. final thoughts here. well, governor de santos is to be a federal prosecutor as well. we share that in common and you would expect there to be subpoenas if there was any suspect classified information
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requesting documents that have been done. and these similar cases, not 30 fbi agents rushing in on a search warrant. it is certainly unusual and i tell you what, the charges, if there are any the allegations, this better be a rock solid case to breck. whatever respect there is right now for the fbi. well, i think people across this country are wanting full transparency, but i wouldn't hold your breath, madam attorney general, thank you. now, the raid on my largo is the culmination of a years long effort to target donald trump before he was president, was running for president and now all those in his orbit as well. there were carter page and george papadopoulos, the two young aides were basically set up by the fbi. now, papadopoulos of 12 days in jail for all his trouble. now there is former adviser michael caputo, who was bankrupted while trying to fend off legal fights. manafort roger stone. they were subjected to showy
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early morning raids that are shields and all that. now the letters are so over the top that agents swept into the house from the road and the water. steve bannon, of course, arrested on contempt charges. john eastman and his cell phone taken by federal agents and most recently, former justice official jeffrey clark was raided by the feds in his underwear. here now to discuss all this, lee smith, author of the plot against the president and for president of the center for renewing america. lee, your entire book about but does this shock even you at this point? i have to say it does. i mean, i've predicted a little while ago that this is the way they had to go . they were unhappy. they were never able to. this is the point of the mueller prosecution. and so they feel that they have outstanding debt with president donald trump. and so they were going to have to go after him. by the way, i think that what they were probably looking for, what they probably are looking
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for is january six related material. i know how it's being described, but i believe the real place to go after him on january six , they want to bring an obstruction charge against him, which is what mueller wanted to bring against them. and that's the charge that's being leveled against most january six defendants. but yes, in a way, i am surprised because it's shocking because as you said at the top of the show, this is this is pretty clear that we're living now in a banana republic. this is clearly third world regime security services stuff. it's a very it's a it's a it's a historic day for america. let's say. i think this is one of the lowest points for our republic. certainly in my lifetime, i mean, maybe during the nixon era when things were all coming apart then. but this is about as low as it could get certainly since and now some commentators actually think this is all good for democracy. >> watch. and i'm sure we'll which but i think it's really important
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that, you know, independent democrats and hopefully some republicans will look at the facts and see has been a slow road, but it's a road that will hopefully strengthen american democracy, which has been very fragile these last few years. this trump presidency for us , for what they call a fragile democracy rating one of the homes of the former president and likely future opponent of this administration or this president that's going to make things all hunky dory. yeah, it's sad. laura . the democracy is not in jeopardy there. oligarchy is in jeopardy. and the reality is that they are tearing the band-aid off in a very distinct, clear way and showing not just the american people that has known this for quite some time as they've been called domestic terrorists for showing up at a school board meeting to protest what's going on in schools. but they're now telling the clear and convincing evidence to a republican political class that has been unwilling to fight back against this with the levers that
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they have. and i think this is a wake up call for those in congress to be able to use the tools at their disposal to defund the fbi, to ask the right questions and to prepare for a church style commission next year if given a republican majority to dismantle the fbi into a thousand bits, at least over on msnbc tonight, they were bemoaning this idea of of republicans after this raid saying they're going to really hold the fbi again. can you believe they're saying they're going to defund these agencies and they're going to they're going to hold hearings? they're actually shocked that republicans would wield the gavel in an effective way if they get power back in november. they're terrified of that. well, i mean, the important thing is that there are republicans who are active and hopefully they're gathering evidence now and hopefully they've woken up to different issues because we saw, you know, laura , you covered this so well, but congressman devin nunes started on this. he didn't have a lot of support . so what we'd like to see right
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now is republicans all on board realize what the issue is . it's a historic day in so far as americans now understand what we are up against, our children, our children's children will be looking to how we respond. this is how we are tested. they see it as a campaign of desecration and demoralizing that started with rush the gate and went through cavnar. i went through impeachment and went to the covid lockdown's. it went through george floyd. it's a campaign demoralization and desecration, trying to dispirit the american people. the important thing again is how we respond to this. that's what will be looked at in the future because as you said, it's not just about donald trump, it's about the american public. it's about the oligarchy, the regime saying you don't have a choice, you can't do anything about it. we govern your lives. we feel every part of you that's why we really are a totalitarian regime. we can shape your children's gender . we can do whatever we want. so it's time for all of us ,
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not just republicans on the hill, as russ is always talking about. it's up to the american people to lead. let's let in some ways the republican officials follow our lead. yeah, this is an intimidation campaign, a vendetta, but it it's wrong to look at this just as focused on trump. trump was the vessel was the individual who finally pulled back the curtain on the corrupt bipartisan establishment that had driven our middle class into the ground. and they want to take our children from us as well. they wanted exactly right. what lee said, the propagandizing against our country that's happening in government schools is part of this whole thing. and trump was taking it all on . and if he had a second term, he would have really done some damage of what they had done. they're afraid of him coming back . i think this is a clear sign. they know he'll probably be successful in running for
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president again. i think if they weren't threatened by him, why would they do this? they're clearly threatened by him as a as a political force. they would. and i love talking to people who think that somehow donald running for president is not going to be a successful political campaign. the left doesn't think that the left is pulling out every stop because they know that they have no more options when it comes to winning policy debates. all they can do is brute force and they can only do that if they can the republican party and somehow being fearful and now is the time to stand forward and be courageous and say, look, we're not backing down. the american people showing up didn't back down when they're trying to protest critical race theory. we're not backing down in the same way that president trump has not backed down. that's what's called for in this moment. and the only question is whether republican party leaders are going to step up in congress now. well, the old guard, the old dinosaurs, lee, who voted for the stupid infrastructure bill , you, cassidy and
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mcconnell and all these guys, they came out, they voted for that stupid infrastructure bill saying that that was going to stop the climate change bill . remember that? i thought we were going to do that tonight. we'll do it tomorrow. but these are the brainiacs that allowed this to happen to the american people. i know they've done some good things on the courts and stuff and they're not all bad. but on the fight for the people of this country, they've been woefully inadequate and it's time for them to move on aside and let the real warriors for the democracy of our country and our people step into the breach because they're obviously not up to it or they don't want to do it. i don't know which, but they're not interested in taking up the populist fight for the people of this country. they're just not interested. no, you're absolutely right. i think it's i think it's possible to bracket some of the political stuff, the stuff that gets us frustrated, angry, but just realize that we live in a meaningful time. we're getting to fight for our country now, the american people, we've we've woken up,
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we understand what's happening and god willing, our political officials will follow our lead ,as russ has spoken about so well, i love hearing russ talk about it, how courage is contagious. and when we say fight, we obviously say use every legal means and constitutional means at our disposal. that means we to win and we've got to win. big russ, the the irs now is going to be a part of the new democrat party militia ,economic financial militia against regular people. and yet the senators are coming out today. the democrats say, oh, no, no, don't worry, it's all going to be this is all going to be , you know, to help the people watch. millions of americans aren't would be impacted by that other than getting better service from the irs, having a telephone answer, getting the questions they need in order to comply with our tax laws, the auditing is going to be focused on those of high income, the large corporations, etc. so there's
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no reason to be fearful. and if you have paid your taxes and as you comply with our laws, you should want to make sure no one else does that. roth don't worry. be happy that we have a new you know, that we have a new squadron of irs agents with almost ninety thousand. yeah. they've never faced an audit, have they ? i mean, the reality is that there's analysis out there that say that 90% of this type of funding to the irs is going to be directed at audits of people less than two hundred thousand this is going to be directed at the middle class people who are corpse and have small businesses. they're now going to have to be justified to the regime. the same regime that is rating a former president representing seventy five million americans . they're going to have to justify and prove their innocence to irs agents that have all the resources in the in the world and that's the reality of what these members are voting on when they come back in town thursday and friday to vote on the senate's package.
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and they are aligning against the people who pay their salaries. the people are supposed to be working for are working against lee and ross. thank you. now the anglophilia that president biden wants to provoke republicans here in response to all this, to breaking the law that way they can crack down on everyone who disagrees with them. remember, they think that pro trump republicans are the new fascists as that warmonger max boot wrote in "the washington post" over the weekend. but all of us will be righteously indignant. we can be angry and furious even, but we get to demand our legal rights. they come and enforce accountability across the board when we get power again. now that's going to require beating them as badly as possible by the widest margins possible. that means in new england, that means out in the west, that means in the rocky mountain states at every level of government. and in the meantime, as we just discussed, i think we all have to assume that these eighty seven thousand new irs
12:36 am
agents will be aimed almost solely at republicans. so this is an opportunity for the gop. we have to expose their malfeasance, reveal how their truly turning on the people and when we can defend them. this is the most corrupt federal government we have seen in the history of the united states . my panel is back with me. victor, do you think they clearly thought out where this is headed now? no, i think they're in a panic because i think they're going to lose big in the midterms and they're grasping for straws. it's very ironic because remember, james comey said that he didn't want to interfere in elections. so even though hillary had broken the law, he didn't want to have that power. and then we were told that donald trump was impeached in february. twenty in the subtext was that biden was going to be a candidate and that was an interference in the process. and here they raised here
12:37 am
the incumbent president raids the house of somebody who is leading in the polls for the nomination of the republican party in a head to head poll in just two years, leading joe biden. and as far as this attorney general president relationship ,donald trump fought constantly with jeff sessions and he fought constantly with bill barr over the independence of the attorney general. and they were pretty independent to trump's chagrin. but look at what loretta lynch did right in the middle of an investigation of hillary clinton. she met on the tarmac with bill clinton. and then we we had earlier eric holder bragged that he was, quote, barack obama's wingman. so they the left sees the doj and the fbi as fuzed with the presidency as part of a revolutionary really, to be quite frank movement and any any means necessary because they have these exalted in and so they kind of project the things that they do routinely.
12:38 am
they project of crimes are false on the republicans, but they're not doing it. and that's what's so frustrating about it that these people are doing very great damage to democracy. they're destroying it. and yet they always talk about democracy dies and darkness. congressman, i want to play a moment from chuck schumer's appearance on rachel maddow tonight. i think they're going to pay a price for this in the election. and i think democrats should use it as an issue that the rule of law, the protection of democracy is a key issue here. and we better watch out if we give republicans more power. senate majority leader chuck schumer fresh off a remarkable string of wins in congress 5%. look, they're laying the predicate here, but schumer was basically saying if they get back into power, they're going to this stuff that we don't like, the establishment doesn't like. they're going to hold us accountable. yeah, that's how it works when we get power back . yeah, exactly. and this is the same chuck schumer who said back in 2016
12:39 am
when president when it was president elect trump, that if you mess with the intelligence community you have six ways from sunday to get back at you. so that's how he views using the intelligence community, using the justice department to go after their political enemies. and we have seen it first it was the mueller investigation and then it was impeachment one . then it was impeachment two. and now it's january six . committee and none of that's working. so they go to this step where they say a president's home. and remember this, we've had 14 fbi agents come to our office over the last several months as whistleblowers. so there are still some good people who are so fed up with the political nature of the justice department. they're coming to us while we're in the minority. we can't do any subpoenaing documents. we can't get them. all we can do is tell their story, which we've been trying to do. but that's how bad this has gotten and why, again, i'll emphasize why don't chris wray and merrick garland come in front of us this friday and answer our questions, tell if this is so important to go after president this unprecedented way. come and answer our questions in the judiciary committee.
12:40 am
in the house of representatives. harman, i mentioned this briefly earlier, but it's worth reminding everyone how the democrat reacted when trump merely like heard the chant or encourage the chant, lock her up at his rallies, watch things that dictators do that autocrats do . they go after their political enemies, not through the mechanisms of the democracy ,but threatening to arrest them. the locked lock her up about hillary clinton repeatedly has become a centerpiece. and that's what that's what dictators do. and it's just a banana republic writ large when the criminal justice system is being used to hurt the president's enemies. and so this is the fulfillment of trump's campaign promise. lock her up, make them lock her up now. now it's up a search warrant. they don't seem to have a problem with that. not at all, laura . i mean, look, i think this is very poorly thought out and and bungled and rushed. and i think what's happening here is they're seeing loss
12:41 am
after loss after loss in these primaries and they're panicking. and i think they need to change the narrative. normally you would have seen this type, the despicable stunt pulled in october as an october surprise. but i guess they decided they had to drop this card right now. laura , i think that like you said earlier, we need to show an overwhelming show of force not in the streets, but at the polls. and i think that's the only way that we're going to be able to take back this country that includes in primaries and that includes in those critical races. i have to say that i would love to see some turnover in the republican ranks as well. some of the statements i've seen out of republicans today are simply on the one hand , this on the other hand , clutching the time for pearl, clutching is over the marquis of queensbury rules should be over. it is absolutely time to know that this is an existential threat to the future of our country. if we allow one president, no matter what party, to simply play politics like this and go after their predecessor, that is an acceleration of the demise of a great country.
12:42 am
if we allow the country to go down that path, they all dinosaurs have to lumber right out of the landscape. it's time to go . you've had your time, some successes, but a lot of failures and you're just not in sync with the voters anymore. you're just the voters have have have said to you move on in no uncertain terms really since two thousand six victor people think this is all just a coincidence. all this is happening at one time. but some of the old figures, your favorites one of you just mentioned, eric holder popped out onto the scene recently. >> what my guess is that by the end of this process, you're going to see indictments involving high level people in the white house. you're going to see indictments against people outside the white house. ultimately, you're probably going to see the president, former president of the united states indicted as well, former attorney general pronouncing on the indictment of a former president thought so spoke the only attorney general to be held in contempt of
12:43 am
congress. but, you know, i don't think anybody knows what the rules are after the democrats leave power. do you does the speaker is the speaker of the house going to tear up a democratic state of the union or we have this president now that if you're a two term going to be a two term president, you're going to impeach as soon as you lose the house and you're first term is not going to be boomeranged on the democrats. does the speaker of the house have the right to remove anybody off a committee he wishes despite the minority leader selection's and when biden leaves office, will a a republican president send the fbi into his private home in delaware? they're setting precedents that we've never seen before under the assumption they'll never be applied to them when they lose power. but that always happens in history and so what they're doing is they're destroying the system, the rules that both sides have to play by and they're doing it for short term political gain. but it's going to haunt
12:44 am
the country and it's going to haunt them, especially. panel, thank you. great to see you all tonight. and joining me now is chris swecker, a former assistant director of the fbi. chris , now the fbi raids the primary residence of a former president who just happens to be the likely gop candidate in 2020 four against the current president. now, how much more reputational damage can the fbi withstand before they've basically just written off by a vast majority ,the country and maybe in large part defunded and reformed to something more credible? the allura sort of twenty five almost twenty five years in the fbi. my last position was head of both criminal and cyber investigations. i can tell you never would we have ever approved a search warrant of a former president's residence, i mean, let alone a congressman or anybody in public office without some extreme extreme justification. so i don't know i don't know where this came from. if it's for classified documents or retention of classified documents, it's
12:45 am
absolutely wrong. unfortunately, to your point, i've heard from judges. i've heard from police chiefs. i've heard from former colleagues and community leaders that i respect and who have always respected the fbi always. and they're questioning now what's going on over there. they're losing the community out there that i know. and these are the people that you need to support the fbi for to fulfill its mission. and meanwhile, we have a supreme court justices under siege in their own homes. you have a leaked draft opinions of supreme court decisions. apparently you can just do that now. you can lie about brad kavanaugh as they did in that investigation. there's no repercussions for leaking anything anywhere but when they want to make a statement about someone who's challenging the status, they certainly have the opportunity to at the very least make it look like it's political at the very least.
12:46 am
my fairness meter's flashing red . i mean, when you look at the gentle way that hillary clinton was handled and all the concessions that the fbi made during the course of that investigation, you look at the way biden's been treated and again, the genteel way they've gone after or not gone after him, then i think, you know, most citizens out there look at this and say, wait a minute, we're venturing into dangerous waters here with the premier law enforcement agency in the world. and i it saddens me. i love the organization. i think a lot of my colleagues share this feeling and i hope we can right this ship sometime. yeah, i forgot forgot about the bleach, bedding or whatever the heck it was called, the blackberry. i forgot about all that. you just brought me back to that. now, when cnn reported it was just a few weeks ago that the biden investigation was ramping, they also reported that potentially in play
12:47 am
our justice department guidelines governing politically sensitive investigations during an election year. current and former doj officials say there is an unwritten rule that prosecutors avoid bringing politically sensitive cases within 60 days of an election. so, chris , the 60 day period, you know, close to that. so they're willing to break this unwritten rule or basically break it as it relates to trump, but they couldn't do it with hillary or i remember the anthony thing and i mean, one hundred biden. you can't look at hunter biden now. so again, it stinks. this just doesn't pass the straight face test. someone who used to do white collar criminal defense. yeah, i've had my wings clipped with that that unwritten rule, if you will . and i, i don't know where that rule came from. if there's a violation, there's a violation. but it seems to be what we call situational ethics where it depends on who you are. these days. >> we really appreciate it. and i want you to hear what a former us attorney said.
12:48 am
i need you to chime in on this. this is earlier tonight on msnbc. there's a really big point here that i'm not sure others have focused on to date. this is by far not one of the biggest crimes he's been charged with , but it carries the penalty that someone who's convicted of it is disqualified from running for future federal office. so 18 usc 271 if he destroyed record , they may have decided to go after this disqualify him from future office, secure a conviction and have that be the broad resolution of the whole problem. trump chris , he just kind revealed what a lot of us think of the doj, his entire strategy take trump off the political playing field. he's like salivating when he says this. to me, this is an open secret at this point. i can't believe a sound bite out of the mouths of babes. i mean, the truth comes out
12:49 am
and that's what just happened, i think. i mean, chris , again, as someone who at the doj for twenty five years and you're a consummate professional, i know i'm inferior. you're obviously incredibly upset about this, but all the people who did great work at the fbi, i feel bad for them tonight as well. but thank you for coming on tonight and joining me now, fox news chief washington correspondent mike emanuel. mike , what can you tell us ? what's the latest? laura , good evening. sources familiar tell fox news this fbi raid of former president trump's palm beach home is related to potential mishandling of classified documents from the white house upon leaving office, the national archives retrieved 15 boxes from mar a earlier this year that contained what is believed to be presidential records, with the archives demanding they must be properly preserved, a source familiar tells fox. fbi agents went tomorrow looking in every office and grab documents and boxes without reviewing them
12:50 am
their sources. the fbi agents brought a safecracker to get into what's described as a, quote, relatively new safe. and according to that source, it was empty. the source telling fox the feds took boxes and documents to review once they left mar a lago. and we're told they were not being careful or cautious about what they removed from his home. fox has learned the raid took place early this morning at former president trump was actually at trump tower in new york city. the former president announced the raid this evening, calling this dark times for our nation as his home was being raided and , quote, occupied. fox is told by a source familiar that the former president went to his bedminster, new jersey property tonight laura . mike , thank you so much. and for a look at the media's role and sort of setting up this whole framing of the trump raid, we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond, you've been watching this play out this evening and you notice kind of choreography surrounding this story. what is it indeed, laura ? look, it happened over
12:51 am
the weekend on cnn both sunday and this morning, "new york times" reporter maggie haberman without flogging a story that she's covered before the allegation that president from flushed documents down the toilet, she came armed with pictures, this time supposedly from a source just in time to promote her new book, how may well be the john the baptist on this raid story. >> watch this. laura , first and important, i think are the two important words here. people are going to make all kinds of jokes about toilets and so forth. it would still be a story if it was a fireplace. and the point is about the destruction of records which are supposed to be preserved under the presidential records act, which is a watergate era creation. how curious, laura . two days she went out flogging this story, the timing of this and the leaked pictures to habermann making the rounds, it all does seem rather coordinated, predictable and as
12:52 am
she said, gross and important indeed. well, she said tonight on another network that, you know, no one knows where this is all going to go . and they've tried to get trump before and they may impeach him twice. hey, i'm paraphrasing, but essentially the undercurrent as he emerges, i no longer that's not the point. the point is , as we've seen in the recent past, journalists are often used to trot information into the public domain and then that becomes the predicate for federal action. we saw that with michael isikoff who was at yahoo! news. he was the guy who carried the steele dossier into the public domain that became the justification for federal investigations of subpoenas. and on it went until they admitted there was nothing there. now earlier tonight, dana bash said president trump was trying to own the narrative. laura , on this raid. but i don't know why she didn't say. the media is also trying to own
12:53 am
the narrative in between celebrating the idea that they would raid the home of a former president and search a home of a former president is obviously as big as bigger stakes as you can have for the fbi to actually be knocking down doors in his home. is this a time that americans believe that perhaps the orange jumpsuit is for his forthcoming ? i think the national democratic reaction is halleluja now whether it bears out or you will see the disclosure. but it's a road that will hopefully strengthen our american democracy, which been very fragile these last few years and push trump presidency. the narrative is so plain, laura . i mean, and if you listen to it all, as i have been all evening, here's the upshot. the democratic party finds itself in a difficult spot with gas prices, international worries and inflation eating away at their minora bare majority going into these midterms, they've decided
12:54 am
there's only one strategy that will work. we have to draft donald trump to run against. >> so this whole moment is now choreographed at this time before the midterms to drag trump front and center and to use him as the whipping boy while they cast themselves. as you heard it, they're the agents and protectors of democracy. yeah, it's it's a screwed up strategy. i mean, i'm going to say this again. if they wanted to unite the republican party, if that was their goal, they're doing a great job of it. like i think they thought that liz cheney was somehow like aligning themselves with her on that january six committee was going to somehow separate the party. i mean, this is the old establishment, but most republicans just want trump's policies back even if they don't like trump that much. they loved his policies and they want that type of republic. and in the white house, whether it's trump or whether it's someone else, they don't want the old establishment that is over those people are part
12:55 am
of the problem here because every time, raymonde, they get into power, they play games like we've got to preserve the filibuster. so we're going to give the republicans in infrastructure, the democrats the infrastructure bill so that that playing the sweet little old rules that's got to go . it was right about that. you speaker of the your cause collapse was per second to look at how weird and horrible this is because i take your dress it down a description of what happened today weird that one day my daughters read a history book -- >> tomorrow is the day when you're going to want to buy the physical copy of the newspaper because you're going to want to buy it and maybe put put put in
12:56 am
general archival paper or parchment if you don't have that we are, because that is an amazing moment via rachel vital matter of the pied piper of the entire russian conspiracy narrative back of this conspiracy theory that fell apart because you never apologize for it, by the way. i think she called -- was going to apologize, she called him weird or something and call him out because this is an amazing moment when you have artisan ship masquerading not only is journalism, but as history black people have to see through it and i know it's hard to do so with these voices screaming at your peak of >> laura: what everyone has to understand is that everything we've heard about the republicans, if they don't dump trump, then that clearly want to destroy democracy and are going to be the wrecking ball is for our entire system, this is from the same people who want to pack the court, want to get rid of electoral college, who want to
12:57 am
now use government and weaponize it against the american people, whether it's the irs, praetorian guard, are now search warrants and surveillance and subpoenas. these are the people who are constantly ripping at the fabric of our fathers, turned on statues, celebrating police precincts being burned in minnesota, and the republicans and the conservatives are the trouble? it's ridiculous because not only is it ridiculous, i guess we have to put two adjectives together. it's ridiculous and distressing. in that while we are covering this right and trying to figure out what's at play here, it provides a convenient distraction from what you probably didn't see by design. the current president of the united states visiting kentucky flood victims after his covid hibernation, he was totally in charge today. >> president biden: your own
12:58 am
no that anybody else should be doing this paper you're getting. seriously. it's not like it's out of our control. the weather maybe out of our control for now, but it's not beyond our control. taking care of everything from health care to god knows what else. >> doing an incredible job. >> i bet the governors i was hoping he'd do an incredible job masking with all the coughing of the man just got out of covid quarantine, now is coughing all over everything galore, you want to know why this is a timed out for this moment? it's because of that moment. >> and i think everybody needs to take a hard look at it. >> laura: only took about 45 seconds for him to get his jacket on as he came off the plane. >> i thought it was perfecting a comedy routine for minute there.
12:59 am
>> laura: gill does have a candy stripe dress on. it almost looked like he was a candy stripe at echo they very helpful to the infirm. >> this isn't the moment. he is struggling to get the jacket on. he went in a circle. it was really quite comic. will show it to your leader paper is worth. it should not be overlooked. >> laura: i think that, again, this is a time for people who love our country, love our representative democracy, respect our constitution, take a breath, realize they've been through worse than this before and we will get this through this again. when we get power back, it's time to hold everyone accountable. the military leadership, the civilian leadership, civil service, those in congress who abuse their power, all of them have to be held accountable to all of them. it can be this nice guy routine
1:00 am
where let's all be friends. >> lets be blind and those who are reporting have to do so with as much truth as possible as well and not from an ideological perspective. >> laura: thank you very much and will have a lot more on this tomorrow night. right now, greg gutfeld is next in shannon bream is going to have more on the breaking news at midnight. be sure to stay up for all of that. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. former president donald trump railing against the biden justice department over the unannounced and unprecedented raid on his mar-a-lago bureau is calling it the growth of the deep state. unleashing the theory of his supporters in the republican party now say november is more important than ever. "fox & friends" first. i'm carley shimkus and todd piro. >> todd: fbi agents come to thousands of documents. those orders coming from


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