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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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where let's all be friends. >> lets be blind and those who are reporting have to do so with as much truth as possible as well and not from an ideological perspective. >> laura: thank you very much and will have a lot more on this tomorrow night. right now, greg gutfeld is next in shannon bream is going to have more on the breaking news at midnight. be sure to stay up for all of that. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. former president donald trump railing against the biden justice department over the unannounced and unprecedented raid on his mar-a-lago bureau is calling it the growth of the deep state. unleashing the theory of his supporters in the republican party now say november is more important than ever. "fox & friends" first. i'm carley shimkus and todd piro. >> todd: fbi agents come to thousands of documents. those orders coming from the top
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of the doj and trump supporter is say they are trying to hide the true motive anymore. >> carries a penalty that someone was convicted of it is disqualified from running for future federal office. disqualifying him from future of his, secure a conviction and have that be the broad resolution of the whole problem, trump. >> carley: possibly the clearest indication yet that donald trump could run for president anyway. >> patriots like you who built this country, and its hardworking patriots like you who are going to our country. >> carley: kevin corke is standing by in washington, but we begin with a broad segment was believed leading our reporting on the rate since the story broke. >> hey, good money, let's take a
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former president trump is railing against yesterday's unannounced fbi raid on his mar-a-lago calling out what he believes to be a part in part to prevent a 2024 white house run. releasing this statement saying "it is prosecutorial misconduct and an attack by radical left democrats who desperately don't want me to run for president in 2024, especially based on recent polls." sources say the fbi raid of the former president of palm beach home is related to potential mishandling of classified documents when he left office in january of 2021 pack of the national archives retrieved 15 boxes from mar-a-lago earlier this year that contained what it believed to be presidential records as officials are attacking the must be properly preserve. eric trump argues his father is being unfairly targeted for political purposes vehicle is on. on. sake of my father has worked so collaboratively with the poor man's vehicle in fact, the lawyers had been working another, was totally shocking vehicle he had such an amazing relationship with the people and all of a sudden with no notice,
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20 cards and 30 agents? this is just more political persecution of donald j. trump. >> another source telling me that fbi agents looked in every single office and safe, grabbing documents and boxes without going through them on the property. are letting agents were not judicious about what they do. compass and a city at the time of the raid -- watch. >> there was no reason not to issue a subpoena. returnable tomorrow. so that there is no claim that trump could have destroyed anything. there should have been a subpoena, not a search warrant. if it is a search warrant, it has to have a high level of calls, demonstrating the evidence would have been destroyed. >> now, all eyes are on attorney general merrick garland to law enforcement sources told fox news confirmed new about the
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blitz. >> merrick garland almost certainly signed off on this. it hard to imagine a decision of this magnitude would be made without his knowledge and approval. >> the white house tells me it did not receive any advance notice about the fbi is made at mar-a-lago. >> todd: great work, is always better to give at for the update. meantime, lawmakers demanding information on the fbi raid on mar-a-lago because i've are calling out the beer of art apparent double standard in its treatment of former president donald trump in comparison to hunter biden. >> money, nice. truth be told, many of the words that you like to hear emanating hill, while frankly, can be repeated on television talk to varying degrees, were talking about sentiments of disgust and outrage that frankly seem to be more or less fitting the bill for most republicans. >> i find it very hard to believe they didn't know about
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this. merrick garland, chris wray, come to the house judiciary committee this friday and answer our questions about this action today, which had never happened in american history back of what was -- what are you looking for? when i talk to president trump and have him give the information you're after? >> jim jordan exercised in a way that i have never seen him. this is from kevin mccarty. is as attorney general garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar. i seen an uptick of the department of justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization pack of republicans take back the house, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts and leave no stone unturned. here's kayleigh mcenany. >> this is very scary. there is a trend, never before used statues used to go after? donald trump national security advisor, donald trump campaign
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manager, none the former president of the united states himself. wow. there is a banana republic, i think it is an understatement because it really feels like we are there and beyond. >> meantime, there is from the state house down in the great state of florida. ron desantis saying the rate of speed well with another escalation in the weaponisation of federal agencies against the regime's political opponents were people like hunter biden get traded by to with kid gloves back on, the regiment getting another 87,000 irs agent struggle against its adverse errors? banana republic. however, democrats on capitol hill are, well, celebrating, suggesting that this raid and things like it are long overdue. that's what happens when you break the law. try to steal an election and insight are deadly deadly interaction. donald trump should be in jail. i'm glad to see the fbi taking steps toward accountability.
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california. >> it's not for me are members of congress to say what should happen. it should be where the facts laid them, and they have been very methodical. they have not been quick to do anything, but it sure is that they are concerned that serious crimes were committed and are following evidence. >> lesson, guys, i followed 4 white house administrations and to say this is a political earthquake in washington is to understate the magnitude of what has happen. philip klein of the national review said if they do not actually have the goods, this will make a political system that is already under stress that much more unstable. that should be alarming to anybody. back to you. >> todd: as someone who has been an easy covering so many administration, like yourself, you know turnabout is fair play. if we expect what happens in the house to happen. kevin corke, thank you, sir.
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lettering and a former fbi agent and navy seal, jonathan gilliam. jonathan, someone has devoted his career to the fbi, how disgusted are you this morning? >> well, let me just tell you one thing before i go on with this is that what kevin just sat there at the end, and listening to the republican patent that i was hearing there, if it's business as usual for the republicans, that land that is only going to one direction. that and the democrats favor couple. that better doesn't mean anything. just like living in the fbi and serving an author doesn't mean anything for going on that oath or if if you're serving one agency that does the political bidding of the left. that's exactly what happened. i'm disgusted by a guy to several fbi and former fbi agents today, and some of them have talked to local authorities, and the local authorities literally set them, "i'm not sure beside yourself, i
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trust you, but i'm not sure if i can even trust to work with the fbi anymore." that is phenomenal for local authorities to distrust the fbi, because that just tells you what the rest of the american public is on the reality of what's going on you. everyone i talked to in in washington, d.c., says that everything that they do, 90% of what they do, has to do with the january 6 hearing. not terrorism, not real problems in the united states, eighth january 60. that at the concentrating their efforts on. in this case, my sources in the secret service or any of those people who are out there that are thinking that this was just a show, let me tell you that even the secret service only knew 30 minutes before they were coming there. at first, i would think why didn't attorneys talk? the conduct of practice are. maybe company and they were coming there, but even the secret service didn't. for me, is a former fbi agent, i sit back and i look at my resume and my own resume has taken a
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tremendous rate from this. once again, the fbi and the doj being weaponized and many of those agencies doing the bidding willingly because i would not have done this had i still been in. >> carley: it's not like what you're talking about is the fallout from this could be unprecedented, even within law enforcement agencies because it really does feel like something, right now, is missing from this story. like the punishment of the fbi raid doesn't mean the "crime" when you're talking about the national archives because there are any justifiable reason we could learn in the coming days for the fbi raid? >> not when you look at the president. commie himself, the former director of the fbi took his classified personal notes and gave them to a professor at columbia university who then lead to them to media, in which that case it was used to get a warrant. we have petraeus, a general who took his own personal notes and give them to a woman he was sleeping with so she could write a book about him.
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this has happened over and over again. for this case, for them to go and look for personal notes is really, it is unjustifiable. i'll tell you something. there is evidence for what is occurring. if you look at the way that the trump fake dossier, the way that entire thing played up, you are saying that over and over again, where they go and they blow something up in the media, then they use a federal agency to go in and actually do an act. they take that information, they combine it, put it back out in media, which msnbc and cnn are already saying things about crimes. than the use that to go get further warrants and in the blow that up on congress to try and discredit this president. it keeps happening over and over. >> carley: on the flip side, cover up other stories like allegedly, within the fbi, covering up the hunter biden laptops scandal involving russian disinformation. >> along those lines, absolutely
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know that you can listen to you have people like sandy berger, a former national security advisor was fun to have taken classified documents home hidden in his socks and he was not prosecuted. you also have record cases like james comey was accused of taking fbi material when he left the fbi. the history has been not to prosecute those cases. >> todd: jonathan, how many raids did you conduct on behalf of the glorified librarian that the national archive when you were an fbi agent? >> it was all the time. now, to be honest with you, that happened about as much as white supremacy arrest. it never occurs. those cases are unheard of at white supremacy, except in present pretty much because this is the thing is you. i was questioning where there is authority would come from for the fbi to get involved to the national archives can actually
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reach out to the fbi and the doj to do this, but you have to understand something to the fbi cannot tell the doj what they want to go after. they can recommend it, but the doj has to approve it. on the flip side, the doj can tell the fbi we want you to go after this and that is very important for people to see the trickle-down effect. i wanted to thing. when we look at christopher wray, we see exactly the one mistake, and i'm a bit trump supporter, i think he did a great job as president, but you have to be very careful in loyalty and appointing these people that are in washington, d.c., people who orbit washington, d.c. christopher wray, james comey, moller, all these people work for the doj before they came to the fbi, and that is dangerous because they should have taken the director from the fbi who grew up in the fbi and appointed him. when you take a doj lawyer and you put him in charge of the fbi, his loyalty is going to be to the doj, and that's what
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occurred. >> carley: is a way they go from here? the fbi is now reportedly in possession of these boxes of documents record happens next also, what does this mean? does this mean that the former president is under criminal investigation was in a speaker at a very good question. they've been screaming criminal investigation all throughout the january sixth proceedings. my question is that they go there, really, for national archives are they going their hunting for other information that they can further use to criminally go after the former president? this is the reality. i can predict for you this is what is going to happen because they will use this information, as i've said before, to go to the mainstream media and push the south. then they will go to judges, get more warrants, i think we are just seeing the beginning of a widespread push to get information from donald trump gecko and the people that are around him to intimidate them >> todd: speed of trump's lawyers need to be in court in less than four hours to make
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sure not one page of those documents is looked at and tell privilege and other privilege and other things are argued to make sure that nothing gets reviewed until the lawyers sign up on it. jonathan gilliam, when i'm in charge, you're going to be the fbi director. meantime, federal judge ruling that the biden administration -- the policy also known as the mic and protection protocol requires migrants who claim asylum in the u.s. to wait for the legal hearing and make a copy of the department of homeland security and nothing out of the ruling that migrants were no longer be subject to the policy. less than 6,000 migrants have been returned to mexico under the policy by the biden administration. border crossing shattering records in 2022 is more american:president biden to secure our border. stephen miller, new york city's mayor continues to slam the governor of texas as migrant busses armload in sanctuary cities.
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good morning. >> good morning. jawdropping numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into our southern border, and it's set a new record actually with well over 1.8 million in less than a year. they keep coming by the thousands every day. even as the biden administration continues to deny there's a problem secretary of homeland security claiming just last month, our border is under control. >> the border is secure. the border, we are working to make the border more secure. that has been a historic challenge. >> experts say the border is anything but secure, and it's creating a humanitarian and national security crisis took a former ice director tom homan think biden's open borders agenda has now but become synonymous with death in america last. the floodgates are wide open. american security and sovereignty are being disastrously mishandle. a recent warmack shows 38%
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wanted to see the flow of migrant control tokyo that is up 10% since 2020. meanwhile, texas governor greg abbott in newark mayor eric adams continue to trade blows over the buzzing of migrants to the city. >> this humanitarian part of being an american and i think that there is nothing more entire american than what he is displaying right now. >> and governor abbott reminding adams there is a way to solve the problem, saying "if the mayor wants a solution to the present, he said:president biden to take immediate action to secure the border." something the president and is willing to do. a bit plan to continue to send those busloads of migrants to new york and d.c. until the administration puts measures that were working to secure the border back in place. >> carley: thank you. let's bring in peter lumaj, senate candidate was also illegal immigrant who was born and raised in communist albania. peter, good morning to you. what you may to make make of
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this fight between texas and new york city and why do things go from here? >> this administration is promoting chaos and lawlessness of the border. they are enticing illegals to come to the united states for the benefit that we offer to the back. if you live in connecticut and your illegal, you can attend you can't as an in-state student and pay in situation, yet if someone lives in the year, they would pay out-of-state tuition. if you want to get a driver's license in connecticut, for example, in your illegal, you have to do is just sign a statement, whereas if my son wants to get a driver's license and was born in waco, i would have to produce the social security card, the passport, birth certificate, proof of address, you name it. we are encouraging people who are violating our laws and punishing american citizens because this is not the right way to handle immigration
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program for illegal immigration i benefited from the loss of this country to come to the united states but added it legally with my family pick i have no problems of history might immigration and do it legally. promoting the chaos and lawlessness that this current administration is doing is not serving anyone of us well and is jeopardizing the safety of our citizens and it must be stopped. >> todd: immigration should be a major concern as voters in four states had to the polls today, including in connecticut where he is on the g.o.p. ballot in the state than it. what you think you are the best choice for connecticut republicans are more broadly, what you think think this is the year that connecticut has at least one red seat in either congress or the senate? >> this midterm election is one of the most significant elections since reagan, not on the lincoln. we are fighting for the soul of this country. what's happening right now, there is a confrontation between two irreconcilable political entities with his state is a man is what is happening last night
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with president trump raid. the fbi actually raided his residence. we have to defeat statism. the scope and weight of the government in the united states is beyond the constitutional limit because of the founding fathers wanted us to have a government with enumerator towers and right now, i think the government doesn't have the enumerator powers because they have become part of every aspect of our iceberg i think it would be a bill that they does pathway go up to 87,000 irs agents that we are going to hire. that is the greater force than the united kingdom because i were to go over ordinary folks like you and i. >> carley: that's something that former president talked about a lot when he says that the powers that be are just targeting him, there are also targeting the american people as well pack a lot of people are very concerned about that is money. thank you so much for joining us this money because >> todd: thank you so much, so. >> carley: and all of this
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poignant for olivia newton-john who died at the age of 73 after a 30-year battle with breast cancer. dr. janette nesheiwat in your life. >> todd: were following developments allnight long. part of a jam-packed lineup you could do not a moment. [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads.
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privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> todd: first on fox, the family of car because you know finally a $15 million wrongful death lawsuit against police in utah. they accused police of failing to recognize that their daughter was in a life-threatening situation and investigated a fight between her and brian lohan did not long before she was killed. >> there were two people who said they saw him hit you. there were two people. independent witnesses. >> did he hit you, though? >> her parents appeared remotely at a news conference. cabbie's mother sharing this heart-wrenching statement >> it's very painful and -- >> todd: an attorney for her is
1:27 am
parents say that petito was the aggressor. after crashing into house and sparking a firefighter. representative for the actress says she is an extreme critical condition. reported in stable condition of the difficulty. team they are releasing this new video of page allegedly speeding through an alley before the crash before you can even hear the crash in this video. listen. police making their way in the investigation, reportedly awaiting the results of blood test to determine if alcohol or drugs factored into the crash back of the actress claimed she was drinking water and wine on a podcast just hours before the crash. >> carley: olivia newton-john passing away in her home yesterday at the age of 73 after a 30-year long battle with breast cancer. has been posting this statement
1:28 am
on facebook. "olivia newton-john, 73, passed away peacefully at a ranch in southern california this evening surrounded by family and friends because olivia has been a symbol of triumph over -- and hope for over 30 years, sharing the journey with breast cancer." according to the american cancer society, over 287,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer just this year alone. dr. janette nesheiwat judge in. the passing of olivia newton-john after a 30-year battle. where are we in our battle against breast cancer? are we any closer to finding a cure? >> that is a great question. we've come such a long way, just basically by having the tools to help diagnose breast cancer, especially in its early stages. mammograms or ultrasound, and even a new blood test called to check that quite hopefully be available to us soon. even though we have more than
1:29 am
280,000 cases diagnosed every year, like it is mentioned, we still have nearly 50,000 women who lose their life every single year from breast cancer. the key is to make sure that we have early detection. that's why it's so important to see a doctor regularly for your routine physical >> sometimes they can pick up early breast cancer, a lump on physical exams and you can pick it up with, again, a blood test your yearly mammogram, which for most people should begin at age 40. >> carley: her family, while releasing the statement that i just read, also said her healing inspiration and pioneering experience with plant medicine continues with the olivia newton-john foundation fund dedicated to researching plant medicine and cancer. how effective is that in the fight against cancer? >> so, we know that olivia newton-john, she underwent chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and i think it's incredible to look outside the box, to look at herbal medicine,
1:30 am
natural therapeutic. are definitely not a cannabis, which is one of the substances that help with pain, help comfort, and this has been the case with many other patients as well. it's always important that we are always exploring and looking at new therapeutics on your medication and not just the traditional chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. your foundation, the olivia newton foundation, she has been able to help support and motivate and encourage many millions of other women and men who maybe diagnosed or suffering from breast cancer as well pack it does affect both men and women. >> carley: after ashton kutcher is opening up after being diagnosed with a disease called vasculitis. at a rare autoimmune disorder that apparently affects vision, hearing, and your ability to walk back up what we need to know about this? >> share, so first of all, vasculitis is rare, and it's a condition in which you have inflammation in the blood vessels, information in your
1:31 am
arteries and in your veins because we don't know the exact cause, but we don't think that its trigger maybe from an infection, from a virus, from medication, allergies, environmental antigen that could cause this type of reaction. but some of the symptoms that you might feel, body aches, joint pain, fever, headache, those are some of the symptoms you might feel, sometimes it might be mad, sometimes it can be a little more extreme. the key is this a day but if you go if you feel that something is off, but the doctor because we do our treatment, we do have, for example, steroid that we can use to minimize symptoms because of you let it go to law, sometimes even have organ damage, organ failure, for example affecting your kidneys are your eyes or your heart. early treatment, early diagnosis is the key here, again. >> carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: crossing the line with his unannounced raid on mar-a-lago.
1:32 am
former president trump said this is political persecution from democrats has been going on for years, starting with the russia pro. we are witnessing the deep state at work. are we? we have all the reaction from washington this morning. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ♪ ♪ >> todd: president biden taking a victory lap predicting the new $740 billion climate change in tax bill will lift the democrat. the head of the midterms >> president biden: because of the number of things we got done on a bipartisan basis, $1,200,000,000 infrastructure project. like what passed yesterday. everything from health care to god knows what else. >> todd: some g.o.p. leaders like senate majority leader remain skeptical of the purse to double the size of the irs.
1:38 am
>> it going to be a lot of people. middle income taxpayers in this country who are going to have to get used to having the irs looking over their shoulder. that's what this is. that's what they signed up for with this bill. 87,000 new irs agents and $80 billion in new spending. six times the annual budget. >> todd: he's just there were. is not the leader yet. republicans say -- they argue it will make inflation even worse. >> carley: now in the hands of the house. the vote is expected on friday. to vulnerable texas democrats previously raised major concerns about a fee that would find energy companies for meth and emission vehicle in a letter written to house >> nancy pelosi last year, they were sounding the alarm writing "taxing the energy sector and costing tax on jobs is not the right way to go at this. the demand for energy will continue to rise, and we should
1:39 am
not disadvantage our nation in the name of the calls without real benefit." as of this week in, congressman gonzalez says he will support the bill in its current form and fight its impact reservations. accusing the justice department of political persecution after it mar-a-lago residence was raided on monday saying "is a dark time for nation. my beautiful home at mar-a-lago and palm beach road is currently under siege, rated and occupied by a large group of fbi agents. nothing like this has ever happened to the president of the united states before after working at cooperating with the relevant government agencies, there's unannounced raid on my home is not necessary or appropriate. it is prosecutorial misconduct and the weaponization of the justice system in an attack by radical left democrats are desperately don't want me to run for president in 2024. so much reaction coming in on this over night.
1:40 am
some of the most important reaction, from the company themselves. eric trump was on hand at easing his father actually had a very good working relationship with the national archives on which document should be overturned, it is important to note that the president wasn't at mar-a-lago that i. over the trump tower in your cities of the documents were not at risk of being destroyed. if that was the concern of this. >> todd: to that point, jonathan turley said why wouldn't a subpoena have sufficed in this situation? it is an excellent question. we don't have an answer to pick up focusing on the fbi for a moment, we just heard christopher wray says the bureau has limited resources to do what they need to do. yet, they somehow find the resources to go after parents, to go after donald trump on behalf of the national archives, but no opportunity, no resources to go after supreme court harassers and of course, hunter biden. the big takeaway that i have
1:41 am
here, where is the fear on the part of christopher wray? where is the fear on the part of merrick garland? that when the republicans take over the house in a matter of weeks, that they are going to be brought to the house for your ex. they should be shaking in their boots, fearful of what is going to have been. yet, the demonstrated no fear whatsoever. they're just going with business as usual or their business as usual, which is articulating and exercising their democratic agenda. >> carley: at the doj, of course, should be a trusted, nonpolitical organization, but if you look at recent history, you have liberal fbi agents promoting the compressor hooks because you have liberal fbi agents allegedly covering up the hunter biden laptop, calling a disinformation, and then that leaking to the media. you also have the doj calling parents domestic terrorists, that area refusing to go after protesters outside the homes of supreme court justices, even after an assassination attempt to. now, it is ask yourself, are we on a turning point here and
1:42 am
where do we go from here if the doj, which like i said, should be nonpolitical, turned into, essentially, a branch of the democratic party? rnc chairman ronna mcdaniel thing democrats continually weaponize the bureaucracy against republicans. this weight is outrageous. governor christie enamels are saying the fbi raid on donald trump's home is in unprecedented attack. >> todd: there's also this notion of, look, if the government can come after the president of the united states and donald trump, what are they going to do to you, the little person. here is a former house speaker newt gingrich on that. >> 30 fbi agents can take over the house of a former president of the united states and probable candidate for president, what can they do to you? and when you look at the cats who are trying to add 85,000 irs
1:43 am
agents to the already existing 77,000, that will mean 162,000 irs agents. compared, for example, to 25,000 people who we have on the border or trying to control the body. the purpose of it as simple. they want to control your vehicle speed >> todd: there's always get back to what does this mean for the elections going forward. this just mobilized 74 million trump borders do not sit out the midterms. it re-energize them. any potential polling bump that you see that democrats got from abortion over the last couple of weeks, wiped out because this just ticked off a lot of republicans, and a lot of people who voted for tarp. they're going to make their voices at. >> carley: the question is question is whether a legal justification for this rate or was it purely political? we had a former u.s. attorney was on msnbc. is at this issue with the national archives could carry a
1:44 am
penalty that disqualifies the former president from running for office again. he came down the elevator last time and announced his presidency to acquire think a much darker version. you could say that if there was a question about him running for office again, this weight could be his elevator moment once again. a lot of people shrink when there is this level of political pressure on them. i think it really only motivates the former president. after years of covid-19 restrictions, schools in georgia are facing hundreds of teachers and a shortage they're just weeks before students return to class. they're blaming burnout from the pandemic's politics. we'll hear from a concerned parent coming up next. >> todd: being criticized for their work summer reading recommendation. the author? colin kaepernick. will tell you all about it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ stephen george gascon handing out artist of the driver accused of killing six people in a horrific car crash last week in los angeles. fighting back tears in court yesterday. a travel nurse from texas was charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter. among the victims in the collision or a pregnant mother
1:50 am
and an 11-month-old infant. several vehicles burst into flames and multiple victims were drawn from their cars after police say london ran a red light. if convicted, she faces 90 years to life in prison. listen to the spec catalog of signing a bill replacing the word "inmate" with "incarcerated person." to explain the word inmate dehumanizes and demoralizes lawbreakers back with appreciate my body, the governor deflects play for a sharp rise in tribeca new york city mayor eric adams calling it out. she claims the law is fine, but judges need to do their part. >> we have to say the context of a nationwide phenomenon. an issue that could be possibly related to bail, we address that. i encourage everyone to do their job.
1:51 am
is a one opponent in the race tweeting "there is plenty of evidence that pro-criminal laws, soft on crime ds and lacks far left judges are making life in new york are less safe." but don't say inmates, how dare you? >> todd: teachers union facing criticism over a woke summer reading recommendation. the book "why we fly" featuring passages about teenage drug use and kneeling during protest. they were inspired by former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick's silent presentation take a teachers union also previously recommended a book on racial justice called "stamped:racism,, and ibises and you." they said they can work on building an entire visit america. with kids in classrooms, school districts nationwide facing teacher shortages including in georgia were hundreds of
1:52 am
vacancies remain. holly terei joint winner. holly, i know that you find work there in georgia are already back, as my best friend could have been back for a week and. how dire the situation there? because my goodness. we are currently in a deficit of about 350 teachers and nearly 500, including all of staff needed to wear really feeling that in our schools, and our teachers are really feeling the burden of burden. >> todd: it's not just your typical look at the speaker just a few months ago, there were more than 300,000 teacher vacancies across our country, and a survey conducted by randi weingarten american federation of teachers found nearly 40% of teachers intend to leave the profession within the next two years become one of the factors is being forced to teach woke curriculum. what is that doing to our teachers? >> it's overburdening them. they didn't sign up to have to
1:53 am
implement all of these woke strategies within the classroom. decided to teach. all of the sel, social emotional learning, the dti that are being fought in the teacher to implement in the treasure, then a psychiatrist, this is and what they signed up for. not to mention here in gwinnett county, we have teachers that are still being mandated to wear masks, were seen in other parts of the country, which is just absolutely ridiculous. on top of that, a lot of our schools that school boards are going 313. they also want to implement things like restorative justice practices in the classroom. teachers aren't allowed to hold students accountable anyone there to us to as a psychiatrist and do anything and everything other than actually teach reading, writing, and math in our classrooms because it's a burden and it's a struggle. teachers are stepping away because at the end of the day, they do not get paid enough to deal with all of this extra that comes from overeating woke school board because peter wynne
1:54 am
or teachers unions don't fight for kids is apparent, but holly, they aren't even fighting for the teachers that pay them, who are the benefiting? >> that is exactly what they are benefiting, and promoting. at the end of the day, these teachers, they need other avenues to be able to exercise their skill and craft. it here in georgia, we can get something passed like an expensive school choice piece of legislation, not only would that give our students are to make an opportunity to get away from the vice grip that these overeating school boards and the built-in agenda is in our school system, it will also -- it would incentivize the private sector and give our teachers opportunity to be able to go elsewhere, outside the public's oldest and be able to teach in the classroom without having to be forced to teach these woke agenda ideals. >> todd: all you want is for your kid to be able to complete. not doing that here in our country back thank you very
1:55 am
much, we appreciated. fox news alert, a way to my love of former president says it's the democrats try to prevent him from running for president in 2024 defense ago we got back in detail because we won and lori lightfoot spent the weekend doing the "cha-cha slide" were more than 50 people were shot in her city. to be talking about all of the and much more right here on "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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>> todd: a fox news alert, an unannounced and unprecedented raid of donald trump's mar-a-lago home. republicans say the former president and the deep state radical left are behind it. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this tuesday morning, i'm todd


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