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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert, an unannounced and unprecedented raid of donald trump's mar-a-lago home. republicans say the former president and the deep state radical left are behind it. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this tuesday morning, i'm todd piro.
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>> carley: i'm carley shimkus. biassed and politically charge and democrats are going too far to weaponize it for political gain. >> the security state leak that was used to improperly and scandalously impeach him for trying to get to the bottom of well known corruption in ukraine. let's not forget the story dropped before the election, insertion that the hunter biden scandal, well documented on video, were russian disinformation and the sitting president of the united states is completely being held harmless for how he benefited from his son's business dealings >> todd: live in washington with the latest on the rate, here is brooke singman with the latest on the raid. >> brooke: former president
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trump is railing against the raid on his margsz home calling out a part can plot to prevent a 2024 run. he says it is prosecutorial misconduct and the weaponization of the justice system based on recent pollss. i spoke to sources who say the raid is related to potential mishandling of classified documents when he left office of january 2021. narc archive retrieved boxes this year what it believed to be presidential records that must be be properly preserved. eric trump argues his father is being unfairly targeted. >> my father has been working with them for months. they sent between the cars and
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30 agents this is more political prosecution of donald j. trump. >> brooke: fbi agentss looked in every safe without going through the documents on the property and were not judicious about what they took. trump was in -- no need for. watch. >> there was no reason not to issue a subpoena, returnable tomorrow so there is no claim that trump could have destroyed anything, this should have been a subpoena, not a search warrant. if it is search warrants, it has to have a high level of cause demonstrating the evidence would have been destroyed. >> all eyes are on merrick garland who they say knew about
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this. >> merrick garland almost certainly signed off on this, hard to determine a decision of this magnitude would be made without his knowledge and approval. >> brooke: the white house tells me it did not receive advance notice about the raid at mar-a-lago. >> carley: let's turn to kevin corke who has the latest from washington. >> kevin: the fbi raids the home of donald trump, mar-a-lago, with the approval of merrick garland and christopher wray. the former president said these are dark times as my beautiful home, mar-a-lago, in palm beach, florida, is under siege, occupied by fbi agents. nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the
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united states before. indeed. republicans on capitol hill incan desant. mike turner, i'm demanding immediate briefing by fbi director wray guarding the risk that rose to level of ordering raid on the residence of a former president. lindsey graham, time will tell regarding this most recent investigation. such an investigation of a former president this close to an election is beyond problematic. ari fleischer said this, all i can say, the fbi better have the goods, this better be a slam-dunk criminal case, other wise biden administration and doj have crossed a line of no return. if they have the goods announce, otherwise this raid is a
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disgrace. democrats on capitol hill are trying to be careful how they characterize the raid. >> comments are premature. >> the department of pursuing this in a nonpolitical way. >> kevin: that is one way to look at it, the former president's son, don jr. accusing the doj and the fbi of "ripping the country apart and openly targeting their political enemies," and it remains to be seen if and when the doj will respond to questions. there are those in washington that are speculating that as pressure builds, leadership at doj may be forced to do that and right soon. >> carley: thank you for that great reporting, we appreciate it. tom fitton joins us now.
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tom, without more information, it looks like the biden doj raided the home of president biden's future political opponent, is that what happened yesterday or is there any other possible justification for this rai >> there is pressure to prosecute and harass trump and they did what their leftist advocates or pressure groups wanted. this raid will go down in infame, the biden administration passed the rubicon in terms of attacking president trump and opponents by misusing law enforcement. this is continuation of what we saw during the obama administration, through the trump administration, even had
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the fbi and attack trump during the trump administration and now biden. if this is about records and our understanding of the law, we sued over bill clinton having presidential record and a left-wing court in district of columbia said too bad, the president has authority to designate white house record as personal records and do what they want with them. this is weak tea and no ready justification for this and i tell you, if republicans go forward with full funding for the fbi and justice department after the outrages, you have to wonder what they are there for. >> todd: you mentioned clinton, where is a civil raid on hillary
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clinton? she was not president. >> we uncovered the clinton e-mail scandal. she stole e-mails and classified material from the white house department, some of the material were under subpoena and then she lied about what she was doing in terms of destroying the records pretending she was only destroying e-mails about her daughter's wedding and yoga class when she had been trying to destroy classified information and still no raid. on top of that, you have presumptively criminal activity by hunter biden in the custody now of the fbi that implicate this president of the united states and just a few weeks ago, we were talking about here, i'm sure you have been talking about the fact that the fbi was caught trying to help hunter biden and
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joe biden just before the election and that was exposed a week or two ago and now they are raiding trump's home. the fbi and the justice department can't be trusted and should be thoroughly reformed and frankly as far as i'm concerned, i don't think they are redeemable. >> carley: any doubt the president would run in 2024, i don't think there is any doubt now. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> todd: part of joe biden's plan is to spend on 87,000 new irs agents. didn't the president promise not to raise taxes? >> carley: congressman greg steube is here next.
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>> todd: a fox news alert. following the breaking news out of florida, where former president trump's home has been raided. >> carley: kevin mccarthy saying when republicans take back the house we will conduct oversight of this department, follow the facts and leave no stone unturned. attorney general garland, clear
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your calendar. >> todd: we heard kevin mccarthy's comments, what will you do in congress? how ugly will it get for merrick garland and christopher wray at the top of the fbi and doj when republicans take control of congress and you force them to answer for this? >> clear your calendar is right, we'll bring you in and not just five-minute testimony thing, we'll bring you in and depose you and do document and record request. if this is about 15 boxes the national archive wanted, national archive is a museum, it could have been handled any other way. like you said, hillary clinton didn't send information she had, and they never raided her home. i'm upset, a lot of conservatives are upset. this is the former president's home tha was raided and number
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one contender to take on joe biden in 2024, this is politicized and weaponized doj. they were investigating donald trump illegally and this hoax over the american people and russia, russia, russia, collusion. the american people will not stand for it, this will rally people behind the president when heun ares for re-election against joe biden and bring people to the america first cause. >> carley: the trump and russia collusion hoax, and there r comments that they covered up the hunter biden -- how do we restore faith back into the organization? >> i think if those organizations that remain in their current form, there need to be top-down clean-out of
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upper brass and management and organizations starting with merrick garland and the fbi director. we have highest level of officials who authorized surveillance of trump's campaign, some of those people have left, but not all of the people. there needs to be complete cleaning of house when republicans take control. we have democrats in the senate and house and no balance of these horrible decisions making to detriment of the american people will not stand for this type of activities. >> todd: what i can't get past, we know republicans are going to take back the house, it is basically complete at this point. where is the fear on the part of christopher wray and merrick garland in anticipation of them being dragged on the carpet?
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if i knew that was going to happen, i would be hesitant about what i pursued and have more of a hands-off approach so i am not called on the carpet in front of congress. what are your thoughts on this? >> greg: they feel they can get away with it, look at james comey, nothing happened to him and the john durham investigation is still going on with no solution in sight, they think they can get away with it. look at what hillary clinton did and nothing can happen to her. the deep state is run by the swamp and democrats in the deep state and nobody can hold them accountable, that is why they are so afraid of donald trump, if he becomes president again, he would reverse this craziness going on and the doj and fbi and other agencies. >> carley: 30 agentss looking
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for 15 boxes. seems like we are missing part of the story, so-called crime of withholding information from the national archives doesn't justify punishment of this fbi raid. do you have any idea what the documents thinked hold or if there is justification for this? >> greg: no, but it will be made public as soon as we get the majority back. i can't see a briefing happening any time soon because democrats are in return and have the gavel in the house and no way we can force administration officials to talk to us. until we have subpoena power and power to get documents, depose people and get information, we probably won't get the answer.
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we will take the gavel and have the power of the purse, of the investigation arm and power of subpoena. >> carley: congressman greg steube, thank you for joining us. >> carley: mainstream media quick to celebrate the mar-a-lago raid, listen to this. >> this is a night you will remember where you are. >> hallelujah. >> buy the physical copy of the newspaper and fold it carefully. >> todd: who better to respond to that, than joe concha. he's next. ♪ do you want some more? wait till you see me on the downhill. see you at home. enjoy advanced safety at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
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>> we're all going to remember being together on this night. this is a night you will remember where you were. >> obviously big of stakes you can have. >> the orange jump suit is forthcoming.
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>> hallelujah. >> pause to see how weird this is. >> tomorrow is the day you will want to buy the physical copy of the newspaper, buy it and fold it carefully, maybe put it in an archival paper or parchment. >> carley: members of the media are taking a victory lap after the raid of mar-a-lago. >> todd: joe concha, does the mainstream media not realize or understand what a dangerous moment this is for our country? >> joe: of course, todd, these tactics are being cheer and dangerous tactics cheered on other cable news networks. they were fine with the january 6 commission not allowing cross-examination of witnesses. does that sound very -- gossip that it was and they insisted
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the hunter biden laptop was a product of russian disinformation and advocated censorship and dismissal of that story. i think ron desantis said it best, desantis could be donald trump's -- the raid of mar-a-lago is escalation in weaponization of federal agency against the regime political opponent, while people like hunter biden get treated with kid gloves. biden administration is getting another 87,000 agents to wield against the banana republic. this will have a boomer ang effect. partisan cheer leaders on the left will scream on networks and social media, by and large, independent voters, moderates on the right will say this is too far, particularly when there is
2:27 am
no there, if information they went to get at mar-a-lago was for the national archive or something benign, this will have negative effect on the biden administration or those who support it anyway. >> carley: that is the question, joe, is there legitimate, legal justification for this raid or is it about the 2024 election? watch this. >> it carries the penalty that someone who is convicted of it is disqualified for running for future federal office, disqualify him from future office, secure conviction and have that be the broad resolution of the whole problem trump. >> carley: joe? >> joe: who is that, the guy who is going to play the "better call saul," i have no idea. eshg lim trump from 2024
2:28 am
contention and eshg eliminate him from the party. i don't see what will stop donald trump from running except for arresting him. the president said things that were uncomfortable, obviously were ill advised, to echo jonathan turley last night, you don't see the evidence that trump organized that riot on the capitol on january 6, if dots are not connected, this is all for nothing. >> todd: this mobilized voters to really gets out there and vote? >> joe: it seems everybody is mobilized, less than 100 days away from the midterm and this
2:29 am
could be about that, connecting candidates trump had endorsed and paint them as extremists. on crime, gas prices, on education, i could go on, it will be about personalities and trump, they have the losing side because when you look at polls, the president right now is in the 60'ss on disapproval on immigration, crime, gas prices, taxes and gun violence. >> carley: interesting, joe, thank you so much for joining us this morning as we continuing to follow this unique develop ments, we appreciate it. turning to -- first lady touring flood-ravaged kentucky yesterday, where at least 37 people were killed in last
2:30 am
week's deadly storm. >> todd: president biden pledges support as they brace for more today. >> they can't get a break and it is soggy, the rain we're talking about now will not be anything like we saw a couple weeks ago, there is a frontal boundary and everything in front of it has been blowing up and seeing rounds of at times heavy showers across southeast to the mid-atlantic, we have flood watches in place across eastern ken tuck and he that will last through wednesday evening, we will see more and more rain as that frontal boundary slowly drifts across the region and remains warm. temperatures in the 60s and seeing 70s and 80'ss with a lot of humidity. a lot of spots in the 90'ss
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today. 95 in new york city, a lot of heat and humidity on eastern half of the country today. >> carley: thank you so much. check this out, 1.8 million migrants have been encountered at the southern border since october. >> todd: and texas governor greg abbott says he will keep bussing to washington. we are talking to tomi lahren next. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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>> carley: shattering recording in 2022 as more americans call on president biden to secure our border. >> todd: new york city mayor ramping up the war of words with the texas governor. marianne has more. >> marianne: jaw-dropping numbers of illegal immigrants at the border set a record with 1.8 million breaching the border in a year and keep coming daily, even as the biden administration denies there is a problem. president of homeland security claims the border is under control. >> the border is secure, we are working to make the border more secure, that has been a historic challenge. >> marianne: experts say the border is anything, but secure
2:36 am
and creating a humanitarian crisis, biden open border agend is synonymous with death and america last. sovereignty is being mishandled. poll shows 38% would like to see the migrantss controlled. greg abbott and eric adams continue to return blows over the bussing of migrants to that city. >> this is humanitarian part of being american and there is nothing more than anti-american than what he is displaying right now. >> marianne: governor abbott reminding the mayor, if he wants a solution, call on president biden to take immediate action to secure the border, something the president continues failing to do and abbott does plan to
2:37 am
continue sending bus loads of migrants to new york and washington until measures are put back in place. >> carley: thank you, bring in outkick host tomi lahren. tomi, complaining from eric adams proves what the texas governor is doing is working, i think it is a motivating factor at this point. where do things go from here? >> tomi: it is moving the dial and it was a genius move. i think it started as a publicity stunt, but it is now working. there are many illegal immigrants in new york city and washington and elsewhere, when you have bus loads, it is no longer ignorable. it is ingenious, border towns and states cannot absorb these people, it is quite obvious something needs to be done at
2:38 am
the border and we need governors like greg abbott to step up. >> todd: trump supporters furious over the justice department raid on the former president's home, what does this mean for the midterm? talk about the motivation 74 million americans who voted for donald j. trump feel this morning, the reenergizing they feel this morning? >> tomi: if those behind this planned and calculated move thought this would deter the maga movement, they are stupid as we thought they were. this will only galvanize and energize the conservative base and i think this increases the chances he will run in 2024 and win in 2024. it should terrify every american how terrified the if the government, particularly democrats are of donald trump.
2:39 am
why they are so terrified should terrify everybody, this was a horribly bad move and i think it will work against what they thought it was going to do and only energize his maga movement more. >> carley: not good when half the country feel the doj is politically motivated. this is major element of it when you hear merrick garland calling parents domestic terrorists because they are concerned about school boards and not going after protesters protesting in front of supreme court justices home, even when there was an assassination attempt against one of them. what does this mean for the country? >> tomi: this feels political, a lot of people are using what happened last night and other moves to go after law enforcement and these agentss do not represent the law enforcement across the country,
2:40 am
this puts a stain on law enforcement agents that did carry this out and i believe the american people are sick and tired of weaponizing things like the doj and fbi when there are better things the organizations could be looking into. there are major problems, but they are still going after a man they are terrified of. it will not work, this movement is getting stronger. >> todd: tomi lahren, thank you, we appreciate it. it is not just doj, democrats accused of weaponizing the irs to force their political agenda on the american people. >> carley: cheryl casone is here to explain. >> this is nuts, just raiding the former president's house, we know what you are going to do, they will do anything to get him. lady justice used to wear a blindfold and now it seems that
2:41 am
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>> carley: republicans accusing left of weaponizing federal agencies following the raid of former president trump's mar-a-lago home and massive expansion in irs funding including inflation reduction
2:45 am
act. >> todd: cheryl casone will break it all down, >> cheryl: are we seeing massive expansion and abuse of federal agency? ron desantis says this is weaponization of federal agency against the regime political opponent, while people like hunter biden get treated with kid gloves. former house speaker newt gingrich says this is just the beginning of a possible abuse of power. >> 30 fbi agents can take over the house of a former president of the united states and probably candidate for president, what can they do to you? and when you look at the democrats trying to add 85,000 irs agents to the existing
2:46 am
87,000, that will be 162,000 irs agents compared to 29,000 people on the border. they want to control you. >> cheryl: not just the fbi, jason chaffetz telling sean hannity. >> there were classified documents in the possession of hillary clinton, not only did she have them in a nonclassified setting, she destroyed them. in the irs case, i issued subpoena to get the documents surrounding the case, the irs never looked at them, that was conclusion of the inspector general and even though they were under subpoena, they were destroyed and nobody was prosecuted, let alone raid on the house of john coskin or hillary rodham clinton, they
2:47 am
never done any of that, barely lifted a finger. >> cheryl: as you both mentioned on the show this, mo, there moet be other motivation for the raid at mar-a-lago. >> todd: the white house says not to worry about audits with 87,000 people looking for something to do. >> cheryl: on the irs theme, there is concern about the 80 billion going to the agency from the latest spending package, white house pushing back on the concern that the agentss will go after americans. resources are not about increasing audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle income accidents, run treasury directive that rates will not rise relative to recent years for householding making under
2:48 am
400,000. john thune does not buy any of this. >> a lot of people, middle income taxpayers will have to get used to having the irs look over their shoulder, that is the essence of this with this bill, 87,000 new irs abe gents and 80 billion in new spending six times the annual irs budget. >> cheryl: timing of this entire package ahead of midterm is raising eyebrows. president biden is was thinking about it in kentucky. >> president biden: because of a number of things we got done on bipartisan basis like billion 200 million infrastructure project, like what we passed yesterday, taking care of everything from healthcare to god knows what else. >> cheryl: i mean, under 80 days, voting in the midterm, they have seen the polling and they are thinking this is a gift
2:49 am
to voters out there. i think a lot of things are backfiring right now. >> carley: 80 billion in taxpayer to shake down taxpayers, what could go wrong? thank you so much, we appreciate you. >> todd: today is primary day for pivotal midterm match ups in minnesota, scott genson expected to carry a november clash with governor tim walts. in wisconsin, former lieutenant governor was endorsed by mike pence, going head-to-head with michaels. >> carley: battling for a chance to unseat richard bluementhal. >> we -- scope of the reach of government of the united states
2:50 am
is beyond the constitutional limits. >> in vermont, governor patrick lehey's seat begins, malshgsz loy headlining today's primary. >> todd: the deep state is trying to keep him from running in 2024 and responded to the mar-a-lago ad. lara trump will react. >> carley: check in with lawrence jones. >> breaking news we'll be covering on "fox and friends" and react from rnc chair woman, don't miss that and breaking down the report that democrats latest spending bill could increase audits on lower income americans. leo terrell and nancy grace will
2:51 am
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♪ >> todd: former president donald trump taking aim at the biden justice department on unannounced raid on his. >> carley: mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida is currently under siege. the persecution and witch-hunt must be exposed and stopped. i will continue to fight for the great american people. fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. lara, wow, good morning to you. have you heard anything more from the fbi about why this raid took place? >> we haven't heard anything more, carley. you know, i think it's assumed that these documents in question, these 15 boxes that the fbi took yesterday have something to do with the
2:56 am
national archives. it's a little interesting that you would need an fbi raid on the home of a former president in order to obtain those, especially when my father-in-law and everyone working with him was couldn'ting in lock step with anything that they were asked for from the fbi and from any authorities. so this seems wholly unnecessary. and i think the take away for the american people, whether you like donald trump or not is that this is not just an attack on donald trump. this is an attack on every single american. this should scare you out there, whether you are a republican, a democrat, or an independent, no matter how you vote, imagine this was your person that they did this to. imagine this was former president obama, former president bush that got attacked in this way. the truth is, everyone knows why they are doing this. they are doing this because the establishment is terrified of president donald trump. he doesn't play their game. he is not one of them.
2:57 am
it is highly likely that he will run again for president in 2024. they are looking for any way they possibly can to disqualify him. and this is a continuation of the witch-hunt we have seen on donald trump from the day he announced he was running for president. they have pushed forward, obviously we know russia collusion. obviously we know about the impeachment of donald trump unnecessary impeachments. but then you look at what's happened since he left office, attacks on anyone connected to him. attacks from attorney generals, from district attorneys, this is just the continuation of that. it is disgusting. this is not how we operate in the united states of america. you expect to see this from a communist regime. from a dictatorship. certainly not america. and certainly not in 2022 it is disgusting and disgraceful and it should scare every american. >> todd: laura, you said it is highly like delay donald j. trump runs in 2024. the president posting this
2:58 am
campaign style clip on truth social overnight. take a look. >> soon we will have greatness again. it was hardworking patriots like you who built this country and it is hard-working patriot like you who are going to save our country. because we are americans and americans kneel to god and god alone and it's time to start talking about greatness for our country again. >> todd: lara, what did this raid on behalf of a glorified museum/library do to the 74 million voters who selected donald j. trump in 2020? >> well, man it, made them really mad. i can tell you that much. it's also energized a lot of people. i actually have heard from people since this happened who are not trump supporters, who didn't vote for my father-in-law. they are just as angry as everyone else, and they are sounding the alarm bell as well
2:59 am
and saying if they could do this to donald trump, think about what they could do to the rest of us. i think it's only going to put more energy behind my father-in-law, should he choose to run for president in 2024. because i think a lot of people hearken back to the days of donald trump. how great america truly was under his leadership. how far we have fallen under the leadership of democrats and joe biden who have benefited from joe biden being president of the united states. let's see, the mexican drug cartels, terrorists in afghanistan, china, russia, iran, those are the benefactors of a biden administration. people are sick of it. we need america first policies. we n need to get this country bk now more than ever, i think people want president donald trump to run again i think if he decides to run, he will win overwhelmingly. >> lara only about 20 seconds remaining. what happens today? will we hear more from the former president on this front maybe in person in his speech?
3:00 am
what happens moving forward? >> i don't know necessarily what he has planned. i know people would love to hear from him. i think we ought to hear from the attorney general. perhaps, we ought to hear from the white house on this because don't let anybody fool you, there is no way that joe biden and the white house did not have previous knowledge of this. >> todd: 100 percent. >> i can tell you that for sure. >> todd: lara trump, thank you. "fox & friends" starts now. >> the fbi removing boxes of documents from the home of former president trump during a raid on mar-a-lago. >> this is unprecedented development. >> they darn well better have smoking gun proof. >> this is just more political persecution of donald j. trump. >> jaw dropping numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our border new record 1.8 million. >> this administration is not serving any of us well and jeopardizing the safety of our citizens. >> you better shape up. >> singer and actre


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