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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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they be able to will eliminate the irs expansion? yes they would. there probably may be watch the senate that's where all that stuff generated from. we will have to see. tomorrow on "special report" we have new inflation data that could determine the federal reserve's next move. that's it for us fair, balanced and still unafraid. we got it all. in jesse, take it away. >> jesse: you really took off on your birthday, didn't you, bret. >> bret: i did. >> jesse: a real gutfeld move. see you later. >> bret: see you. >> jesse: no comment. 24 hours after the unprecedented raid on a former u.s. president, the people responsible won't talk. they won't tell us what they took. why they took it or what they are doing with it. this came straight from the top. everybody knows it but now they want to play dumb. >> president biden, what did attorney general garland tell you about the trump raid?
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do you approve of the fbi's trump raid, president biden? >> did you know about it in advance? >> it would not be appropriate for us to comment on any ongoing investigation? again, we are not just going to comment on any ongoing investigations from here. again, we defer any incoming on this particular incident yesterday to the department of justice. again, i'm just not going to comment on, um, any reaction to what happened yesterday, we are going to refer any incoming to the department of justice. i don't have anything more. >> jesse: joe biden campaigned on uniting the country. and then raided his predecessor's house with guns. and has nothing to say about that? where's the attorney general? where's the fbi director? you can't just break into a president's safe and then go silent. we need answers. biden has now divided the country in a way that can't be repaired. this is unforgivable.
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here is some answers we need. why did they shop the warrant to a judge involved with jeffrey epstein in the judge is an obama donor, he is a magistrate judge bruce rinehart who helped epstein's associates get off. why is this being done out of a d.c. situation instead of florida? because the guy who is running the fbi field office cooked up the fake gretchen whitmer kidnapping plot, uh. these documents they seized from president trump weren't even under subpoena. so why did they go in so hard? hillary smashed iphones with hammers and poured acid over 30,000 emails under subpoena. the fbi never raided her house in chappaqua. they came over and had lunch and handed out immunity deals like candy. there's a mountain of hard evidence that the biden family was involved in a massive international pay-to-play scheme with our biggest enemies, russia and china. hunter was getting bribed with
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diamonds. joe has been getting kick backs from communists. pictures, voice mails, banking records, but the fbi buried that to get joe in the white house. oh, and then there is the pelosi family that has the better stock trading record than warren buffet. let me repeat nancy plays the market better than warren buffet and she is not being investigated for insider trading? sandy berger stole documents from the national archives, stuffed it in his pants, they didn't raid his house. two cia directors, john deutsch and dave petraeus were caught with documents in their homes, they didn't get raided. the fbi james james comey took documents to his house and leaked it. they didn't raid him. democrats can get away with murder because their families have been controlling d.c. for decades. but if you challenge them like trump did, you're done.
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never knock down the door of their own. trump promised to drain the swamp gets raided. the left celebrating like this is the best sex they ever had. watch. >> this has never been done before in the history of this country. he would not have authorized it unless they believed they had significant evidence that a crime had been committed. >> this is a night where you are going to remember where you were. >> this is such an historic day. >> it's not kind of information you could see why lisa, and merrick garland would take swift action. that is all sort of the say good news. >> jesse: these are bloodthirsty savages want to see you humiliate and violated. this is a threat to anybody who opposes them. look what we can do to you. we can season storm into your president's home and take whatever we want and he can't do anything about it. even trump's most dedicated haters aren't comfortable with this type of action. andrew cuomo said doj must immediately explain the reason
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for its raid it must be more for a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as political tactic and i couldn't know mine any future critical investigation january 6th investigation and not everybody in the media is on board with these tactics, watch. >> this, i'm hoping, goes beyond simply not complying with some archiving laws or doj just handed donald trump the republican nominee and potentially the presidency. if it is seen as some sort of massive overreach and not something incredibly serious, this is a very good day for donald trump. >> to send this kind of fbi team to the former president's home, there has to be something more than just a presidential records act violation. >> this does step on democrats' victory lap a little bit. as far as what republicans are saying, they think this is going to be very good for republicans. >> jesse: biden's political terrorist attack against the
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candidate he is about to show off against shows he can't win fair. sending 30 men in with guns to get pieces of paper because the national archives was complaining that getting stuff back from mar-a-lago was taking too long, is like a librarian launching an fbi raid. we are raiding a president over bookkeeping? trump's team was already working with the feds and already handed over boxes of documents this year. just as some agents in mar-a-lago trump's lawyers showed them around this is where this was, this is where this was. all right, keep it secure. next thing you know boom, they come back with safe crackers telling trump's lawyers not to watch and hauling off 10 boxes of docs. the "wall street journal" is reporting the documents included president obama's private letter that he left for the incoming president trump in the drawer of the resolute desk in the oval. you know, a presidential tradition that goes back decades. >> this was the letter given to
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me by president obama. i won't show it to you, read it to you, but -- just a beautiful letter. >> is there a line you can share that struck you most? >> there were numerous lines, so well-written, so thoughtful. >> jesse: men with guns showed up for that. a personal letter between two presidents? the "wall street journal" is also reporting one of the documents that was also seized was trump's private correspondence with north korean dictator kim jong un. >> i was really being tough and so was he. we have gone back and forth. and then we fell in love, okay? no, really. he wrote me beautiful letters. and they are great letters. we fell in love. but, you know what? now they will say donald trump says they fell in love. how horrible. how horrible is that? >> jesse: they could have easily negotiated the return of documents like that without guns
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and warrants. what the fbi is probably doing is planting evidence, which is what they did during the russia hoax. we also have a hunch they doctored evidence to get the warrant, again, what they did during the russia hoax. so this is a big fishing expedition using anything they can against trump to take him out of the race for 2024, or, just hang this dark cloud over his head like they did with the mueller investigation. remember, they knew for two years there was no crime but they tried to frame the president for obstructing a crime he didn't commit? they crossed a very serious line with this and they are never coming back. and everybody involved in this need to be prosecuted for misconduct, disbarred and have their pension stripped and that's just the beginning. the attorney for president trump joins me now exclusively. so, alina, were you with the president when he found out about this raid? >> i was. >> jesse: what was the reaction? >> honestly, i think he was
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calmer than what you would expect because there is never a dull moment in his life. this man, i don't know how he wakes up every day. is he consistently under siege but this one duke it to a whole new level. >> jesse: so the lawyers for the president have been dealing with the feds over handing documents over that the national archives has been whining about. why all of a sudden did men with guns show up? >> the question is a great one. the reason we -- nobody can figure it out is because there is no answer. what has happened is completely unconstitutional. it's a violation of the democracy that we have created. they are the people that are supposed to be defending the democracy. instead they are destroying it our country should be terrified. i am terrified. i can tell you that he was not only working with them. he was cooperating. there was nothing to hide. and he was working in tandem. allowed them into mar-a-lago and the point is he went in when he wasn't even there and told his attorneys to leave. they couldn't even be on premises. that doesn't sound good to me.
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>> jesse: so that's not by the books if you are sending in agents with weapons that are seizing documents. you can't tell the person's lawyers that they can't watch what the fbi is doing. >> correct. they said they cannot watch. they need to go outside. and they came in, as i understand it, wearing back packs, are wearing things. go into his home, his private residence. he wasn't there. so the story that something is being destroyed doesn't really work out. no one is there. he is in bedminster, new jersey. he is not there. and this is truly just a scariest moment as an attorney for me to watch because when i took my oath of office, i believed in people like the fbi and the doj would be there to protect us, to defend us i especially a former president. i haven't seen anyone else be treated like this in my life. russia hoax, letitia james. i can tell you honestly, jesse as someone who is very intimately related with all of his legal cases there is more that people know that you will be hearing that this lines up perfectly that i can tell you
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that they are working in tandem together to try to take him down and if he wasn't ahead in the polls, this wouldn't be happening. >> jesse: so you think this is a conspiracy between several different legal investigations working together? >> 100 percent. >> jesse: politically motivated? >> 100 percent. >> jesse: what were these documents? you said there was a letter from kim jong un there is a letter from president obama. is this really what they were after? >> listen it's a nara. search. national archives. we are not talking about jimmy hoffa, did he take documents that discuss if aliens existed. this is a joke. this is memento. quiet honestly i'm concerned that they may have planted something. at this point who knows. i don't trust the government and that's a very frightening thing as an american. if i didn't want to be an american and go -- this is third world stuff. we have heard it. this is cuba. this is not our country. >> jesse: people are saying why isn't the president's attorney just release the warrant. they were probably handed a warrant before the feds showed
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up to kick the door down. why wouldn't you do that? >> actually, my understanding from the attorneys on the ground is that they weren't given the warrant they were allowed to you see it and taken back. >> jesse: so they don't have a copy of it. >> that's my understanding. >> jesse: all right, alina, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: let's turn to eric trump. all right, eric, you have had a day to kind of digest this. what are you feeling right now? >> well, alina is 100 percent right. it's absolute coordinated attack. since my father came down the escalator they went are a him. they failed at impeachment one and impeachment two. then they subpoenaed every member of our family hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of subpoenas. they made up dirty dossiers. they made up fisa zoo warrants. they lied, they cheated and they stole. right? and now you look at the least popular president in the united states history, joe biden, and,
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guess what? he wants to disqualify the most popular president in the united states history, a guy who literally had a rally outside of his mar-a-lago home while he was located in new jersey. that's how much love and support the man has. they know they are losing. they know their policies stink. they are losing on every aspect. foreign policy sucks, jesse. right? his family is a total disaster as you see every single day. gas prices are through the roof. you know, aisles in grocery stores are missing product. everything is going down the tubes. gas prices are through the roof. everything is failing in this country. and everybody knows what a great job donald trump did. so, guess what? they are going after him and attacking him. it's absolutely a coordinated attack. it's not just fbi raids. attorneys generals in states, district attorneys in states. this is politics in the united states. it's absolutely disgusting. we have become a third world country in the terms of the way that they weaponize what used to be great institutions who should be out there protecting us from
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terrorists. who should be out there protecting us from school shooters, serial killers. that's the job of the fbi not sending an entire office, an entire field office, literally dozens and dozens of agents to go raid a president's home, you know, for the purposes of a political party. that's weaponization of politics. that's wengz of the judicial system of law enforcement. and it's wrong in this country and our family has lived with it, jesse, for every sing 2k3we8 day for the last six years. before he got into office, while he was in office, and now after he is in office. and, jesse, it's got to stop. >> jesse: you just lost your mother two weeks ago and then president biden sends in men with guns to kick down your door and seize materials from your home where your family lives. that's got to be a little bit unsettling and disgusting, i might add. when you spoke to your father over the phone to let him know this was going down, how did he react? >> honestly, he was remarkably
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calm. you know, i think we have become a little numb to this world. we understand it. we understand the game that it is. it's an evil game. it's a nasty game. exactly why my father went into the white house. why he ran. he gave up an incredible lifestyle, jesse. to go actually fight and hand back to this country. he always talked about draining the swamp. this is the swamp. it's an evil swamp. you know what? he opened the window. he defogged the window to, you know, to allow all americans to see what our government actually is and the games that are played. and the average american, jesse. doesn't stand a chance against this kind of stuff. this is a guy who is a billionaire. incredibly successful and incredibly loud voice he can go and fight back and he does every single time he has won every single time. the average american doesn't stand a chance against these antics. this is the system. make no mistake, jesse. i know the white house as well anyone. i know the system. this did not happen without joe biden's explicit approval. the white house approved of
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this. mark my words, jesse, it will come out. i love to see the press secretary out there today. we had no knowledge of this at all. give me a break. a field office wouldn't take, you know, they wouldn't even think about doing this without the sign-off of the president of the united states. this is raiding one of the most famous houses on planet earth. one of the most famous people. probably the most famous person on planet earth. give me a break. joe biden absolutely signed off on this. and do you know what the problem with the democrats is? they always dig so deep that they end up finding themselves. you watch what ends up coming out, jesse. mark my words. keep this tape. this will all lead back to the biden administration. they are doings this for political purposes. they did it before with russia. it wasted three years of time and you're going to find the same thing here. >> jesse: i think you are absolutely right. 100 percent. all right, eric, thanks for joining "jesse watters primetime." >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: how are republicans in washington reacting to the raid?
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take,
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i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> jesse: if you want to know how corrupt our fbi really is look at the people involved in yesterday's raid. everyone is crooked from the judge who signed the warrant to the attorney general to the guys running the fbi. let's start with the judge bruce rinehart. he donated to obama and left his position with the south florida u.s. attorney's office to work for jeffrey epstein's team, a convicted child sex trafficker. then in 2018 rinehart became a magistrate judge but maybe it's just me, you know, not exactly the guy i want balancing the scales of justice, which brings me to attorney general merrick garland. did he give the green light for the fbi to raid trump's home?
4:23 pm
of course he did. aren't you glad we didn't put him on the supreme court? the guy wouldn't even help protect the homes of the supreme court justices. but he is not alone. the entire justice department is rotten to the core. we know that washington's fbi field office orchestrated yesterday's raid in mar-a-lago. and the assistant assistant director in charge of that bureau is a guy named steven dan tone know. in 2020 he was promoted to d.c. but where did he come from? he came from detroit where he was a parted of that botched kidnapping plot of gretchen whitmer. you know, the whole thing was a disaster. the jury determined the whole thing was just an fbi sting to entrap people and create bad headlines before the 2020 election for trump. despite all that the guy got a promotion and sent to d.c. senator ted cruz brought this up during last week's fbi oversight hearing. watch. >> that case ended up in absolute debacle where the four
4:24 pm
people who went to trial, two of them were acquitted, two received mistrials, none of them were convicted on even a single charge and the basis of the defense was entrapment. the special agent in charge of that case has now been sent to d.c. to the washington, d.c. office and now leads the investigation regarding january 6th; is that correct? >> that doesn't sound right to me. >> that does not sound right. the name of the individual is steven dan tone know. he was run out of the fbi field office. >> he was the special agent in charge of the office. the detroit field office that is now the assistant director in charge of the washington field office. >> jesse: so that guy, chris wray, he is totally checked out. you should have seen this guy. he left the hearing early. he said he had a flight to catch. >> senator, i had a flight that i'm supposed to be high tailing it to out of here. i understood that we were going to be done at 1:30 so that is how we ended up where we are.
4:25 pm
>> jesse: yeah. so the fbi director had to go on vacation. he ended up spending a nice long weekend in the adirondacks. took the government jet to get there. these are the people running the fbi. the bureau is now interfered in three straight presidential elections on behalf of the democrats. three straight. wray needs to be fired and we need to clean house and prosecute all of these bad guys for prosecutorial misconduct. we need to take their pensions and disbar them for life. they are at war with us. it's time we act like it. south carolina senator lindsey graham is a judiciary committee member who joins me now. lindsey, i hate when these things happen with trump. they have these horrible raids against the president at mar-a-lago and republicans come out and say, you know, we need hearings. we need hearings. the party is pissed, senator. we need a lot more than hearings. are we going to get that? >> well, what we need is the
4:26 pm
predicate for the warrant because we are talking 90 be days before a midterm election, right? 90 days. we're talking about raiding the home of the former president of the united states, the most likely nominee of anybody on the planet to be running in 2024. is it plausible the fbi would open up an investigation of donald trump without merit? hell yeah, they have done it before. so when you hear axelrod say it's not plausible that merrick garland would open up an investigation without significant evidence. where were you during crossfire hurricane when they opened up an investigation on the republican nominee donald trump with a bunch of b.s.? how do you clear all this up? tell us the predicate for the warrant. reveal the affidavit. this is too important to democracy. we're in uncharted, dangerous waters. so i'm calling on merrick garland tonight to address the nation as to why this happened. lay your cards out on the table because you are doing a lot of damage to the country.
4:27 pm
>> jesse: he doesn't have to say anything, does he? he doesn't have to say anything. the white house can say we are not going to comment. the fbi director can stay in the adirondacks at his little retreat and go canoeing and merrick garland is going to hide at the justice department. there is really no need for them to come out and do anything. they are emboldened. they can do whatever they want. they don't actually care. they don't actually care about having to answer questions, could they? what are we going to do to make them answer questions, senator? >> >> well, i think every republican, including myself, should be calling on the attorney general to justify the raid on the former president of the united states' home, the likely nominee for 2024. tell the country why you had to do this. why you couldn't use a subpoena. why it was necessary. and what the hell you are looking for. that's not too much steps. i know normally you don't do that normally you don't open up investigations on former
4:28 pm
presidents. again. here we go again. i lived through crossfire hurricane. i lived through the mueller investigation. the fisa court rebuked the department of justice for providing false information to the court to obtain a warrant against carter page. is it plausible the same people would be going after trump again 90 days before the midterms? so, the pathway for president trump to become the nominee is much wider now than it was yesterday. the likelihood of him being reelected is greater than it was yesterday. because if you have got something that is really so compelling, you had to go into the man's home with guns drawn to get the information, tell the american people to every republican listening to me, we should be clamoring and demanding answers to the questions of why they had to raid president trump's home 90 days before an election. >> jesse: i love having you on, lindsey. you and i have debated about things. i have seen you spitting mad over ukraine.
4:29 pm
you don't seem as mad as you were about this than you have been mad about ukraine. i don't understand why people aren't lighting their hair on fire. i don't understand why people aren't out in the street. this isn't like oh, well, you know, let's just see what's in the warrant. they have been doing this. this is the third election. this is the third election. we know they doctor evidence. we know they plant evidence. we know they hide evidence. we know they lie. we know they leak. this is not anything new. this has been years they have been doing this we can't just say oh, you know, we are waiting for the guy to come out and give a statement about what his predicate. i mean, what? these people are out of control, senator. this country is like we are on the edge of a cliff, man. i'm telling you. this country is at the edge of a cliff here. >> yeah, no, i got you. i understand exactly what you are saying. i want to come on your show and tell you things that i know aren't going to happen. i can't make them stop. i can't urge them and stop the process of normal business in
4:30 pm
the senate until we know more. we're going to have an election in november. you want to stop these people? fire them. if you want to get a president of the united states that knows what the hell they are doing, pick somebody other than biden. you are dead right. i lived the mueller investigation. is it plausible they would open up an investigation against donald trump without merit? hell yes, it's plausible. they have done it once. had they done it again? there is one way to answer my question. tell us what you've got. show your cards. >> jesse: maybe you can go get fake arrested like aoc and create a big spectacle. maybe that will get more attention senator lindsey graham. >> maybe. >> jesse: thanks for coming on and. >> thank you. >> jesse: hold these people's feet to the fire. >> amen. >> jesse: only a matter of time before biden raided trump's mansion. this is just another insurance policy to keep a democrat in the white house. chuck schumer even warned trump this was going to happen. >> you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday at getting back at
4:31 pm
ya. so even for a practical supposedly hard nosed businessman, he is being really dumb to do this. >> jesse: fresh off pacific rim job nancy didn't waste any time celebrating the news. >> to have a visit like that, you need a warrant, to have a warrant you need justification. and no one is above the law, not even a presidential -- former president of the united states. >> jesse: 30 fbi weightings guns forced themselves into your home and removed 10 boxes of stuff and nancy calls that a visit? and does nancy know the last warrants they had against trump campaign were fraudulent? the evidence was doctored? does she even know that or care? instead she says no one is above the law. right. she means no republican. nancy is worth $300 million. she outperforms warren buffet. whenever she opens up her mouth it's like she has no idea how supply and demand works.
4:32 pm
how is that possible? well, it's called pillow talk. her husband pappa paul is so above the law his ears are popping. smashes his porsche drunk into oncoming traffic and the dare claims he is the victim. there is little pauly p. the prince, sneaks to his mom's government jet flies all over that slash shah, hits up japan, singapore, korea while he is on the payroll of lithium. all the countries he hit up were ground zero nor spry chain. not a coincidence. the fresh prince of san francisco is quite the checker the past. we told you last night that he has been tied up in at least five businesses that are under a federal probe. will the fbi be taking boxes of portfolio returns back to washington? of course not. nancy put her aid in charge of the sec. it's the same reason why hunter biden will never be punished. hunter recorded dozens of his
4:33 pm
crimes that show his father is compromised by the chinese. don't expect his 20 grand a month crash pad in malibu to get raided the fbi son his side. hillary had hundreds of classified documents at her house and bleached god knows how many out of existence. but the fbi said nah, we would never prosecute that now hillary is looking to cash in on the fbi's bias. trying to sell hats and t-shirts with you about her emails all over them. there she is. fundraising. in washington, d.c. justice isn't blind. it's blind with rage. and my next guest knows that well. after criticizing crooked tulsi gabbard was called a russian asset. she knows what happens when you take on one of the five families. she is a former democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate who joins us now. i'm just angry. i'm sad and i'm angry and i feel like the country we are losing the country. how do you feel?
4:34 pm
>> we are. jesse, there is something that every american should be extremely concerned about because this raid is just the latest serious escalation of this disturbing threatened that we have seen of blatant abuse of power by those in power to not only protect their friends but to target their political opponents or frankly anyone who dares to dissent or challenge or disagree or even question what this administration is doing. and there are a number of examples that we can point to not only abuse of power within the department of justice, within the fbi, or law enforcement agencies, but also the department of homeland security and the irs. you pointed to a few examples already. you know, look to the fbi investigation of the -- of trump for the russia hoax that didn't turn out to be anything. you look at the irs and lois lerner directly targeting conservative organizations under the obama administration. you look at this administration's department of homeland security's creation of a ministry of truth to go after
4:35 pm
us. every day americans across the country to tell us hey, here is what we say the truth is and is not and what you are allowed to say and what you are not allowed to say. it's hard to imagine given how blatant all of this is that this is happening in the united states of america. and that is what is so deeply concerning is that we should not, as americans, have to be thinking hey, the irs, the biden administration just passed a bill with more big spending, giving the irs $80 billion to go after entrepreneurs, every day americans who are working hard and, hey, maybe i should think about what i'm posting on facebook and if i criticize the administration, does that make me a target for an audit by this irs that will now have thousands more irs agents to go after everyday americans? these kinds of things should not be running through our minds in a democracy. these things are what happen in banana republics or dictators have federal agencies, including law enforcement to act as their own personal goon squad and that's what i'm thinking of as i
4:36 pm
see this escalating very dangerous trend and abuse of power by this administration. >> jesse: maybe if trump had bleached all of these documents, maybe then they would have given him a pass or, you know, maybe he could have just whispered things to melania in bed and had her make trades to make billions of dollars in profits. maybe that was the move not to get raided. i don't know. what else could you do? take wires from the chinese communist? take wires from russians and maybe kick back some to your family members? you don't get raided for that. but if you have a letter from barack obama that he left to you and you have that at your house, they are going to come with guns and tell your lawyers to scram? i mean, this is crazy. and the country sees it. how is the country going to react to this, tulsi? >> i think we are seeing some of the outrage coming from people across the country regardless of their political persuasion and i hope that those who aren't paying attention do take notice because if you think this is just about trump, you're wrong.
4:37 pm
this is about every single one of us as americans and this precedent that's being set of an abuse of power that's not even being hidden anymore. i think it maybe was happening behind the curtains or maybe denying it was happening. it is out in the open in broad daylight blatant abuse of power, targeting political opponents, targeting those who dare to dissent and attacking our most fundamental constitutional rights and freedom. so, don't think this is about somebody else. don't think this is about just people of one, you know, political persuasion. this is about every one of us as americans and protecting our rights and freedoms. >> jesse: yeah. absolutely. tulsi gabbard knows it all too well. thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: police shootouts happening all across the country. we'll show you some of these split second life or death decisions that officers are having to make straight ahead.
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>> jesse: something has changed in joe biden's america bad guys know they don't have to listen to cops and they don't. in sand springs, oklahoma last week a high-speed chase ensued after three individuals robbed a tractor supply store. law enforcement used a pit maneuver to stop the car but the suspects didn't give up. >> left on 64. speed 90 miles per hour, light rain. tbi. [tires squealing] >> involved. [sirens] stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! >> jesse: these guys got shot out. three suspects escaped. found hours later and they are facing a slew of charges. real good looking crew.
4:44 pm
newly released body cam video in ohio shows the moment a 21-year-old woman accused of murdering someone at a bar in july ran from cops. and when they finally caught up to her, she didn't drop her gun and raised her arms up. watch this. >> she ran that way? >> okay. >> there she is. [sirens] show me your hands. [siren] show me your hands. [gunfire] >> jesse: that murder suspect is in stable condition. over in mesa, arizona, police recently released video showing what happened when officers stopped a man jaywalking in a street and noticed a bulge on his side. the guy kept lying to him about the fact that it was a gun. and even shot a round off at the cops. watch this.
4:45 pm
>> [inaudible] we are talking to you because you jay walked you almost got hit. i don't know if you noticed. do you have a gun on you. >> no. >> what is that on the left-hand side don't reach for it. >> a gun. don't shoot me. what do you have? >> i ain't got a gun. [gunfire] the suspect 54-year-old paul newman has recovered from his injuries and they found out he actually had another gun on him and lots of drugs like heroin and meth. have you heard anything about this story in the media though? no. but if the jay walker was african-american, they would probably say police brutality. in split seconds like these, these are life and death decisions they have to be made. it doesn't matter if the police are at the scene of a crime or not. it's just open season for criminals. so, everyday citizens are forced to protect themselves, you know. this guy johnny, owner of smokes from smoke shop in las vegas, he
4:46 pm
stepped into action when thieves tried to rob his store on wednesday. watch this. >> why are you wearing masks like that? >> say what? >> can you guys just leave? >> nah. >> >> all right. take the money. can i keep the coins? i need the coins. >> okay. [bleep] i'm dead. i'm dead. the owner there stabbed one of the robbers who was a minor to protect his store. his condition is currently unknown but three juveniles have been arrested in connection with the crime. a go fund me has been created for the store owner in case any legal fees come up or illegal actions pursued. this might be a repeat of the
4:47 pm
bodega stabbing situation in new york. remember, the guy actually got charged for attempted murder or for murder by the soros funded d.a. i mean, this is self-defense, right? bill stanton is a former nypd officer and prepared not scared author. so this guy, obviously he has already robbed you of the money and then he jumps over and he is starts going after things on the counter. maybe is he going after you is this justified, this stabbing? >> oh, absolutely. you see him say take the money, go. and then they jump over. you don't know what he has. they have committed robbery and now he articulated he was in fear for his life. and your audience is collectively shaking your head what's going on? and with the theme of this -- your show today, with selective prosecution, the bad guys watch the news and read the papers just like the good guys. and they know that if they run
4:48 pm
or they fight the cops, there is a better chance than not they are going to get out. that's a shame. >> jesse: interesting, the foot pursuits. so those things often end up with someone getting hurt but if you flee, maybe you have a better chance or maybe someone records it and leaks the footage and it maybe looks like you are the victim of police request misconduct. does that actually cross the minds of criminals. >> absolutely. what we are see something a societal implosion, our culture that we grew up with is now fast disappearing. the way we were raised you listen to a cop. you listen to lawful police orders. you don't arbitrate it while the cop is telling you put your hands up. you don't play street lawyer because you are putting everyone's safety in jeopardy. everyone, including the innocents around. now we see bystanders helping the bad guy assaulting the police and getting away with it. where you have prosecutors defending the perpetrator and making the victim the bad guy.
4:49 pm
>> jesse: we never really see race because you are talking about life and death. it doesn't matter what the guy looks like. if he has a gun here and he is claiming he doesn't have a gun and then he is reaching for a gun and a round goes off, it has nothing to do with race. >> you hit it right on the head. police officers go into this every day. now, there has always been crime. but now we see in the major cities this uptick. and we see bystanders that used to help the cop now filming the cop to get them in trouble. literally, almost watching cops die. >> jesse: yeah. and i don't know how police officers can do their job anymore under these conditions. they have so much going against them, the d.a.s are not on their side. they are letting people out. the media is obviously looking to get them in trouble and obviously the criminals want to see these cops dead so what the hell do they care? there is no support out there. is this ever going to get better? >> well, we will see with the election. but when a cop stops doing his job, we all suffer.
4:50 pm
>> jesse: yeah. this whole country is going to collapse if that happens. thank you so much, bill. >> thank you. >> jesse: wild bill. coming up, sounds like joe biden's got to go back to the basement. [coughing] >> we know in the future. excuse me. [coughing] >> 100 years from now. [coughing] >> tech: when you have auto glass damage... choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: for all our criticisms of the big guy, "primetime" must admit it's not easy being joe biden. he's feeling the heat from all sides. republicans want stop criticizing him, democrats want to endorse him, china and the rest of the world kind of think he's a joke. in the media is now going after him. but none of those challenges compared to his biggest enemy, his blazer. a sorry, putin, you got nothing
4:56 pm
on brooks brothers. it's kind of a two man job. i make johnny help me with my suit every day before "five." if you're using both hands to get the jacket on, how in the world, i mean really, how in the world are you supposed to keep your aviators on your head? it's like almost impossible. a person only has so many hands, after all. but maybe we are being too hard on him after all. he had covid for six months. the white house said he tested negative and is doing great. you believe him? >> we know if you were in the future -- excuse me. a hundred years from now. [coughing] excuse me. [coughing] excuse me. this pandemic. [coughing]
4:57 pm
everyone -- [coughing] >> jesse: he's totally fine. totally fine. i mean, he can't breathe, he can't put a coat on and he can't ride a bike, but besides that, he is totally fine. can we send joe back to the basement? at least when he was in the basement he was killing terrorists and not raiding homes of the president. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i have been waiting all day for this. [laughs] >> jesse: people talk about my hair all the time. all the time. like, they are always talking about my hair. i actually don't spend that much time on my hair. you think i would be on my hair like, for hours. it's simple, washer, put conditioner in it, i blow-dry it and then i go like this, and i
4:58 pm
spray it. that's all i do. i just want to put these rumors to bed, it doesn't take me hours to do my hair. let's do some text messages instead. we got everett from venture rep. jesse, the fbi's not going to tell us what they were looking for until they find it. exactly. same thing with the wiretaps. just in case. terry from pittsburgh, glad nancy is so concerned about presidential records. must have some remorse about tearing up trumps state of the union speech. that's probably what's in those boxes. i think may be trump got some of the torn up speeches and put them there. that's what must have been taped together. from florida, biden didn't know about the raid just like he didn't know about hunter's foreign business deals. biden doesn't know anything, biden doesn't even know he's president. john from waukesha, wisconsin,
4:59 pm
instead of hiring 80,000 irs agents, let's hire 80,000 border agents. that's a great idea. all right. susan from california, keep pressuring the g.o.p. to be tougher and fight back. thanks for listening to us, and keep up the good work. apparently i think the minority leader in the senate might've put out a statement. i hope it's a strongly worded statement. as long as it's strongly worded. billy from wildwood new jersey thank you for making lindsay squirm. these republicans are all talk, no action. did he squirm? i've never seen him actually physically squirm. except once. we don't want to talk about that, though. teresa, can you talk without using your hands? of course i can talk without using my hands. it's just not as fun. don't you want to see me gesticulating? i'm not italian at all but i talk like i'm italian. it's much more interesting. are you much more interested now that i'm talking like this?
5:00 pm
like this, like this. [laughs] i won't do that anymore. that's it for tonight. i've been telling you guys to dvr the show. are you listening? just do it right now if you can figure it out. tucker is up next and always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am will cain, in for tucker. a day after the fbi's raid on former president donald trump we are starting to see what a permanent national split looks like. a divorce. nobody wants to say it out loud but it's true. and this is not simply a break between democrats and republicans. no, that's too simple. what we are seeing


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