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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 10, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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trump backed candidates win bi again to michael beat rebecca clay fish and the gop tutorial primary appeared he faces one o the most vulnerable democrat governors. welcome back to "fox & friends first".
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candidates had a great night th squad had a bit of a scare. ilhan omar barely surviving her challenge. it shows americans are not buying progressive politics. >> good morning. let's get to businessman tim michaels he beat rebecca clay fish for the republican nomination for governor. while michael's received president trumps backing. his promise to take a stand against the left agenda. >> it seems like we are on a slippery slope toward socialism and it is being cloaked behind all these other social issues. we save are going to do everything we can to stand in the way up the tearing down of america, the america that we
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know and love. >> and speaking of socialism, ilhan omar narrowly won her primary. in a statement she credited her aggressive ideas by saying today's victory is a testament to how much our district police and the values we are fighting for. fox news contributor and former wisconsin congressman sean duff reacting earlier. he says it's the power of incumbency. >> when you're in office, peopl get to know you would know your name. the fact she's a far left aggressive that she won by a couple of points here shows tha she is losing the support. >> in connecticut, carrying her republican primary, as her campaign is the culmination of the american dream after her family emigrated from cuba.
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republican newcomer gerald malloy takes the primary they are pretty he's set to face peter welch, who cruised to victory yesterday. and circling back to last week' primary in washington state, jamie herrera butler is now conceiving defeated her race against joe can't. and congressman butler joins a growing list of republicans who voted to impeach president trum lost a primary. >> you want to see president biden run for second term? what i want to see right now is that the congress of the united states working with president biden next year develop an agenda. >> let me rephrase the question do you want to see him run for reelection? >> right now my concern is electing more democrats in this
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midterm election. >> let me rephrase the question and he asked the exact same question. >> lawmakers dodging the question of whether biden shoul go for another four years in office if you'd has to run a 2024. combining those two stories com look at the contrast between th parties there's a sitting democratic president democrats are trying to distance themselves from joe biden at every turn their their john paint off the ship in record numbers. the only person who said recently's carolyn maloney say like president biden after the day before saying there is no way is going to run. contrast that with the republicans who have galvanized within the last 36 hours around donald j. trump, including, min you, many of the individuals wh could potentially run themselve
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for office in 2024. you have pompeo and to santos saying what happened to trump shouldn't happen to the could'v danced on his grave and say is not for 2024, vote for me in th primary and they did not. >> majority of the trump backed candidates are winning their primary race will see how a place in the general election. their hopeful it will help the weaker candidate. it's a sign that trump is still 100% the leader of the republican party. this is after the production ac passed and the leader of al qaeda was killed and all this talk was hope to go away. look at the list of names that you're seeing on your screen right now, some democrats and some moderates. shortly shows that if democrats say their party of the big tent the tent is not happy with the president right now. 's we are going to go without.
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conservatives are unified against the present power and the fbi storm. agent spent hours searching through his office and even malan's wardrobe. down of the attorneys were allowed in the room jody heist is leading the effort to get answers from the fbi. he is coming up next.
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the theory continues all for th raid on president trumps mar-a-lago home. the issue does search warrant. brooke has been following the story 24 hours a day. what is the latest? >> good morning pete former president trump has made up his mind on the 2024 presidential run. that support according to jim banks who spoke with fox news straight out of bed at his new jersey golf club pittsburgh tha never seen them fired up as wha he was tonight. he has not deterred here he is not fazed at all about what the doj is done to him to everyone in the room encourage president trump to run again and the sooner he gets out and starts campaigning, the better.
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all eyes are now on the white house. president biden claims he did not know about the search at mar-a-lago. >> did you know about it? >> is this administration weapo icing the fbi against political opponents? >> i'm answering the question o telling you that we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. we are not going to comment fro here from this white house. >> but trump isn't buying it, calling out his cleats up aigne in saying that he knew all abou this just like he knew all abou hunter's deals. we know of information on the judge who purportedly signed of on the mar-a-lago search. judge judge bruce reinhart made donations to former president barack obama successful campaig and jed bush who ran a field
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presidential bid before becomin a judge he represented the lake convicted jeffrey epstein and his trafficking investigation. attorneys for trump say they were not allowed in the room as fbi agents raided mar-a-lago. >> i can tell you he was natali barking, he was cooperating. there was nothing to hide and h was working in tandem and allowed them into mar-a-lago an they went in when he wasn't eve there and told his attorneys to leave. they couldn't even be on the premises. >> was also learned that some material that the fbi report with the concluded letters from kim jong new and former president obama and a cocktail napkin. brandon defined reports agents search through milani of terms for trope despite reported clearance in the morning pete. >> someone who is seen but they brought said that it it only come it confined itself to presidential records and
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classified information. so they were told that those boxes were in the storage room and they'd already seen it. it makes you more suspicious that this is a fishing expedition. >> sources say that justice department's month-long investigation into the mishap length notion mishandling of classified documents. >> let's bring in congressman jody hice who sits on the house oversight committee. some of the items of interest that the fda parent with took yesterday, including letters from kim jong-il wound and president obama. they also spent a lot of -- all large amount of time searching through milani of trump's wardrobe. a lot of people are saying it i about the national archives and they say that makes no sense at all. >> it makes no sense and it is
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frightening. i think probably the number one think that any citizen of any country fearsome most as their own government being weapon eye to come against them. and this is the biggest nightmare to see that happening right here in america. we have right now this same doj coming after parents and school board meetings and now the trumps. yesterday they seized a cell phone. where does this stop. and you look at 87,000 new irs agents, there's the fear that they will be released to go after more than likely conservatives and political opponents, of the democratic party. this is america's greatest nightmare. it is unfolding right before ou eyes and it has to stop. americans deserve answers and this is the type of thing that needs to stop immediately.
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>> we need those answers. he writes the following, the do must immediately explain the reason for the raid errata must be a search for more than inconsequential archives or is this a political tactic that will undermine any dose and the legitimate up out the january 6 investigation. what is the deal with this judg who signed off on the warrant that has the epstein ties, many ties to democratic political individuals. wadden of the most important questions that you need answered , can be slick at those answers while republicans are i the minority in the house over the next for to five months? >> i don't know that there's answers to more questions as much as accountability for people who are recognizing the government to go after politica opponents. to me it is that difficult to connect the thoughts as to what is going on.
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the question is when our heads going to roll for those who are involved in weapon icing the power of our government to go after political enemies and to go after fishing expedition suc as this. they've been after president trump says before he was inaugurated. the impeachment trials on the russian hoax. it is but one thing after another after another. all false narratives utilizing our government to attack political opponents. the questions to me are obvious. for i want this accountability. that must begin now. we can't have played the justic tapping her blindfolds removed. at the double standard and it i almost as though the attitude these days if you are going to be a democrat or you're going t submit to the democrats aren't you're going to face the
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consequences thereof that is unacceptable. it was a time for accountabilit to take place in this country and that must occur immediately. >> the former president studies fired up and he's made up his mind on whether or not is going to run for 2024. we all know what that means. do you think this is going to motivate the former president before the midterm elections an if so what will that do to the midterms. >> i believe what this is going to do even beyond that is motivate the american people to push their support behind trust president trump. i think the way that he has bee unjustly rated and attacked believe is only going to help him with the american citizens to get behind him and support him. americans as a whole are horrified by what is happening believe that they are going to put their support -- this probably has just ensured victory for president trump,
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which is going to have the opposite effect the fourth of radical left was trying to do, obviously, but the american people are horrified about what they have seen and i believe this is going to help president trump in indescribable ways. >> the hoping to get to type something -- to get something so we will run again. we don't know that yet. were waiting for merrick garlan to come out with the statement of what this raid really was. there's so many unanswered questions this morning. congressman jody hice, thank yo for joining us this morning. >> democrats -- to expand the irs and middle-class americans will error thought brent and we will detail how biden's agenda -- [indiscernible] ♪♪ your creativity can outshine any bad day.
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were finally seeing a big chang in the weather forecast. a line of '70s and very humid. 61 degrees in chicago this morning. dry and crueler air. a lot though is along the boundary down to the south and east of it put it has been raining day after day after day. is a line finally passes through , you're going to see some drier air but this another day or day and a half of some pretty heavy rain so a lot of moisture here pumping to the south of that cold front that i bringing the cooler air. unfortunately we are seeing mor heavy rain across the appellation mounties which includes western tennessee wher they've seen a ton of rain in the last month. more flooding is going to be a possibility. they were crushed a couple week ago so because of that we've go blood watches throughout those regions at running off toward the east including west virgini
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the dayton mice today, it is cool in just a bit, only 85 in new york city today. it was 95 yesterday. 's little bit cooler air and ma be just as important, the humidity that has been awful is going to be knocked out of the air. >> a new analysis, they will face the first of the new irs office. is thanks to an agency expansio in the reduction act. bill only targets families that make at least for hundred thousand year. >> good morning. that is their story and they ar sticking to it. throwing houses if you make les than $400,000 a year, a brand-new army of tens of thousands of irs agents won't b a problem for you that simply not true according to analysis released by house republicans. their figures suggest americans who earn less than $75,000 a year are slated to proceed 60%
2:25 am
of the initial tax audits expected under the democrats spending plan. those making a million dollars or more will receive about 53,000 more audits under the bill. that is based upon recent audit rates and tax filing date appeared it is no-brainers says -- walmart already struggling with high prices of the store both get hit with 710,000 initial audits thanks to thumb manchin, biden, democrat bill. just to put this in perspective consider this. with 165,000 staffers, that dwarfs that dot, state department, fbi, and customs an border protection. republicans on the hill, for they are part that are bowing t battle the agency.
2:26 am
>> this plan is six deeply dollars additional funding for the irs. every year i'm going to try to resend the spending for the irs. you think spending is out of control now. wait till you get over a hundre thousand new irs agents to get them out of your pocket. >> according to the analysis th irs would conduct more than 1.2 million more annual audits of americans tax returns. think about that. the up with the projected increase of revenue, 124 billion , that money could be used to pay for more spending programs for green energy and lots of washington boondoggles. 's. >> life for us, thank you so much get a lot of this, trouble brewing for beer businesses thanks to a shortage of carpet that -- carbon dioxide.
2:27 am
jacob, good morning to you. there's a lot of shortages out there but i think a carbon dioxide shortage is a new one for a lot of people. houses impacting your business quite. >> good morning. it is pretty critical during lots of different stages of a brewing process. we needed to push the air from tank to tank and package are beer and ensure that oxygen doesn't get in it. right now there is an uncertain supply. thankfully we haven't run out completely but our prices have tripled on the last batch that we got all because of some contaminants coming out of one of the main sources of carbon dioxide in the country. >> what you paying for it now? >> we were paying about 6 cents a pound in the last batch we got , we had to pay about 20 cents a pound. so that this was pretty painful. thankful we got that loading ou
2:28 am
suppliers were able to find som alternate sources but a lot of the costs is transporting it an one of the source sources came from many hundreds of miles awa from our normal source. >> what is causing the shortage? >> i understand that there is one massive underground dome where they pull it from. the feed supply from dome has been putting out still high quality co2, but in the beverag industry we use a higher qualit called beverage grade. so they're getting a lot of hydrocarbons benzene from that source. those additional kitten tammuz can at some flavors to our beer that we don't want in our beer. >> the people need to worry about being able to find their neighbor beer? >> for the time being, i know
2:29 am
that our supply is fine. i haven't heard of colleagues that affected shutdown operations but it is pretty concerning. for some of the northeast that have shut down their operations in part because of this problem. i would say that i do know that our suppliers in particular are working hard to find a solution but it has created a lot of uncertainty in the midst of all kinds of concerns, cans increasing 20%, and cargo prices , grain prices in some cases increasing 50%. it is one more headache and one more challenge. more than worrying worried abou not finding beer, it's a good time to support your local breweries. by beers that stay as close to home as possible. >> is one thing worse than flat beer and that is no beer at all. we wish you the best of luck.
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>> thanks, carly. >> turning now to the raid at mar-a-lago, what is the first thing that hillary clinton decides to do? raise money offer e-mail scandal . joe concha is trying to make sense of it all. we will have that when we come back. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths,
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nancy pelosi slipping up aptly during a policy discussion on
2:34 am
the today show. >> china is one of the freest societies in the plural. don't take it from me, that is from rita the house. courageous people. >> what! >> he meant to say taiwan. she also said the biden administration -- to the lungs long-standing chin policy which only allows formulations with -- >> bernie sanders is pleading for the other forces to change the way they reference what happened at trumps mar-a-lago home she tweeted stop calling i out are afraid joe concha joins us now. we call what you call 30 federa agents coming to a private residence with guns bishop woul -- what should we label this? >> interesting. i fault take what is the rate. 500.
2:35 am
almost every news organization has rightly called this a raid but we saw at mar-a-lago. the new york times said washington process, fox news, because when you have agents rushing into a property who are armed and you have all the lights flashing outside and the don't even allow lawyers in, in this case lawyers for donald trump, that is a raid to me. to your point it's like not calling a recession a recession. it is what it is big. it was a raid. they just gave donald trump rocket fuel for his reelection bid. perhaps it's about more than that. harold ford junior set it yesterday, let's wait for the facts to come out before drawin any defended tip conclusions. for now it was about obtaining documents. >> after sanders post at the tweet, some called it the search
2:36 am
. array makes trumps all like the victim come is that what this i all about? >> i think the theater on the left come on the democratic sid is that this is about the presidential records act and th fbi can eventually confirms that , then we really didn't need to go in the way we did, a made-for-tv type of theater because it really raises the expectations to those on the left to want to see donald trum eliminated and taken out of the 2024 race, wait a minute, maybe we overplayed our hand here as they have so many times with trump. again, it will only be a launching pad for his 2024 campaign. it seems like he does want to run, you don't hold relics if you don't want to run. that seems to be for this going on right now. >> you also probably don't do things like this if you're not
2:37 am
planning on running. hillary clinton than using the rate to cash in and now some merchandise with the slogan. she tweeted -- it helps her partners defend democracy and pay for our just saying. i think she is thinking her lucky stars she wasn't rated fo her accretion document violations. when you look at this, do you think she is raising money to run? >> welcome i think she flexed a the democratic field and sees, okay, my competition is, harris a vice president that is more popular than the president himself and pete booted judge who presides her for the transportation industry and supply change. gavin newsom, all due to americ what i did to california and cory booker and bertie sanderso says, hey, that's a division that i can win right now. so i had two rules, never play
2:38 am
cards with a guy named after a city and never pay more than $2 for any happy she's charging $3 for these hats right now. for my 2.0 hat, i paid like $20. >> the other thing about this tweet that hillary posted issue boasting about the fact that sh broke the law. i think he is indirectly making republicans glorify the fact that they can be open about these types of things the way republicans can't because of bias in the fbi. >> it's a great point. at this as a whose lawyers literally hacked phones to destroy evidence. she should be thanking her luck stars array did not happen on her but there is democratic president in office so that doesn't happen.
2:39 am
i have a new quarter mobile, quote, there is one thing worse than flat beer and that is no beer at all. thank you, you made the poster. >> if you are named ellis, you're not playing cards with joe concha. a major inflation report, as americans struggle to fill the gas tank and feed their family but we all know the democrats solution. >> they own an electric vehicle they will never have to worry about gas prices again. site got here drove from michigan to here and went by every single gas station and it didn't matter. >> we will explain coming up next.
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the july inflation numbers set the drop today as the democrats spending bill makes its way through congress. cheryl casone is here with the breakdown on what this could mean for you. >> i think that we are seeing
2:44 am
demand double bit more money right now. this is the biggest report of the month than it has been ever month this year it is prices from everything from food to ga and rent. the july numbers are due out at 8:30 today. the expectation is that inflation may have backed up slightly on a year-over-year basis, 8.7% is the expectation but remember that you number wa a big upside surprise. that came in at 9.1%. so we shall see. this is a market mover. democrats continue to push the narrative that the inflation production act will save the day . despite many americans think they don't see the point of spending billions on climate change. >> i think that this equates because we have more important things to worry about right now. families are going to worry about making a good wage before they worry about the climate.
2:45 am
i think we need to do something about it. i think we need to make it a national priority. >> when you start to see wildfires, glaciers melting, there is a lot of problems out there. >> you are going to make everybody purchase an electric vehicle, not everybody can afford that. >> by the way, does include tax credits to buy electric vehicle but that's there's a problem with that bad news come if you thought of going to make so muc more money off my tesla appeare the devil is always in the details. you look at the 72 electric heights or plug-in hybrid models , 50 of the 72-foot not qualify for the $7,500 credit, that's according to automotive innovation. the battery has to be built in america and in fact lithium and
2:46 am
minerals are being produced in places like china, still democrats keep pushing the high-priced electric vehicles. >> once they own that electric vehicle, we will never have to worry about gas prices again. >> i got in trouble for michiga to hear this last weekend and went by every single gas statio and it didn't matter how high i was. >> if electric vehicles are mor affordable, they would not be out of the price range of a lot of people. >> let's clear up that one, for announced they are raising the price up the 150 lightning between 6-$8,500 for top models going for 97 grand. so go out and buy an electric vehicle on top of everything that you are paying for. >> that is a big price tag. what is going on in american dream homes. you may need a new truck and it
2:47 am
may not be electric. we are going to morgantown, georgia, for people looking for their dream home in the blue ridge mountains. then we're going to go to the great state of texas. chris and allison work in san antonio but they want to buy a ranch outside of the city. they there looking in spring branch. 9 eastern time on foxbusiness. >> thank you very much. policing milwaukee county. hundred 38 homicides and more than 500 shootings in the first eight months of this year alone. the walkie police chief joining me now. thanks for being here. we the lack of cops i big cities. why is crime rising in the walkie. >> i will say that for us, i
2:48 am
like to say poor conflict resolution. people angry about anything and everything. >> you also called on parents t be more accountable for their kids. we have 70 problems but first t rise from there's a problem in the home. choir than a calling out those problems? >> well, i believe it is important. we see our young kids involved in violent crime. they are stealing guns out of cars and involved in issues of resolving conflict with firearm and we are seeing that uptick i regards to her homicides. so we all have a responsibility to engage our children and engage our young ones there we start seeing issues in regards to bills and young ones as youn as 20 and 30 involved in this crime also appeared we have a responsibility to make sure tha
2:49 am
we are putting our hands for th problem is that in regards to her children and make sure that is going be impactful and we should all have hand in this to make sure that our kids are behaving. a lot of problems could be solved if we had responsible gu ownership. over 2,000 people have odd as o june of this year, 211 ended up dying in waukesha county. they declared a community healt crisis earlier this month. we know this is coming across the border and why is the biden administration not treating it like the crisis that it is? >> again, it is for us to understand where these drugs ar coming from and how are we educating our public. it is important to also understand that within our drug divorcing there's a lot of mixe drugs and we know that with regards to reports. we have overdoses of all kinds
2:50 am
of drugs. so it is important that we have education and also make sure that we understand where it is coming from. >> it is a crisis and it needs to be addressed and it is not. thank you for bringing attentio to what best of luck. fifty minutes after the hour, former president trump said the trump on his mar-a-lago home wa attacked by radical leftists. >> coming up on trying one, goo morning, brian. >> i will see you shortly. a big show ahead. i hope to get it all in the three hours. get some rest, sleep in. we will take the first 30 minutes, senator rand paul is queued up. he reacts to the fbi raid at mar-a-lago. plus clay traps on a major ruling suing that pga.
2:51 am
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>> did you know about it in advance? >> is this administration weaponizing the justice department and the fbi against political opponents? >> no. i'm answering the question and i'm telling you that we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. we are not going to comment from here, from this white house. >> white house is denying the president knew about the fbi raid of former president donald
2:56 am
trump mar-a-lago's home ahead of time. former president trump said biden knew all about this just like he knew about hunter's deals. attorney general ken paxton joins me now. we do know this decision to raid trump's home went up the food chain. the question is just how far up it went. what are your thoughts on this? >> well, we knew that the attorney general had to make this decision. this is such a big decision. this is a step that we have never seen the department of justice take i don't think in the history of our country. so it definitely wouldn't surprise me if biden himself didn't know, certainly the people around him knew and they certainly didn't stop it from happening and probably were very involved in making it happen. >> carley: there has been some suggestion that the fbi could have, you know, just so happened to have collected some documents unrelated to the national archives. documents that could be related to january 6th during their raid. do you think that's what this is really all about? >> you know, i don't know.
2:57 am
i think that they are trying to find something on the president. they fully view him as a threat to their liberal plans, future liberal plans. whether it's january 6th or something else, the fbi and the department of justice are out there looking for an angle. that's what it looks like to me. >> carley: there are so many questions about that search warrant and apparently trump's legal team could answer some of them pause they apparently have a copy of the search warrant but they are not going to make it public at this time. why do you think that is? >> you know, i think they are just trying to figure out how to deal with it. they don't have all the information that they would like to know about what the department of justice is doing. i'm sure there was not a lot of cooperation between the department of justice and the president. and so, you know, they are holding as much information as they can so they can make the right decisions at the right time. >> carley: there is also the fbi that didn't allow trump's lawyers apparently in the rooms that they were searching. using your legal experience,
2:58 am
does that sound above board to you? >> you know, i don't know that that is untypically but this whole thing with raiding the president's house, the timing of it, the fact that he may be about to announce running for president, especially when you look in comparison with hillary clinton and the information that she had on her servers and the fact that she destroyed information, you look what's going on with hunter biden and his father how you don't see either of them ever raided and, yet, here we are with president trump getting readiy to potentially announce running for president and suddenly the fbi and the department of justice are all over him. it seems very political and it's, in my opinion, extremely concerning pause now you have the government trying to affect the political environment where in my opinion it should be the people not the federal government, not law enforcement. >> carley: it's a double standard that's hard to ignore. also, attorney general, i want to get you on this. new york city mayor eric adams firing back at the governor of your state greg abbott for sending migrant buses to the big
2:59 am
apple and adams said he might send a bus of his own to texas. listen here. >> i'm deeply contemplating taking a bus load of new yorkers to go to texas and do some good old fashion door-knocking because we have to, for the good of america, we have to get him out of office. >> carley: sir, your response to that. >> you know, he is free. this is a free country. is he certainly free to try to come down and influence texas politics. my guess is he is not going to have a lot of impact. governor abbott has done a great job. he be has been the governor for almost 8 years. i think he will be reelected overwhelmingly. >> carley: 30 seconds more to you on this last one remain in mexico policy officially over. how much of an impact will it have on the southern border. >> dramatic impact. it was effective policy by the trump administration. it brought the numbers down in a major way. and now with the biden administration, letting that go,
3:00 am
it is having a dramatic impact. you can see the numbers from when trump was in office to where we are now. obviously the biden administration wants illegal immigration and they are working with the cartels hand in hand to make sure it happens. >> carley: 5,500 illegal immigrants in mexico will be allowed into the united states. attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> fallout continues over the fbi raid on donald trump. >> he is not deterred. he is to the phased at all. >> they went in when he was not even there and told his attorneys to leave. >> makes you more suspicious they were on a fishing expedition. >> is this administration weaponizing the justice department? >> the president believes in the rule of law. >> that's a yes or no. >> it's a yes or no for you. i'm answering the question. >> a winner was declared in the republican gubernatorial primary that put former running mates at odds. >> you are now going to have a governor that is going to stand up for the


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