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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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like it brought his facial features out on film better. elvis was so honored because the other people who had accepted the award he felt was make a difference. >> brian: just part of one nation 8:00 p.m. on fox news. meanwhile before we go, make sure you catch me on stage i'll be at new york go to brian this is the judge in charge of the dash of the, as you know, the warrant and we will see if he's going to release it next. sean, can you relate to that? >> sean: i think that's a picture of jeffrey epstein. >> brian: it might be his plane, who knows. >> sean: i'll let you determine that in the morning. brian, thank you. welcome to "hannity," a lot coming up today, robert will
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join us more on the predawn raids and in this case in his home with fake new cnn cameras, how did they get tipped off? the latest details from america's partisan two-tiered system of justice. ♪ ♪ cannot we begin with a fox news alert breaking right now one individual with access to the fbi's search warrant used at mar-a-lago is revealing new details about the document. tonight we can exclusively report that the warrant identified two very vague categories of interest. one document said should or could be in the national archives and two anything else that may be marked classified. mr. garland, let's see the affidavit that you prevented to the trump hayden, obama levin, jeffrey epstein friends to fender magistrates because the list of what they took was kind of also vague and meaningless. the affidavits and what you did to get the warrant, you took
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responsibility and would like to see it. i said on day one that this was big fishing expedition and i believe this is all the pretext and they were looking for any and all documents of mar-a-lago. it's official, we are now fully immersed in yet another anti-trump witch hunt. you show me the man, will find the crime, and now you can accept they never seem to find the crime in the face of donald trump because one doesn't exist. by the way, what they took was meaningless seemingly what we know now and at the same time joe biden and his son hunter, they're enjoying a lavish vacation and an exclusive island in south carolina. yesterday the father-son duo were all smiles and you look hunter boarding air force one, not a single care in the world. no worries about the predawn rate at his house. despite pictures, videos, emails, texts, eyewitness accounts and other evidence detailing a variety of serious crimes ranging from
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sex trafficking, drug use, illegal gun possession, money laundering, tax fraud, violations, hunter biden has never been the subject of an fbi raid and let's not forget the information that implicates his cognitive mess of a father joe as a liar lying to the american people. never once talked to my son about his foreign business dealings. we know it's completely false and not true, at least 14 and as many as 17 instances, we've got pictures of hunter and his foreign business partners with joe biden. if it would mean that the biden family and presidency in particular, our president could be compromised by russia, china, ukraine, other countries that were paying his son with no experience a whole lot of money. it explained joe's preferential treatment to countries like russia and china. but biden's vacations not going to be interrupted with any search warrants. not clear hunter or joe will ever be charged with a crime. they'll get away with it like
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the clintons and like every other deep state actor. remember all those names? how many people are held accountable for lying on a pfizer application? we get the message and in today's america if you're a democrat, smoke crack on camera, record yourself with foreign, skip out and paying your taxes, even sell your country to the highest bidder and you'll get away with all of it. if you're above law. kickback, take tons of money and thanks to your vice president father and get daddy the vp to withhold a billion taxpayer dollars against some ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating the millions that you were paid with because you had no experience. that's a reason to get paid the millions. but if your donald trump and you comply with the bureaucrats at the national archives as we have letters from the national
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archives in february showed as we know they met on june 3rd, you still have 40 well armed fbi agents guns drawn banging on your front door unannounced blowing open your brand-new safe. according to the media mob this wasn't a raid, this is the problem with conservatives. you thought that was a raid! this is only a routine government approved a visit from the feds. take a look. >> talking about a raid and a break-in, that's not what happened. >> we have to be careful not to adopt the term raid. that was an intentional use of a word and we haven't done it all night, but i'm going to say an important note for our audience. we hear a lot about what happened at mar-a-lago a raid. law enforcement doesn't even use the term raid. >> the only reason to have a search like this and let's be polite and collect a search and not a raid, period >> officials
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i'm talking to are pushing back on that. >> what we know what played out on monday that it was not the sort of thing you would call a raid where the fbi goes in guns blazing knocking on doors and yelling. it's because this is not an unauthorized errata, it was a search conducted with an authorized warrant. >> search of the property was not a raid. >> sean: it was a raid, this is the same media that spread hillary rodham clinton's russian dossier in the same people that lied and said hunter's laptop, that's russian disinformation and the media that lies again and again and again and they don't stop. it wasn't really errata, really? according to joe biden's attorney general merrick garland comedy and administration care so deeply about equal application of our laws. i guess hunter and joe are going to expect a visit in the early morning hours in south carolina
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this weekend. take a look. >> adherence to the rule of law is the bedrock principle of the justice department and of our democracy. upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. under my watch, that is precisely what the justice department is doing. all americans are entitled to be evenhanded application of the law, due process of the law, and to the presumption of innocence. >> sean: you've had hunter's laptop for almost two years. actions speak louder than words and i think you're a lying hypocrite. obama took 30 million pages of sensitive potentially classified presidential material to chicago and not one page has ever been returned. if where is the raid on obama's house? bill clinton took tons of items from the white house in one of the top aides tried to steal classified material from the national archives.
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shoved it down his pants and into his socks. if where's the raid on bill clinton's house? his wife hillary as you know storied thousands and thousands of government emails and classified documents on private servers that were hacked by outside forces. if where's the raid on her house? apparently charging hillary with a crime was unthinkable according to jim comey the former fbi director. good old jim, superior jim, take a look. >> given the importance of the matter, unusual transparencies in order. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of evidence, no reasonable prosecutor would take such a a case. >> sean: no reason -- reasonable prosecutor. unlike hillary clinton who tried
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to destroy evidence, donald trump was complying with federal officials prior to the raid and hear what he handed over multiple boxes as many as 15. the fbi and doj were at mar-a-lago, the national archives noted his cooperation and the statement back in february and the former president met with the federal officials from the doj and other agencies in june. show him the rest of the documents and asked him to put a padlock on the door securing the documents at their request and he also said come back for whatever you need any time you need to. because his last name is donald trump, not biden, obama, clinton, hunter, it wasn't enough. the fbi when judge shopping, a trauma hater on social media, obama loving person to rubber-stamp their warrant and now according to my sources. if turning the security cameras at the residence off,
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apparently the cameras kept rolling. those who see the footage tell us that the fbi did not act in good faith and apparently agents went room to room and many had guns drawn scouring everything and anything in sight and they even searched rooms not listed on the warrant. why were they going through melania's pockets of her wardrobe? make no mistake, if and when we get this footage, we will show it to you in full and let you decide. if the fbi doesn't want anybody to see it and they want all the copies for themselves. they are attempting to seize the reporting's and cover their tracks. merrick garland provided a few details about the search taking no questions then he should have taken, but he vehemently defended the doj and fbi. take a look. >> let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the fbi and justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly
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attacked. the men and women of the fbi and the justice department are dedicated, patriotic public servants. every day they protect the american people from violent crime, terrorism, other threats to their safety while safeguarding our civil rights. they do so at great personal sacrifice and risk to themselves. i am honored to work alongside them. >> sean: i agree, 95% of fbi agents are good, honest, hardworking members of law enforcement communities. i agree all officers deserve to be safe and protected, bad apples need to be fired and/or indicted. there is never any reason for any violence against any law enforcement officer under any circumstances, can never be tolerated as we said repeatedly in the summer of 2020 i don't remember any democrats doing that. they were either silent or
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complicit. giving out bail fund addresses and et cetera. merrick garland, let me give you some reasons why no one trusts your department or the fbi when it comes to donald trump. if you are fbi, doj illegally obtained fisa warrants and three separate renewals to spy on the trump campaign, transition team, and trump as president. you used his opponent hillary clinton's dirty bought and paid for russian dossier as evidence and lied to a fisa court judge that said that was verified and is unverifiable. doj official warns that the dossier was garbage back in august of 2016. you said it was unsourced, unverifiable, russian disinformation put together by an ex-foreign spy at the request of the clinton campaign. if you were warned ahead of time. the ex-foreign spy christopher steele noted under oath the material of the dossier was unverifiable but the fbi and
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doj didn't care and none of those people were held accountable. they next went on a two year partisan witch hunt led by devout democrat andrew weissmann and staff with clinton daughters come i remember how one of those people accountable, he made no institutional changes, no reforms, and this is where we are today. that's why people don't trust the one great law institution and that's the fbi. the justice department by the way just labeled concerned parents speaking out at school board in excess potential domestic terrorists that need to be investigated at request of the democrats. they have seemingly endured the doesn't of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers. the prosecute violent far left rioters who attacked federal buildings in the summer of 2020. the courthouse in portland, dozens injured and americans dead. nothing to stop the doxxing and harassment of supreme court
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justices even though we have a law against that prohibiting that. they barely yelled when chuck schumer threatens the same justices by name on the steps of the u.s. supreme court. they couldn't care less when kamala harris promoted the bail fund to get rioters out of jail and told them not to stop rioting. take notes, not going to stop and they won't stop and they were shouldn't stop and we shouldn't stop. they don't seem to care at all that the disgusting frankly biden family sold access to the highest levels of the u.s. government, china, russia, ukraine, kazakhstan. attorney general garland, you've had hunters laptop for years. where is it? joining now pam bondi's with us for commentary as well as fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. your take on all of this? >> having personally as a prosecutor for 18 years signed thousands of subpoenas, thousands them a many times
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people don't comply. you either issue a new subpoena or do a motion to compel. why was that not done in this case? the trump people were working well with them and why wasn't that dumb? that's a question for merrick garland. number two, the warrant, think about the warrants. if you're going to issue a warrant, the reason has to be i'm worried they are going to destroy evidence. what suspect about that is that we learned that the warrant was signed on friday, but not executed until monday. why get the warrant? that doesn't make sense. i've personally been involved in many, many search warrants authorizing them, the execution of the search warrant and they came in with guns blazing like you said. for documents, you know what you do? you go up and show the warrant at mar-a-lago, they knew the president wasn't there, it's a skeleton crew and you go in and
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you go to the safe, the office, get the documents you need. it done. what did they do? they did an execution on land, see you, by air. if they had agents in the water, agents in the air, you may have seen 30 or 40 on the ground, but there were hundreds of agents that had to be weaponize to pul. of that day and that night. merrick garland, that's where tax dollars are going? did you see the massive trucks out there lined around. it was the optics, they thought donald trump would look like a common criminal but it backfired on them and the american people have seen what they have done and they are disgusted by this. he's got lot more explaining to do. >> sean: look at what they did to peter navarro, look at what they did to paul manafort, roger joining us tonight. this is their tactic how they
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want to harass, intimidate, send a message to everybody else don't mess with us. we are all powerful and almighty. the double standard, the dual system of justice couldn't be more clear than it is now. >> i don't question the integrity of the doj and the fbi, i criticize the other lack of integrity of merrick garland and christopher wray. merrick garland unwittingly and stupidly undermined his own argument when he said our standard practice is to use the least intrusive methods. if that's a subpoena. the fbi did that two months ago. they were counting on donald trump challenging it so that they would then be poised for a raid. but trump capitulated and gave them everything they wanted so they probably sat back at the doj and said what are we going to do? they should have issued another subpoena if they wanted more documents. i suspect all of that is left
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out of the affidavit in support of the fbi warrant to search the premises. i think they probably bribed to this magistrate which is not a regular federal court judge, appointed by the district judge to do the grunt work. he doesn't have the experience and a real judge would have said wait a minute. you're searching the premises? >> sean: why didn't he recuse himself here? dangerous times. >> the social media posts were virulently anti-trump and he's required to recuse himself. a good judge would have said wait a minute. why aren't you using a subpoena? there's a lot of questions about the magistrate himself. >> sean: thank you, pam bondi, gregg jarrett, thank you. when we come back a much other than charlie will weigh in and roger stone, knows all too well about the two-tier justice
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system predawn raids because he lived through it. he had the benefit of fake new cnn cameras and will get his take on what's going on in the country and much more as we continue. ♪ ♪ new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: more reaction to all of tonight's big breaking news
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on the comments by merrick garland to the ag and also the growing effort inside the biden and doj constitutional law professor fox news contributor jonathan turley. you're a pretty fair arbiter, you're a democrat and we don't agree on everything. you call them as you see them, calling balls and strikes and i give you credit for that. there's not many of the media that you do. you tell me if i'm wrong in my thinking. after all that we went through with the first attempt to hide donald trump through the alpha bank and trump towers service connected to the russia bank was a lie. if they tried to push that on the american people. then hillary pays for a dossier that money she funneled through a law firm that hired fusion gps and christopher steele. it's debunked information in the dirty dossier and yet they were warned before they ever applied
6:26 pm
for the first pfizer application. if but they used it anyway. they used at four times and it says at the top of the pfizer application verified. three were signed by james comey himself. you think of people like peter strzok and his words they had an insurance policy so donald trump when and get elected. am i wrong? are others wrong, our genuine distrust of the fbi and the doj? look at the treatment of peter navarro recently. the treatment of paul manafort, roger stone who we are going to work two. am i wrong if you are a conservator you'll be treated one way, if you're hillary clinton, biden, you could treat in another way? >> that's precisely why the raid seems rather reckless. the attorney general has to weigh that context. this country is a tinderbox. he has an agency in the fbi that
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has a documented history of false statements, a documented history of misleading courts. you have to consider that before you approve a raid of this kind. one of the things that struck me with their initial comments on the sources is how they describe this. they told you that there were two things described in the warrant, one a general category of material that should have been turned over to the archives under the presidential records act and the second was a general reference to possibly classified information. if the descriptions accurate, it's very concerning. a first of all, the first category i think you have to set aside, it's not a criminal statute or ordinarily enforced using these types of heavy-handed tactics. all of us were looking for in the warrant and maybe we will see it is a specificity that
6:28 pm
they have specific documents in mind with a very high level of classification. documents that the trump people had refused to turn over a period of that's the specificity we are looking for and the type of thing that would legitimate bringing this or escalating it to a higher level. what you are sources is not that. we will see what happens with this warrant, but when the attorney general was speaking, all of us had the same reaction in the field. which is we are not that interested in the warrant as opposed to the affidavit. that's where we would find out what the court was told. the warrant itself is sort of the conclusion to describe the parameters of the search. what we want to know is why the search was ordered, what was told to the courts, and did they reveal that there had been cooperation with the first subpoena? >> sean: we have the letter from february from the national
6:29 pm
archives and the doj fbi representatives went to mar-a-lago as late as june. the president met with them personally and said they are welcomed back anytime and they requested a padlock be put on the room where some of the boxes were. the trump people complied and were as helpful as can be. i would like to see that affidavit as well, but what about going to a magistrate on social media is trashed, the morality of donald trump giving money to barack obama and also defended -- sorry, i know everybody deserves a defense -- defended people associated with of all people jeffrey epstein. doesn't sound like the people i would want to go to for such a warrant like this. >> i think what's surprising is that this was handled by a magistrate in a matter of this importance you think would go to an article three judge or that the magistrate would bring in the article three judge to
6:30 pm
basically confirm that this is the correct course of action. we are going to have to see that affidavit and we don't know. they may have found classified information about the government has the right to retrieve that information. but it's important to know that this is a fairly common conflict between former presidents and the archives. material is taken all the time that the archive says needs to be brought back. and even furniture has been taken out of the white house that didn't belong to the former presidents. this is not that uncommon and if they found those types of documents, the question still remains. why couldn't you have done that with a less intrusive means? the attorney general today said that there was no other possible or less intrusive means. that left a lot of us scratching our heads like i can to give a lot of alternatives and this warrant hopefully will explain why you didn't think there was
6:31 pm
any other possibility. but it's really the affidavit that will tell us whether they had a good faith basis. >> sean: or whether trumped charges. jonathan turley, anyway, thank you we appreciate your time. no one knows more about the two-tier justice system better than roger stone. he suffered a predawn raid in his florida home back in 2019 all over a process crime called lying to congress. usually in such cases, guess what happens? they call your lawyer and say please have your client report to this location at this time and they will be arrested and processed, otherwise they will execute a warrant and go to their house to take them in. men and tactical gear at five: 45:00 a.m., roger stone i guess has some waterway in his backyard, and even fake new cnn cameras. they just happen to be outside roger stone's house that morning at 5:45 obviously tipped off to
6:32 pm
the captured predawn raid and one giant spectacle and the tainted jury in the partisan hack judge all over a process crime. lying to congress. of course you've got paul manafort, political prisoner his brand-new book. all targeted with heavy-handed over the top shock and all arrest tactics over process crime spirit of merrick garland, we don't live in a country with equal justice or equal application of law and you've now politicize your department of justice and if your last name is clinton or or obama, biden, your first name's hunter, you can pretty much do anything you want and get away with it because i doubt you're going to send your fbi agents to keio island in south carolina because of what's on hunter biden's laptop for two years. if you're republican, support president trump, good luck because the fbi's watching your every move and you may even be on cnn fake news. take a look.
6:33 pm
>> fbi agents, you can see them in riot gear approached stones house before sunrise at around 6:00 a.m. this morning. they raided his home and arrested roger stone and here's a moment of the arrest. >> fbi, open the door! fbi! >> that is roger stone being awoken by the fbi agents and i would say riot gear, just flak jackets, bulletproof vests, one had a helmet on. i mean, agents where that when they don't know what they're going to encounter and it's just remarkable to see this because this is not how anyone else connects to the robert mueller investigation has been arrested.
6:34 pm
>> sean: experiences this himself, roger stone to respond. interesting what you went through and i'm sure that brings back some very fond memories for you and your wife who by the way just survived cancer, thank god for that. let's talk about that day and let's talk about that morning. if they were to call your lawyer and say you needed to report at a certain time because you're going to be arrested, would you have reported? >> in fact the special councils office spoke on the phone the day before and i would have turned myself in. but at 6:00 a.m., 29 totally swat clad fbi agents arriving in 17 armored vehicles with a helicopter overhead, two amphibious units dropping off frogman in the backyard all of them brandishing fully automatic m4 assault rifles stormed by home to arrest me for the first
6:35 pm
time nonviolent crime of lying to congress. it essentially also fabricated crime because one cannot lie to congress about russian pollutioo russian collusion. was a horrific experience. just like with the president, why they had to go through all my wife's close at our house for 13 hours, they found no evidence whatsoever against me. and of course, a year after president trump had both the courage and the strength to pardon me because he realized i was a victim of a totally fabricated prosecution, novembet strange time to put out a press release, sean, midnight on the busiest media day of the year, robert mueller's final report was unredacted proving he found "no factual basis" and charged me with anything regarding russian collusion, wikileaks
6:36 pm
collaboration, or involvement in the fishing and publication of a donald trump's -- right in me, of john podesta's emails. the whole purpose of the raid was intimidation. >> sean: let's talk about in relation of what happened in mar-a-lago this weekend. if you know paul manafort, peter navarro, and why this seems -- why the tactics are now being used more and more and why does it only seemed to happen to conservatives? nothing happened to hillary clinton, nothing happened to the people that lied to before fisa courts. nothing happened in the upper echelon in the fbi when they spread lies about russia collusion as he pointed out rightly so that never occurred. they had hunter biden's laptop and we know there's crimes and evidence of crimes on the laptop and nothing has happened to him. why the double standard? i will give you the last word. >> it's very important to recognize i was arrested and
6:37 pm
6:06, 6:11 sarah murray at cnn tested dell mike texted a copy of my indictment when my lawyers. the indictment was sealed until 9:30 that morning. just the leak of the indictment was a felony and when you look at the metadata tags to figure out who rode it because i had no court markings or time-stamps on it, and had the initials of andrew weissmann. if this was meant to intimidate donald trump, they don't understand donald trump. i worked for president richard nixon and senator bob dole. two of the toughest guys you can imagine. donald trump is tougher than both of them and that's why he was a great president and also why he will be a president again. >> sean: roger stone, thank you for sharing your story and said that happens in america. now the fbi's long history of russia hoax corruption, fisa abuse, illegal spying continues to fuel more distrust of the intelligence agencies and the
6:38 pm
fbi raising serious questions about the motivation for what happened that mar-a-lago and why the raid occurred. here with reaction, arkansas editorial candidate sarah huckabee sanders who we are supporting is the next governor of arkansas, raid to heavy on the program. i want to be the first to call you that not that i'm counting my chickens. it let's get your reaction to all of this and you live through a log of this. this went on for three years and nearly crippled probably would have crippled anybody else's presidency, but so much time was wasted on what turned out to be one big lie based on his 2016 opponents paid for russian disinformation dossier. the media peddled it and the fbi believed it and it was all falls and they used it to spy on the president, can't get worse than this because none of it was true. >> it's absolutely crazy. if you're not paying attention to the absolute total abuse of power by democrats in washington
6:39 pm
right now, then you're not paying attention. you go back to the beginning of 2016 and you had an out of control fbi director who was a liar and a leaguer, james comey who not only did a number of terrible things as director but then retaliated against the president after he got fired. the doj and fbi are supposed to be above politics, but if you look at the targeted actions against the president, the people around him over the last several years, it has been anything but. at the same time, you've got people like hillary clinton, hunter biden, the leaker of the dobbs draft decision walking away with no investigations taking place against them. now you've got the federal government adding 87,000 irs investigations to target middle americans. if there's concern i'm part of the american people they have every right to be because we
6:40 pm
have a federal government who's got the priorities and their power centered and all the wrong places. if it's one of the reasons we've got to make sure good conservatives get elected in november and it's one of the only ways will stop the under control left that's taken over washington. >> sean: how did people learn about your camping? >> they can go to my website and i would love to have their support. we are going to make sure here in arkansas we fight back against an out of control federal government and move our state forward into the top. >> sean: we wish you luck with supporting your campaign. senator ron johnson tonight calling for the fbi and doj employees to come forward with more information on the mar-a-lago red and don't forget it was only a week and a half or two weeks ago senator charles grassley really peeled fbi whistle-blowers have come forward to reveal efforts inside the bureau to downplay negative information about hunter biden. here with reaction,
6:41 pm
senator ron johnson. that's a bombshell and we've got whistle-blowers and i'd like to heal from them. i do believe that the vast majority of rank-and-file are good people. we see the corruption at the highest levels of the doj and fbi, don't we? >> we do. i'm not questioning the integrity of most members of the fbi emma that's what merrick garland is accusing us of. it's a diversionary tactic on his part. in august, the whistle-blowers told chuck in august of 2020 the fbi developed a scheme to downplay the disparaging information on hunter biden to deep six it. the same month, we received unsolicited briefings. we asked at the time who directed these briefings? two years later, we don't know who directed the briefings and
6:42 pm
die months later, those briefings were leaked to "the washington post" to smear me. the corruption has run deep and it's been running deep and since the hillary clinton email scandal. if remember, the editing of the james comey exoneration email where they changed like grossly negligent to extremely careless to avoid the criminal terminology. i don't trust the fbi, don't trust the upper echelons department of justice and again, the rank-and-file, those individuals, if you want to see integrity restored to your agencies, you've got to come forward. whistle-blower and ron johnson, maintain your an amenity, but we've got to talk to you to restore credibility to your agencies. >> sean: chris wray could have done the fbi the greatest service, he could have cleaned up the mess and he could have stopped the line, he could have
6:43 pm
stopped those people that were responsible and held them accountable for spreading lies and misinformation about trauma russia collusion. he could have stopped the people that went ahead with and put forward unverifiable information in a pfizer application to ruin carter page's life and donald trump's life. he hasn't done nothing i see the cleanup to fbi and does he have to go? >> he's done worse than that. under his watch, the pfizer report was issued to, there were footnotes that were classified and redacted. they contradicted the body, the fbi had no knowledge the steele dossier was tainted by russian disinformation, the footnote said the exact opposite in october 2016. generate 2017, the fbi knew the steele dossier was tainted. of march of 20 in the 18 fbi brief said that the steele dossier had integrity. of course they allowed the
6:44 pm
miller probe to go forward. it's corruption and we've got to go back and re-examine what we already know and in light of new information, the scheme of the fbi to downplay what was happening with hunter. a set of to try to destroy me quickly, now i'm starting to think maybe the briefing was all about trying to take us off the trail trying to sway us from issuing a report that we issued in september of 2020. the news media admitted it or ignored it. >> sean: we know there's evidence and crimes on hunter's laptop, chris wray had it for two years. what does it say about equal justice? not much to me, but senator, thank you for being with us. if your race is pivotal come november. i know you're going to do well in wisconsin, thank you for being with us. straight ahead tonight, the fbi doj continue going after donald trump and all hunter morr biden scandals are surfacing.
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that's next. ♪ ♪
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hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. ♪ ♪ >> sean: biden's fbi goes on what appears to be another fishing expedition against donald trump, the bureau's doing everything they can to cover up the zero experience hunter and the biden family business into
6:51 pm
kids and their dealings. for example, no learning hunter biden back in 2016 helped a former biden aid with a house campaign while working with the hcc p tied business partner according to the report hunter was actively working behind-the-scenes in 2016 to solicit donations for top former advisors campaign and doing this at the same time. working with his chinese business partners makes a lot of sense. joining us now is devin nunes, former trump senior advisor and former congressman and also the ceo of true social for donald trump and former advisor stephen miller. if they get away with lying about russia for all these years, they get away with filing false pfizer warrens, why would we expect them to ever change? they got away with all of it.
6:52 pm
none of what they told the american people was true. none of this surprises me. >> really, sean, the republicans are blessed by the votes in november, they're going to have to do it top to bottom wholesale investigation all the way down. this whole chinese and their latest deal with hunter biden, it's not the first time. we know about -- they were accusing trump up stuff doing with russia. they impeached trump for ukraine and it was biden who was on the board of paris smell. you've got re-connections to china this mar-a-lago red, i'll tell you what they didn't find. 33,000 emails like the hillary clinton, the potential felonies on the hunter biden laptop and they did not find a crack pot. we've got a long way to go here and i think the fbi and the doj have a lot to answer for. >> sean: they've had hunters
6:53 pm
laptop for two years. why would any american think we have equal justice under the law? uncertainly no longer believe that. >> we don't have equal justice, nothing close to it. the laptops for the concession on video recorded in human history. i don't think there is a library long enough to contain a list of crimes contained on the laptop and more importantly, the new story points out, it leads directly to 1600 pennsylvania avenue and joe biden. imagine if biden and his life got the treatment that donald trump has gotten for the last six years. how many crimes would be uncovered and how much of the hunter cash went under the table to joe biden or was improperly declared? was it only report to the irs and all above board? joe biden couldn't survive one hour of the scrutiny that spent on donald trump every single minute since the day he came
6:54 pm
down the escalator. >> sean: there he is getting on air force one and what a beautiful sight to see. do you think they'll be rating the vacation home that they are ads? we've got about 30 seconds. >> one of the things they'll have to remember is this is not the first time people have been rated with donald trump and it relates specifically to the laptop, remember when they raided rudy juliano's home and he said, here, you want the hard drive? the fbi didn't want it. like steve said, there is a lot more on the laptop and a lot more to come and while the fbi and doj do anything? doesn't look like it. >> sean: merrick garland was all shocked and americans don't put faith and trust in us. they earned our distrust. they are not acting in good faith in the same way for both parties. more "hannity" next. ♪ ♪ extra boost of support
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening, thank you for being with us in making the show possible, please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. don't forget, let not your heart be troubled. laura's fired up aren't you? >> laura: i am and you always take a walk down memory lane, sean and i had almost forgotten about the amphibious element to the roger stone raid. yeah, that's very -- it's very james bond like 1965. they really had to go to the most dramatic -- helicopters, they had it all covered with poor roger stone roger stone. >> sean: can i ask you a question? you're a lawyer. if somebody had to tip off fake new cnn and i got --