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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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200 pounds chasing a group of rangers in australia. they can kill humans and they can disembowel you with one talent. good luck. >> you could get a permit for that. >> all right. that was fun. that is it for us but we will see you back here on monday. don't miss everybody's -- >> good evening and welcome. i am gillian turner. we now know what was in that search warrant used by the fbi agents raided the former compound. a judge unsealed a warrant along with a receipt for property seized. president trump's attorneys did not object. some of what was recovered and whether it included classified that even top-secret materials. also, the house has passed a massive spending bill. democrats insist it will actually reduce inflation.
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first, though, the latest on the unsealing of that fbi warrant. bret will join us in a moment. broeske we go to correspondent david. hi, david. >> reporter: this is the search and seizure warrant to gain access by fbi official. it gives us an idea of what fbi agents were looking for and what they took from the president. down in florida. we also got an early look at the property list. a property we see which shows specifically what was taken from mar-a-lago back i want to read that to our viewers and let them know it includes 11 sets of classified materials that may have been improperly, outside of the secured government because depict some of that material labeled at as top-secret, following the unsealed request with president trump, former president trump's formal blessing, and registered has instilled the warrant and the property receipt of the items. we know the include four sets of
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top secret documents, three sets of secret documents, three sets of confidential documents and one set of classified top-secret sensitive compartmented information. it is a tightly controlled intelligence category. part of the warrant states, jillian, the locations to be searched include the 45 office, all storage rooms and all other rooms or areas within the president's used or available to be used bike as potus got the former president of the united states and his staff and in which boxes or documents could be stored. gives agency to all physical documents and records constitution evidence contraband of crime or other items illegally possessed in violation of federal law. but we don't have access to yeah is the -- affidavit, a detailed explanation of why it raided mar-a-lago. trump is pushing back on a report thing classified document relating to nuclear weapons were among the items.
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there was nothing in the property list we review to indicate that level of specificity, gillian. the former president said on social media at the stored material was secured and all declassified. the word indicates what is believed to have been violated including the espionage act. making it a crime to remove or misuse information entered hide, damaged or destroyed government records and efforts to falsify destroy or cover up records to obstruct or interfere with a federal investigation. the list of items seized by the fbi detailed help for along the a secret grand jury proceeding with moving against the former president. precisely why this may have happened but many question players exist regarding what broke down between that meeting between fbi officials and a trump team in june and the execution of this search warrant just about eight weeks later in august.
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gillian? >> gillian: the timeline is the key. thanks very much. house republicans are turning up the volume wasn't major displeasure here in washington in the wake of the trump raid. lucas tomlinson joins us with that portion. hey, lucas. >> reporter: hey, gillian. so did president biden now about it in advance? and that breeds distrust. >> reporter: expressing outrage as we learn new information about the unprecedented search of a former president's home. >> if your name is trump you are treated one way. >> reporter: republicans on the house intelligence committee calling for transparency. >> if people around the world want to live under an american fbi and their leadership not an american kgb. >> is at the same agency leadership that protected hillary clinton. james comey and continues to protect hunter biden. >> no one is above the law and
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that includes the attorney general. >> reporter: adam schiff said protecting classified information is a priority. writing in a statement as we learn more, we will discharge our oversight responsibility. >> nancy pelosi urged patience. >> i know very well how vicious they can be. you would think there would be an adult in the republican room that would say just calm down. see with the facts are. >> lucas: others drew comparisons to hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i listen to lock her up, lock her up, lock her. because hillary clinton mishandled in most or whatever. >> lucas: this is how james comey described them. >> seven e-mailed chains classified at the special access program at the time they were sent and received. >> lucas: run-pass -- ryan fitzpatrick says it is a matter
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of public trust. >> we have too much mistrust at the fabric of our democracy and our country cannot survive with that distrust. >> lucas: one day after a real attack on the cincinnati steel office, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are calling for compact. >> gillian: we will have more on that later this evening. let's sort through what we know and don't know and what we are still learning minute by minute. bret baier joins us to analyze the new developments. bret calhoun we don't know everything yet. but it seems like we know a whole lot about this then we did when we ate lunch today. >> bret: that is right, gillian, good evening. listen, i think we learned a lot from the search warrant just about what potentially the doj is looking at. you heard from david spunt.
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it involves potential violations, the three statutes, the fbi act, the law prohibiting discretion. concealing of documents to obstruct and confess patient. more about that in a second. the unlawful remote -- removal of government materials. it is important to point out that we are talking about the most highly sensitive documents the u.s. has affected the trump lawyers and former president says it was all declassified. but when you get into this as you well know, having been in this business, ts sci, compartmentalize information. very sensitive to the point where you have to go in special places to look at that intelligence. having just one of those documents outside of that environment, is potentially illegal. now, what was interesting to see is the search warrant itself. this is the attorney general talking about the search and what he authorized and how they framed it. take a listen. >> where possible, it is
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standard practice to seek less intrusive means and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. >> bret: if you look at that search warrant and we have gone over the seven pages, inside, it is not that narrow of the search on that day. attachment b property to be seized, any government and/or potential records created between january 20, 2017 and january 20th, 2021 and as you heard from david's be. >> they could go any place in the mar-a-lago really any room. they did not go to the guest rooms but any place the former president could have been, could have stored something, could have left something. basically the whole place was open. why did they get to this level with that number of people when they had this negotiation that was ongoing? that is really the biggest question, gillian. >> gillian: something that certainly it might shed some light on the questions you load out for us is the underlying
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affidavit which we don't have tonight. the holy grail here. but the fact that they have executed on this search warrant speaks to the timeline here of how far along this grand jury probe could actually be now. >> bret: right. and listen, this is the part that we just don't know. it does not add up, okay? we are talk about extreme e sensitive stuff. if they know that that is what they were going for requests just because they have this subpoena. there in conversations with the trump folks back sometime in late june catlin something else. maybe there are more documents. maybe they have an informant and secret service. who knows? but there is more information. my not go back to another subpoena? you ask them to a lock on the door. one take them then? no, we way now two months for a search warrant from a magistrate that suggests that it is urgent. and it leads to this raid. that is the part that does not
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add. and we would think that the doj the next short period of time is going to have to make a decision on this because obviously it is the center of the universe politically in this environment that we are in months away from a midterm election. >> gillian: bret, this is breaking right now. the vice president has said that they will not be commenting. this is a fox news on this raid. this is a quote from paris. she says, as a former prosecutor, i will tell you don't speak about anyone else's case, but i have full confidence the doj will deal with the facts and the law as is required. she goes on to say they do very important work and from the moment they blocked out the door of their home, they go back in their families and pray for their safety and well-being. i think it is just highly irresponsible for anyone to call themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the u.s. to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political
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objective. opposite the vice president narrowing in on the political optics here a bit. >> bret: sure. and that is more than we have heard from the administration from the executive branch at least. president biden is here on kiawah island think i'm not here impartially to interview president biden or any member of his family but if he would -- >> gillian: well, that night is young. >> bret: we have the ability to make that happen. i'm here for my mom's' 75th birthday. news happens. i think that the administration, that is the most that they have said. i think they are going to have to say more went to get to a decision about what the next step is because this is unprecedented. this is unprecedented for a current president, an administration to be launching just investigation against a former president who could potentially be the political opponent that he faces in 2024. >> gillian: the states really could not be higher. bret, the entire team here
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misses you tonight. we can't wait to have you back next week. >> bret: we will see you, gillian. ♪ ♪ >> gillian: it is also breaking tonight. the author whose writings about islam have provoked threats against his life was violently attacked during a lecture in new york. he was stabbed while delivering a lecture. breaking news. hi, brian. >> reporter: we are -- salman rushdie is currently undergoing surgery after being stabbed at least once in the neck and abdomen. the state police says that he was airlifted via helicopter to a nearby hospital after he was attacked on stage moments before he was to give a lecture. southwest of buffalo, new york. witnesses say rusty was pushed to the ground by a man who looked as though he was punching
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or stabbing the author 10 to 15 times. audience members rushed the stage. state police officers subdued and arrested the suspect who has been identified as a 24-year-old haiti montara from fairview, new jersey. >> we are in the process of obtaining search warrants for various items. there was a back. located at the scene. there was also electronic devices. >> bryan: rushdie is award-winning author. his book which some muslims consider bless ms. has led to 30 years of death threat. >> was banned from iran in 1998 and a bounty was issued for anyone who killed rushdie after iran's state leader issued a fatwa calling for his death but this is after the department of justice charged a member of his long's guard, for trying to hire
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someone to assassinate both former trump national security adviser john bolton and former secretary of state mike pompeo their bounties were to $300,000 and a million dollars respectfully. the fbi has no joint infestation with the new york state police. we still do not know the suspect fifth -- suspect's motives. >> gillian: we will keep an eye on that. next, while american families continues to suffer the effects of inflation on everyday items, president biden and congressional democrats are pushing to another major spending bill without any republican support. we will break down how that new legislation will impact you. first got here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox five in new york report the causes polio has been found in the city wastewater. health officials say it is a
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clear indication the disease is already spending a month and vaccinated people. in case of polio has not been seen in the u.s. in a decade. though it was once one of the nation's most feared diseases. paralyzing and killing americans until vaccines became available. finally in 1955. fox 29 philadelphia discovering hundred of national football -- national football league retirees who qualify for one billion-dollar concussion settlement. the bill in comes two years after a pair of former players sued. this is 11 look at chicago from fox 32. one of the big stories there tonight, thus it is is developing a nine story multi family building made entirely of timber. it will be the tallest wooden building in that city since before the great chicago fire of 1871. construction is slated to begin next year. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from a
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control while president biden is vacationing, democrats in washington just passed a new technic and spend bill. edition continues to confronting inflation. that is not lost on the participants in the latest fox news poll back jacqui heinrich takes a look at south carolina tonight. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: democrats going through a massive technic climate while republicans protest. >> you will be paying more for gasoline and improved utility bills. >> jacqui: as president biden weights, he is on vacation in a luxury golf destination. he can -- taking credit for the recent drop in gas prices. tweeting big news, the national average gas prices dropped below four dollars per gallon. with over one dollar drop just 58 days, this defense is decline in gas prices in over a decade.
3:22 pm
but gas prices brimming almost twice what they were when biden took office. a new fox poll shows only 90% -- 19% of voters believe he should get credit now inflation is still the biggest thorn in the president prophesied, with 41% of voters calling it double top issue. democrats are pushing of experts who say the bill won't directly address inflation for a year or more. inflation is like a theoretical word that economists use. what families feel every day is the up or down of costs. >> jacqui: officials insisting americans will do the cost eventually. >> they will put the first 10 medication out there, to start the process so they can start negotiating the lowering cost. at the point that i'm making is that this is an investment. >> that was 2026. >> and the initial one? expected appointment that i'm making is they're going to see energy costs, utility bills but that will come down.
3:23 pm
>> jacqui: and we heard from the president on twitter. he will sign the bill with a present -- celebration coming on september 6. this bill is to be paid for in part with audits on what democrats called wealthy tax cheats. the irs and treasury have vowed that that will not need any increase in audit for people making less than $400,000 a year like the president has promised but however, congressional budget office said its enforcement for that middle and low income group does not wrapped up that they will be short 20 billion in revenue for this bill, gillian. >> gillian: and one how does this credit is pushing for even more tax increases. after the midterm. right? >> jacqui: yeah, that is right. congressman richard reporting said if democrats remain in. they will increase both. and individual tax rate in 2023,
3:24 pm
gillian. >> gillian: jacqui heinrich thanks so much. stocks were up today. the dow gained 424 the s&p 500 finished ahead 73. nasdaq jumped to 67. the dow gained almost three percentage points. the s&p 500 was up three at a quarter. nasdaq finished ahead more than three. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight get investigators in cincinnati now are trying to find out just whya man tried to reach the fbi field office there, then took part in an hours long stand up with law enforcement before being shot and killed. our correspondent. >> reporter: we are beginning to get a full picture of who this suspect was and possible clues to his motive. officials have identified him as 42-year-old ricky shipper junior, a navy veteran.
3:25 pm
he later served three years in support of operation iraqi freedom. his criminal record does not have much to be on traffic and movant positions. to try to piece together a motive, because gators are digging into the digital footprint, phone calls, texts, e-mails and social media where they have already identified several accounts under his name that have made concerning posts encouraging violence again federal agents. including one shortly after yesterday's attack that said if you don't hear from me, it is true, i tried attacking the fbi. officials tell us nationwide there's been a significant increase in threats against the fbi this week and today in dayton, ohio, medical examiners performed an autopsy on the remains including a toxicology report. which typically takes at least a couple of weeks to be finalized. gillian?
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>> gillian: garrett tenney, thanks very much. next, midterm election watch back bret will sit down with a republican in colorado who is trying to unseat senator michael bennet. ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪
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and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> gillian: welcome back to "special report." colorado senate race. that. talks with a republican trying to unseat the democratic incumbent. take a look. >> bret: gillian, thank you. we want to bring you the newest add in the race for u.s. senate in colorado. >> everyone in washington vote the party line. joe won't. he will represent colorado. >> joe: i am joe o'dea. i'm not focused on political parties. i will do what is right for our
3:32 pm
country. >> bret: the race between michael bennet and joe o'dea. construction executive. he joins us now. joe, thanks for being here. >> joe: thanks for having me on. >> bret: you. yourself as not caring about political parties. tell me about how that pitch is the link so far. >> joe: i'm really running for working americans here in the united states and colorado and i'm working for small businesses. i'm running for middle class, single-parent. retirees. those of us that play by the rules. we have been paying for all of this technic and we need a voice in washington, dc. >> bret: you on your website say about the inflation reduction act, which is what the democrats called it, that michael bennet will do anything joe biden wants including passing a technic on working americans while the economy is in a recession. it goes on to get more specific asked about that on another network. take a listen to what he said.
3:33 pm
>> this is a guy that posted on facebook a picture of him and his wife madi depaul courses. i don't know who is in touch with working coloradans but i can tell you this. anybody who thinks that the trump tax cuts for the wealthy were somehow a tax cut for working americans is delusional and anybody who thinks that this bill raises the taxes on working people is delusional. >> bret: import response to a what senator bennet said. >> joe: he sounds a little unhinged, a little upset about my horses. i have been riding horses all my life and they have been a labor of love and i just can't believe that he is calling it an inflation reduction. it is a tax. if you look at the joint committee on taxation, which is a nonpartisan committee, they have been very clear that 72% of this tax that bennett and i didn't have put in place is
3:34 pm
going to get paid by working americans making less than 100 grand a year and in a recession, that is the last think we need to be doing. i don't know why they are calling it inflation reduction. even bernie sanders says it won't reduce inflation. putting together another spending bill that working americans are going to have to pay for and now they are printed candy coat it with some new name. it is unbelievable to me. >> bret: i'm not sure the admissions of those horses heading into the sushi place. i will get you another soundbite from senator bennet on the climate part to get you to respond. here you go. >> senator bennet: what does climate change legislation look like? it looked like a bill that is going to reduce their prices. it looks like a bill that is going to be important to transferring our economy in a way that actually makes sense and is rational and is believable to the american people. there is almost nothing in this
3:35 pm
bill not to like. >> bret: he is all in, joe. is that something you will run on? >> joe: he has to be all in because it is' party's policies and he is the same one that supported joe biden when they killed the xl pipeline. they have singh can hardly leave undone our fossil fuel here in america. and this is the same guys begging venezuela to send us oil. it is unbelievable. able to anything in an election here to try and maintain power. that is the problem with the party system that we have right now. democrats have banded together. they will settled working americans with more taxation in a recession. it makes no sense to me at all. >> bret: we had this raid on mar-a-lago. you said perhaps president trump should not run again in the past. what are your thoughts now and -- in the wake of this raid? >> joe: i think the american public needs to know.
3:36 pm
the department of justice have played their cards on the table. let us eat what have got and if the laws support that decision to raid his home, then so be it. but if this is just another election year ploy, we need to see that as well and i think americans need to know exactly what is going on. and. >> bret: does it change their position of whether you think he should run for president again? >> joe: i don't think he should run for president. we have a lot of talented people on the bench. i love ron desantis. i like nikki haley and i will actively campaigned for those as they attempt to take on the role of president. >> bret: joe o'dea running for senate in colorado. we will follow their race. >> joe: thanks for having me on. >> bret: gillian, we will send it back to you. >> gillian: john fetterman who is running for senate is holding
3:37 pm
his first campaign rally after suffering a stroke in may. federman is expected to talk about his personal health challenges tonight. he said he almost died. his opponent is dr. mehmet oz. the utah senator mitt romney says states can have a positive effect on that huge divisions within the country. rhombique spoke with bear for a segment that will air on fox news sunday. >> there's a lot of threats that we faced as a country. the social fabric and family, import religion and faith talk about a lot, where do you see that threat for the country? >> the founders of my religion and the leaders of my religion have said that the constitution was inspired and of course, the freedom of the election -- religion being central to our constitution and so i think at the same time, we believe that
3:38 pm
having people who recognize that one another not just citizens, fellow citizens but also fellow children of god, that we are in the same human family helps bring the temperature down. >> gillian: you can see more of the interview with bret as well as a lot more when i anchor fox news sunday. this sunday. i hope we will join. coming up next, china's growing influence in our corner of the world at rapid means for how the u.s. deals with beijing and america's neighbor. >> try not would like to replace the united states. is their goal and they are well on their way to try to do that. ♪ ♪
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>> gillian: president biden will reportedly meet with chinese leader xi jinping. they report the present will confer with xi during a trip. fox news confirmed they discussed the possibility of this meeting during the call last month. china's growing influence in and around the united states is raising urgent national security concerns yet again. this from think the biden administration to invest millions to counter china by bolstering that u.s. presence in
3:44 pm
southeast asia. jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon. >> reporter: the pentagon says it is a national security issue. five years ago, panama under pressure from beijing quietly shifted its long-term policy of recognizing taiwan. severed ties and now only recognizes china. that same year, a hong kong based company bought and took control of two ports on either end of the panama canal. america's top general who oversees u.s. southern command issued this morning. >> i worry about -- they look like civility companies, stay owned enterprises that could be used for dual use. could be quickly changed over to military capability if they needed that to affect. it looks like again, they are investing. i look at it as extracting back. >> jennifer: 6% of the world's commerce passes through the canal each year. 60% -- 66% of the cargo begins or ends its journey at a u.s.
3:45 pm
port and passes through the panama canal. $270 billion worth of goods will pass through the century-old waterway this year. a recent report raising alarm bells about china's rising influence on america's doorstep. >> china's increasing interest in panama is something the united states needs to pay attention to. if we had a conflict in the taiwan strait or the south china sea and it started escalating, one of the areas where china my look like to cause trouble would be to close the panama canal. >> jennifer: meeting latin american defense ministers added his concern about china's ongoing belton road initiative designed to take control of key infrastructure around the world and make countries dependent on beijing. with beijing eyeing the cabinet doors panama canal, it is notable that u.s. has not had an investor assigned to panama 102018. the senate has refused to vote on president biden's choice
3:46 pm
since the confirmation hearing in may. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> gillian: the army is sending 260 soldiers to europe. the move is reportedly in response to russia's invasion of ukraine and not a permanent placement. that troops are expected to deploy at fort campbell, kentucky. we got the panel to weigh in on the latest raid at mar-a-lago and the effort to unseal the search warrant and we got new fox poll. first, a ship approaches ukraine to pick up weed for delivery to easy rokia -- wheat for delivery to ethiopia. the mission will britain really -- bring relief to thousands. this is a live look at new zealand. one of the big stories, the
3:47 pm
country welcoming the first cruise ship to arrive since the coronavirus pandemic began. signaling a long-sought return to normalcy for the nation's tourism industry. lindsey lent had shuttered its borders in early 2020. then seeking to contain its spread. these are some of the other stories tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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>> does anyone really think that they have applied these laws evenly to past presidents who have had classified information? they are launching incredibly aggressive venture arctic rhetoric. -- vitriolic rhetoric. >> what we cannot have are agencies that are wielded against citizens of our country. >> this is a tough time in our country. we have too much distrust in too many of our institutions. >> gillian: let's bring in byron york of the washington examiner. mark theissen. cohost of the five. fireman, attorney general said that he signed off on this search point because he believes that bringing these documents out of mar-a-lago back into the
3:53 pm
possession of the u.s. government was a service for the country. it sounds like a lot of political was on the hill disagree. >> byron: this is serious. the justice department has impaneled a grand jury. it has executed a search warrant and they are clearly investigating the former president for alleged crimes and mishandling of classified information. but still, the problem is we don't know what he did. the information along with the search warrant listed alleged classified documents being picked up by the fbi. but we don't know what it is about. we had what report think it just about nuclear weapons. we had other reports saying it is really, really serious but we don't know. really hard to figure out, in 2018, lisa page testified that the fbi had discussed with the justice department charging
3:54 pm
hillary clinton to the espionage act. the same thing might happen here. >> gillian: marc used to work with classified information. there's this item list. i'm going to summarize it does for you guys with quick. we got a receipt list of deceased -- the seized materials. info on the president of france. a binder of photos, handwritten note. that could be anything. but then we also have confirmation that it includes various secret and top-secret documents. does it matter what specific information is in these documents? they belong to the government of the united states, not the former president. >> marc: mishandling classified information is a serious issue. but here is the thing. that warrant says that trump had 11 sets of classified documents including four sets of top secret special access program
3:55 pm
documents which as you and i both know is the highest level of classification you can have. jim comi told us in 2016 that hillary clinton had 110 classified e-mails on her private server including this is a quote seven e-mail chains concerning matters that reclassified. top-secret special access level programs and the justice department inspector general reported that those classified documents were compromised by foreign intelligence services. that seems more serious that what is happening here at the other difference is intent. the donald trump pack up -- did he unpack those boxes? does he know everything? she actually put classified information into an unclassified e-mail. that takes physical effort. you have to type it out. you can just move it and cut-and-paste it. she had 10 and they still did not raid her house. >> gillian: herald, the president's supporters,
3:56 pm
including gop members of congress saying that what took so long? if the justice department suspected or knew that the former president had these documents that compromise national security in any way, what did they wait to carry out that raid now so close to the midterms 90 days out? >> harold: thanks for having me on and i'm actually happy weekend. i do know the answer to the question i have to think that they do. i would echo what has been set. this is serious. no president, former president has been charged, simply not charged by the investigation and we know the espionage is a part of the investigation. and that is serious. if i were a former president and i hope to be able to say that one day, as all of us do, i would come on television tonight and say, i have no clue what these people are talking about. they have investigated. they are investigating. they have come into my home. i dunno what they could have found to make them think that i should be hundred and visitation
3:57 pm
for espionage. for some people to say there should be a higher standard for a former president. but the founders i don't think believe that. they were not perfect. they believed presidents and congressmen and senators, i happen to be in the lower end of that. we should live in our communities and be in the communities and behave like we are in a community and finally, i just don't understand how we don't think he should be investigated like this if it is true. if there's nothing here, everyone that said that this president has done this or that should come back on television and say, wow, this was wrong and the justice department was wrong. but we don't know that and we should wait. >> gillian: i want to make sure i get to winners and losers. >> the internal revenue service is my winter and it is already voted. already voted to pass this. that loser is the american taxpayer who is going to face
3:58 pm
more audits. >> gillian: marc? >> marc: my winner is karen who is a colleague, fellow all-star panelist who just came home after a successful bone marrow transplant. looking forward to being back on the panel with her one day very, very soon. my loser is eric adams gets the mayor of new york city who has declared his city a century city but is calling governor abbott an american. >> gillian: congratulations and best wishes to karen. we really do, all the best to her. harold that you are up last. >> congressman ford: bill russell, dave retired his number. people who choose violence over voting, our system is based on people voting not being violent towards people you disagree with. >> gillian: well said. gentlemen, thanks so much. you did that lightning fast. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪
3:59 pm
it is time for notable quotable's. >> i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. >> we had a raid of a former president's home. >> we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. >> if you don't convict donald trump you have murdered donald trump. >> i believe -- and i believe it now. >> victory cannot come a moment too soon. >> the violence against one enforcement is not the answer no matter what anybody is upset about. >> there is an irs agent coming to a neighborhood near you. >> this is focused on corporate multi-technic cheats. >> it will have a minimal impact on inflation. >> i want to say a number. zero. >> some things went up. of the things went down. >> i think he is in a fragile
4:00 pm
place. >> you think you are closer to war today? >> the chinese have not renounced the use of force against taiwan. we must be vigilant. >> i love playing. amazing. but i can't do this forever. >> we have to get him out of office. >> i feel like clint eastwood. go ahead, mayor. make my day. >> gillian: thanks for watching "special report." i'm gillian turner. here is jesse watters primetime. say hi to your mom. >> will do. i know you love her. connecticut the democrats reelected donald trump. the last three days all we hear, show us the warrant picture was the warrant. they put up with the warrant and the property receipt today. all the stuff they took and all the stuff they were looking for. man, this thing backfired big time. this looks like the club just abuse of power in american history. i'm wondering what the