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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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place. >> you think you are closer to war today? >> the chinese have not renounced the use of force against taiwan. we must be vigilant. >> i love playing. amazing. but i can't do this forever. >> we have to get him out of office. >> i feel like clint eastwood. go ahead, mayor. make my day. >> gillian: thanks for watching "special report." i'm gillian turner. here is jesse watters primetime. say hi to your mom. >> will do. i know you love her. connecticut the democrats reelected donald trump. the last three days all we hear, show us the warrant picture was the warrant. they put up with the warrant and the property receipt today. all the stuff they took and all the stuff they were looking for. man, this thing backfired big time. this looks like the club just abuse of power in american history. i'm wondering what the fbi did
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not take from mar-a-lago. i would be surprised if there is still furniture at his club. according to this document, it was a nine-hour smash and grab. we will take you through the items in a second. are you ready for the criminal charge they are basing that raid on? are you ready? they are saying day raided trump's house because he violated the espionage act. they are saying donald trump committed espionage against the united states of america. in the statute says he may be trying to harm the united states and aid our adversaries. documents double locked up in his basement, protected by the sea. -- secret service at his mansion are hurting national security and aiding and abetting the enemies. and it gets better. also going after him on obstruction. because there was a lock on the door that they told him to put there.
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the most transparent president in american history, we actually wished was a list transparent because it tells us everything is somehow obstructing an investigation that he was cooperating with. out and he is also a saboteur. we are back to trump's a russian asset again working against america. trump grade the doctrine of america first. how is he working against america? biden is the guy who is compromised by china and sends our enemies -- pellets of cash in the middle of the night and he is not committing espionage? biden's family is on our enemy's payroll. but trump's helping our enemies? why again? the government rates documents for the president. the government then sends those documents down to florida with the president and in the government charges the president for having the documents? none of this makes any sense.
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the espionage act is for double agents and soviet spies cannot american presidents. the espionage act is the same thing investigated hillary over. and his we did not even have any classification authority and she had 10 because she was the one that set up the server and our enemies hack it. but i don't think trump's storage unit was packed. and she destroyed half of it. it was not raided. what did comi do about it? >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statute regarding the handling of classified information to our judgment is no regional -- reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case? >> jesse: remember that? where garland was shut down, all shriveled up and confessed what he did and why he did it. listened. >> first i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter.
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second, the department does not take such a decision lightly. this is all i can say right now. more information will be made available in the appropriate way. and at the appropriate time. >> jesse: you don't have anything to say? you don't talk about investigation? , will you talk to reporters about investigations all last night, didn't you? what did you tell them? their minions are leaking like crazy to the washington post. you guys said trump had documents related to nuclear weapons, "classified documents" were among the items sought in the search of the florida residence on monday. whoa! you are saying trump had little manhattan project going? trump was like robert oppenheimer? hide the yellow cake into closet. the feds are coming. and what did documents made? are they talking about letters
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from little rocket man? this is a classic wrap up a smear right, pelosi? >> demonize and then you talk of rep up smear. you call it the wrap up smear. you smear someone with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it and then you write it and it is reported in the press that discuss discuss this and this so they have the validation. and it is called a wrap up smear. they are going to wrap up the press' report. and it is self-evident. >> jesse: let's just say we believe the feds. trump has some serious top-secret stuff. why didn't they take it back in june when they were down there? if it is so serious and putting everyone's life at risk. right? if they got the warrant on friday, why did they wait until monday to do the raid?
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they wanted to take the weekend off? they had plans that weekend they could could not break? so if they go in looking for new secrets which we doubt they did, the warrant says they seized boxes of photographs and memorabilia and signed napkins. take a look. this crooked judge says they can grab "any government and/or presidential records created between january 2017 and januar" wait a second. didn't garland say this was supposed to be narrow in scope? >> it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. >> jesse: they were there for 9 hours grabbing anything they could get their hands on.
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checked to see if his golf bags are there. take a look at that once again. it says you can take anything near the boxes. any other containers, boxes that are collectively stored or found together with the affirmation documents. then they told trump's lawyers to wait out in the sun all day so there's no telling what they put in there. or took. they had a ryder truck backed up to door. this is a highs. the fbi is like, we're going to take everything that we are going to tell you later what we found. all right, well, what did you guys find to fbi? we can tell you. it is classified but you just have to trust us back. that is how it works? they could tell us they found ogs racing bloodied duffel. no, sorry, it is classified. watched them finally missing malaysian plane. do you remember the one cnn was looking? say it is classified. are you saying you don't think
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the fbi plans evidence? they just admitted in court day plant evidence. the fbi agents planted explosives with the gretchen whitmer kidnappers and then charge them for possessing explosives. it is true. it came out in court. they planted the dossier who knows what they're going to say they found in trump's basement chris weber probably say they found the pee tape. they will say it is classified and leak it. the fbi says they went in there because they had a mole on the inside that said where trump was hiding stuff. well, what took you nine hours? [chuckles] and if this was supposed to be about nukes, why did they take golf balls? it is a fishing expedition. trump said declassified documents before he left anywhere. defense say they seized classified documents but how did they know that? just because some little lawyer
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did not put a c on the bottom of the page? you don't need a little seat on the bottom of the page. once the president says something is declassified, that is it. the rest is bookkeeping. we know what this is about. they are trying to knock him off the spot for 2024 and they are using anything they can't against the guy. something no other president would get hit with. this is the third election in a rope they are making. third. they may even charge the guy. so in the end, donald trump might get charged with a crime hillary committed. alina for is an attorney for president trump. when the president saw this massive amount of stuff that they took. i'm surprised he still has silverware the québec was his reaction. >> alina: nothing. it is a monday, alina in trump world. honestly, nothing. he was confused as to why they
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were there. he put another lock on it. we will be good. you know what? in my opinion, the show of "notable quotables" has not been going so well. so they throw this out there. to go to the judge that had recused himself in the hillary case that i would like to know why he recused himself but then he was able to sign this warrant. i want to know that. >> jesse: not even a real judge. the guard that was so biased against president trump he had to recuse himself from another trump case. but this guy will get woken up in the middle of any night and sign whatever piece of paper the feds put in there. i don't get it. did the president pack any boxes? >> alina: i don't -- [indistinct question] >> alina: he was with fedex boxes. that is what he did. no. it is absurd.
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he declassified documents. he was coordinating with nara and at the end of the day, don't forget, jessica we now know for a fact this is about documents, documents that he has allowed them access to. so explained to me why you tell someone to put an extra lock on, at least for almost two months, get a warrant said for that we can, have a cocktail and then show up again, guns a blazing without even informing the local police, mind you, which is normal court, just show up that he was not even there. we know he is not there. everyone in the world knows where he is at all times. it makes no sense. >> jesse: thanks so much for joining us this evening. president trump's lawyer who faced off with the doj in court today is also here to tell us how it went down. ♪ ♪ ♪ [dog barks]
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>> jesse: the warrant for trump's household raid was released today and the president weighed in. he said it was all declassified and they did not need to seize anything. they could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and broken into mar-a-lago. it was in cured storage with an additional lock put on as per their secured. the fbi raided trump's house for documents they already declassified? and it was empty? that does not sound right back the receipts say they were looking for clemency order. for roger stone. remember when he granted clemency to roger stone? wait a second, where could i also find that? okay that is right. that is on the internet.
4:18 pm
where on the internet? it is on the website of the department of justice. very important to have that hard copy. back in the white house. they also said there wasn't sensitive information on the president of france, mccrone. are they accusing trump of colluding with france now? what is this? is this the revolutionary war again? i mean, could not have been those numerous binders of photos they pulled out of mar-a-lago, right? if they go after presidential selfies? was it the leather bound box of documents the justice department was after? now i'm interested. or did they just need trump's handwritten notes back in the archives? these were the things that were seized. the fbi left mar-a-lago with 20 boxes worth of stuff. what is left? let's turn to james trust
4:19 pm
representing president trump. he is partner. james you have been on the phone -- show before, what is going on here? >> james: rate question. i think what we are seeing is separate set of rules for president trump and he has pretty thick skin but for the rest of us who have been in the criminal justice for many years, it is very disturbing. i don't take any joined from criticizing the department of justice or the attorney general. but think about even today, this release of documents by the attorney general pledging a desire to be fair and transparent, it is historic riggs it does not happen. you don't release inventories for people who have been the subjects of search warrants just to mollify the public or to get up to the public that, hey, maybe some of the documents still had classification markings on them and you trust on that at the beginning of your
4:20 pm
presentation president is the ultimate the classifier. if a document has a marking, tf, secret, whatever, it is entirely historic. it means it was at some point, it does not mean it is currently even remotely a violation of any law and the other point i want to make real quick is this idea that there was a breakdown in communication and that justifies a search warrant is whole crawfish and -- fiction. everything he did was to accommodate free exchange, give them boxes, let them see things, put blocks on and all of that was just lost a white like it never happen by a predominant raid that lasted nine hours. >> jesse: it is lake michigan when eighth planted explosives and then charge him with having explosives. is that what they did with the locks clicked they said, hey, mr. president, why don't your the lock on the storage unit and then they charge him with obstruction potentially for
4:21 pm
having a lock? did they boast that they told him to put on the storage unit. it is crazy. >> james: yeah, well, there's a lot that is crazy and a lot that is unanswered. i don't think that is the hook here for obstruction. but think about this for a minute. >> jesse: but hold on. what is the hook if he was cooperating with subpoenas. his lawyers were in touch back where is the obstruction? i don't get it. >> james: right. well, norten week at this point. this point. but the point about the lock is there is the department of justice getting a personal tour of mar-a-lago. feel free to look around. input reaction was not to freak out and go to a court or issue a subpoena or give a search warrant. their reaction was to come back five days later and say, do you mind putting a second lock on the basement facility that is already locked that is within -- that is guarded by secret service? the good news there from our perspective is you can't possibly argue that they were
4:22 pm
alarmed, that they thought there was an emergency, then the president was hiding something from them. the facts will come out over time that he was fully cooperative and this whole notion of an emergency is a joke. >> jesse: it is crazy. they probably had lunch by the pool before they told him to put the lock on. thanks so much. what made jeffrey toobin so excited that he had to retire from cnn? also, hillary also involved with the fda march -- espionage act. stephen miller is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software
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4:28 pm
espionage. >> fbi agents went to trump's home looking for possible violations of the espionage act. >> it may be the most consequential thing. >> espionage is a big and loaded word. >> a violation of the espionage act. >> the big ticket one is the espionage act. >> espionage. jeffrey toobin is so excited he announced his retirement today. sadly, we won't be able to hear him say that trump is going to prison. he will be all alone by himself. where he does his best work. it is true, the warrant which biden's team signed off on, they are going after trump for violating the espionage act specifically 18 u.s. code some 90 feet which is the same thing obama and biden used to go after
4:29 pm
james rosen. do you remember james rosen? obama/biden spied on him using the espionage act. did they charge him? no. they never do. like with crooked, they investigated her another espionage act. did they charge her? no. she hosted e-mails classified on private servers and bleached it, smashed phones with hammers. she skated. thanks to comi. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of that, our judgment is that no leasable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> jesse: no leasable prosecutor would bring such a case. except for garland's prosecutors. stephen miller, former senior adviser to president trump and founder of america first legal.
4:30 pm
all right, stephen, let's just say donald trump had a secret server for 4 years at mar-a-lago and it was discovered with classified information that he had you throw acid all over and just handed back to garland only the work-related e-mails that worked fine but he deleted everything personal. and everyone was okay with that. right? it is fine. >> stephen: don't forget smashing 13 phones to smithereens like the seen out of some cheap mafia film. henry literally selected for herself but these are the e-mail's i would like you to say. the rest i will destroy it and don't ask any questions about the millions and billions of dollars being paid to my husband for speaking fees that just magically coincide with my business as secretary of state or the fortunes pouring in from foreign governments. all, but it does all
4:31 pm
coincidences i'm sure. here is the core bottom line and all of this. we all know that hillary clinton is corrupt. we all know that she broke the law. we all know that she got away scott free because of our corrupt -- but here is the thing that is not being made enough. the donald j. trump is the classification authority. he is the decider of what is and what is not classified. so national archivists and fbi agents saying we know what is classified not donald trump would be like a heckler at a yankees game actually getting that make the calls when he disagrees with the umpire. donald trump is the umpire of what is classified. this is all pretextual forget trump. say the president has national security memo that he wants to share but he wants to declassify it and he walks out from the oval to the press briefing room and he just reads it to the cameras and to the press back at
4:32 pm
the moment, that is declassified. because he decided to declassify it. it does not -- it is not the classified two days later once employees pick some markings on it. at the moment he decides to declassify it, it is declassified. >> jesse: correct! the process the bureaucrats create are just that. it is amazing. this is such a refreshing break from the insanity we are seeing on either channels. is like a moment of wonderful amazing clarity and sanity. yes, donald j. trump is the classifying authority. so for some upset angry democrat deep state or at the national archives who is searching for what moment of meeting and left at this is my one great chance. i got bad news for you. your authority to overrule donald trump under classifications is zero. it is absolutely 0.0 to infinity. and yet we have all these people recklessly on cnn and msnbc
4:33 pm
acting like some help that national archives has finally figured something out. they have gone on donald trump. guess what. they are all wrong. they have always been wrong and it is of the most embarrassing one yet. >> jesse: i'm glad you had a moment of clarity on "jesse watters primetime." have a great weekend, stephen miller's. >> stephen: thanks. you, too. >> jesse: spitting mad over ukraine. they banded together and made sure lots of money went over there to stop putin's power grab. 's invasion. when biden's crooked attorney general invades the former president's house and abuses his power, i don't hear much. have you? you think republicans would be on every tv channel saying how outraged. no. a lot of them are on vacation. we have had some on this week but it has not been a lot. when are we going to hear anything from these guys?
4:34 pm
the founder of america majority and he joins me now. you talk about these guys are for limited government. in the air against the abuse of federal power. they are for personal privacy, private property, and to protect the authority of the commander-in-chief as the executive of the country? hello? has anybody heard anything from anybody on the republican party about this raid? >> the left banks on getting away from their abuse of power because as a feckless gop. i was stunned. i found it repulsive that republican senate leadership cannot be bothered to say anything about the fbi raid on a republican president. mitch mcconnell wanted to talk about flood relief. john boone was tweeting from a state fair. tim scott wanted to talk about
4:35 pm
letting the process play out. are you kidding me? a process in which the doj and fbi took a conspiracy latent dossier form elated by the democratic party that secured four pfizer warrants? you mean that process? and he went insane enough to say that is unfit for office in these times, jesse. i'm convinced that that demented weasel that merrick garland, is going to try to get donald trump indicted by a rigged dc jury before the midterms and we don't need to strongly worded letters. we don't need reckless oversight hearings. we need defund, dismantle and people need to go to jail. the reason they keep getting away with this is because nobody has consequences. nobody went to jail for the abuse of the russian collusion conspiracy spy gate staff. they will continue to do this until we actually forcefully confront them and say we're going to dismantle the fbi and people will go to jail for their abuse of power. we actually need real republican leadership and we have not seen
4:36 pm
any of it so far. >> jesse: that is probably why the feds were in his storage facility. they probably had spy gate documents. i can't imagine if they would turn the bedroom upside down, i mean, there would be a coup. as there should be. coming up, merrick garland is treating trump worse than the unabomber. wait until you hear this story. ♪ ♪ ♪ got my hair got my head ♪ introducing new one a day multi+. a complete multivitamin plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. i think i changed my mind about these glasses. yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you 100 days to change your mind. it's simple. anything else i can help you with?
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♪ ♪ >> much of our work is by necessity conducted out of the public eye. we do that to protect the constitutional rights of all americans and to protect the integrity of our investigations. >> jesse: merrick garland wants us to think the fbi is a bunch of angels that do everything by the book. the gretchen whitmer kidnap plot. revealing one of the fbi agents
4:42 pm
was sleeping with their target. i don't know if you are allowed to do that but i also thing you are not allowed to rip long hits -- bong hits on the job. i don't think so. jess whatcott they did. the fbi actually planted explosive materials in the defendant's truck and can arrested him for having explosives. come on. and the guy in charge of this michigan mess, got a promotion to dc. the men who planted evidence to entrap the guys in michigan is the same guy who engineered the raid on mar-a-lago. the fbi's track record is not very good especially when they planted the dossier and doctored evidence to get the moran's for the trump tower wiretapped. sorry.
4:43 pm
didn't the fbi also hatched a dirty stink against mike flynn? yes. and he is the one who slept tears texas on parents who were angry that their kids were getting taught crt. gardner has nothing. but i would not lift a finger to protect supreme court justices even after a lunatic showed up at brett kavanaugh's door. he just allowed him to keep going. he was armed with guns, knives, tactical gear, posting threats all across the internet. those just happened to the by the doj and fbi. garland was too focused on trump. we only caught him because he turned himself in the last minute. garland priorities have always been out of correct. remember the unabomber? >> reporter: it is an image that has haunted law enforcement to decades. they are wondering if it belongs to ted kaczynski.
4:44 pm
back home eight bombs -- homemade bombs. >> reporter: they found eighth are making factory including explosive chemicals, types of have a nice and 310 ring binders filled with much of cliffsnotes in english and spanish. >> we spoke to fbi guy who caught the uniform or. and he said he would have called him a lot sooner but merrick garland would not let him listen to this. >> merrick garland in charge of the prosecution doj of the unabomber. and i have to tell you something. he would not recommend to the a.g. that are search want to get into kaczynski's kevin would not be approved. >> signed off on a warrant to raid trump? is that what you're saying? >> that is exactly what i'm saying. >> jesse: merrick garland treated him better than he did
4:45 pm
trump. he respected the constitutional rights of the uniform or's judgment treated mar-a-lago like an al qaeda statehouse. jean hamilton is a former counselor. america first legal. what is wrong with the attorney general? >> nothing since consistency and assessment of a risk like refusing to pursue a search warrant for the unabomber juxtaposed against this pursuing a search warrant for the former president of the net state residence. it is absolutely impossible to understand but as you pointed out, he has a record. he has a parent of this type of behavior. we don't need to look any further when merrick garland issued this memo targeting parents. he thought it was required the use of all the department's resources to go after parents
4:46 pm
protesting at school board meetings and yeah, again, when presented with a situation with a lot of people protesting, a lot of people going to the streets about abortion, ticketing outside of supreme court justices' house, there was no memo. no credible assessment of risk in terms of what is actual a real threat and what is not. >> jesse: so he will probably get impeached when republicans gets the house. they will probably hold hearings and impeach the guide but there is no way joe biden did not know about this. if they are seeing that on trump had nuclear secrets so dangerous that they had to raid his house with 30 armed men, you are seeing the a.g. could not tell biden that donald trump had nuclear secrets in his golf club for 18 months? that were at risk of being sold to our enemies? come on. get out of here.
4:47 pm
of whole thing is a ruse. >> gene: wright, jesse. you know, i'm sure the president hacked up personally all those records in the boxes in the white house and personally loaded them on u-hauls and put them in a safe. >> jesse: he does not care. he is not carrying a bunch of boxes down to mar-a-lago. we have to run. thank you so much. >> gene: thank you, jesse. >> jesse: it has been three months since nancy pelosi's husband got popped for deal i. injured someone. he slipped them eight donation card. you figured nap that would treat this like a serious deal? no. that is why we are going to court to get the dashcam and body cam footage. a safe it is still an ongoing investigation. meanwhile, not too far away from napa, they seem to be doing things infinitely. former football star marchand
4:48 pm
lynch was arrested on tuesday in vegas for a dui and two days later they released the body cam footage. two days later. sucking. i know people fourth year it is. >> step out of the vehicle for us. [indistinct] hands behind their back. no more games today. she does it smell like alcohol. >> jesse: wasn't that easy? what is allie afraid of? drunk as marshawn? the reason [indistinct] is not present involved something i should not see on television. .
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: the beginning of the 2016 primaries was pretty fun. we got to see democrats tear each other's throats out. some candidates were just dulled some bad cards like liz warren who turns out was only at least 11,024th native american. if only she was just 1% more charity because she could have been present. another reason wall liz warren did not win the presidency, apparently it was because she was a woman. if your member in 2018, liz and bernie had a dinner and there was a lot of back-and-forth. liz sent bernie told her she could not become president because she was a woman while bernie says that never happened. it all came to a head and one of
4:55 pm
the debates on january 2020. >> i did not say that. anybody knows me knows that it is incomprehensible that i would think that a woman cannot be president of the united states. >> what did you think when senator sanders told you a woman cannot win the election. >> senator warren: i disagree. they have lost 10 elections. the only people on this stage, had won every single election that they have been in our that women amy and me. >> jesse: it is a pretty good line and that lead us to a classic moment that is going to go down in history. >> senator warren: i think you called me a liar on national tv. >> senator sanders: let's not do right now. you called me a liar. yeah, good. okay. >> jesse: just wanted to say hi. got a little behind the scenes.
4:56 pm
ready for this? cricket had to get in on the action and could not help herself telling nbc i believe her because i know the kind of things he says about women and to women. we trust you, hilary. there's more details about this story. this is a very touchy subject. nbc capitol hill correspondent ali vitali is releasing a new book that looked into it why there has not been a woman in the white house for at least some excerpts and political and warren told vitaliy what makes her so unelectable saying, "everyone comes up to me and says i would vote for you if you had a blank." i see. if only liz warren was a male and cherokee, she would be in the white house right now. but she never became president because she is just a white
4:57 pm
female or it is because you lie and are not very good. mellencamp up to you. i don't think said, i wish you had like parks i don't think that happen unless that person was hunter biden. [chuckles] all right. this is big. remember crossfire hurricane? when the fbi investigated the trump campaign before the 2016 election? well, donald trump took some documents about that probe. we think back to mar-a-lago, but he declassified them before keep left. we actually have proof that he issued a disk classification order -- a declassification order. putting this out. and there has been a lot of reporting, the justice department refused to declassified it. they because it would be very investigate those embarrassing.
4:58 pm
the justice department to hillary of course, and that is probably in my humble opinion what the feds were looking for, one of the many things they were looking for. when they went down and did the raid. declassified materials and former cia director michael hayden wants donald trump executed. that is right. probably every cia director wants trump executed he wants to execute a former president of the united states. he compared trump to rosenbergs back remember them? the espionage couple who stole nuclear secrets for the russians? like trump. ♪ ♪ remember i told you how i was off coffee and i went to tea and then i left tea and went to a double shot of espresso. things have to change.
4:59 pm
i don't know if you have noticed. a little fired up this week. noches because of this raid. i am drinking in the morning a large iced coffee with two to three shots of espresso and it. oh, man. i think it is good. i think it is a good thing. gary from largo, florida. did the fbi find jimmy hoppa at mar-a-lago? they can tell you because it is classified. kevin says, this proves the reality that trump continues to live rent free in the clerk of mind of all democrats. ron from cleveland, ohio, the rep up smear did nancy pelosi just say that on camera? she admitted how they roll. classic. thank you for telling us that, nancy. hey waters, what is going on with your show? i have yet to hear you talk about hunter biden warrants.
5:00 pm
i just talked about hunter. and hunter is relaxing. he took a swim in the atlantic. he is down to $20 million house that biden is not paying four. awfully strange. usually they have to do that. all right. i'm off next week. i will see you guys later. tucker is alton expected i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm tulsi gabbard and i'm here in for tucker. the one behind the raid on mar-a-lago has been released and we have rendered details on what exactly prompted that and what joe biden's justice department was looking for. here is what we know right now. the fbi removed nearly a dozen sets of documents that the doj claims a


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