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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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cave. >> and i say what she said in the break. she needed a little bit of hugging. the wrong animal got the crazy honey. that will do it for us. we will see you next weekend. john scott will start right now. thank you so much for watching. ♪♪ >> a congressional delegation rise in taiwan. less than two weeks after house speaker nancy pelosi defiant visit to the islands. i am john scott and missus fox report. the group includes massachusetts democratic senator and four house members. much more on the unannounced trip just ahead. sources tell fox news that some of the documents seized during the raid on former president trumps mar-a-lago estate are
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covered by attorney-client privilege. we have fox team coverage. jackie is traveling in south carolina. first, we go to alexandria half with more on the delegation's trip to taiwan. >> the group landed around 7:00 p.m. local time in their they are to various issues. security, trade and climate change. ed markey of massachusetts leading this delegation. joined by john, representative don from virginia and a delegate from america samoa. they accompanied photos with the tweet that read we think the like-minded u.s. lawmakers for the timely visit and unwavering support. we have not seen the same immediate reaction.
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despite the democracy being self governance. beijing claims it as their territory and objects to any official contact to foreign government. high-ranking leaders visit. missiles warships and planes into the season skies and taiwan. some crossing. china said drills wouldn't. citing concern over china's response earlier this month. pelosi did not have the official backing of the white house. they wish today surprise visit included more than one republican. >> i am part of the task force and i did not get a an invitation he had just like the speaker did not take any republicans. if they had not advised us, we would have been willing to go and talk with them about the
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leadership of their trip. >> departing tomorrow to continue on into their larger visit into the region. >> thank you. national security and military analysts joins us now. a fox news contributor. doctor grant, give us your impressions overall. what do you make of this trip to the island nation? >> i think that it is good. if they add republicans as well, they can send a delegation they are just about every week. he is a very experienced taiwan expert and it shows me that congress, more than the white house is really out and rent sending strong signal they need to leave taiwan alone. >> doesn't actually make him angry? >> well, it does both, i think.
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i believe that right now this is a very good part of our deterrent. it has to be backed up with other things that congress is also doing, namely increasing defensive arms sales, wider jets, missiles, all the things that taiwan needs to protect that sovereignty he has that big party congress coming up this fall where he will try to claim his third term. in my opinion, he will grumble and complain, but he cannot afford a full-blown military crisis over taiwan until he gets through that. >> he has to have been watching what is been happening to vladimir putin. putin is getting his butt kicked i little old ukraine. i wonder if he has to wonder if the same fate may await the forces if they were to attack taiwan. >> very interesting.
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a lot of china's military equipment is reversed engineered from russian weapons. china had zero combat experience. they have no -- and we need to keep it that way. they don't know anything about recent combat. what are they learning from ukraine? we saw them try to extend their air and missile lumber ella and i think for the moment with the recent exercises that xi jinping has what he wants. photos of china looking tough for him to take into that part of congress. we need to be very wary. >> there was a time when the united states air force and arraigns had fighter planes on taiwan. those days are long gone and the u.s. has sort of backed away from any absolute commitments to defend. >> the taiwan goes all the way back to the eisenhower years. we use to have 100 top line
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combat planes on taiwan my uncle was a marine pilot a long time ago. right now we have a policy of ambiguity. that is what ie about the congressional visits. they underline that we do have an interest in making sure that taiwan is not taken over by china. i would like to see more military exercises with u.s. forces and taiwanese forces. everything that we need to really deter china as we did in decades past and make sure that they do not try to invade taiwan or turn it into the next hong kong. >> when they announced that hong kong was going to be sort of absorbed into china into a two systems set up, it has not worked out that well at least for the people of hong kong and the people of taiwan have to be looking at that insane no way do we want to be absorbed by big brother beijing.
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>> right. china by the about that. a nation of 38 people. one of the biggest economies, top 20 economies in the world. they really stand on their own. it is really xi jinping in the communist party, left over from 1949 about having to take taiwan back. it is a ridiculous policy point, but we need to make sure as xi jinping and military look that it is really not so easy to do. we have a big role to play their and helping taiwan defend themselves and keeping peace in that area. >> as successful as they are economically and the fact that it is a democracy, it is still 38 million people up against the second largest economy in the world and probably the second most powerful armed force. >> it is a tough scenario because taiwan is so close to china. it is about 100 miles across the
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street. it is not as easy as it looks. that is why the deterrence pieces so very important. constant air and maritime surveillance. we have and i across those that fly across the street. a good eye on naval and fishing vessels as well. that surveillance really can help damp down the chances of china trying something. it will just be a long-term commitment that we need to make. that is why i'm glad to see it a big issue for congress this month and last month, to. >> we will continue to keep an eye on this. doctor rebecca grant, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> some tense moments in our nations capital earlier this morning. a man identified as richard a york the third of delaware drove
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into a barricade near the capital building setting his car on fire. as he got out and fired several shots in the air, he then shot and killed himself as officers approached. no one else was hurt in the frightening incident. his motive is unknown, but police say he was not targeting any members of congress. >> more fallout from the unprecedented fbi search of former president trumps florida home as we take a lift look at mar-a-lago. we learn exclusive new details. records covered by attorney-client privilege are among the documents that agencies on monday. lucas thomason is live in washington with more on that. >> good evening. calling for the justice department to release the affidavit to learn why the raid was authorized. >> congress is saying show us the goods. >> it is very important
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long-term for the justice department now that they have done this that they showed this was not just a fishing expedition. >> the administration is disputing a lot of what is being publicly reported. the affidavit will answer that question. >> calling for a damage assessment from top officials. >> it appears to be willful on the presidents part. the keeping of these documents after the government was requesting them back. >> he has serious ties with foreign governments. god forbid that any of this information was leveraged for any financial gain. not necessarily by president trump, but other members of his administration or his family. >> in the wake of the raid our colleague jackie says they have issued a new bulletin warning of an increase in violent threats posted on social media against federal officials and facilities including a threat so-called dirty bomb in front of fbi
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headquarters and issuing a general call for civil war. their length governor thinks a raid helps the former president. >> actually, a win for donald trump. it seems to motivate his face. feeling as if he was being picked upon and martyred. >> larry hogan no family the former president. >> joining us live in washington. lucas, thanks. >> president biden is staying silent on the mar-a-lago search. the president is on vacation in south carolina before he scheduled to sign the inflation reduction act later this week. the bill received strong pushback from republicans who argued it will make inflation worse and hurt the job market. jackie is live in south carolina. she has the latest. jackie. >> good evening.
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no reaction from president biden to the raid on former president trumps estate by the fbi or that new warning from the fbi department of homeland security about new threats in the wake of that raid. president biden said they only said a few words in passing to reporters talking about how he spent his vacation working the phones. he will sign inflation reduction act next week. [inaudible] >> with inflation remaining a tough concern for voters, white house officials have been trying to build up goodwill. the act will bring down the cost of living even though experts agree it will not directly impact inflation for one year or more. when pressed on how and when people will seep prices dropping, congressional democrats were evasive. the claim in the drop of gas prices being a result of the bill that the president has not
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yet even signed. >> we are already feeling the effects of certain extent because we have seen gas prices come down. >> as soon as it goes into that, i hope that all of the provisions will begin to work. >> what part of the bill do you think will work on that? >> next question. >> administration officials have been making the case that americans should soon feel the impact of this bill because negotiations will bring down the cost of prescription drugs and energy costs will come down because of climate investments. >> first of all, immediately, people will be able to lower the fuel costs in their home. there is a 30% tax credit that you can claim in 2022 for installing energy efficient windows, keep pumps, energy efficient appliances. that is right away and on top of
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that of course if citizens want to install solar panels on their roof so that they can generate their own power. that is another 30% tax credit. >> but, of course, spending money on things like solar panels in order to save money is not the same thing as bringing down the cost of things that people are paying for at the register which remain at 40 year highs. >> jackie live from south carolina. thank you. >> much more ahead for you on this sunday edition of the fox report. don't mess with texas. at as a message from governor greg abbott there. another busload of migrants arriving the big apple. team coverage on that in the ongoing crisis at the border next >> tech: when you have auto glass damage... choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go!
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it is august and there is still no sign of let about the crisis of the southern border. dozens of illegal migrants crossing the border into texas. new reports show many of those migrants are single men. fox team coverage in new york
3:19 pm
city as immigrants are bussed into the sanctuary city from a lone star state. kim paxton joins us. film allusion is at the texas border. bill. >> one at the visio days we have had here in eagle pass. we have personally witnessed well over 700 illegal crossings, several large groups. we will show them to you right now. take a look at this drone video. this was one single massive group of 300 migrants who crossed illegally all at the same exact time. almost all single adults predominantly single adult men. not really seeing any little kids or family units like we were last summer. many of them are very well dressed. some of them have smart phones. they are listening to air pots waiting for border patrol.
3:20 pm
some even walking out to a local highway. getting on the road before they were stopped by dps troopers. that is the first group that we saw. these are two separate groups that you will see totaling more than 200 migrants crossing illegally into the eagle pass area. predominantly single adults. most crossing here from venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. south america, asian countries as well as african countries. there have been approximately 400,000 illegal crossings. that is bigger than the population of new orleans. elsewhere along the border, take a look at this mug shot. arresting this exit can national pedro florez after he crossed illegally. he was previously convicted of first-degree manslaughter in new york city. former u.s. border patrol rodney
3:21 pm
scott says the situation down at the southern border continues to deteriorate and he blames the biden administration. take a listed. >> this administration tries to make it sound like it is a northern triangle or even a kt issue. this administration literally sent out a welcome notice. we are reaping the results. we will not even realize these threats for decades. >> keep in mind, eagle pass, where we are, a tiny little texas city. they are averaging well over 1000 illegal crossings here every single day. put that into perspective. the mayor of new york city saying they need help. they have gotten about 300 bussed to them in a one-week span. >> we will be talking more about those numbers.
3:22 pm
thank you. more migrants across the southern border into the u.s. more buses are gearing up to bring them to northern cities. texas governor greg abbott is promising more buses on their way. our team coverage continues in new york city. following through on the promise thirty-one migrants arriving here in new york city just before 7:00 a.m. this morning. like we have seen in recent days the commissioner of immigrant affairs was there to greet them. the same guy who has been here the past few days. the commissioner welcoming the migrants here in this video. he has blasting texas governor greg abbott. not a man of good character. he continues asserting that migrants are being held against their will. listen to this. >> this does not seemed like a
3:23 pm
voluntary situation. refused to get off the bus. asked to sign documents under duress. they don't know what these documents are. in general, people are confused. >> strongly denying that accusation. "these migrants willingly chose to go to new york city having signed a voluntary can that waiver available in multiple languages. eighty-nine migrants arrived in new york city on friday. 400 migrants have been bussed to new york city in the past nine days. you just saw how much texas has to deal with. governor abbott says he is doing this to force the bet hundred administration to acknowledge a crisis at our border. they are men constant contact with federal officials and hope more help is coming soon. the other city this is happening is washington, d.c. the governor confirmed -- bussed
3:24 pm
to that city. we know mayor bowser has renewed her request for national guard support to deal with the influx of migrants there. here in new york city the mayor's office confirms that they are in fact expecting another bus tomorrow. we will be covering that. >> we will be watching. thanks. >> go ahead, mayor. make my day. there could hardly be anything better. this is rank hypocrisy. by the new york governor, new york mayor. >> for more on the crisis at the border in the migrant buses heading north we bring in paxton. ironic that 6800 migrants have gone to washington, d.c. or a few more than that, less than 400 to new york city and those two rather large cities are complaining that they are being overburdened. >> i would explain it like a
3:25 pm
drop in the ocean compared to what we are dealing with. it still apparently affects him in a great way. we should give them a little compassion for taxes and other border states that have a much bigger problem every day. >> they call themselves sanctuary cities. don't they invite migrants to come in and set up shop? >> actually advertise a place where they want illegals to come suddenly it is a huge problem. they are complaining about it. they are blaming our governor. bringing these people here. it seems a little strange given the one that he is the one that invited tim here, not us. >> what about the charge from the commissioner in new york city. they are being held against their will thrown onto these
3:26 pm
buses and shipped off to places they don't want to go. >> these people, because they are invited. they have to sign a consent form. i don't believe he has any proof of that. the whole thing is a voluntary system. they come here, they are let in. what's the difference to new yorker the biden administration consents. >> let me read a quote from the mayor of new york city. pampers cost money. new york city has seen only a few hundred migrants. your state is dealing with, well, do you even know? >> somewhere between four and 5000 a day. there is 18,000 people. del rio did not have enough food and water to sustain their old population with that many people
3:27 pm
coming in. severe economic hardship from the border town. just barely experience a tiny fraction of what we are dealing with every single day. >> mayor adams wants to send a bunch of busloads of new yorkers down to texas to campaign against your governor greg abbott. it's not governor abbott's fault that this is happening. why not send them to washington, d.c. and campaign or lobby the president or the vice president. >> that is a great question. i think that this is politics. there is nothing we could do to stop it. he better be careful.
3:28 pm
>> meantime, the biden administration, now president biden was campaigning before 2020 or in 2020, suggesting the border wall that the trump administration was trying to construct was a xena phobic racist distraction. now they have decided at least in arizona they will complete part of that wall. would you welcome more that kind of thinking in texas? >> absolutely. this was from the border patrol. the very agency that was established. it was there border wall. it was their idea. we followed their example of how it was constructed. the president of the united states wants to stop illegal immigration, the border wall is a pretty good way to do that. >> according to the latest abc news poll, americans were asked which party does a better job of handling immigration aired republicans come out ahead of
3:29 pm
democrats. it still leaves a large number of undecided. and then when asked about the immigration into the united states, 38% say that it should be decreased 27% say it should be increased. we are a generous country. we taken more than any other country in the world. dealing with a flood of illegal immigration right now. 150 nations. >> legal immigration. i think most of us are pro- immigration. that really does make a difference. it is a dangerous road. the cartels are a business with federal government. making money off of transporting these people. this is not a good way. it is a very bad way. i have been arguing, they have been becoming border states. we need to have laws followed.
3:30 pm
the president should not be able to make up his own laws. he is annoying laws on the book and creating his own immigration law. >> the immigration seems destined to reverberate for decades to come in this country. general paxton, thank you. >> thank you. >> reckoning day is fast approaching. that january 6 select committee cochair is facing a tough primary battle this coming tuesday. key races in wyoming and alaska coming up.
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i am john scott and this is the fox report. bottom of the hour. one person was killed and 17 hurt and central pennsylvania yesterday.
3:35 pm
victims and families of a deadly house fire. the suspect got away but was later arrested after police say he attacked and killed his mother with a camera. >> a year after lance corporal killed during last year's botched u.s. withdraw from afghanistan, tragedy strikes the family again. his older brother reportedly committing suicide at a recent moria service for the fallen servicemember. his mother has been talking lately about missing his little brother. chicago teenagers raking a guinness world record. using almost 5000 blue and yellow boxes of kellogg's cereal the iconic brand banking hall in downtown chicago. so far they have raised about $15,000 that will go to the nonprofit for ukraine. the unopened boxes of cereal
3:36 pm
will be donated. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news at. you can scan the qr code. >> to incumbent lawmakers facing challenges within their own party as primary voters head to the pool tuesday into states. in wyoming congresswoman liz cheney is far behind her trump act challenger in the polls after voting to impeach former president trump and serving as vice chair of the january 6 committee. alaska senator faces a similar challenge. jonathan hunt in anchorage has more on that. rich edson covering the primary election in wyoming from casper. >> good evening, john. congresswoman liz cheney is very much in jeopardy as she is down significantly in the polls. the arguments for and against
3:37 pm
her set her around her vice cheering for january 6 committee former president trumpet his belief that he is a domestic right to the united states. leaning into that. she has trump's endorsement and accuses of abandoning trump in wyoming. supporters told us the same. >> more about what she wants on the east coast. she does not care about people out here. daddy lives out here. >> the former vice president dick cheney who called the former president donald trump a coward and is adverse -- against his daughter. >> this is about america. this is about the integrity of our nation. about the future of our country. >> former senator al franken tweeted i have decided to endorse liz cheney for the house
3:38 pm
seat in wyoming. its my first time in gop primary, but i think that the support will carry a lot of weight. absentee voting began here in wyoming about six weeks ago. primary day is tuesday. >> rich edson in casper wyoming. thank you. next. republican senator lisa murkowski is facing off against a trump backed challenger in tuesday's primary. live in anchorage alaska right now. >> seeing lisa murkowski defeated in her reelection bid has been high on former president trumps priority list ever since she voted for his impeachment. the latest chapter in their long-running feud will unfold here tuesday. >> we will get everybody riled and ready. >> she know she is in a fight
3:39 pm
after 20 years in the senate she is facing the strongest election threat yet. >> thank you. i appreciate your vote. >> kelly running significantly to the right of the more moderate murkowski is pushing hard. >> you can either vote for the senator that joe biden wants to be the next senator of alaska or we can vote for the senator that represents alaska values. >> i'm the representative that will represent all of alaska. individuals that will come to our state. >> kelly, please. kelly. >> be enthusiastic backing of former president trump. campaigning for her here just last month. making clear his view of senator murkowski that voted to impeach trump after the january 6 ryan.
3:40 pm
>> former president trump will say what he will say. >> would you prefer he remained a former president rather than the future president. >> i would. the problem that we have is that donald trump when he was in office failed to uphold the constitution of the united states. for me, it is pretty simple. >> john, there is a special election here to fill the house seat left vacant by don young earlier this year. among those hoping to fill that seat, another trump favorite former alaskan governor sarah palin. >> jonathan hunt live in anchorage alaska where the politics are getting interesting. thanks. american family on the victims of a terror attack on a bus in jerusalem. a pregnant american woman also
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>> a fox news alert and a family of four from brooklyn new york among five americans wounded this morning when an expected augustinian gunman opened fire at a bus near jerusalem's old city. at least eight people injured two of them seriously including a pregnant woman. >> hi, john. five u.s. nationals among those wounded in a gun attack on a bus in jerusalem. the attack happened in the early hours of sunday morning. the shooter targeted a bus transporting jewish worshipers. they were parked near mount zion
3:46 pm
just outside the old city walls. the suspect has been named as a 26-year-old palestinian from east jerusalem. this individual later turned himself in. the u.s. ambassador to israel confirmed americans were caught up in the shooting tweeting that he was "deeply saddened to learn that americans were injured in this attack. i have spoken with the families and will keep them in my prayers continuing to monitor the situation." two of those victims are said to be in serious condition. one is a pregnant woman. the attack comes just one week after violence following israeli airstrikes. there is now a cease fire in place. tensions remain high. >> thank you. some other headlines around the globe.
3:47 pm
in egypt, 41 people including 15 children have died after a fire in the church of cairo. an electrical short circuit may have caused the fire. an explosion at a fireworks storage area set off a fire that tore through a popular market. two people died and thousands of others hurt. in mexico, hundreds of troops are in the city of tijuana after a rise of gang violence in their. burning more than one dozen vehicles. in spain, an out-of-control wildfire has forced 1500 people to evacuate. it has already developed a 41-mile perimeter since it began yesterday. the vatican city pope francis calling for international help to respond to a deadly drought in somalia. the drop has displaced more than 1 million people. and in norway, officials have euthanized the walrus that rose to fame after she took a liking to sunbathing on boats.
3:48 pm
crowds kept getting too close to the walrus despite warnings to keep their distance. stories from around the globe. more fox report straightahead.
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secretary of state anthony abe lincoln out with the statement moments ago condemning the attack saying the iranian state institutions have cited violence for generations. this is despicable. now off of a ventilator enable to speak. an update from the agent that says he is on the road to recovery. stabbed multiple times on friday as he was about to give a speech in new york. his family says well his life-changing injuries are severe, his usual feisty and defiant sense of humor remains intact. pleading not guilty to attempted murder and assault charges yesterday. one year after the disastrous u.s. withdraw from afghanistan the taliban and has a firm control over that country. they are getting strong pushback from protesters. theories that the new rule is
3:53 pm
for women in education. >> the taliban and declared that tomorrow it will be recognized as a national holiday marking the day they took control of afghanistan. they remain fresh with american allies still trapped in the country. now the population must adjust to life. women here call for work and freedom. you can see dozens of demonstrators though they were quickly dispersed by the taliban and who fired shots in the air. women here must now be covered when the public and must not go out alone at night. most teenage girls are unable to study in secondary education. one at the organizer spoke to fox news. here is a response when asked tommy times she's been threatened by the taliban and. >> not one or two times, more
3:54 pm
than 10 times. i have the sounds and all the proof. last time when they called me they sent a picture of my son and said if you don't stop we will target your son. >> despite them patrolling the street it remains intent. multiple people and threats from organizations remain high. fear and anxiety from civilians. they don't know what comes next but they do know that their country has been set back decades. >> so sad. thank you. >> we are years past the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. that is a good thing. scientists are still making new discoveries. the prehistoric beast unearthed in argentina when we return.
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jon: everyone likes a good dinosaur story. i do. this one walked the earth eons ago, they dug up remains of the cretesure creature in argentina the last decade. it would have been 5 feet long. >> shooting stars are one of the center attractions in perseid meteor shower which is happening this month.
4:00 pm
the perseid showers best seen before dawn. that is how fox wants, this sunday august 14 of 2022, i am jon scott, we'll see you again next week. trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy welcome to "sunday night in america." if i could write my epitaph it would read, husband, father. and prosecutor. being a prosecutor was the highlight of my professional life, working beside people who shared a singular mission. justice. i could not tell you the politics of a single


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