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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and the judge issued this phoney unconstitutional warrant is unbelievable to me. unbelievable. the president was free to take whatever the hell he wanted to take declassified or not. that's the bottom line. that's your constitution. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." . steve: good evening welcome to "the next revolution" this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. these days as a new citizen i am especially proud of america when i am outside america as i was the last several weeks on a family vacation europe. that puts things into perspective and this certainly did for me napoleon's tomb in paris i took these pictures there on friday. not exactly a modest character
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and all around the sarcophagus was tribute to greatness including his own boast that he replace the entire legal system with his own law of code napoleon updating the legal system of the previous french monarch of lily 14 saying i am the law. how different from america i thought our founding fathers like jefferson, madison driving principles was the enlightenment, rejection of absolute monarchy and mobility and from that came one of the most founding principles equal justice under the law. nobody is above or below the law. each american citizen regardless of rank or status must live by the same set of rules. the basis for completely new period time of what i government could be. self government our founders spent weeks locked in a hot
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room in philadelphia arguing how to be implemented they even argued what to call the new state obviously not king or emperor but some suggested your excellency or your most highness any and that was rejected as too closely resembling the monarchy whatever the title of mr. president. that is one of my favorite examples how seriously they took the concept of equal justice under the law. is part of the philosophical bedrock of america. but in practice today do we have it? the attorney general seems to think so. >> upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. steve: of course he was talking this week to authorize
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a raid on mar-a-lago. mishandled official documents. mishandled documents? come on. >> what difference at this point doesn't make? steve: we see a lot of different that's why merrick garland and christopher wray all authorized this raid on the former president with agent swooping and even ransacking milania trump's bedroom because nobody is above the law if there is evidence of violation of statutes then that does justify a search warrant as it did in the case of a former first lady with the missing e-mails. we know there is not a crime in her case because the former fbi director said so. >> there is evidence potential violations of the statutes regarding classified information handling. steve: and merrick garland
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says upholding means it evenly without fear or favor we remember the predawn raid on the clinton compound but no armed federal agents in the clinton driveway or cracking into her safety see what she is hiding. no ransacking of clinton's bedroom. why so relaxed about classified information? in the clinton case was the james comey statement in full. >> although there is evidence of potential violations regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. steve: our judgment? interesting so if i disrupted outsider talks about applying the law evenly that with an insider and that is a matter of judgment? is that fear or favor?
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probably both. that's how it works with america's ruling class. the establishment a lot of favors going on. the deliberate distortion made is when you hear people say christopher wray is a republican but this is not about democrats versus republicans it is about the establishment versus those who challenge it. that's why when comey was caught leaking classified information as a potential crime nothing happened. so much for the grave importance of enforcing the law of the classified document. by the way so much for democrats ludicrous been to the trump waiver of the nuclear secrets they were so worried about it they waited 18 months. there's a higher principle at state as america and reminded us. >> it is the bedrock principle
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of the justice department and of our democracy. steve: exactly that's why when the cia chief lied to congress, nothing happened. a crime. former director of national intelligence clapper committed the same crime nothing happened. and former attorney general holder a crime nothing happened when the establishment committed the same crime, nothing happened but that's okay. not every crime is prosecuted the father of justice merrick garland is. >> all americans are entitled to the evenhanded application of the law. steve: exactly. so reassuring you are antiestablishment though but if they made the exact same crimes and then were ignored and you are immediately
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arrested in the most a humiliating and high profile way how dare do they talk about applying the law without fear or favor yet he would not recognize equal justice under the law. is a lot is applied evenly , why is there no investigation into this sitting president of biden who was vice president turned the white house into a sleazy influence peddling operation? we know for a fact he exploited the public office for personal gain it —- evidence is clear seven in his own voice. these are the crimes he could be charged with aiding and abetting, tax ride, money laundering, violations and corruption and racketeering of the rico law that will everything on —- anything ever happened? we saw this with the
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establishment before they was look after their own. but when the american people put in an outsider to challenge the establishment after 50 years of his corruption they just for the book at them. even if it is total fiction. comey and clinton and all the rest of them collaborating on the complete books on the russia trump solution and fbi fabricating evidence with the past lies with the steel dossier line to the fisa court betraying public trust and now the fbi director turns around to say criticism of the fbi is not good for the rule of law? know we don't need criticism of the fbi to undermine respect for the rule of law you have done that on your own. so with the outrageous behavior and now with a heavy-handed fiasco of the
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mar-a-lago raid how is it possible to end up with an fbi director worse than comey instead of lecturing us he should be apologizing for his own rule to destroy it before handing in his long-overdue resignation as for the attorney general, not content now he is hijacking the justice system to meddle in the 2024 election establishment and the media say how dare trump supporters get angry. they were chanting lock her up. but trump did not. he did not weaponize law enforcement. it was the establishment that did that to him. ever since january 6 hearings began always heard is lock him up. >> they have to move forward with indicting donald trump.
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i hope merrick garland does the right thing looks like the inner circle is closing in. >> charging the former president the justice department investigation them criminally responsible for his role. >> merrick garland is afraid that trump has concluded that garland is too weak to bring charges against a man who very clearly broke the law january 6. steve: and like the establishment poodle that he is garland one —- garland pandered they love calling william bar his personal lawyer that merrick garland is not just biden's personal lawyer but the democrats msnbc, cnn personal lawyer. merrick garland is the personal lawyer for the entire rage filled establishment
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after trump blood they have a pledge to same the soul of america instead they are ripping us apart. until they are gone with riding and his gang it will be impossible for americans to believe we have equal justice under the law because right now we have something very different a politicized justice system to protect the ruling establishment and punishes anyone who dares to challenge it. tell us what you think and share this message when we post it now bring in our post one —- first guest tonight , what did you make of that press conference earlier this week? >> when i wasn't laughing i was trying to pay attention but what struck me is that he unwittingly undermined his own
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argument for the intrusive search warrant and stood there in front of cameras and said it is a standard practice to use the least intrusive method that the doj complied fully giving them what they wanted if they wanted additional documents they just have to handle another subpoena but it is engraved with a battalion of fbi agents with a supporting staff of tactical support. i think this was a pretax they want to turn upside down spend ten hours there perhaps the conspiracy with the january 6
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rioters but he was pretending he was being transparent but it was just the opposite he only asked for the public release of the warrant with the inventory that doesn't say much of anything at all he left out and is still concealing the affidavit for the probable cause warrant which would tell us the story and the justification and the reason for the circumstances with a ten hour warrant search of the premises. steve: if you watch the other channels establishment voices it's very clear they are not just calling for a but hoping for the indictment of former president trump and we know him very well from the miller
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probe pay gave the game away that actually that garland would bring one big indictment including january 6. what you think will happen legally in terms of what president trump is facing? >> reporters are not very good with facts or evidence. they don't know a damn thing about the law and that goes for the chattering class as well. just look at the three statutes that are cited as alleged the relevant. they use terms like knowingly and willfully and intentionally violating the law. but if president trump truly believe some of the materials belong to him and he declassify the information to
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go through the documents, then they don't apply in any case being brought against him would be anemic. steve: what about just the january 6 aspect is that the endgame quick. >> i think it always has been. this is a charade a dispute with the national archives and people should understand the presidents don't pack up their belongings into boxes at the end of their term. during a very narrow time frame during the transition that's done by the general services administration. sewed trump is not standing there stuffing things in boxes including top-secret classified information and shipping them off to mar-a-lago. what you are talking about millions of documents that
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fill trucks and transport cargo planes then transported and invariably things are put in the wrong boxes and misplaced then the inevitable tug-of-war between the president and the national archives to get in the correct location. it is so easy it struck me as a pretense to try to find anything connecting trump to january 6. >> three to see was always. now with the political impact with the member of the house armed services committee, great to see you mike. a shocking week for everyone. what is your overall reaction?
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>> some of the speculation coming out with classified documents is a ridiculous and irresponsible. i served in a previous white house before serving in congress and the notion a president of the united states would have some type of nuclear warhead design just sitting around in a box, you saw speculation on the sunday shows today that could have been the names of russian sources or images of spy satellites. the president gets intelligence and analysis. this speculation is shaking up to be a russia hoax where you have an irresponsible media outlet with spending anonymously sourced information throwing it out there but what is so disturbing is it is repeated all over the world with foreign news media outlets and then the president that this
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administration is something that they will resist going after a predecessor with a politicized justice department and the future political opponent. look at the january 6 committee not allowing the party to put anybody up to cross-examine and if you don't go before political committee you are prosecuted? these are things that i think are terrible for the country or further dividing it or completely destroying any type of trust, belief or confidence in our government and our adversaries all over the world from china to russia or iran to say look at the flaws of the out of control democracy.
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that's we have to go for this regime. steve: and as i just mentioned my heart just thinking here we go again. these people say unite the country. it is just so divisive. you just feel the rage on all sides. that's what so pressing. >> and president trump to that approach and said we will not prosecute hillary clinton. despite the blatant destruction of thousands and thousands of documents. was presented to the archives and said let's move on to move forward but they are just incapable of doing it when it comes to them. >> very well put
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steve: welcome back. next week biden is threatening to sign the inflation reduction act that is being
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created as a win even though almost everything they say is a lie the most of it would hurt america even sullivan admits the name is a lie. >> the so-called inflation reduction act we are debating and i say so-called by the way because according to the cbo and other organizations are study this bill, it will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation. steve: you know you're in trouble if you are fact checked by bernie sanders. but then to raise part one —- prices the obama care part would raise cost and not lower them those who get the electric car subsidies but what we will get is another 87000 irs busybodies poking around in our life just to make sure everyone coughs up the massive tax increases in
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working americans besides promising not to anyone making over 400,000. lie after lie after lie what else do they expect from those who claim the afghanistan disaster one year ago tomorrow was an extraordinary success? we are live in los angeles so i can have larry elder in person former gubernatorial candidate. larry, it is an amazing but this is absolutely having no scrutiny it is a lie and yet they touted as a great success. >> as you pointed out when bernie sanders agree it is a sign of the apocalypse. big picture i am old enough to remember the recession that ronald reagan dealt with
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13.5 percent inflation, ten.8 percent unemployment, and 30 or just rates almost fixed 19 percent he cut taxes dramatically slow down the rate of domestic spending is still increased but they slowed it down now fast-forward to barack obama the so-called the great recession not nearly the same numbers raise taxes past obama care we got the worst economic recovery since 1949. reagan god is three.5 percent average this president is doing the same thing i don't know any economic philosophy you raise rates in a recession. i always learned back to back quarters meant a recession so what about zero inflation which is why biden did on monday but then on friday talk about the inflation reduction act? how do you reduce that from zero? [laughter] steve: what is amazing they
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constantly say they will tax billionaires and corporations that doesn't affect anyone else spent they pass them off with high prices for consumers or lower return of equity for shareholders or for the employees. somebody will pay for them and corporations don't pay taxes. democrats believed in the free lunch and republicans feel one —- they feel they are stopping them from eating it. biden has never even ran a hot dog stand and they are clueless. what is scary is you would think some would be criticizing this the way senator sinema and senator mentioned it at first larry summers said it would be inflationary but outside of that for politician says
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rethink this nobody but if anything they want to spend more. steve: as we mentioned we have the one year anniversary. they want to completely forget about it. >> what is interesting is that is the moment when the bidens credibility collapsed. that is who he really is and we have to keep reminding people of that. >> biden called the eat ukraine the tax but if they did not pull out of afghanistan we would not have the so-called putin tax that biden complains about it is all connected to joe biden. steve: that is brilliant you wrapped it together in a beautiful package. great to see you.
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steve: catching up on one i missed when i was away i came across the most outrageous article i have read in a long time by george soros in "the wall street journal" attempting to defend his years of pouring money into the campaign coffers of far left
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democrats running for district attorney also where he himself will never experience the destructive crime wave that are the inevitable results of the criminal policies pushed by the soros fact extremist. it's on —- astonishingly one is already kicked out in one week voted from san francisco and george on —- soros claims this agenda is based on common sense and evidence that is popular and effective. what didn't arrogant out of touch sell it what about the victims of his meddling in their families? and now from the safety of your billionaire compound george soros here is my message to you, from one hungarian to another.
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[speaking native language] steve: from california councilmember and for california attorney general former assistant attorney general good to see you both. i would ask you to translate the hungarian i said come here to say that the people in the families who have lost sons and daughters and mothers and fathers. you can see the consequences of these policies that soros is pushing. are they popular or effective quick. >> george soros is one of the wealthiest if not one of the wealthiest men in america and is surrounded by security guards with guns. the sad thing is really it is women's a look at the file
9:37 pm
into tax, look at kim who was the olympian who was nearly blinded that two or three other women had the same thing happened by the same perpetrator and nothing happened to him. so in california there are men who think they can physically or sexually assault women they are predators but in california it is a strange utopian world where we put the rights of these predator criminals above these rights. >> you can see across the state and it is amazing how even in the very heavily democratic areas people are sick and tired so many democrats i see and talk to in los angeles in the spaces out of control with the crime. what do you think of the soros
9:38 pm
fact agenda? >> we are seeing the backlash. as i go up and down the state speaking to voters, democrats and independents and republicans come i asked do you feel more safe and secure today then you have the post six or eight years? the answer is no i do not feel more safe in the past. who is responsible and who gets you out? who is responsible? we've had but in this case it's been 20 years and who will get us out? is not the same agenda and policies that has led to street crime, homelessness at an all-time high and now will kill more people than covid. steve: we talked on my podcast but across the country.
9:39 pm
if you are living in a place with this agenda inflicted on you from a local district attorney but the state attorney general has the power to override and to look at the prosecution the was poorly managed and start to push back. it shows you that these races they should pay attention to them. >> the state attorney general is the second most powerful person in the entire state government. anyone the 58 counties like los angeles or san francisco take over a case that believes the prosecutor is not doing their job. that is something absolutely i would be doing and if it is not successful the state attorney general is myself can come in to take over if he refuses to do his job.
9:40 pm
steve: it is unbelievable that soros can write this article that's based on common sense and evidence but all the evidences in the opposite direction. the common sense part is it is obvious that if you give incentives to criminals, they will be treated more leniently on —- leniently and get more crime. >> right. when you don't crackdown rape and assault and battery if you don't crackdown on crime then you signals okay to do that. i met so many women in the past few weeks who have come out to say she's coming home from the gym at 930 on a monday and was brutally attacked by a man. think of what the police have to respond to, murder, sunshine because
9:41 pm
the assault on the female is low but also has half the state of california. steve: now they are all over the country but also anyone fighting back. it is just completely destroying america's reputation abroad. i was just in europe and that's one of the first things what is going on with the crime? we have to p p people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back.
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steve: we barely have time to digest the news of the iranian plot to assassinate john
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bolton. when we got the news of the horrific terror attack on salman rushdie on friday. unbelievably biden was desperate she reviews to sign the iran deal did not mention iran and his remarks after the rusty attack. now we have breaking you stay on another trump official but over the last two weeks they've attempted assassinations on salman rushdie but also on an activist living in new york city and that we now cannot admit that but i can claim that publicly that my former secretary pompeo was the
9:48 pm
subject of the 1 million-dollar bounty. it's important to note that the iranian machine —- regime totally meets that they were rivals because trump are pompeo or any of those people cruise so it is very serious. not just former officials but people who may rifle. steve: i say this often but it is shocking but not surprising. we use this word as the iranian regime and it is clear that is literally what they are. but yet they still persist the biden administration. >> it is personal but we take
9:49 pm
that back to the deal because we know the president was in on the negotiations for the jp ceo a success you capitulate and try to get back around eng since that nobody has but talk about the death of american and former senior administration official. this year they should get up and back away from the table and say you cannot up with
9:50 pm
this immediate $90 billion of pensions released to the regime for actively trying to kill americans on our soil and for example. >> but the way you are in honoring this behavior i think it is dangerous and we are not getting these importantly
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your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit steve: all right. let's bring in this week's closer. look who it is. it's caitlyn jenner in real
9:56 pm
life. >>d in the same studio. you put yourself on the firing line for running for governor. i was struck by the vicious personal attacks on herschel walker running for senate in they dragged up an interview he gave in 2008. now he's hitting back with an article in the "wall street journal." this kind of thing is just going to put them off. >> it's a tough business. a couple months ago i was on the golf course. on the tee area was obama. i went over and said hi, and we talked a little bit about golf and california politics and he said yeah, i know.
9:57 pm
i said tough business, isn't? it and he said oh, boy it is. then i was down a couple weeks ago with trump and he said the same thing. it's a tough business. i don't know herschel walker personally. but i watched him from the beginning. a solid human being. good character, good person. and yeah, now honestly you would think of this as coming from the democrats. being a celebrity can be an advantage and it can also be a disadvantage. you don't have to spend all that money on name recognition. but her shell had to fight back a little bit because it came from this guy, bill kristol, with a republican accountability project. and it's a republican who is running these ads.
9:58 pm
steve: it's unbelievable. >> it's a close race. it's only 3 points difference. in georgiaia we have to rally te republicans. they have to stand behind herschel walker. obviously a very important seat. steve: when you look at him, and others, trump, outsiders, they go into politics. because you are so well known, there is all this stuff going back years, that people can drag off as they have done in this case with herschel walker which is really -- when i read this article and he was explain can the true context of the interview where they took a tiny clip from his wife, i was so offended by it, and this ways they can do. there should be some standards. >> you would think there would be some standards. but in politics i don't think there are any standards unfortunately. for me personally when i was
9:59 pm
running in the recall, it was kind of at a minimum. i don't any they now how to attack me. how do they go after me? so i had it kinds of easy. but it's a shame. ity just discouraged good, qualified people from getting into politics. we have mehmet oz. we had the ronald reagans of the world, obviouslyly trump, arnold arnold schwarzenegger. and the police goes on and on. but the problem most celebrities have is they have to change people's opinion of who you are. because they only know you as a character you played or athletics. you have to change their opinion of who you are. steve: and have them take you seriously as someone who can deal with those political issues. > with the political issues
10:00 pm
that are out there. but the bottom line is you have to have great character. and herschel walker has great character. if you vote for the other guy, you are voting for chuck schumer. steve: thank you for watching. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. . trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy welcome to "sunday night in america." if i could write my epitaph it would read, husband, father. and prosecutor. being a prosecutor was the highlight of my professional life, working beside people who shared a singular mission. justice. i could not tell you the politics of a single


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