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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 15, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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check out all the work there and support this group who are helping returning citizens get a better leap on life. >> dana: if you like my bracelet check out same skies nonprofit and women put these all together. so are in rwanda, some are near america. >> greg: my website is actually for profit. >> dana: that's it for us, everyone. turn it over to you because we could keep talking. "special report" suspect next. >> bret: great invention since greg is hooked on phonics. see you, guys. thanks, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. two incumbent republicans try to hang on congressional seats in the face of opposition from former president trump. what the taliban takeover has done to afghanistan as the terror group celebrates one year since the u.s. withdrawal. and we will talk about that and more with south carolina republican senator tim scott. ♪ but breaking tonight former president trump says terrible
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things are going to happen if the political climate does not change. the statement coming in his first interview since the raid on his florida compound last week. the former president telling fox news digital he will do whatever can he to help. also tonight the justice department wants to prevent the unsealing of the affidavit used to justify the search warrant request. it says the fact that this investigation, quote, implicates highly classified materials further underscores the need to protect the integrity of the investigation. and exacerbates the potential for harm. if information is disclosed to the public prematurely or improperly. there is also a reference in the doj filing to federal rule 6 e. that signifies a grand jury. experts look at this say it may be a part of a concern trying to protect the identity of a witness or witnesses who are assisting in this. and perhaps other investigations. all of this comes as congressional republicans are pressing hard for additional
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information about last week's raid. correspondent mark meredith has the latest tonight in washington. good evening, mark. >> bret, good evening to you. justice department asking a federal judge to keep the affidavit which likely contains some sensitive information tied to this investigation sealed at least for now. the government says it does not oppose some additional details tied to the search warrant being released this as former president trump is speaking out and offering mixed messages on where things stand. >> former president trump is once again accusing the justice department of abuse of power. in an interview today, with fox digital, trump says, quote. the country is in a very dangerous position. there is tremendous anger. he adds: whatever we can do to help, because the temperature has to be brought down in the country, if it isn't, terrible things are going to happen in the same interview trump also suggests fbi agents may have planted materials in his home while searching mar-a-lago a week ago today. late last week, a search warrant revealed trump is under federal
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investigation from obstruction of justice and possible violations of the espionage act. the fbi says during its search, it removed 11 sets of documents labeled classified or top secret. sources tell fox a trump lawyer told the government back in june all classified materials were already returned. >> we want an assessment of what was actually covered and what its risk was to national security. >> trump claims as president he declassified the materials found in his home but he is yet to offer proof. trump allies including house minority leader kevin mccarthy who he in an interview with fox news rich edson believes the search went too far. >> i think president trump is showing the right aspect to dial it down, to help solve that. i think the -- the department of justice has a really responsibility to actually do the same. >> on capitol hill, lawmakers from both parties are demanding to be brought in the loop. florida senator marco rubio writing, quote: the intelligence committee has asked the department of justice to share with us on a classified
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basis the specific intelligence documents seized from mar-a-lago. the justice department says it's received the request but yet to say if will grant it at fbi headquarters and beyond, there are also growing fears of violence against members of law enforcement. a security bulletin was issued over the weekend urging agents and officers to be vigilant as threats spike online. >> a white house spokesperson says president biden is not being briefed on the trump investigation. as the justice department is still acting independently, tonight though, trump is also claiming agencies, documents protected by attorney-client privilege and three of its passports those claims have not been verified by the justice department. >> bret: another investigation we are watching down in georgia having to deal with the 2020 election. they also involves two people close to the former president. >> you are right about this one. today lawyers for rudy giuliani say the former new york mayor and trump lawyer is under criminal investigation in georgia for his behavior following the 2020 election. giuliani has long claimed that fraud kept trump from winning
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the peach state in 2020. he is scheduled to appear before a grand jury in atlanta on wednesday. today a federal judge also ruled that senator lindsey graham must testify in this georgia probe. graham has been claiming that he was immune because he was a senator from having to participate nit the case. and graham, bret, is expected to appeal this ruling. >> bret: all right. we will follow it all. mark, thank you. president biden will sign his new spending bill tomorrow, following congressional passage last week. and while the message is called the inflation reduction act, bipartisan analysis now suggests there do just the opposite. at least to begin with. meantime, even as the administration touts the legislative success. some democrats are still publicly lukewarm to the idea of president biden running for re-election. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has details. >> president biden has something to celebrate and will break from his vacation to sign the inflation reduction act tomorrow. but experts agree the massive tax, climate, and healthcare bill won't directly impact
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inflation for a year or more. though officials are telling folks you can spend money to save money starting now. >> 30% tax credit that you can claim in 2022 for installing energy efficient windows. heat pumps, energy efficient appliances. >> if biden is feeling pretty good some congressional democrats aren't quite there. >> are you ready to get behind the incumbent re-election for president right now. >> yes. if the president is running for office. >> if. >> if he is running, i will support him. >> 20204 hopefulsly circling the wagons in north carolina. telling politico at least half a dozens are trying to make inroads should biden step aside. the rep not promising support again telling the outlet this race is like a horse race. i wouldn't bet on any race before i knew which races were in. three months out from the midterms, biden is warning a republican controlled congress
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would hurt senior citizens pointing to revised code scott's economic plan which his party never embraced. >> here is what is crazy, republicans on the hill, they want to put it on the chopping block. every five years come up for reconsideration whether it continues or not. >> republicans say voters won't be fooled by the inflation reduction act because prices remain at 40 year highs. >> the folks in pierre, south dakota are talking about why prices are so high. talking about what the cost of hamburger is why he would would want to have 87,000 new bureaucrats in the irs out chasing down and trying to audit them. the congressional budget office estimates not doing that will cost $20 billion in revenue.
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bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich traveling with the president in kiowa, south carolina. the dow gained 151, the s&p 500 finished 1781 today. >> bret: tonight we continue our look at afghanistan. one year after the u.s. military withdrawal. the subsequent taliban takeover has sent almost the entire population of that country into the risk of poverty. women's rights are now being ignored. and international isolation has slowed foreign aid to a trickle. correspondent trey yingst is in the capital stiff kabul tonight. >> taliban fighters parade through the streets of kabul one year after they took control of afghanistan. they have a message for president biden. >> i warn him to keep himself away from our country and do not interfere otherwise. we will remind him on what we did to them. >> the warning comes two weeks
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after the united states launched a drone strike against al-qaeda leader ayman caesary. taliban officials claim they didn't know he was in the afghan capital enacted remains this was a violation of law by the united states of america conducting unilateral action inside a sovereign state. >> observers worry afghanistan could once again become a base for global terrorism as the country's economy collapses. the united nations now estimates 97% of afghans are at risk of falling below the poverty line. at a malnutrition ward in kabul doctor examines young patients on the brink of death. >> many of these families can't simply afford to feed their children. >> yeah, this is a fact. all [inaudible] economy state and economy. they need good economy for family. >> like most women across
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afghanistan, the mothers in this hospital were reluctant to speak about conditions in their country. under taliban rule women's rights have been ruled back despite promises to the contrary. one activist organized a protest over the weekend to speak out about the issue. the demonstration was promptly broken up by the taliban who fired guns into the air. >> they forced us to take a stand and raise our voices because they are going against their promises. >> women who are speaking out here understand the next generation is suffering as well. young girls in afghanistan are still banned from attending secondary education. bret? >> bret: trey yingst, live in kabul, trey, thank you. let's bring in south carolina republican senator tim scott. he is the author of the new book "america, redemption story, choosing hope, creating unity. senator, thanks for being here. >> bret, thanks for having me. >> bret: you know, this is one
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year after that withdrawal. you look back at that and how much things have changed since then. your thoughts looking back and what do you think either a trump administration or a scott administration would have done differently? >> we have need to start with the needless deaths of 13 american soldiers. thousands of americans left behind and afghan allies not able to depend on the united states of america because of this administration. and then you go to what's happening to the afghan people. you have terrorists walking in the capitol. you have women who can no long goer to school, start businesses and frankly you have poverty exploding. asserting ourselves back in the region through intelligence and through resources is one of the things that we can continue to do in the region. but we have allies in the region that we can continue to work with to provide more resources, more support. but the truth is that this administration, the biden administration has failed miserably on the international stage, but specifically in afghanistan.
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>> bret: all right. i want to bring you to this search, raid, however you want to call it, depending on your ideology of mar-a-lago. take a listen. >> transparency what is going to lower the temperature. what were the mitigating sentence so that when they executed a search warrant that that was the least intrusive means that they had available to them? >> we're left with more questions than we have answers. and it seems that they are multiplying. and that's always a bad sign when it comes to doj action that is unprecedented. >> whether you are a republican, democrat, or independent, you know, anybody that has been championing this behavior by the fbi and what happened on monday needs to stop and think because it will come for you, too. >> bret: all right. we are now getting word that the doj does not want to release the affidavit that would tell the probable cause about how to get that search warrant. understanding what we know now and all that we don't know, are you concerned about the handling of classified material at the
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highest levels if, in fact, there is not a paper trail that the president declassified those specific documents? >> i am not. what i am mostly concerned about is the infrequent, inconsistent, application of the rule of law as reels to the president trump. i can't imagine how it feels to see a 232 year precedent go down the drain over, what? a dispute over what should or should not be included in our national archives. to me, until we see specificity within the affidavit, we will not have the kind of clarity that the american people need to come to their own conclusion. and, without that this unprecedented, alarming raid remains at a high level of urgency to bring about real solutions that today are illusive because merrick garland refuses to cooperate and releasing all the information necessary to understand what happened. >> but, if you heard -- what
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would take you to the point where there was something that the former president did wrong in the handling of those documents? >> it's hard for me to answer a hypothetical question because so far what we have understood is that president trump says he declassified the information that was there. the doj says that there some stluf that was incredible intelligence and classified information. in my opinion, the fastest way for us to understand this situation is to look back at february, when they were negotiating. june when it was going fine, and ask ourselves the question, in the last seven or eight weeks, what completely imploded that led 30 plus fbi agents to raid the president's residence. >> bret: just everything we look at these days is it through the eyes of politics, unfortunately. >> unfortunately. >> the fbi raid forced republicans and democrats to change their strategies. battle lines we drawn in the space of a week. republicans need to show their steadfast support for trump to motivate their supporters to go
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to the polls in november. if they're seen as apologists for thinks actions they risk alienating voters in the swing districts and the states that decide whether they take back both the house and the senate. do you buy that political analysis? >> i don't. i don't at all. here's what i do understand and do appreciate. we need a department of justice that applies equally the laws of this country. number one, number two, midterms and elections will take care of themselves. i think we, as republicans, stand in a strong position to take the majority in the house. and i think it's very likely that we will see more progress in the senate. we have got some races that we have to win in the senate races. i think we are in clearly strong position on the house races. >> bret: all right. last thing, senator. this is really amazing. these internal "new york times" conversations about an opinion audit toler you were going to author. this is bari weiss honestly with bari weiss. >> and the more junior colleague said i think tim scottares about minority rights. and then, and here's the pretty
3:16 pm
shocking part. the more senior colleague said: let's check with senator schumer before we run it. >> wow. >> and the colleague, the younger one refused because he said, because that colleague said it wasn't an ethical thing to do. >> bret: "the national review" writes it this way source backs bari weiss' account that "new york times" wanted to run tim scott op-ed by schumer. scott's op-ed which focused on the police reform package was initially solicited by the times as opposed to having been pitched to the newspaper, a detail that was not clear from the original account. still both saying that they were going to run it by chuck schumer whether they should run it or not. this is your first chance to chacket othat you will of that. what do you think? >> i'm totally frustrated and irritated. i cannot think of something that lacks integrity that continues the conversation around suppressing the freedom of speech and frankly speaks so negatively to minorities who want to have a voice for
3:17 pm
ourselves. if you don't fall in line with the democrat or the progressive message you will be canceled. what message does that send to young african-americans who are hispanics, who are thinking for themselves. coming to the conclusion that the conservative party is the party of choice. you can't even speak your mind without the fear of being canceled by the "new york times." that is just outrageous. >> bret: last thing, senator, are you going to make a decision whether you are going to run for president in 2024 and when would that be? >> well, i made the decision to run for re-election in 2022. and, bret, i will say, as a former football player, i enjoy this friday night's game. the most important game of all is making sure that the constituents, my bosses in south carolina, understand and appreciate my strong desire to continue to represent them in the united states senate. everything else it's fun for folks to talk about it for them but for me it's more exciting
3:18 pm
and more fun for me to talk about the good work we are going to do in the united states senate. >> bret: we will be on the sidelines covering the game no matter what happens. senator, thank you very much. >> send me, in coach. send me in. >> bret: up next, how upset are los angeles residents about crime? not enough, apparently, to get rid of their district attorney. we will explain. then later a major fight in alaska involving a veteran republican senator trying to hang on to her job in the fails of opposition from former president trump. we'll take you there live.
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♪ >> bret: breaking tonight overoutcry on soft on crime policies and violence plagued los angeles the district attorney there has survived a recall effort. correspondent christine coleman in los angeles tonight with the breaking news. good evening, chris scene that. >> good evening, bret. the second effort to oust l.a. county's progressive d.a. has failed. there just weren't enough signatures to trigger a recall election according to l.a. county. recall organizers needed to gather nearly 567,000 valid signatures by mid july. well, according to the l.a. county registrar's office, only about 5 # 0,000 valid signatures were collected. in total the recall campaign submitted more than 715,000
3:24 pm
signatures. but a number of them were disqualified due to voter signatures not matching with the ones on file with the county. now, i reached out to the recall gascon campaign today. they are currently reviewing all of this. just days ago. they tweeted, quote: the registrar's 22% rejection rate of 717,000 petition signatures randomly sampled last month is a major red flag that l.a. county is not complying with the current law governing signature verification. and richie greenberg who founded the effort to recall san francisco's progressive d.a. chesa boudin tweeted just moments ago in part this is for sure going to be a legal fight as methodology for validation was inconsistent. as for possible next steps, there is a 21-day window for the recall campaign to rehave you the submitted names with county officials and that data could help them gather information for possible litigation to though a judge that incorrect
3:25 pm
determination was made. and, of course, all of this is somber news for those badly wanted to see gascon kicked out of office controversial justice reforms. one of the liberal d.a.s most sweeping policy changes included plans to eventually scrap the county's parole unit which notifies victims and their families which their assailant will have their next oral hearing. the prosecutor's union voted overwhelmingly in support of recalling gascon literally kicking their boss out of office. a director within the union tells me that they are down about 10% to 20% in prosecutors due in part to mounting frustration over gascon's controversial directives which many of them believe are more focused on defendants in some of these criminal cases rather than the victims. bret? >> bret: all right. survives the recall effort. kristina, thank you. an iranian official is denying involvement in the stabbing of author simon rushdie, he sought to justify the attack in the islamic republic first comment
3:26 pm
on the blood shed. those remarks come after rushdie was seriously wounded in new york state. the writer's agent says rushdie is on the road to recovery now after being removed from a ventilator at the hospital. china is announcing new military drills around taiwan tonight. this comes after another u.s. congressional delegation meets with taiwanese officials just days after high profile trip led by house speaker nancy pelosi. that visit led to nearly two weeks of threatening military exercises. by china. up next, previews of some of the big primary elections in alaska and wyoming tomorrow. we will take you there and tell you what is at stake. first, beyond our borders tonight. violence breaks thought kenya during the tallying stages of the presidential election there several election officials clashed with security after rejecting the result. deputy president william rutu was declared the winner of the close race. british drug regulators become the first in the world to authorize updated version of
3:27 pm
moderna's coronavirus vaccine. that booster is prosecute expected to protect against the original virus and the omicron variant. u.s. officials told vaccine maker in june any booster shots would have to include protection against new variants. and u.s. military officials show support for nato members on armed forces day. a ceremony held at the tomb of the unknown soldier in downtown warsaw in poland, the holiday commemorates poland in 1920 over soviet russia. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. most? ♪ you find out who your friends are ♪ somebody is going to drop everything ♪ run out and drink with best western rewards you get rewarded
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♪ >> bret: doesn't the music just get you fired up? in tonight's midterm watch, two major primaries on the agenda for tomorrow. first, wyoming and liz cheney's battle to hang on to her
3:33 pm
congressional seat. cheney voted for impeachment of then president trump. she is also vice chair, of course of the house capitol riot committee. former president trump is energizing the effort to have her replaced. rich edson is in wyoming tonight. >> many republicans are trying to quick congresswoman liz cheney out of office over her criticism of former president trump and work on the january 6th committee. >> lot of fans in cheyenne. >> though other wyoming voters say her committee work is an asset. >> i find it honorable. like she stood up for what she believes. >> a university of wyoming poll shows trump backed harry hageman up nearly 30 points over cheny. faces opposition from own party leadership. kevin mccarthy is campaigning in wyoming against cheney and spoke with us exclusively. >> do you think she is going to win? >> no. i don't think she going to win. i think it's going to be a referendum on the january 6th committee and the democrats not
3:34 pm
focusing on the real issues that america cares most about and the issues here in wyoming. >> texas republican congressman pat fallon is also out west. he says because the former president asked g.o.p. lawmakers to campaign for hagueman. >> he had suggested to the #, 9 members of congress that were at the table could somebody go out and help harriet? i said, mr. president, right here. i will go. >> fallon more than 100 house republicans to throw their support behind hagueman. george w. bush and senator mitt romney have backed cheney. tom and dean phillips cut an ad for cheney. mccarthy says wyoming will be part of a g.o.p. sweep of the house in november. >> will you be speaker in january. >> i believe so. we will win the majority and i will be speaker, yeah. >> mccarthy says the house g.o.p. conference welcomes those who embrace a limited federal government and he says that cheney is just too focused on one person. the former president, donald trump. and not enough on her district. cheney responded that mccarthy's, quote word salad
3:35 pm
is just difficult to understand. we now head to jonathan hunt in alaska who is covering senator lisa a murkowski and her trump-backed opponent. >> be with the winning team. winning for the right reasons for alaska. >> senator lisa murkowski knows she has a fight on her hands. kelly she baca running significantly to the right of the more moderate murkowski is pushing hard with the enthusiastic backing of former president trump. >> kelly, please come up. >> ever since senator murkowski voted for his impeachment, trump has made it part of his personal political mission to see the senator from alaska defeated. >> lisa murkowski, she is the worst. >> former president trump is going to say what he will say. >> would you prefer he remained a former president rather than a future president? >> i would. >> why? >> the problem that we have is
3:36 pm
that donald trump, when he was in office, failed to uphold the constitution of the united states. for me, it's pretty simple. >> for her part, kelli she baca believes the recent fbi search of president trump's mar-a-lago home fired up the conservative base whose votes she needs. >> politicization of law enforcement by the biden administration against people who they don't agree with. that would mean a lot of alaskans and so who is going to protect us and keep us safe? that's a lot of what i'm hearing on the ground. >> senator murkowski has certainly helped depending off the challenge from her right by alaska's new primary rules which send the top four and in november's election. alaska voters will rank their choices. a new system, which depending on your point of view, was either designed to reward coalition building or to protect moderates like senator murkowski.
3:37 pm
bret? >> bret: jonathan hunt live in anchorage. jonathan, thank you. next up, texas denies claims that migrants are boarding new york-bound buses against their will. >> people arrived extremely hungry, thirsty, and many fell ill or sick. >> [inaudible] i think they can handle a few hundred.
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1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217. >> bret: u.s. customs and border patrol has just released its figures for the southern border encounters in july. and they are stunning. official number just under 200,000 in july. there were 10 hits on the fbi's terrorist screening database bringing the fiscal year total of those hits to 66. that's more than double the last five years combined. fentanyl seizures were up more than 200 percent in july over june. added all together, experts say all of these numbers were extremely disturbing. also tonight, new york's immigrant affairs commissioner says many migrants being bussed to a city from the southern border are being sent against their will. texas officials say that's just not true.
3:43 pm
correspondent nate foy is in new york tonight. >> another bus from texas arrives in new york city. this one with 52 migrants on board. but at least one new york city official believes some migrants wanted to go to a different city. >> it's political tactic of his, you know, unfortunately, it involves human beings, which makes this very morally corrupts. >> fox news has exclusive video inside these buses. as the texas official in charge elm if a tis emphatically denies enforcing migrants on them not true. released to the authorities here voluntarily get on these buses bound for new york and for washington, d.c. >> chief says every bus is inspected by the texas department of public safety. and is packed with four days worth of food and water for 50 people. >> every time the buses come back, we see left over food and water on these buss. >> new york city mayor eric
3:44 pm
adams believe some migrants are agreeing to board these buses under duress. >> i think that any of us after 45 hours traveling, being the texas governor being disingenuous about what was the destination, what was happening. >> now today in new york city, congressman lee zeldin who is running for governor said more is needed from the biden administration. fedex lieutenant governor dan patrick has a warning for big democrat run cities. >> look out your window you might see a bus coming to you one day on the future. the buss are going to keep coming. >> texas officials confirm multiple buses right now are coming to new york city but for the safety of the migrants on board, they would not tell us when those buses will arrive. bret? >> bret: nate foy in new york. thanks. up next, the panel with the latest on the fbi raid of former president trump's florida compound. primaries in alaska and wyoming. plus, one year after the u.s. military withdrawal from afghanistan. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.
3:45 pm
fox 32 in chicago, police are searching for suspects who shot three people at six flags great america. officials say the shooters were in a white sedan, opened fire in the parking lot before driving off. officials say the incident appeared to be targeted and this is a live look at salt lake city from fox 13. one of the big stories there tonight, a team from southern utah is the first ever in the state to qualify for the little league world series. the group won the mountain region with victories in all three games. they now head to pennsylvania for the big tournament. that will be fun to watch. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. >> i think the congressional committees will have insight into how damaging this situation is. >> i would encourage all my colleagues on the left and the right to reserve judgment and not get ahead of yourself because we don't know what that document contains. >> we have an fbi and a department of justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the democratic party. >> it seemed to motivate his base and people rushing to his defense and feeling as if he was being picked upon and martyred. >> well, the justice department saying that they are not comfortable now releasing the affidavit to back up the search warrant so at least at this time
3:51 pm
axios rubio and warner sent bipartisan request for info. bipartisan effort oversight of the fbi search on mar-a-lago and shows that members across the aisle are interested even after the unsealing of the warrant in more transparency from the doj over the rationale for that search. the "wall street journal" says the secrets of mar-a-lago, if the documents were serious, nuclear secrets, you would think the justice department would have demanded their return as soon as that was known. and if such documents are floating around mar-a-lago, why tell the world via leak in the "the washington post." with that, let's bring in our panel, juan williams, fox news analyst. morgan ortagus, former state department spokesperson and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, you made an appearance in the taped segment before the panel and on the panel. so, your thoughts about all of this? >> i need more fact. that's the curse of being a
3:52 pm
lawyer, bret. you want more facts. with the predicate, the probable cause for the search last week, i would like to see the affidavit. that's one source of the anger. other source of the anger though quite frankly, bret. six years of belief on behalf of many republicans that the blindfold has slipped and that lady justice is actually paying attention to who is in front of her that's not going to be fixed with releasing the affidavit. >> bret: trey, real quick, in the justification of that, there is the 6 e ruling which indicates a grand jury. perhaps there is a witness or witnesses that they are trying to protect and the doj filing says they don't want to go down some road because of the sensitivity of the classified material. do you buy any of that? >> absolutely. which is why they all have these big old black pens where you can redact informant information, grand jury information, and ongoing other investigative information. look, we get redacted stuff all the time, bret.
3:53 pm
so tell us what you can tell us. >> bret: right. juan? >> i certainly understand senators warren and aruba wanting to lower the political tension around this whiteth right now. what we saw over the weekend was the fbi issuing this memo about an increase in perspective violence. threats against fbi officials, judges and the like. so i understand the politics of it. but, you know, you think about the justice department is doing this by the numbers. by the books, and as you just said and as trey confirmed, it's a grand jury proceeding and grand jury proceeding is done in private. it's secret. it's not supposed to be public. that would be wrong. it's curious to me that you have people calling for the release of the affidavit and the grand jury stuff because if no one is indicted supposed to protect innocent people. if president trump is innocent, this would damage his reputation and that's not good. the final point is, it's just laugh to be me that people are saying the fbi is a bunch of
3:54 pm
radical left wingers? that's nuts. i mean, you know, fbi director wray is a trump appointee. >> bret: all right. morgan, respond to that you, if you would. i i guess it goes along the lines of skepticism after the years of investigations that go back into russia and other things. >> i think there is no doubt that there is a company culture problem at the fbi. i say this having great respect for many of them that i have worked with around the world, especially during the war on terrorism when i was based in the middle east, worked with many fbi agents and officers; however, you have got to look at the facts of the case. listen, if you are hillary clinton and this is 2016, she and her campaign would say that jim comey and the fbi threw the election for her by all of their announcements so close to election day. we also know we have chuck grassley saying that there is fbi agents in the dozens who want to whistleblower over the investigation or lack thereof into hunter biden.
3:55 pm
that you have fbi agents that were conspiring against trump on their cell phones. so, there is enough there that i think that if we want to restore faith and trust in the fbi, which i absolutely do, if you want to do that, someone has to admit that there is a company culture problem. and it's not the american people's fault for being skeletal. skeptical. >> bret: wants to tone down the temperature and willing to do whatever it can take. at the same time, pushing back against all elements of the search and the raid. meantime, one year after afghanistan, the u.s. withdrawal from there, take a listen. >> >> does the president regret the decision that he made to pull the united states out of that country? >> absolutely not. the way we have been able to rally the west, rally the world against putin's aggression, you know, that's in part because we freed up our intelligence
3:56 pm
resources and our capacity to do that. >> we still have 1,000 american citizens left behind in afghanistan a year later and 100,000 afghan partners left behind that we promised we would protect house foreign affairs committee public report on afghanistan following the at that point ban take over. 3,000 high ranking officers to foot soldiers equipment and vehicles crossed into iran. recruitment of former afghan military and intelligence personnel pose as major national security risk due to the fact that afghan personnel know the u.s. military and intelligence community tactics, techniques and procedures. morgan, there is a lot of levels to this. your thoughts one year later about where we are now: well, bret, i think it's an anniversary of shame it's a shameful act that we saw happening a year ago. one of the worst foreign crisis
3:57 pm
policies we saw happen in american history. what continues to be shameful there has been no resignation, no firings, still no one has been held accountable for the 13 dead americans. no one is held accountable for the fact that isis corzine at this moment has a footprint in every province in afghanistan. we learned two weeks ago that al-qaeda senior leadership was living in safe haven just a mere few blocks from the vacant u.s. embassy. we know in march that the pentagon said that it was possible within a year that terrorists would be able to plot attacks against the united states from the soil in afghanistan. we know that girls don't go to school. we know that 97% of the country is on the poverty line. it is an epic disaster that happened in afghanistan. it's on this president's watch. and he will live with that shame hung around his neck throughout history. >> bret: you know, has been painful, juan, congressman mike waltz tweeted out this weekend the older brother of one of the 13 killed in action in kabul at the end there recently killed
3:58 pm
himself at his little brother's memorial. it's just -- there is so many levels of sadness when it comes to how afghanistan came to an end of u.s. military activity there. >> i think it's a very sad situation. i want to pick up on what morgan said about the poverty and the young women unable to get an education. on a political side, i would say, look, this was a policy, you know, getting out that president trump signed on to. i think it was badly executed by president biden. it's, you know, long ago this was the forgotten war before that it was the forever war. and the idea that if we left americans there, i think there is the possibility that we would be losing american troops on the ground and people would be upset that we were still in this forever war. so, we are out of there. and i think you have to say that's probably in keeping with the majority of americans' public sentiment on. that was just wish it had gone more effectively without the loss of life. the tragic loss of american
3:59 pm
lives, you know from, my perspective. >> bret: trey? >> heart breaking is the word, bret. all of the life and the limb and the treasure that this country invested in afghanistan is no better off. it is a safe haven for terrorists and a prison for women and girls. i hate it for the people who sacrificed over the past two decades. >> bret: panel, as always, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally teachers' association a special report salute. arizona firefighters coming to the aid of a driver after heavy rain there drenches the scottsdale area. i mean, it was a downpour and there were tons of floods in that area. images on twitter show the first responders working to reach the silver car right there surrounded by fast-moving flood water and they got out okay. nobody was hurt. well done to everybody involved. tomorrow on "special report," coverage of the major primary
4:00 pm
contest in wyoming and alaska. we have you covered every time there is a primary. and we will have the results on fox news channel. we are getting closer to the 34eu8d terms. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" right now with guest host sean duffy starts here. hey, sean. >> sean: hey, bret, thank you. appreciate it welcome to "jesse watters primetime," i am sean duffy. all right. let's is that right with a fox news alert. president trump says the fbi seized his passports during their raid on mar-a-lago saying, quote: they stole my three passports along with everything else. this is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our country. do they think former president trump is a flight risk? where is he going to flee to? his plane has his name written on the side in giant gold letters. sources are also telling fox news that the fbi seized records that are