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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: president biden is getting ready to pass democrats tax and spending spree as most americans are worried about being able to pay for housing next year. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: a horrible stat. good to see you. i'm todd piro. biden advisors think spending more is a political winner and planning to campaign on it.
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a memo from the white house says cabinet members will go on 35 trips touting inflation reduction act and the administration accomplishments in the next few weeks. the event at the white house on september 6. plans do not seem to be based in reality. >> after months of democratic negotiation, joe biden will sign what he calls landmark climate at the white house today and the president will travel across the country to articulate how they claim the inflation reduction act will help americans, despite analysis that estimates those earning less than $400,000 a year will pay an estimated $20
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billion in taxes as result of $740 billion package which sets aside $80 billion to hire 87,000 irs agents. a former fbi whistleblower says the idea they are going to go after large corporations is bs, they will give themselves bonuses and promotions. while democrats won't say when the spending bill will cut inflation, republicans on capitol hill blame the president for making things worse. >> president biden has stepped on every rake in the yard. i don't mean to be unfair, it is
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cringe worthy, he's mismanaged congress, covid, crime, mismanaged the border, mismanaged afghanistan, mismanaged economy and the inflation and forfeited america's energy independence. >> kevin: a lot of mismanagement. -- says his party has a likeability problem and democrats need to talk like normal people instead of msnbc hosts. interesting observation. >> todd: can i havin explained in his piece and what maloney is saying there, democrats have a major problem, what this is, it is not inflation reduction act, we are going to raise your taxes
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act. democrats need to put lipstick on this pig, republicans need to remind the nation this does nothing to lower the price you are paying for goods, nothing to improve taxes and it increases your chance of audit. great message for the midterm. >> carley: it is easy for republicans to talk about reality of this bill and this report kevin -- what is happening the president is experiencing reprieve from the bad news better than expected jobs number, passing the chips acts, leader of al qaeda gone. i would be talking about that, he will campaign off the
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inflation reduction act. one months, two months down the road, when inflation is not fixed, republicans have a message there, you pass this bill and are not delivering. >> todd: does biden want to head out, biden and harris are going, has that worked out well for him? >> carley: not a great messenger. >> todd: his bump this last couple weeks, he was inside with covid. one final points, you come back from vacation and you need a vacation from the vacation? normal people can't do that, joe biden can. biking on the beach, congratulations, joe. >> carley: he will stop in ohio for a ground breaking of a new plant following passage of the
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chips act. what is happening? ken ryan is -- going to ohio to tout his accomplishment and one main candidate is like, thanks, but no thanks. >> todd: american allies still stranded. >> carley: we'll talk to an afghan citizen who helped the united states is says the administration has gone dark on him, you don't want to miss this. it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at ♪ feel the rush of performance at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
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♪come fill me again >> carley: one year after biden withdrawal from afghanistan, american allies are still struggling to find safety. our next guest served the u.s. for six years and says the administration has gone dark on him. we are keeping his identity private over safety concerns. aq, you worked to provide logistics for the army in southern afghanistan and applied for a special visa. you were approved for that, what are the next steps to allow you
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to come to the united states? >> thank you very much. -- [indiscernible] -- applied for -- next step from -- >> carley: when was the last time you heard from the state department? >> it is like six months ago, last time i heard is december. >> carley: you got the siv approval and been waiting for half a year to hear from the state department, which needless to happen in order for you to be
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allowed into the country, is that right? >> yes, the -- i don't think so. six months, i don't know. >> carley: what has life been like for you for the past year? >> well, it is like -- for me and people like me, living in afghanistan for work, they can't --
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>> carley: hiding for the past year. president biden says he makes no apologies for how he evacuated troops in afghanistan. if you could say anything about the withdrawal, what would it be? >> no one expected a withdrawal like this, i mean, shocked everyone. i don't know how can he --
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>> carley: very good news you received the special immigrant visa, get the state department's attention so you can get to safety, thank you for helping the united states and we wish you the best. >> todd: hearing aq's story, combined with the pictures reminding us, it makes your heart break for these people and so disa pointed in the biden administration. >> carley: leader of al qaeda
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was just killed, a very good thing, it raises questions about the rise of terrorism in afghanistan and if we will be back down the road. >> todd: scary stuff, did you hear this? >> think about states like texas, the republican has -- gun for everybody. >> todd: we are talking about the inflammatory comments next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling. for some, rinvoq significantly reduces ra and psa fatigue. it can stop irreversible joint damage.
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>> carley: president trump telling fox news he thinks the temperature has to be brought down after the raid at his
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marls /* mars -- home. >> think about states like texas, the governor abbott declared guns for everybody, regardless of background check or training and embolden people to deputize themselves as protector of fetuses, it could declare mass violence. >> todd: beverly, demanding accountability is extremist? >> they are the ones who are extreme and they will find if they continue with this line of rhetoric trying to tie every republican to this extremist viewpoint out there, they will find the american people turn on them, this is ponting to many
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democrats in lock step with mainstream elite media, they are scared about midterm, it is not going their way and they are trying to make this about donald trump, they think this is the winning ticket, we will find there are many americans upset with direction of this country and the media are trying to cover up. >> carley: republicans can separate joe manchin from aoc, is tiffany cross in the majority about how democrats feel about republicans or just her opinion alone? >> i think it is the media's opinion, they think all republicans fit in this camp and that is not the reality. the host talked about abortion, many consider themselves pro choice allow people to have abortion, there should be limits on abortion.
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most americans think you should have the right to protect yourself. media are going to extreme position americans are not lining up. ratings are tanking, people are not turning to them for the truth. >> todd: biden has come into his own after the fbi raid of his home. the last thing the white house wanted was event this is month biden came into his own. biden may go down as achieving something like ronald reagan did, but in reverse. does mainstream media have any clue what the mine stream american thinks? i was talking to people this weekend, had a couple days off with the real people and they
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are concerned about the fbi raid and about fbi or irs audit, that is all anybody is talking about. >> this columnist wants to point to biden as return to normalcy. americans are concerned about that, it is the one year since botched afghanistan withdrawal, people are concerned about that. biden will tout his legislative victory this month, especially the fact he will be signing inflation reduction act today, the reality, it doesn't match with the fact people are facing high inflation. this is disconnect with what americans are feeling, polling numbers show that people are concerned about the direction of this country. it is out of touch, what this columnist is doing is trying to save face for president biden
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and many democrats don't want him to come to their rallies and people don't say whether they would support joe biden if he ran again and i think that is concerning to those in his administration. >> carley: thank you for joining us. >> todd: meteorologist is here. i would come to your rally. >> i bring good news. >> todd: do we have good news? >> i think so, boy, it feels nice, this week continues here next couple days, early this morning, 60'ss, lower 60s, low humidity. one spot we're tracking line of showers in the st. louis area.
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staying mild around 80's, in the plain states 101 in dallas, big area around 100 to 105. on the west coast, it's been a roller coaster, next couple days it gets incredibly hot, northern california to pacific northwest, temperatures range from 97 up to 110 degrees. i started off saying it is cool, it is cool where we are standing, some folks will not be. >> todd: remember this guy? >> absolutely the american public should trust what the fbi is doing, it is not the fbi is targeting any one side or the other, what you see is the fbi going out on dare in, day out basis and investigating allegations of law.
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>> so rich, peter struck wants you to blindly trust the fbi. >> matt whitaker is here to weigh in and he joins us next. ♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. to finally lose 80 pounds and keep it off with golo is amazing. i've been maintaining.
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>> carley: former president trump calling on the fbi to release the -- after thes justice department went to court to keep it private.
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>> todd: brooke singman has the latest on the story, brooke. >> brooke: the justice department is refusing to release the affidavit, filing a motion to keep the affidavit sealed. the former president is calling the department's bluff with this statement on truth social saying in the interest of transparency, i call for immediate release of the unredacted affidavit for this shocking break-in. the department is putting up red tape to cover up political motivation. >> the inventory list they gave
2:31 am
is borderline worthless, it doesn't say where the do you wants were located, what was taken. there are different rules for donald trump than anyone else out there. >> brooke: trump claims his passports were seized during the raid. the fbi is not in possession of former president trump's passports, trump's spokesman shared a screen shot on twitter of e-mail sent to trump lawyers by doj's jay bratt saying we have learned that the filter agents seized three passports, two expired and one being his active diplomatic passport, we are returning them. congressman jim jordan chiming in and sharing this cryptic
2:32 am
tweet, preserve your document. the american people deserve transparency from senior law enforcement officials, we will settle for nothing, but complete cooperation. merrick garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the affidavit that justified the raid. >> todd: let us bring in acting attorney general matt whitaker. you have been in charge of the doj and filed affidavits in cases, should the doj release the affidavi >> matt: good morning, in a typical case, you wouldn't release the affidavit until charges are filed. in this case, it is different and merrick garland took weeks to decide to execute this search
2:33 am
warrant and one consideration had to have been how it would play with the american people. in this case, this affidavit needs to be released, this investigation has run its course, they obtain document and no further steps can i imagine they will take based on the crimes they allege to be investigating. based on everything, it is time to release this affidavit in abundance for the desire of transparency. >> carley: the fbi says there is increase in threat of violence to agents. former president trump says i will do what i can to help this country, the temperature has to be brought down in this country, if it isn't, terrible things will happen. he said fbi agents
2:34 am
could have planted evidence in his home. how do you feel about the statements? >> matt: the former president is right, the temperature needs to be lowered, threats are not acceptable, political violence is never acceptable. we need a country where rule of law is applied evenly to everyone, no matter ordinary citizen or whether you are donald j. trump. in this case, the department of justice and fbi need to take steps to lower the temperature and a lot is transparency, talking about investigation like this, why for the first time in american history, search warrant executed on a former president of the united states. when that upon has, we will have the temperature lowered.
2:35 am
>> todd:s peter struck is defending the agency, take a listen. >> absolutely the american public should trust the fbi. the fbi is not targeting one side or the other, they are investigating allegations of law. >> todd: this text exchange between truck and lisa page, his lover, page saying trump will never become president, right? struck replied, he won't, we will stop it. peter struck says nothing to see here, your take, matt? >> matt: this is a red herring, he is the guy that led an investigation into the president of the united states when there
2:36 am
was predcasion or evidence that donald trump had a relationship with the russian government. strzok is giving away the goods, there are some at the fbi that believe donald trump is a criminal and they will pursue this case as much as they possibly can and that bias and that desire to get trump no matter what that has colored a lot of six years at the fbi and until they are willing to do work above the board without political influence, we will have trouble like we have now in this case. >> carley: have to wonder how we got here with the fbi, an agency that should be unbiassed. matt whitaker, thank you for joining us.
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>> carley: healthcare workers fired for not getting the covid vaccine won a lot of money in court, we're talking to the attorney who led that case >> todd: staffing shortages keep flights on the ground and they don't do much good on the ground. cheryl casone has more on the airport chaos when we come back. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> todd: surprised the band was able to make it. faa delays thousands of flights yesterday. >> carley: cheryl casone has details. >> cheryl: the flight mare continues, the faa is blaming staffing shortages monday night announcing extensive delays. all in all, 880 delays, 24 cancellations hitting new york city, the skies may not be clear
2:42 am
any time soon, the faa has plans to hire 1500 new air traffic controllers, but that won't start until the 1st. >> todd: just in time for the busy summer travel season, october 1. crazy settlement situation on covid mandates. >> cheryl: settlement for hospital workers that sued over vaccine mandates. north shore university healthcare system receiving $10 million settlement, employees will receive $25,000 if they were terminated or resigned over the mandate and $20,000 to the 13 lead plaintiffs, in court the group argued north shore refused to religious reasons.
2:43 am
two million went to the lawyers. >> todd: for years, religion was one thing you put on a pedestal and could not discriminate. covid came along and allowed us to throw religion out of window. no, it doesn't and this settlement bears this out. >> carley: they will not distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. a lot of people lost their jobs over not getting vaccinated. >> cheryl: it is a fascinating case, what is interesting and then we need to run, will there be similar lawsuits filed across
2:44 am
the country? i think there will be. >> todd: right, they will look at this case, they got $10 million for one hospital system, that is lawyers lawyering, bigger picture, you have been covering stories for two years now, you don't get to eshg eliminate religion because you are scared of a virus. did hospitals not extrapolate out their need for workers? they were willing to eshg eliminate workers and we don't have enough workers to handle sick people that boggles my mind they never saw that, from a legal perspective, religion is the big issue. >> carley: a lot changed when we realized vaccines don't prevent people from getting the disease, you could get sick, you will just get a less revere case,
2:45 am
then why were people losing jobs for failing to protect themselves, that is their own think. then talk about the military and rates of recruitment are down, many say it is because you are required to get the vaccine, we're talking about the healthiest americans in the country wanting to go to the military. interesting situation. >> todd: you understand how business works what message does this send to businesses going forward this settle mentz? >> cheryl: overreaching into personal lives of your people can cost you, i'm assuming there will be more lawsuits to follow, probably already is. i'll bring that to you tomorrow. >> carley: if hospital can successfully get sued in this front, healthcare facility, you
2:46 am
are right, more to come. >> todd: thank you. crazy story from the border to broadway, texas sends migrants to the big apple, mayor eric adams will put the imgrantss in a luxury hotel, city taxpayers footing the bill. tomi lahren next on this. >> carley: let's check in with will cain. >> will: congressman brian mast will talk about demand for accountability one year after the withdrawal from afghanistan and president biden taking a break from his ritesy south carolina vacation, to sign the so-called inflation reduction act. we will break down why that name is misleading and how much it could cost you. another attempt to get the recall of george gascon on the ballot just failed in los
2:47 am
angeles. leo terrell is here to react and the best back to school tech that won't break the bank, how to save on everything your student needs, all coming up 14 minutes on "fox and friends."
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♪ ♪ >> carley: more than 200,000 illegal immigrants flooding through the u.s. southern border in july alone. in the past 24 hours, there have been at least 2200 illegal crossings in just one sector of the southern border. retired acting ice director tom homan joined us earlier with his take. >> since joe biden became president, 1217 aliens have died on u.s. soil. so if he wants to talk about horrific conditions, go to the southwest border and see what texas and arizona are dealing with. >> and more migrants arriving in manhattan yesterday morning as texas vows to bring the border
2:52 am
crisis to sanctuary city democrats. >> and now new york city mayor acre adams is reportedly getting ready to house migrants in upscale times square hotel on taxpayer's dime jacqui ibañez joins us with more. >> new york city officials continue to spar with texas 52 more immigrants arrive here in the big apple, mayor eric adams first accusing the lone star state of mistreating migrants, listen. >> the texas governor being disingenuous about what was the destination. what was happening. any adult or child, those are horrific conditions to place human beings under. we are going to provide these families with the dignity that the texas governor failed to do. >> carley: texas division of emergency management is denying the mayor's' claims saying, quote: the state of texas loads the necessary amounts of food, water, ppe on buses before they travel to nyc and d.c.
2:53 am
also sharing this video that the conditions mayor adams speaks of are hardly horrific. although mayor adams seems to have something more luxurious in mind. he announces that he plans to convert a swanky times square hotel intake shelter for as many as 600 migrants. meantime republican leaders are calling out the hypocrisy from democrats, who were silent when immigrants were being flown into nyc on secret midnight flights. >> we have seen flights coming into west chester airport and other airports and governor hochul has been completely silent on it it's only recently that a new method of transportation has come to our area. >> stop the hypocrisy. stop the incentives. >> the lieutenant governor of texas now warning other pro-sanctuary cities to be ready to accept immigrants with open arms. >> well, first of all every mayor of a big blue city top 25 of the country should be ons in
2:54 am
the look out your window you might see a bus coming to your city one day in the future. >> governor act promising sanctuary cities they won't feel relief until the biden administration takes the crisis at the southern border seriously. >> todd: with that let's bring in tomi lahren host of outkick. focus on the hotel. new york metropolitan area milford plaza commercial with a jingle we all know of this place. forget staying at the hotel. around the time it will begin reportingly housing migrants one night in a standard room 350 bucks a room with a city view extra 20 bucks. one night executive suite going to run you over $650. if i'm a single mom who remembers hearing about these hotel in commercials working two jobs, living in an tiny apartment in the bronx, how should i feel about the fact that these illegals who just came to the city within a couple hours are going to get housed in
2:55 am
this place for free? >> well, every american taxpayer should be outraged by this. and if we are wondering why we have an invasion inundation at our southern it could be perhaps we are rolling out the red carpeted for illegal immigrants have no right to be here in the first place. this is the opposite of remain in mexico. the whole point of remain in mexico separate those truly it asylum to those want to take advantage of the american taxpayer. those who can afford to stay in swanky times square hotel. talk about the veterans on our streets bridges, freeways, highways, interstates in the united states who don't get this kind of treatment. although i applaud what governor act is doing by busing these illegal immigrants into these sanctuary cities and states, it's going to take inundation in these cities and states to change their policies. not going to be the politicians that change them. certainly not going to be democrat politicians. going to have to be the voters
2:56 am
that realize what an epic problem this is. we simply cannot absorb hundreds of thousands, millions of people into a country that is already struggling. it can't happen any longer. >> carley: tomi, what do you think about dan patrick's comments saying if you are a sanctuary city, you better watch out there, may be a migrant bus coming in your direction. and obviously the goal is, to you know, flood these liberal areas with illegal immigrants the same way that it's getting hit really hard in texas and then maybe those democratic governors could talk to president biden about changing his policies. do you think that's something that could work? >> >> i was hopeful now seeing democrat politicians again rolling out the red carpeted at the expense of the american taxpayer and expense of those in these cities. i don't think it's going to be democrat politicians that are going to change at all until they hear from their voters. and those in blue cities are always fine being liberal and tolerant and loving and welcoming everybody until it is
2:57 am
in their backyard. also note this is a times square hotel. this is where the tourists are again, i think they need to be bussed into areas where these politicians are living and maybe then, maybe then they will change their tune but i'm not going to hold my breath. >> todd: a minneapolis teacher's union implemented a new clause in latest contract which requires white teachers to be fired before minority teachers regardless of seniority. putting aside the fact, tomi, this is literally day one of constitutional law illegal like you can't do this at all. how dangerous is a policy like this? >> it certainly, is what kind of message is the teacher's union sending, what kind of message are woke liberals sending with language and discrimination like this. we should be coming together as a country right now because americans are struggling. shouldn't be differentiating between white and black and having the owe depression will be the discussion. how are we going to come together and make sure everybody has a job. make sure everybody is treated
2:58 am
equally. special treatment and equal treatment aren't the same thing and can't have it both ways. it's illegal and ridiculous. does nothing to teach the younger generation those students what it truly means to be an american. it's about equality. not about woke liberalism like this. >> union's agreement with the city of minneapolis reads, quote: if accepting a teacher who is a member of a population under represented among licensed teachers in the site. the district shall excess, i guess fire the next least senior teacher who is not a member of an under represented population. if you are a white teacher you are going to get fired before a minority teacher even in the minority teacher is performing less successfully than you. that comes to the core of it shouldn't, regardless of race, the best teachers be the ones educating our children? >> oh, absolutely. and, again, i would like to point out because i love pointing out liberal hypocrisy
2:59 am
here. this is from the same group of people that tell us we can't differentiate between men and women but they have no differentiating what they feel somebody who is white and somebody who is not white or someone hough is of color. now do they know what someone's heritage and ethnicity is at the time when you can identify whatever you want, they better be careful what they wish for. they are in for a whole mess of semantics and ridiculous moronic decision like this. >> todd: when you hear something like this, does it make you think that the democrats haven't figured out the economy is going to be huge in november let's not happen what happened in virginia, schools, students, still going to be big going forward. right, tomi? >> it absolutely is identity politics out the window when you have inflation and gas prices the way they are now. you might have some woke liberals that gets them to the polls because they want to be loving and tolerant and they believe this is some form of justice. people are voting with
3:00 am
pocketbook and see who is destroying their pocketbook and see why they have a supply chain crisis and still can't find baby formula for the love of god and they know it's democrats, it's joe biden, it is all democrats. time to drain the swamp and get america working again and affordable again. get away from the pronouns and wokeism. put people back to work and doing well. >> todd: "fox & friends" now. ♪ ♪ ♪ sunrise, sun burn, sun set, repeat ♪ moonlight, all night ♪ crashing into me. answer ains one person sitting out on the beach right behind the fox news there you go one on each side. this is steve brook, new hampshire, beautiful day there today. 75 degrees. perfect if you just want to take a chair out there and towel


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