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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 17, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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money. you should speak to the district and liz cheney speaks with the d.c. suburbs and that is about it. but the cowboy state will finally have someone to represent and not someone to lecture them, not even a pretend abraham lincoln. that is it for us tonight, greg gutfeld and the gang and they are always hilarious, they are up next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a major shake-up in congress as wyoming congressman liz cheney is defeated in a landslide by trump back to attorney hariet hageman sending another powerful message to the left wing of the republican party. meanwhile in alaska, incumbent lisa murkowski to convict president trump during impeachment trial last year is one of the top four candidates advancing to the general election in november alongside
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trump backed kelly tshibaka. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro, liz cheney to impeach trump and lose the primary and only two have been victorious out of the four deciding not to run. >> carley: the power of the former president is more apparent than ever, 182 backed candidates declaring victory so far in the primary election cycle. >> todd: kevin corke with the latest from washington, kevin. >> guys, the outcome of the hariet hageman cheney race is as predictable to figure out who would win 100-meter dash between the bulls. not even close, a big win by hageman who said she was fed up with a lot of things, including fed up with liz cheney who in her opinion simply wasn't serving the interest of the voters back home. she was doing her own bidding in
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washington, and that was enough to get her canned and a huge landslide of a loss tonight, more than 66% for hageman and 28.9% for cheney. here is what the winner had to say about the loser. >> she is not focused on wyoming. she is not focusing on the issues. she is still focusing on an obsession about president trump. the citizens of wyoming and the voters of wyoming sent a loud message tonight, "we have spoken and that is not what we are interested in terms of our representative." that is why you have to replace her. >> todd: from the great state of new york had this to say about the hageman, here it is a true patriot who will restore the the wyoming voice which liz cheney had long forgotten but cannot wait for harriet to rejoin republicans in congress so we can stay laser focused on our work to save america.
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as for the outgoing congresswoman, she insisted tonight that despite the loss, nope, she's not done yet. >> speaking of gettysburg of the great task remaining for us, lincoln said that we, here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. that this nation under god shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this earth. as we meet here tonight, that remains our greatest and most important task. >> todd: will, she certainly said all the right things. i'm not sure where she goes from here. as for the amazing state of alaska, as you see there, lisa murkowski and her opponent both right in the mix, right around 42%. so they will, of course, battle again in the not-too-distant future. keep in mind that is a race that
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a lot of people will be watching murkowski to hang onto her job. as for the house race, sarah palin coming in second place and obviously will make her way to the runoff as well. that should make for an interesting race. i do want to share this, guys, alaska does something unconventional. they have ranked choice voting which some argues it will favor democrats. basically if you don't finish first, people can vote for you as the second choice. the overall can elevate you to victory. we will see how that all turns out when these two meet in the not-too-distant future, guys. >> todd: they disagree with the show because on "fox & friends first" if you are not first, you are last. >> carley: it should come with an instruction manual. in new york city, the cycle, what? >> todd: we will not explain it here. >> carley: kevin just did.
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>> todd: the affidavit that led to the raid on president trump's home's home. >> carley: we now know fbi agents did take former president trump passports during last week's bliss. brooks teaming with the latest, broke. >> good morning, carley, todd, sit to hear arguments tomorrow on whether to unseal the affidavit that led to the search. the judge has raised eyebrows since the rate of mar-a-lago and pointed to red flags including associates of jeffrey epstein and trump adversaries. the former legal team has no expectations about his transparency. his recusal from the lawsuit of hillary clinton and other top democrats and role in spreading the russia collusion narrative, listen. >> judge reinhardt is the magistrate judge that recused himself from the hillary case a
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month ago. well i would love to see and understand why you would ask for a raid of the cooperating president, do i believe the judge will reveal it? no, i do not. >> the law professor alan dershowitz said the doj could exonerate itself by instilling the affidavit. watch. >> why was it necessary? why eight months later? why after giving subpoenas? why wait three days over the weekend after you have gotten a search warrant? these are the questions that the affidavit may very well answer. look, i believe presumption of innocence including garland. i want to presume he did the right thing, but the affidavit is the central clue point. >> meanwhile, trump said they returned to his passports seizedduring the raid. donald report of the fbi never took them. he writes the doj and fbi just returned my passports. when they raided my home in morrow local eight days ago and
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opened their arms and grabbed everything in sight much a common criminal would do and anr post, trump said he had security footage of the raid and that the cameras must be turned off,. >> todd: katie pavlik said the american people deserve more transparency than what they are getting, listen. >> the problem is donald trump donald trump isn't trying to defend his innocence and pitted guilty by the fbi and department of justice and capitol hill for six years. so to say that we now need to wait when we have a pattern of behavior from the fbi when it comes to donald trump trying to prevent him from a sitting president running through a special counsel investigation and for years came up with nothing. the democrats were accusing him up, but now we are expected to wait while the doj sits on the affidavit. conveniently for them, they have the affidavit so they can leak cherry picked portions of the information that they will not release to the public into the press to try to create this
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narrative that they are on the right side of this. >> carley: joe manchin and democrat signed a inflation reduction act and not provide relief to americans struggling to make ends meet anytime soon. >> misleading with all the inflation reduction act for americans, it will not make the grocery bill cheaper. >> why would it? we never said anything would happen immediately, not today, a switch to turn on and off. >> biden a 1:30 $9.000000000 bill and could end up costing middle-class taxpayers $20 billion. the top republican on the house ways and means committee said this bill will crush small businesses. >> the companies that build in america and manufacture american, that is one of the big tax hikes. small businesses already facing inflation and work edge shortage
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with $50 billion as well and of course the obamacare subsidy in this extension is so lavish that the university of chicago makes about half million americans will see better, more affordable health care jobless. they are on the issue of prosperity but we need workers and we need them reconnected. this bill does the opposite. >> billion dollars and to the irs as the agency poised to hire 87,000 new agents. but the white house has you shouldn't worry about that. >> $80 billion that you just mentioned from the inflation reduction act to increase the tax enforcement is targeted directly at those in the top 1%, well above -- >> i just want to be clear, is that where you will get the money? are you saying anyone less than 1%? >> they will not be scrutinized
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more and they will not be taxed more if under $400,000. >> todd: the whistle-blower bill hank joins us, we have been looking forward to this interview for a while now. this week and i spoke with a lot of people and there was definitely some humor with regard to this. these aren't 1% errs, they are worried that irs would go after them and their normal lives. how bad will this get to the middle class? >> i think the best way to put it is the irs will go after people with enough money to be targets, but not enough money to hire a washington lobbyist. and the overall problem is that the irs is simply not accountable, and they can be -- the irs is influenced by washington lobbyists. any central problem is
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inspector general, they are a captive entity of irs management. for example, i gave ten of the list of nine witnesses come irs witnesses with misconduct five years ago. almost exactly five years ago. none of them have been contacted. when i asked five of them directly if they had been contacted, they all laughed. it was preposterous that would contact the irs witnesses for misconduct. and the irs management takes advantage of this. they use and say, if there are issues talk to him, but they know very well that he will cover for them. >> carley: bill, according to the irs own data, the income bracket that gets audited by far the most are those making $75,000 or less. because this bill was just
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signed into law, european and lsa expected to get audited more. they find americans making less than $75,000 per year would be subject to 711,000 new irs audits by comparison to individuals making more than $500,000 and receive about 95,000 new audits. why does the irs target low income individuals more than the rich folks? >> well, part of it could be because of the earned income credit, and also when you say audit, there could be a full-fledged audit or a correspondence audit. i think people are more scared or more concerned about a full-fledged audit with an irs agent coming to your place of business. and the example that i use is a roofing company. i think what will happen with all of these extra agents, a lot of them will start off and they are not as experienced.
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they will be auditing a lot of roofing companies. about the larger corporations, you know, they have a washington lobbyist. it is almost a standing joke among frontline irs people that are larger corporations. it is a standing joke about the sweetheart deals that these companies get cured so the idea that the irs will be going after billionaires and large companies and all of that is simply garbage. >> todd: let me help in here... >> you are in good shape. >> todd: will there be political targeting by the irs? in other words, registered republicans, do you think they have something to fear? >> potentially, yes. most people in the irs are honest. most are frontline people. but there is nothing to stop, you know, irs, corruption irs targeting. i'm just a guy in richmond and
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i've seen several pieces to covering up the tea party situation. i don't have any direct knowledge of a tea party situation itself, but i am aware of several pieces of evidence regarding the covering up for not disclosing documents with respect to the tea party case. basically, the irs can do whatever the heck it wants to do. and there is nothing more nothing out there to stop them. and i don't think people realize how far it has gone. >> carley: on that front, bill, a lot of americans learn about the division of irs armed agents and also spent $700,000 on ammunition. what is that all about? >> well, the thing about the ammunition is weird, but the thing you have to remember though is the criminal investigation into the irs and law enforcement agents, they are going to carry guns. people need to remember the vast
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majority of irs cases are civil, not criminal. so the revenue office has to deal with exams and collections. they don't hear a guns are not law enforcement officers. ci criminal positions, they have relatively very few cases in those cases tend to be, you know, emblematic and capricious, really. the vast majority of people will be dealing with the revenue wage and for a revenue officer. >> todd: fascinating perspective, fastening but also frightening, william henck, we appreciate it. virginia governor calling out his own fate department of education. that department may stop calling george washington the father of our country on state tests. to stop representing james madison as the father of the constitution is also on the table. glenn youngkin says, i believe we should tell the history accurately the good and bad and part of the history we will tell is that the founding fathers, including george washington and
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james madison. let's not forget about patrick henry and others played a role in the founding of our nation. glenn youngkin getting ready to campaign with gubernatorial candidate dixon. he said michigan will be the new virginia with parents having more of a say on education. we reference patrick henry, did you hear about this? the school board in unanimous to change the name of a school named after patrick henry. the board saying patrick henry high school is getting a new name because 18th century revolutionary was a slave owner. many strongly oppose the change arguing it will be rewriting history of the expansion of new signage could go to needed resources. the carry of the names since 1986 and should be changed no later than 2023. keep in mind patrick henry said give me liberty or give me death. >> carley: minor change. >> todd: hollywood business owner springs into action tackling who punched and robbed a man at the pizza shop next
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door. we took to the good samaritan about that crazy encounter. >> carley: another, leaving the state after laundromat targeted nonstop by criminals. he is here to tell us how bad things got and where he is headed home at coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra. premium and capable. that's professional grade. when we started selling my health products online
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a california laundromat owner is suing the state after his business was struck over and over again by break-ins. he claims more robberies have happened the last few months than the past 45 years combined. that owner derek thoms in louisiana and alabama and joins me now. derek, good morning to you but why did you move to alabama? >> yeah, california and all the crime that is going on there. it is just getting too much, you know? >> carley: what are some of the things people have done to target your business and deal from it? i know you have been targeted many times. it seems like it's been all sorts of different ways. >> yeah, it seems like since the beginning of the year. i mean, before that, we have
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nothing. and now, all of a sudden, it is unreal, especially the last week 6 out of 8 days they were trying to break in and smashing windows, smashing through the front of the store with stolen trucks, stealing the atm, you know, popping them open and stealing all the quarters and stuff like that. >> carley: yeah, somebody even ran the truck into the front window of the laundromat and stole the atm. and other i was reading throwing quarters out of the cash machine so people could put the quarters and the washers and dryers. walked away. you went cashless and people even still try to steal from you then. >> yeah, 6 out of 8 times, they
1:24 am
didn't realize there is no cash inside the laundromat. so they are wasting their time and it is costing me money. there is nothing in there to steal. >> carley: you have a young daughter and you see people steal from you, you are trying to set her up for a financial future. you are stealing from the little girl. when you call the police and say one of my laundromats got robbed again, what did they say to you? >> i don't even call anymore. i just go online and do the little online report, and that is it. i don't bother calling. >> carley: why not? >> because they never show up for that kind of thing, you know? consider you try to wait around all day, and then you get tired of waiting so you leave. they show up and call you and say, "hey, we are down here." you are not down here. and so you wait and wait and wait. so i started going online and doing the online report.
1:25 am
speed to that is so frustrating, and that is not how a city should run. all in all, how much would you say people have stolen from you? >> with this year and damage and everything, probably around $100,000 of. >> oh, my gosh, that is unbelievable. your dad, he played eight seasons for the oakland raiders and grew up in the bay area of california. and they'll, you are in alabama but how is life down there? >> it is great. i love it down here. still leave your door unlocked kind of place. everyone just living their life, working hard and no one seems to concerned about anything. it has been really good so far. >> carley: good, that is good to hear. >> the weather is a little bit of an adjustment, but it's not bad. >> carley: no one is leaving california because of the weather. 180,000 people left california
1:26 am
in 2020 and the population has declined over the past two years. and a lot of people say it is because of the crime, the texas, but when it comes to crime, what needs to change? >> i mean, you know, it is tough because, you know, if -- you've got to have stricter laws. and you're going to have to put people in jail. so, there has to be punishment. there has to be punishment for these crimes. when there is no punishment, people just don't care. i just feel like that is a huge change that is never going to happen. so, i just went somewhere that already has it, you know, and cry for less here. >> carley: you seem like a great guy and i'm glad you found a life in alabama. thank you for waking up with us
1:27 am
this morning. >> you are welcome. have a good one. >> carley: todd. >> todd: the subject of a documentary making a murder filing a third appeal on conviction for first degree homicide. avery serving a life sentence for 2005 murder of trees all back for which he maintains innocence. the prosecutors to turn over evidence pointed to another suspect and his last appeal denied by the wisconsin supreme court and several claims related to the same alternate suspect. and the defense team said they want a fair trial for so-called cold mom killing her children in 2019 and collecting social security on their desk. those children were missing several months when they lied about the children's whereabouts and slipped away to hawaii before the children's bodies were found buried on the couple's property in rule idaho. she was seen leaving the courthouse and the lawyers are trying to split up the charges for conspiracy to commit murder
1:28 am
and conspiracy to commit theft. it's been a year since president biden disaster in afghanistan put the taliban in power. we are learning the total value of all the u.s. weapons that went into the terrorists hands here that number infuriating. >> carley: we will talk to a army veteran who helped evacuate thousands of people during that terrifying time and where this mission stands now. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: the results rn and trump-backed harriet hageman beat liz cheney and a 30-point landslide. a quick warning to never trumperers and the republican party. >> todd: lisa murkowski to convict last year was one of the top candidates and alongside trump-backed kelly tshibaka in i don't call it a comeback,
1:34 am
sarah palin advances into the general and she will face republican and the general election with -- >> it will be a hot one for the florida senate race and a new poll shows democrats holding a narrow lead over g.o.p. senator marco rubio. that survey, pulling for 48-44% and still undecided. it is anybody's race and still the same poll indicates nikki friede will most likely challenge ron desantis and the november midterms. and the democratic gubernatorial primary, 47% favor nikki friede and about 40% with charlie crist. but still, it will be a tough mountain to climb as ron disanto concerning popularity points popularity points for the 2024 election. >> todd: and has been a year
1:35 am
since president biden failed to withdraw from afghanistan and afghan citizens still begging the u.s. for help under taliban rule. because some of those individuals left behind have gone into hiding, terrified about being discovered by the taliban. >> they have suffered huge trauma and talking to american advisors, the agencies, state department, head in the most affected ones are my wife. speed to nick palmisciano joins us now, good morning to you. the u.s. left thousands of our afghan allies behind during the withdrawal. it sounds like a year later, a lot of those people are still in afghanistan. where do things stand right now? >> there are absolutely a ton of people still in afghanistan. we are still getting messages every day, and it is absolutely
1:36 am
heartbreaking. we left people there, and we did not even plan to scale up the number of people from department of state that were going to help process sibs and get these people to safety. we didn't do anything ahead of time before the withdrawal, and we are not doing enough now. the periods of time that people have to wait just for an interview, five months, six months, up to a year. mean well these people are trying to stay away from the taliban in hiding or tried to sustain themselves with no ability to work. it is incredibly frustrating. >> todd: g.o.p. house committee said the minority have compiled proof and senior political appointees repeatedly misled the american public about the situation on the ground in kabul issuing a wildly statements about progress at the airport and the taliban's cooperation in carrying out the evacuation. that said, at the point we are
1:37 am
now, are there american allies being killed because we as americans did not get them out in time? >> there are absolutely our allies that have been killed. we whatsapp messages from people where we have been talking to and all of a sudden someone from the taliban received their phone and sent pictures of them no longer with us. it is a terrible situation. the told that it takes on all of the volunteers is significant. that there is not a day that goes by where people are not begging us with very real problems. our hands are essentially tied. we have to wait for the department state process. >> carley: we interviewed a man and he helped the u.s. army and southern afghanistan for many years. he actually received a special immigrant visa but the state department went to narc on him. he has not heard from them in six months so he's living in hiding which is so gut wrenching for obvious reasons, you
1:38 am
mentioned people are dying. we have an obligation to say. you talk about the backlog at the state department. what needs to change? >> well, we need more people processing sibs and we also need a place to bring people. i spent two months this year in the middle east trying to solve some of these problems. one of the big issues is, we can get people out of afghanistan, but there is no place to bring them. if they can't go directly to the united states, who essentially burdened funding these people for months or even in some cases a year at a time. it is unsustainable for any ngo's opening government support. >> todd: in the meantime, more than $700 billion of u.s. hard work has been seized by the taliban since u.s. troops left last year. that is an astounding number, nick. where are those weapons now and what are they being used for? >> you know, so, i'm not an
1:39 am
expert in this so i can't speak to what they are being used for, but the same thing that allowed all of those weapons to be taken is the same reason why there were only 36 officers by the state department sitting in kabul when i was there. they were processing thousands and thousands of sib pluralists. we did not plan to get people out. we did not plan to get equipment out. hope is not a plan. >> carley: and that $7 billion number is knew. and the inspector general's report found that the taliban had everything from sniper rifles in their possession but before we let you go, killed the leader of al qaeda living in a nice apartment in kabul, which raises the rise of terrorism in afghanistan. do you think u.s. troops will one day be back? >> i think it is very hard to say that we are not going to be
1:40 am
involved in some form or fashion. the documentary, send me" coming out august 6th, we talk about while on the ground, taliban literally shooting people in the crowd as a method of crowd control. that is why americans were still on the ground. to think that it will be vastly different now that we are gone in the eyes of the world are not on them, that is just a back slap. >> todd: as if the taliban is not enough, congress another huge problem over there. it is horrible. thank you so much, but we need to know more, thank you, nick. >> thank you. >> todd: election day the season as advanced to vote in the midterms, but still saying silent on china. and telling fox news "the nba's biggest backer is china so they promote engagement year, do they care to comment about a dictatorship they are profiting
1:41 am
off of? they told me they don't want to get involved in politics. i guess what they meant to say is we don't want to upset china." doesn't by the nba promoting what it calls nonpartisan engagement. he believes subliminally encourages players to vote for a certain party. >> carley: jeffrey jackson for a naval engineer and his wife allegedly tried to sell nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign government. he and his wife diana pled guilty to violating the energy act earlier this year to receive reduced sentences. their pleas were withdrawn after a federal judge throughout the deal saying "i find the sentencing options available to me to be strikingly deficient. make no mistake, these defendants have been charged with a very serious crime." the judge has set a new trial date for the beginning of the new year. and upscale manhattan neighborhood has become a 24-hour drug den where drug
1:42 am
addicts roamed the streets outside of an elementary school, and it is all caught on camera. >> todd: the new york subway in nassau county, shot and bail reform. the 3,000 arrests made between april and june and within 2600 released without bail. we are talking to a nassau lawmaker coming up.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: upscale manhattan neighborhoods being taken over by crime, drugs, and. >> carley: mayor adam seemingly turns a blind eye, marianne rafferty joins us with more, marianne. >> todd and carley, one safe undesirable neighborhood known for upscale restaurants has become a 24-hour drug den. the majority selling openly and users shooting meth all hours of the day and night. in the chelsea neighborhood. the president is on edge and saying it is getting worse. >> i come home tween four and five in the morning and they would be on my front stoop and i was horrified appeared they were doing drugs, tweaking, shooting up in their toes. >> i tried to take someone away who was on my car.
1:48 am
this person pulled a knife on me. >> parents are outraged as children had to wade through filth and drug use are set up in front of a school and now they are begging new york city leaders for help asking eric adams to focus on cleaning up ramp at the crime and less time fighting with texas governor greg abbott over the busloads of illegal migrants arriving in the city. "the new york post" op-ed saying, "adams might want a few political points among dems for accusing of lacking compassion but ultimately his political future will rise or fall based on crime." the city of guns and illicit drugs and theft reaching epidemic proportions with thousands of migrants most of whom appear to be single males not allowed to work. it does not sound like a recipe for success. mayor adams blaming the changes in bail laws for the crime with catch, release, repeat, todd and carley. >> todd: marianne rafferty
1:49 am
from new york city, nassau county empire state bail reform laws allowing the majority of criminals to stay on the streets. according to the national bail reform report, made more than 3,000 arrests between june of this year to 2600 lawbreakers released without bail and many g arrested again. steve rhoads is a member of nassau county legislature and by spirit of the public safety committee and joins me now. steve, how bad is it in your county? >> thanks for having us, todd appear in some of these same issues in the city of new york we deal in nassau county. a pandemic of lawlessness brought on by the bail laws. the government wanted to see statistics and out from the city of new york, mayor adams and nassau county. you see those statistics and it tells a story. >> todd: let's go over the numbers and tell the story. of those released, zero bail, 282 charged with assault related crimes, 487 face drug
1:50 am
charges, 434 were charged with theft. why does new york state seem to have no concerns of the victims of those crimes, specifically assault and larceny? >> you would have to ask governor hochul and the democrats in charge of the state senate and state assembly that question. and i think you use the term, why did they not seem to care? that is it. the stats do tell the story and the stats are there for all to see. i think the issue is the leadership of the state simply does not care. you have a state that is focused on the rights of the criminals as opposed to the rights of the victims. we are seeing the results play out in our streets becoming less safe and are police becoming less safe and less effective in their ability to protect our citizens. that his government's number one responsibility to try to keep our citizens safe. unfortunately, the bailouts are making it impossible to do that, sorry about that. >> todd: anything at the local
1:51 am
level, steve or are your hands tied? >> at this point, our hands are tied. the penal law, and established by the state of new york, but we have done our best locally speaking about criminal justice reform and some of the outrageous obligations that are on victims and the rights criminals have to be able to interview, for example rape victims. we have created at the county level and the office crime and an attorney will go in and fight for the victims in criminal court who go unrepresented appear at the criminal their defense counsel. the district attorney, obviously, represents the state. we step into provide so much to actually represent the victim of the crime to seek compensation, but also, to try to hold off some of the discovery with the onerous discovery obligations. >> todd: will bail reform to lead to any changes in the law or will it be business as usual? >> well, i certainly hope that
1:52 am
the leaders and openly began to listen. began to look at the statistics. major crimes in the county of nassau from the beginning of 2021 over 60%. it is a staggering figure. unlike the city of new york, who never spoke about defining the police but more money on the police department. we have more officers on the street than we ever have before, but the reality is the police are unable to do their jobs and their hands are tied. at some point in time, there are leaders in the state that need to step up and address the issue and repeal bail reform or we need to remove the leaders we have in the state and put in people who will. >> todd: that begs the question, what is the breaking point? steve, as you know people in the state keep electing the same people over and over again to perpetuate these horrible laws like bail reform. what is the breaking point? >> look, six weeks ago, you had college poll and asked new york city residents, do you fear that you or your family
1:53 am
will be victim of violent crime? 60% had a positive response to that question. i have to think that we are at a breaking point at this point because it is the same democratic officials that run for state that have created these problems in the city of new york and created them in the county of nassau and created them in every jurisdiction throughout the state. and at some point in time, you would hope that they would hold those responsible accountable and elect leaders to protect them and keep them safe. >> todd: you said it earlier in your answer, the only thing that matters and the number one dropping government is to keep people safe. in new york, not doing that right now. steve rhoads, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. carley, over to you. >> carley: alec baldwin said he did not pull the trigger on a cinematographer on the set of "the rest." he said if he pulled back the hammer far enough with live emanation loaded, it will fire. >> every single person on the
1:54 am
side of the film knows what happens. and the people that are talking loudest about what happened in respect of what happened were not on the side of the film. everybody that was there knows exactly what happened. >> carley: a forensic report found from the fbi found the gun used in the accident could not have been fired without someone pulling the trigger. another american found dead at sandals emerald bay resort in the bahamas. please don't suspect foul play was involved in the death of the tourist. he was also experiencing covid-19 related symptoms, but the police have not confirmed. three other americans died from carbon monoxide poisoning in june. sandals resorts said they installed carbon monoxide detectors after they died. that is a terrible situation there. liz cheney in wyoming, we have the numbers from the landslide loss. >> todd: a quick turn of the
1:55 am
show last night my sean duffy to talk about the message to the country, plus jimmy failla on deck. don't go anywhere.
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# >> todd: a major shakeup in congress, liz cheney cheney defeated in a landslide by hageman. you're watching "fox and friends first" on a busy wednesday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. cheney cheney decided to invoke the name of another prominent republican. >> speaking at gettysburg of the great task remaining before us, lincoln said that we here highly resolve that the dead shall not have died in


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