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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 19, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the flowers. boston police department showed up and able to get a dozen people from where they needed to go to the island so he was able to mary hanna crawford quick and helped them get to the big day and saved the marriage. >> judge jeanine: thanks for the men and women in blue. that's it for us. he see you back here on monday. have great weekend. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight midterm elections are a little more than two months away, and the 2024 presidential campaign season is already gearing up. this weekend, several perspective republican contenders are at the iowa state fair to get a sense of what is happening in the heartland. grady trimble is in des moines tonight where he spoke with former vice president mike pence. good evening, grady. >> good evening, bret. you could say candidates or potential candidates are pouring in to key states on a rainy evening here at the iowa state fair.
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former vice president mike pence is fueling speculation that he could run for president in 2024 with his stop here today and new hampshire earlier in the week. but he told me in an exclusive interview he is only focused on the midterms. i asked if he agrees with the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's sentiment that it could be difficult to win back the senate because of the quality of republican candidates. >> the american people long for a return to the policies that they saw the trump pence administration advance for a stronger and securer america. i believe that red wave is coming and i believe it's going to come at our candidates every level across the country. i will take all the time i have in the next 81 days to support the team. >> i also pressed pence about a statement from former president trump's legal team in response to the raid at mar-a-lago. the legal team said there was a standing order to declassify documents that trump took out of
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the oval office. >> while you were vice president, were you aware of any declassifying of documents that left of the oval office is that something you had heard about. >> i would leave that to the president's legal team to describe. i can tell you in our administration, we were very careful about classified information and we are stewards of that. we received classified briefings literally every day in the presidential daily brief. >> while pence is here, florida governor ron desantis is visiting two battleground states tonight. he just wrapped a stop in pennsylvania, next up he is headed to ohio. senators ted cruz and tom cotton also fueling 2024 speculation with visits to iowa and new hampshire this week respectively. and outgoing maryland governor larry hogan visited the state fair here in iowa about a week ago. all of these names, bret, that have been bounced around as potential candidates heading
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into the presidential election in 2024 still a long way away, but a lot of speculation, nonetheless. >> bret: and so it begins. grady trimble in des moines, grady, thanks. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney says she still hopes former vice president mike pence will testify before the house committee investigation the january 6th capitol riot. cheney's membership on that panel along with her vote to impeach then president trump contributed to a big primary loss in wyoming earlier this week. cheney says she has no regrets and now laser-focused on keeping former president trump from returning to the white house. we are getting new action from a judge's decision to release some of the information used to obtain that subpoena for the fbi raid of the trump campaign in florida. >> the justice department is now tanked with editing the materials for public couples. correspondent mark meredith is in palm beach again tonight. >> six days. that's how long federal prosecutors have to determine
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which information in a criminal affidavit should be redacted and what can be released without compromising the government's investigation of former president trump. >> well, the justice department just said that they didn't believe that they could release anything without undermining the investigation. i think that's rather obviously overbroad. >> magistrate judge bruce rinehart says he will review any proposed redactions before deciding whether to make the affidavit public. on truth social trump called for the unredacted version to be released. at thursday's hearing hifers legal team chose not to file any motions or even speak up on the matter. instead, trump's lawyers tell fox they will wait to see what happened. >> i think that won't be very much transparency. i would expect that we'll get a lot of black ink all over that piece of paper. have to see what they kick back. >> government lawyers say releasing too much information could endanger witnesses cooperating with the fbi as it investigates several cases of documents labeled either classified or top secret ended
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up at trump's florida estate long after he left office. while trump is facing a wide range of legal problems iowa senator chuck grassley says it's the justice department that needs to be more forthcoming. the more the better, the better the public relations of the fbi would be because i think there is plenty of evidence of political bias. >> since the search at mar-a-lago, federal officials report seeing a spike in violent threats against law enforcement. today the democratic leaders of the house committee on government oversight and national security sent a letter to america's largest social media companies writing: we urge you to take immediate action to address any threats of violence against law enforcement that appear on your company's platform. >> the former president continues to fund raise not only off of the search at mar-a-lago but also the ongoing investigation and within the last 30 minutes or so he put out a new post on social media platform saying he plans to file a new court motion claiming that the search at mar-a-lago was a violation of his fourth amendment rights.
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that motion not filed yet. but it could come against it any time. bret? >> bret: mark, speaking of trump and law enforcement, today a federal appeals court ruled the justice department needs to release a memo dating back to 2019 about the mueller probe. what can you tell us about that? >> bret, well, this is a memo that was basically outlining some of the internal deliberations that was happening at the justice department back in the bill barr era about whether or not the then president trump could possibly be charged with obstruction of justice as a result of the mueller probe. the justice department had been arguing that these documents were private deliberations, the judge disagreeing says the memo should come out. of course, trump was never charged as a result of the mueller probe while he was in office. bret? >> bret: mark meredith just outside of mar-a-lago in palm beach. mark, thanks. lindsey graham must appear before a special grand jury in atlanta. that grand jury is investigating whether then president trump and others illegally tried to
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influence the 2020 election results in georgia. graham still has another appeal pending before a different court. his appearance was scheduled for tuesday. the head of the centers for disease control and prevention, the cdc says the coronavirus outbreak was not handled properly by her agency. dr. rochelle walensky telling fox news today things have to change. we still have not heard from president biden on the shakeup as he continues his stay at his wilmington delaware, home. that is where white house correspondent peter doocy is again tonight. good evening, peter. >> >> peter: i think i may have lost my audio here but i will say -- [no audio] democrats are re-thinking their midterm approach and here's what they have got so far. they are going to argue in under two years president biden is already on a short list of all-time great leaders.
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president biden's break continues. chief of staff ron klain says he deserves it. >> the largest economic recovery planned since roosevelt. the largest infrastructure plan since eisenhower. the most judges confirmed since kennedy. the second largest healthcare bill since johnson. >> are you ready? take a deep breath. >> nothing this there about covid though even as the head of the cdc admits for the first time the agency wasn't prepared for the pandemic. >> what i told the cdc staff was that it took too long to get there and it might have been a little bit messy along the play. congressman darrell issa, republican from california tweets: if the cdc wants to be more action-oriented after disastrous covid policies of school closures and masking kids in class, a good start would be to replace its current leadership. but that isn't happening. >> my job is to do right by the cdc, to do right by the american public and typically prove health in this country. >> it doesn't appear the federal government was ready for
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monkeypox either. encouraging healthcare providers to stretch vaccine doses until more becomes available. >> i think it is too late to regain the trust around covid. but as we know, there are public health crises and events that will continue to occur that are occurring now. and cdc does have a chance to reset. >> president biden hasn't addressed any of the upheaval at the cdc which top advisers say is all part of the plan. >> i don't think it's true he is out there less than his pred said sores. i just think donald trump created an expectation of a can bielema storm every day. led to a cycle of cable news coverage and twitter and so on and so forth. >> does this president still the science because the scientist at the cdc have new guidance that's been updated to not differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated americans.
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yet, the administration is still pushing a vaccine requirement for all federal workers. this one is going to court in three and a half weeks, bret? >> bret: peter doocy traveling with the president in wilmington, delaware. peter, thanks. stocks were down today. the dow lost 292. the s&p 500 fell 55. the nasdaq dropped 260 today. for the week the dow was off two tenths of a percentage point the s&p gave back one and a fifth and the nasdaq lost two and two thirds. the highest profile isis fighter to stand trial in the u.s. has been sentenced to life in a super max prison. a member of the infamous terrorist cell known as the beetles was found earlier this year of kidnapping and murdering freelance journalist james foley and three other americans. national security correspondent jennifer griffin talked with the families of some of the victims. fallen and tragic marker that no family should have to endure.
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>> a hollow victory. that's how diane folly, the mother of american journalist james foley, one of the american hostages killed by the isis terrorist cell dubbed the beatles described the life sentence given to al schaafy al shrek one of his sadistic captors. >> these men will have the rest of their lives where they have to contemplate their grizzly deeds, if you will. >> tonight marks exactly 8 years since her son was murdered in syria. videotaped while being. trial in april sat silently today. the family of kayla mueller the 24-year-old aide worker who was kidnapped and handed over to isis liter al-abu backer al-baghdadi to be enslaved spoke after the sentencing. >> the time to doctor what he has done. it's a deterrent to others as well. not to do this kind of thing. >> he was extradited from britain and found guilty for the
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murders of folly and steven. muriel and casic their bodies never found. hostages dubbed these four isis captors the beatles because of their british accent. followy's mother says more than 60 americans still being held hostage overseas. her foundation unveiled a mural to 18 in washington this week. >> we have a hostage fusion cell. enterprise is actually accountable for u.s. citizens in this situation whereas we had none of that in 2012 to 2014. >> former attorney general bill barr negotiated with the u.k. for the beatles to be brought to the u.s. for trial by promising the u.s. would not seek the death penalty in exchange from evidence from the british government needed by the prosecution. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. up next, congressman from both sides of the aisle join me to discuss afghanistan.
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china, and other topics. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. wfxt in boston fire destroys recall is boats building and vehicles. responded to the boat yard blaze. warning due to drought and high winds. unclear if anyone was hurt in that fire. fox 13 in tampa two year undercover investigation has dismantled international drug organization in winter haven. they have arrested 85 suspects and seized more than $12.8 million in drugs. investigators say smugglers brought the narcotics from mexico to california before transporting them throughout the u.s. and this a live look at chicago. from our affiliate fox 32. one of the big stories there tonight. the air and water show returns to chicagoens lake front. military and civilian performers are featured around 2 million people are expected to attend
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that event. the first full show since 2019. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> bret: tensions remain high between china, taiwan and the u.s. since house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to the island nation earlier this month. all three of the principles have engaged in high profile military drills in recent days. joining us tonight massachusetts democratic congressman seth moulton and utah republican congressman chris stewart. gentlemen, thanks for coming back on "special report." we love to have congress members from both sides of the aisle to talk about things. i want to talk about a couple of topics, china being one of them. before i start that i want to ask each of you what's one thing you agree on together. congressman molten, first to you. >> let's start with the topic of the day. we both agree that china is the greatest long-term threat to the united states. i don't speak for chris, but i can certainly say that i think he would probably agree with me. >> bret: congressman? >> yeah, absolutely. i think there is actually bipartisan not universal but
3:20 pm
broad bipartisan support for that idea. i'm going to add one other thing i think we respect and we have broad agreement own the united states military. those brave men and women who seth was one of them and i had the great for fortunate of being one of them as well and we have the greatest military in the world has ever seen. we want to protect that military. we want to use them wisely and judiciously. i think we agree on that as well. >> bret: congressman molten, do you think that china is on the brink of making a move against taiwan and, i guess, what would the u.s. do if that happened? >> well, we have made it very clear and the president has made it very clear that our plan is to defend taiwan and china needs to know that. i don't think they are on the brink but i think that they are lying it very carefully. i think as china's economy starts to falter, which i expect to happen more and more in the next few years. especially in the wake of their
3:21 pm
really disastrous handling of code that actually increases the chances that xi jinping may see his only legacy might be some foreign adventure like invading taiwan in the same way that putin has seen his legacy in invading ukraine. what does that mean? it means we need invest more quickly in deterring that from ever happening and to making taiwan and to the prickliest poor could you pine have you ever seen so china doesn't even try to attack. >> bret: congressman stewart, the news out of china is that china is sending troops to russia now joint military drills. what do you make of that and is that a big problem on the world stage. >> i don't think it's enormous. i wouldn't read too much into it. i think china is signaling that they want to support vladimir putin. they have always done that i think they are doing it kind of tepidly. they don't want to jump in completely especially as they see how this thing unfold. they also want to signal to the rest of the world hey, look,
3:22 pm
they are cheering for him. they. him to succeed. examine the xi is a thug. vladimir putin is a thug. of course they are going to support each other. eye like seth and i being here together. it's important for the leadership of china to see republicans and democrats on the same show talking and saying the same thing. we understand the threat of china. and republicans and democrats are going to stand together to defend taiwan. we will do what it take its to defend taiwan. you ask is it imminent? i agree with seth, i don't think it's this weekend. certainly not until after president xi has the election and consolidate power this fall. it's not 10 years away. if you were to ask for a timeline of their military build up vs. military defenses there is a certain military window people say maybe 3 to 5 year out from now where the time would be right for them. we just have to do more to prepare and taiwan has to too more to prepare.
3:23 pm
>> bret: quickly, congressman molten, jump over to ukraine we have been the u.s. has been pumps in billions and in military hardware. do you see any kind of mission creep there from a u.s. perspective and how do you see the situation in ukraine? >> it's a good question, bret, bowers i think we always have to be careful of that. and i think a lot of people would look back on our years in iraq and afghanistan where chris and i both serve and see lots of examples of mission creep over the decade. but, i don't think that's happening right now in ukraine. i think that it's carefully calibrated and i will tell you there is another place where there is real bipartisan work in congress to keep tabs on the administration, to carefully supervise what is going on, to ask really tough questions about the support that we're giving ukraine to make sure that it's effective and that it's target mission at hand. >> bret: last thing, i want to wrap up with the fbi.
3:24 pm
congressman stewart you said -- 10 days ago. you said the people around the world want to live under an american fbi and leadership not an american kgb suggesting there is a crisis of leadership at the fbi in the wake of this search or raid or whatever you want to call it at mar-a-lago. that raised some eyebrows. your thoughts on that and i guess that this is a place where you two differ. but, congressman stewart? >> yeah, i suppose we might although at the heart of this we both want to have a reputable and respected fbi. fbi agents i'm not attacking the every day common fbi agent. i think they try to do extraordinary work. i'm concentrating entirely on fbi and department of justice leadership. and my point was it appears to too many people that they have chosen a side. i mean, the american people they look at the treatment of hillary clinton and donald trump and they say were they treated the
3:25 pm
same? they look at hunter biden and donald trump and say were they treated the same? here is another one that really troubles me. we know there were leaders of the fbi who lied to the fisa court. that's just not disputable any longer. they lied to congress, among other things, six years later. their cases are still under review. they haven't been disciplined. and the american people look at that and they say well, are they being treated the same? and, it is a crisis of leadership for director wray. and we want to have an effective fbi. but they have got to recognize that many people view them as being unfair and they just have to address that in any way they can. they have to try to eliminate that perception. >> all right. congressman molten, quickly, last word. >> bret, let me start where we agree. we all want to see the fbi always held to the highest standards. i think here's the point. if you want to question whether trump was right to take classified information or that was legal to do, then have that debate.
3:26 pm
if you want to argue that former president should be above the law and shouldn't be held to the same standards as everyone else, then have that debate. but don't just attack the fbi. and let's not forget that the director of the fbi was appointed by president trump. >> bret: okay. gentlemen, we appreciate these bipartisan conversations on a host of topics. i would love to have you back. >> thanks, bret. >> thank you, chris. >> bret: up next, the amazing video from the ransacking of a southern california convenience store and what the police want you to do about it. [shouting]
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[acoustic soul music throughout] ♪ ♪ discover sound that can truly move you in the 2022 grand wagoneer. awarded best driver appeal by j.d. power. ♪ be. >> bret: we have some amazing new video tonight to illustrate america's ongoing crime crisis. it comes from south los angeles and shows dozens of people ransacking a convenience store
3:32 pm
you can see it there. police are asking the public to help identify the perpetrators now. correspondent jeff paul is in los angeles with the story tonight. >> chaos erupting in inside a 7-eleven in south los angeles as crowds of people cram into the store taking anything and everything they want. police are calling it flash mob looting up to 100 people at times wormed their way through the store's aisles stealing candy, chips and sodas. at one point some hopped a counter pocketing cigarettes and lottery tickets as all of this unfolded one man storm employee. >> this guy just started to start grabbing food and chips and bananas and just started throwing it at the worker in the back. >> prior to the store takeover, many in the same flash mob had taken over a nearby intersection: alarmingly common scene in l.a. where crowds block roads for cars to perform
3:33 pm
burnouts and donuts in the street. their attention eventually turned to the nearby 7-eleven where you can see even outside of this store people shooting videos and taking pictures as the looting unfolded. >> we really want to become this becoming a new trend where they think they show up and take over a street or a freeway or any part of the city that they are just going to be able to do whatever they want and come into a store and take whatever they want. we are here to say it's not going to happen. >> so far no reports of any arrests but police are hoping to get some tips by getting this video out there. but if it's any indication how emboldened these looters feel shortly after ransacking that 7-eleven they went back out and closed down more roads. this time at a nearby highway in los angeles. bret? >> bret: jeff paul live in l.a. jeff, thanks. new york's parole office confirms to fox the convicted fellline accused of sucker punching a man outside of a restaurant has been arrested for violating parole.
3:34 pm
van fuh was arrested after murder charge misdemeanor. he was rearrested we are told this morning. gets a hearing within 24 hours. the victim of that attack is still in the hospital. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the u.s. is sending additional weaponry to ukraine worth more than three quarters of a billion dollars. we talked about that with the congressman a short time ago. ukrainian troops appear to be fighting back against their russian invaders. more forcefully now with more weapons. explosions rocked portions of russian-held crimea overnight. but ukrainian citizens are still being bombarded by russian weapons. correspondent alex hogan shows us tonight from kyiv. >> fresh piles of brick and ash mark the latest casualties of war. only hours earlier these were homes full of life. >> for the first day in roughly six weeks, russia claimed no additional ukrainian land but it's the daily attacks on
3:35 pm
residential buildings that force consistent evacuations. the pentagon's new military package is $775 million will provide ukraine with more highly coveted himars rocket systems but also new equipment bike surveillance drones and mine resistant vehicles. both russia and ukraine accuse each other of planting provocations outside of the zapatero nuclear power plant and there is growing concern of the worsening conditions inside. >> united states is aware of reports that russian personnel have coerced members of the staff. >> ukraine state nuclear company says that russian pledged to turn off the plant, disconnecting them from the power grid. russian officials say they might shut down the site if shelling continues. attacks secretary attorney general called suicide. >> the kremlin retorted that idea today calling unacceptable. >> that proposal would make the station even more vulnerable. >> despite try lateral talks of
3:36 pm
ending the war. ukrainian president zelenskyy says the negotiations in the current climate seem incomprehensible. >> people who are daily killing and raping and firing cruise missiles on our peaceful cities and civilian infrastructure cannot want peace. >> zelenskyy came under hydrocarbon criticism this week for admitting in an interview that the government knew about the likelihood of an invasion. outraged ukrainians say if they had a proper warning it could have saved countless lice. buff the administration argues that it would have created a mass panic and the country would have been lost in just three days. bret? >> bret: alex hogan live in kyiv. thanks. chinese put xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin will reportedly attend the g-20 summit on the island of bali this november. the two have confirmed their intentions. neither moss can co-or beijing are commenting. up next the panel on the fallout from the cdc restructuring and
3:37 pm
what comes next. first, beyond our borders tonight. strong winds are complicating efforts to contain a large wildfire in eastern spain. 35 aircraft are working to control the flames. the blaze has destroyed almost 50,000 acres and is spain's largest fire this year. and this is a live look at tokyo. one big stories there tonight. sacky, viva. japan launch as new contest to boost alcohol consumption. tax revenues from sales have lagged because of the pandemic's impact on restaurants and night life. applicants can submit business plans to japan's national tax agency ahead of the contest in november to drink more alcohol. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ call it a day ♪ pour me something tall and strong ♪ make it a hurricane ♪ before i go insane ♪ it's
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>> bret: do you think it's fair to say the trust and confidence the public has gone down with the cdc? >> you know, this is hard. we have ever evolving science with an ever evolving variant. and my job is to provide updated
3:43 pm
guidance in the context of rapidly rising cases. i think this last year and a half has demonstrated we don't know what's coming next. we need to be more nimble but we stand behind the content of what we said. bret gleat first interview was back in january, with the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky. now there is a major shakeup at the cdc. what does that mean going forward as we continue to look back at the pandemic we have been experiencing for the past two plus years? let's bring in our panel, mollie hemingway, editor and chief at the federalist, juan williams is a fox news analyst and morgan or at a gus former state department spokesperson. first to you, we have seen so much, you know, in the way that we absorb information from the government on this pandemic and it's been so back and forth. where do you think this heads and what does it mean? >> well, first, i think it's good that the cdc director is admitting that there is a problem. that's clear and obvious to many
3:44 pm
americans. you know, the problem is that, i think over the course of this pandemic, the cdc stepped out of their role, which is to provided a vice and guidance to policymakers. the american people, bret, get very frustrated whenever they feel like unelected bureaucrats are wielding control over this them and there is no recourse and no accountability, right? they can't vote them out of office. and i think the part that really got the cdc in trouble with the american people is it's not just that they were wrong, right? i think the american people can be forgiving if you are wrong on an issue. it's that they were intentionally deceiving at times. because they thought that the american people couldn't handle the truth. it's almost like a bad scene out of a nerdy few good men movie where they say the american people just can't handle the truth. so that's where i think that they lost the faith and trust. it's not just about being wrong. it's doubling down and being intentionally misleading to the american people at times over things like masks and the 6-foot
3:45 pm
rule. >> bret: frequent critic senator rand paul weighing in. take a listen. >> like so many things of the cdc, the left has misdiagnosed the problem and they are going to misapply the solution. it wasn't that they acted too sparingly. the problem is that they acted too quickly and not based on science. it wasn't that they were oh waiting around for science. they were reacting every week with a new edict that contradicted the previous week's edicket. >> bret: juan, there are some people who look at this and says how does the cdc director keep her job? >> well, first thing to say is that, you know, this is an unprecedented situation we are in. we are living through history. this pandemic, i mean, they didn't know what hit them. senator paul is just plumb wrong. there are no edicts. the cdc doesn't issue edicts they issue advice and the edicts come from state and local governments and school boards in terms of mask mandates, evenings. >> bret: based on cdc guidance.
3:46 pm
>> yeah. and it's not the cdc. the other thing to say here is cdc in this pandemic had to deal with a lot of really strong politicization of not only the pandemic but the science in terms of people saying oh, don't get the vaccine or masking doesn't work the cdc going back and forth and president trump says it's like a common cold. it will be gone in two weeks. cdc just didn't handle this very well he? have to be better at communication and messaging. this idea that they are somehow to be, you know, a piñata, i just -- i find that in they. but, again, it's being politicized. >> bret: mollie? >> well, there is a point that it wasn't just the cdc that messed up how we responded to the pandemic. people were unwise to take their guidance. particularly because, as morgan notes their guidance was contradictory. it wasn't rooted in fact. politicians have to -- it's easy
3:47 pm
to say the cdc says this so we are going to shut down the entire economy. we are going to shut down schools that can never happen again. i think it's good that the cdc understands that they have completely destroyed public trust in them. but, the reorganization seems to say what rand paul says it does mischaracterize the nature of the problem. they steam seek greater centralization. greater control and they don't understand that that was some of what was the problem going into this pandemic and so it will just double down on their failure and not heal the wounds that is there. >> bret: well, we will follow it. hopefully we are getting to the end at some point of this pandemic. we will see what lies ahead. all right, panel. stand by if you would. up next, the friday lightning round is it 2024 already? the iowa state fair? can it be? panelists also pick a midterm race they are watching. plus, winners and losers and, yes, it's friday, "notable quotables." ♪
3:48 pm
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and learn how abbvie could help you save. >> i have been traveling all across the country and 100 percent of our focus has been on doing our part to win back the house, win back the senate, elect and reelect republican governors all across the country. and after the first of the year, my family and i will do as we have always done. and this is reflect and then pray on where we might next serve where we might next contribute. >> bret: former vice president
3:53 pm
mike pence at the iowa state fair, yes, iowa. here they come. politico writes it this way. pence heads to iowa as shadow 2024 campaign heats up. it will be the former vice president's fourth trip to iowa the first caucus state since leaving office. we are back with the panel. mollie, former secretary of state mike pompeo has been there a number of times. senator tom cotton. others have been to iowa. it's that trek through the cornfields as we are not even yet to the midterms. >> it's also a state where there is a very contentious senate race and so you are going to see a lot of republicans there to help out chuck grassley who is running for re-election. after the primary showed, donald trump is the 800-pound gorilla in this race. i think we will have to wait and see if he decides to run. if he does, i'm not sure how many top tier candidates you are going to see getting in the race. did i get a huge kick out of the "wall street journal" reporting that larry hogan outgoing governor of maryland went there he had a tv crew around him. he had security but they
3:54 pm
reported that nobody knew who he was. >> bret: juan, speaking of the midterms, as we are closing in on the fall and after labor day everybody sort of starts focusing on the campaign ads pick up in the swing states where these big races are taking place. here is the senate minority leader talking bluntly about republicans' chances. >> this administration has really got its hands full. and i think they are headed toward a pretty good beating in the fall election. we're likely to have a very, very close senate still, with either us up slightly or the democrats up slightly. >> there is probably a greater likelihood in the house flips and the senate candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome. >> bret: kind of an evolution of those sound bite there, juan. people agreed with him back in april when he said it looked like the democrats were in for a whooping. now, you know a number of things
3:55 pm
have changed. i think one of the things that's changed and one that i think senator mcconnell greatly regrets is the candidate selection. the quality of the republican candidate because you look at a state like pennsylvania, where you had a republican incumbent, a retiring pat toomey and it looked like a state that the republicans could hold on. it does not look that way with dr. oz running against fetterman. now the polls show fetterman in the lead. you look at a state like georgia, and, again, the republicans had hopes to hold that seat. it doesn't look that way. you go out to arizona. did you go over to nevada. and, again, it's a lot of about candidate selection. >> bret: may be true but it is early. go through cycles of people focusing and campaigns get in gear. you all chose a raise which race are you looking at, morgan? >> i'm looking at indiana's first district. jennifer loos green, a district
3:56 pm
heavily democratic for many years. and this is a chance for republicans to flip it with an african-american woman who has spent over 20 years in the air force. she has also served in iraq. she will win, i predict. and she is going to be a rock star in the new congress. >> all right. mollie, your race? >> arizona. this is a state held by democrats for the arizona senate, ohio? >> arizona up there. they are pouring tons of money into it. but the democrat who holds that race is a reliable vote for the democrat agenda which is not so popular with the economy in tatters, border security being a problem and so definitely be curious to see how that goes. >> juan, i'm sure ohio was your race. >> yeah. you got me. so, it's ohio and there you have tim ryan, the democrat vs. j.d. vance, the republican. and the expectation was that ohio is a pretty republican
3:57 pm
state and that j.d. vance was going to handle it but, again, the race has turned out to be everywhere closer and now you see the senate republican fund putting 28 million into a race where they thought they might have to put in 5. that's money that they don't have to allocate elsewhere and, again, indication of what senator mcconnell was saying about the direction of this race moving away from republicans. >> bret: we shall see. all right. winners and loser, morgan first inner and then loser. >> rushdie my winner 75 years old. he is still in the hospital, so everyone is praying for him. it looks like he has escaped yet again another attempt on his life. so, good for him. loser of the week, liz cheney. i think everybody saw this coming for a while away. that was a pretty epic defeat this week. certainly a new republican party without her in it. >> bret: mollie, winner and loser? >> winner haight hageman who did crush that darling liz cheney by
3:58 pm
saying she would represent wyoming interest and not washington interest. my loser, mitch mcconnell for exactly the reasons juan just explained. yes, establishment candidates did not win their primaries. but that -- but mcconnell pouted about it and acted very childish. just unbecoming of a leader. >> bret: quickly, juan, winner and loser. >> juan: manchin got pen when he the president signed that legislation. loser rest of the panel. establishment republicans. liz cheney's loss. 8 of the 10 house members who voted to have him impeached won't be back. >> bret: all right, panel, make it a great weekend. thanks a lot. >> juan: you too. ♪ ♪ >> bret: well, you know that sound. that means it's friday. yes, it is. time for "notable quotables." >> with this law the american people won and the special
3:59 pm
interest lost. >> not going to make their grocery bill cheaper. not going to make everyday goods. >> we never said anything would be immediate. >> we need pretty public mistakes and we need to own them. >> i like raw cookie dough, i eat my meat pretty rare. >> we need a department of justice that applies equally the laws of this country. >> sounds like a no-knock warrant. beam are going to flush contraband down the toilet. >> he is basically a hologram, people don't know much about john fetterman so they don't see him. >> i'm serious dr. oz does not know the name of the grocery store that he has been in. >> are you thinking about running for president. >> i will make a decision in the coming months. >> oh, please, no, no, no, no. >> are women free in afghanistan, of course. >> they announce nod women could go to school. no ladies could go to school. >> whoa. >> i will let you go. >> conversation some other time. >> see you guys -- >> holy christ, i just swallowed
4:00 pm
a bee. >> i'm in iowa for one reason and one reason only. >> the corn dogs, the cotton candy funnel cake. >> i like to test the prada. >> watch out for those bees. thanks for inviting us into your home and all this week that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" with guest host pete hegseth starts right now. busy weekend already? >> pete: i always love notable quotables. fantastic. have a great weekend, bret. >> bret: you too, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome to "jesse watters primetime" as bret said i'm your humble guest host tonight pete hegseth. if you are like me, you are frustrated. furious about the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago, you don't like the doj's uberous or their ridiculous and so far hidden excuses for going in former president. and you don't like how they