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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 20, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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place. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> president biden heading back to his delaware beach home tonight after spending his summer vacation south carolina. the of administration has been taking a victory lap after the inflation reduction act signed into law this week but americans are not letting the president off the hook when it comes to record inflation. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am arthel neville. >> i'm in for eric shawn.
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the white house putting itself on the back toward legislative victory, the cdc confessed it dropped the ball when handling the covid pandemic. the agency's director admits the entire department when into overall as it faces criticism over the response to the monkeypox virus. the wilmington delaware, peter. >> william, inflation reduction act has been the law of the land for several days now but no inflation reduction get in the something? of the president are starting to call him out for. >> he spends trillions and trillions of dollars we don't have and he was warned not just by people like me who he's not going to listen to but economists who work for people like obama and bill clinton. if you do this, you're going to spark massive inflation and now here we are. >> maybe it shouldn't be a surprise because senator joe manchin who negotiated said inflation reduction is going to take a while.
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>> it's not because we never said anything happened, turn the switch on and off. bottom line is the market no we are going to be making that's going to be balanced approach. >> we still haven't heard a peep from the president about the cdc's admission they were unprepared for the covid pandemic. >> there solution is maybe we were too slow to his mandates because we were debating the site. i think the opposite is true, they were looking at the science, misinterpreting it and strong conclusions. >> the cdc director rochelle walensky plans to stay at the agency as they start over ahead of the next pandemic. >> we need to be more nimble but we stand behind the concept of what we said. it's an interesting relation, the cdc does not regret issuing
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guidance, supporting covid lockdowns. they just regret the way the public found out about them. william. >> thank you. arthel: peter and william, former president trump attorney says they will come out quote winning in their pushback against the fbi over his florida home. his legal team could file a motion as soon as we can claiming mr. trump fourth amendment rights were violated. mark meredith is live in florida with the latest. >> good afternoon. president trump says the fbi should never be allowed to search his estate even though they signed off on that warns. we are hearing from the former president on his social media platform, former president writing a motion pertaining to the fourth amendment soon will be filed concerning this illegal breaking of my home and right before the midterm elections. trump's attorneys look like they are going to argue they deserve more details about what was collected and as they believe it should be a line by line
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inventory, we don't know how the justice department responded and we are waiting to see what motion may be filed. maybe by monday, if not sooner. we are doing from congress who argued the government owes the american people a better expedition about foes happening behind the scenes. listen to chuck grassley. >> the more, the better and the better the public relations, the fbi would be because i think there's plenty of evidence and political bias. >> the attorney general pushed back on planes the fbi was acting improper this investigation and we are hearing from the director of the fbi, he spoke with the "wall street journal" about the sharp increase in law enforcement in general. this is what he said, too many people seem to keep forgetting it's a special unique individual willing to sacrifice his or her life for total stranger essentially calling them patriots. members of congress are speaking
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out about this increased political rhetoric online. yesterday we had to high profile lawmakers in the house said a letter to the social media companies asking for more information about what's being done to ensure the content that may spread online is being reined in and they are being held accountable. arthel: mark meredith, thank you very much. william. >> let's bring in miller, and had institute for policy research, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author and fox news contributor. julie, we do know is the d.o.j. will redact this affidavit or provide more substantive seeing trump prepares for a fourth amendment challenge. let's look at the amendment when you hear from trial attorney james trustee and i'll get your reaction. the right of the people securing their persons houses and papers against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue upon probable cause
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supported by affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and/or persons or things to be seized. >> the fourth amendment requires particularly, narrowness to the intrusion of the persons home and this warrant had language in it and its inventory but the want has language in it about if you find a classified document, put a box around the intake any boxes near it and that's the fentanyl equivalent of a general search, there's no limit to that scope in the want. >> duty, does he have points? >> i'm sure donald trump thinks he has one but any fair-minded unbiased person looking at the reasons why the fbi conducted this search after merrick garland gave the specific order
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to allow it to happen would be convinced there was adequate because for such a search. this was not an unreasonable search and seizure, this was a search as we already know, has produced top-secret documents stored improperly at mara lago and we know after weeks and weeks of discussions between trump's legal team and fbi that they could not come to an agreement how to protect the documents or what they were doing their. ergo i think the search was justified, i don't think it's a fourth amendment violation and i think most people understand even the former presidents do not have the right to store classified material in what amounts to a club which is not really secure.
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>> let me ask you if there are comparisons to hillary clinton. the statute apparently poses penalties on those who willfully or through negligence move national security documents. in the clinton investigation and fbi director james connolly said i'm looking back in the previous investigations into the mishandling of classified information and we can't find a case that would support bringing criminal charges. all cases prosecuted involved commendation of clearly intentional mishandling classified information, indications of disloyalty to the u.s. and efforts to obstruct justice. he did not find those. david french said this week can have one legal standard for clinton and developer trump. do you see any parallels there between former secretary clinton and her private server and residents in a trump keeping materials in his private home? >> i don't because the
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precautions missus clinton took to protect that information were totally different from what donald trump did. or jumps white house team or member removed the documents so i don't see any parallels at all. what i understand is someone who wasn't journalist who went to jail to protect sources of the fbi is very worried about the person who must've been close to the trump organization who cooperated with the fbi to tell them there was sensitive classified, highly classified material at mar-a-lago that shouldn't be there. the fbi wants to protect that person. you can't do it unless, if the trump organization knows who that person is which is why the fbi is so intense on getting requests and the order for the
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search looked at again and make sure any information could identify that person will be removed. i think that is very important in terms of source protection for the fbi and encouraging people to cooperate with the fbi if the fbi cannot protect individuals who come to report potential wrongdoing, law enforcement can't. >> you often heard democrat said donald trump in office would add to into together and he had no interest in national security briefings from the cia etc., do you think he knowingly had something to do with the removal and maintenance of the documents? >> that's one of the questions we need answered. who removed the documents? who chose the documents to be removed? donald trump no? all of these questions have to be answered. you need to go through legal
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process to do that. >> judy miller, thank you for joining us today. arthel: thank you, judy and thank you william. the man accused of brutally attacking a bystander in the bronx is back in custody facing parole hearing. new york governor kathy hochul ordered his rearrest. the suspect initially walked with no bail when his charges were downgraded. alexis mcadams is live with more on this. >> the video, we are waiting to hear what happened with the suspect today in the bronx. expected to face a judge today is an innocent victim whose still in a coma in the hospital. after the outrage of the video, the governor stepped in saying the sex offender violated his parole. >> i took actions in my own hands, i directed the department of corrections and supervision
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to immediately examine whether or not his parole violation occurred, it did. this is a person on lifetime parole. >> the violation happens in the video clip, 55-year-old was caught on camera punching in the back of the head last week. the suspect walked and hit him so hard, he collapses to the ground and lays lifeless. he's now in a, with a fractured skull. nypd charged him with attempted murder, the prosecutor reduced charges to assault and harassment but for misdemeanor joke to allow him to walk free, the video you are looking at the suspect pulling up documents the judge gave him and trying to cover his face before he was released thursday. according to governor kathy hochul, a law gives judges bail or hold someone who's a violent criminal. in his rap sheet, it's pretty
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excessive you can see in mugshots that date back to the 90s, n95 convicted of first degree sex abuse, imprisoned 20 years and got out on parole in 2019 and registered sex offender which is the most serious of the charges and former new york city police commissioner told fox news today terminals are not afraid of breaking the law anymore. >> what's happening now is it's happening all over the city. one of many cases. the sad thing is all of it is fixable. there's a roadmap easy to follow, remove district attorney's who don't charge proper crime like this space he was reduced to a misdemeanor. >> we will have more coming up at 6:00 and the bronx d.a. says more charters will be filed in this case and will let you know what happens. arthel: we will stand by for your reporting. thank you. william. william: pastor gary facing charges of sexual misconduct.
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police say allegations were made after they were at a convention it appeared last week in new jersey. christina : is following this story for us. >> he lives here in california now facing multiple sexual charges. incidents police believe it happened at the monster mania convention held in new jersey at the doubletree hotel last weekend. the schedule is a feature guest for all three days of the convention. he's known for supporting rolls in a number of movies including under siege in 1993 through that and gained a claim early in his career for performance 1978 film, the buddy holly story. despite his success on the big screen, he still had struggles what he is open about the head injury he suffered from a 1988
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motorcycle accident. his struggles with cocaine and alcohol abuse and work to get sober. in 2008 he served as a camp counselor on reality show celebrity rehab but now he's making headlines again. this time over criminal charges in this investigation. authorities have not released details regarding the allegations but police say as a result of their investigation friday he was charged with two counts of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of attempted criminal sexual conduct and one count of harassment. we've reached out to representatives and the organizers of the monster mania convention with more and at this time we are waiting to hear back. william: christina, thank you. arthel: of the governor of texas is defending his decision on the southern border. they are only seeing a fraction of what his state is dealing with. the mayor of one texas border town joins us.
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the crisis at the southern border continues with no let up. border patrol agents saying they've fought 3300 migrants in the last week. the migrants were traveling in groups of 16.
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averaging 200 apiece. casey steagall is live in eagle pass with more. >> what does your, we are in the del rio sector. cvp data shows nearly 106% increase in the number of total migrants encountered across the border. the same period of time last year end large groups are helping drive that is something that is like this particular area. cvp considers anything over 100 people classified as large groups of agents who in the last five days at least steaming of the groups have been apprehended along the southern border accounting for 3300 total arrest. the majority coming from here in eagle pass and never county texas where we have seen not one, not to sometimes 300, 350
1:21 pm
illegally crossing the river together at times forming a human chain in the water to safely get everyone across. border patrol says this past week nine were taken into custody here after escaping from and assaulting a mexican immigration official while in the rio grande valley sector, at least six migrants were found in the last couple of days being harbored at a local hotel in mission texas which is close to mcallen. in el paso, a big chunk of the border here as you well know, more than 14 pounds of cocaine seized from a car at a port of entry, the 28-year-old mexican national driver was arrested. no shortage of stuff in here to talk about. william: thank you. arthel: no shortage to talk about. more buses full of migrants arrived in new york city from
1:22 pm
texas this week, governor greg abbott says he spent 900 migrants to the big apple so far and more than 7000 our nation's capitol. that ignited a fierce political battle between texas and big cities. let's bring in joel, mayor of rio grande city texas. first of all, your thoughts on busing migrants to new york city and d.c.? >> the reality is no mayor or governor in america should bear the burden were broken immigration system without the federal financial resources necessary to better manage the flow of migrants particularly keep in mind, the majority of these cases will be adjudicated and it will take several years to adjudicate these and that's the unfortunate part because how are these individuals? are we providing opportunity for the individuals to support themselves? it is unfortunate now we are looking at a political left-leaning the situation
1:23 pm
democrats and republicans within their power to do something about it. so i do not believe we should target new york or washington d.c., i believe we should have comprehensive plan to better address the influxes because certain municipalities will not sustain most especially when you consider, are we expecting or assuming municipalities will bear the brunt of a financial cost associated with immigration? if you only have a certain number of cities not suitable for these municipalities to maintain adequate resources necessary, maintain these flows so the flip side, and i must say we have to exercise caution when utilizing the immigration invasion because that rhetoric has resulted in discriminatory
1:24 pm
visit policy throughout american history so chinese exclusion act of 1982 which referenced an invasion, immigration act of 1924 which restricted immigration from not by country. it's calling americans to carefully balance between immigration and border security. we are going to continue to talk about this conversation and unfortunately we don't have the political will at this time. it's so un-american because the reality is we tackle hard problems. americans, we are better than this. we tackle these problems yet we've not done so for whatever number of reasons and it's something we as politicians need to be held accountable for if we are not doing our job. arthel: let me play sound from governor abbott who says local communities to the border like yours cannot handle migrant influx where big cities like new
1:25 pm
york city and washington d.c. can. here's the governor. >> what's happening is border patrol is dropping them off and local communities along the border have no way of accommodating immigrants so i'm helping local communities busing migrants out of these local communities and sending them northeast where they have identified self as sanctuary cities where they want to welcome in illegal immigrants. arthel: but earlier he said this is not the solution, it's just a political ploy, another little game and you believe the real resolution should come on a federal level but with spoken many times and it doesn't seem the message was very clear. can it ever get through anybody in congress?
1:26 pm
why not do you think? >> we lack the political will to address it, plain and simple. neither republic and north democrats of comprehensive immigration reform and other 30 plus years and it doesn't appear we will anytime soon and that's the unfortunate part because unfortunately you have individuals -- and we must address both so when you look at border communities, we don't have century city's along the border and there's a reason for that. we do not have resources necessary. you want to put that municipalities with million-dollar budgets? how to be determined -- go ahead. arthel: only because i want to quickly get to this before we are cut off, have you spoke with the new york mayor eric adams or d.c. mayor since this began? >> i have not. i had a meeting yesterday with congressman henry cuellar talking about immigration and
1:27 pm
border security, issues that affect us all as americans but no, i have not spoken to either they are infected at any time sharing points of view manage these because at the end of the day this is something we as americans need to address all of us and if so unfortunately we have yet to truly address it, we are playing political games. it's not a game, these are human lives that matter and of course immigration and security are not excluded from taxes, they can't coexist and we can have a political way to address it and that's what this is. just as we do with immigration, we have not disappointed the rest of the world and at the end
1:28 pm
of the day in these are written solutions, ideas are a dime a dozen, lack the political will to address. arthel: the world is watching how we immigration, the world is watching how we handle a lot of important issues at this moment. mayor, i always appreciate your thoughtful perspective and maybe he will run for president one day, just saying. [laughter] >> you are too kind. thank you for that. thank you. arthel: take care. william. william: he's definitely got the shields out. growing fears of a meltdown in europe's largest nuclear power plant in the hands early of russian troops in ukraine. we are live in kyiv's with the latest plus a member of ukraine's parliament to defend the country.
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russia claims shot down drones over crimea annexed from ukraine eight years ago. ukraine firing back launching strikes into the region as well. alex hogan is live at ukraine's capitol, kyiv, with the very latest. >> russian officials in crimea say they shot down a drone over the course of the russian black sees this is the heels of other attacks on the peninsula in recent weeks including one at took out an ammunition depot days before that, there's another explosion that destroyed about nine russian airplanes but kyiv is not taking credit for
1:34 pm
any of these attacks so here on ukrainian soil russian attacks shows no signs of slowing down. today not far from the nuclear power plant wounded at least 12 people. this has been the center of international concern in the last week and russian president vladimir putin says un officials will be allowed to enter these power plants. moscow given specific requirements delegates would need to travel to russia to get that. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy hosted a delegation of european mayors here in kyiv giving a chance to show support commitment to restore ukrainian cities in the capitol, the city displayed burn tanks and shut down planes to essentially bring frontlines to the capitol and solidarity for the troops fighting to protect territorial integrity as a country. >> we believe we can win, we
1:35 pm
believe it will be -- >> russia reportedly bringing on additional groups of volunteers it will deploy this thursday will mark the official six month mark since the invasion began. arthel: alex hogan, thanks. william. william: next week ukraine's independence in 1991 for the poorest of the union for six months since russia launched its invasion. ukrainian president zelenskyy says his country is not and will not given. >> is based on unconditional support from the ukrainian people. this is the people's liberation, all ukrainian struggle for freedom and independence for our country. ukrainians protected by millions
1:36 pm
in one way or another. william: joining us now is one of the brave ukrainian to make recall proposing in the kitchen with a machine gun just before the invasion in february. let's bring in your local member of ukraine is parliament, immigration figures right now, 11 million residents about 25% of the population left ukraine, 5900 from food shortages, no water or power and is invasion or an attack plans for august 24 independence day what can you tell me about that is accurate. >> thank you for having me. many people in ukraine, this is the largest immigration since the second world war and people are displaced in ukraine because of the eastern and southern regions with it exercise
1:37 pm
continuous, the regions where it continues normal life as ukrainian officials increase people from their. we are getting ready for august 24 which will be a hard week for us because we know irony always comes for the dates. fighting and tax on kyiv in larger cities increase, 100 days of war and receive the candidacy for the european union so one day it will be six months along with independence day and it will be increased. there's not much to be done in this matter to make sure everybody will be ready and be
1:38 pm
carefully listening to all the signs but we also increase them, the curfew in the largest cities making sure military and everybody else is on high alarm. there will be no parade except for the parade you see right now on the previous set when the journalist was reporting. the russian weapons shown on the main street of kyiv. william: so are you evacuating people from the cities closest to russian artillery? >> yes. it started a couple of months ago. the issue is it's not as easy to reform as such large-scale especially with the people who
1:39 pm
did not move out of there by themselves for many reasons. william: we want to show our viewers this new stamp issued by your state postal service says free, unbreakable, invincible to commemorate the anniversary coming up wednesday. many this looks like a stalemate even as u.s. we gave ukraine another 775 million, total now $10 million. some general sphere here in the u.s. a drawdown of u.s. weapons stocks that will reach a limit, how do you respond to those who say ukraine should not get a blank check from taxpayers? >> my responses i do understand it's incredibly hard on all of our lives to continue supporting ukraine. i'm working with my colleagues from the united states on russian assets using them.
1:40 pm
it's over $500 billion right now for russian oligarchs and banks in the united states. i generally believe instead of getting into taxpayers pockets we need to make him pay for his own crimes and use his money. this will be a prevention for any other who would want to start a war anywhere in the world that his money will be used against him. william: thank you for joining us today. appreciate it. arthel. arthel: as the biden administration tries to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with iran, concerns growing after last week's attack on the author. you may remember he issued this over his novel. the national security council denies reports that the u.s. has
1:41 pm
made new concessions. let's go to kitty logan live in london with the latest on all of this. >> the possibility the nuclear deal with iran is becoming more of a reality now but there are still disagreements and obstacles on both sides. there's some glimmer of a chance of a breakthrough. the eu is holding talks in recent months working alongside the u.s. to try to broker a new deal. there were face-to-face talks the qc here in june, both sides consider right now iran's response to the latest offer from the west but there are still so many obstacles, new ones as you mentioned and some could be an absolute deal breaker. iran's guard corps, president biden says he will not lift it's
1:42 pm
not in the interest of u.s. national security and there's some indication from iran they may drop this demand. the original 2015 deal was designed to limit how much iran could enrich preventing the country from developing nuclear weapon. the president trump called out the agreement and 2018, it back to agree on a new version of the old deal and still currently under u.s. sanctions. they would benefit greatly if they were elected but that will only happen if this recent attack, it's added further complication and strain on u.s. iranian invasions but the u.s. denies any involvement. arthel: thank you, kitty. eric. william: williams, yeah.
1:43 pm
[laughter] susan at the iowa state fair but that's not the only show in town. 2024 presidential hopefuls hitting the food stalls and present the flesh. live from des moines next.
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you knew it was bound to happen. eric and i have been called angry was ten years now, i know you are william but you know that was going to happen. i love eric and i love you, too. william: quickly, it makes me wonder if people married, divorced and remarried ever make the mistake of calling the new spouse by the name of the old spouse. so you are really lucky. arthel: no, no, no. that's where i draw the line. [laughter] i may be crazy but not stupid. [laughter] we move on. all right. meantime, thank you.
1:48 pm
carousel of candidates at the iowa state fair, former vice president mike pence is the latest high-profile republican to stop by viewing speculation he may be laying groundwork for 2020 presidential run. mr. pence spoke with fox news yesterday. grady is live in des moines with more on the interview. give us more. what are the highlights? >> the big question is, will former vice president run in 2024? certainly seems he's headed in that direction here to the highway state fair yesterday and in new hampshire earlier in the week. officially though he was here for senator chuck grassley was up for reelection in november and expected to win reelection. in the exclusive interview i asked him what his thought process is as he looks ahead to 23 to four. >> all of my focus right now is
1:49 pm
all making sure we elect a republican majority in the house and retire nancy pelosi and elect public and majority in the president and strong conservative for public and governors around the country. i think we went back congress and state capitals and then we focus on winning back america. >> a subtle hint there i guess. >> while pence was here, florida governor ron desantis was in pennsylvania and ohio, to states with important senate and governors races this year but also happened battlegrounds in the presidential election and what resembles a presidential speech. desantis went on the attack against president joe biden and elect. >> we must fight to open our schools and our businesses. we must fight to woke government agencies. we can never surrender woke ideology and i'll tell you this,
1:50 pm
the state of florida is where woke goes to die. [cheering] >> senators ted cruz and tom cotton also visited iowa and new hampshire respectively in the past week outgoing maryland, larry hogan seen as potentially moderate candidate for the gop presidential election, he came here to the iowa state fair little more than a week ago so the question is, could any of these people run for president in 2024? we shall see. arthel: i'm looking at the food list, did you try the alligator corndog or fries? >> we had a regular corndog but the big thing i wanted to try coming here for deep-fried oreos now is only going to have half of one to try it going to be
1:51 pm
health conscious but i ate the whole thing, they were that good, i couldn't resist. arthel: you have to. you start, you have to finish. thank you. william. william: passengers fed up with cancellations this summer. now airlines are under pressure to make things right. details on new tool that can help you if reimbursed if you travel plans fall through. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick? ♪ ♪
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the transportation department calling out airlines to improve customer service for passengers granted by flight delays or cancellations. charles walton live at jackson international. >> the department of transportation stepping in with an ultimatum telling airlines take care of your customers and if you won't, the department will step in and make you and letter the secretary pete buttigieg calls the level of destruction americans have had to endure the summer unacceptable. he goes on and urges airlines to make sure they have adequate services to help passengers who have incurred expenses and
1:56 pm
inconveniences due to delays and cancellations. the secretary this week during an interview with nbc news when he would like airlines to do is number one, offer vouchers and mail vouchers to passengers on flights delayed more than three hours and also would like to see airlines offer hotel accommodations for passengers who have to wait overnight. he spoke to the press who tells us it's all good for passengers that if the dod implements and enforces schools against the department of transportation, the dot is hoping they can clear up issues ahead of the labor day weekend. if they want a website where americans can go and look at the policies in terms of refund getting vouchers. william: that doesn't for us. eric is back tomorrow. arthel. arthel: he is. p uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein,
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with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big!
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x hello everyone i am a alicia acuna along with joey jones, lisa boothe and tires. welcome to "the big saturday show". trumps legal team said there violated in the rate they are having legal. corrects shocking numbers of markets flooding this wall with joe biden available for corrects tyrus. >> ever wonder


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